Dark Necron
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24: Day 3

Palmer looks down at his right hand. The flesh on it has been
eaten away. His breath is shortened and he falls to the ground.
The crowd panics as the Secret Service agents scan the scene
with their guns.

Three Years Later

1:00 P.M.
A van makes its way through the streets of Los Angeles. Inside,
men prepare a small bomb. The vehicle pulls up behind the
National Health Services facility. With gloved hands, the men
unravel a dead body onto the ground and attach the bomb to the
door of the building. They speed away and detonate the explosion.
A security guard comes to the blown off door and sees the
decomposed body.

1:02 P.M.
Jack enters a federal holding facility in Downey. He is
accompanied by his young Field Ops partner, Agent Chase Edmunds.
They approach an interrogation room where prisoner Ramon Salazar
is seated. District Attorney Luis Annicon tells Jack that Salazar
plans to give up the terrorist cells he deals with in return for
a reduced prison sentence. Jack is worried that this deal-making
will hinder the unstable Salazar from revealing anything. Jack
had spent the last year infiltrating Salazar's drug ring in order
to bring down the terrorists associated with it. Annicon is
insistent that they not sweeten the deal. Salazar calls out to
Jack from the two-way mirror. "The things you did to get me here,
I wouldn't wish on anyone," he says. Salazar's lawyer Shaye hands
him a pen to sign the deal. Salazar takes the pen and stabs Shaye
in the throat. As the guards pull him off, Salazar tells Jack,
"This is your fault. What happens next is on you too." Chase
lunges at Salazar, but Jack restrains him.

1:08 P.M.
A Hazmat team encases the body at the National Health Services
complex. Dr. Sunny Macer from the facility is informed that her
name was written on duct tape attached to the chest of the body.
Dr. Macer recognizes the virus on the body. It is a strain her
group at Health Services has been simulating. She orders that
they notify Director Tony Almeida at CTU.

1:09 P.M.
At CTU, analyst Adam Kaufman complains to his boss Tony about
another co-worker. Tony tells Adam to lighten up. Tony's wife
Michelle lets him know that Dr. Macer is on the line for him.
Michelle is antsy about a job offer that will allow her to follow
Tony. Dr. Macer warns Tony that someone dropped off a body
carrying a strain of a pneumatic virus. It is a strong
possibility that this was a message from someone who is willing
to unleash it on the public. Tony asks her for the body's blood
work so that CTU can make an identification. Tony then gives
Michelle the task of setting a level one protocol search.

1:12 P.M.
Jack, Chase and Annicon analyze the security footage from the
interrogation room. Jack questions why Salazar chose today to
kill his lawyer. Jack phones Tony and asks if anything unusual
is going on. Tony gives him the news about a possible bio-threat
from the body at Health Services. Tony wonders if it might be
connected to Salazar.

1:14 P.M.
Ticking clock.

Palmer's limousine arrives at the University of Southern
California to a throng of reporters and a cheering crowd. This is
the first time that the President has been in Los Angeles since
the attempt on his life. Palmer is met by Wayne, his brother and
Chief of Staff. They enter the auditorium to rehearse for
Palmer's debate with his campaign opponent, Senator John Keeler.
Wayne notices his brother's shortness of breath. Palmer assures
him that he is fine and he will wait for his personal physician,
Anne, to arrive.

1:16 P.M.
As Jack and Chase leave the holding facility, Annicon chases
after them. Jack knows that Salazar won't give up any more
information. The prisoner chose this day for a reason, and Jack
needs to return to CTU to find out why. In the car, Chase asks
Jack how he is doing. Jack feigns ignorance. "You know what I'm
talking about," Chase says pointedly. They hold a look, but are
interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone. Jack takes a call
from Kate Warner. He is uncomfortable when she tells him that
she found his jacket. They have not spoken in some time. Kate
says that she misses him. Jack awkwardly apologizes and hangs
up. Chase inquires about Kate, but Jack brushes this off. Jack
seems restless and says that he needs water.

1:18 P.M.
Michelle listens as Tony receives a call from Larry Hertzog at
Langley. Although he does not have a position for Michelle,
Hertzog needs an answer from Tony by the end of the day about
whether he will accept the job offered to him. Michelle
encourages Tony to accept because it is a good career move for
him. She will follow him as his wife even though she won't be
employed. "If they don't have a job for you, I'm not interested,"
Tony says. Michelle goes down to speak with Kimberly, who is now
working as a low-level analyst at CTU. Michelle instructs Kim to
do a global capability search for terrorist cells. Kim begins
her task with competence and self-assuredness.

1:21 P.M.
At the Salazar Ranch in Las Nieves, Northern Mexico, Ramon
Salazar's brother Hector watches a trainer break in a horse.
Hector kisses his girlfriend Claudia and his cell phone rings.
A technician named Gael stands in front of a monitor that has
surveillance from the Health Services building. Gael informs
Hector that "they have the body." Hector orders Gael to wait
ten minutes for it to enter the system and then make his call.

1:23 P.M.
Michelle gives Adam the stats on the body and requests an ID
analysis. She then asks Kim to assist him, much to the
consternation of Adam. Yet Adam won't give Kim the information
even though his superior told him to do so. Adam tells Kim that
he is bothered because she only got her job based on nepotism.
Kim doesn't answer him. Instead, she calmly freezes his computer.
Adam gets flustered, and Kim mentions that it couldn't have been
her fault because she is the incompetent who is there because of
her father. Adam demands that she unlock him, but Kim defiantly
requests the data fork for Michelle's search. Adam gives in.

1:25 P.M.
Jack and Chase enter CTU. Jack goes upstairs to the Field
Operations office. Chloe O'Brian, his coordinator, tells Jack
that she is in sync with all the data from Health Services and
the Salazar file, but that she couldn't get the date keys because
Adam is blocking her. Flustered and sweating, Jack orders Chloe
to do what she has to do. She leaves and closes the door to
Jack's office. With shaking hands, Jack loosens his tie and bends
over in agony. Michelle calls to notify him of a conference call
with Health Services. In his anxious state, Jack will not go
downstairs with the other agents. He asks to be patched through
from his desk.

1:26 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:27 P.M.
Kim goes into the ITS room to look for a piece of hardware. Chase
comes up from behind and nuzzles her neck playfully. Kim giggles.
She inquires about her dad and the Salazar case. Chase answers
that Jack is doing fine. Kim thinks it's time to admit to her
father that they have been dating, but Chase disagrees. He
relents, but wants to do it himself. They share a kiss, but
cover when another worker enters.

1:29 P.M.
Dr. Macer briefs Tony and Michelle on test results from the
decomposed body. Jack listens in on the teleconference from his
office. The virus has been engineered to kill more rapidly. She
predicts that, with one initial location of this weaponized
strain, thousands of people could be infected within two days.
Over a million people will die in the first week. Health Services
has no idea who has the virus or what form it's in.

1:30 P.M.
A teenager named Kyle in Canoga Park hides a bag of drugs in his

1:31 P.M.
Palmer is quizzed during a debate run-through. He addresses his
health, explaining that he exercises every morning for a
sixteen-hour work day. Wayne urges him to avoid those defensive
responses by stating that his Administration arrested and exposed
those behind the assassination attempt. The President takes a
break when his private physician, Dr. Anne Packard, arrives. Anne
puts the blood pressure cuff onto Palmer's arm over the skin that
was affected by the deadly attack three years ago. After learning
that Palmer's blood pressure is normal, Anne prescribes that he
be given a full workup when he returns to Washington. Wayne
dismisses Anne to inform the President that a contagious virus
was found on a body in Los Angeles. CTU is investigating whether
this is a criminal action.

1:33 P.M.
Jack impatiently questions Chloe about Salazar transcripts. He
yells at her, even though she followed proper procedure. Chase
notices Jack's erratic behavior and confronts him about it. Chase
notes that Jack looks unwell, and Jack takes offense. Jack calls
Chloe and apologizes. Chase is ready to come clean about his
relationship with Kim when the intercom buzzes. Tony has new
information on Salazar. Chase says they can talk later.

1:38 P.M.
Chase tells Kim that he was not able to admit the truth to Jack
just yet. He goes into the conference room with Tony and Jack.
Tony plays back an anonymous tip phoned to the FBI. The caller
identifies his group as being in possession of a type three
pulmonary immuno virus. They demand the liberation of Ramon
Salazar in the next six hours. If the government refuses to
comply, the group will release the virus to the public. Since
Jack has tracked Salazar for the last year, he suspects that
Salazar's brother Hector is behind this. The Salazars own
property in Mexico and South America under fake corporations,
and the Mexican government can not find them. Jack knows that
questioning Salazar won't work either. Michelle interrupts with
an ID on the body. The man was David Goss, a street drug dealer
in East L.A. who also once worked as an informant. Jack directs
them to find out who Goss was in contact with, including his
drug supplier. He and Chase go looking for something on Hector.

1:40 P.M.
At the Salazar ranch, Hector drives up to an area where workers
have dug a large pit. A foreman warily instructs a truck to dump
a mound of decomposed dead bodies into the hole. Hector is
unmoved, but his girlfriend Claudia is shaken. Her father is the
foreman. The men set fire to the bodies and cover the hole.

1:43 P.M.
Annicon goes to Salazar's cell to find out why he killed Shaye.
Salazar says he didn't want his attorney talking to Annicon.
Salazar tries to goad Annicon into beating him up to get the
truth. Annicon doesn't take the bait and walks away.

1:44 P.M.
Ticking clock.

When they arrive back at the house, Claudia is angry. Hector had
promised that her father would not be involved in his illegal
business. She is hurt that he broke his word. Hector feels bad
and tries to make it up to her, but she won't have any of it.
Hector phones Gael and asks if he made the call to the FBI. Gael
confirms this and says he is keeping an eye on "their boy."

1:46 P.M.
What Gael sees on his monitor is Kyle at the pool outside his
apartment. Kyle reluctantly confesses to his friend Tim that he
was paid to go down to Tijuana in order to transport cocaine
across the border. Kyle is not selling the drugs, but is only
trying to make money because his mother is on dialysis and his
father is unemployed. He offers Tim payment to accompany him to
the drop off.

1:48 P.M.
Palmer enters the makeshift war room set up at the USC campus.
Wayne informs him of the Salazar release demands. There is no
sign that they should cancel the debate, but there is discussion
among the agencies and bureaus as to whether the President should
remain in Los Angeles. Secret Service Agent Pierce tells Palmer
that Anne wants to see him. Palmer meets her in an adjoining
area, and Anne gives him some pills to increase his energy. She
notices that he seems upset. "It's just going to be another one
of those days," Palmer sighs without revealing anything. He
kisses her tenderly on the lips and returns to the war room.

1:52 P.M.
Jack impatiently tries to pull up a map on the computer in the
Field Ops office, and Chase points out Jack's errors. Frustrated,
Jack goes back into his office. Chase follows him. Although Chase
looks up to Jack and would take a bullet on his behalf, he knows
about what happened to Jack while he was undercover on Salazar.
Jack tells Chase to mind his own business. Chase asks that Jack
not try to prove that everything is okay because it's going to
be a rough day. "Get your head straight, so we can do our work,"
Chase says as he walks out the door. Shaken, Jack clicks a remote
control. The windows of the office electronically tint to give
him privacy. Jack opens his office locker and pulls out a medical
kit. He rolls up his sleeve and ties a tourniquet around his arm.
Jack prepares a syringe full of heroin. As he's about to inject
his own arm, Kim buzzes on the intercom. She asks if she can come
up to speak with him. Jack says that he is busy. Kim wants him to
call her when he has a few extra minutes. After hearing his
daughter's voice, Jack stops before the needle penetrates his
skin. He throws the syringe across the room in anger.

1:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:00 P.M.
Jack cleans up the remains from the smashed syringes in his
office. He finds one vial of heroin that was not destroyed.
He places it back into his medical kit.

2:02 P.M.
Tony and his team brief White House Chief of Staff Wayne Palmer
on the terrorist's demands. Dr. Macer from National Health
Services is also on the teleconference, and she conveys the
severity of the situation. This leaked virus is a strain that
Health Services has never seen before because it has been
engineered to kill ten times faster. Wayne reiterates the
President's policy of standing firm against terrorists. Wayne
knows that Palmer will not free Salazar, regardless of the

2:05 P.M.
Kim calls her father to remind him that she needs to speak to him
about something personal. Jack promises he will come down to see
her when he has more time. Chase notices that Jack did not shoot
up the heroin. Jack admits that he has been tapering off his
usage and will now stop. Chase doesn't think this is a good day
for him to need a fix, and he suggests a methadone program. Jack
refuses to go on record with his addiction. He orders Chase to
get back to work.

2:06 P.M.
Chloe asks Chase about what she overheard on the teleconference.
She's worried about a possible outbreak in a few hours. He asks
about the list of the drug dealer David Goss' associates. Chloe
says that Kim will be bringing the information shortly.

2:07 P.M.
Kim comes up to the Field Ops area to give Chase the list. He
asks why she insists on telling Jack about their secret today.
Jack harbors doubts that a Field Agent could ever sustain a
relationship. As Chase watches, Kim enters Jack's office. She
confesses to her father that she and Chase have been seriously
dating. Jack is thrown by the news, but doesn't let on to his
concern. She leaves, telling Chase that Jack had nothing to say.

2:11 P.M.
Dr. Macer calls Michelle with an update on Goss' autopsy. The
virus may have been transmitted in crystalline form, which means
that the delivery mechanism is a white powder that could
resemble cocaine or heroin.

2:12 P.M.
Kyle tries to persuade his friend Tim to accompany him in the
drug delivery, but Tim refuses. Kyle gets a call from a guy named
Zach who orders him to drop off the cocaine at 7:30. Kyle
nervously agrees.

2:13 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:17 P.M.
Michelle notifies Jack that she found the last known address for
Goss. He grabs Chase and they pull guns from the cabinet. Tony
orders Michelle to place transmitters onto Jack and Chase so that
CTU can monitor their movements. Michelle hands Jack the Goss
file. Kim brings over a medical kit to ward against the virus.
"Be careful," she says to Chase as he follows Jack out.

2:19 P.M.
Outside CTU, Jack and Chase get in the SUV. Chase confirms for
Jack that things are getting serious with Kim. Jack eyes his
partner warily. There's tension as they drive away.

2:20 P.M.
At the University of Southern California campus, Palmer questions
whether he should proceed with the debate in the face of a virus
threat. Wayne notes that CTU and the Pentagon are working on it
and that the President can only wait. Palmer wants assurances
that Wayne is not advising him out of fear that his campaign
image will suffer. Wayne thinks the best thing to do is proceed
with the debate and respond when they have more information.
Senator Keeler arrives and Palmer shakes his opponent's hand in
front of the media. The President spots Wayne having a talk with
one of Keeler's staff. Wayne later tells Palmer that he may have
found an "opportunity."

