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Pomoc / Help

The list of the upcoming features and episodes on the main
page is compiled from the official sources and from some future
predictions. Changes in the mentioned release data are reserved.
Episodes are numered as SEE, e.g. 517 means Season 5, Episode 17,
except "The Simpsons" where e.g. 3003 means Season 30, Episode 3.

You can contribute a short message on the board. Every message
receives a time stamp in a form of e.g. 1304081917, which means
April 8th, 2013, 7 hours 17 minutes PM. Contributions are marked
with an anonymous identifier (six-character string). Older
messages are erased after fourteen days.

You can explore "Virtual", too, which is kinda virtual computer
with various information. As in an ordinary computer, more
information will be added into this as the time passes by.


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