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24: Day 2

12:00 A.M.
In Seoul, a Korean man named Jason Park is tortured into
revealing something to his captors. One of the captors runs to a
room where American military officers are waiting. He tells them
that Park had said the word "Today." An officer immediately calls
Eric Rayburn at the National Security Agency.

8:02 A.M.
President Palmer and his son Keith peacefully fish in a boat on
Lake Oswego in Oregon when the Secret Service agent at their
side alerts Palmer to a situation.

Nine year old Megan Matheson runs into Kim's bedroom in the
Matheson house and playfully hides under the covers from her
father, Gary. Although Kim is the nanny for his daughter, Gary
stares seductively at Kim in her sleepwear.

As a group of advisors whisks him from the dock to a car, Palmer
apologizes to his son for cutting short their time together.
Keith understands that it's not Palmer's fault.

8:06 A.M.
At CTU, new programmer Paula Schaeffer apprises Tony and Mason
of her software upgrades. Staffer Michelle Dessler interrupts
with a request for Mason from Eric Rayburn. NSA wants the
inactive Jack Bauer to be brought in.

8:08 A.M.
Palmer is shuttled to the Northwest Regional Operations Complex
and met by NSA staffer Eric Rayburn. Rayburn briefs the President
and chief aide, Lynne Kresge, about a terrorist controlled
nuclear device in Los Angeles that is set to go off today. While
the government was tracking a suspect named Jason Park, they
noticed in a surveillance photo that Park was standing next to a
suicide bomber named Mamud Rashed Faheen. It was thought that
Faheen had been killed in a West Bank bombing. After torturing
Park, the NSA learned about the nuclear bomb. Faheen is
controlled by a splinter group called Second Wave. Although no
Middle Eastern state officially recognizes Second Wave, one is
unofficially affiliated with them. Palmer asks to speak to that
country's Prime Minister on the phone.

8:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

Carla Matheson, Megan's mother, carefully prepares breakfast for
her husband Gary. He hugs his wife, and as he watches Kim, gropes
Carla for her benefit. Kim uncomfortably looks away. Gary makes a
comment about Kim's body and asks her if she works out.

The Prime Minister disavows any relationship with Second Wave to
Palmer. President Palmer tells the Prime Minister that he knows
his country supports Second Wave and that the group is planning
an attack against the United States. Palmer threatens that
America will retaliate if any bomb goes off on U.S. soil. The
Prime Minister is insulted, and tells Palmer to proceed carefully
or else America will have one billion Muslim enemies.

8:16 A.M.
As Kim plays with Megan outside the Matheson home, Jack watches
from his car parked outside. He is unshaven and unkempt. Jack's
cell phone rings with a call from Mason's office. Jack tells the
caller that he no longer works for CTU and quickly hangs up. He
then gets out of his car and approaches Kim. She is uneasy around
him. Jack says that he only wanted to see her because he misses
her. "Every time I see you I think of Mom," she says. Kim
explains that she is still not ready to let him back into
her life.

8:17 A.M.
At O.C., Rayburn recommends to the President that they get the
Pentagon involved for any possible proactive measures. Palmer
insists that it is too early to discuss a response, and he
dismisses Rayburn.

8:22 A.M.
A man of Middle Eastern descent named Reza Naiyeer drives up to
the Warner estate in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.
He is speaking Arabic on his cell phone. Reza goes to the
backyard and greets his fiancee, Marie Warner, with a kiss. She
is frantically making last minute preparations for her wedding
later that day in the garden. Marie's sister, Kate, and her
father, Bob, are also in wedding planning mode. Kate questions
why Reza sent the company car to pick up his family at the
airport, but Bob brushes her mistrust of Reza aside.

Mason calls Rayburn to tell him that he has not been able to
bring Jack in. Mason offers a solution to help sway Jack.

8:24 A.M.
Jack returns to his unlived-in townhouse, and his answering
machine is filled with messages from CTU. Jack ignores the
machine, and instead looks sadly at a photo of his family from
happier times. He is in the picture with Kim and his murdered
wife, Teri. Jack lies down on the couch, clutching the photo.
The phone rings again, and Jack hears the incoming message on
the machine from the White House. He picks up the line and is
connected to President Palmer. Although Palmer understands
Jack's emotional state, he asks for his help with a grave
dilemma. Jack tells the President that he is no longer an agent,
but Palmer urges Jack to go to CTU and listen to the situation
before making any decision.

8:28 A.M.
Ticking clock.

Kim finds that Carla has returned home to wrap a gift for Gary's
assistant. When Kim offers to do the task, Carla nervously tells
her that she must do it herself because Gary likes things done
in a very specific way.

Michelle points out to Tony that the CIA has issued an
Information Flow Advisory, but they are unsure of what's
actually going on. Paula asks Michelle about the situation
and tries to offer help. Michelle tells her to stick to her job.

8:31 A.M.
Mason summons the CTU staff and informs them about the nuclear
bomb in Los Angeles. He orders them not to make contact with
anyone outside of the secure zone, including family members.
Tony and Mason conclude that Jack was asked to come in because
of a possible connection to this case.

Rayburn makes a presentation to the President and other aides in
the O.C. war room about potential casualties in the face of such
threat in Los Angeles. The number is over 2 million. However,
they don't know if it is a dirty bomb or something bigger.
Rayburn again suggests to the President that they bring in the
Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss military action, but Palmer
shoots Rayburn down. They are to proceed as if it is a terrorist
attack and not a military operation.

8:36 A.M.
A man named Marko arrives at an unmarked building in an
industrial park. He speaks to a man at the door in Arabic.
Inside, armed guards are protecting a metal enclosed work area
that has radiation symbols on it. People working with gloved
hands tremble as they pour a colored powder into a container.
Marko asks the man when the bomb will be ready. "Soon," the man

Paula admits to Tony that, as a new employee at CTU, she may not
be able to work under such stressful conditions. Tony urges her
to focus on her task. Suddenly, Jack is ushered into CTU, and
everyone in the room takes notice. Tony greets him, and brings
Jack to the conference room where Mason is waiting. Mason tells
Jack about the rogue nuclear bomb in the city. He was brought in
to help identify a prime suspect. Jack abruptly walks out of the
room, and Tony follows him. Jack runs for a phone and calls Kim
on her cell. He warns his daughter to get out of Los Angeles.
Frustrated that he won't obey her wishes to be separated, she
hangs up on him. Jack redials and leaves a message on her voice
mail, telling her to drive north to her Aunt Carol's house. Jack
leaves, and Tony tries to convince him that they can get to Kim
quickly. He will be more effective finding the bomb to save
everyone. Jack says that when he trusted CTU before, his wife was
killed. He runs out of the building and phones Carol to tell her
about Kim's arrival. When he gets to his car, Jack has second
thoughts and returns to CTU. He demands from Mason that two
specific agents pick up Kim and keep him apprised of her status
at all times. Mason agrees, and briefs Jack on the terrorist
situation. A man named Joseph Wald has been connected to Second
Wave, and Jack had previously worked undercover on Wald and made
the arrest. Wald is out of jail on trial, but the government can
not find him. Jack orders them to bring in Marshall Goren, the
key witness against Wald in the trial, so that Jack can
re-establish his cover with Wald. Although he is dubious of
Jack's plan, Mason relents and calls the FBI for Goren.

8:46 A.M.
At the Warner house, Marie is organizing wedding details when
Kate gets a phone call. It is Ralph Burton, the private
investigator she hired to do a background check on Reza's
finances. Although Reza has checked out financially, Burton has
uncovered news that Reza has had dealings with an international
terrorist named Syed Ali. Although the business may be
legitimate, Burton needs Kate's help to find out for sure.

8:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

Lynne asks the President if he arranged a conference call with
the Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding military response. He tells
her that he didn't, and orders her to cancel it. When Palmer
accosts Rayburn about this call, Rayburn says that he set it up
in case the President changed his mind. Palmer tells Rayburn not
to second guess his decisions. "Sir, I would never work against
you," Rayburn replies.

Michelle creates a fake criminal background record for Jack's
cover. Mason arranges for the FBI to have Goren sent to CTU for
questioning, but he can't get Jack to reveal his ultimate plan.
Mason questions Jack's state of mind. Goren is brought in, but
refuses to give any information because he is already promised
a deal by the FBI. In a deliberate motion, Jack pulls out a gun
and shoots Goren in the chest. Mason freaks out, but Jack tells
him this is what it will take to get results. He then asks Mason
for a hacksaw.

8:59 A.M.
Kim is in her room with Megan, when Gary pulls up to the house.
They hear Gary yelling at Carla in the other room. Her cries echo
from each sound of abuse by Gary. "I don't like when he gets like
this," Megan says fearfully. Kim locks the door when Gary comes
knocking, and she pretends that they were in the shower. He asks
if they had heard anything, explaining that Carla had an
accident. Gary sends Kim to help Carla, but when Kim notices that
Megan is afraid she goes to her. Gary pushes Kim away and she
falls. He threatens her that he will hurt her. Megan starts
crying and runs to Kim. Gary pulls at Megan, causing her to hit
her head. Suddenly, Gary's cell phone rings and he answers it to
deal with business.

At CTU, Jack shaves off his beard and washes up. He is ready to
get back to work.

Ticking clock.

9:00 A.M.
Lynne Kresge updates the President in the O.C. that the CIA is
proceeding on its potential response to a nuclear threat. Palmer,
however, wants assurances that they will not leak the information
because he fears mass hysteria. Meanwhile, at the industrial
complex, Marko and his crew load the completed bomb into a van.

At the Matheson home, Gary finishes his call in Kim's room. Kim
motions to the still-crying Megan, and the girls make a break for
it while Gary is on the phone. As they run down the stairs, Carla
hands Kim her car keys and tells her to take Megan away. Kim
loads Megan into the Carla's car and pulls out. Although Gary
threatens Kim, she escapes. Gary then phones his security
company to track the location of his vehicle.

9:05 A.M.
Jack is transported by helicopter to a waiting car. Michelle
briefs him en route with photos of Joseph Wald's crew, and Jack
recognizes one of the guys as Eddie Grant, a guy that he
befriended while undercover. Jack orders that no other agents
get near his operation.

The press begin to suspect something because the President cut
short his fishing trip. Although Eric Rayburn doesn't agree,
Palmer wants to deal with the media immediately.

As the helicopter touches down, Jack checks in with Mason about
Kim. When Agent Grothy went to pick her up, she was gone. Jack
calls Kim's cell phone, but he doesn't realize that her phone is
still sitting in the Matheson house. He leaves a message warning
her to leave Los Angeles.

At CTU, Tony assures the frightened Paula that the nuclear bomb
may only be a false alarm. When Mason learns that forged Middle
Eastern passports found in a car crossing the border match those
of the suspects, he sends the closest agent to investigate.
Unfortunately, that agent is Grothy, who is waiting for Kim
at the Matheson's.

9:09 A.M.
Jack goes into a salvage garage and asks for Joe Wald. He is met
by Eddie Grant. Eddie knows him as Jack Roush. Eddie accuses Jack
of putting Joe in jail, but Jack tries to square himself and
tells Eddie that he has news about Marshall Goren turning state's
evidence to convict Joe. Jack gives Eddie his bag, and Goren's
decapitated head rolls out. "I don't think you gotta worry about
Goren testifying anymore," Jack says. Eddie smiles, and brings
Jack into the back room.

9:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:16 A.M.
Palmer conducts an informal press briefing outside his
residential retreat. He brushes off their questions about his
shortened fishing trip with a joke. Press Secretary Jenny Dodge
lets the President know that a reporter named Ron Wieland still
suspects something is wrong.

9:17 A.M.
Kim drives Megan toward a police station, but they are detoured
by a construction crew. She heads down an alley, but is cut off
at the end by Gary's car. A truck behind her has blocked her in.
She tries to lock the doors, but Gary unlocks them with his own
key. Kim and Megan get out of the car and make a run for it.
They hide behind a dumpster as Gary calls out for Megan.

9:20 A.M.
At the garage, Eddie brings Jack to see Dave, who is suspicious
of Jack's showing up on the day of an important job. Jack tells
them that he just served five years for Joe, and he wants to see
him. As Dave checks out Jack's record online, Paula sees them
making the trace on her computer screen at CTU. Yet Michelle and
Tony have yet to download Jack's information, and Paula scrambles
to fill something in. When no record of a prison release shows
up, Eddie pulls out his gun ready to kill Jack. Suddenly, after
Paula makes the file transfers, Jack's record pops up on Dave's

9:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:28 A.M.
Rayburn tries again to persuade the President to come up with a
military plan of action in case of a nuclear detonation. Lynne
comes in to tell Palmer that Wieland heard a rumor that the Alert
Condition has been changed due to a threatening situation.
Wieland is going live with a report at noon. Palmer has her
secretly set up a private interview with Wieland. He also orders
her to bring in Richard Armus. Lynne shudders at the name.

9:31 A.M.
As Dave works with some kind of explosive, Jack asks again to see
Joe. Eddie says that Joe is busy and to come back tomorrow. They
have something going on today. Jack gets in his car and calls
Mason to warn him about what he has found. Fearing he has no
other choice, Jack floods his car so that it won't start. He gets
out to open up the hood, and watches the crew pack duffel bags
into a van.

9:33 A.M.
Back at CTU, Mason checks a confidential report that says the
probability of attack is about 89-93%. He quietly packs his
briefcase and heads out. Tony stops him, and Mason says that he
is going to follow up a lead in Bakersfield. Tony questions his
motives as merely trying to get outside the blast range.

9:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:40 A.M.
As they hide in an alley, Megan complains that her head hurts
from when her dad pushed her. She doesn't want to follow Kim to
go make a phone call. She promises that she will hide behind
some boxes to wait for Kim.

9:41 A.M.
Kate Warner calls her private investigator Ralph Burton to tell
him that she could not ascertain Reza's wallet. Burton asks her
to look for Reza's passport to find out what countries have been

9:42 A.M.
While Reza tends to wedding detials, Kate runs out to his car
and finds the passport in the glove compartment. As she quickly
writes down the entries, Reza approaches. Kate tells him that
the workers needed the space and she was looking for the key.
Reza offers to move the car himself.

9:45 A.M.
Dave gives Jack a hard time when his car won't start. Jack makes
a comment to Eddie about Dave being an amateur because he tied
the fuses too tight. Dave lunges at Jack, and Jack breaks Dave's

9:46 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:51 A.M.
Kim finds a nearby payphone and dials 911, but Gary surprises
her. He tries to appeal to Kim that he did not mean to hurt Carla
and only wants to apologize to Megan. When Gary gets forceful
with Kim, she knees him in the groin and runs off. Gary catches
her and they fight. Kim swats him with a tire iron and he falls

Kate calls Burton and lists the stamped entries in Reza's
passport. Burton is going to track Reza's travel against those
of the terrorist Syed Ali to see if there is a connection. Marie
interrupts Kate's phone call to thank her for her help with the
wedding. The sisters embrace.

9:54 A.M.
Palmer has a sit down meeting with the reporter. Wieland knows
that the Alert Condition has been changed and is ready to report
his story. Palmer says his information is wrong. Knowing that no
journalist can get a private interview with the President on a
few minutes notice, Wieland suspects that his assumptions are
indeed correct. Palmer asks for a favor to sit on the story, and
Wieland says he will think about it. When the reporter leaves,
the President makes a call to Armus. "I think we're going to
have to go ahead and deal with this," Palmer says. Armus, who is
outside, stops Wieland as he leaves the retreat and introduces
himself as part of the President's Secret Service team. Armus
drags Wieland away by the arm.

9:57 A.M.
As Jack fiddles with his car, Eddie approaches him about working
on this job. He is one man short since Dave is now incapacitated.

Kim returns to the boxes where she hid Megan, but the little
girl is gone. Kim calls out, and runs down the street to look
for her.

9:59 A.M.
Jack rides in the van with Eddie and his crew, and asks about
the job they are pulling. Eddie tells him that they are bringing
down the CTU offices in Los Angeles.

Ticking clock.

10:00 A.M.
Kim frantically searches and finds Megan. The police come to
Gary's aid, and he tells them that Kim kidnapped his daughter.

As Mason drives north out of Los Angeles, Tony phones him with
news that the LAPD located a suspect in Panorama City. District
wants Mason to check it out on his way to Bakersfield.

At the Northwest O.C., Lynne gives the President bad news: the
predicted casualties are actually higher than they had
anticipated. Ruling out any possibility of a "dirty bomb," the
NSA now believes they are looking for a nuclear weapon.

Now a member of the crew, Jack questions why CTU is being
targeted. Eddie won't reveal any information. Suddenly, Jack's
cell phone rings. It is Kim, but she has not heard any of the
messages from her father because she lost her phone. Jack tries
to not give anything away in earshot of Eddie's crew. Although
Kim begs for Jack's help, he tells her to go to her Aunt Carol's
house. Kim doesn't understand why he is telling her to go all
the way to San Jose. Kim then calls Tony, who informs her that
Jack is working undercover. Tony asks her to get to CTU, and she
says she will take a bus.

10:08 A.M.
All the phones in CTU get corrupted as Eddie's crew takes out
the phone lines at a relay station. Eddie sends Jack to watch
the road. He discreetly calls CTU to warn them, but he can not
get through. Jack instead calls the O.C. and asks to speak to
the President.

10:09 A.M.
Since Palmer is in the midst of a press conference, Lynne takes
the call and is warned of the attack on CTU. Jack asks her to
have the building evacuated, and then clicks off when Eddie
approaches. At the O.C., Lynne and Eric Rayburn presume that this
hit on CTU is a diversion from the main nuclear attack. When
Lynne wants to notify CTU, Rayburn stops her. He believes that
doing so will blow Jack's cover and ruin his chances of getting
close to the Second Wave terrorist Joseph Wald. Yet Lynne is
adamant about telling Palmer, and she asks Jenny Dodge to
interrupt the press conference.

10:11 A.M.
Two telephone repair workers arrive at the relay station to find
that the locks have been cut. Eddie's van ambushes them, and
Eddie shoots one of the workers. He orders the other one to call
his boss to say that he must go on site at CTU to check the
phone system.

10:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:16 A.M.
Rayburn calls Tony with an order to copy and transfer all CTU
database information about the nuclear threat onto NSA's server.
Since he wants it done in under an hour, Tony has Paula work on
sending the data over. She goes into Mason's office to use his
computer. Michelle points out to Tony that if this order had
only been precautionary, then other agencies would have received
the same request. CTU was the only one asked to forward their

Mason arrives at an industrial complex in Panorama City where a
vehicle was linked to someone on the terrorist watch list. This
complex is the same place where the nuclear bomb was being built
by Marko's team. The police at the scene break into the building,
and they see the remains of the area where the nuclear weapon was
constructed. Suddenly, a gunman fires at the officers and a
shootout occurs. Mason realizes that a powder has dispersed in
the air and he notices the radiation warning sign. He coughs as
he calls out to a policeman to summon HAZMAT. This may be a
possible hot zone.

10:22 A.M.
Kim rides with Megan on a city bus toward CTU. Megan asks whether
Kim makes her own father mad. Kim reassures her that she is not
the cause for Gary's anger, and promises that she will never let
him hurt Megan again.

10:23 A.M.
The telephone repair van pulls up to CTU, and the worker lies to
the security guard that he is there to fix the phones. Although
Eddie and his crew are in the back, they are cleared into the
complex. The worker asks what the crew could possibly want from
CTU, and Eddie explains that they are taking back their country.
"We're patriots," Jack says.

10:25 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:30 A.M.
At the Warner house, Kate gets a call from her private
investigator, Ralph Burton. He confirmed that Reza did have
contact with the terrorist. Burton is obligated to notify the
authorities at Homeland Security, and he warns Kate not to tell
anyone. When she hangs up, Marie and Reza playfully coax her to
meet his cousin, but Kate pulls away forcefully. Marie confronts
her, but Kate tearfully says that she only wants her sister's

10:34 A.M.
Lynne is surprised to see Jenny hurrying through the O.C. She had
asked her to interrupt the President's press conference. Jenny
had slipped him a note about Lynne's urgent request, but Palmer
did not respond.

As Eddie and his crew make their way into CTU, Jack waits in the
van with the tied up worker. He urgently writes a note of warning
that there are bombs being placed in the building.

10:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:41 A.M.
Mason calls Tony from Panorama City to tell him about the lab
where the terrorists have assembled the nuclear bomb. Everyone
at the scene is being put through decontamination, but they still
don't know if they were exposed to radiation. Mason will send
Tony the fingerprints from the dead bodies to see if they match
anyone on the watch list. Tony informs him that NSA ordered CTU's
database be transferred, but did not make the same request from
other agencies. Mason agrees that this is not usual protocol.

10:43 A.M.
Michelle approaches Paula in the restroom. Although she is
worried about her friends and family living in Los Angeles,
the scared Paula knows it is her duty to keep working.

10:44 A.M.
In the van, Jack releases the phone worker with the note
intended for Tony, explaining that he is a government agent
working undercover. After the worker gets out, Jack cuts himself
with his switchblade to create the impression that he has been
struck in the head. Eddie and the crew return to the van and
find Jack knocked out. Eddie is mad that the telephone guy got
away, but gets everyone in the van out before the building
explodes. As the van pulls away, Kim and Megan arrive. She tells
the security guard that Tony is expecting her.

10:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:54 A.M.
Lynne is angry that Palmer did not call her when the press
conference broke. She confronts Rayburn about his keeping the
President in the dark about the CTU situation, and Rayburn
threatens her not to cross him. When Palmer comes into the O.C.,
Lynne tells him the news. Rayburn tries to explain that alerting
CTU would expose Jack. He had CTU transfer their intelligence,
so that the only losses would be infrastructure and personnel.
"Those losses are unacceptable," Palmer says, and he orders
Lynne to notify CTU immediately. Rayburn tells the President
that he believes he is making a mistake.

Michelle gives Tony the note from the telephone worker about the
bomb, and Tony orders an immediate evacuation of the building.
He gets the call from Lynne, and asks if this is the reason NSA
wanted their data. Kim and Megan are escorted out of the building
along with the other CTU workers. Tony runs up to Mason's office
to save Paula, who is still trying to complete the data transfer.
They are caught inside the building when it explodes. Eddie and
the crew watch CTU from a distance, and congratulate themselves
when they see they smoke cloud rise above the building.

10:59 A.M.
A HAZMAT doctor informs Mason that he has inhaled a high level
of enriched plutonium. He may only have one more day to live.

Ticking clock.

11:00 A.M.
Far from the crime scene, Eddie's crew listens to the police
scanner as casualty reports from CTU come in. Jack listens
silently, barely able to contain his rage. Meanwhile, at CTU,
Tony emerges from the rubble to assist injured co-workers. He
finds Paula trapped under a twisted girder. Kim carries Megan
out of the CTU complex and they are unharmed. Suddenly, Megan's
eyes roll back and she begins to seize. Kim calls for help, and
a Paramedic takes Megan to an ambulance.

11:03 A.M.
At the O.C., Palmer is visibly upset over the bombing at CTU and
laments that they did not receive word from Jack Bauer sooner.
Rayburn says that they did everything they could. After the
President leaves, Lynne blames Rayburn for the casualties. He
informs her that since she was the only one to have spoken to
Jack, she will be the one to take the blame if the truth comes
out. Lynne knows she is being blackmailed.

11:05 A.M.
In Panorama City, Mason asks an EMT what his deterioration will
be like. Although he should be normal for another twelve hours,
he will later experience more severe symptoms. His mental
functions will eventually deteriorate and he will lapse into a
coma. Mason receives a call from Tony who gives him news about
the bombing and casualties. Paula, who had encrypted all
intelligence about the nuclear threat, is injured and unavailable
to help decrypt it. Mason tells Tony to do whatever it takes to
get that data. He also says that he may not be coming back to
the office. Tony is furious that Mason is still trying to
distance himself from the nuclear blast range.

11:08 A.M.
Eddie pulls the van up to a remote road, and the crew sets fire
to the vehicle. Eddie takes a call from Joe Wald and scribbles
an address of where to meet him on a matchbook. At a waiting car,
Jack pulls his gun on Eddie and demands the address. Jack places
him under arrest. The other guys in the crew see this and fire
at Jack, but Jack kills them. Eddie begins to drive, and Jack
shoots at him through the windshield. He pulls the lifeless body
of Eddie out of the driver's seat, and gets in the car.

11:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:16 A.M.
As he drives away, Jack calls CTU. Michelle informs him of the
casualties, but he doesn't understand why there wasn't enough
time to evacuate everyone. He gives her the address of Joseph
Wald in Simi Valley and she sends backup. When Jack asks about
Kimberly, Michelle says she will look into her whereabouts.
Michelle tells Tony about Jack's call. He had forgotten that Kim
was on her way to CTU, and he has Michelle check the security
log to see of Kim was in the building before the blast.