2:22 P.M.
After a silence, Chase initiates a talk with Jack about the Kim
situation. Jack only placed his daughter at CTU to keep her safe.
Jack feels that his job has ruined every relationship he's ever
had. Chase concedes that it's not the job, but Jack himself who
is the problem. Jack thinks Chase won't be able to have a
relationship with anyone, especially Kim. Jack gets a call from
Annicon who questions why Salazar can not be moved from the
prison. Jack lets the lawyer know that there is a possibility
that Salazar might be released because of leverage from Hector
Salazar. Jack won't reveal any more, and hangs up. He tells
Chase that they will continue their conversation later.

2:24 P.M.
Annicon enters Ramon Salazar's cell and asks about his brother
Hector's activities. Salazar plays dumb. Salazar smugly mentions
that if he's allowed to go free, he will kill Annicon's wife and
children. Annicon lunges at the prisoner in anger.

2:26 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:30 P.M.
Wayne checks in with Tony, and then informs Palmer that CTU is
following their leads. The new suspect is Hector Salazar, but
they are still unaware if this is a bluff to release Ramon
Salazar. Palmer asks about the "opportunity" they spoke of
earlier. Wayne might be able to get Keeler's playbook that
outlines how he will answer questions in the debate. "I am not
talking about pulling a Sherry and stealing it," Wayne snarls
when his brother questions his ruthless tactics. Palmer makes it
clear that he doesn't want Wayne to go that far.

2:33 P.M.
In the restroom at CTU, Kim asks Michelle if it has been a
problem working with her husband in the office. She has been
dating Chase, and Jack seems to be bothered by this. Michelle
advises Kim to keep it between herself and Chase. Michelle leaves
the ladies room and Tony stops her. They have learned that Hector
may be working out of Northern Mexico. Tony wants her to alert
all of CTU's contacts to see if he's been spotted there.

2:35 P.M.
Hector calls Gael from his Los Nieves ranch in Northern Mexico.
Gael knows that the President has already been informed but has
not cancelled the debate. Hector spots Claudia arguing with her
father, the ranch foreman. Claudia's father is worried about her
involvement with Hector's illegal activities. Hector yells at
Claudia for raising her voice to her father, and then he slaps
Claudia in front of him. She slaps him back without missing a
beat. "How I conduct myself with my father is my concern," she
tells him. Hector smiles and kisses her.

2:37 P.M.
Chloe informs Tony that Jack and Chase have arrived at the
location, but that Jack doesn't have time to wire up the
transmitters. Tony demands that Chloe keep him apprised of
any information from Field Ops. Chloe reluctantly obliges.

2:38 P.M.
Jack and Chase approach a plainclothes officer who debriefs them
on the activity inside the condemned building where Goss is known
to reside. There are a number of people inside this crack den.
The police have been ordered to stand down and wait for CTU.
Jack and Chase will go in by themselves without backup so as
not to set off any warnings.

Ticking clock.

2:43 P.M.
Jack and Chase go inside the building and pass rooms filled with
people taking drugs. They are stopped by a guy who alerts the
others that a cop is on the premises. Zach, the guy waiting for
Kyle's delivery, shoots at Jack and Chase. They fire back and
Zach runs away. Jack pursues Zach through the empty building and
wounds him. Zach falls to the ground, bleeding. He confesses to
Jack that Goss' supplier is Carlos Corretja from Tijuana.
Corretja is one of Salazar's mid-level distributors. Zach is
supposed to call Corretja that night after his hired mule brings
a small bag of cocaine across the border. What is strange is that
the guy was paid $10,000 to transport it up, and the cocaine
isn't even worth that much. Zach says that the mule named Kyle
Singer still has the bag.

2:46 P.M.
Kyle hands cash to his building landlord to prevent his family
from getting evicted. His mother wants to know where he got the
money. Inside the apartment, Kyle's girlfriend sees the bag of
cocaine in his room.

2:48 P.M.
Tony instructs the CTU staff to investigate Kyle Singer based on
Jack's findings.

Ticking clock.

2:53 P.M.
Kyle's girlfriend Linda confronts him about dealing drugs. He
tells her that he is only delivering it to make money for his
family. Linda breaks up with him and walks out. Kyle's mother
says that his father won't be happy about what he's doing.

2:55 P.M.
Palmer stops in to see Anne. He is having her security level
upgraded because he needs her medical advice. After he informs
her of the virus that might be spread, she warns him to leave
Los Angeles. Palmer asks that she speak to Dr. Macer and bring
herself up to speed. They embrace. Agent Pierce comes in to
notify the President that Wayne would like to show him something.

2:57 P.M.
Jack instructs Chase to take Zach back to CTU, but Chase wants
to go with Jack to find Kyle Singer. "Are you punishing me for
dating your daughter?" Chase asks. Jack says that he now has to
prevent Chase from being in harm's way because Kim loves him.
Chase is dumbfounded as Jack drives off.

2:58 P.M.
Wayne shows his brother the copy of Keeler's playbook. Palmer is
furious, but Wayne tells him there are things in there about Anne
that they were not aware of. This information could damage them

2:59 P.M.
Hector calls his informant Gael, who updates him that Kyle is
still in the house with the cocaine. Gael pulls up surveillance
footage of the CTU office on his monitor. He exits the room he is
in to enter the CTU main floor. Kim approaches him and tells him
that Chloe has been looking for him. Gael, a worker at CTU, goes
to find her.

Ticking clock.

3:00 P.M.
Jack goes to meet with Dr. Nicole Duncan, the head of Health
Services for Los Angeles, in order to bring a Hazmat team to Kyle
Singer's house. As he's waiting for her in his car on the side of
the freeway, Jack takes out the heroin kit in need of a fix. He
ties up his arm and fills the syringe with the drug. But before
he can inject himself, a squad of Health Services vans pulls up.
Jack hurriedly puts the paraphernalia away. Dr. Duncan gets into
the passenger seat and greets him. Jack drives off with the
Health Services Hazmat team in tow. Dr. Duncan says that Dr.
Macer's estimates are off. She believes that the virus would
infect 20% of the population in one week and that it is more
deadly than originally thought. Duncan notices that Jack is
perspiring, but he fends it off as being overworked. Then Duncan
sees the heroin vial on the floor of the car.

3:05 P.M.
Michelle listens to the recorded phone message from the
terrorists. She summons Gael over to see a discovery she made
about the signal, unaware that he is the source of the scrambled
voice. Michelle has figured out that the call was made from
inside the United States, and she wants Gael to try to narrow it
down. She tells him that Jack is closing in on the location of
the virus. Chloe stops Gael to inquire about an audio feed for
Jack. Gael says that he must do something else first.

3:06 P.M.
At the Salazar Ranch, Claudia suggests to Hector that he won't
want to give up running the business once Ramon returns from
prison. Gael calls Hector's cell phone to tell him that Jack is
about to discover the virus. Hector gets assurance that their
guy Gomez is still on Kyle Singer's tail.

3:07 P.M.
Kyle's father asks his son how he found the money to pay off the
rent. Kyle says that he got a tip at the racetrack, and didn't
do anything illegal. The father becomes angry, and Kyle locks
himself in his room.

3:08 P.M.
Tony briefs his team on Kyle Singer and the possibility that he
is holding the virus in what he believes is a bag of cocaine.
The boy has no idea what he is in possession of.

3:09 P.M.
As his parents argue in the living room, Kyle puts the cocaine
into a gym bag. He goes to leave, but his father stops him to ask
what's in his duffel. The father grabs it and finds the baggie
full of white powder. Kyle fights with his dad and runs out. The
baggie breaks open. A room fan blows some of the powder into the

3:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:16 P.M.
Kim exits Tony's meeting and sees Chase talking to CTU
associates. She asks why he isn't with her father, and Chase says
that Jack sent him to the sidelines because of his relationship
with her. Kim is adamant that Jack would have had the same
reaction regardless of when he found out.

3:18 P.M.
Salazar has his prison guard contact Annicon because he is ready
to talk. Annicon, who is outside the prison, hurries back inside.

3:19 P.M.
President Palmer doesn't believe what is in Senator Keeler's
playbook about Anne. Wayne knows that the allegation alone could
hurt them even if it is untrue. He asks Palmer to confirm whether
Anne has told him everything. Wayne admits to not liking Anne,
but he wants to make sure that Palmer knows what he's facing
before he steps into the debate with Keeler.

3:20 P.M.
Annicon comes in to see Salazar. Salazar knows that Jack wouldn't
reveal the virus threat to Annicon. He tells the lawyer that he
will be released in a few hours because of his brother Hector.
Salazar's guard whacks Annicon over the head with a baton and
strangles him from behind. Salazar watches as Annicon dies.
Salazar informs the guard that his son will now be returned.
The guard slinks away in shame.

3:22 P.M.
Kyle's parents are arguing over what to do about their son when
they see figures outside their window. Suddenly, a buzz saw cuts
through the front door. The mother panics and dumps the bag of
powder into the toilet bowl. Jack, Dr. Duncan and a team dressed
in Hazmat suits invade the apartment. Jack radios Tony that the
virus is in the sewage system and could possibly be airborne.

3:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:28 P.M.
Palmer confronts Anne over what is in Keeler's research. She
claims to have told the President everything she knows. Her
ex-husband, Ted, was convicted by the SEC for fabricating
research at his drug company. Although Ted once testified that
Anne knew nothing about it, he is now saying that she was aware
of the lies when she reviewed the medical research. Palmer has
reason to be suspicious, but Anne says that she told him the
whole truth. He says that he does trust her. Wayne calls and
says he might have a way to make the whole thing go away. He
asks his brother to meet him in the USC auditorium.

3:30 P.M.
Dr. Macer assures Tony that she is optimistic about containing
the virus or lessening the casualties based on the speed of Dr.
Duncan's team. Michelle informs Tony that the local news has
picked up the story on the body being dumped at Health Services.
He instructs her to not let the press know anything. Then the
prison warden calls with news of Annicon.

3:32 P.M.
Jack lets the frightened Singers know that their son Kyle may
have carried a virus from Mexico when he thought he was
transporting drugs. They need to be quarantined until more is
learned. Tony calls Jack on his cell to tell him that Annicon
was killed by Salazar's prison guard. Suddenly, a wave of
claustrophobia hits Jack and he clicks off from Tony. Jack
rushes to the biohazard shower and quickly rinses his Hazmat
suit. He tears the mask off and vomits. Dr. Duncan's team
assesses that the powder is harmless and that the Singers tested
negative for the virus. She brings Jack the news. He wonders if
the virus is being contained inside a living host -- Kyle Singer.
Since the incubation period is fourteen hours, the fact that
Kyle was in Mexico eleven hours ago and Hector Salazar threatened
to release the virus in three hours adds up.

3:35 P.M.
As he exits a city bus, Kyle calls his girlfriend Linda. He needs
her to help him get money to pay for the cocaine because his dad
took the bag away. She reluctantly agrees to steal money from her
parents and meet Kyle at the mall. Following Kyle is the Salazar
hired gun, Gomez. Gael reports to Gomez that CTU knows the powder
does not hold the virus. He orders Gomez to take Kyle into
containment without the police getting him first.

3:36 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:41 P.M.
Wayne tells the President that Anne's ex-husband wants money
to keep his mouth shut. Palmer refuses to give in to blackmail.
Wayne says that Anne will be on the front page of every
newspaper, and Palmer can prevent that from happening. Palmer
agrees to pay Ted Packard.

3:43 P.M.
Jack informs the Singers that the powder is harmless, but that
Kyle may have been infected. Jack gives Tony the number of the
cell phone Kyle is carrying, while Mr. Singer calls his son
under the instruction to keep him on the line so that they can
trace it.

3:45 P.M.
Kyle answers the cell phone and is surprised to hear his father
on the other end of the line. Mr. Singer tells his son that he
may have contracted a virus when he went to Mexico. Kyle thinks
his dad turned him into the cops, but Mr. Singer tries to
convince him that he could get sick. Kyle hangs up, but Tony is
able to track the location as the Los Feliz Mall. Tony says he
can quickly fly a team to the mall to meet Jack. Jack agrees,
but makes Tony promise not to send Chase.

3:46 P.M.
Chloe tells Chase that Tony is going to the location where Kyle
Singer has been found. Chase is annoyed because he is being cut
out of the investigation. He runs out to catch Tony before he is
to board a waiting helicopter. Chase argues that he is being
made to pay because he is seeing Kim. "Take it up with Jack,"
Tony says as he walks off.

3:48 P.M.
Gomez follows Kyle in the mall.

Ticking clock.

3:53 P.M.
Jack drives to the mall with the Hazmat team in tow. His cell
phone rings, and he sees on the caller ID that it's Chase. Dr.
Duncan notices that Jack refuses to answer it. Frustrated, Chase
tosses his cell phone in the trashcan. Kim approaches Chase to
tell him that her father will come around. "Maybe you don't know
him as well as you think," Chase answers, alluding to the heroin
addiction. She says that, other than telling Jack, the only
other option is for them to stop seeing each other. Chase is

3:55 P.M.
Tony's chopper lands at the mall, and the security guard reports
that Kyle Singer has been spotted. As Jack drives toward the
location, Dr. Duncan asks him how long he has been using heroin
because she recognized the symptoms. Jack admits that he became
addicted while undercover with the Salazars, but that he is not
currently high. She doesn't want to turn him in but she is
worried about him. Duncan has a responsibility to stop the virus,
and she asks Jack not to screw the case up. Jack gets a call
from Tony, who says that they are in place to grab Kyle. Jack
pulls up to the mall entrance.

3:57 P.M.
Gomez calls Gael to warn him that CTU is about to pick up Kyle.
Gael orders him to stand down. Gomez refuses to wait and heads
toward the kid.

3:58 P.M.
Gomez walks past Kyle, and brushes against Tony's arm as Tony
approaches the boy. Tony tells Kyle that what his father said
about the virus is true. Kyle is frozen by the sight of Gomez's
raised gun behind Tony. Gomez fires, and Tony is hit in the neck.
Kyle flees as the other mall patrons scream in fear. Jack runs
in amid the confusion and spots Tony lying motionless on the
ground. Jack radios for help with a warning that Kyle Singer
is not in custody. He kneels down and presses his hand to Tony's
bleeding neck.

3:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:00 P.M.
Kim and Michelle are both worried when they learn that gunshots
were fired at the mall. Then Jack calls to give Michelle the news
that Tony's been hit in the neck. She is now in command of CTU,
but Jack says that if she wants to be by her husband's side, she
must turn over her command to someone else. As she's about to
leave for the hospital, Michelle is asked to deal with a second
Salazar phone call. She orders Kim to be on the lookout for news
about Tony while she attends to the investigation.

4:04 P.M.
Michelle and her team listen to the second phone call with
instructions for releasing Salazar. Unbeknownst to the CTU
workers, it is Gael's filtered voice on the message. Whoever
is sending these messages is controlling Kyle Singer's movements
and they only have two hours to find him.

4:05 P.M.
Linda calls Kyle from the mall parking lot. She can't get
through because security is barricading the entrance. He has her
meet him at another location nearby. Meanwhile, Gomez gets in a
pickup truck and follows Kyle. Kyle sees Linda's car and makes
her slide into the passenger seat while he drives.

4:06 P.M.
Chase approaches Kim in the CTU bullpen to ask about Tony. As
she sees Michelle trying to work through her anguish, Kim notes
that this must be the reason why Jack doesn't want her and Chase
together. Chase wants to interrogate Salazar again, even though
Jack thinks it's a waste of time. Kim suggests he run it by
Michelle. Chase leaves without doing so.

4:07 P.M.
A doctor from the hospital calls Michelle to get her verbal
agreement to operate on Tony. She asks him to call her at CTU
when Tony's out of surgery.

4:08 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:12 P.M.
Palmer is uneasy about the decision to give in to Anne's
ex-husband's blackmail. Wayne tries to convince him that it's the
best solution for everyone, including Anne. Their conversation is
interrupted by a call from Jack. Jack informs the President that
he will be unable to find Kyle Singer before the virus is to be
released. Based on the nation's policy, Palmer is unwilling to
negotiate with terrorists. He will keep Salazar in prison,
regardless of the threat to the lives of American citizens.
Palmer hangs up and asks Wayne to arrange a full briefing on
quarantine and evacuation procedures.

4:15 P.M.
As they drive, Kyle admits to Linda that he isn't sure that what
he got from Mexico is drugs. Authorities have told his parents
that he was used to bring some kind of disease into the country,
and that it might still be in his body. Linda has him pull over
so she can get out. She is afraid of contracting whatever disease
Kyle may have. She gives him her father's stolen money. Suddenly,
Gomez and his driver pull up. Kyle tells Linda to run away, but
the men capture both of them.

4:17 P.M.
Michelle maps out the investigation for the President and his
advisors. Dr. Duncan remarks that, with a quick quarantine, she
may be able to reduce casualties under 90,000 people. This news
is still grim. Wayne tells Palmer that he has a call from Jack.

4:18 P.M.
Jack presents for the President another option that will allow
him to preserve the nation's policy of non-negotiation with
terrorists while still stopping a virus outbreak. Jack wants to
remove Salazar so that it looks like a prison break. From within
CTU, it would appear that Jack has switched sides. Yet Jack needs
Palmer's approval, even though it means that this will become his
last mission and he will become a fugitive from the law. "If you
don't say anything, Mr. President, I will accept that as a go for
this mission," Jack says. Palmer is silent.

4:20 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:25 P.M.
Anne spots Wayne secretly taking a briefcase from an aide, and
she asks him where he is going. Wayne says he is attending to
government business. She questions whether this has something to
do with her ex-husband. Wayne reiterates that it is government

Michelle calls the hospital and inquires about her husband.
She is told that Tony is still in surgery. Chloe comes in and
apologizes to Michelle about pushing work on her because she
didn't know about Tony. Chloe then warns Gael about being
sensitive to Michelle's state of mind. When Gael's cell phone
rings, Chloe asks why he has a personal cell phone on the
premises. CTU employees are prohibited from using one because
they can not be monitored. Gael dismisses her with a fake reason.

4:27 P.M.
The caller to Gael is Hector Salazar. Hector is frustrated
because the American government has not yet agreed to release
his brother from prison. After he hangs up, Hector realizes that
a gun case on his desk has been opened and one weapon is missing.
He draws his own gun, only to find Sergio, Claudia's eleven
year-old brother, harmlessly playing with it. Hector teaches the
boy how to fire at a target, and Claudia storms in angrily. She
takes the gun away and aims it at Hector. He dares her to pull
the trigger. Claudia puts the gun down without shooting him.

4:30 P.M.
Kyle and Linda are brought to a warehouse and are locked inside
an airproof chamber. They watch as men wearing Hazmat suits
spray down Gomez and his driver to rid them of any toxins.

4:31 P.M.
Anne asks Palmer if he is paying off her ex-husband, Ted. He
admits that he was forced to do so, but only to protect her.
"I can defend myself," she says simply.

4:33 P.M.
Palmer phones Wayne, who is waiting for Ted Packard in a parking
garage with the briefcase full of money. The President orders
Wayne to walk away from the deal. Ted approaches Wayne's car,
but Wayne drives past him without a word.

4:35 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:39 P.M.
Gael, Chloe and Adam tell Michelle they can take over her work
if she needs to be at the hospital with Tony. Yet there's no way
Michelle can leave. Gael offers to take over the Director
position for her, and Michelle turns him down.

4:41 P.M.
Jack calls Kim and asks her to generate a prisoner transfer
document. She questions this, but Jack says that he is moving
Salazar under high security clearance. Jack walks her through
the process and she forwards the document to the prison warden.
Jack apologizes for their earlier talk. He says that, although
he feels overly protective of her after what's gone on in their
lives, he trusts her judgment. Jack asks to speak to Chase, and
Kim says that Chase went to interrogate Salazar at the prison.
Jack hangs up and curses Chase under his breath.

4:43 P.M.
Jack phones Chase, who has just arrived at the prison. He demands
his underling return to CTU. "You're in no condition to give me
orders," Chase says. He is through with covering up Jack's drug
addiction from Kim and everyone at CTU. With that, Chase hangs

4:44 P.M.
Chase asks to meet with Salazar. He has to tell the warden that
Salazar is behind a terrorist threat before he is allowed in.
Chase requests that the security cameras be turned off in the
cell. He wraps a towel over his right hand and slams his left
fingers into Salazar's throat before punching him. Salazar is
stunned by the ferocity of Chase's attack.

4:46 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:50 P.M.
As Chase tries to beat the whereabouts of Kyle Singer out of
Salazar, Jack arrives. Jack says that he is left with no other
options and will need the information out of Salazar as Chase
suggested. Chase is surprised by Jack's change of heart, and
attempts to apologize for what he said earlier. Jack then knocks
him from behind and renders him unconscious in a chokehold.
Salazar watches, confused. Jack informs Salazar that he will be
walking free. He has Salazar help him drag Chase into the cell
so that he can tie him up.

4:52 P.M.
Wayne blames Anne for the potential loss of the election, but she
trusts Palmer's actions. She believes that Wayne doesn't want his
brother distracted by her. Wayne warns her that he won't stand by
while she jeopardizes Palmer's career.

4:54 P.M.
Jack walks Salazar out of the prison and is stopped by the
warden, who says that Jack's transfer access codes have expired.
Jack blames it on an administration screw-up. The warden lets
him through.

4:56 P.M.
Chase bloodies his wrists as he tries saw off the ties. The
warden turns the surveillance cameras back on and sees that they
are turned away from the cell. He goes down there and finds
Chase, bound and gagged. Chase says that Jack has been lying.
Meanwhile, Jack is taking Salazar out of the jail when the alarm
goes off. Jack punches out a guard and runs out with Salazar. He
then forces another guard at gunpoint to open up all the cells
electronically. The prisoners are freed in the main hallways,
causing havoc in the jail. Chase is handed a shotgun along with
the other guards in pursuit of Jack. Jack and Salazar hide.

4:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:00 P.M.
Anne waits backstage with Palmer before he is to go on for the
debate. She apologizes about his having to deal with her
ex-husband. He warmly kisses her forehead before taking the

5:02 P.M.
A full riot is in effect at the federal holding facility as the
prisoners take over the outer cell block. Jack removes the
handcuffs on Salazar. Two guards approach, and Jack and Salazar
knock them down. They put on the guards' uniforms.

5:05 P.M.
The warden tries to regain control of his prison, but Chase is
adamant that Jack and Salazar need to be found first. To convince
the warden of the severity, Chase is forced to tell him about the
virus threat. The warden then redirects his guards to follow
Chase's command. Michelle calls to inquire about the prison riot,
and Chase says that Jack set it off in order to free Salazar. He
asks that she notify him the moment they find Kyle Singer. Jack
may hand over Salazar if CTU has the virus contained.

5:07 P.M.
Inside the warehouse container, Kyle apologizes to Linda for
getting her into this predicament. The people from the government
told his father that he wouldn't be contagious for a few more
hours, so she may survive if they are found in time. Kyle tries
to break open a conduit in the ceiling to find a way out.

5:08 P.M.
Kim discovers Kyle in a truck on a traffic camera. She passes the
tape over to Adam when Michelle summons her. Michelle lets Kim
know that Jack is working outside of CTU by removing Salazar with
force. Her father had lied to her about the prison transfer, and
she was unaware that she was violating protocol.

5:09 P.M.
Jack and Salazar charge down the corridor, beating prisoners as
they pass to make their way out. A group of prisoners take them
hostage. The guards open fire, but Chase sees Jack among the
group and lowers his gun. The prisoners pull Jack and Salazar
into a room.

5:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:15 P.M.
After Kim neglects to forward Adam a file, he lashes out at her
for being forgetful. Michelle asks Adam to cut Kim some slack.
She explains about Jack using Kim to create a transfer order and
start a prison riot.

5:16 P.M.
Kyle Singer manages to break a piece of the conduit open to
reveal internal wires in the ceiling. As he is standing on a
chair, he wraps the wires around his neck and hangs himself.
"If I die, the virus is dying with me," he says to Linda. She
climbs up and loosens the conduit, so that Kyle falls down. He
is still alive. Linda takes him in her arms.

5:18 P.M.
Workers set up for Salazar's homecoming party at the Mexico
ranch. Claudia goads Hector into standing up for his position in
the family against his brother. Gael phones Hector. Although Jack
still has Salazar alive, CTU is getting closer to finding Kyle
Singer. Hector warns Gael that he must prevent that from

5:19 P.M.
Kim zooms in on the traffic photograph and sees that someone is
holding Kyle at gunpoint in the pickup truck. Adam notifies
Michelle as Kim attempts to ID the vehicle.

5:20 P.M.
Chase and the warden review the live security feed and see Jack
and Salazar among the prison hostages. Suddenly, one of the
prisoners named Peel shoots the camera. In the room, Peel tells
his fellow inmates that the police won't care if they kill off
the guards. Peel pulls Jack and another guard from among the
hostages and sits them at a table. He places a gun down and
forces them to play Russian Roulette with each other. The guard
is afraid, but Jack convinces him that this is their only way
out. The man puts the gun to his temple and pulls the trigger.
It fires, and he falls to the ground.

5:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:29 P.M.
As Kim waits for an image of the truck to download, Adam lets
her know that there is an internal inquiry about the prison
transfer and riot. He offers to help her out. Suddenly, the
image stops downloading due to a router error.

5:30 P.M.
In the ITS room, Gael scrambles to finish manipulating the
router. He sees Kim on his monitor. She goes into the ITS room,
and he explains that a line surge may have damaged the router.
He tells her that he has fixed it.

5:31 P.M.
Kim goes back out and asks Adam if a line surge could have been
the problem. Adam calls Michelle with the license plate, and she
orders a search. Michelle then asks Chloe to check Jack's phone
logs, emails and office for clues.

5:32 P.M.
Michelle calls the hospital to find out about Tony's condition.
He is still in surgery. She has a tech at CTU send video feed
from the operating room to her desktop. She is rattled at the
sight of the doctors cutting into her husband. Michelle quickly
shuts off the feed.

5:34 P.M.
Chase arranges explosive devices around the prison perimeter. He
checks the fiber optic camera feed on his headset. He leads his
team into a maintenance tunnel.

5:35 P.M.
Peel selects Salazar to play Russian Roulette against Jack.
Salazar explains that he is a prisoner. Jack confirms that he is
a federal agent. Peel insists that they still continue. Chase
can see the situation on the camera. With a throng of prisoners
pointing guns at his head, Jack raises the pistol and pulls the
trigger. It is empty. Salazar takes the gun next and also gets
an empty round.

5:37 P.M.
Chase sets explosives on the wall, and Jack notices the light
from Chase's headset in the air vent. As the prisoners chant for
the game to continue, Jack takes the pistol and shoots Peel in
the chest. Salazar fights off another prisoner. Suddenly, a blast
knocks a hole in the wall and the entry team led by Chase raids
the room. They fire at the prisoners. Jack and Salazar make it
to a door. Chase shouts after his partner.

5:38 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:43 P.M.
Chloe rummages through Jack's office and finds the heroin vial
and syringe in the trashcan. She phones the lab and asks someone
to come up with a drug kit.

5:44 P.M.
In the televised debate at the USC auditorium, Senator Keeler
charges that Palmer's current girlfriend, Anne, fabricated
results of a clinical drug trial that later caused three deaths.
Palmer says that Keeler's accusation is false. Backstage, Anne
lowers her head in shame. "Now do you get it?" Wayne says to her.

5:46 P.M.
The lab tech tests the substance Chloe found in Jack's office.
It comes up positive for drugs. Kim comes in, and asks Chloe if
a line surge would have shut down the routers. Chloe says that
it wouldn't. Chloe is resistant to reveal to Kim what she found
in Jack's office, but she finally admits that she thinks Jack is
using drugs. She pulls out the tourniquet, syringe and heroin.
Kim is in shock. Chloe says she feels uncomfortable about what
Kim made her reveal.

5:48 P.M.
Chloe goes to Michelle and shows her the drug paraphernalia. The
liquid in the vials tested positive for opiates. But Michelle has
no time to respond because Adam has located the truck carrying
Kyle Singer at an industrial complex. Michelle orders a raid.

5:49 P.M.
Jack and an armed Salazar make their way through the prison.
They see the SWAT team and a helicopter outside. Jack is struck
with an idea, and he makes Salazar strip off his guard uniform.

5:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:54 P.M.
Adam and Kim pull up a satellite image of the industrial complex
to see if they can spot Kyle among the buildings. Kim fights
back her tears as she works.

5:55 P.M.
Jack sees Chase outside with the SWAT team. He asks Salazar to
follow his lead. They walk outside, and Jack demands the
helicopter from Chase. Chase refuses to give up because CTU is
close to finding Kyle Singer. Jack responds that there isn't
enough time. If he doesn't let Salazar go soon, then hundreds of
thousands of people will die.

5:57 P.M.
Chase tells the warden to release Salazar because CTU can track
the chopper. The SWAT team stands down. Jack and Salazar board
the helicopter.

5:58 P.M.
The biosuit-wearing CTU team storms the warehouse and shoots the
terrorists working for Hector. They rescue Kyle and Linda.

5:59 P.M.
Chase watches as Jack disables the comm and locator on the
helicopter. His cell phone rings. Michelle tells Chase that they
have captured Kyle Singer. Chase attempts to warn Jack as the
chopper takes off, but Jack doesn't hear him. Salazar chuckles
as he flies away to safety. "Now you're an even bigger enemy to
your country than I am," he tells Jack. Jack shoots him a look.

Ticking clock.

6:00 P.M.
Jack pilots the helicopter away from Mexico. He knows that the
feds will only shoot him down at the border.