At the hospital, Kim consults with an ER doctor about Megan's
condition. The little girl's seizure was caused by a skull
fracture that occurred before the CTU explosion, and she suffered
from other prior injuries that were never treated. This indicates
a pattern of physical abuse. Although Kim claims to have never
hurt Megan, the doctor wants to leave it up to the police to
determine what really happened.

11:17 A.M.
Palmer and his team of military and civilian advisors watch a
news report about the CTU bombing. Rayburn once again brings up
his plan about a citywide evacuation. This time, Lynne argues
with him about the idea. Any evacuation of Los Angeles would take
at least a week and it would be difficult to target specific
areas under immediacy. Palmer, sensing that there are some
unknown undertones in this fight, states that he has reservations
about evacuating people. Rayburn insists that he is only trying
to protect the President politically. "If the bomb goes off, we
have more important concerns than my re-election," Palmer says.
The President orders that no evacuation takes place.

11:19 A.M.
Jack calls the O.C. and is connected to Lynne. He asks why the
CTU office wasn't emptied when he called thirty minutes before
it was bombed. Lynne has no explanation, and Jack blames her for
the lives of his co-workers. She encourages him to continue with
his job because he is their best chance of intercepting the
nuclear weapon.

11:21 A.M.
At the Warner house, Kate admits to her father that she had found
inconsistencies in their company's budget and had hired a private
investigator to find out whether Reza had been stealing money.
Although he was clean financially, Kate then learned that Reza
may be involved with a terrorist. However, she doesn't know what
proof the investigator uncovered. Bob doesn't believe her, and
tells her that it is a mistake. He had Reza checked out
thoroughly himself, and knows that he is not a terrorist. Bob
asks his daughter to start treating Reza as a member of the
family. Reza approaches them, and Kate says that she has to pick
up lunch. Reza offers to drive her, but she refuses. Bob insists
that she allow her future brother-in-law to drive her.

11:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:28 A.M.
As Mason rides in an ambulance toward a hospital, he gets a call
from Tony on the emergency scanner. Since Paula had worked on the
encryption at Mason's computer, they need his password to access
the hard drive. Mason soberly inquires about Paula's condition,
and Tony tells him that she is non-responsive.

11:30 A.M.
Jack pulls up to the address from Eddie's matchbook. He knocks
on the door, demanding that Joe let him in. Jack feigns alarm,
and tells Joe that Eddie and the crew are all dead. Joe opens
the door to let Jack in, and Jack takes him at gunpoint. Joe
questions why Jack would kill Marshall Goren if he is really a
federal agent, and Jack says that he did what he had to do to
get to Joe. Joe is surprised when Jack informs him that the CTU
explosion was merely a diversion for a nuclear bomb, but he does
not answer when Jack asks who gave the order to hit CTU.
Suddenly, a pit bull leaps at Jack and he wrestles it to the
ground. Joe escapes out the back door into a nearby shed. Jack
shoots the dog to escape and follows him. Joe has locked himself
into a secured room guarded by steel doors,and from inside, he
watches on security monitors as Jack pounds the walls with a
pickaxe. Seeing the cameras, Jack knows he is being watched.

11:34 A.M.
Kim phones Carla Matheson from the emergency room and tells her
what happened to Megan. Carla at first accuses Kim of kidnapping
her daughter and attacking her husband, but Kim blames Gary for
what has happened. Although Carla warns her to stay out of their
problems, Kim tells her that the doctors found evidence of
physical abuse. She invites Carla to the hospital to be with
Megan. As Carla rushes out the door to go to her daughter, Gary
stops her.

11:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:40 A.M.
With no luck breaking into the secure room, Jack tries to appeal
to Joe directly. He tells him that whoever hired him wants to
destroy the entire country, starting with Los Angeles. Although
Joe has fought against the government in the past, this time his
actions will kill over a million innocent people. He has always
believed that it was wrong to have too much power, but the irony
is that he is now the one who holds the power. Jack asks Joe
what he will do with that power.

11:42 A.M.
As Reza drives with Kate, he tells her that he is aware that she
doesn't like him. He says that she just needs to get to know him.
Kate suddenly becomes alarmed when Reza takes a different course
toward the restaurant. He says that he wants to show her
something to help her understand him better. They pull onto a
service road of a residential street, and Kate becomes afraid.
She yells at him to stop the car and she gets out. Reza points
to a house, showing Kate the new home he bought for Marie as a
wedding present. Kate feels foolish for jumping to conclusions.

11:45 A.M.
The rescue workers remove the girder off Paula, but her body is
in shock. With internal bleeding, she needs to be taken to the
hospital for surgery. Tony follows her gurney toward an
ambulance, and they are met outside by Mason. Mason asks the
field doctors to not only make Paula remain on site but to also
keep her lucid. Tony argues with Mason because Paula will die if
she does not get to the hospital. Yet she is the only one who
can decrypt the intel on the nuke. Against Tony's judgement,
Mason orders for her to be woken up.

11:47 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:51 A.M.
Palmer tells Lynne that he knows that there was a thirty-minute
lapse between when Jack called and when they notified CTU. His
suspicions are confirmed about her trying to alert him during
the press conference, but he questions why she never told him
the truth after the fact. Lynne apologizes, but does not reveal
any other information. Palmer suspects, after seeing the argument
between Lynne and Rayburn, that it was Rayburn who wanted to keep
it from him. Lynne offers her resignation instead of answering
him. Palmer does not accept it, but assures Lynne that he still
trusts her to tell him everything that happened.

11:54 A.M.
Tony tells Michelle that he agrees with Mason's call to revive
Paula, even if it means risking her life. Yet Tony feels guilty
for hiring Paula because she was never given the chance to do
her job. Michelle comforts Tony.

11:55 A.M.
Secret Service agents escort Rayburn to the President's office
in the O.C. Palmer fires him for lying, but Rayburn claims that
he made a decision that the President could not make. "I'm the
only one who could make it," Palmer says bluntly. Rayburn insists
that he was only doing what was necessary to allow Jack Bauer to
get to Joseph Wald. When Palmer orders the Secret Service to
bring Rayburn to Richard Armus, a flicker of fear crosses
Rayburn's face.

11:57 A.M.
In the shed, Jack makes one last appeal to Joe. With the SWAT
team soon to arrive, Joe will either end up dead or in jail.
Jack gives him the chance of still doing the right thing by
telling him who ordered the hit on CTU. The steel door of the
secure room opens, and Jack goes in with his gun drawn. Joe
hands Jack a manila envelope with photos of his female contact.
He says that he only met the woman twice. Joe then shoots
himself in the mouth. Jack is stunned to see that the woman
in the photos is Nina Myers.

11:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:00 P.M.
Mason wants the still unconscious Paula woken up as soon as
possible. Tony leaves to follow up on a Middle Eastern
businessman who has connections to the terrorist Syed Ali. Jack
calls Mason with news that Nina Myers is the one who commissioned
Joseph Wald to blow up CTU. She did it before she was arrested.
Jack has her transferred to CTU for questioning, but Mason tells
him to not come back to the office. He will handle Nina on his

12:04 P.M.
At the O.C., military advisors speculate on the possible targets
in Los Angeles. Lynne informs Palmer that the Ambassador has
landed at the site. Also just arriving is Roger Stanton, the
head of NSA and Rayburn's boss.

While waiting for Carla at St. Virgil's Hospital, Kim becomes
alarmed when she sees the police. As she hurries down the
corridor, she runs into Gary. He tells her to leave without
saying anything or else she will be arrested for kidnapping
Megan. Gary threatens to tell the authorities that she was the
one who hurt his daughter. He says that Carla will even back his
story. When the police approach, Kim leaves the ER.

12:07 P.M.
Stanton apologizes to the President for Rayburn's actions
regarding CTU. Yet he is more concerned with the meeting Palmer
will be having with the Ambassador. Stanton believes that the
diplomat is only attempting to access U.S. intelligence. The
President, who is not as certain about this theory as Stanton,
plans to take the meeting anyway.

12:09 P.M.
Jack returns to CTU and is stunned at the ruins. Mason is annoyed
that Jack came back, because he doesn't want him anywhere Nina
Myers -- the person who killed his wife, Teri. Yet Jack insists
that it is better that he be debriefed at CTU. Mason tells him
to leave when his debrief is complete.

12:10 P.M.
Paula wakes up, and Mason and Michelle ask her for her source
decryption key to complete the file transmission to NSA. With
her last breaths, Paula gives them the volume in the database
where she had made a copy of the key. Michelle retrieves the
key, and Mason praises Paula for helping to save lives. As the
EMTs go to take her to the hospital, Paula dies.

12:13 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:17 P.M.
Reza and Kate return home, and Bob greets them. He knew about
the new house Reza had purchased, and he chides Kate for her
suspicions. Tony and another agent arrive to question Reza. Bob
tries to explain that it is a mistake, but Tony is insistent.
Kate finds Reza and tells him about the visitors. Reza doesn't
want Marie to find out about this situation.

12:21 P.M.
The Ambassador and his security officer, Salim, tell the
President's team that they have taken four suspected members of
Second Wave into custody for interrogation. Stanton, however,
presents satellite photos taken an hour ago that show there is
no clampdown. Yet the Ambassador assures the President that they
want to help prevent the bomb as well as any retaliation from the
U.S. He asks to be provided with all the American intelligence on
their native country's terrorism. Palmer tells the Ambassador
that he must consider this request, and sends them to a waiting
room. Stanton, who doesn't trust the Ambassador, strongly
believes that they do support Second Wave. Lynne agrees with
Stanton. Palmer is torn as to his decision.

12:25 P.M.
While Jack works on his debrief at CTU, Kim calls his cell phone.
She explains about Megan being hurt, but he tells her to get to
her Aunt Carol's house immediately because there might be a
nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. Jack instructs her to not tell
anyone, and that he will meet here there when he is finished.
When he hangs up, he watches silently as guards bring a shackled
Nina into CTU.

12:28 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:32 P.M.
Mason enters the interrogation room and asks Nina what she knows
about the nuclear bomb. She demands a full presidential pardon in
return for her assistance. As Mason calls Chappelle at Division,
Jack inquires as to Nina's participation. Mason, knowing that
Jack is trying to worm his way onto the case, dismisses him.
Jack notices Mason's strange hacking cough.

12:34 P.M.
Reza denies knowing Syed Ali to Tony, even though the man's name
is in all of Reza's personal computer files.

12:36 P.M.
Bob and Kate wait outside impatiently as Tony interrogates Reza.
Bob does not want to cancel the wedding, and encourages Kate to
keep her sister preoccupied.

As the American military advisors hand off their intel to Salim
and the Ambassador, Stanton admits his unease at the President's

12:39 P.M.
Jack gives Michelle his completed debrief, and she tells him that
she is supposed to get him out of there. Jack is transfixed on
the interrogation room where Nina is being held. This is the
first time he has seen her since the day she killed Teri.
President Palmer phones Jack to personally inform him that he is
forced to grant Nina a shadow pardon. "I wish there was another
way," Palmer says. "Let's just get through this day. Eventually
we'll make it right."

12:40 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:44 P.M.
Kim calls her boyfriend Miguel at his recording studio, and asks
for his urgent help. He reluctantly agrees to pick her up at the

12:45 P.M.
Jack follows Mason to the men's room and sees him swallow a pill.
He asks to be allowed to interrogate Nina, but Mason won't listen
to his plea. Jack sees Mason's prescription medication wrapper.
He snatches it and goes back into the office. Suspecting
something is wrong with Mason, Jack demands from Michelle that
he be told where Mason has been in the last twelve hours. He
questions whether Mason is fit to lead CTU.

12:47 P.M.
Marie is upset to find that agents from CTU are in her house
talking to Reza. Kate explains that she was the one who hired a
private investigator to check up on Reza, and doing so uncovered
his association with a terrorist. Marie is furious that Kate
would go behind her back, and she orders Kate to leave.

12:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:54 P.M.
Miguel shows up at St. Virgil's Hospital in a cab because he
loaned his car to someone. Kim is forced to tell him her father's
warning about the nuclear bomb. Yet she does not want to leave
Megan behind, and Miguel agrees to help her.

Jack confronts Mason about his health condition, knowing that he
was exposed to radiation and is dying. Jack threatens to call
District to relieve Mason of his duties unless he agrees to let
Jack handle Nina. Although it is against Mason's better
judgement, he relents.

12:58 P.M.
Lynne informs the advisors that the Ambassador's helicopter just
took off en route to his plane. Stanton rushes in and shows the
group a live news feed. The Ambassador's chopper crashed just
after takeoff. There were no apparent survivors.

12:59 P.M.
At the Warner house, Reza continues to claim innocence against
Tony's accusations.

When the surveillance monitors are set up in the CTU
interrogation room, Jack watches Nina. She is waiting to hear
about her freedom, and he ponders his next move.

Ticking clock.

1:00 P.M.
As Nina waits in a secured CTU room, Jack is handed her case
file. Yet he knows all about her and doesn't need it to
interrogate her.

At Palmer's retreat, reporters bombard him with questions about
the helicopter crash and any possible connection to the CTU
bombing. The President only reveals that there will be an
investigation forthcoming. Jenny Dodge promises the media that a
statement will be released when credible information is
confirmed. Palmer walks inside to find his ex-wife Sherry
waiting for him. She asks to speak with him privately about his
administration, but Palmer dismisses her. Sherry piques his
interest when she mentions that she heard military personnel
have been evacuated out of Los Angeles. Palmer leaves, telling
her to wait. Since he specifically requested that no evacuations
were to take place, Lynne is assigned the task of finding out
what happened.

1:06 P.M.
Tony continues to question Reza at the Warner residence. Reza
complains of racial profiling, but Tony explains why his
accusations are valid and refuses Reza's request for a lawyer.

1:08 P.M.
NSA chief Roger Stanton theorizes whether the helicopter crash
was actually premeditated, because the Prime Minister was
unhappy with his Ambassador doing business with America. Yet
Palmer suggests that perhaps forces within his own government
caused the crash. He orders Lynne to set up an independent
inquiry to find out the truth.

1:09 P.M.
Jack vows to Mason that he will put aside his anger and get Nina
to disclose everything. He walks into the interrogation room and
slaps her Presidential pardon on the table. Nina claims that she
needs to be sent to Visalia because her contact there will only
tell her where the bomb is in person. Jack is reluctant to trust
her, and demands her contact's name. Nina, under the assumption
that CTU will remove Jack from the case if he harms her, stands
her ground. Her smugness only enrages Jack to slams her against
the wall. Holding her throat, he threatens to kill her unless
she tells him what he wants to know. Watching outside from a
monitor, Mason immediately orders Jack removed from the room. He
questions Jack's motives, but Jack says that it is all part of
his plan to convince Nina that he is putting his own revenge
ahead of stopping the bomb. Mason notices that while Nina is
visibly afraid, Jack is completely calm. Jack asks for another
five minutes with her, and requests that the thermostat be
turned up ten degrees in the interrogation room. Mason agrees to

1:14 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:18 P.M.
Kate tries to explain her side of the story to her crying sister.
She suggests that they may have to cancel the wedding, but Marie
refuses. Marie only wants Kate to stop trying to control her

1:19 P.M.
As they search the hospital for Megan, Kim and Miguel see Gary
talking to a doctor outside of Megan's room. The doctor warns
Gary that the causes of Megan's concussion have yet to be
determined so she must be kept for observation. Panicking, Gary
books two tickets to Mexico and begins to dress Megan.

1:21 P.M.
Jack returns to the interrogation room and pulls out a gun. He
fires shots into the wall past Nina's head, demanding a name
from her. Jack aims at her head, and she admits that the man in
Visalia is Mamud Faheen. Jack already knows that name, and he
wants to know what their relationship is. Faheen had introduced
Nina to Joseph Wald because Wald wanted her schematics for CTU.
Yet Nina refuses to give Jack Faheen's exact location unless she
is permitted to go to Visalia. Her pardon won't mean anything if
she is killed. Jack turns to the video monitor. Watching from
outside, Mason orders Michelle to notify the authorities in

1:23 P.M.
Lynne learns that military personnel and resources began
evacuating an hour ago under Roger Stanton's orders. Palmer has
her countermand the evacuation, returning the forces back to
their bases. He then confronts Stanton about this, but Stanton
apologizes. He was only following up on what he thought was the
President's command. Palmer asks him to make sure his orders to
rescind the evacuation are executed. Knowing Sherry's
intelligence was correct, he agrees to meet with her.

As he dresses Megan, Gary apologizes for hurting her and explains
that they are leaving. A nurse knocks on the door to inform Gary
that he has a phone call at the nurse's station. He tells Megan
not to move and goes to take the call from someone in accounts
receivable about his bill. The caller is really Miguel, who
stalls Gary so that Kim can slip into Megan's room. Kim persuades
Megan that she is only trying to protect her. When Gary returns
to the room, he finds Megan is missing. He angrily alerts the

1:28 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:32 P.M.
Kim, Megan and Miguel rush down the stairwell. Megan begins to
cry because she thinks that her father will get mad and hurt her.
Kim tries to convince her that he will continue to hurt her
unless she leaves with them. Back at the room, the nurse tells
Gary that no one has seen Megan, and he orders security to find
her. Kim, Miguel and Megan hide in an examination room when the
security guards block the entrances.

1:34 P.M.
Mason arranges for an agent named Miller to accompany Jack and
Nina on their flight to Visalia. Jack again assures Mason that
he won't put the lives of millions on the line to satisfy his
own revenge. Mason still wants Miller there as a precaution.
Mason gets hit with a fit of coughing, and Jack encourages him
to go be with his family in his last hours.

1:35 P.M.
Palmer enters his retreat where Sherry is waiting. She won't
reveal how she learned about the military evacuation, but asks
to allow her to help him. Sherry tells Palmer that she still
loves him, but she needs to know what he is up against so she
can be of some assistance. Palmer realizes that he needs all the
help he can muster, and he discloses that there is the threat of
a nuclear strike in Los Angeles. Sherry is stunned, and admits
that a high level staffer at the Defense Department told her
about the evacuation because members of the administration are
allying against Palmer for control of his presidency. She offers
to aid him in weeding out these people who disagree with his
policies. Palmer accepts her help on the condition that it is
only in the best interest of the country. He warns her that it
better not be one of her manipulations back into his personal

1:39 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:43 P.M.
Kate greets Reza's parents when they arrive at the Warner house.
They ask to see their son, and Kate tells them that government
agents are there to question him about alleged terrorist
activity. The Naiyeers are convinced that Reza is being treated
unfairly only because he is Middle Eastern.

Miguel leaves the exam room, grabs a flat screen computer
monitor from a desk and runs. The distracted security guard
chases after him, allowing Kim and Megan to escape. Gary sees
the girls from the hospital window and heads outside.

1:47 P.M.
In the transport van, Nina tries to make small talk with Agent
Miller in an attempt to convey that he is only there to protect
her against Jack. Yet Miller ignores her, and takes a bottle of
water from Jack.

1:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:54 P.M.
Tony presses Reza about a money transfer to Syed Ali under his
name, but Reza claims ignorance. Tony threatens to walk him out
in handcuffs past his parents. Reza relents, and admits to only
confirming the transfers to cover for Bob Warner -- Marie's

Waiting for Miguel, Kim and Megan duck behind cars in the
hospital parking but are spotted by Gary. He threatens to throw
Kim in jail unless she turns over his daughter. She refuses.
Gary grabs Kim's hair and is about to strike her when Miguel
appears and body slams Gary. The men fight, and Miguel knocks
Gary out cold with a roundhouse martial arts kick to the face.
They grab Gary's keys and run for his parked car nearby.

1:57 P.M.
Reza comforts both Marie and his parents with news of his
exoneration. Yet when Tony asks to speak to Bob Warner, Kate
turns to Reza. Reza explains that he only told the truth to Tony.

1:59 P.M.
Miller informs Jack that their team is assembled in Visalia, but
he immediately passes out. Jack eases Miller's body down on the
seat. Nina notices the water bottle that Jack gave to him, and
she realizes that Miller has been drugged. Jack cocks his gun
and smiles at Nina. A look of fear spreads over her face.

Ticking clock.

2:00 P.M.
As they arrive at the airbase, Nina alerts the agents securing
the area that Jack had drugged Agent Miller to get her alone.
Once aboard the CTU jet, Agent Phillips tells Jack that he will
make sure Nina is kept safe.

2:03 P.M.
Marie reproaches Kate for wrongfully incriminating Reza and for
opening up the witch hunt on their family. Kate then turns on
Reza for implicating Bob to save himself, but Reza says that Bob
must be the one who is guilty. Reza only told the truth. With her
sister and future husband fighting, Marie bursts into tears and
runs out of the room.

Palmer's Chief of Staff Mike Novick arrives in Oregon from
Washington, and is surprised to see Sherry at the retreat. She
tells him that she has learned from her past mistakes. Lynne and
Palmer discuss how to handle the Ron Wieland situation. The
reporter's crew has not seen him since the Secret Service took
him into custody. Novick, who has found precedent for the
executive branch's measures against the press in times of
national crisis, suggests they buy time by having Richard Armus
leak a story about Wieland being away on personal business.

2:08 P.M.
Michelle informs Mason that Jack drugged Miller to get Nina
alone. Mason is hardly taken aback, and goes into his office.
He opens his shirt to reveal a radiation rash on his chest.

Despite Sherry's knowledge of the military evacuation, Novick is
not sure that she is correct about a vast conspiracy within the
government, but he promises the President that he will
investigate the situation. Palmer advocates that Novick begin
with NSA Director Roger Stanton, Stanton had always been close
with the just-fired Eric Rayburn.

2:11 P.M.
Jack tries to physically threaten Nina to reveal where Faheen
is, but Phillips intervenes. Jack orders her to get changed into
civilian clothes so that she will blend in. Not trusting her, he
has her strip in his presence.

2:12 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:17 P.M.
Mason calls his estranged son, John, whom he hasn't spoken with
in two years. He asks John to come to see him at CTU. John

2:19 P.M.
The CTU jet lands at the Davenport Airfield in Visalia and is
met by a squadron of FBI agents. After deplaning, Nina gives up
the name of Faheen's location: a store called Crescent
Collectibles. Jack wants Nina to go along with him there.

2:20 P.M.
Novick approaches Stanton, and requests an update on all the
intel that Stanton has compiled. Lynne briefs the President
about CTU locating weapons grade nuclear material in a warehouse.
When she tells him that Jack is working directly with Nina Myers
to find the terrorist, Palmer becomes alarmed.

2:22 P.M.
Jack and the FBI agents prepare for the raid on Faheen and Nina
tells them what to expect. She had already given Faheen protocols
from CTU, and Faheen is prepared to kill himself to protect their
plan. Jack wants Nina to go in first and convince Faheen that she
has gotten out of prison. Nina is worried that Faheen will be
suspicious, and shoot her before turning the gun on himself. Jack
says they will prevent Faheen from committing suicide. He will
not be responsible for saving Nina.

2:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:28 P.M.
Tony calls Mason to tell him that Bob Warner is the new suspect.
Bob claims not to know anything about Syed Ali. Mason wants both
Bob and Reza brought to CTU for further questioning, and gives
Tony authority to arrest them if necessary. Although Reza is
resistant, Bob asks him to comply with Tony's demand. Marie
insists on accompanying Reza. Bob instructs Kate to notify their
guests about the wedding's postponement and to contact his

2:30 P.M.
Lynne meets with Palmer and Novick but is hesitant to speak
because Sherry is in the room. Palmer introduces the women, and
explains that he has granted Sherry a provisional security
clearance. He gives Lynne permission to disclose secrets in
front of his ex-wife. Lynne is shocked to learn that Stanton is
a suspect in a plot against the President. Sherry boldly tells
Lynne that she found out Stanton and Rayburn were having secret
meetings with a Senator. Lynne, however, already knows about
those meetings and explains that they have nothing to do with
this situation. She offers up detailed records on their context.
Regardless, Palmer wants to be certain that Stanton is not
working against them. Lynne and Sherry trade distrustful looks.

2:33 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:38 P.M.
Kate phones her private investigator, but gets the man's boss
instead. Paul Koplin assures her that he is familiar with her
case. Kate asks Koplin for help accessing her father's private
data records.

Sherry lets Lynne know that she was one of the people who put
Palmer in office, and that she is important enough to provide
help. Overhearing this, Palmer warns Sherry about trying to
compete with Lynne. He tells her that he is keeping her around
despite advice on the contrary from others in his Administration.