Chase phones Chloe from the road. She sends him radar maps
following the chopper that show Jack is flying toward downtown
Los Angeles. Jack knows that he can't be shot down over a
populated area. Chase asks Chloe to try to get through on the
radio to tell Jack that they already have Kyle Singer and the

6:01 P.M.
District Director Ryan Chappelle assumes control of CTU in Tony's
absence. He calls a Major Blanchard to find out when the military
will intercept Jack's helicopter. Chappelle instructs Blanchard
to shoot Jack down before he reaches the downtown area. Chappelle
has Michelle round up Adam and the staff for a briefing. Chloe
apologizes to Kim for yelling at her in Jack's office. Although
she told Michelle about Jack's drug use, the prison riot occurred
right after. Chloe doesn't think anything has been officially
done about it yet.

6:04 P.M.
Chappelle warns the gathered staff that, since Kyle Singer and
the virus have been contained, both Jack and Salazar are now
expendable. Gael reacts. Chappelle is under the impression Jack
will probably be killed by Ramon once he hands off Salazar.

6:05 P.M.
At the Mexico ranch, Hector is frustrated because he can not
reach Gael. Claudia tries to soothe him. Hector says that Jack
Bauer is delivering Ramon to them, and Claudia becomes alarmed.
Although she thinks it's too dangerous to allow Jack to come
there, Hector has plans of his own for Jack. Gael finally calls
with news. He tells Hector that Jack has escaped with Salazar,
but that they are being pursued by the military.

6:07 P.M.
Kim asks Adam what Chappelle said in the briefing. He lets her
know that they will have to shoot Jack down if they can't make

6:08 P.M
Michelle pulls Kim aside, and says that she and Chappelle feel
Kim should remove herself from the job until the situation is
resolved. Although Michelle is worried that Kim's emotions will
get the best of her, Kim is resolved to complete her duties. She
wants to help them contact Jack. Michelle dismisses her to get
back to work. Chappelle tells Michelle that he wants Kim gone
if they are forced to fire on Jack's helicopter.

6:09 P.M.
Jack recognizes the planes following him as military. He assumes
they have orders to fire.

Chase calls Chappelle to question whether President Palmer
approved the use of force against Jack. Although Palmer is in
the middle of a televised debate, Chappelle doesn't need the
White House's authorization because Jack is now a fugitive from
the law. Chase warns him that it would be politically prudent to
do so because of Jack and Palmer's personal relationship.
Chappelle rethinks his stance, and orders Major Blanchard
to stand down from firing at Jack.

6:11 P.M.
Chappelle phones Wayne, who is backstage at the debate. He lets
him know that the virus has been contained and a new situation
involving Jack has arisen. Wayne knows that his brother won't
like shooting down Jack Bauer, and he promises to get back to
Chappelle with an answer quickly.

6:13 P.M.
While taking part in the debate, Palmer gets a message from Wayne
through his transmitter earwig. Wayne explains the Jack situation
and asks him what he wants to do. Palmer interrupts the debate
under the guise of a national security emergency. He walks off
the stage to opponent Senator Keeler's outrage. Wayne clears
their advisors from the backstage area.

6:14 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:18 P.M.
Kyle Singer is wheeled into the National Health Services center
in an enclosed bio-stretcher. He is panicked. Linda is in the
same contraption, but is taken to another area of the facility.
Dr. Nicole Duncan tries to calm him down and doesn't let on to
the seriousness of his condition. She tells him that his parents
are on their way.

6:20 P.M.
Jack sees that the military helicopters on his tail have him
locked in. He doesn't know why they have not fired.

Kim watches nervously as Chloe frantically attempts to get
through to Jack's communicator. Meanwhile, Major Blanchard
notifies Chappelle that Jack is locked on target. They are
awaiting the signal to fire.

6:21 P.M.
The debate moderator informs the audience that there is no news
about the national emergency that the President spoke of. Senator
Keeler's staff questions whether the whole thing was a ruse to
end the debate. Palmer walks into the backstage green room, and
pops a pill before catching his breath. He tells Wayne that he
can not give the order to kill Jack. Wayne admits to being
worried about Jack disclosing their arrangement, but he is sure
that ridding the world of Salazar is more important. "You have to
do what's right for this country," Wayne argues. Palmer calls
Chappelle and authorizes him to fire at Jack. Chappelle gives
the go-ahead to Blanchard.

6:24 P.M.
Chase and everyone else at CTU listen as the order is passed. Kim
silently hopes for a reprieve. As the military pilots try to get
a lock on the chopper's position, Jack flies between the tall
buildings of the downtown corridor. Major Blanchard orders his
team to stand down because Jack is too close to civilians. With
a new plan in effect, Chappelle instructs the CTU staff to have
units ready on the ground to bring Jack in. Meanwhile, Jack lands
the helicopter in the middle of a downtown street. Chloe finally
patches Chase in to the helicopter, and he tells Jack that they
have found Kyle and have contained the virus. Unfortunately, his
message is transmitted to an empty helicopter. Jack and Salazar
are already running down the street and have hurried to the
stairs of a Metro Station.

6:26 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:30 P.M.
The Singers are greeted at National Health Services by Dr.
Duncan. She tells them that there is nothing they can do for
Kyle. He only has a few more hours to live. The Singers talk to
him over a speakerphone since he is separated from them by a
plexiglass divider. "I deserve what I'm getting," Kyle says. His
parents cry. Mr. Singer blames himself for causing Kyle to seek
money elsewhere. Kyle goes up to the glass and says his goodbye.

6:34 P.M.
Chase arrives at the Metro Station, and a LAPD officer briefs
him on the trains that have moved through the station. Knowing
Jack wouldn't trap himself inside a train, Chase calls Kim for
the schematics of the station. She tells him that there is one
emergency exit about a block away in an alley. Chase runs off
alone to find Jack.

6:35 P.M.
Kim notifies Michelle about Chase's request. She wonders whether
they would still have to use force now that Jack is on the
ground. Michelle says that the mandate is unchanged. Sensing
Kim's unease, Michelle notes that there's a good chance now that
they can capture Salazar without harming Jack.

6:36 P.M.
Chase comes upon an open grate at the emergency exit. He has
Michelle seal off the area.

6:37 P.M.
Jack and Salazar walk up to a parking lot and take a set of keys
from the valet stand. Jack clicks the alarm remote and a car
chirps. They get in and drive away.

Ticking clock.

6:41 P.M.
Wayne tells Palmer that CTU has still not found Jack or Salazar.
The President hopes that they can be picked up without incident.
Since news of the prison break has already leaked, Wayne advises
Palmer to publicly denounce Jack's actions even though Jack put
his life on the line to stop the virus.

6:43 P.M.
As he drives, Jack calls Salazar's pilot circling the skies in a
private jet. He tells him that he has Salazar. Gael is listening
in, and confirms for the pilot that this is true. Gael is also
buffering the call so that CTU can not track it. The pilot calls
Jack back and arranges to meet at the Santa Margarita airstrip.
Salazar chuckles at his imminent freedom. He mentions that when
Jack was with him in Mexico he took the drugs even though he
didn't have to. "What's your pain, Jack?" Salazar taunts. "What
does the needle make go away?"

6:45 P.M.
Dr. Linzer calls Michelle from the hospital to let her know that
Tony is out of surgery. With no nerve damage, he should make a
full recovery. Michelle happily tells Chappelle the good news.
He gives her an uncomfortable hug but gets right back to
business. Chappelle suggests that she have Gael look for an
anomaly in air traffic patterns to find the plane picking up
Salazar. Michelle asks Adam to send Gael up to her office.

6:47 P.M.
In the IT room, Gael talks to the pilot as he watches a video
feed of the private jet land at the airstrip. Kim and Adam
approach, so Gael hangs up and wipes the video monitor of his
Salazar feeds. Adam sets Kim up in the IT room on a task. Gael
offers to do the work, but Adam sends him to Michelle's office.
Gael leaves, and Kim looks at him curiously.

6:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:52 P.M.
Anne comes into the green room as Palmer prepares his statement.
He takes Anne aside, and she again apologizes for her
ex-husband's lies surfacing in the debate. Wayne interrupts to
remind the President about a response to Keeler's accusations
about Anne. He also says that Palmer's been hurt in the quick
polls after the debate. Anne tries to interject her opinion, but
Wayne shoots her down. Palmer tells his brother that Anne is not
going anywhere and that they are not changing their strategy.
Anne suggests to Palmer that they put their relationship on hold
until after the election. Palmer says that he needs her. She
agrees to stay.

6:55 P.M.
Dr. Duncan tells Kyle and his parents that tests prove he is not
affected with the virus. She gets hold of Chappelle and gives
him the news. He doesn't know whether this was a bluff or some
other plan by Salazar.

6:57 P.M.
Jack arrives at the airstrip and pulls up next to the plane.
Salazar's henchmen take Jack prisoner at gunpoint. Salazar tells
Jack that he would never have been able to leave. The men knock
Jack out. Just as Salazar is going to shoot Jack, the men say
that Hector wants him brought back alive. They all board the
plane, and drag the unconscious Jack with them.

6:59 P.M.
Kim works alone in the IT room and notices that Gael did not log
off from his computer. She turns his system back on and sees
video feeds. One shows Jack being knocked out and carried onto a
plane. She is stunned, and tries to call someone. Kim sees a man
walking into the IT area, and thinking it's Adam, calls out to
him. It is actually Gael, who says that he forgot to close
a file. He pulls out a gun.

Ticking clock.

7:00 P.M.
Gael tapes Kim onto a chair. He covers her mouth with the duct
tape, and then deletes all the video feeds and files about
Salazar off his computer.

7:03 P.M.
Michelle tells Adam that she is going to see Tony at the
hospital. Gael will now be in charge, and she has Adam send all
her data directories to him. Adam thinks they should saturate the
media with news about the virus so that Jack will hear it.
Michelle says that the President wants it kept secret.

7:04 P.M.
Gael phones Michelle from the IT room to let her know that he has
been helping Kim with her work. Michelle instructs him to go to
the briefing since he will be taking over in her absence. Gael
tells Kim that he has her monitored from a handheld device. As
he leaves, he changes the access code on the door.

7:05 P.M.
Chappelle briefs the staff about Kyle Singer not carrying the
virus. Since Salazar's organization still has the virus, then
finding him is the top priority.

7:06 P.M.
Salazar pours a bottle of champagne on the unconscious Jack to
revive him. For some reason, Hector wants Jack delivered alive.
Salazar is ready to kill him now, but one of his henchmen tells
him not to.

7:08 P.M.
Chappelle calls Chase and orders him back to the office. Chase
has a lead he wants to follow in order to save Jack. Chappelle
says that he knows Jack has been using heroin, and he believes
that Chase has been covering up for him. Chappelle threatens to
fire Chase if he doesn't return to CTU.

7:09 P.M.
Adam calls Chloe looking for Kim. He then asks Gael, but he
claims that Kim was reassigned to a new task by Chappelle.
Michelle gives Gael instructions for her absence, but he's
preoccupied watching Adam phone the IT room for Kim. Taped
to the chair, Kim is unable to answer Adam's call.

7:11 P.M.
Gael sees Adam go to the IT room, but Adam can not get in. Adam
phones Michelle's desk to ask if Gael had changed the access
code. Gael denies doing so. Michelle overrides the access code,
but when she looks up from her computer, Gael has disappeared.
Adam enters the IT room to find Kim tied up. He removes the tape
from her mouth and she tells him it was Gael who was the culprit.
Adam calls security, and the guards spot Gael trying to escape
the building. He gets trapped and is placed into custody.

7:14 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:18 P.M.
Palmer rides with Wayne in the Presidential limo. Wayne informs
Palmer of Jack's status. Palmer knows that Jack would put his
life on the line to take Salazar back to his brother so that the
virus would be prevented. Wayne says that they have other fires
to put out in the meantime.

7:19 P.M.
The Presidential cavalcade arrives at District headquarters,
where Anne is waiting. She suggests to Palmer that maybe they
should have allowed Wayne to pay off her ex-husband. "You weren't
wrong," Palmer tells her.

7:20 P.M.
Gael is being held in the CTU observation room for interrogation.
Michelle tells Chappelle that she is going to the hospital to be
with Tony. Chappelle questions Gael himself, but Gael refuses to
say anything. Chappelle brings in a torture specialist.

7:22 P.M.
Salazar dances with two girls aboard the jet, but he is
distracted knowing that Jack is in the next cabin. He asks his
henchman why Hector wants to keep Jack alive. The henchman has
to convince Salazar not to shoot Jack and wait for Hector.

7:24 P.M.
Handcuffed in the front cabin, Jack tries to persuade Pedro,
another Salazar henchman, to help him because he saved Salazar.
"I'm not talking to you," Pedro says. "You're a dead man."
Suddenly, Jack starts to convulse and cough like he is having
drug withdrawal symptoms. Pedro comes over to check him out. Jack
kicks Pedro at the ankles, causing him to fall. Jack chokes him
with his legs, and then takes Pedro's gun and handcuff keys with
his free hand. Jack can hear Salazar's party going on in the
next cabin. He trains a gun at the door.

7:26 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:30 P.M.
White House Press Secretary Gerry Whitehorn briefs Palmer on
campaign strategy. He believes that Anne will only hurt Palmer's
standing with the public. Wayne agrees, advising his brother to
distance himself from Anne because voters don't want to hear
about him being involved with another untrustworthy woman.

7:31 P.M.
Anne gets a call from her ex-husband, Ted. He wants her to come
to his office because he has papers that will prove that she is
innocent. She reluctantly agrees to see him.

7:32 P.M.
Chase goes to the home of Salazar's accountant and demands that
he tell him where Hector is. The man doesn't know. Chase makes
him check the books to take a look at the Salazar money flow.

7:35 P.M.
Salazar is still distracted by the thought of Jack in the next
room. He quickly grabs a gun and goes into the front cabin to
kill Jack. But Jack grabs Salazar's arm and holds him at gunpoint
while warning the other henchmen to drop their weapons. Salazar
says that his brother will have an army waiting when they land.
"The big American hero," he calls Jack.

7:36 P.M.
Hector prepares a fully armed team on the ground for the plane's
arrival in Mexico. Claudia questions why he's making such a big
fuss, and proposes that he phone the plane. Hector thinks that
the call would be monitored by the American government.

7:37 P.M.
Chappelle continues his interrogation. Regardless of the torture,
Gael still won't talk. Gael's phone rings and Chappelle has Adam
and Kim prepare a tracking node to capture Hector's call. They
quickly set up in the observation room and Chappelle warns Gael
to speak carefully. Gael answers the phone, and tells Hector that
his brother is safely on his way there. However, Gael doesn't
know about Jack. Hector hangs up. Adam could not trace the call.

7:39 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:43 P.M.
Michelle arrives at the hospital to find Tony awake. The doctor
says that Tony can probably go home tomorrow and should be back
on his feet in a few days. Tony asks Michelle about Salazar, and
he learns that Jack broke him out of prison. Tony says that he
needs to speak to Gael right away. Michelle informs him that Gael
is working as a mole inside CTU. Tony gets up out of bed
insisting that he has to go to the office. He tells the doctor
that his wife will sign him out, and asks Michelle to trust him.

7:45 P.M.
The accountant finds records of deposits that Hector made to an
account in Las Nieves, which is a small town in Mexico close to
the border. Chase orders the accountant to prepare his private
plane for takeoff.

7:46 P.M.
In the ladies restroom, Kim is still shaken by what happened with
Gael. Chloe comes in to apologize for saying anything bad about

7:47 P.M.
Chase calls Kim on her cell phone to say that he is not coming
back until he finds Jack. He thinks Jack may have taken Salazar
to Las Nieves. Kim informs Chase that she saw video recorded by
the mole Gael that shows Jack being knocked out and taken on a
plane. Since CTU has been compromised, Chase insists that Kim not
tell anyone what he is doing. Kim is reluctant to stay silent,
because it could jeopardize both him and Jack, but she finally
agrees not to tell anyone that Chase is going dark.

7:49 P.M.
Salazar jokingly asks Jack what his plan will be when they land
to face hundreds of armed men. Jack tells him to shut up.

Ticking clock.

7:54 P.M.
The jet lands on the Mexican airstrip. Hector readies his men.

7:55 P.M.
Michelle and Tony enter CTU to everyone's shock. Tony goes to
stop the interrogation. He orders Chappelle out so that he can
talk to Gael alone. Confused by what's going on, Chappelle
refuses to leave.

7:56 P.M.
On the tarmac, the jet's hatch opens but no one emerges. Hector
calls out for his brother. Suddenly, everyone on the plane
quickly exits. Salazar is forced out by Jack at gunpoint. Salazar
yells for Hector to kill Jack, but no one fires. Jack tells
Hector that Salazar tried to kill him on the plane and that this
wasn't what they agreed to. Hector embraces his brother and Jack
lowers his gun. Salazar is confused as Hector approaches Jack and
tells him that he did a good job. He embraces Jack. They both
have the same tattoo on their arms. "We have a lot of work to
do," Hector says to Jack. Salazar is speechless. Hector tells
his brother that he will explain later.

7:59 P.M.
Jack presses a button on his watch. In the interrogation room at
CTU, Gael's handheld makes a beep noise. "He's in," Gael says.
Tony tells Chappelle that he and Gael have been working to
infiltrate Jack back in with the Salazars. Before he can clarify
more, Tony says that they first need to contact the President.

Ticking clock.

8:00 P.M.
Tony explains to Chappelle that Jack is back working undercover
on the Salazars. Chappelle is angry that he wasn't kept in the

8:01 P.M.
Tony calls the President to inform him that everything from the
infected body to Ramon Salazar's prison break was part of an
elaborate sting operation. Jack had pre-recorded a video message
to further clarify. He says that the Salazars were never in
control of a threatening virus. Jack had deliberately promoted
that lie in order to weed out a more dangerous group of Ukrainian
scientists who are trying to sell a weaponized virus on the open
market. Jack offered the Salazars up as buyers, and then
convinced the Salazars that he had switched sides by springing
Ramon from prison. He, Tony and Gael kept this a secret to
protect the President from exposure. Jack asks Palmer to give
Tony the authority to interdict with the military and take
possession of the virus.

8:05 P.M.
After watching the video, Palmer chides Tony from keeping a
matter of national security from him. With Jack setting up a
meeting between the Salazars and the Ukrainians in Mexico, Tony
solicits the military's help. The President reluctantly grants
his request, but warns Tony that he will face consequences later
on. Palmer hangs up, angry. Wayne agrees with what Jack did in
order to protect the Administration, but he knows that the
President should censure Jack later.

8:06 P.M.
The CTU staff files out of the conference room after hearing
Tony's admission on the secret mission. Michelle eyes Tony
mistrustfully. Chappelle tries to regain control of the
operation, but Tony insists that the President put him in charge
of helping Jack find the virus. Chappelle vows to be on his back.
Michelle notices Tony steady himself against the desk because he
is still weakened from the surgery.

8:07 P.M.
At the ranch in Las Nieves, Mexico, Hector makes it clear to his
brother that Jack came to him with an opportunity to make
billions. By purchasing a deadly virus from Ukrainian scientists,
they can resell it to Al Qaeda and North Korea. Jack had dropped
an infected body at the National Health Services building to
prove it was real, and now he is supposed to meet with a
representative to purchase the virus within the next hour. Hector
explains that Jack is out make $50 million. Jack had lost his
wife and brought down Salazar, but still ended up with a demotion
at CTU. "I'm done putting my ass on the line for nothing," Jack
says bluntly. Salazar is still suspicious, so Hector hands him a
gun. Yet when Salazar aims at Jack, Hector pushes his arm out of
the way so that he misses. Salazar thinks Hector is crazy for
trusting Jack. Jack tells them that time is running out to make
the buy. They should either shoot him or let him make the call.

8:10 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:15 P.M.
Tony gives direction to the staff, showing them that Jack's
transponder locates him at a ranch in Mexico. Kim takes Tony
aside to tell him that Chase went to rescue Jack and has tracked
him to Las Nieves. He is unreachable because he went dark. Chase
may blow Jack's cover.

8:16 P.M.
Jack sweats through his heroin withdrawal in a room at the ranch.
Claudia comes in with food and slaps him across the face. "You
said you'd take me away from here," she says, feeling betrayed
when she learned he was really an undercover cop. Claudia
belittles him for being a junkie and deceiving his own country.
She contemptuously offers him some heroin, but then feels
sympathy. Jack is conflicted because he can't tell her the truth.

8:19 P.M.
Tony sends Chase's dossier and photo to an agent in Mexico. He
then becomes dizzy and falls to the ground. Tony gets back up
and sees that no one noticed.

8:20 P.M.
Tony tells Michelle and Kim that he is sending a man named Rafael
Gutierrez to Las Nieves to reel Chase in. Kim notes that Chase
would never use a landing strip to touch down because it's too
exposed. Tony agrees, and orders a topographic overlay to find
another potential area to land a plane.

8:21 P.M.
Palmer tells Wayne that he can't reach Anne. He is worried
because she was upset after the debate. Wayne advises him to be
evasive with the press about Anne's connection to her
ex-husband's illegal affairs.

8:22 P.M.
Anne arrives at her ex-husband Ted's office. He apologizes for
lying about her involvement in his scheme. She sees that he has
a gun and she questions whether he is going to commit suicide.
Anne tries to get the gun, but Ted grabs it and points it to his
own temple. Anne lunges for it again, but he pushes her down.
She watches in horror as Ted kills himself before her.

8:25 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:29 P.M.
Michelle finds Tony in a weakened state, and she urges him to go
back to the hospital. Tony brushes off her concern, but then
senses that she is bothered by something. Michelle mentions the
secret mission, and Tony apologizes for allowing the job to come
between them. Michelle is upset that she could not tell that he
had been hiding something for a month.

8:32 P.M.
Anne calls Palmer to tell him about Ted's suicide and the letters
exonerating her from the falsified research. Palmer hangs up and
gives Wayne the news. Wayne is relieved. He respects her for
cleaning up her own mess, noting that she may be learning what
it takes to be a part of the political game. Palmer is uneasy at
the thought of this.

8:35 P.M.
To persuade his brother even more, Hector elaborates about Jack
setting up the deal with the Ukrainians and the real prison
break. Plus, all of their contacts in the American agencies and
military confirm that Jack is a fugitive. Salazar becomes
convinced when Hector says that they will kill Jack as soon as
they have their hands on the virus. Salazar gives Jack the
go-ahead to call his contact.

8:37 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:42 P.M.
Rafael Gutierrez phones Tony from Chase's potential landing site.
Tony is alarmed that Gutierrez is alone because Chase is a good
field agent.

8:43 P.M.
A plane lands and Tony listens as Gutierrez approaches it. But
the plane is empty. Gutierrez hangs up.

8:44 P.M.
Gutierrez goes back to his car, and Chase appears out of nowhere.
He holds Gutierrez at gunpoint and checks his badge. Gutierrez
says that Tony sent him to find Chase. He gives Chase a phone to
call Tony. Before they can speak, shots ring out and Gutierrez
falls dead. Chase gets in the man's car and takes off. Tony can
still hear the gunfire, and Chase says that he is being pursued.
Tony, Michelle and Kim listen as the car crashes. They fear the
worst. Chase is alive, but dazed. The snipers descend upon the
car and take Chase prisoner.

8:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:51 P.M.
Anne arrives at the District office, and Palmer greets her with
a tender kiss. Wayne looks over her papers from Ted and is glad
that they will clear her name. Anne ends her relationship with
Palmer because she can't live in his world and do the things she
would need to do in order to survive.

8:55 P.M.
Jack uses a satellite phone to call Michael Amador, the Ukrainian
contact. Amador takes the number to call him back. Suddenly, the
henchmen come in to the ranch house with Chase in tow. Salazar
recognizes Chase as Jack's partner. He readies his men to move
location because he is sure more agents will arrive. Jack tries
to defend himself, saying he didn't know that Chase was coming.
Betrayal and anger dawn on Chase's face, and he asks if Jack is
now with the Salazars. Jack confirms that this is true. Chase
breaks away momentarily to charge Jack. In doing so, Jack slams
his watch against the wall. Salazar demands that Jack shoot Chase
to prove that he's on their side. Chase spits in Jack's face.
Jack raises the gun to Chase's temple and fires, but there is
only a clicking sound. The chamber is empty. Salazar applauds
Jack, and orders his men to interrogate Chase. He and Jack will
go to a safe house to wait for Amador's call.

8:59 P.M.
In a van, Jack warns Chase to shut up. He then notices that his
watch isn't working.

At CTU, Gael comes up to notify Tony that the transponder on
Jack's watch went dead. Tony is concerned that by the time the
assault teams are in position, they will have no idea where he
will be.

Ticking clock.

9:00 P.M.
President Palmer explains to the press that he ended the debate
because of a national security threat that is still shrouded in
secrecy. He assures them that the American public is safe. As
Palmer is exiting, a reporter asks if this was merely a ruse to
draw attention away from Anne. Palmer tells him that new evidence
will exonerate her.

9:02 P.M.
At CTU, Tony and his team try to reestablish signal with Jack's
transponder. They are unsure whether Jack's cover was blown.
Tony assigns Kim to a task, but when she asks for a major detail
he says that he just told her. He did not. Kim decides not to
argue the point and gets to work.

9:04 P.M.
Salazar's caravan of trucks stops at an abandoned farmhouse in
Mexico. Realizing that they have not been followed, Salazar
realizes that Chase must have come on his own in order to save
Jack. Now he will die for his efforts. Amador calls, but refuses
to deal with anyone but Jack. Amador instructs Jack to meet at a
location in fifteen minutes. Jack hangs up and tries to keep the
phone but Salazar takes it back. Noticing that Jack is still
suffering withdrawal, Salazar hands him some pills to take the
edge off the sickness. Jack goes to the restroom in the back of
the house.

9:07 P.M.
Claudia puts her brother to sleep in the farmhouse. As she is
walking out of the room, Jack grabs her and confesses his
mission. Claudia doesn't trust him, but he promises to save her
and her family if she helps him. Jack needs her to find a cell
phone and to keep Chase alive. She agrees, and Jack kisses her.
"If you're lying to me again, I'll kill you myself," Claudia

9:10 P.M.
Salazar henchman Eduardo beats up Chase in order to find out
more information about his being there. Chase does not answer.
Outside, Jack hears Chase's cries of agony. Salazar asks Jack if
he feels any sympathy for his former partner. Jack says that he
has a $15 million payday coming. He pities Chase for still
believing the lie that what he is doing has purpose.

9:11 P.M.
Claudia comes in to see Hector and she kisses him. Unbeknownst to
him, she grabs his cell phone. Hector pulls away and goes outside
to his brother. Claudia follows and is about to give Jack the
cell phone but Hector stops her. He tells her that he left his
phone inside. Claudia goes back to retrieve it. Salazar, Hector
and Jack load into the truck to meet Amador.

9:12 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:17 P.M.
Kim asks Chloe if she's heard from Chase and she makes
suggestions on other alternatives to reach him. Chloe already
did those options and brushes off Kim's concern. Kim asks Tony
for the format code because he forgot to give it to her. He tells
her the old code, and then realizes his mistake. Kim types the
code in for Adam to gain access to files. There could have been
a disaster by not having those codes.

9:18 P.M.
Wayne gives Palmer the news that CTU lost track of Jack. They are
interrupted when the President gets a call from Alan Milliken, a
wealthy campaign contributor from Los Angeles. Milliken asks to
see Palmer, but tells him not to bring Wayne.

9:20 P.M.
Gael shows Tony the map where Jack was last spotted. They figure
he can not be more than thirty miles from that spot. Chappelle
warns Tony and Gael that they will take the fall for everything
that happened if the mission doesn't go according to plan. Tony
notes that if Jack goes to the meeting without backup, then the
Salazars gain control of the virus.

9:22 P.M.
The Salazar truck pulls up to the designated meeting spot where
a tent has been pitched in the woods. Amador comes out and greets
Jack, who introduces the Salazar brothers. Amador informs Jack
that another buyer for the virus has emerged, so there will now
be an auction for the highest bidder. Jack convinces the Salazars
that they will still rake in a hefty profit even if they have to
up their quote by $50 million. Another car pulls up with the
second buyer. Jack is shocked -- it's Nina Myers. She sees Jack
and orders her men to kill him. Jack says that he quit CTU, but
Nina doesn't believe him. Amador warns her that if she leaves,
the buyer she is representing won't be happy. Amador assures
everyone that he has secured the area. She agrees to stay.

9:25 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:30 P.M.
The President arrives at the Milliken Estate. Palmer learns that
Milliken's wife had been having an affair with Wayne when he
worked for Milliken. Milliken knows that Wayne can not be
trusted, but Palmer refuses to fire his Chief of Staff. Milliken
warns the President of the repercussions that will follow from
not obeying his wish.

9:34 P.M.
Kim comes to Michelle to let her know about the mistakes Tony's
been making. Michelle writes it off to stress and his impaired
health. Kim thinks that Michelle needs to tell Chappelle.

9:36 P.M.
Claudia enters the shack where Chase is being tortured. She
orders Eduardo off to fix Hector's truck. Claudia tells Chase
about Jack's mission and his promise to save her family. Chase
asks her to help him, but she cannot because there are too many
men around. She vows to figure out a way to save him.

9:37 P.M.
Salazar and Hector debate about how much to offer in order to
beat Nina's bid. They decide to up the ante to $200 million.
Salazar senses that there is more between Jack and Nina besides
their working at CTU. Jack admits that Nina killed his wife, but
he assures Salazar that it won't be a problem.

9:38 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:43 P.M.
Claudia tells her younger brother Sergio to prepare to leave.
When he asks about Hector, Claudia dismisses him. She explains
her escape plan to her father, but he says that none of these
men can be trusted. Claudia grabs a knife from the kitchen.

9:44 P.M.
Michelle asks Tony about the mistakes that he has made today,
saying that it is not his fault given his condition. Tony is
furious at her suspicion. Still harboring her doubts, Michelle
goes to Chappelle to let him know that she doesn't think Tony is
up to the tasks of the day. His mistakes have been significant.