2:42 P.M.
As Nina enters Crescent Collectibles, Jack waits outside the
store. A wire attached to her necklace transmits both voice and
picture to him. Michelle is watching and listening from CTU as
well. A woman working in the store tells Faheen over an intercom
that Nina is out of prison and is there to see him. When she
brings Nina into a back room, the reception on Jack's monitor
goes out. Michelle describes for him what she is viewing and the
translator relays what they are saying. Nina lies to Faheen,
saying that she had to pay someone to escape from prison and
that she needs his help to flee the country. Since Michelle can
not confirm that it is indeed Faheen, Jack holds the FBI SWAT
team from raiding the building. Yet when Faheen hugs Nina the
audio goes dead. Jack orders the raid, and agents shoot their
way into every entrance. Jack finds Faheen unconscious and Nina
gone. He enters the basement of the building to look for her.

2:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:51 P.M.
Nina runs to a gated door from the basement, but it is locked.
As she pulls a gun to blow off the padlock, Jack traps her. She
drops her gun, turns her back to him and places her hands on her
head. Jack trains his weapon on the back of her head and pauses.
After debating what to do, he then slaps handcuffs on her.

2:53 P.M.
In Gary's car, Kim calls her Aunt Carol to say that she is on
her way there. Megan is asleep in the back seat. Suddenly, they
are pulled over by the police for speeding. Miguel hands over
the registration and the cop goes to call it in. Kim and Miguel
brace themselves for the worst.

An LAPD officer leads a handcuffed John Mason into CTU. Mason
uncuffs his son and apologizes for the manner in which he was
brought in. Mason gives John the number of a secret bank account
where he has stashed a few hundred thousand dollars, but John
does not want the money. Without giving specifics, Mason tells
his son that he is dying. He then asks him to leave Los Angeles
because it is unsafe. John is confused, and Mason hugs him.
Mason makes his son leave so he won't see how emotionally
wrought he is.

2:59 P.M.
The policeman lets Miguel off with a warning. As he walks back
to his squad car, the cop notices blood dripping from the trunk
and stops them. He orders Miguel to open the trunk. Miguel is
stunned to see a woman's dead body inside. The policeman pulls
his gun on Miguel and forces him to the ground. He orders Kim to
exit the car and calls for backup. Kim gets out and recognizes
that it is Carla inside the trunk. Megan wakes up from the
commotion, but Kim tells her to stay in the car. She doesn't
want Megan to see her mother's dead body.

Ticking clock.

3:00 P.M.
Kim and Miguel try to explain their story to the highway
patrolman, but he doesn't understand why they are fleeing the
city instead of seeking help from the police. He places them
under arrest.

Tony escorts Reza, Marie and Bob Warner into the ruins of CTU.
Bob asks if he can speak to Tony privately, but Tony dismisses
him. Although both Reza and Bob's stories have contradicted each
other, Tony lets Mason know that there is definitely some
connection to Syed Ali. Mason gives him permission to do
whatever it takes to find the answers.

3:03 P.M.
In the O.C., Stanton inquires to Lynne about Sherry's provisional
security clearance. At the retreat, Sherry finds out that the
reporter Ron Wieland is missing. She presses Palmer about his
being held hostage, reasoning that the man's disappearance will
only raise more questions. Sherry offers her assistance in trying
to persuade Wieland to accept an exclusive on-air interview.

Before being taken away in a squad car, Kim appeals to the
officer to not bring Megan back to Los Angeles. Yet, despite
Miguel's pleas, she will still not reveal why it is unsafe. She
gives the cop Jack's information and asks him to contact her
father. The policeman says he will call once Kim has been
processed. She fears it will be too late.

3:08 P.M.
At the Crescent Collectibles store in Visalia, Nina attempts to
get information from Faheen. As she speaks to him in Arabic,
Michelle's translator deciphers the conversation for Jack over
the monitor. Faheen, however, won't disclose anything, and Jack
gets impatient. He drags Nina back to the car so that they can
head back to Los Angeles. The other agents won't let Jack leave
with Nina alone, and they raise their guns to make him retreat
from the car.

3:09 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:14 P.M.
Paul Koplin, the boss of Kate's private investigator Ralph
Burton, comes to the Warner house to see her. He is familiar
with the files that link Reza to Syed Ali, and he attaches some
kind of transmitter to the back of Bob's computer. Kate is
slightly alarmed to see that Koplin is carrying a gun, but she
shows him the records that she is having trouble accessing in
the computer.

3:15 P.M.
Roger Stanton stops Armus as he is escorting Sherry to a
restricted area in the O.C. She assures the dubious Stanton that
she has been granted right of entry, and she goes into the
holding room where Wieland is being kept. Sherry promises
Wieland that, if he does not reveal anything about the rumors he
had threatened to broadcast, he will be given permission to
report from inside the O.C. No other journalist has ever been
allowed to do so.

3:18 P.M.
In the van transporting the nuclear device, Basheer gets off the
phone and informs Marko and Omar that "Everybody is ready" for
them to deliver the bomb. The van suddenly gets a flat tire and
they are forced to pull over. They realize that there is a part
missing that would detract from fixing the tire. A pool man
pulls over and offers them his assistance. Basheer accepts the
man's help.

3:20 P.M.
As they ride back to Los Angeles on the CTU jet, Nina tries to
persuade Faheen to cooperate with Jack and about the bomb.
Michelle is still having their conversation in Arabic translated
into Jack's earpiece. Faheen tells Nina he is not afraid to die
for his cause, and he calls her a traitor. Yet Nina still has a
piece of a gift card in her hand that she grabbed when she
entered Crescent Collectibles. It is unseen by anyone else. Jack
takes Nina aside. She confirms that she did not know anything
about the nuclear bomb, but she has no other information about
the plan.

3:22 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:27 P.M.
The pool man kindly puts a spare tire on Marko's van, and Basheer
thanks him graciously by offering to pay. The pool man doesn't
accept the money, and gives Basheer his business card instead.
Marko, who is staring at a group of children playing nearby,
tentatively gets back into the van.

While driving Kim to the station, the highway patrolman
discusses the situation with another policeman on the phone. He
then informs Kim that Miguel told another officer that they were
leaving town because some kind of bomb is going off in Los
Angeles. Kim pleads with the man to call her father at CTU and
keep Megan away from the city. Sensing that perhaps Kim is not
lying, the patrolman calls dispatch and asks to be put through
to the FBI. The dispatcher says that they have been unable to
contact the FBI because of jammed lines. The policeman begins to
suspect that something is indeed wrong.

3:29 P.M.
Sherry returns to the retreat to report back to Palmer. Wieland
will not conform to their demands. Palmer dismisses her, but
Sherry asks why he won't give her a second chance. She admits
that she once got caught up in the political power, but she has
now realized her limits. Sherry only wants to help him so that
she can regain his confidence. Palmer accepts her help again,
with the caveat that she receive nothing in return.

3:31 P.M.
As he drives, thoughts go through Marko's head. He pulls the van
off the road and Basheer reprimands him. "I don't want to do
this. I don't want to kill anyone," Marko says. Basheer shoots
him in the chest, and gets out to retrieve Marko's body. Yet when
Basheer gets to the other door, the still living Marko shoots him
back. They both fall out of the van dead. Omar sees the two men's
bodies and is confused about what to do.

3:33 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:37 P.M.
In Bob's computer, Koplin finds transaction records confirming
that Reza withdrew money. There is also a consulting check made
out to Syed Ali for $475,000. Koplin then uncovers government
files on the database, which Kate merely attributes to Bob's
government clients. Suddenly, the files begin to auto-delete
themselves, and Koplin hits some keys to freeze them. The screen
becomes filled with ASCII codes, and Koplin recognizes them as
encoded coordinate addresses. The only people with files such as
these would have government security clearance. Kate is confused
as to why this would be on her father's machine.

3:40 P.M.
Tony comes into the CTU interrogation room where Bob Warner is
being held and turns on a tape recorder. Bob admits that he is
working as a consultant for the CIA, and he gives Tony the
contact code of his liaison there. Because of its international
investment business, Bob's company passes information back and
forth to an unknown source. Yet Bob does not know Syed Ali or
how there would be any record of him doing business with him.
Tony goes to verify Bob's story and alerts Mason of the

3:43 P.M.
Michelle gets a call from the California Highway Patrol. They
have Kim in custody for a charge of murder. She phones Jack on
the jet and connects him on the line with Kimberly. Kim explains
what happened. She is sure that Gary must have killed Carla.
Although Jack vows that someone from CTU will retrieve her, Kim
wants him to come himself. Jack notices that Nina and Faheen are
engaged in a hushed conversation on the other side of the plane.
With Kim still on the line, Michelle translates their
conversation for Jack. Nina said that she has the power to save
Faheen's family from being rounded up by U.S. forces. Yet
Michelle can't pick up any more of what they are saying because
they are talking too quietly. Jack asks Nina what Faheen just
told her. "Everything," she says before slitting Faheen's throat
with the shard of gift card she was palming. Jack leaps out of
his seat to restrain Nina while the other agents rush to stop
the bleeding in Faheen's neck. Faheen dies. Nina, who now is the
only one who knows where the bomb is, stipulates that Jack
re-route the plan to San Diego so that she can flee the country.
She will only tell him the information when they are on the
ground. Mason, who has been listening on the phone, gives in to
her demand because they are running out of time. Jack insists
that they will hold her until they can confirm the validity of
what she divulges.

3:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:51 P.M.
Michelle tells Mason that she picked up a name from the
recordings of Faheen's muted admission to Nina. Michelle
connected the name Marko Khatami to Syed Ali. Mason goes over to
Reza, grabs him by the neck and pins him to the wall. Reza says
that he does not know Marko Khatami, and Mason calls him a liar.
Tony pulls Mason off, as Marie goes to Reza's aid.

At the highway patrol station, the officer leads Kim and Miguel
out of their holding rooms and tells them that they are being
transferred to someone at CTU. She asks about Megan, insisting
that the little girl not be taken back to Los Angeles. The
policeman once again pushes Kim to reveal what is going on, and
she finally admits that there is a nuclear bomb loose in the

3:54 P.M.
Michelle tells Tony that she was not able to retrieve anything
else from the tape. Noticing that she is rattled, he inquires
about her well being. "We're going to survive this day," Tony
says warmly.

Palmer asks Lynne what she thinks about Sherry being around.
She says that she will defer to anything he wants. They are
interrupted by a live news broadcast. Wieland is reporting that
there is an imminent threat to national security by Middle
Eastern terrorist cels working with the possible involvement of
domestic terrorist groups. Wieland also confirms that the
President knows about this and is not telling the American
public. Palmer asks Mike Novick how Wieland got out, and he
demands to see Armus, who had been overseeing Wieland's

3:56 P.M.
As Kate walks Koplin out of the house, she wonders why her
father didn't already know about Reza's illegal involvement if
he was supposedly working with the government. Bob wouldn't have
let his daughter marry Reza if he had been under investigation,
and he had always treated Reza like a son. Koplin says that he
knows Tony Almeida and will call him. Suddenly, two men appear
in the yard and attack Kate and Koplin. The men inject something
into their necks and toss the limp bodies of Kate and Koplin
into a parked truck. It pulls out of the Warner driveway.

3:59 P.M.
As a shackled Nina sits on the CTU jet, Jack recalls to Nina a
fond memory of his wife Teri in the days before she was killed.
"That's what you took from this world, Nina," he says. "That's
what you took from me and my daughter." Suddenly, an explosion
rocks the plane and an alarm sounds. The jet jostles, and bodies
are tossed about the cabin.

Ticking clock.

4:00 P.M.
While reporter Ron Wieland tells the news networks about being
detained by the President, Sherry works the phones in the retreat
to try and find out who Wieland's source is inside the
Administration. Palmer comes in and confronts her because he
believes that she had something to do with Wieland's release.
Sherry denies the accusation, and even swears on the lives of
their children that she was not responsible. Mike Novick
interrupts them, and shows the President a security tape from 25
minutes ago. On the video, Armus is seen releasing Wieland from
the holding room.

As the CTU jet descends in flames, the pilot tells Jack that he
found a safe spot by a riverbed to crash land. Jack manages to
call Mason at CTU and gives him the coordinates of the site.
While Mason listens in, Jack begs Nina for the location of the
bomb. Regardless of her pardon, she refuses to disclose the
information. Even if they survive the crash, she fears that Jack
will kill her. Jack pledges that he will not harm her, but she
does not believe him. Agent Phillips trains his gun on Nina and
demands to know about the bomb, but Jack orders him to get away
from her. The pilot says that they will not make it to the
riverbed, and as Jack relays the news to Mason, the phone goes

4:06 P.M.
Palmer orders Novick to find Armus. He then goes in to apologize
to Sherry for doubting her. She asks how he will deal with the
turn of events, and Palmer plans to go directly to the press
himself to attack Wieland's credibility. Sherry suggests that he
just tell the truth because it has worked for him in the past.
Novick informs the President that Jack Bauer's plane went down.

4:08 P.M.
At the crash site in the Angeles National Forest, the still-alive
Jack rolls out of the fuselage. A tree branch is lodged in his
thigh. He yanks it out, and stumbles to find Agent Phillips
barely alive. Jack takes Phillips' cell phone and keys. Searching
the wreckage, Jack locates Nina. She is unconscious but still
strapped to her seat. He uses Phillips' keys to unlock Nina, and
performs CPR to resuscitate her.

4:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:16 P.M.
Michelle shows Mason satellite images from the time of the
plane's explosion. The streaks on the image prove that a
ground-to-air missile shot down the jet. Mason's nose begins to
bleed, and he leaves Michelle's workstation.

4:17 P.M.
Tony stops Mason to ask why he authorized placing Reza Naiyeer
and Bob Warner in the same room. Mason argues that separating
them wasn't helping, so he tried a different tactic. Tony
questions Mason's sudden change of attitude, and Mason finally
reveals that he was exposed to plutonium. Mason goes into the
room where Reza and Bob are being held. He tells them that
weapons-grade plutonium was found in a warehouse where it is
believed a nuclear bomb was assembled. A bill for a container
delivery from Warner's company was found at the warehouse. Mason
gives the men ten minutes to tell him the truth.

4:19 P.M.
The police officer tells Kim and Miguel that they are being
transferred from the sheriff's station to central booking in
downtown Los Angeles. He says that his captain overruled CTU's
decision to detain them because they are suspects in a capital
crime and there are no alerts about any bombs. Kim assures
Miguel that her father will help them once he finds out what
happened. Miguel reminds her of what she had previously said
about Jack's state of mind. Kim regrets her past statements.
She was angry and had blamed Jack for her mother's death. She
knows that it wasn't really Jack's fault.

4:21 P.M.
Tony and Mason listen in as Reza and Bob speak to each other.
Reza questions Bob's involvement, and asks about his supposed
CIA activities. Bob tells Reza to be quiet. Reza starts to doubt
Bob's innocence, and he says directly to the security camera
that he can track the order to prove that Bob authorized the
shipment. Bob approaches Reza threateningly, and the guards step
in to break them apart. As he is being dragged out, Reza says
"I'm not taking the fall for you, Bob."

4:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:28 P.M.
Michelle tells Tony that she knows about Mason's radiation
poisoning. Not only was Hazmat involved with the warehouse he
raided, but she saw his nose bleed. Tony reluctantly admits to
Mason's deteriorating health. He assures her that Mason is
committed to doing his job, and that he will be there to watch
Mason's back.

4:30 P.M.
Sherry hands Lynne changes she made on the President's remarks
to the press corps. She had acquired a copy from press secretary
Jenny Dodge even before Lynne gave it to the President. Lynne is
angry, and accuses Sherry of insinuating herself where she
doesn't belong. Sherry insists that she is not trespassing on
Lynne's territory, and tells her that she needs her revisions
to make Palmer's speech perfect.

4:31 P.M.
Jack finds a flare gun, and takes the handcuffed Nina with him
away from the crash site. As they begin to walk, they see
camouflaged soldiers inspecting the wreckage. Jack doesn't
recognize them as a CTU Search and Rescue team. His reservations
are confirmed when one of the soldiers shoots Agent Phillips.
Jack pulls Nina to the ground and asks her if the soldiers are
coming to claim her. Nina denies knowing them. As one approaches
their direction, Jack shoots the soldier with the flare gun. The
other soldiers hear the man's cries, and turn in his direction.
Jack sends Nina to the hills, and grabs the fallen soldier's
rifle. He fires at the other soldiers, then heads off to where
Nina ran. They stop in a creek bed and crouch down. Jack unlocks
Nina's handcuffs and gives her the ammunition. He orders her to
run reconnaissance while he continues firing at the soldiers.

4:33 P.M.
In a suburban house, Syed Ali snaps an amyl nitrate popper under
the nose of an unconscious Kate Warner. She awakens groggily, and
Ali greets her by name. He tells her who he is, and Kate
recognizes his name. Ali asks her what she found in her father's
files, but Kate claims innocence. Ali grabs Kate and brings her
to another room in the house where a naked Paul Koplin is tied
up with his arms hoisted over his head. Ali's assistant Mohsen
tests a power tool to torture Koplin with. Ali, who is aware that
Bob Warner worked for the CIA, demands to know what the two found
in the computer. Both Kate and Koplin explain that they didn't
see anything because the files self-deleted themselves. Ali
accuses Kate of lying, telling her that "Nothing can get in the
way of this sacred day." When Kate says that she is not lying,
Mohsen approaches Koplin's body with the power tool. Koplin's
screams are deafened by the soundproof insulation in the torture

4:40 P.M.
Jack and Nina run to another embankment in the forest, and they
separate to two locations. Jack fires at the approaching enemies.
She tosses him another round of ammunition and from her angle,
tells him where to shoot. While Jack is firing, Nina pockets one
of the rifle clips. She throws him what she refers to as the
last round of bullets. Jack uses up the ammo, and puts down the
rifle. He begins to shoot with his pistol at the soldiers.
Suddenly, a CTU helicopter appears overhead and fires at the
soldiers. The Search and Rescue team drops from the hovering
chopper. Jack is scanning the perimeter when Nina lunges for the
rifle and loads her hidden clip. She aims the rifle at Jack's
back and orders him to drop his gun. When he hesitates, Nina
fires at the ground by his feet. Jack puts down his weapon and
raises his hands to his head. A Search and Rescue agent commands
Nina to drop her gun, but she tells him to stand down or else
she will kill Jack. Jack orders the agents to obey her wishes
because she is the only one who knows where the bomb is. Nina
demands to talk to the President of the United States.

4:43 P.M.
Megan is ushered into the sheriff's station by the policeman and
she runs over to Kim. She says that she is being taken to her
aunt's house in Santa Barbara. Kim's eyes brim with grateful
tears. Megan will safely be about 100 miles outside of the city.

4:45 P.M.
As Mason and Tony escort Reza out of the holding room, Michelle
informs them that Nina has taken Jack hostage. Reza goes to
Marie, who has been waiting worriedly. He tells her that Bob set
him up, and he was forced to give him up as the one involved
with the terrorist. Marie is angry with Reza for turning in her
father after all he has done for him. She leaves CTU.

4:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:52 P.M.
When the Search and Rescue team phones the O.C., Palmer has Mike
Novick answer the call from Nina on speakerphone. Yet Nina
refuses to deal with him, and demands that the President grant
her full immunity for a crime she has yet to commit -- the murder
of Jack Bauer. Jack tells Novick that they must accept her deal.
Palmer presses the mute button, and speaks to Mason, who has been
listening in with Tony and Michelle. Mason confirms that Nina is
their only chance of stopping the bomb. Palmer gets on the line,
and tells Nina that if her information successfully intercepts
the nuclear device, she will be pardoned in advance for Jack's
killing. Nina reveals that Syed Ali is in a house in Chatsworth,
and Mason summons law enforcement to the location. Nina agrees to
not do anything until the bomb is found, but she continues to
point her rifle at Jack. Jack asks the President to make sure
Kim is safe and to tell his daughter that he loves her. He
reassures Palmer that this was their only choice. Palmer tears
up at having to hand Jack a death sentence.

4:57 P.M.
Lynne comes in and tells the President that the press corps is
waiting for him. She hands Palmer his speech, and he notices
that she has made changes to the remarks. Palmer commends Lynne
on improving the speech while Sherry listens to the exchange
from the other room.

4:59 P.M.
Paul Koplin is being tortured at Ali's house. Kate pleads with
Ali to free him because she doesn't know anything about what was
on Bob's computer. Ali finally believes her, and then fires
three shots at Koplin. He orders Mohsen to kill Kate.

In the Angeles National Forest, Nina comments that it won't take
the government long to find Ali. She tells Jack that his end is
soon near. "This isn't over yet," Jack says calmly.

Ticking clock.

5:00 P.M.
In a press conference at the retreat, the President admits to
the media that there is a form of terrorist threat against the
country. However, he guarantees that there is no cause for alarm
and he will exercise judgement about what to reveal. Avoiding
the reporters' questions, Palmer and Novick conclude that his
statement will help buy them some time.

As Nina holds Jack hostage in the Angeles National Forest, she
tells him that their predicament is not personal. She only killed
his wife because Teri had overheard details about her escape
route. Unbeknownst to Nina, Jack spots a sharpshooter in the
woods, but the shooter does not have a good angle. Jack walks
forward to bring Nina into the shooter's range. She threatens
him to stop, but Jack says that if she kills him now, she will
be in violation of her pardon agreement. Nina moves closer to
Jack, and the sharpshooter fires, hitting Nina in the hand. As
she falls wounded, CTU agents converge on them and take Nina
captive. Jack is saved.

5:04 P.M.
Although Kim and Miguel try to resist being taken back to Los
Angeles, the policeman escorts them to a waiting car. Before he
gets in, Miguel fights with the officer. A lighter falls out of
the policeman's pocket, and Miguel secretly palms it in his
cuffed hand. Kim and Miguel are placed in the vehicle.

Novick relays to the President that CTU took down Nina without
seriously hurting her. Palmer instructs him to keep Nina out of
custody. Although she will still be pardoned when they confirm
her information, he wants her delivered to Los Angeles so that
she can share the fate of everyone she has endangered.

As he waits for the helicopter to transport him, Jack goes over
to Nina and whispers something in her ear. Her face becomes
masked with fear. Jack approaches one of the fallen soldiers who
tried to kill him. On the dead man's wrist is a tattoo of a
coral snake.

5:06 P.M
Reza brings CTU agents to the Warner Corporation building to show
them the alleged transactions. Agent Richards boots up Bob's
computer, and Reza guides him through accessing the invoice

5:08 P.M.
Kate watches as Mohsen cleans up the mess from Koplin's bloodied
corpse. Syed Ali comes in and, speaking in Arabic, asks Mohsen
why he did not kill Kate. Mohsen wants to be certain that she
has revealed everything before they dispose of her. They embrace,
and Ali leaves to pray one last time. In perfect English, Mohsen
questions Kate about what she found in Bob Warner's computer and
about whom else she told. She once again tells him that she does
not know anything. Mohsen menacingly picks up a surgical knife
from the tray of instruments.

5:09 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:14 P.M.
In a helicopter en route to the address that Nina provided, Jack
calls Palmer to tell him that the soldiers who attacked his
plane were either Americans or American-trained. Jack recognized
a coral snake tattoo on one of the bodies as a signature of an
undercover special ops unit under the command of Colonel Samuels
that is out of Fort Benning. The President does not know the
unit, and Jack informs him that it is buried within the budget
of NSA. Palmer wonders whether the soldier was merely working as
a mercenary outside of the government. Yet Jack construes that
only someone with inside knowledge could have had access to the
shot-down plane's flight plan.

5:15 P.M.
Michelle notices Mason's worsening condition. Becoming
reflective, he tells her that his job at CTU wasn't his first
choice. He advises her to find something that makes her happy
instead of waiting for life to happen.

The President asks NSA Director Roger Stanton about both the
Coral Snake special ops unit and Colonel Samuels at Fort Benning.
Stanton denies knowledge of them, but suggests that perhaps the
Department of Defense secretly funded the unit and attached it
to the NSA. Saying he will look into it, Stanton leaves the
office. Palmer informs Novick and Sherry about what he has
learned. Doubting Stanton's honesty, the President wants him
arrested. The chain of events that occurred after Stanton's
arrival -- the crash of the ambassador's helicopter, the
evacuation of military out of Los Angeles, Ron Wieland's release
from custody -- all point to his guilt. Sherry is quick to have
reservations about Palmer's decision, but Novick argues that
Stanton might possibly be impeding the search for the nuclear
bomb. Palmer agrees with Sherry that they need proof before they
make any move against him. He demands that Novick find a
connection between Stanton and Colonel Samuels.