9:47 P.M.
Palmer returns to the District office and yells at Wayne for
having an affair with the wife of his biggest campaign supporter.
Milliken is angry. Wayne offers to resign, but Palmer says that
it is his own decision to make. He knows he will now have to
defend himself against a dirty fighter.

9:48 P.M.
Chappelle questions Tony about his competence. Michelle admits to
her husband that she went to their boss because Kim voiced some
concern. Tony calmly says he is fit for duty. Chappelle tests
Tony about what was on the monitor when he entered the room. Tony
remembers everything exactly right. Yet Chappelle mentions the
other mistakes he has made. Michelle lists what Kim had told her,
and Tony offers a valid excuse for each slipup. Michelle confirms
each of his excuses. Chappelle apologizes and sends Tony back to

9:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:55 P.M.
Jack and Nina present their two bids to Amador. He announces that
Nina's offer of $240 million beats the Salazars.' Amador tells
Nina that he will be contacting her soon about the details of the
money transfer. "You are a dead man," Hector says to Jack as they
exit the tent. Nina gets in her car to leave, and Jack tries to
convince Salazar that they should follow her.

9:58 P.M.
The Salazars pull over and order Jack out of the car. Hector
raises his gun as Jack tries to plea for his life. "You're of no
use to us anymore," Salazar says. "You failed." Jack reminds them
that the buyers they promised the virus to will know that the
Salazars are a joke. Jack proved his loyalty by breaking Salazar
out of prison. He assures then that he can find Nina because he
trained her. If he fails, then they can kill him. But if he
succeeds, then they all get paid. Salazar tells his brother that
they will play this out a little longer. "The man has more lives
than a cat," he says of Jack's fate.

9:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:00 P.M.
Eduardo continues to torture Chase for information, but Chase
does not give in.

10:01 P.M.
Gael gets a call from Hector and they set up the trace. Hector
tells Gael that they lost the virus to Nina Myers and that they
want to get it back. He puts Jack on the phone, and Jack provides
Gael with Amador's cell phone number to track his location.
Hector says that they have Chase in custody, but they want to
know if he brought backup with him. Gael lies about knowing this,
and suggests that they keep him alive to be safe. The two phones
are tracked, and Tony orders CTU commandos to both positions.

10:05 P.M.
Tony gives Kim the news that both Jack and Chase are alive. He
doesn't reveal that Nina is there too.

10:06 P.M.
Jack and the Salazars return to the farmhouse. Hector is alarmed
when Sergio says that his sister wants to take them away.

10:07 P.M.
Jack slips into the house and asks Claudia about Chase. He
instructs her to save Chase, who will help her escape. Hector
comes in and confronts Claudia about what Sergio said. Claudia
covers by saying that she was only trying to scare Sergio because
he was misbehaving. Hector buys this. Jack overhears the whole
conversation. So does Sergio.

10:09 P.M.
Tony briefs Chappelle on the new discoveries. Although Nina had
been exiled to North Africa, she somehow fled. Tony thinks that
Jack will try to get her to help him retrieve the virus.

10:10 P.M.
Michelle apologizes to Tony for not trusting his judgment. He
knows she had a duty to report his mistakes, but accuses her of
merely trying to establish her toughness.

10:11 P.M.
Chloe gets an urgent phone call from someone named Sarah who
needs to meet with her immediately. Chloe agrees.

10:12 P.M.
Hector tries to get Chase to say whether he came down to Mexico
by himself. When Chase does not answer, Hector fires a bullet
into Chase's left hand. Chase collapses from the pain.

10:13 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:17 P.M.
Wayne tells the President that they have lost three Senators from
supporting the White House's health care bill because Milliken
convinced them to switch their votes. Wayne insists that Palmer
fire him in order to preserve the legislation, but Palmer
refuses. He is angry that Milliken would sacrifice the good of
the country for personal revenge. The President vows to find a
way to get to Milliken.

10:19 P.M.
Chloe walks outside to the front of CTU to meet with Sarah,
a teenager with a baby in her car. Although she is angry at
Sarah for putting her in this desperate position, Chloe takes
the baby into the office.

10:20 P.M.
Gael calls and gives Jack the location of Amador's cell phone.
Although Hector wants to ambush Amador, Jack advises that they
wait until the virus is handed off to Nina. He wants to take it
from her by himself. Salazar won't let Jack out of his sight. He
takes the phone back from Jack and orders Hector to stay at the

10:21 P.M.
Claudia checks in on her little brother, Sergio. While Hector is
in the house, she slips outside to see Jack leave with Salazar.
Claudia tells her father that they are leaving. He is to damage
the other trucks so that they can't follow them. Claudia asks one
of the men guarding Chase if he has a light. When the man eagerly
searches his pockets for a match, Claudia knocks him out cold.

10:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:28 P.M.
Wayne enters a darkened cocktail lounge, where Milliken's wife
Julia is waiting. Wayne wants her help in getting her husband
off the President's back because she has much influence over him.
"Tell him you'll leave him if he doesn't back off," Wayne says.
Yet Julia wants Wayne to become her lover again even though she
will stay married to Milliken. Wayne doesn't want that, so Julia
refuses to help.

10:31 P.M.
Claudia tells Eduardo that Hector wants her to try to interrogate
Chase. She hands Chase her kitchen knife and throws gasoline onto
Eduardo. Using his good hand, Chase stabs the man. Claudia grabs
Eduardo's cell phone and gun. Chase takes a metal poker and
sticks it into the fire. He presses the hot poker to his hand to
cauterize the bullet wound.

10:33 P.M.
Claudia's father loads Sergio into the truck. She and Chase climb
into the truck bed. Chase shoots the other henchmen as the truck
peels out. Hector comes running and fires at them. He can not
follow because his vehicles have all been impaired. As they speed
to safety, Chase realizes that Claudia has been fatally shot in
the head.

10:35 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:40 P.M.
Chappelle finds that Chloe is hiding a baby underneath her desk.
She says it is hers, and Chappelle orders her to get rid of it.
Chloe tells him that her babysitter left her in the lurch.

10:41 P.M.
Gael calls Jack with Amador's location at an old, abandoned
church. Jack and Salazar pull up to the spot with their
headlights off. They spot Nina and her men meeting up with
Amador. Jack convinces Salazar that he must go in alone. He
hands Salazar the night-vision goggles so that he can follow
him from afar.

10:42 P.M.
Jack creeps toward the church where armed guards are posted
outside. He climbs up to one of the windows and overhears Amador
tell Nina that he will call her with the location of the virus.
Amador leaves.

10:45 P.M.
Jack is stopped by one of Nina's guards, and he fires at him.
Nina hears the commotion and hurries to exit. Jack stops her at
gunpoint. Salazar watches through the binoculars as Jack leads
her into the church. "If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead
right now," he tells her. A guard enters and distracts Jack.
Nina smashes Jack with her briefcase, knocking him out.

10:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:51 P.M.
Chase calls Tony from where his truck broke down. He informs
Tony that Jack left a half hour ago with Salazar to find Amador
and the virus. Chase wants the chopper picking him up to know
that he is bringing two other people as well as the body of
Hector's girlfriend.

10:53 P.M.
Jack offers Nina ten times more than what her buyer is giving her
if she hands the virus over to the Salazars. Nina still believes
that Jack is working for CTU. He says that he gave up his life to
bring down Salazar and returned home to nothing. Jack claims that
Kim never forgave him for her mother's death, and he wants the
money to give her back some semblance of a life. After he broke
Salazar from prison, he is unable to return home. He only wants
to disappear with the money. Nina's guard encourages her to kill
Jack, and Nina raises her gun to Jack's forehead. She turns
around and shoots the guard instead. "What are you up to, Jack?"
she questions.

10:56 P.M.
Wayne comes back to District to tell the President that he tried
to have Julia fix things with Milliken. She said no. "If Milliken
wants to play dirty, we have to lower ourselves to his level,"
Palmer says angrily. He dismisses Wayne. Palmer then calls his
ex-wife Sherry and asks for her help with Milliken. He sends a
car to pick her up.

10:59 P.M.
Nina confirms that Jack did break Salazar out of prison. She asks
if he is willing to forgive her for killing Teri. Jack says that
if he had wanted revenge, she would already be dead. Nina kneels
down and places her hands on Jack's thighs. "Convince me," she
says, leaning in. Jack kisses her.

Ticking clock.

11:00 P.M.
Adam finds Amador's location. There may be bodies and vehicles
nearby, but it cannot be identified from the satellite.

11:01 P.M.
The Delta chopper lands in the Mexican field to pick up Chase,
as well as Claudia's father and brother. They quickly take off
before Hector spots them.

11:04 P.M.
Wayne calls Milliken in an attempt to settle the dispute. Palmer
catches him on the call and takes the phone away.

11:05  P.M.
The President insists to Milliken that he will neither fire his
brother nor lose his health care bill. Milliken refuses to give
in. Palmer tells Wayne that he needs Sherry to take care of this
so that they can focus on the virus threat in Mexico.

11:06 P.M.
Tony briefs his team on Amador. Jack must confirm that he has the
virus before CTU can intercept. Adam pulls up a photo of Nina,
and Kim is shocked to learn that Nina is involved. Tony ushers
Kim out of the room to explain. "She killed my mother," Kim
cries. "My father couldn't even pretend to work with her."

11:07 P.M.
Nina continues to kiss the handcuffed Jack. But she pulls away
because she can feel him lying. She knows he still despises her
and is working with CTU. Suddenly, Jack head butts Nina and she
falls back. Jack crashes into the wall to smash the wooden chair
he's been chained to. He grabs a remnant of the chair and holds
it to Nina's neck. Jack explains that he is a fugitive and that
he needs this deal to happen. She is the only one that Amador
will sell it to. He promises that Nina will still get her $20
million fee.

11:09 P.M.
Hector and his men pull up to where Chase's truck is parked.
Hector is upset to find Claudia's dead body.

11:11 P.M.
Hector phones Gael, who has the call traced. Hector informs him
that Chase has escaped. Gael claims that Chase has not called in
because he went rogue. CTU has no idea where he is. Hector calls
Salazar and says that they have to call off the deal because
Chase escaped. Salazar demands that they keep up their end of
the deal since they already made promises to deliver the virus.
Jack summons Salazar into the building where Nina is being held.

11:13 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:17 P.M.
Sherry enters Palmer's office. She thanks him for keeping her out
of prison and away from public humiliation. She vows to help him
with whatever he needs.

11:20 P.M.
As Jack checks Nina's laptop, Salazar comes into the building.
Jack hands him his gun and says that Nina has agreed to the
exchange. They are waiting for Amador to call. Jack brushes off
the news that Chase escaped. Yet when Salazar informs him that
Claudia died, Jack can barely hide the flicker of pain on his

11:22 P.M.
Palmer explains the Milliken situation to Sherry. He has always
known that Sherry hid information about Milliken from him. Sherry
admits to knowing one skeleton from Milliken's closet. She warns
Palmer that if it is exposed, Milliken will become his enemy for
life. Palmer agrees to her inserting herself in the situation.

11:24 P.M.
Chase gets his hand bandaged at the portable command post.
Claudia's father explains to Sergio that his sister died to keep
them safe. Captain Reiss of the Delta team tells Chase that CTU
wants to pull back his surveillance team now that Hector is onto
their trail. Chase wants to personally track Amador even though
CTU is ordering his evacuation because his partner's life is at

11:25 P.M.
Adam picks up vehicle movement on the ground in Mexico. Chappelle
doesn't want the Delta team to move in until they have a visual
of the virus. Meanwhile, Amador takes a briefcase from his
couriers. He pulls out a steel cylinder that houses a vial of
white crystalline powder immersed in a greenish liquid.

11:26 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:30 P.M.
Wayne greets Sherry, and he lets her know that he doesn't think
it's such a good idea that she's there. Wayne asks her to tell
the President that she couldn't find anything to blackmail
Milliken with. This will force Palmer to accept Wayne's
resignation. However, Sherry wants Wayne to remain in the White
House because he plays rough like she does.

11:33 P.M.
Kim tells Tony that it is hard to put her feelings aside about
Nina, the woman who killed her mother. Kim feels that Nina is
violating the terms of her Presidential pardon by auctioning for
the virus. She begs Tony to make Nina pay for what she has done.

11:34 P.M.
Chloe asks Kim to watch her baby while she runs downstairs for a
briefing. Kim is flustered, but is left with no choice.

11:35 P.M.
Out of Jack's earshot, Nina whispers to Salazar that Jack is
working with CTU in order to set him up. Salazar says that he
already checked Jack out, and he threatens Nina not to undermine
the deal. Amador calls, and Jack has Nina answer it on
speakerphone. Amador has the product, but he wants to confirm
Nina's bank account first. When he sees that the money is ready
to be transferred, Amador gives Nina a meeting place to hand
over the virus. Salazar is pleased, and he waits for Hector to

11:37 P.M.
Amador calls someone to tell them that he has the virus and that
the exchange will occur within the hour.

11:38 P.M.
Adam tracks that Amador is moving eastward. Gael suggests that
they swoop in now to grab Amador and the virus. Tony wants to
wait for Jack to send them a signal of confirmation. However,
they don't know how Jack will get word to them.

Ticking clock.

11:43 P.M.
Wayne questions whether the White House should inform the Mexican
government about the troops on Mexico's soil, but Palmer doesn't
want to jeopardize the operation. Milliken calls, warning the
President to pull Sherry off of him or else he will cause even
more problems. Palmer and Wayne sense that Milliken is scared.
Palmer takes his brother's advice and places a call to the
President of Mexico.

11:45 P.M.
Palmer informs Sherry that Milliken is already upset. He asks
about the dirt she has dug up, but Sherry says that she will
fill him in later.

11:46 P.M.
Hector arrives at the house where Jack is hiding with Salazar
and Nina. Jack tells him to stop looking for Chase because CTU
wouldn't even be able to get down there quick enough to prevent
the virus delivery. Seeing Nina tied up, Hector pulls his brother
aside. He warns Salazar that they should give up because
something is not right. Salazar says that they don't have a
choice because the buyers are already in place. Jack secretly
dials Michelle on the cell so that she can listen in. He says
out loud that they are meeting Amador at the location. Hector
still expresses his reluctance, but Salazar orders his brother
to follow his command. Salazar asks for the cell phone, and Jack
is forced to hang up on Michelle. Yet Tony has heard enough
information to send the Delta teams into position.

11:48 P.M.
Captain Reiss gets the coordinates for the Amador exchange and
mobilizes his men. Chase questions why they are staying so far
from the location. Reiss explains that they will send one
observer to confirm the virus, but will hold the combat troops
back. Chase volunteers himself to be the observer.

11:49 P.M.
Hector continues to question his brother about the security of
the deal. Salazar reminds Hector that it was Jack who broke him
out of prison. He wants Hector to follow his orders, like he has
always done. Jack loads Nina into the car. "You can't control
this, Jack," she says to him.

11:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:54 P.M.
As Kim tries to console the crying baby, Chloe comes back to her
desk. She accuses Kim of doing something to make the baby cry.

11:55 P.M.
Michelle and Tony brief Chappelle on what they learned from
Jack's call. They hear a baby cry, and Chappelle goes upstairs
to the Field Ops office to reprimand Chloe. He tells her that
she is suspended, but Michelle reminds him that they need Chloe
to take care of the digitally enhanced audio surveillance in
Mexico. Michelle suggests that they deal with Chloe's child care
problems some other time. Chappelle tells Chloe to have Kim
watch the baby.

11:56 P.M.
Suited up in camouflage gear, Chase maps his and the commando
teams' positions with Reiss.

11:57 P.M.
Jack and the Salazars pull up to the house where their guards
are posted. Hector is alarmed because there are not enough men.
Salazar accuses his brother of losing his nerve, and the two
argue. Jack says that they have to be at Amador's meeting place
very soon. Hector yells that the deal is off. Salazar assures
Hector that they need to follow through because they will lose
the respect of all the buyers they promised the virus to. Hector
disobeys his brother and orders his guards to leave. Salazar
shoots his brother Hector in the back. Jack and Nina are stunned.

11:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:00 A.M.
As they walk toward the briefing room, Tony is curt with Michelle
about not making any mistakes while they prepare to help Jack.

12:02 A.M.
Hector, still alive, lies in a pool of his own blood. Salazar
chides him for not listening. It is too risky to take him to a
hospital. To end his brother's suffering, Salazar shoots Hector
again to kill him. Nina says that Hector was right -- Jack is
still working for CTU. Salazar warns her never to mention
Hector's name again. He and Jack lead the team to the cars
to meet up with Amador.

12:04 A.M.
Sherry lets Palmer know that she's leaving the office to meet
someone about the Milliken information. "I still believe in your
presidency," she says, vowing to stop Milliken.

12:06 A.M.
Tony briefs his staff about the Posta Mita location where the
virus transfer will take place. Chase will provide visual
confirmation because Jack can not transmit the information.
Chloe is in charge of communicating with Chase.

12:07 A.M.
In the woods at Posta Mita, Chase sets up a parabolic dish to
pick up the sound. He sees Jack and Salazar pull up. Salazar
orders his men to hide so that Amador doesn't see them. Nina
tells Salazar that she can prove Jack is setting him up. Based
on her CTU experience, she is sure that there will be a
reconnaissance man watching them from the hills. Salazar sends
two guards to check it out. Chase sees the men coming towards

12:08 A.M.
Adam goes to Kim's desk and notices the baby. She tells him it
is Chloe's child, but Adam knows that Chloe never had a baby
because he did Chloe's background check.

12:09 A.M.
Salazar enters the mine house and radios his two men in the field
looking for the sentries that Nina described. One of the men,
Pablo, does not immediately respond. Nina comments that the man
must already be dead because CTU has gotten to him. But Pablo
responds, telling Salazar that no one is there. Salazar orders
him to hold his position. Salazar doesn't see that Chase has
Pablo at knifepoint. Chase knocks Pablo out. Salazar warns Nina
that she will pick up the virus from Amador. If she tries to say
anything to him, she will be killed.

12:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:16 A.M.
Chloe comes to Kim's desk to check on the baby. Kim asks who the
child belongs to because Adam says it isn't hers. Chloe admits
that her boyfriend, Eric, is the father. He is trying to hide
the baby from his ex-wife because her new boyfriend has been
abusing the child. Chloe claims that Eric has contacted a social
worker. Knowing this is kidnapping, Kim suggests she report it.
Chloe accuses Kim of being at fault if something bad happens
when the baby is returned to her mother. Michelle interrupts
them to get Chloe back to work.

12:18 A.M.
Sherry meets with a man named Kevin Kelly in his run-down mobile
home. She has proof that an account was set up in his name after
his daughter was killed in a car accident. Kelly embarrassingly
admits that he saw Milliken driving the car, but was paid off to
keep his mouth shut about Milliken's complicity in his daughter's
death. Kelly agrees to tell the truth about the accident in
return for the President pardoning his son from prison. Kelly's
son was convicted for murder.

12:21 A.M.
Nina presses Jack about his working for CTU. He says that she
doesn't know what she is talking about. Nina knows they will
both be killed once Salazar gets hold of the virus. Salazar
comes in and has Nina's handcuffs removed. He sends her out to
meet with Amador, warning the bodyguard accompanying her that
she is to be killed if there is trouble.

12:22 A.M.
Chase sees Nina and the bodyguard leave the building. He radios
back to CTU. Tony orders Michelle to send in the delta teams
because the virus transfer is about to get underway.

12:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:27 A.M.
As Chloe continues monitoring Chase, Tony gets a call from Kim.
She has something urgent to speak to him about Chloe.

12:28 A.M.
Outside the trailer, Sherry calls Palmer and asks about pardoning
Kelly's son. She explains that Kelly was paid not to pin his
daughter's murder on Milliken, and will now admit the truth in
return for this pardon. Palmer needs time to think about this and
hangs up. Wayne advises the President not to do what Sherry asks
because she has her own agenda. Wayne would rather give in to
Milliken's demands by submitting his resignation. Palmer is
unsure what the will do about the Kelly pardon.

12:30 A.M.
Kim tells Tony that she thinks Chloe is delusional. Chloe lied
about the baby and her boyfriend being the father. Kim looked
into it, and found no abuse charges filed with Child Protective
Services. She didn't confront Chloe because the woman is
unstable. Tony, unfortunately, needs Chloe because she is the
only one who can filter the audio streams from Chase. He doesn't
want her distracted, and he asks Kim to watch the kid until the
mission is over. Tony says they will deal with the baby once
they have possession of the virus.

12:32 A.M.
Sherry goes back to the trailer but finds that Kelly isn't there.
The place has been ransacked. She exits the trailer warily and
heads for her car. As she searches in her purse for the keys,
another car approaches. Sherry panics, but the car is driven by
a harmless older couple who passes by. She catches her breath
and gets into her car.

12:33 A.M.
Chase reports to CTU that Amador and his bodyguard have arrived.
Jack sees the same thing from the abandoned mine house. Carrying
a briefcase, Amador enters the building where Nina is waiting
with her guard. She tells Amador that she will authorize transfer
of funds once she verifies the virus. Amador removes a canister
from the case and hands the vial to Nina. She places the vial
into a spectroscope to test the substance inside of it.

12:35 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:40 A.M.
Chloe complains because she doesn't have enough audio filters,
and Adam tries to help her out. Wayne Palmer calls Tony to chew
him out about the secret mission. The Pentagon is furious that
they weren't involved. The President will be forced to hold Tony,
Jack and Gael accountable. Wayne asks that Tony walk him through
the plan.

12:43 A.M.
Chase radios CTU that they are about to get authentication on the
virus. Nina's spectroscope conveys that it is 100% verified.
Chase sends that news to CTU, and Tony orders the delta teams to
raid the site. Amador takes back the vial from Nina, and places
something in his breast pocket. She calls the bank to transfer
the money.

12:44 A.M.
Amador gives Nina the briefcase and he leaves with his bodyguard.
While Chase is relaying this information, static fills the line
and CTU can't hear him. Chloe explains that she changed
satellites in the middle of the operation without telling anyone.
Adam begins to worry. They get Chase back on the line, to
everyone's relief.

12:45 A.M.
Jack and Salazar see Nina coming back toward them and meet her
outside. Salazar takes the briefcase and pulls out the vial. He
trains a gun on Jack, saying that he is no longer needed. Chase
radios to CTU that Jack is in jeopardy. The delta teams won't
make it there in time to save him.

12:46 A.M.
Salazar tells Jack that he caused his brother to die. Before
Salazar can pull the trigger, Chase shoots him in the shoulder.
The guards open fire and Nina runs off into the woods. Jack grabs
one of the guard's weapons and begins taking out the men. The
searchlights from the helicopters burn down on the hillside, and
Chase lets Tony know that the delta team has arrived. He runs
down to where Jack is. The chopper fires missiles to take out
some of Salazar's men. Jack sees Salazar rushing off with the
briefcase, and he runs after him. Chase radios to CTU that Jack
is pursuing Salazar and the virus.

12:47 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:52 A.M.
Sherry calls Julia, Milliken's wife. She says that she knows that
Milliken is controlling, but that Julia shouldn't give everything
up to get away from him. She offers Julia a way out that does not
sacrifice her lifestyle. Sherry heads towards the Milliken

12:53 A.M.
Chase and some members of the delta team catch up with Jack in
the woods. Jack is relieved that Chase is all right. He directs
the choppers to pursue Salazar.

12:54 A.M.
Jack and Chase come upon Salazar, who is bleeding from the
gunshot. Salazar holds the cylinder, but Jack refuses to let the
agents open fire. He begs Salazar to hand over the virus. Salazar
is about to comply by placing the cylinder on the ground, but a
timer buzzes. The cylinder explodes in Salazar's hands. Jack and
Chase are knocked down.

12:55 A.M.
Jack takes Chase's phone and calls CTU to tell Tony that he does
not have the virus. The cylinder was rigged with a bomb, which
means that Amador switched vials. Tony lets him know that the
delta teams have found Amador. Jack says that Nina has also
escaped. She probably wasn't plotting with Amador because the
bomb was intended for her. Chloe chimes in that the delta team
has spotted Amador two miles west of their location.

12:56 A.M.
Captain Reiss and his soldiers stop Amador's truck and hold him
at gunpoint. Amador turns his eyes to the trees nearby, and his
men open fire on the delta team, swiftly taking them out. Amador
smashes his cell phone, and drives away with his bodyguard.

12:58 A.M.
Adam loses Amador's cell phone signal, and Michelle gets word
that the delta team was ambushed. Tony gives Jack the news that
Amador escaped. He can not be tracked because he chose this
location where there is no satellite coverage. Jack tells Chase
that they need to find Nina.

12:59 A.M.
As he safely drives away, Amador pulls out another cylinder from
his breast pocket which contains the real virus.

Ticking clock.

1:00 A.M.
Jack and Chase roam the woods, searching for Nina. Chase radios
Jack when he sees a light. He goes to check it out and finds a
dead delta team member. Nina comes upon Chase and takes his
weapon. She orders Chase to radio Jack a code six, and he
obliges. Suddenly, Nina is cold cocked by Jack. He makes Chase
go to the airfield so that he can "interrogate" her. Nina claims
that she can help him find Amador in Los Angeles.

1:05 A.M.
Although Jack looks like he is about to kill Nina, he instead
calls CTU to tell Tony that he has captured her alive. Jack
thinks she must know something.

1:06 A.M.
Tony tells Chloe that Chappelle wants to see her. He then phones
Kim to let her know that her father and Chase are returning to
Los Angeles with Nina.

1:07 A.M.
Chloe comes into Chappelle's office, refusing to speak about the
baby. He accuses her of violating agency rules, and he threatens
to perform a blood test to find out who the baby really is. Chloe
still won't reveal what is going on, so Chappelle places her
under guard while they run tests on the child.

1:08 A.M.
Wayne lets Palmer know that Amador escaped in Mexico with the
virus. He is a known arms dealer, so it is unclear what his
motivation is for bringing it back to Los Angeles. Palmer is
interrupted with a call from Sherry. She says that Kelly, the
man willing to go public about Milliken's past, has disappeared.
She believes Milliken's people got to him. Sherry is on her way
to see Milliken's wife, Julia. Palmer is adamant that she not go
there, but Sherry promises to stay away from Milliken and only
talk to Julia.

1:10 A.M.
Jack arrives at the Las Nieves airfield with Nina. Chase is a bit
surprised to see Nina still alive. Jack knows that Amador is
already out of Mexico, so they board a Navy plane headed for Los

1:11 A.M.
Aboard his own private jet, Amador phones a man named Marcus
Alvers. He tells Alvers to be ready because he has the virus.

1:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:16 A.M.
Sherry calls Julia Milliken, who gives her the gate security
code to enter the property. Sherry orders her to disable the
security cameras.

1:17 A.M.
Julia goes into her husband's bedroom to find him watching the
news. She tucks him in and kisses him goodnight.

1:19 A.M.
Jack asks the restrained Nina what she knows. She says that
Amador always deals with a man named Alvers when it involves
business on the west coast. However, she has no idea who he is
or how Amador contacts him. Jack asks Tony to run a check on the

1:20 A.M.
Chase is cold towards Jack, and he accuses him of not trusting
him with the secret Hector deal. Jack explains that when he
pulled the trigger on Chase, he was taking a chance that Salazar
would not give him a loaded gun. Thankfully, that proved true.
Those kinds of choices are always a factor in the field. Now they
must keep their focus on stopping the virus. Chase backs down,
and wonders whether Nina really does knows more. Jack wants to
wait to see if Alvers is a real lead.

1:21 A.M.
CTU techie Dalton Furelle finds a connection between Amador and
a man named Marcus Alvers. These two men were once suspected of
manufacturing weapons-grade Anthrax but were not convicted. They
have also been seen together numerous times over the last few
years. Tony assigns Michelle to hook Dalton up with manpower
from Division to trace Alvers.

1:22 A.M.
Tony calls Jack with news on Alvers. Now they have to find him.
Nina decides to admit to Jack that she knows more, and that she
can help him find Alvers before he meets with Amador. She wants
Jack's word that he will help her case with the Department of
Justice. He agrees. Nina gives up a Felco prefix number that,
when dialed, gives an internet socket where Alvers can be
reached. After Jack follows her direction, nothing happens.
With a slight smile, Nina tells Jack to wait.

1:24 A.M.
At CTU, everyone's system locks up. All the computers go down.
Tony warns the group that there is a self-propagating code
leaking into their database. Back on the plane, Nina informs
Jack that his dialing actually triggered a worm that will bring
down agency connectivity. "Until I say otherwise, your entire
anti-terrorist computer network is jammed," Nina says calmly.

1:25 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:29 A.M.
Jack gives Tony the heads-up that Nina embedded a worm into CTU's
system when she worked there. They don't know what Nina wants in
return to stop it. Jack suggests they assign Chloe to the task of
saving the network, but Tony explains that Chloe has been asked
to step aside.

1:30 A.M.
Nina tells Jack that she wants the plane to return to Mexico.
Once it turns around, she'll slow down the spread of the worm.
When she's safe in Mexico, she will give him the final kill code
to end it. Jack knows that if the CTU computers go down,
undercover agents around the world will be exposed. Nina warns
him that they can't solve the worm internally.

1:31 A.M.
Tony appeals to Chappelle for allowing Chloe to work on the worm.
Chappelle begrudgingly agrees, and lets her go from custody. With
Adam and Dalton's help, Chloe gets to work on the system.

1:32 A.M.
Sherry arrives at the Milliken estate and lets herself in through
the gate with the access code.