5:21 P.M.
In the backseat of the police car, Miguel shows Kim the lighter.
He tells her to reach for the bandanna in his pocket so that he
can set it on fire. Kim resists, but Miguel implores that they
need to do something instead of heading right back into the
blast range. Kim pulls out the cloth, and after Miguel lights it,
she puts it into the grate between the front and back seats. The
officer reacts to the fire, and as he tries to put it out, he
loses control of the vehicle. It swerves and topples into an

5:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:28 P.M.
Kim makes her way out of the crashed police car and climbs into
the other side where the officer lays unconscious. She takes his
keys to unlock her handcuffs, and grabs the radio to call for
help. Miguel, who is badly injured, tries to dissuade her. Yet
she gives the location of the car to dispatch with news of the
two injured people.

5:30 P.M.
In the torture room of the suburban house, Mohsen raises the
knife and takes Kate's left ear between his fingers. He asks her
whom she told, and Kate again says no one. Mohsen pierces the
blade into Kate's earlobe.

Outside the house, CTU agents on the scene prep Jack. Two figures
are seen on an infrared image of the house, and they assume one
must be Syed Ali. Jack phones Mason and informs him of what is
there. Mason arranges for teams around the city to be ready when
they learn the actual location of the bomb.

As Reza leads Agent Richards through Bob's computer, Marie shows
up at the office demanding to speak to her fiance. She leaps into
Reza's lap and apologizes for what she said to him at CTU. Marie
vows that she still wants to marry Reza, and she trusts whatever
he has to do.

5:32 P.M.
Mohsen wipes the blood from Kate's neck and assures her that it
is only a nick. He trains his gun on Kate and she begs to be let
go. Mohsen explains that something terrible is going to happen
that will cause much suffering, and she would rather die quickly.
Suddenly, the CTU team advances into the house, and Mohsen hears
a noise. He sees the shadow of a gunmen on the roof, and
instinctively fires holes into the walls around him. Mohsen grabs
Kate and yells to the agents that he has taken her hostage. When
the agents do not respond, Mohsen assumes that they want him
alive. An agent goes in with a shield, and as Mohsen fires, Jack
enters behind the shield and shoots Mohsen. Jack takes Mohsen's
weapon and retrieves Kate. Suddenly, Mohsen begins to foam at
the mouth. He lapses into convulsions and dies. Since no one saw
him take anything, they assume he hid cyanide in his mouth. Jack
orders an analysis to confirm that this man is Syed Ali.

5:34 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:39 P.M.
Kim sits at Miguel's side in the overturned squad car. He urges
her to leave before the police arrive. She thanks him, and
pledges that she will find him when this ordeal is over. Kim
kisses him gently. She runs off into the woods as an ambulance
approaches the scene.

5:40 P.M.
Kate sits outside the house holding gauze on her ear. Jack
brings her a glass of water and drapes his jacket over her
shoulders. She tells him that she and Paul Koplin were kidnapped
because the two men thought they knew something. Kate identifies
the man that escaped as Syed Ali, and she describes what Ali was
wearing. Jack radios to another agent that Ali is still alive.
Kate then tears up when she tells Jack that her sister Marie was
supposed to get married today.

Sherry informs Palmer and Novick that she has learned about a
back channel communications network called OPCOM that the CIA
used to operate. Although it has been shut down for twenty years,
Stanton had given an order to resurrect it a month ago. Sherry's
source is still checking to see whether Stanton used OPCOM to
contact Colonel Samuels. The President has Novick call the
Attorney General to begin the process of arresting Stanton.

5:43 P.M.
Jack calls Tony at CTU and asks him to run a background check on
Kate Warner. Tony recognizes the name, and explains to Jack about
his investigation into Reza and Bob Warner. He also tells Jack
that Bob does freelance work for the CIA. Since no one in the
family will reveal any information, Tony asks whether Jack can
make Kate talk. Jack instructs Tony to connect the dots, because
for some reason, this family is involved with the nuclear threat.
Jack then radios another agent to bring Kate back into the
torture room.

5:45 P.M.
Novick uncovers the OPCOM channel, but he needs a password to get
in. Sherry finds the still-active code of a retired personnel
officer, and Novick takes it to the O.C. Sherry then tells Palmer
that she is collecting the dates that Colonel Samuels logged onto
OPCOM so that they can link it to Stanton. Palmer praises Sherry
for what she has done. Placing his hand on her shoulder, he tells
her that he is glad she is there. Sherry touches his hand. "I've
always been here," she says.

5:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:52 P.M.
Struggling to form a connection between the Warners and Syed Ali,
Tony asks Michelle to draw up a list of managers and directors at
Warner Investments. Affected by what Mason said to her about not
wasting time in life, Michelle garners up the courage to tell
Tony that she would like to date him. Although Tony is also
interested in her, he has been hesitant because of what happened
between him and Nina last year. They agree to go out if their
case is closed successfully.

5:54 P.M.
In the torture room, Kate recounts for Jack what had happened
there. She says that Ali and Mohsen spoke in hushed tones. She
knew it was in Arabic because her family had lived in Saudi
Arabia when she was younger. Kate only recognized the word for
"prayer." Jack looks at his watch, and radios another agent to
locate the nearest mosque. It is nearly time for Muslim prayer.
Jack asks Kate to go with him to the mosque to identify Ali.

5:56 P.M.
Stanton receives a cell phone call in the O.C. It is Sherry, who
says that she told the President about OPCOM. She is working her
way into having Palmer trust her again, and she warns Stanton not
to talk about her involvement when he is arrested. If Stanton
stays the course as they had planned, he will have power, but
Sherry must remain in place with Palmer.

5:58 P.M.
On Bob's computer, Reza uncovers Ali's shipping order for Agent
Richards. However, it had been entered last January when both he
and Bob were in Europe and could not access their terminal. Reza
finds evidence of somebody hacking into the system through his
laptop while he was gone. Suddenly, a shot downs Richards. Reza
looks up to see Marie holding a gun. "I didn't expect you to find
anything," she says. Reza is confused, and questions whether the
last two years of their relationship really meant nothing. A tear
falls down Marie's cheek, and she shoots Reza dead.

5:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:00 P.M.
Kim makes her escape into the Angeles Crest National Forest, and
hides from the rescue helicopters under some brush.

As Agent Richards and Reza lie dead in the Warner offices, Marie
guts the hard drive from her father's computer. Her cell phone
rings. It is Syed Ali, who informs her that the van drivers
Basheer and Marko are dead. He needs her to retrieve the bomb's
trigger from Marko's work locker in Burbank and bring it to Omar,
who now has the van. Ali warns Marie to change her appearance,
and she dutifully obeys his orders. Ali then enters a mosque for
what he believes will be his last prayer service.

6:04 P.M.
Jack drives Kate to the closest mosque and preps her for
identifying Ali. He reveals that Ali is, in fact, a suspect in a
nuclear terrorist attack on the city. Mason phones Jack with news
that Kim disappeared into the forest after the accident. Jack
begs Mason to find her.

6:07 P.M.
Novick learns that there is not enough evidence to take action
against Stanton. It will also take too long to obtain a warrant.
He advises the President to immediately remove Stanton from his
post, and deal with the ramifications later. Novick also
intimates that he should do whatever possible to get Stanton to
reveal what he knows about the bomb. Meanwhile, Sherry phones
Lynne to ask what is being done about Stanton, but Lynne has not
been apprised of the situation. Sherry urges Lynne to find out.

6:09 P.M.
The CTU SWAT team sets up in a parking structure near the mosque.
Jack instructs the team leader to not make a move until the
prayer service has ended because they need to grab Ali on his
way out of the building. Yet they still do not even know if they
are at the correct place. Kate offers to go into the mosque
wearing a hijab over her face to see if Ali is indeed inside.

6:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:15 P.M.
Stanton is denied access into the government files on his
computer. Colonel Lamb and a pair of MPs approach him. Lamb
places Stanton under arrest on the authority of the President
for conspiracy to commit treason. As he is escorted out,
Stanton's eyes meet Palmer's. Lynne comes into the President's
office to tell him that Sherry has been trying to reach him.
When he takes Sherry's call, she asks what he will do about
Stanton. Palmer informs her that he is having Stanton questioned,
but Sherry says that she disagrees with his hasty decision.
Despite her help in gathering information, Palmer refuses to
include her in the process or let her influence him.

6:19 P.M.
At CTU, Tony admits to Michelle that he is happy about her
opening up to the possibility of a relationship. Although he has
been reluctant to start another office romance, he is willing to
see what happens. They are interrupted by an alert about Bob
Warner becoming violent in the interrogation room. Bob demands
to be freed because he believes that Reza is lying about his
involvement with the terrorists. Tony orders him to stay calm.
When Bob asks about his daughters, Tony tells him that Kate is
with one of their agents but he does not reveal what is

As Kate puts on the traditional Muslim dress, Jack briefs her on
what to do inside the mosque. Once she spots Ali, she is to
leave the building. Jack hands Kate a device to trigger the SWAT
team should she feel she is any danger.

6:24 P.M.
Kate enters the mosque and, as she makes her way to the women's
section, scans the room full of men praying. She spots Ali, and
hurriedly makes her way out of the building as he looks up at
her. Jack stops Kate as she exits, and she tells him that Ali
is inside.

6:25 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:30 P.M.
At the O.C., Novick briefs Palmer about the last phone call
Stanton made -- it was to Colonel Sanders at the CIA
headquarters. Palmer enters the holding room where Stanton is
being kept and informs him that he has been connected to the
nuclear threat. The President offers Stanton a deal to reveal
what he knows in return for immunity. Stanton claims to have
done nothing wrong, and says he does not know about the bomb.

6:32 P.M.
Jack gives the CTU agents Kate's description of Ali, and deters
the team not to move until Kate picks out the terrorist from the
men leaving the mosque. The agents ready themselves at all points
surrounding the building. As they wait across the street and
focus their binoculars on the entrance, Jack thanks Kate for her
courage in assisting the investigation.

6:35 P.M.
Kim makes her way through the forest, but stops when she hears
the sound of an animal. She flees when she sees a cougar in the
distance, but her ankle gets caught in an animal snare. The
cougar follows her, and it stands on a rock above and stares at
her. Kim is silently trembling as the animal watches her.

6:36 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:41 P.M.
Palmer returns to his retreat and speaks with one of the Secret
Service agents named Simmons who had once served in a special
unit out of Fort Myerson performing covert ops for the CIA.
Palmer asks Simmons to act outside of his duties of the Secret
Service under his direct orders. He is to use any means
necessary to extract information from NSA Director Stanton.

Michelle gets word that Reza and the agents guarding him were
murdered. The last time the agents communicated with CTU, Marie
Warner had just arrived. Tony phones Jack with the news, and
suggests that they treat Kate as a possible suspect. Jack,
however, is sure that Kate knows nothing about her sister's
terrorism activities.

6:46 P.M.
Marie enters a lumber mill wearing a short brunette wig. She
approaches the foreman about obtaining something from her
boyfriend Marko's locker. The foreman is reluctant to open it,
but Marie seductively offers to show him her appreciation for
his help. They go into the man's office, close the blinds and
lock the door.

06:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:52 P.M.
Roger Stanton is restrained in a chair with his bare feet
submerged in a tub of water. Holding defibrillator paddles,
Secret Service Agent Simmons questions him about his involvement
with the nuclear bomb. Stanton calmly denies any knowledge, and
Simmons zaps him on the temples. Palmer watches unflinchingly
from a monitor in his office.

6:53 P.M.
Tony informs Bob Warner about Reza's murder and the suspicion of
Marie as the killer. Bob doesn't believe this story, and accuses
Tony of trying to trick him.

6:55 P.M.
As the worshipers file out of the mosque into the night, Jack
readies his team. Kate watches the entrance through binoculars,
but does not spot Ali among the men. Jack becomes alarmed when
the mosque is emptied, and he questions Kate. She assures him
that she did not see Ali, and Jack wonders if she might have
been spotted when she went inside. He orders his team to raid
the mosque, and he brings Kate with him. A glow of light flares
from an adjoining room, and the agents find a man engulfed in
flames. Jack extinguishes the fire as another agent covers the
body with a blanket.

The foreman in the mill allows Marie to access Marko's locker.
She retrieves the trigger and leaves.

6:59 P.M.
The dead man in the mosque is wearing the clothes that match
Ali's description, and the agents believe that Ali has committed
suicide. Yet Jack notices that the pants on the corpse are too
short, and he realizes that this is not Ali. He alerts the
agents surrounding the building that Ali is still on the scene.

Ticking clock.

7:00 P.M.
As the CTU SWAT team surrounds the building to hunt for Syed Ali,
Jack asks the imam of the mosque if he is hiding the terrorist.
The imam assures Jack that he will be cooperative in finding Ali.
One of the agents leads Jack to a trap door on the floor that was
not in the schematics of the mosque. Knowing that Ali is prepared
to kill himself in lieu of being captured, Jack goes down into
the basement first.

7:04 P.M.
From the basement beneath the mosque, Syed Ali places a cell
phone call and reaches Marie, who is driving in a car. He
instructs her to go to their set rendezvous point, saying that
if he does not arrive, she will know what to do. Jack comes upon
Ali and apprehends him with the help of the SWAT team. After
Kate identifies him, Jack removes the cyanide capsule from Ali's

7:06 P.M.
At CTU, Mason gives Bob Warner confirmation that his daughter is
indeed involved with Syed Ali. Bob explains that when Marie was
studying in London, she ran away after her mother died. The
police could not find her, but Marie regained contact with her
family after a few weeks. Mason suggests that it was at that time
when she was converted to the terrorists' cause. Michelle
interrupts to tell Mason about Ali's capture. A burned paper
fragment with writing on it was also found in Ali's clothes on
the dead man. Michelle had brought in a computer-imaging expert
named Murdoch to analyze what was on the paper.

7:09 P.M.
Mike Novick brings news to the President that Jack Bauer captured
Syed Ali and is interrogating him. Novick sees Palmer watching
the feed of Agent Simmons enacting his interrogation on Roger
Stanton. Simmons had informed the President that Stanton's
military background taught him to resist this kind of torture.
"But everyone breaks eventually," Palmer says calmly.

7:10 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:14 P.M.
Tony directs a rescue team searching for Kimberly Bauer in the
forest, and Mason becomes angry with him for diverting resources
away from finding the bomb. He orders Tony to stay focused on
their immediate mission, but Tony says that he is only keeping
his promise to Jack. Tony then returns to his efforts when Mason
is out of earshot.

7:15 P.M.
As Kim tries to free her foot from the trap, she hears leaves
rustling in the distance. The forest, however, is blanketed in
darkness and she can't see anything. A man with a rifle comes
upon her and asks how she got there. The man, whose name is
McRae, helps release her foot from the snare.

7:17 P.M.
Jack interrogates Ali in the basement of the mosque, striking
the man when he won't divulge any information about the bomb.
Ali, however, is more than ready to die for his cause.

In the forest, McRae wraps up Kim's ankle and tells her that he
will try to get her to the ranger's station. Yet Kim doesn't want
to go back there, and McRae begins to suspect that she is running
from something. Since the forest is dangerous at night, he offers
to let her stay at his nearby house.

7:20 P.M.
Jack allows the mosque's imam to try to question the captive. The
imam tells Ali that the Koran strictly forbids the killing of
innocents and non-combatants, and that the death of one of those
people will not permit him into paradise. Yet Ali is steadfast in
his commitment. The imam reports back to Jack, who warns that the
imam may not like what they may do to Ali. They pull the last
number dialed on Ali's cell phone, and Kate immediately
recognizes the number as her sister's. Jack is forced to tell her
about Reza's murder and the fact that Marie is the suspected
killer. Kate does not believe this, and questions whether Marie's
cell phone had been stolen. Jack tells her to call the number to
see if Marie answers, and they will trace the call.

7:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:28 P.M.
While the techs set up the phone, Jack instructs Kate on how to
keep Marie on the line. They rig it so that Kate's number will
appear on the caller ID. Marie picks up as she is driving, and
Kate casually asks about where she is. Marie realizes that Reza's
body has been found, telling her sister that "People have to die
for things to change." The techs are able to trace the call to an
area in Sylmar, but they lose connection when Marie hangs up and
throws the phone out the window. Kate becomes upset, and wonders
whether Marie had been forced to say that under threat.

7:31 P.M.
At CTU, Murdoch recovers the phrase "N34" written by hand on the
charred paper, and he sends it to Jack at the mosque. Tony has
Michelle look up any possible links connected to this code.

7:32 P.M.
Jack gets a printout of Murdoch's results, and he questions Ali
about what "N34" means. When Ali is still unhelpful, Jack then
turns on a bank of video monitors. Ali is horrified to see his
wife and children via satellite from his home country. Masked
soldiers are tying them up. Jack once again asks where the bomb

7:34 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:39 P.M.
Palmer becomes concerned when Novick informs him that Jack
is holding the lives of Syed Ali's family. The President is
disturbed that they have resorted to killing innocent people,
but Novick argues that the bomb is an act of war that may cause
civilian casualties.

Ali continues to watch the monitors. Jack threatens to kill his
family unless he gets the information he needs to stop the bomb.
Ali still holds to his position of silence, saying he is doing
Allah's work. Jack is interrupted by a call from the President,
who forbids him from killing these people. Palmer hangs up, but
Jack continues talking on the phone so that Ali can hear him. He
pretends to get the full support of the President for his
actions against Ali's family. Listening, Ali winces.

7:43 P.M.
Lynne approaches Novick to say that she does not believe Sherry
Palmer should be there because she is untrustworthy. Although
Novick at first brushes this off as turf war, Lynne explains
that Sherry has been communicating with Stanton for the last six
months even though Stanton claimed to have only met the former
First Lady that morning. Lynne says that she finally has a
face-to-face meeting with her unknown source in ten minutes.
Novick decides not to immediately tell the President about this,
and he instructs Lynne to apprise him after her meeting.

7:45 P.M.
Over a satellite phone, Jack instructs someone to begin with
Ali's first born son. Jack then goes into the room where Ali is
being held, and he tells him that he has run out of time. When
Ali still does not answer, Jack gives an order to kill over the
satellite phone. One of the masked soldiers pushes the boy's
chair over and shoots him. Ali reacts in horror at watching his
own son's murder. Jack again demands to know where the bomb is,
but Ali will not talk.

7:46 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:51 P.M.
Lynne pulls up to a highway rest stop outside of the perimeter
of the O.C. She is surprised to see Sherry waiting for her.
Sherry says that the people Stanton is conspiring with wanted
Lynne to connect the situation to her. The conspiracy's true goal
is to take control of the Presidency, and they have been feeding
misinformation about Sherry because they are afraid of her. She
did not reveal any of this to Palmer until she was sure she had
concrete evidence. Yet Lynne does not listen, and is convinced
that Sherry still only has her own interest at heart. She vows
to fight her to save Palmer and his Administration.

Jack is about to give the order to shoot Ali's next son when Ali
finally gives in. He says that the plan is to detonate the bomb
from a plane over downtown. Jack phones CTU with news that the
bomb is at Norton Airfield. Michelle quickly finds out that the
planes there have tail numbers that begin with the letter "N."
Mason dispatches teams to Norton and has the FAA ground the
site's aircraft.

7:57 P.M.
As Ali is carried out of the mosque, he curses at Jack for
killing his son. Kate hears this and questions why Jack would do
such a thing. Jack radios over the satellite phone for the real
feed to be rerouted back to him for confirmation. Kate sees on
the monitors that the boy is really alive. The whole shooting had
been staged. Jack then asks Kate to accompany him to Norton
Airfield because he believes that Marie will be there. They get
into a car and drive off.

7:59 P.M.
Marie arrives at an airplane hangar where Omar the van driver is
waiting with the bomb. She takes out the trigger that she
retrieved from Marko's locker. He connects the trigger to the

Ticking clock.

8:00 P.M.
As he is driving towards the airfield, Jack inquires about Kim.
Tony says that they have not yet heard from her. Jack asks him
to do whatever he can to find her.

Kim limps behind McRae through the forest toward his cabin. He
notes her injured ankle and suggests that she be taken to a
doctor. When Kim says it is not safe for her to go back to Los
Angeles, McRae asks if she is being accused of something she
didn't do.

8:03 P.M.
Palmer enters the holding room in the O.C. where Agent Simmons
has been interrogating Roger Stanton. Stanton admits to being
part of a group that wants to make Palmer's defense policy more
aggressive. They allowed the bomb to enter the country, and
permitted the Second Wave terrorist cel to operate unimpeded.
However, Colonel Samuels' special ops forces have been tracking
the bomb so it does not detonate. They were to remove the bomb
from play at the last moment. The President orders Stanton to
call off the mission and secure the bomb, but Stanton says that
the team has not been reachable for the past three hours. They
are operating on their own accord at Norton Airfield in Los

8:06 P.M.
McRae cooks up some food and offers Kim the use of his shower.

At CTU, Tony asks Michelle to send transport teams to pick up
groups of Second Wave terrorists named by Syed Ali. Mason
announces that the NSA and the President's command center in
Oregon confirmed that the bomb is at Norton Airfield. He orders
all agents sent there, overriding Tony's directive to pick up
other Second Wave members.

8:07 P.M.
As Jack drives with Kate, Mason calls to tell him that Colonel
Samuels' Coral Snake team, a hostile paramilitary unit who shot
down Jack's plane, will prevent him from getting to the bomb.
Jack wants to know why the American military is working with
terrorists, but Mason assumes that Coral Snake merely want to be
the ones who secure the nuclear weapon. However, this group is
acting as a rogue unit who can not be contacted. They will treat
anyone else as hostile. Jack senses that something is wrong.

8:09 P.M.
At the hangar, Omar gets the plane ready to fly the bomb over
the city. Marie spots police cars pull up at the airfield, and
she warns Omar that they have been found.

Jack and Kate pull up to the emergency building at Norton
Airfield. He asks her again for her help, and has another agent
take her to a secure area. Jack is met by Steve Goodrich, an
agent heading the assault team on site. Goodrich gives him
profiles of the soldiers in Samuels' Coral Snake unit, as well
as the schematics for the airport. Jack then briefs the assault
squads about the situation.

8:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:16 P.M.
Division wants to shut down Mason's CTU operation because the
site is not up to full speed after the bombing and may be
compromised. Division wants to run the investigation themselves.
Tony tells Mason his frustration with this news.

8:17 P.M.
Kim finishes cleaning up, and McRae serves her food. He asks her
again why she is resistant to returning to the city, and Kim
divulges to him that there is a terrorist nuclear threat. McRae
is surprisingly not shocked by this. He has suspected something
would happen soon enough in this country.

8:19 P.M.
Lynne briefs the President about what Jack is facing from the
special ops team that Stanton described. Then Novick discovers
that Stanton had been working with a Senator from Michigan named
Gluck. Palmer suggests that they bring in Sherry because she is
close to Gluck and his key staffers. He instructs Novick to give
her access to the O.C.'s secure databases. Novick and Lynne trade
looks of concern. When Lynne attempts to tell the President about
her suspicions, he cuts her off and orders her to do what he

8:21 P.M.
Michelle voices her distress to Tony about Division's stepping
into their investigation, but he says that it is nothing to
worry about. She asks about Mason, and Tony tells her that
Division will probably pull him from command once they see his
deteriorated health.

8:22 P.M.
Agent Goodrich shows Jack a group of footprints left by
military-issue combat boots that lead into a fuel depot at the
airfield. The marks show that no one has exited the building,
which means that the special ops soldiers are still inside. Jack
leads the SWAT team to raid the building. Yet inside they find
the Coral Snake commandos lying on the ground. Each one has been
shot in the forehead. Goodrich asks, "If these guys are dead,
who's tracking the bomb?"

8:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:28 P.M.
Inside his office, Mason readjusts a bandage on his arm. He is
clearly in agony, and puts on his suit jacket to cover the
bandage. Meanwhile, Tony and Michelle lead Brad Hammond from
Division around the office to show him which databanks have been
damaged by the blast. Hammond points out that they have the same
data at Division, where they should now be running the operation.
He orders them to shift people to his Division offices. Mason
hears this, tells Hammond that will only waste time instead of
finding the bomb. Hammond comments that he heard Mason wasn't
feeling well. Mason shrugs off this notion and demands that they
not shut down. His systems in this office are now exceeding
performance levels. Hammond, taken of guard, has no response.
Mason walks away, and grabs his arm where the bandage is. Blood
is beginning to seep out.

8:30 P.M.
McRae leads Kim down into the basement of his cabin to proudly
show her the bomb shelter he has built. Yet when Kim sees the
weapons and ammunition he has amassed inside, she becomes
alarmed and runs out of the shelter. McRae chases her upstairs
to the living room. She tells him that she was a bit
claustrophobic and afraid of the guns he has stored. McRae
boasts that if there is a nuclear explosion, he will be one of
the only people to survive. Kim says that she needs to be with
her family at her Aunt Carol's house. McRae tells her to go if
she needs to.

8:33 P.M.
Lynne meets Sherry on her arrival at the O.C., and she hands her
access cards to the facility. Sherry asks what made Palmer change
his mind to allow her in. Lynne avoids answering, but requests
that Sherry not deal with any of the personnel and run everything
through her. Sherry is taken aback, and accuses Lynne of
positioning herself between Palmer's inner circle because she
doesn't trust her. Lynne cuts through the niceties, admitting to
not liking Sherry and not wanting her to be here. "Well, now
we're communicating," Sherry says with a slight smile.

8:35 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:40 P.M.
McRae packs some supplies for Kim to take with her on her escape.
They hear a car pull up to the cabin, and Kim hides. A park
ranger comes to the door and asks McRae if he spotted a teenage
girl from a car accident. The park ranger explains that the
police had arrested her for kidnapping and murder. McRae says
that he hasn't seen her, and the park ranger leaves. Kim comes
out of hiding, and McRae asks about the charges. She tells him
that she is not guilty. She then says that she is lucky that he
found her.

8:42 P.M.
Palmer asks Sherry to find whatever she can about Stanton's
relationship with Senator Gluck. She thanks him for trusting her.
Novick comes to the President with news that all six members of
the Coral Snake team were found dead, but that Jack Bauer did not
uncover the bomb. Palmer goes in to see Stanton. He angrily tells
him that the plan backfired. Stanton is astounded, and can't
understand who else would have known about the situation. Yet
when Palmer says that six of the commandos were killed, Stanton
tells him that there were originally seven soldiers.

8:45 P.M.
Murdoch the tech comes up with a clearer picture of the number
on the scrap of paper, narrowing it down to two tail numbers.
Michelle discovers from the FAA records that one of those tail
numbers is at Norton Airfield. Tony calls Jack with the plane.
Its location is hangar MD7.

8:46 P.M.
Inside MD7, Marie wishes Omar good luck and they say their
farewells. Omar climbs into a Cessna plane and starts its engine.
Marie opens the hangar door and leaves the building. As the plane
drives out of the hangar, Jack and the SWAT team see it and
follow it along the runway. Jack has the Hummer he is riding in
pull up alongside the Cessna, and he shoots at the plane's
wheels. Although the wheel blows out, the plane keeps moving.
Jack then fires inside the cockpit and hits Omar. The plane comes
to a stop, and the agents raid it. Jack sees the bomb inside the
plane and calls for the Nuke Emergency team.

8:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:52 P.M.
At CTU, Hammond hears Mason cough. He tells him to get it checked
out. Mason brushes this comment aside.

As Kim prepares to leave, McRae checks the police scanner. He
panics because all of the Los Angeles radio stations have gone
static, and a station outside of the county reports a flash in
the sky. Kim looks out the window and doesn't see anything. McRae
gives her his headphones to prove that all the stations are dead.
Kim begins to hyperventilate and starts for the door because she
wants to go to her father. McRae pulls her back, saying that they
have to go to the bomb shelter. Shell shocked, she lets him lead
her down into the basement and McRae locks them inside. Kim does
not know that all is normal in Los Angeles. The bomb did not go

8:55 P.M.
Inside the airplane, the bomb specialist finds a modification on
the bomb and is unsure if he can diffuse it. Jack prepares to put
the bomb onto another plane to take it outside Los Angeles. Then
the N.E.S.T. tech realizes that what he is looking at is not a
bomb but a fake one rigged to look real. The plutonium residue
on the device means that there was recently a nuclear bomb in
place that is no longer there. Jack notifies the other SWAT
teams that they only have a decoy.

Michelle gets word that Jack did not find the bomb, and she
passes this on to Mason and Tony.

8:59 P.M.
Palmer goes in to see Stanton again, saying that there was no
bomb at the airport. He gives Stanton one more chance to come
clean. Stanton tells the President to ask Sherry. "She's the
one you want to talk to," Stanton says.

Ticking clock.

9:00 P.M.
As the techs scan the decoy bomb for clues, Jack tries
questioning Omar. Omar, however, does not speak English. Jack
puts in an urgent request for a translator.

At CTU, tufts of Mason's hair fall out from the radiation
sickness. He gets Jack on the phone and inquires about the
search at the airport. Jack asks him for a reverse-time satellite
to track the delivery of the decoy, but the weakening Mason seems
not to have heard him. Jack implores Mason to step aside if he is
not fully functioning. Right now they need someone capable in
command. Mason lets Jack know that there was a seventh commando
who may have escaped. The seventh member of their team must have
shot the soldiers at close range, and Jack asks Mason to find the
identity of that man. Omar begins to say something in Arabic, but
no one can understand him because the translator has yet to

From the airport holding room, Kate calls her father. Bob Warner
is still being held at CTU. They are both shocked that Marie is
linked to the terrorists. Kate hangs up when Jack comes in to
ask her for help in talking to Omar.

9:04 P.M.
Palmer fills in Novick on what Stanton said about Sherry's
involvement in the conspiracy. The President has Sherry summoned,
and he tells her that he knows about Stanton bringing the bomb
into the country. He then questions if she is working with
Stanton. Sherry denies it, claiming that she only met Stanton
that afternoon. Palmer knows that is not true. Since she alleges
to love him, he asks her to come clean. She admits to being
approached by Stanton because he wanted to know Palmer's
weaknesses. Sherry only obliged in order to gain Stanton's
confidence. She did it to protect Palmer, not hurt him. She
asks her ex-husband to allow her to prove her innocence.

9:09 P.M.
Kate translates that Omar only participated in the terrorist
plot because Syed Ali promised to pay his family. Kate then asks
Omar about the second bomb, but he doesn't understand her
dialect. The translator arrives and asks Omar the same question.
He says he doesn't know anything.

9:10 P.M.
When Kate is leaving the hangar, she sees a group of people
being shuffled into another building because of the airfield
lock down. Among the crowd, Kate sees a woman with short brown
hair. She recognizes the woman as her sister Marie.

9:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:15 P.M.
In the bomb shelter, Kim asks McRae about what he heard on
the radio regarding the nuclear blast. He tells her that the
transmission died before he could get any news. Kim is eager
to contact her father, but McRae dissuades her from leaving
the shelter. He offers to try his shortwave radio. Yet when
he puts on the headphones, he can hear the Los Angeles radio
stations in full force. McRae pulls out the antennae connection
from the radio and it goes static. He tells Kim that he could not
pick up anything because the radiation has affected the antennae.
Kim sobs in fear, and McRae comforts her.

9:17 P.M.
Mason meets Carrie Turner, the new programmer brought in to
replace Paula Schaeffer. He asks her to report directly to him.
Carrie, who has noted Mason's failing health, says that she heard
he will not be around much longer. He smiles at her frankness,
and tells her to instead report to Tony and Michelle. Carrie
informs him that she used to be Michelle's boss at District, but
that this will not cause any problems. Suddenly, Mason passes
out and collapses to the floor.

9:19 P.M.
Kate goes into the building where people are being checked in
by security and subjected to metal detectors. She spots Marie
slipping out a back door. Yet when she goes to follow her, Kate
is stopped by a guard. She flashes the badge given to her by CTU,
and tells the guard to radio Jack Bauer about Marie. Kate goes
out the back door and is startled when Marie pulls a gun on her
and demands her badge. Marie tells her sister that Syed Ali
helped her see the hypocrisy of this country and of people like
Bob Warner, who worked for the CIA. Kate calls her sister
ungrateful for everything she and their father did. She believes
that Marie has been brainwashed by lunatics. Marie slaps Kate,
and again asks for her badge. This time she threatens to kill
her. Suddenly, a shot rings out. Jack has hit Marie in the arm.
He approaches with a team of agents and they secure Marie.

9:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:28 P.M.
Marie is brought to an emergency building at the airport. She
screams in pain from the gunshot. Kate asks why her sister is not
being treated for the pain, and Jack explains that they need her
cooperation because she may be the only one who has information.
After Marie is handcuffed to a chair, Jack asks where the bomb is
but she is resistant. Once she reveals the information they are
looking for, they will have the bullet removed from her body.
Marie screams in agony, and Kate winces at the sound of her
sister being tortured. Marie still will not give Jack anything,
saying that she is not afraid to die. Jack doesn't believe her,
and he says that she doesn't have the look of people willing to
give up their lives for their cause.

9:31 P.M.
While McRae fiddles with his radio under headphones, Kim finds a
television set on a shelf in the bunker. She turns it on and sees
that all the stations are fully operational. The local news does
not show anything out of the ordinary. Kim realizes that she is
in danger.

9:33 P.M.
Tony pulls up a bio of a special ops soldier named Jonathan
Wallace, who is believed to be the seventh commando in the Coral
Snake unit. Michelle forwards the info to Jack and the White
House's O.C. Carrie comes over to greet Michelle, and there is
some tension between the two. Michelle, establishing the lines
of authority, hands Carrie some files to analyze.

9:34 P.M.
Mason approaches Tony about taking over command because he
doesn't feel well enough to continue. He asks Tony to say
goodbye to the staff for him, and hands him access codes for
CTU and Division. He has already talked to Chappelle at District.
Tony has been named the new Director. Mason wishes Tony luck and
leaves quietly.

9:35 P.M.
Silent clock.

9:40 P.M.
Tony settles himself into Mason's office. He alerts the CTU
staff of Mason's situation and the new chain of command. Tony
tells the crew that they can not mourn until they get through
this crisis.

9:42 P.M.
Jack has Agent Goodrich give Marie something temporary for the
pain because he needs her lucid for more questioning. He then
asks Kate to remind Marie of the other things she used to love
so that they can break through whatever brainwashing Syed Ali
did to her. Although Marie is a bit groggy from the painkiller,
Kate strokes her hair tenderly. She pleads with her to stop the
bomb, but Marie says she can't. The Demerol wears off, and Marie
sobs when the pain returns. Jack won't dispense more painkillers
until she gives them information. Marie finally relents. She
tells Jack that the bomb is in a suitcase being transported by a
green van to the Arco Towers downtown. Marie knows it will
detonate in three hours because she saw the timer. Jack wants
her to describe the timer, and Marie hesitates. Jack knows that
there would not be a visible timer on a bomb that size. Marie
claims that she is not lying. Jack becomes convinced that Marie
is trying to lead them astray and that the bomb is still on the
site. He orders teams to initiate a grid search of all the
buildings at the airport. Jack and the agents head out to search,
leaving Marie alone with Kate. "They're not going to find it in
time," Marie says. "We're all going to die."

9:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:52 P.M.
Novick sets up a video call for the President with Steve
Hillenburg, a CIA operative at Langley. Sherry watches the
monitor as Hillenburg confirms her story. Sherry contacted him
four months ago because Stanton was trying to recruit her to
undermine the Administration. Hillenburg operated without the
President's knowledge in order to protect both Palmer and Sherry.
He says he has photographs, taped conversations and debriefs to
corroborate her claims. Palmer asks where the meetings took
place, and Sherry says that it was in a hotel room for the first
month. She quickly tells Palmer that she did not sleep with
Stanton. "I didn't ask," Palmer says, and hangs up with
Hillenburg. Sherry pleads with Palmer to believe that she was
not part of Stanton's conspiracy. Palmer doesn't know whether
she's telling the truth or not, but he knows that he can not
trust her. He orders her to leave and threatens to arrest her
if she resists.

9:55 P.M.
As McRae sets up a cot, Kim scans the room and spots a hunting
knife. She asks McRae to get her another aspirin, and when his
back is turned, she hits him in the head with a flashlight. She
draws the knife on him and demands that he let her out, saying
she knows that the bomb didn't go off. McRae disarms her, and
pleads that he wasn't going to hurt her. He only wanted some
company. Kim says that she does not want to stay, and McRae
becomes enraged that she is rejecting him. Kim begs him to let
her go. He hands her a flashlight and a gun to guard against the
wilderness. He opens the door and gives her directions to the
trail. Kim runs out.

9:59 P.M.
As Jack drives through the airfield, he sees signs of gunfire
ahead. The CTU radio reports that one hostile is down. Jack pulls
up, and Goodrich directs him to the bomb wrapped in an Army green
duffel bag. The N.E.S.T. technician confirms that the bomb is
nuclear and has a trigger. Jack radios for an evacuation of the
site. The tech realizes that the weapon is armed, but he doesn't
know how long before it will detonate. It could be any second.

Ticking clock.

10:00 P.M.
As the N.E.S.T. techs work on diffusing the bomb, Mason arrives
at Norton Airfield alone. Although Jack tells him that it is not
necessary for him to be there, Mason had promised himself that he
would see this case to the end. The techs alert Jack that they
can not dismantle the bomb because the trigger has been rendered
tamperproof. There is 55 minutes left until detonation. Jack
orders Agent Goodrich to find a fast plane so that the bomb can
be flown somewhere else, and he calls the O.C. to notify the

10:05 P.M.
Kim walks along a deserted road, and flags down an oncoming car.
The male driver who pulls up just happens to be heading toward
San Jose. Kim becomes suspicious, and refuses the ride. When the
driver gets out of the car to persuade her to get in, Kim draws
her gun on him. He doubts her ability to use the weapon, causing
Kim to fire at his car as a warning. The guy drives off, and Kim
continues walking down the highway.

Jack and Palmer discuss two different locations to take the
bomb -- the ocean and the desert. The President tells Jack that
they need to analyze both options, and he will get back to him
as soon as possible.

10:07 P.M.
Novick outlines for the O.C. war room staff the disaster impact
of releasing the nuclear detonation in the Pacific Ocean, and
Lynne does the same for the Mojave Desert. Although the facts
point to less risk with the desert, there is one problem: the
bomb would have to be deposited in a precise location. Since the
aircraft transporting the nuclear device is not a military plane,
there would be no method to deliver the payload accurately. The
pilot would be forced to go down with the plane. Palmer calls
Jack with the news. Jack says that CTU analysts had come to the
same conclusion about the suicide mission. He tells the President
that several men have already volunteered to pilot the plane.
Palmer pledges the nation's gratitude for that man's service,
and he vows to take care of whatever family the man will leave
behind. Palmer asks Jack to call when the plane is in the air.

10:12 P.M.
Mason, who overheard the conversation with the President,
approaches Jack. He knows that there are no volunteers for the
mission because Jack wants to do it alone. Mason offers up
himself for the flight. Not only is he an instrument rated pilot,
but he is already going to die by the end of the day. Jack
refuses to let him take over because Mason may black out short
of his destination.

Ticking clock.

10:17 P.M.
Two CTU agents bring a suitcase full of Syed Ali's personal
effects from the safe house to Tony. Among the items was a hard
drive that has been encrypted. The agents also have with them
Yusuf Auda, a visiting intelligence liaison from the Arab country
suspected of harboring the Second Wave terrorists. Yusuf is eager
to participate in the analysis on Ali's belongings, but Tony is
evasive and not willing to trust this man. Tony asks Michelle to
assign someone to make sure that Yusuf doesn't see anything of
importance related to the case. When Michelle informs Carrie that
she will handle Yusuf herself, Carrie questions whether Michelle
has problems with her working there.

10:19 P.M.
As the N.E.S.T. techs load the nuclear bomb onto a Cessna, Jack
calls CTU to ask Tony about Kim's whereabouts. Jack says that
since he is flying the suicide mission, he needs to speak to his
daughter immediately. He also tells Tony that there is safe in
his apartment with his will and a letter to her.

10:20 P.M.
Kim is still hitchhiking along the road when another car pulls
up. This time the driver is a woman named Anna. Kim tells Anna
that she fled a date who had gotten out of hand, and Anna invites
her for the ride. Anna lets Kim use her cell phone to call her

10:22 P.M.
Kate inquires about how the bomb will be transported and is
horrified to learn that Jack is the one manning the plane. She
calls out to Jack as he boards the Cessna equipped with a clock
synchronized to the bomb's timer. He turns to her, but there are
no words for what is happening. Jack closes the cockpit door, and
she watches as he starts the plane down the runway for takeoff.

10:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:28 P.M.
Novick gets word that the plane is in the air. Palmer requests
that Air Force One be prepared to take him to Los Angeles. Novick
and Lynne try to talk him out of the trip, but Palmer wants to be
there to reassure citizens that he is in control of the
situation. The President is then shocked to hear that Jack is the
one flying the plane.

10:31 P.M.
Tony patches through to Jack on the plane. He has Kim on the
line, and connects the two. Jack is relieved, but tells Kim that
he has to fly a nuclear bomb to the desert and will not make it
out alive. Kim becomes upset and starts to cry. She apologizes
for the way she has treated him, and Jack pledges his love for
her. They say their teary good-byes to each other.

10:35 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:39 P.M.
Anna pulls over the car and tries to comfort Kim, but she gets
out of the car because she wants to be alone. She no longer
cares about leaving Los Angeles, and she runs off into the night.

10:40 P.M.
Michelle brings Tony a transcript of a recording pulled from Syed
Ali's decrypted hard drive. The audio is of a conversation that
took place months ago in Cypress between Ali and high-ranking
officials of three Middle Eastern governments. It confirms that
these countries supplied Ali with the bomb. Michelle requests
that they run a voiceprint authentication on the tape.

10:41 P.M.
Tony phones Air Force One and tells the President what he has
found in the recording. Palmer is concerned that CTU's Division
headquarters will have already notified the Pentagon and other
agencies, causing alarm to spread. Palmer questions why Ali would
have taped his conversation, and Tony assumes that Ali would want
proof in case one of these countries were to turn against him.
Palmer isn't thoroughly convinced, but thanks Tony for his work.
Palmer then tells Novick that they could soon be at war. It would
not only be with those three Middle Eastern countries, but with
others. When that bomb goes off, the President's options will
quickly narrow.

10:44 P.M.
As Jack is flying, he senses movement behind him. He
instinctively draws his gun and swings around to find Mason
behind him. Mason, who snuck on the plane, hands Jack a
parachute. He says that the hardest part of the flight is over
and he can take over the suicide flight. Mason questions whether
Jack has wanted to die since Teri was killed. Mason says it would
be more heroic for Jack to put his life back together, reconnect
with Kim and continue to serve his country. Jack considers this
seriously. He asks Mason whether he is absolutely sure he is able
to man the plane. Mason concurs, and Jack gives him instructions
on where to crash land. Jack thanks Mason solemnly.

10:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:52 P.M.
Jack gets ready to make his escape, but will wait to jump four
minutes before impact so that he can stay with Mason for as long
as possible. He phones Tony about the change of plan. Tony then
orders Michelle to send a helicopter to pick up Jack in the
desert. Yusuf notices the commotion at CTU and inquires about
what evidence has been found. Tony won't give him any
information, and Yusuf becomes annoyed because his country has
shown good faith in leading the Americans to Syed Ali's safe

10:54 P.M.
Aboard Air Force One, General Bowden from the Joint Chiefs comes
in to see the President to discuss retaliation plans. The
military already knows about Ali's tape that points the finger
to three Middle Eastern countries who funded the Second Wave
terrorist group with the nuclear bomb. Plans for war are already
underway even though it is not yet confirmed whether the tape is
valid or that those three countries are actually involved. Palmer
gives the General approval to activate the plan, but warns him
that the military can not implement the plan without direct
authorization from him. After the General leaves, Palmer quietly
says to Lynne that they may be facing World War III.

10:57 P.M.
As Jack loads his parachute to prepare to jump, he inquires if
there is anything he can do for Mason. Mason says that he got to
see his son earlier, but asks Jack to look in on the boy after
he's gone. Jack places his hand on Mason's shoulder, and Mason
takes Jack's hand in return. They let go, and Jack leaps from
the plane to safety.

10:58 P.M.
Novick gingerly informs the President that they will be able to
witness the explosion from Air Force One. Palmer grimly goes to
the window facing east.

10:59 P.M.
While Mason pilots the Cessna determinedly toward Ground Zero,
Jack drifts down to the ground and releases his parachute. He
shelters behind a rock, and the explosion roars in the distance.
Meanwhile, Kim looks up into the sky to see a faint glow in the
northeast. Palmer can also see the light of the bomb from his

A mushroom cloud grows over the desert.

Ticking clock.

11:00 P.M.
The staff of CTU watches the mushroom cloud billow on a monitor,
while the President sees the glow in the distance from Air Force
One. From the deserted road, Kim is certain that her father died
in the explosion. She cries to herself.

Safe from the blast in the desert, Jack lights flares to signal
the chopper that will pick him up. Once inside, he asks the pilot
to connect him to Tony at CTU so that he can contact his
daughter. However, radio transmissions and cell phones are down
because of the nuclear blast.

11:05 P.M.
Tony tells his staff at CTU that George Mason thanked them in
advance for their hard work. Tony encourages them to continue
working even though it has been a hard day already. Yusuf Auda,
the visiting Arab liaison, approaches Tony after the speech to
question why he has yet to be allowed to participate in the
investigation. Tony manages to brush him off. Since Michelle is
still interrogating Syed Ali, Tony asks Carrie to handle the
audio verification of Ali's tape that confirms three Middle
Eastern countries hired him.

11:07 P.M.
Michelle plays the tape for Ali, but he denies that the Cyprus
conversations ever took place. He claims to have been in Berlin
at the time, saying that he never met the men on the tape. The
bomb was a Second Wave operation only.

11:09 P.M.
Tony consults with the audio techs about the tape. Their findings
indicate that the voices are real and have not been spliced
together. The evidence shows that it is a genuine and accurate
record of a conversation. Michelle enters the meeting and
informs Tony of what Ali is claiming. She thinks that they should
investigate further because there is some possibility that the
tape has been doctored. Carrie interjects in disagreement, saying
that physical evidence trumps the word of a terrorist. She then
questions Michelle's limited abilities as an interrogator. Tony
says he will present both sides to the President for his

11:12 P.M.
Novick debriefs Palmer on the detonation and its lack of
casualties beyond the pilot. The President learns that Jack Bauer
was not the one who manned the plane. Lynne informs them that CTU
confirmed the Cyprus tape, providing proof that the three Arab
countries' ministers gave Syed Ali support for the bomb. She
tells them that, as expected, Ali denied the conversation ever
took place. Given the evidence, Palmer has no other choice but
to respond militarily. He gives an order to issue a statement
about the nuclear blast. He then calls for an emergency session
of Congress in which he will ask for a formal declaration of war.

11:14 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:18 P.M.
Tony asks Michelle about the tension between her and Carrie. He
agrees that Michelle does not have the proper training to handle
Ali. Regardless, Michelle still believes that there is reasonable
doubt warranting the pressing of Ali. Tony says that Ali will be
further interrogated when he is shipped to Guantanamo, but
Michelle thinks that will be too late.

11:20 P.M.
Palmer meets with his Joint Chiefs of Staff via videophone from
Air Force One. General Bowden, who is aboard the plane with the
President, informs him that they can be ready to begin a rolling
start with surgical strikes that same day. It will take eight to
ten weeks to get the ground troops into the Middle East. Lynne
interrupts to tell Palmer that Deputy Prime Minister Barghouti
is calling for the second time since the bomb exploded. He does
not know that the United States is planning to invade his
country, and Lynne advises Palmer to speak with him or else the
man may jump to his own conclusions. The President
exits the briefing room to take the call. The Deputy Prime
Minister pledges his country's full support against Second Wave
because they have been trying to capture Syed Ali for years. He
asks the President to not rush into a response against his
country. Palmer says they are merely gathering evidence at this

11:22 P.M.
A battered Syed Ali is carried out of CTU. Jack enters the
facility, and Ali curses at him as he passes. 

11:23 P.M.
Tony gives Jack the phone number of a San Jose sheriff who is
waiting for Kim at her aunt's house. Michelle then approaches
Jack to ask for his help. She believes that the President is
planning a major military action based on what was found on Ali's
recording. From what Ali told her, she is not sure whether he
isn't telling the truth. Since Jack was effective at breaking
him once before, she wants him to try interrogating Ali again.
Jack has Michelle track down Kim with the San Jose number, and
he goes off after Ali. Carrie witnesses this exchange from the
other side of the room.

11:25 P.M.
Jack catches up with the CTU agents taking Ali outside the
complex. He admits to Ali that they staged the killing of his
son, and Jack promises that he will be allowed to speak to his
family when he arrives at Guantanamo. Jack then asks about the
validity of the Cyprus recording. Ali says that what he told
Michelle was true. Jack thanks him and walks away. Suddenly, a
single shot rings out. Ali falls dead from a bullet wound to the
head. Jack and the CTU agents scan the surrounding area to
discern where the gunshot came from.

11:26 P.M.
Clock ticks

11:31 P.M.
Tony and Jack discuss who would have known that Syed Ali was
being transported. The leak could have come from anywhere because
the whole intelligence community knew Ali was captured. Tony
suggests that the shooter is from one of the three countries
implicated on the recording, but Jack is convinced that this
incident makes it even clearer that Ali was telling the truth
about the audio being faked. They argue over this, and Tony
thinks that Jack is implying that he is not fit to run CTU. He
tells Jack to worry about Kim and let them handle the situation
alone. Jack moves off, realizing he's going to have to get
involved himself.

11:34 P.M.
Kim walks up to a closed convenience store sees a payphone. She
attempts to make a call but all the circuits are busy. When she
hangs up, a man who works there comes up behind her. Frank Davies
allows Kim to use the store's restroom. When she goes in, he
locks the two of them inside.

11:35 P.M.
Palmer resumes his meeting with the Joint Chiefs as Bowden
briefs them on the possible scenarios. He predicts ten to thirty
thousand American casualties. Palmer gets a call from Jack and
takes it in the next room. Jack informs the President that Ali
has been assassinated, which suggests that the Cyprus recording
is not genuine. Palmer tells Jack that he needs hard proof

11:37 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:41 P.M.
Jack calls Michelle, and she mentions that an intelligence
officer is in the office from one of the target countries. He
goes to look up Yusuf's background when Kate spots him as she is
brought into CTU. She is surprised to see him alive, but is
relieved because the bomb has been detonated safely.

11:43 P.M.
Novick comes to Palmer to give him the good news that Bowden
downgraded his casualty list. The President is not fazed. He has
more pressing matters on his mind, and relays his fears to Novick
that they may be acting too hastily in starting a war. Novick
wants to side with the facts, but even he is unsure whether the
proof is not a lie.

11:45 P.M.
Jack enters the men's room where Yusuf is washing up and he
introduces himself. Yusuf is resistant because he has been
excluded from the investigation. Yet Jack asks whether it is
possible that the tape found in Ali's house may have been
compromised. Yusuf wants to learn what it is that Jack knows
because it most likely incriminates his country. Jack is not at
liberty to say anything, hoping that Yusuf will help without
receiving information in return. Yusuf leaves in a huff. Jack's
cell phone rings. An unknown man identifies himself as the one
who planted the bogus tape and shot Ali. The man demands Kate
Warner, and he instructs Jack to take her from CTU and bring her
to a specific warehouse. A coral snake is tattooed on the man's

11:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:52 P.M.
Kim is in the convenience store restroom when she hears someone
banging on the door to be let in to buy supplies. Davies tells
the man named Garcia that the store is already closed, and he
calls the police when Garcia becomes threatening. "It's
starting," Kim says. Davies presses her to find out what that
means, but before she can answer, the door shatters. Garcia
smashes a shopping cart through the glass. He lunges at Davies
and grabs his throat. Kim pulls out her gun and fires into the
air. She orders Garcia to let go of Davies and leave. Yet when
faced with having to actually shoot him, Kim relents. Garcia
takes the gun away from her and fills the cart with food and

11:55 P.M.
Jack calls Michelle from inside CTU. He thinks that there may be
another way to prove that the Cyprus tape was faked, and he asks
for her help.

Garcia offers to pay for the goods in the store. He is not a
criminal, but wanted to fend for his pregnant wife waiting in
the car outside. He tells Davies to turn on the news, and they
see reports that a nuclear bomb has exploded. Davies asks Kim if
she knew about this all along. Suddenly, the police arrive and
draw their weapons on Garcia's wife in the car. Garcia calls to
them, and Davies reaches for the gun in Garcia's hand. Garcia
accidentally discharges Kim's gun and Davies falls down bleeding.
The cops order Garcia to exit the store, but he grabs Kim as a

11:57 P.M.
Michelle goes into a CTU holding room where Agent Baker is
debriefing Kate. Michelle tells Baker that one of his files
needs to be attended to, and she follows him out of the room.
Jack slips into the holding room and tells Kate that he urgently
needs her to come with him. Yusuf watches this occur. So does
Carrie, who immediately picks up the phone to notify Tony.

11:59 P.M.
Tony blocks Jack from leaving the building at gunpoint. Jack asks
him to put the weapon down. When Tony doesn't comply, Jack takes
it away forcefully and Tony is knocked out cold. Jack grabs
Kate's arm and ushers her roughly through the exit door.

Ticking clock.

12:00 A.M.
Jack takes Kate to the CTU garage. She stops him to inquire about
what is going on. "Do you trust me?" he asks. She does, and gets
in his car. Meanwhile, Carrie finds Tony trying to lift himself
from the ground where he fell and injured his ankle. He warns her
to notify security. The guard doesn't get the information in
time, allowing Jack and Kate to escape from the complex. Jack
explains to her that a world war may be started over phony
evidence. The man who claims to have forged this evidence wants
Kate for some unknown reason. Jack has no other choice but to
use her because he is running out of time and options.

12:04 A.M.
Carrie lets Tony know that Jack got out. She has already notified
both the LAPD and FBI. Carrie then says that she thinks Michelle
was helping Jack because she distracted another agent so that he
could get to Kate.

12:05 A.M.
Palmer, Lynne and Novick disembark Air Force One in Los Angeles
and get into a waiting limousine. Lynne connects Palmer to Vice
President Jim Prescott who is in Washington. Prescott informs the
President that he will be meeting with the British ambassador and
that he plans to tell him about the U.S. preparing to retaliate
for the nuclear bomb. Palmer asks Prescott to refrain because
there may not be an attack. Although there is possibility that
the evidence might be false, Prescott thinks it is too late for
them to turn back on military action. Yet Palmer is adamant about
his decision. After he hangs up, both Novick and Lynne express
their reservations to the President about letting the fate of
the country hang on Jack Bauer.

12:07 A.M.
At the convenience store, Kim tries to stop the bleeding in
Davies' chest. She appeals to Garcia to give himself up to the
police. He is terrified. Suddenly, Davies stiffens. Kim attempts
CPR, but Davies dies.

12:09 A.M.
As he drives towards a warehouse in Studio City to deliver Kate,
Jack notices that he is being trailed. He turns the car into an
alley, and the other car follows. Jack pulls his gun on the
driver. It is Yusuf. After he watched Jack take down Tony, Yusuf
knew that Jack is not on board with what CTU has been doing.
Yusuf states once again that his country is not responsible for
the bomb. He offers to help Jack clear up the facts.

12:11 A.M.
Tony, walking on crutches, asks Michelle if she helped Jack
kidnap a witness. Michelle tells him that she did not
intentionally draw the agent away from Kate Warner. Michelle
claims that Carrie is trying to sabotage her because they don't
get along.

12:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:17 A.M.
The police phone the store to urge Garcia to come out, but he
refuses to exit peacefully. They put his wife on the phone, and
Garcia tells her to leave the city so that she can be safe from
the oncoming war. He then orders the police to take his wife to
Monterey. Once she arrives there, he will release Kim.

12:19 A.M.
Jack pulls up to the warehouse where he is to meet the caller and
takes out a gun. He instructs Kate to remain in the car. In case
of emergency, she is to dial him on the car phone. He promises to
protect her. Jack goes up to the entrance underneath a neon sign
and enters the building. Inside he finds Captain Jonathan
Wallace, a member of the Special Ops team from Fort Benning. He
shows Jack the Coral Snake tattoo on his forearm as proof of his
membership in that squad. Then Wallace sits down at a table with
his hands visible to Jack. Wallace was the seventh commando who
took out his own platoon so that they couldn't prevent the bomb
from detonating. Wallace admits responsibility for that, as well
as for planting the Cyprus recording so that the bomb was blamed
on the three countries. His goal was to start a war by forcing
the United States to attack the Middle East. The people who hired
Wallace control oil in the Caspian Sea, and a war in that region
would quadruple their holdings' value. However, those same people
tried to kill Wallace an hour ago and he fears for his life.
Because Warner Industries has a Department of Defense variance,
board member Kate can authorize his departure out of the country.
While he is talking to Jack, Wallace secretly taps his foot
against a plug in its socket underneath the table.

12:23 A.M.
That plug causes the neon sign outside the warehouse to flicker.
This signals a man with a gun to approach Kate as she waits in
Jack's car. The man orders her to get out. Suddenly, Yusuf
appears and smacks the man over the head with his weapon. The
man drops unconscious. Inside the warehouse, Wallace tells Jack
that he holds the source recordings before they were mixed down
to create the faked Cyprus tape. Suddenly, Jack's cell phone
rings and he answers it. "It's for you," he says calmly, handing
it to Wallace. Yusuf is on the phone, and he tells Wallace that
the man he sent for Kate has been knocked out. Wallace hangs up,
and says to Jack that he won't turn over the evidence unless Kate
comes with him to personally authorize the charter. He admits
that he will have to kill Kate once he's reached his destination.
Jack says that he won't let that happen, and doesn't give in to
Wallace's demands. Wallace gathers his weapons to leave. With no
other choice, Jack stops him. He radios Yusuf to bring Kate in.

12:26 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:31 A.M.
Setting up at District Headquarters in Los Angeles, Novick tells
Lynne that he wants to talk to Jack Bauer himself. Although Lynne
disagrees with Novick going behind the President's back, she
gives him the number of CTU. Novick calls Tony asking to be
connected to Jack. Tony, however, informs him that Jack illegally
took a witness from the site and can not be located. Novick asks
to be notified when they find him.

12:33 A.M.
Carrie briefs Tony on the hunt for Jack. He has not made contact
with anyone and has not been spotted on satellite. The Warner
house and office are also being watched. She asks about
Michelle's involvement, and Tony questions whether she had
concocted the stories because they are not friendly. Carrie says
that she saw Michelle and Jack speaking conspiratorially before
he took Kate Warner. Believing her story, Tony has Carrie put a
filter on all of Michelle's communications to see if Jack tries
to reach her.

12:35 A.M.
The police take Garcia's wife away from the convenience store.
Garcia blames Kim for pointing the gun at him and starting the
whole ordeal. She tells Garcia that she was only afraid because
her father died in the explosion that rocked the city. The police
call Garcia and beg him to let Kim go because his wife has been
delivered to safety. He says that he will kill Kim if they raid
the store. As he talks to the policeman, Kim runs out and manages
to lock herself in a back room. The police help her escape
outside, and Garcia panics.

12:38 A.M.
Yusuf ties up the man who tried to kidnap Kate. The man says that
there were no other accomplices, and Yusuf knocks him out cold.
With Kate in tow, Yusuf sweeps the outside perimeter to make sure
there are no other men. He notifies Jack of this, as Jack waits
inside with Wallace. Wallace tells Jack that he was at Fort
Benning when Colonel Samuels unsuccessfully tried to recruit
Jack for Coral Snake. Samuels had called Jack "a born killer."

12:39 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:44 A.M.
Working at her station, Michelle gets an error alert from the
backup server on her computer. She calls Carrie to ask if she
received the same alert, but Carrie says the problem must be on
her end. Michelle goes off to find a solution. Carrie then walks
over to Michelle's station. She redirects Michelle's links to
outside communications so that she can track them on her

12:46 A.M.
Novick tells Palmer about Jack's improper activities. In an
attempt to focus the President on the war at hand, Novick
suggests that Jack may have suffered an emotional collapse from
the day's events. Palmer, however, trusts that Jack is doing what
is necessary to prove that the Cyprus recordings are not
authentic. He orders Novick to find Jack.

12:47 A.M.
Wallace tells Jack that, once he and Kate have escaped, he will
notify him where the evidence is. Yusuf brings Kate into the
warehouse. Jack reluctantly tells her that she has to go with
Wallace. Kate thinks that Jack is giving her up.

12:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:53 A.M.
Carrie listens in when Michelle receives a phone call from a man
named Danny. Danny asks Michelle if he and the children are safe
from the nuclear bomb, but she can't give him any more
information. Michelle tries to calm Danny down, but he threatens
to call Carrie to find out what's going on since she won't tell
him anything. Michelle thought that he stopped speaking to
Carrie. Danny concurs because he thinks Carrie is a bitch. He
abruptly hangs up. Carrie deletes this call from her database

12:55 A.M.
The SWAT team surrounds the convenience store, and the police
tell Garcia to give up his weapon. He doesn't come out, and the
cops raid the building. Kim watches in horror as gunfire ensues.
A medical team is called in.

12:56 A.M.
Since Palmer is in a briefing with CTU Director Chappelle, Novick
and Lynne meet with Vice President Prescott via videophone.
Prescott informs them that the British ambassador is frustrated
because the United States is planning an attack against the
Middle East without coordinating with his country. Prescott asks
Novick what is going on with the plans for war, questioning the
President's softness on the issue. Novick believes that Palmer
is capable of making the right decision and is committed to the
military action. Yet the President only wants to cover every
base. The Vice President hangs up, and Novick tells Lynne that,
with the planes in the air ready to begin the attack, it will be
a disaster to turn them around based on one CTU agent's claim of
evidence. Lynne wonders what they are going to do next.

12:58 A.M.
Wallace orders Kate to get in the trunk of his car. She won't go,
but Jack urges her to do it for her own safety. She looks at Jack
and obeys. Yusuf whispers to Jack that he put the tracker on the
car. Suddenly, the car windshield shatters. Gunfire comes from
above the warehouse. Wallace, Jack and Yusuf return fire.

15:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:00 A.M.
As Jack, Yusuf and Wallace fire back at the gunmen in the
buildings above, Jack pulls Kate from the trunk of Wallace's car.
He takes her into the warehouse with Wallace, while Yusuf darts
off into an alley. Wallace tells Jack that the shooters must be
the follow up team sent by his employers when their first attempt
to kill him had failed. Stocking up on ammunition, Yusuf radios
Jack from the car. He will try to get to a better vantage point
to see how many men are still out there. Wallace won't let Jack
call CTU to warn them about the Cyprus recording, but when more
snipers appear, Wallace gives in to Jack's demand for help. Jack
phones Michelle's cell phone. She warns him not to phone any
agency numbers because she is being monitored. He needs her to
track infra-red satellite at the warehouse to find out how many
men are surrounding them. Michelle gets to work.

1:05 A.M.
Outside the convenience store, Kim is forced to explain to Deputy
Raynes that the gun Garcia used to accidentally shoot Davies was
hers. She admits to being a murder suspect who escaped from
police custody.

1:06 A.M.
At District Headquarters in Los Angeles, Palmer and his staff
watch news reports about violence erupting across America after
the nuclear bomb detonated. Although he is not allowed to use the
Army on U.S. soil, Palmer gives the order to bring troops in to
help. Lynne informs the President that their bombers will reach
the Middle East in less than five hours.

1:07 A.M.
As Michelle researches Jack's request, Carrie questions what she
is doing on the satellite. Michelle switches screens on the
monitor and sends Carrie away. Carrie runs up to Tony to tell
him that Michelle is not only accessing a mod-sat screen, but
that she received an open call that did not lock onto their log.
He has Carrie find out what Michelle was looking at.

1:08 A.M.
As they wait inside the warehouse for help from Michelle, Jack
assures Kate that they will get out of there. He explains that
Wallace wanted her for her access to a cargo plane, but that he
would not have let Wallace take her.

1:10 A.M.
From a monitor, Carrie watches Michelle as she collects
satellite telemetry and images.

Ticking clock.

1:15 A.M.
As Deputy Raynes drives her from the crime scene, Kim asks
about Miguel and Officer Brown who were hurt in the patrol car
accident. Raynes doesn't know anything about either of them, but
tells her that she can make a phone call when they arrive at the
stationhouse. Kim says that she has no one to call because her
father was the one who flew the plane with the nuclear bomb.

1:16 A.M.
Carrie analyzes the data that Michelle has been tracking and
informs Tony. He assumes that Jack can be found at the
coordinates on the satellite. However, Michelle has been
covering herself by tracking over a hundred different quadrants.
There's no way to distinguish which one she's really studying.
Tony tells Carrie that he will handle this his own way.

1:17 A.M.
Michelle goes into the restroom and phones Jack from her PDA
phone. She quickly synchs him the map of the warehouse with the
location of the shooters. As she leaves, Tony is waiting for her
outside the restroom. He cautions her that they have been
monitoring communication and asks point blank where Jack is.
Michelle says that she doesn't know, but that Tony should notify
the President to not act on the Cyprus recording until Jack has
finished his investigation. Tony warns her to tell him what
information she knows. Michelle again denies helping Jack.

1:19 A.M.
Jack and Wallace analyze the map Michelle beamed over and figure
out an escape route from the warehouse. Jack arms Kate with a
gun. He then radios Yusuf with the locations of the gunmen and
his plans.

1:20 A.M.
Lynne asks the President how long he plans to wait for Jack to
find the evidence. The Secretary of Defense feels that he is
losing flexibility to begin attack and wants to launch
pre-strikes. Palmer orders that there be no pre-emptive strikes,
giving Jack all the time he needs to disprove the tape. Novick
then alerts the President that civil unrest is becoming alarming.
Militia groups in Marietta outside Atlanta, Georgia are joining
forces in racially motivated attacks against Middle-Eastern
people. Unfortunately, there is not enough police or military to
cover every hot spot around the country. Palmer instructs his
team to send all of the Eastern Georgia National Guard to
Marietta and to inform the media about it. Palmer plans to let
the public see the government's response in protecting its
citizens against racism.

1:22 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:27 A.M.
With the go-ahead from Jack, Yusuf throws smoke grenades into
the alley near the warehouse and he begins firing toward the
roof. Jack and Wallace come out and fire in the same direction.
They now know where the shooters are located. Yusuf goes for the
car. Kate gets separated from them. She spots one of the snipers
coming towards her, but the man doesn't see her. She aims her
gun but is unable to shoot. The man turns around to face Kate
and she kills him. Jack grabs her and makes a run for the car.
Wallace follows, and as he climbs in the car, he is hit in the
neck by a gunshot. Yusuf peels out and they escape. Jack checks
Wallace's wound and finds that the bullet is still inside his
body. They need to get to a hospital, but Wallace insists on
going directly to the airport. He asks Jack to suppress the
bleeding. Kate gets the CTU first aid kit from the glove
compartment and Jack applies gauze to Wallace's wound.

1:30 A.M.
Palmer and his staff watch news reports of riots taking place in
Marietta. The President enacts a curfew and orders the National
Guard to start making arrests. Novick suggests that the
President make a statement to the public. Palmer agrees.

1:32 A.M.
Tony, who has received word from the LAPD about gunfire in Studio
City, has Carrie check the location against what Michelle pulled
from the satellite. He then approaches Michelle and asks her if
it's where Jack was located. She acknowledges that it is true,
and tells Tony that Jack can only get his proof if CTU stays out
of the situation. Tony says that they don't even know if Jack is
still alive. Michelle picks up her phone and dials Jack, telling
Tony that the number is not traceable. She hands the phone to
him. Jack tells Tony that he has been ordered by the President to
prove that the Cyprus recording is a fake. The man who can give
him that proof won't deal with CTU. Jack knows that the man is
not using him to escape because commandos tried to kill him for
making the deal. Tony insists on Jack bringing the man into CTU.
Jack refuses and hangs up.

1:34 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:38 A.M.
Deputy Raynes takes Kim into the Sheriff's station and hands her
off to Sergeant Amis. Amis asks Kim about Megan Matheson's
kidnapping. Kim admits that she did this because Megan was being
abused. Amis informs her that they are looking for Gary Matheson
for killing his wife Carla. Although she and Miguel tried to
escape from police custody, Kim had been truthful in telling
Officer Brown about the bomb. She is free to go. Amis lets Kim
call CTU so that they can clear her through legal channels.

1:40 A.M.
As they drive towards the airport, Kate phones ahead to prep a
cargo transport authorization. She explains that, since she is
an officer of her father's company, she will also be on the
flight. Wallace begins to seize, and Jack begs him for the
evidence. Wallace loses consciousness. Jack plugs into the
car's GPS to find the nearest medical center and has Yusuf
head there.

1:42 A.M.
Kim calls Tony at CTU and asks for his help in clearing her
charges. She is shocked to find out that Jack is still alive.
Yet when she asks to speak with him, Tony says that Jack is not

1:43 A.M.
Yusuf pulls up to a clinic, and Jack barges in past the front
desk with Wallace in tow. Although the clinic is not prepared
to deal with such a serious wound, Jack demands that the doctor
treat Wallace.

1:45 A.M.
Kim gets the number for Miguel's hospital room and calls him.
When she tells him that they will probably be cleared of all
charges, Miguel is surprisingly not excited by the news. She
inquires about his health, and he says he is fine. Yet Miguel
doesn't want to see her anymore, and Kim is confused by this.
He hangs up without telling her that his right leg has been

1:46 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:51 A.M.
Michelle goes to Tony expecting to be fired. He is angry with her
for not doing her job. They still don't even have Jack or the
evidence to prove the recording was forged. Michelle apologizes
for her actions, and Tony dismisses her from his office.

1:53 A.M.
General Bowden briefs the President on the status of the bombers
as they head towards the Middle East. Palmer is reassured that
the planes can be ordered back at any time. The Joint Chiefs of
Staff, however, would rather have a firm decision. Lynne and
Novick inform the President that the crowds in Marietta grew out
of control, and that the National Guard shot rubber bullets. Two
people were killed. One was a young Middle Eastern boy who was
trying to flee with his family. Palmer is saddened, and asks
Lynne to find out the boy's name. He then orders Novick to tell
the National Guard to not back down. They are to restore order
in the Marietta neighborhood.

1:55 A.M.
The doctor examines Wallace's x-rays, telling Jack that he is not
authorized to perform surgery to remove the bullet. Jack assures
him that the clinic will not be shut down because saving
Wallace's life has something to do with the nuclear bomb that
went off. He also asks that Wallace not be sedated because he
needs him to talk. Kate gets a departure time for their flight,
and Jack guarantees that he will get on the plane with her if
that's what it takes to protect her. Suddenly, Wallace calls off
the doctor's treatment. He tells Jack that he's not going to make
it. Wallace whispers to him that the original source files to
make the Cyprus recording is on a memory chip. When Jack asks
where that chip is, Wallace says, "It's inside..." Before he can
finish his sentence, Wallace stops breathing. The doctor attempts
to restart his heart through defibrillation, but Wallace dies.
Jack doesn't know what to do, and rests his head in his hands.
When he lifts his head up, he is facing the light box holding
Wallace's x-ray. Jack notices a shadow on the x-ray at the bottom
of the rib cage. He goes over to Wallace's dead body. There is a
stitched scar in the same spot. Much to the horror of the doctor,
Jack grabs a scalpel and slices the skin where the scar is
located. He reaches his hands into the body cavity and pulls
something out. "We got it," he says as he holds up the
blood-covered microchip.

1:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:00 A.M.
As a general briefs the war room on the military plan, Vice
President Prescott questions whether Palmer is indeed behind the
air strikes. Palmer informs the Joint Chiefs and Cabinet members
that he is waiting for CTU Agent Jack Bauer to provide hard
evidence to prove that the Cyprus recording was fabricated. The
general advises the President that, in order to be effective,
the first strike must be a surprise. Waiting any longer will
only increase U.S. casualties. Palmer agrees that they must
proceed with the plan.

2:03 A.M.
Yusuf examines the microchip under a magnifying glass. Jack calls
the President, but his staff will not put him through until the
meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff is completed. Jack then
phones Tony to tell him that he is bringing into CTU a chip with
the evidence. He asks Tony to notify the President. Yusuf alerts
Jack that there is a transponder on the chip, which is how they
must have found Wallace at the warehouse. Yusuf is familiar with
this kind of tracker and attempts to dismantle it without
destroying the audio files.

2:05 A.M.
Michelle gets another frustrating call from Danny, but she has
no news for him. Tony comes up to tell her that Jack called and
has found the evidence. She urges Tony to warn the President. He
says that he is thinking about it.

2:06 A.M.
Yusuf separates the tracker from the chip just as the men looking
for Wallace arrive at the urgent care center. Jack takes the
tracker, and tells Yusuf and Kate to meet him a few blocks away
with the chip. If he is not there in fifteen minutes, they are
to deliver the chip to CTU. As Jack runs out of the clinic, the
men see on the handheld GPS monitor that Wallace has moved. They
head towards where Jack went. One of the men sees Wallace's dead
body in the patient room, finding the hole in Wallace's chest.
Yusuf and Kate, hiding in the room, sneak out unnoticed.

2:09 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:13 A.M.
After the meeting with the Joint Chiefs, Novick informs the
President that the California governor wants National Guardsmen
dispatched in the state because of erupting violence. Lynne
patches Tony through to the President as she and Novick listen
in on speaker. Tony tells them that Jack claims to have found the
source recordings edited together to make the Cyprus tape.
Although Jack says that they are authentic, Tony can not be sure.
Palmer tells Novick and Lynne that he wants to call off the
attack. Novick tries to convince the President that his lack of
response to a nuclear weapon going off on U.S. soil may cause
him to be perceived as weak. Lynne also makes note that the
Pentagon's assessment shows that stopping and then restarting
the military operation will cost thousands of lives. Yet Palmer
is steadfast in his decision not to attack.

2:17 A.M.
Tony tells Michelle that he informed the President about Jack's
evidence. She thanks him for doing the right thing, but Tony
wants to confirm that the chipis real when Jack brings it to CTU.

2:18 A.M.
As Yusuf drives towards Jack's meeting point, Kate tries to phone
CTU. All the circuits are clogged and she can't get through.
Yusuf comments that they are too busy preparing war against his
country. They pull up to the location to look for Jack.
Meanwhile, the henchmen follow their GPS monitor into the
basement of the clinic. There is no sign of Jack, but they find
the tracker that was removed from the chip. The men see Jack
running outside and one of their cars catches him. One of the
men named Ronnie Stark shoots Jack with a taser. He falls to the
ground. On Stark's orders, the men carry Jack's limp body into
the clinic.

2:21 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:25 A.M.
After Novick informs a general with the President's decision not
to launch the attack, Lynne asks him if he knows about a meeting
that the Vice President called. She only heard about it second
hand, and has not informed Palmer. Novick has no idea either,
and says he will try to find out its purpose.

2:26 A.M.
The men strip Jack and search his clothes with a metal detector.
They induce him to vomit, and run the metal detector over the
excrement. Stark takes out a medical case full of scissors and
scalpels. He receives a call from Peter Kingsley, who is flying
in a helicopter over Los Angeles. Kingsley seems to already know
that the man they are holding is Jack Bauer. He asks to speak to
Jack, and offers Jack money for the chip. Jack will not relent.
Kingsley instructs Stark to get Jack to break because they do
not have much time.

2:29 A.M.
Stark dips a scalpel in ammonia and slices into Jack's abdomen.
Jack's scream is muffled by the gag in his mouth.

2:30 A.M.
Michelle asks Carrie to unlock the software on her system to
allow her to run point analysis on the chip Jack is bringing in.
Carrie says she will do it herself, but Michelle insists that
she just do as she is commanded. Michelle accuses her of trying
to sabotage her work, and Carrie says that Michelle is doing the
same. Tony witnesses this, and summons Michelle to his office.
He asks what is going on between them to interfere with their
work. Michelle admits that she and Carrie were friends when she
worked for her at Division. Her brother Danny left his wife and
children for Carrie, who then dumped him. Danny lost his job and
his family, and tried to commit suicide. Tony asks Michelle to
help keep the office running despite what is between them.
Michelle gets a call. Danny is at CTU to see her.

2:33 A.M.
Michelle asks Danny what he is doing there. He says that he
tried to call, but the phones weren't working. He only wanted
to apologize for yelling at her. Michelle wants him to leave,
but Danny sees Carrie across the room. He yells at Carrie for
not returning his calls. Both Michelle and Tony try to step
between them, but Danny lunges for Carrie and wraps his hands
around her throat. Security guards have to pull Danny off, and
Michelle watches, horrified.

Ticking clock.

2:38 A.M.
Novick tells Lynne that he found out the Vice President is
personally calling cabinet members. They both assume it is
about the President's decision to call off the attack. Novick
says that he is secretly meeting with a Defense Department
official named Jesper Isberg who has information. Although
Novick tries to keep her out of it, Lynne insists on being
present for the meeting. Novick tells her to go to a storage
room on the fifth floor and wait.

2:39 A.M.
While a medic checks out Carrie, Tony goes to Michelle, who is
crying in a corner. She is upset about her brother, and the
emotions from the day's events come flooding over her. Tony
comforts her and they kiss. Carrie interrupts to tell Tony
that Chappelle is looking for him.

2:42 A.M.
Stark opens another wound in Jack's side but Jack is defiant.
Stark then takes a hot cauterizer and burns Jack in the spot
where he has been cut. Jack screams in pain through the gag
until he loses breath. One of the other henchmen pulls Stark
off to prevent him from killing Jack. Stark's cell phone rings.
It is Kingsley, checking on the status of the chip. Stark says
he is still working.

2:46 A.M.
Novick enters the fifth floor corridor and meets Lynne. He asks
her if she knows about Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, where
the cabinet can vote to remove a President from office if they
determine that he is unfit to fulfill his duties. The Vice
President would then become acting President. Lynne is alarmed
that Prescott would do such a thing. Jesper Isberg arrives, and
Novick makes him wait outside. Novick then asks Lynne where she
stands with regard to Palmer's decision. Lynne says that,
although she does not agree with the President, she is loyal to
him and believes that Prescott should be charged with treason.
Novick calls in Isberg and steps out of the room. Isberg blocks
Lynne from the door. Lynne is shocked that Novick is aligned
with Prescott. He tells her that Palmer would not listen to
reason and that he can't stand by while the President's
indecisiveness could cost American lives. Novick tries to
justify to Lynne that he is doing this for the good of the
country. Although she puts up a fight, Isberg locks Lynne in the
room. Novick orders him to not let her out unless Isberg hears
it from him directly.

2:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:53 A.M.
Yusuf tells Kate that they should bring the chip to CTU since
Jack never showed up. As he is about to drive away, Yusuf is
pulled out of the car by a group of men. They accuse him of
being an Arab who bombed the United States. Yusuf grabs one of
the men and trains his gun on him, warning the other men to get
down on the ground. As Kate is getting back into the car, she
sees another man come up to Yusuf with a brick. She tries to
warn him, but the man knocks Yusuf to the ground. The men beat
him mercilessly. When Kate tries to stop them, they smack her.
She falls, dazed.

2:55 A.M.
Tony phones Chappelle in his car. He tells Tony that he is
coming to CTU with a few key people from Division to help out.

2:56 A.M.
Tony calls Michelle to see how she is doing. She apologizes for
her actions, but he says he is not sorry for what they did.
Michelle is concerned about what Carrie will do with the news.
Tony says that it is none of her business.

2:58 A.M.
Stark orders the unconscious Jack to be woken up. He brings up
Kim, suggesting that Jack wouldn't want his daughter to be an
orphan. Stark has one of his men hit Jack with the taser. Jack
writhes in pain. Stark instructs the man to do it again, but the
man says that Jack is no good to them if he is dead. Stark takes
the taser and does it himself. Jack's eyes roll to the back of
his head and his body goes slack. Stark orders the men to wake
him up, but when they snap poppers under Jack's nose, he does
not stir. One of the men says that Jack is dead. With concern
rising, Stark tells the men to cut Jack's binds and let him
down. Stark frantically administers CPR on Jack, and yells
for the men to find epinephrine.

2:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:00 A.M.
While Stark shocks Jack's chest with a defibrillator, one of his
henchmen searches the clinic for epinephrine. Kingsley phones
again and another henchman named O'Hara takes the call. O'Hara
is forced to tell Kingsley that Jack is flatlining, and Kingsley
gives him the order to fix it. The doctor is ushered in at
gunpoint to administer epinephrine to Jack. He applies the
defibrillator paddles and revives Jack. Stark is relieved, and
inquires to O'Hara about what Kingsley wanted. "He said I just
got promoted," O'Hara says before shooting Stark point blank.
The doctor is horrified. O'Hara leans over and asks Jack for
the chip.

3:05 A.M.
Novick tells Vice President Prescott that Palmer is still in the
dark and that he managed to get Lynne out of the way before she
could warn him. Novick expresses doubt that he is doing the right
thing, but Prescott assures him that history will recognize their
accomplishments. When Novick hangs up, Palmer comes into his
office. He asks the President if there is anything he can say to
make him change his mind about delaying the war, but Palmer is
sure of his stance. He thanks Novick for standing by his
unpopular decision. When Palmer inquires about Lynne, Novick
tells him that she wasn't feeling well. Lynne, meanwhile, bangs
on the closet door begging Isberg to let her out. She opens a
storage cabinet and finds a blowtorch among the tools.

3:08 A.M.
The men who attacked Yusuf go through his pockets and steal his
money and watch. They find the chip, and although they don't
know what it is, they grab it as well. Kate begs the men to give
her the chip. She offers them money from her house. They pile her
into their car and drive off. Yusuf uses whatever strength he has
to drag his bloodied and broken body to a nearby payphone. He
dials 911, but the automated voice tells him that all circuits
are busy.

3:11 A.M.
O'Hara orders the doctor to give Jack an injection of Beroglide to paralyze
his diaphragm. When O'Hara is distracted by a phone call from Kingsley, Jack
pleads with the doctor to untie him. The doctor hesitates, fearing for his
life, but starts to loosen the ropes on Jack's wrist. O'Hara returns and makes
the doctor inject the Beroglide. Jack gasps, unable to breathe.

3:14 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:18 A.M.
Michelle meets Ryan Chappelle when he arrives at CTU. Since all
phone services are down, he warns her to save satellite phone
usage for their highest priorities. Chappelle commends Tony for
not letting Jack's ideas about the Cyprus recordings alter their
mission. Yet Tony tries to tell Chappelle that Jack may not be
wrong. Chappelle threatens Tony. Either he goes against Jack, or
Chappelle won't support his permanent placement as CTU Director.

3:20 A.M.
Lynne starts a fire in a trash bin. When the smoke alarm goes
off, Isberg enters the closet. Lynne smacks him with a fire
extinguisher and bolts out of the room. Isberg follows her to
the stairwell and grabs her, but Lynne falls over the railing.
She lands a few floors down, struck unconscious.

3:21 A.M.
Palmer tries to phone the Vice President, but is told that he is unreachable.
He turns to Secret Service Agent Pierce who stands guard. Since Pierce is
a seasoned veteran of the White House, Palmer asks for his opinion on the
situation. He wants to know if Prescott is planning something behind his back.
Pierce is at first hesitant to answer the President. Yet he warns Palmer to
trust his own instincts.

3:23 A.M.
Kingsley is in his office when Alexander Trepkos enters. "Max
is very unhappy," Trepkos says. Since their project depends on
military action, Palmer's withdrawing the attack is a setback.
Kingsley tells him not to worry about Palmer's response or about
Jack's delivering proof that the Cyprus recording is false.

3:25 A.M.
As Jack hyperventilates from the Beroglide, O'Hara presses him
about the chip. Jack doesn't answer, so O'Hara punches him the
face. O'Hara orders the doctor to double the dosage with another
injection. As he prepares the syringe, the doctor gives Jack a
slight nod. "I'll tell you where the chip is," Jack finally says.
O'Hara leans over Jack and the doctor slams the syringe into
O'Hara's back. O'Hara stumbles, giving Jack enough time to free
his hands from the rope. Jack grabs O'Hara's gun and shoots the
other henchmen. Jack pulls on his pants and demands to know from
the dying O'Hara who was on the other end of the phone line.
O'Hara says Peter Kingsley's name and Jack shoots him dead.
Suddenly, Jack staggers. He has trouble breathing.

3:27 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:32 A.M.
Novick comes into Palmer's office. The President asks him if
Prescott is avoiding him, but Novick blames his unavailability
on the events of the past eighteen hours. Palmer wants Lynne to
go over his statement, and Novick says that he will deliver it
to her. He exits and goes into another office.

3:33 A.M.
Novick dials Prescott from a satcom phone and asks if he is
still moving forward. Novick warns him that Palmer is becoming
suspicious because the Vice President hasn't returned his calls.
Prescott says that he will call Palmer. He tells the anxious
Novick to keep things together on his side.

3:35 A.M.
Jack takes O'Hara's phone and walks through the clinic. He dials
CTU and gets Michelle. Although Jack tries to tell her about the
chip, Michelle only hears static. Michelle notifies Tony that
Jack called but that the signal was lost. He instructs her to
trace the source of the call. Tony gives Chappelle the news, but
Chappelle does not want Jack distracting their resources. Tony,
however, is siding with Jack.

3:36 A.M.
Novick listens as Palmer speaks to Vice President Prescott
over speakerphone. The President offers Prescott the chance to
personally address the military attack with him. Prescott
acknowledges that, if he had something to say, he would come to
the President first. After he hangs up, Palmer admits to Novick
that he doesn't trust Prescott. Agent Pierce comes in to notify
Palmer that Lynne is in critical condition after falling down
stairs. He takes the President to her. A look of panic washes
over Novick's face.

3:37 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:42 A.M.
Michelle tells Tony that Jack called from a cell phone somewhere
between Studio City and Encino. They check a map to see where he
might be headed. Tony does not want Michelle to use the satellite
for fear of raising flags with Chappelle. He has her monitor
police channels instead. Carrie secretly watches them speak.

3:43 A.M.
Jack takes O'Hara's car and drives to where he was supposed to
meet Yusuf and Kate. He spots Yusuf near the payphone. Although
he is bloodied and battered, Yusuf manages to tell Jack that
someone took the chip with Kate to her house. Yusuf dies before
Jack can rescue him.

3:45 A.M.
Kate leads the men with the chip to her house. They open the door
and the security alarm rings. They order her to shut it off, and
she gives them the code. The men demand the money she promised.

3:46 A.M.
Palmer and Novick run outside the federal building where Lynne
is being taken away on a gurney. She has suffered a concussion.
Lynne tries to form a word but nothing coherent comes out. She
raises a weak hand and points toward Novick. Novick steps forward
and takes her hand, pretending to comfort her. The EMTs whisk her
into the ambulance.

3:47 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:52 A.M.
Carrie warns Tony that Chappelle will find out that he and
Michelle are wasting time looking for Jack. She says that she
won't tell Chappelle if Tony gives her Michelle's job. Tony calls
Chappelle over and announces that Carrie is trying to use
extortion to get a promotion. She argues that Tony and Michelle
are still searching for Jack Bauer against orders. Chappelle
dismisses Carrie, then admonishes Tony. Tony makes it clear that,
as acting CTU Director, he is trying to garner all the facts. He
gives Chappelle the opportunity to relieve him of his duties if
he does not agree with his decisions. Chappelle says that there
is no one else to fill in at the moment. "I don't like
insubordination," he tells Tony.

3:55 A.M.
Kate opens the safe in her closet, and the men pull out some cash
and a diamond bracelet. Kate asks for the chip as promised, but
they are reluctant to let her go. Kate runs off as they fire at
her. The men catch up to her and throw her to the ground. Jack
appears and shoots one of the fleeing guys. She tells him that
they have the chip, and Jack pursues the other two through the
house. He calls out to them through a bathroom door asking for
the chip. The men are afraid, but refuse to hand it over. One
of them says that if Jack comes in he will smash the chip.

3:59 A.M.
Novick watches via videophone as Prescott gathers the Cabinet
members in the White House. Prescott tells the group that the
meeting will be closed from the President. The purpose of the
meeting is to decide whether Palmer is unfit to continue as
President of the United States based on his response to the
day's events.

4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

4:00 A.M.
Jack pleads with the men in Kate's house through the bathroom
door, telling them what is on the chip and why he needs it. One
of the men implores the other to give up the chip, and his friend
accidentally fires his gun. Jack breaks down the door and enters
the bathroom. He holds the guy and grabs the chip. Jack has Kate
get something to tie the men up.

4:04 A.M.
Palmer tells Novick that he just learned that the bombers did
not return to their bases as he ordered. Novick sullenly invites
the President to join him in the conference room. Palmer senses
his aide's unease, and asks Novick what is going on. Novick
finally admits that the cabinet members are questioning whether
Palmer is fit to continue as Chief Executive of the country.

4:05 A.M.
Palmer enters the conference room to find a video screen with
panels of feeds. A group of cabinet members, lead by Vice
President Prescott, is assembled in the White House bunker, with
the Secretary of State filmed on a plane and the Secretary of
Agriculture in a limo. Prescott tells Palmer that they are
invoking the 25th Amendment, which states that the Vice President
and a majority of the cabinet can determine whether that the
President can be discharged of powers if he is not capable of
performing the duties of his office. He says that they have
decided Palmer's actions over the day warrant such a query. The
Secretary of State interjects to state that they are all not in
full agreement just yet. Palmer explains that the Amendment was
designed to deal with the situations where the President is ill
or incapacitated. Prescott informs him that their interpretation
is backed by the Attorney General. He insists that Jack Bauer has
not turned up the evidence to disprove the Cyprus recording, and
that waiting will only risk tens of thousands of American lives.
Although they do not agree with his policy decisions, Palmer
maintains that he can not be labeled disabled. Prescott intends
to show that the President's refusal to authorize military action
is a symptom of his erratic behavior. The Secretary of State says
that Palmer should be given the chance to explain himself in
order to answer their questions. Palmer consents to this, on the
condition that, if he is exonerated, then Prescott should resign
as Vice President. Prescott agrees.

4:11 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:15 A.M.
Tony informs Chappelle that a source told him that the President
called off the military offensive more than an hour ago.
Chappelle acknowledges that he was aware of this, but says there
is a strong possibility that the White House will reinstate the
attack order.

4:16 A.M.
Michelle gets a call from Jack at Kate Warner's house, and she
grabs Tony. Jack informs them that he has the chip but that he
can not read what is on it. Michelle attempts to access it over
the server. Jack then asks Tony to run a background check on
Peter Kingsley and to cross-reference it with oil industry
players. Tony tells him that, although Palmer called off the
military strikes, for some reason the order may get reversed.

4:18 A.M.
Prescott brings the reporter Ron Wieland into the proceedings.
Wieland recounts that he was detained by Secret Service after he
investigated the possibility of a terrorist attack. Although he
understands the reason he was held captive, Wieland feels it was
a violation of his First Amendment rights. He says that Sherry
Palmer came to visit him and offered to give him access to the
O.C. if he sat on the story. Wieland got the sense that Palmer
was not in control of the situation. The President calmly
explains that he was balancing the need for public safety, and
he tried to rectify the situation with a remedy that had legal

4:20 A.M.
Michelle walks Jack through overriding the chip's access, but he
only gets a screen full of numbers and symbols. He checks the
hardware and realizes that the chip has been damaged. He sends
whatever data he pulled up to Michelle so that she can run it
through a retrieval program at CTU. Meanwhile, Tony gets a call
from Kim looking for her father. She is in a police car on her
way to the Matheson house to pick up her belongings. Tony puts
her through to Jack. Kim tells Jack that she misses him, and
Jack assures her that he will see her soon.

4:23 A.M.
Palmer asks Novick how long he has known about Prescott's plan to
get him out of office. Although Novick claims to still be on his
side, Palmer accuses him of aligning with the Vice President.
Novick begs him to change his stance on the attack, but Palmer
conveys that the trust between them is gone forever.

4:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:29 A.M.
Prescott calls on another witness who is at the O.C. in Oregon.
The haggard face of NSA head Roger Stanton appears on a monitor,
and he describes how he was tortured on orders from the
President. Palmer accuses him of lying about the location of the
nuclear bomb. Stanton explains how he arrived at the O.C. to find
his underling Eric Rayburn had been fired for wanting to bring in
the military. He says that Palmer was immediately adamant about
not using military action. Stanton believes that Palmer's
indecisive and erratic behavior made him terrified of any
military engagement. He thinks that Palmer wanted to convince
himself that he could avoid war by showing that an American was
behind the bomb threat.

4:31 A.M.
Chappelle questions why Tony ordered I.T. people to work on a
retrieval project. Tony explains that Jack found the chip that
could show that the Cyprus file was forged, but that the chip
was damaged. Chappelle steps away and calls the White House. He
leaves a message for the Vice President.

4:32 A.M.
Prescott plays a video of Stanton's torture at the O.C. The group
shudders at what they see. Palmer tells the cabinet that he did
order the torture, but that Stanton ultimately confessed to
knowledge of the bomb. Stanton says that he made that confession
only because he was weakened by the torture. Palmer informs them
that Stanton also gave information about the Coral Snake team and
the bomb at Norton Airfield. However, Prescott says that there is
nothing more on the tape. Palmer insists there has been
deliberate sabotage of evidence because he questioned Stanton
further. Prescott gives Palmer the opportunity to present
evidence on behalf of his defense, but Palmer says he has not
been given time to do so. He deems his extreme actions warranted
by the day's events. An aide hands Prescott a note, and Prescott
informs the group that CTU Division Chief Ryan Chappelle just
sent him an urgent message. Jack Bauer has evidence to prove the
inaccuracy of the Cyprus recording. Prescott calls for the group
to wait for that evidence to be analyzed. Palmer breathes a sigh
of relief.

4:37 A.M.
Chappelle checks on Tony and Michelle's progress. They tell him
that they did not find the audiofiles, but that they can figure
out who programmed the information. Chappelle makes a comment
that Jack wasted their time, and he walks off disgusted.

Ticking clock.

4:42 A.M.
Kate becomes upset. She feels like everything that happened today
was her fault because her sister may have started a war. Jack
comforts her, explaining that there was nothing she could have
done to prevent it. Suddenly, Jack's cell phone rings.

4:43 A.M.
Tony and Michelle tell Jack that, unfortunately, there were no
audio files left on the chip. However, Michelle did find junk
code that may have been put there by the chip's programmer. She
traced the sequence to a hacker named Alex Hewitt. He has a file
with the FBI, and may have been the one who fabricated the
recording. Jack asks for Hewitt's last known address, and he
tells Kate that he is going off to track down a lead.

4:45 A.M.
Palmer is connected to Chappelle and Jack, who tells Palmer that
the chip was damaged and can not prove that the Cyprus tape is a
fake. He also says that a man named Peter Kingsley is part of a
group manipulating events to instigate a war in order to control
the Middle East oil. Palmer asks Jack for hard evidence, and gets
Jack's assurance that he is absolutely convinced that the Cyprus
recording was forged.

4:47 A.M.
Palmer turns back to the cabinet members on the monitor to tell
them that the evidence is not yet available but will be in the
future. Regardless, Prescott calls for a vote. Novick pulls
Palmer aside to beg him to change his mind and authorize an
attack. Palmer refuses once again. The cabinet begins their voice
poll, deciding for or against Palmer being allowed to remain in

4:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:53 A.M.
As he pulls up to Hewitt's loft, Jack calls Tony for a briefing
on the suspect. While working for the State Department, Hewitt
had been caught manipulating files. He attempted suicide in
custody and was recently released from a psychiatric prison.
Tony tells him that Hewitt has no connection to Kingsley.

4:54 A.M.
With a split in cabinet members, the deciding vote falls upon
the Secretary of State. He goes against Palmer. Prescott tells
Palmer that he can appeal this decision before Congress in four
days. Until then, Palmer must remove himself from the decision
making process. Secret Service Agent Pierce arrives with two
Marines. They escort Palmer to a holding room -- not as
bodyguards but as wardens.

4:58 A.M.
Jack enters Hewitt's ransacked loft. There is no one inside.

4:59 A.M.
As the bombers make their way toward the Middle East, Prescott
is sworn in as President of the United States.

Jack hides behind an alcove when he hears footsteps approaching
the door. Sherry Palmer comes into the loft and calls out for
Alex Hewitt.

Ticking clock.

5:00 A.M.
Jack watches from a hidden alcove in Alex Hewitt's loft as Sherry
Palmer instructs her bodyguard to look for Hewitt.

A military advisor briefs Prescott on the bombers' location.
Prescott orders the advisor to proceed with the attack as
planned. "Yes, Mr. President," the man responds. Meanwhile,
Novick enters the room where Palmer is detained and asks his
ex-boss for the war key codes. Palmer hands over a small wallet
with a key card. The military officer known as the "Football"
takes the card and slides it into a portable scanner. The codes
are confirmed.

5:04 A.M.
Chappelle calls the CTU staff into a meeting to bring them up
to date on the presidential transition. Tony questions whether
Palmer was taken out because of his stance on the attack,
suggesting that what Jack is doing has now become even more
relevant. Chappelle orders him not to expend any more resources
on Jack. Tony secretly tells Michelle that he's going to reach
out to someone on Prescott's staff in the instance Jack does get
the proof he's looking for.

5:06 A.M.
Jack hears Sherry tell her bodyguard that Peter Kingsley's
people must have removed anything important from Hewitt's loft.
Jack knocks out the bodyguard and handcuffs him. He pushes
Sherry to the couch and asks what she is doing there. She says
that she is working on Palmer's behalf, but Jack doesn't believe
her. Although she knows that Jack is looking for Hewitt because
he created the tapes, Sherry refuses to answer any of his
questions. Jack fires his gun at her and hits the wall. Sherry
admits that she knows that Hewitt is an audio technician who was
hired by Kingsley to fabricate the Cyprus recording. Kingsley
wants the United States to start a war with the Middle East
because of his oil interests there. Jack realizes that his
bullet hole in the wall let a stream of light into the darkened
room. He goes over to the hole and fires more rounds, calling
out to whomever is inside to come out. A frightened Hewitt
emerges with his hands in the air. Hewitt pleads with Sherry to
help him, and she advises him to not say anything in front of
Jack. Jack sticks the barrel of his gun to Hewitt's neck.
"You're going to talk to me now," he says.

5:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:14 A.M.
Jack tries to get Hewitt to admit that he forged the Cyprus
recording, but he won't reveal anything. Hewitt will only speak
to Sherry because she promised to help him. Jack turns to Sherry
seeking the truth. She acknowledges that she wants to protect
herself because she will be incriminated on Hewitt's tapes.
Sherry had wanted to enact revenge on her ex-husband by bringing
down his presidency. Kingsley only coveted money, and told Sherry
that the bomb would never go off. She sought out Hewitt in order
to remove herself from the connection to Kingsley. Sherry demands
immunity from Jack, and says that the only criminal that needs to
be prosecuted is Hewitt. Jack gets Hewitt from the other room so
that Sherry can deal with him.

5:19 A.M.
In his confinement room, Palmer explains his situation to Secret
Service Agent Pierce. Alluding to Pierce's son being in the Navy,
Palmer asks for help in contacting Jack.

5:21 A.M.
Michelle assigns Carrie to work on one of her duties and won't
explain to her why she is doing so. Carrie believes she is really
trying to help Jack behind Chappelle's back. Tony comes up to
inquire about the situation between the two women, and he
persuades Michelle to explain herself. Michelle admits to doing
a task for District. After Carrie walks away, Tony tells Michelle
that Carrie probably doesn't believe her lie. Carrie then
approaches Chappelle and tells him her suspicions. She feels that
Tony is unfit to run CTU because he and Michelle are working with

5:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:27 A.M.
Jack phones CTU and Tony brings him up to speed on Prescott
pushing Palmer out of office. Jack asks him for a helicopter to
pick up Hewitt. Although Chappelle is breathing down his neck,
Tony agrees to send a chopper. Sherry, meanwhile, promises Hewitt
that she will get him full immunity for his crimes and assures
him that she will protect him from Jack. Sherry notifies Jack
that Hewitt will testify by demonstrating the audio technology.

5:30 A.M.
Tony tells Chappelle that Jack has captured the guy who created
the Cyprus recording and that he needs a helicopter to bring him
in. Chappelle refuses, and Tony attempts to argue Jack's case.
Chappelle informs Tony that he is being reassigned because he has
become a liability to their mission with the start of the war.
Chappelle orders Tony to be out of the office in fifteen minutes.

5:31 A.M.
Hewitt gets his computer full of audio software ready to go. He
plans to do a another sample of the Cyprus recording to prove
that the previous one was a fraud. Jack guarantees Hewitt that he
will be fine, and Hewitt becomes suspicious. He questions whether
Jack and Sherry made a deal together to set him up. Hewitt asks
to speak to Jack privately and Sherry becomes defensive. Hewitt
is curious about Sherry's intentions, but Jack reassures him that
she only wants to help him.

5:34 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:39 A.M.
Accompanied by a police officer, Kim enters the Matheson house
to get her things.

As Tony begins to pack up his office, he gets a call from a
satellite phone secure line. Palmer requests that he be connected
to Jack, and Tony patches him through. Jack tells Palmer that he
found the man who engineered the Cyprus recording and that Sherry
is there with him. Jack does not explain further, and Palmer
cautions him not to trust her. He asks to speak to his ex-wife.
Sherry tells Palmer that she is merely trying to help him, and
that she and Jack are his only hope in preventing this war.
Palmer warns her to stay out of Jack's way.

5:42 A.M.
After Palmer hangs up, Jack demands that Tony quickly get him
the helicopter. Tony turns to Michelle and asks for her help.

5:43 A.M.
Gary Matheson is in his house when he sees a police officer
outside. Gary does not realize that Kim is also in the house.

Novick comes into the holding room and takes the satellite phone
away from Palmer. He has Agent Pierce placed under arrest.

5:44 A.M.
Kim packs clothes in her room. She does not know that anyone else
is there. Gary creeps up the stairs to his bedroom with a holster
he apprehended from the police officer. He packs money, a
passport and a stash of drugs. Kim hears noise from the house and
calls out for the officer. She walks up to the master bedroom but
finds it empty. She goes back to her packing. Gary hides in a
corner, realizing that Kim is in the house.

5:46 A.M.
Michelle and Tony make a plan. She calls Chappelle to tell him
that someone is waiting for him in a holding room. Chappelle goes
into the room, but only Michelle is there. Suddenly, Tony comes
from behind Chappelle and puts a chloroform rag over his face.
Chappelle falls unconscious, and Tony sends Michelle off to
dispatch the helicopter. Tony takes out a syringe to drug

5:47 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:51 A.M.
As they wait for the chopper, Sherry tells Jack that she is
trying to clear her name in order to protect Palmer's public
image. Jack informs her that Palmer has been stripped from the
Presidency and that Prescott is now in power. Sherry is shocked.
Tony phones Jack's cell with news that the chopper is on its way.
Jack asks for the Attorney General to be brought in because
Sherry wants to cut a deal when Hewitt's testimony incriminates
her. Sherry hears this and confronts Jack because they had
discussed another scenario. When she tries to go to Hewitt,
Jack forcibly grabs her and orders her to stay away from him.

5:54 A.M.
Kim exits her room and sees through the window that the police
officer is lying face down in the outside bushes. She grabs her
bags and spots Gary downstairs. Kim panics and darts into another
room. Gary comes up the stairs and points the gun at the closed
door. He opens it, but Kim is not inside. Gary sees the door for
the attic and climbs up the stairs. When he gets to the attic,
Kim smacks him in the head with a can and Gary drops down
unconscious. Suddenly, the attic floor gives way and Kim falls
through to the bedroom. She grabs Gary's gun and cell phone.

5:56 A.M.
Kim calls CTU and begs Michelle to put her through to Jack. A
frightened Kim tells her father that Gary Matheson killed the
police officer that brought her there. Jack instructs her to get
out of the house, but when Gary starts to stir to consciousness
Kim becomes terrified. Jack tells her to shoot Gary. She fires
one shot into him, and Jack tells her to shoot him again. She
does, and Gary is killed. Then Jack has Kim go downstairs because
he is going to send someone to get her. Kim obeys and hangs up
the phone. Jack calls Kate, asking her to phone the police and
pick up his daughter. Meanwhile, in the loft, Hewitt tries to
leave. Sherry stops him. Jack orders them to separate, but
phoning CTU preoccupies him. Hewitt goes to escape again and
Sherry steps in his path. Hewitt stabs her with a screwdriver
and makes a run for a hidden door. Sherry lies on the ground,
bleeding, but Jack goes after Hewitt instead. He follows him
into a darkened tunnel.

5:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:00 A.M.
With Chappelle still unconscious, Tony keeps Carrie preoccupied
with other work. Brad Hammond from Division calls looking for
Chappelle, and Tony tells him that Chappelle "stepped out."

6:03 A.M.
Jack chases Hewitt through the loft's secret tunnel, telling him
that he can cut a deal once he's brought into CTU. Jack promises
him that he will be kept alive if Hewitt helps prevent the war.
Hewitt breaks open a glass window and runs out onto the roof of
his building.

6:05 A.M.
From his office, Kingsley speaks to someone named Max and assures
him that the war will increase their oil holdings dramatically. A
woman named Eve informs Kingsley that Hewitt was not found when
his people went to the loft to pick up all the recordings and
data. Kingsley is worried that Hewitt could blow their whole

6:06 A.M.
Hewitt climbs to a raised level of the roof and pulls up the
ladder so that Jack can not reach him. Jack, clutching his
aching chest, manages to shimmy up the drainpipe and chase
Hewitt to a ledge. When Hewitt pulls out a gun, Jack draws his
in return. Jack pleads with him to drop the weapon, but Hewitt
raises it instead. Jack fires, wounding Hewitt in the leg.
Hewitt is startled and falls over the ledge onto another landing.
Jack checks the leg wound and assures him that he will be fine
once the helicopter arrives. Jack then realizes that blood is
pouring out from Hewitt's head.

6:09 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:14 A.M.
Jack phones Tony, who warns him that he may be unreachable
because he had to remove Chappelle from becoming an obstacle. He
tells Jack to contact Michelle in the field on a remote access.

6:15 A.M.
As Michelle walks toward the exit, Tony hands her an access card.
Carrie stops Michelle and asks about Chappelle's whereabouts. She
accuses Michelle of doing something underhanded, but Michelle
lies her way out of the situation. Michelle leaves the CTU

6:16 A.M.
Counselor Brian Jacobs arrives to see Palmer. Jacobs explains he
can appeal the cabinet's decision but that it will take time.
Palmer gives him Kingsley's name as the one who manipulated the
evidence. Jacobs agrees to vigorously pursue this lead regardless
of how much Novick is impeding the investigation.

6:17 A.M.
Michelle calls Tony from a CTU van and warns him that Carrie is
onto them. He tells her to contact Jack herself because Hammond
has arrived from Division with a phalanx of agents.

6:18 A.M.
Hammond questions Tony about Chappelle's disappearance. Hammond
locks down CTU based on a report by one of Tony's own staff
members accusing him of supporting a rogue agent against
Division's orders. Tony spots Carrie glaring at him.

6:19 A.M.
Jacobs informs Novick that Palmer will oppose his removal from
office by proving that Peter Kingsley falsified the Cyprus
recordings. Jacobs requests access to intelligence databases in
order to make the connection to Kingsley. At first Novick
resists, but Jacobs appeals to Novick's history with Palmer.
Novick finally agrees to set up a computer station for him to

6:20 A.M.
Carrie leads a pair of Division agents through CTU and they come
upon a holding room where the lock has been reconfigured. They
kick the door in and find a weakened Chappelle struggling to

6:21 A.M.
Jack waits for the helicopter on the roof as he tries to keep
Hewitt lucid. Jack spots the CTU helicopter and waves at it.
Meanwhile, Carrie briefs Chappelle on what she has found -- the
helicopter that Tony requested for Jack. Chappelle orders her to
bring the chopper back to CTU. As Jack flags down the helicopter,
the pilot reverses direction and flies off. Jack calls Michelle,
and she tells him that Hammond recalled it because he put the
office in lockdown. Jack then runs over to Hewitt, but Hewitt is
already dead.

6:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:28 A.M.
Jack asks Michelle to set up an interface with Hewitt's computer,
and he heads back to the loft.

Novick comes into Palmer's holding room to solicit a favor. U.S.
stealth bombers have been spotted over Turkey's airspace, but
that country's Prime Minister will not grant a flyover for the
planes unless he receives a personal request from the President.
The Prime Minister has not been told that Palmer was discharged
from office. If Palmer speaks to the Prime Minister under the
pretense that he is still President, the planes will not be

6:30 A.M.
When Jack returns to the loft, Sherry yells at him for leaving
her after she was stabbed. Her checks her minor wound and treats
her. Since Hewitt is dead, Jack will need her to get him closer
to Kingsley. Sherry will tell Kingsley that she can deliver
Hewitt because he still does not know that Hewitt is dead.
Suddenly, Jack falls back in pain, placing his hand to his chest.
Sherry asks him what is wrong. Jack admits that Kingsley's men
stopped his heart when they interrogated him. She encourages him
to see a doctor, but Jack insists that she help him get to
Kingsley. Sherry is to offer to trade Hewitt to Kingsley in
exchange for the evidence that implicates her. Knowing that
Kingsley will require proof, Jack tells Sherry that Hewitt
will do the talking.

6:32 A.M.
Kingsley speaks to Max again, and assures him that the American
government most likely does not have the source files for the
Cyprus recordings because the bombers are still on course for
the Middle East. Kingsley guarantees that Hewitt will be found
and eliminated.

6:33 A.M.
Chappelle has Tony placed under arrest. He inquires about
Michelle's participation, and Carrie offers her services to
find her.

6:34 A.M.
Michelle calls Jack when she is connected to Hewitt's computer.
He tells her that Hewitt described his program as one that can
recreate any voice. However, Hewitt's database has samples of
thousands of voices. To save time in finding which one is
Hewitt's, Jack asks Sherry when she last spoke to him. Michelle
retrieves a taped phone call between Hewitt and Sherry from the
pervious night. The recording is of Sherry asking Hewitt about
his relationship with Kingsley. Michelle gets a sample for the
integrator to recreate Hewitt's sound, and she need only to type
phrases in a separate file to be spoken in Hewitt's voice.
Michelle sees CTU agents outside her van, and quickly leads Jack
through the process. The agents raid her van just as Jack sees
the program he's looking for on Hewitt's monitor. As Jack calls
out for her over the phone line, Michelle is carted away in

6:37 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:41 A.M.
Palmer is lead down the federal building hallway by Novick to
a conference room. From a monitor in the White House bunker,
Prescott thanks Palmer for his help. Palmer tells him that he is
only doing this to save the military men flying in the planes
over Turkey. Palmer is then connected over the phone to the
Turkish Prime Minister to grant his personal request.

6:43 A.M.
Kate enters the Matheson house looking for Kim, who raises her
gun in fear. "Who are you?" she asks suspiciously. Kate explains
that Jack sent her, and she proves it by describing the events
that happened to Kim. Kim is wary to believe this stranger, but
Kate assures her that Jack trusted her enough to send her for his
daughter. As Kim lowers the gun, Kate approaches her cautiously.

6:45 A.M.
Michelle and Tony sit imprisoned in a CTU holding room. Tony
insists on taking all the blame by saying that she was only
following his orders. Michelle won't let him lie for her because
she did what she thought was right. She tenderly takes his hand.

6:47 A.M.
Novick ushers Palmer back into his confinement room, and tells
him that Prescott will keep him there until he makes his formal
announcement at a press conference. Novick awkwardly mentions to
his former boss that he granted Jacobs' request for low security
access on Palmer's behalf. Novick slinks out of the room as
Palmer stands stoically.

6:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:52 A.M.
As Kate drives to CTU, Kim asks her what her relationship is with
her father since she only just met him the previous day. Kate has
no clear answer. Kim says that she wants him to be happy since
her mother died. Kate tells her that she also lost her mother.

6:54 A.M.
Although Sherry is hesitant, Jack makes her call Kingsley with a
prepared script. Sherry demands from Kingsley the tapes that he
made of their conversations, and she offers up Hewitt in return.
Kingsley requests that he speak with Hewitt directly, and Sherry
feigns going to another room where her bodyguards have him held.
She holds the receiver to a computer speaker and Jack plays back
the generator of Hewitt's voice insisting to Kingsley that he
didn't say anything. Kingsley asks to speak with Hewitt again,
but on Jack's orders, Sherry refuses. Kingsley finally relents,
and gives Sherry a neutral meeting place at the Los Angeles
Coliseum to meet. Jack hangs up the phone and he and Sherry head
for the location.

6:56 A.M.
Kingsley tells his confidante Eve that Sherry has Hewitt.
Although he suspects that he is being set up, he has no other
choice but to meet her. He will set up shooters at the place,
knowing that Sherry and whomever else she is working with won't
leave there alive. Kingsley tells Eve that he will see her in
another country the following week, and when Eve leans in to hug
him, Kingsley grabs a knife off the desk to kill her.

6:59 A.M.
As they drive, Sherry chides Jack for not having a CTU backup at
the Coliseum meeting place. He is forced to take down Kingsley
himself. Sherry notices that Jack has trouble focusing on the
road, and she demands that he pull over. Jack rebuffs her because
there is no time. Suddenly, Jack winces and the car swerves. His
body contorts in pain and Jack loses control of the car. Sherry
grabs the steering wheel as they veer off to miss an oncoming
van. Jack's body goes limp and the car careens off the road into
an embankment in the riverbed basin.

Ticking clock.

7:00 A.M.
Although he is unhurt in the car crash, Jack becomes trapped
when his seat belt locks up. Sherry gets out of the car without
helping him, telling him that she has to take care of herself
first. He pleads with her because she is the only one who can
stop the war. Sherry at first refuses because Palmer turned
against her. Yet Jack makes an appeal to her that Palmer will
learn that she was the one responsible for getting him back his
presidency. Sherry gives in, and cuts Jack out of the seat belt.

7:03 A.M.
Attorney Brian Jacobs shows Novick a file on Kingsley. The
information proves that he made calls within the past few hours
to Coral Snake member Jonathan Wallace. Novick realizes that
Wallace is the one who killed his own men in an effort to
detonate the nuclear bomb.

7:04 A.M.
Prescott is briefed on the military attack. The bombers are set
to reach their target within the hour. Prescott readily accepts
the fact that there will be civilian casualties.

7:05 A.M.
Novick calls Chappelle, instructing him to provide assistance
for Jack on finding the evidence about the Cyprus recording.
Chappelle is confused because he is under the impression that
the country is already at war, but Novick insists that Chappelle
locate Jack as soon as possible.

7:06 A.M.
Kingsley phones Max and tells him that he is still looking for
Alex Hewitt. Max is alarmed because Hewitt is the only one who
could bring down their operation. Kingsley assures him that he
will take care of Hewitt.

7:07 A.M.
Chappelle goes into the room where Tony and Michelle are being
held. He demands that they put him in touch with Jack. They
agree to help him if he drops the charges against them. Chappelle

7:08 A.M.
Jack and Sherry leave the scene of their car crash. He lugs the
audio equipment weakly, leaning on Sherry for support. Jack tells
her that they are functioning without CTU authority. A driver
approaches them and offers his help. Jack pulls out his gun and
steals the man's car. He gets into the passenger seat while
Sherry takes the wheel.

7:08 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:13 A.M.
Kate and Kim are ushered into CTU and met by Carrie. To Carrie's
surprise, Tony takes over. He informs Kim that Jack is not
reachable. Tony then tells Kate that her father returned to CTU
after he was released from custody because he wanted to see

7:14 A.M.
At a holding cell, Bob Warner speaks to his daughter Marie
through a plexiglass wall. She looks back at him coldly and
does not speak. He tries to get an answer from her about why
she threatened their family and tried to start a war, but Marie
remains silent. Kate enters, and tells her father that Marie can
not provide any reason that they would understand. After Bob
leaves, Marie calls for Kate. "You think you'll be safe out
there?" she says. "You won't be."

7:17 A.M.
Tony calls Jack with news that Kim is safely at CTU. Chappelle
gets on the line to tell Jack that he now operating with full
support, but that he is to wait for backup before proceeding.
Kingsley, however, is expecting the meeting at the Los Angeles
Coliseum to go down immediately and Jack can not wait for backup.
He asks Chappelle to obtain audio voiceprints of both Kingsley
and Sherry to be used for authentication. Jack also wants a live
audio feed with the President. Chappelle grants these requests,
and sends a SWAT team to the location.

7:19 A.M.
Jack and Sherry arrive outside the Coliseum. He wires up Sherry
with a transmitter.

7:20 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:24 A.M.
Novick alerts Prescott that there is a strong chance they will
have evidence forcing a delay in military actions. Although the
Second Wave terrorist group brought the nuclear weapon into the
United States, a link has come up between the group and Peter
Kingsley. This may exonerate the Middle Eastern countries that
have traditionally backed Second Wave and are facing attack. This
also points the finger at an oil consortium who is behind the
bomb. Novick says that Jack Bauer will get a live audio
confession from Kingsley.

7:26 A.M.
At CTU, Michelle matches Sherry's voice over the live transmitter
to the voiceprint they have on record for her. Although the CTU
backup is minutes away, Jack needs to proceed because Kingsley
is waiting. Sherry admits to Jack that she is afraid of being
killed. He guarantees that Kingsley will not do anything until
he gets Hewitt, and after that, Jack will watch her back. Sherry
finds little comfort from this because of Jack's health. Jack
admits that there is a possibility that she may not survive.
Sherry asks him to convey to Palmer that she is doing this only
for her ex-husband, and makes her way toward the Coliseum
complex. Still at the car, a sudden pain grips Jack in the chest.

7:28 A.M.
As Prescott is set up on a live audio feed at the White House,
Novick arranges the same at the federal building in Los Angeles.
Palmer is brought in to listen. Palmer is impressed that Jack
found Kingsley, but he is taken aback when he learns that Sherry
is the one to deal with him. Novick explains that Sherry had been
recruited by Kingsley, but that she is now working with Jack at
considerable risk to herself.

7:29 A.M.
Sherry walks onto the grounds of the Coliseum sports arena. She
does not see a sniper in a tower above who takes aim at her.

7:30 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:34 A.M.
As Jack sets up beneath the stands, Sherry sees Kingsley approach
her. A cadre of guards surrounds him. Kingsley whispers into a
radio for his sharpshooter to wait until they get Hewitt. Sherry
tells Kingsley that Hewitt is safely hidden. As she speaks,
listening in is CTU, the White House and Palmer. Kingsley admits
that he used her to ignite the nuclear bomb. She demands that she
receive safe haven in return for handing over Hewitt. Michelle,
meanwhile, confirms that Kingsley's voice matches up. Sherry
gives Kingsley a cell phone, telling him that she will call him
with Hewitt's location once she is free. Kingsley gives her the
recordings of their phone conversations. She then asks for the
Cyprus recording as insurance. Kingsley doesn't understand why
she would want that tape since Hewitt is the only person who can
indict them. Kingsley states that Hewitt was the one who forged
the recording. Hearing this, Tony asks the White House for
confirmation to move on Kingsley. Prescott hesitates.

7:37 A.M.
Back at the Coliseum, Sherry again tells Kingsley that she will
call him when she lands at a secret location. Kingsley doesn't
believe that she really has Hewitt, and he instructs his sniper
to fire. Nothing happens. Kingsley looks up to the tower, but his
sharpshooter is gone. Just as Kingsley's other guard draws his
gun on Sherry, Jack appears in the above tower with the sniper
rifle. He shoots at the guard and kills him. Jack yells for
Sherry to run. She takes off, and Jack aims at the other guards.
Kingsley ducks behind a wall and fires at Jack. Palmer is
horrified by the gunfire he is hearing over the live feed. From
his high vantage point, Jack takes out all but one of Kingsley's
men. He leaves the tower and grabs Sherry as she waits under the
bleachers in a tunnel. The last of Kingsley's guards charges at
Jack in the tunnel, and as they fight, Jack loses his weapon.
Sherry runs for cover. Jack proceeds to struggle with the guard,
and knocks away a gun from the man's ankle holster. Jack snaps
the guys' neck, and the guard falls dead. Jack is jolted with
another, much stronger pain in his chest. He stumbles to the
ground as Kingsley slowly approaches. Jack reaches for the gun
that fell from his attacker's holster and aims weakly at
Kingsley. The chambers of the gun, however, are empty of bullets.
Recognizing Jack, Kingsley raises his gun. Suddenly, shots from
a CTU helicopter ring out. Kingsley falls down dead. The SWAT
team raids the Coliseum and attends to Jack.

7:42 A.M.
Palmer listens in as Prescott orders the attack to be aborted.

7:43 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:47 A.M.
A man named Trepkos phones Max with news that Kingsley has been
killed and that the President called off the war. Max says that
they will have to go another way. Trepkos is unsure about what he
means. Max tells him that he will soon find out because it will
start today. Max hangs up and calls someone else. He gives the
unknown person the go-ahead.

7:48 A.M.
Before a video screen of the assembled Cabinet, Prescott informs
Palmer that they have decided to annul the earlier action. Palmer
is reinstated as President. Prescott also tenders his resignation
along with the other Cabinet members who voted against Palmer.
Palmer tells them that he is not accepting their resignations.
Although they did not act as leaders, he knows that they will
never make those same mistakes again. Palmer then orders an
immediate press conference. He thanks Novick for making the
call to CTU at the last possible moment. However, Palmer is
disappointed that Novick did not stand by him. He relieves
Novick from his post.

7:52 A.M.
Chappelle happily tells Tony that the District Director is
pleased with their actions. Tony demands that Chappelle get out
of his chair. Chappelle makes the gesture, giving Tony his job
back. Michelle comes in, and Tony thanks her for making the
right choices even if she had to go up against him. He sends her
home, saying "I'll see you tomorrow."

7:54 A.M.
As he lies on a gurney, Jack sees Kate and Kim arrive at the
Coliseum. Kate watches as Kim runs over to him, crying. Jack
tells Kim that everything will be all right. Kim kisses her
father's head, and says that she will take care of him.

7:56 A.M.
At a press conference outside the federal building, Palmer
pronounces to the public that the nation is safe. As he makes his
way through the cheering crowd and accepts handshakes, a woman
calls for the President. She reaches her hand out to him. The
woman is Mandy, who was hired by Ira Gaines the previous year in
the plot to assassinate Palmer. Palmer clasps Mandy's hand in a
kind shake. She leaves the crowd and walks alone into a
stairwell. Using tongs, Mandy peels off a sheer layer of some
substance from the palm of her right hand. She places the filmy
peel into a metal container. Mandy phones Max and says, "It's

7:59 A.M.
After reaching his limo, Palmer looks down at his right hand.
The flesh on it has been eaten away. His breath is shortened and
he falls to the ground. The crowd panics as the Secret Service
agents scan the scene with their guns. Palmer gasps for air

Silent clock.


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