1:33 A.M.
Sherry sneaks into the service porch and lightly taps on the
door. Julia opens it. Sherry proposes that Julia help her prove
that Milliken was involved with Kelly's disappearance and,
possibly, his murder. If Milliken goes to prison, then Julia
will get everything. Sherry needs Milliken's cell phone to see
who he has called in the last few hours, but Julia is afraid to
go into his bedroom. Sherry takes charge and does it herself.

1:35 A.M.
Sherry tiptoes into Milliken's bedroom and goes to the nightstand
next to where he is sleeping. She grabs the phone and rushes out.

1:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:41 A.M.
Chloe hurriedly leads the group in de-worming the system. She is
upset, however, that Adam and Kim stabbed her in the back by
going to their bosses. Chloe says she went out on a limb in
order to protect her friend's baby. "What friend?" Adam asks.
Before Chloe can answer, her monitor beeps, signaling that the
worm is now speeding up. Chloe tries another tactic.

1:42 A.M.
Sherry reads off Milliken's last dialed calls to someone over
the phone so that they can be tracked. She tells Julia that they
are now done. If any of those calls can be traced to Kelly, then
they will have something on Milliken. Suddenly, Milliken enters
the room and sees Sherry with his wife. Sherry pointedly asks him
about paying off Kelly to keep quiet about his daughter's death.
"We can end it now, and you can back off David," she threatens.

1:44 A.M.
With Jack out of earshot, Chase tells Nina that Jack will kill
her if she tries to play him. Jack brings over a laptop and shows
Nina that the worm is now spreading faster. It will bring down
the whole CTU network in a few minutes. If she wants any
leverage, she will have to stop it. Over Jack's phone, Nina gives
Chloe instructions. This slows the worm down for another 20
minutes, but does not stop it completely. Nina warns Jack to
turn the plane around or the worm will finish its task. Jack
insists that they are going to land in Los Angeles and that she
will help him find Amador.

1:46 A.M.
Milliken and Sherry fight, and he starts to cough. When he loses
his breath, Julia runs to get his pills. Sherry stops her.
Milliken stumbles out of his wheelchair and gasps for air as he
reaches for the bottle. Sherry and Julia watch him die on the

1:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:52 A.M.
Julia is horrified, but Sherry convinces her to say that she was
in her bedroom when Milliken died. This was an accident. "You're
free of him," she says. Although Julia is unsure about lying,
Sherry says she has no other choice if she doesn't want to spend
her life in prison. Sherry instructs Julia to call 911 after an
hour and pretend like she just found her husband's body. Julia
can never reveal that Sherry was there.

1:54 A.M.
Chloe works frantically to stop the worm, but it is unsuccessful.
Tony calls Jack to tell him that they will need to go back to
Mexico to get Nina's assistance in preventing this worm from
bringing down the CTU system. Jack turns to Nina for more help,
but she remains silent. Chase wonders if they should just give
in to her demands. The plane begins to rise, and the pilot lets
Jack know that he got orders from Tony to return to Mexico.

1:56 A.M.
Jack points his gun at the pilot to make him land the plane in
L.A. Tony sees the plane's descent and radios the cockpit. He
tells Jack that he is ordering the plane to turn around so that
they can get the kill code. As Tony and Jack argue, Chloe makes
some headway into defeating the worm. She succeeds, and Tony
lets Jack know that they are back to being fully functional.

1:57 A.M.
Jack goes to Nina smiling. She doesn't believe him when he says
that the CTU system is working. But as the plane lands, Nina sees
from Jack's relieved expression that this is true.

1:58 A.M.
Chappelle commends Chloe on her work. Yet he says that she is
still going to be handed over to the police. Chloe is alarmed
when she sees the baby being taken by Child Protective Services.
She agrees to tell Chappelle who the father of the baby is.

1:59 A.M.
Chappelle releases Chloe after he gets his information. Kim
comes up to her and asks what happened. Chloe says that since
she told Chappelle the truth, there won't be any charges pressed.
Kim asks who the father is. Chloe answers that it is Chase.

Ticking clock.

2:00 A.M.
Jack deplanes with Nina at Point Mugu Naval Air Station and is
met by an agent from Division. Chase gets a call from Chloe, who
says that everyone at CTU -- including Kim -- found out about
his daughter.

2:02 A.M.
Chappelle briefs a group of agents about Amador and the man who
Nina named as Alvers. No one has been able to access Interpol's
reports because the European contact logs were not updated. Tony
turns to Michelle, who was the ranking agent at the time he was
in the hospital, and she explains that she didn't think Europe
was a priority at the time. After the meeting breaks, Tony tries
to speak to her but Michelle walks out angrily.

2:04 A.M.
Wayne apprises the President that the virus may already be in Los
Angeles. Palmer wants him to alert the appropriate people in the
various agencies. Sherry comes in to tell Palmer that she did not
go to Milliken's house as she had originally planned. She called
Julia, but Julia would not search her husband's phone. Palmer
doesn't believe Sherry. She says that she pulled over on the road
to make calls.

2:07 A.M.
The vans arrive at CTU, and Nina is whisked to an interrogation
room. Jack is concerned that the security won't be enough to hold
her, but Chappelle makes Jack take a detour to the clinic. He
wants him checked out because he knows that he has been taking

2:08 A.M.
Adam informs Kim that her father has arrived at the office and
that Chase is a few minutes behind. Kim sees Nina being ushered
in. They hold a look. Jack hugs Kim, who is shaken to see Nina

2:09 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:13 A.M.
Kim asks her father why he didn't tell her about his drug
problem. Jack didn't want her to worry, but he says that he will
probably have to enter a rehab program.

2:14 A.M.
Chase enters CTU, and he and Kim lock eyes. She walks away
without acknowledging him.

2:15 A.M.
Milliken's maid is horrified when she sees his dead body on the
floor. She calls out for Julia.

2:16 A.M.
Chase comes into the clinic to check on Jack and to let him know
that Tony will interrogate Nina. Chase then admits to Jack that
he has a daughter. Although Kim already knows, he hasn't had a
chance to talk to her about it. Jack warns him to square this
with Kim now.

2:18 A.M.
Michelle and Dalton prepare the interrogation monitors in the
observation room. He wonders whether Michelle is bothered that
Tony is the one doing the questioning because he used to date
Nina. Tony comes in and asks them to focus the video on Nina's
eyes. She is tired, so they may be able to pick something up by
her eye movements. Tony turns to Michelle and asks if everything
between them is fine. Although she says yes, she doesn't sound

2:19 A.M.
Tony questions Nina about Alvers. Nina tries to make Tony uneasy
by referencing their past relationship. She sees his wedding ring
and makes a comment about his wife. Michelle reacts slightly in
the next room. Nina says she doesn't know Alvers personally. Tony
mentions that the few medical records that they have on Alvers
show that he was treated for HIV. Nina doesn't flinch, but Dalton
sees on his monitor that her pulse has spiked. Michelle whispers
into Tony's earpiece that Nina probably had sex with Alvers. Tony
lets Nina know that he's on to her.

2:21 A.M.
Amador enters a seedy bar. He is carrying the briefcase. Amador
meets up with Alvers, who asks about Nina. Amador says that she
is probably dead. Alvers is relieved because Nina can lead the
government to both of them. Amador carefully hands Alvers the
canister containing the virus.

2:22 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:27 A.M.
Chase approaches Kim, who is upset that she didn't know about his
daughter. He explains that he only recently found out he was a
father from an ex-girlfriend who wanted nothing to do with the
child. Chloe has been helping him take care of it. Chase doesn't
know how this will affect his work and his relationship with Kim.

2:29 A.M.
Chappelle lets Jack know that Tony may be getting somewhere with
Nina about Alvers, but Jack is hesitant to jump to conclusions
because he knows that Nina is adept at manipulating the system.
Before Jack can return to work, Chappelle makes him speak to an
investigator from the Inspector General's office. Jack is lead
into a conference room where the investigator named Plachecki
grills him on how his addiction to heroin came about on the
Salazar case.

2:31 A.M.
Tony continues to interrogate Nina about Amador. He reminds her
that she not only betrayed CTU, but also killed Jack's wife,
helped bring a nuclear bomb into the country and now is ready to
unleash a virus on the population. What does she want now? Nina
can only say that Tony's neck wound is bleeding.

2:32 A.M.
Tony goes back into the observation room. Dalton is only getting
subliminal reactions from Nina. They would need to take her to
another room to be able to better plug into her vital statistics,
but that room is not as secure. Instead, Tony sends for the
torture specialist to work on Nina.

2:33 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:38 A.M.
Plachecki questions Jack over his six weeks of heroin use before
he got into the Salazar gang. Jack explains that he had to
credibly pass as a junkie and only wanted to be prepared.
Plachecki thinks it will be hard to sell this story because Jack
didn't tell anyone what he was doing -- not even his partner.
Jack says, because of his wife's death, his motives would have
been misconstrued had he made it known what he was doing.
Chappelle suggests that Plachecki put in the records that Jack
did not start using drugs until the first meeting with Salazar
was established. Jack refuses to lie because he merely did his
job and has nothing to hide.

2:40 A.M.
Alvers tells someone over the phone that he has the virus. Amador
notes that they will need time to leave the country before they
let the virus out.

2:41 A.M.
The President meets with his aides and Cabinet members. Since
Amador is in Los Angeles with the virus, Palmer asks the team to
come up with two types of containment strategies, both covert and
open to the public. He gives them thirty minutes to report back
to him.

2:42 A.M.
Wayne tells Palmer the grim news about Milliken. Palmer is
shocked. Wayne questions Sherry's claim that she never went to
Milliken's house.

2:43 A.M.
Palmer goes right to Sherry and informs her that Milliken is
dead. She feigns surprise. Palmer asks to check her cell phone
logs to prove her story, but Sherry says that those phone logs
will show that Palmer called her first. She admits that she did
go to the Milliken estate, and after an argument, Milliken
suffered a heart attack. Palmer warns Sherry that she will have
to tell the truth about the matter, but Sherry cautions him that
the truth will indicate that she was there on the President's
behalf. Sherry assures Palmer that she did nothing to Milliken.

2:46 A.M.
Kim watches the feed from the interrogation room on her monitor.
She sees Nina being tortured. Adam gives Kim a list of cities
where Alvers has been in the last three years to cross check
against CTU's database.

2:47 A.M.
Chase comes into the conference room to let Jack and Chappelle
know that Nina is being tortured. Jack voices his opinion that
this is a mistake. No one should be in there who isn't familiar
with what Nina is capable of.

2:48 A.M.
The torture specialist applies a needle to the back of Nina's
neck. She jerks her head backward, and the motion causes the
needle to plunge further into her neck. It hits an artery, and
blood spits out everywhere. Tony applies pressure to Nina's neck
while Michelle calls for medical assistance.

Ticking clock.

2:52 A.M.
Palmer tells Wayne that Sherry alleged that Milliken suffered a
heart attack. Palmer says that they have to assume that Julia
was also involved. Wayne refuses to believe this.

2:54 A.M.
Wayne walks out of Palmer's office and calls Julia from his cell
phone. She tells him that Sherry was there and stopped her from
giving Milliken his medication when he lost his breath. Wayne
advises her to call her lawyer. She wants Wayne to come to her,
but he says he must keep his distance.

2:55 A.M.
Nina is rushed to the clinic of CTU on a gurney. Her handcuffs
have been removed. As the doctors work, Nina squeezes shut the
drip tube that is delivering anesthesia to her arm. She shuts
her eyes and pretends to pass out. Seeing that she is under
sedation, Tony leaves the medic area.

2:56 A.M.
Tony comes to tell Jack and Chappelle that Nina tried to commit
suicide. Despite Tony's explanation that Nina is sedated, Jack
is worried that Nina is in the clinic without security. Suddenly,
an alarm blares throughout CTU. They run to the clinic, and find
all of the doctors and medics dead. Nina is gone. Chappelle
locks down the building.

2:57 A.M.
Kim panics, and runs into a stairwell. She sees one of the CTU
guards dead. She grabs the guard's gun for security. Kim then
finds Nina in the control room of CTU, ripping out wires from a
keypad. She orders Nina to drop her gun. Nina warns Kim to walk
away because she's not a part of this, but Kim refuses to back
down. Nina begins to slowly rise her gun hand, and Kim threatens
to shoot her. Suddenly, Nina is shot in the shoulder by Jack, who
has come up behind Kim. Nina drops to the ground. Jack orders Kim
to go back into the building and tell everyone that he has Nina.
Nina moves her hand closer to the gun on the ground. "You don't
have any more useful information, do you Nina?" Jack asks
rhetorically. Although Nina tries to plead, Jack says "No, you
don't." He fires three shots into her.

2:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:00 A.M.
Tony and Michelle wonder whether Jack shot Nina only out of
vengeance. Tony doesn't think Jack would have risked the mission.

3:01 A.M.
Chappelle enters the transformer room where Nina's body lies dead
on the ground. He angrily questions Jack about what happened.
Chappelle takes Jack to review the video surveillance that would
confirm he was only defending himself. Chase comes in to comfort
Kim. Kim didn't witness her father in self-defense against Nina
because he made her leave the room.

3:04 A.M.
In the seedy night club, Amador lets a man named Saunders come
into the back room. As Saunders takes the vials filled with the
virus, Amador questions why he chose a limited target and not a
large one that could inflict the most casualties. Saunders
explains that this was not his objective. He only wants to send
a message.

3:05 A.M.
Tony lets the rest of the CTU staff know that Jack killed Nina
when she tried to escape. He instructs them to widen their search
for Amador now that there is new information about detonating
devices stolen from Russia. Tony believes that Amador and Alvers
will use these devices to disseminate the virus.

3:06 A.M.
Saunders shows Amador and Alvers how to work the detonating
device. Saunders belittles how Amador could trust that Jack Bauer
would turn against CTU. He accuses Amador of being greedy and
almost ruining the mission. Saunders only gives Amador and Alvers
half of the $200 million they were to be paid because of the
screw up in Mexico. They will receive the balance after they hit
the hotel with the virus.

3:08 A.M.
Chloe finds that one of Amador's bank accounts had been activated
from a local server only a few minutes ago. Kim and Adam work on
tagging the location.

3:09 A.M.
Chappelle reviews the security footage, and Jack insists that he
shot Nina because she was reaching for her gun. Chappelle accuses
Jack of standing in front of the camera to obscure any visual
record of what really happened. Although Jack is angry that Nina
was released after killing his wife, he only tried to prevent her
from shooting at Kim. Chase interrupts their argument to inform
them that they have a live lead on Amador and the virus. Jack
prepares to go out into the field, but Chappelle stops him
because Jack is the subject of an internal investigation. Both
Jack and Chase convince Chappelle that Jack is needed on the
case. Chappelle reluctantly lets him leave.

3:11 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:15 A.M.
Julia calls Wayne because the police are questioning her
housekeeper. He tells her that she is innocent. Palmer comes in
and Wayne hangs up with Julia. He lies to Palmer and says that
he hasn't yet spoken to Julia. Wayne advises the President that
they should stay far away from Milliken's death because it will
look like Palmer was involved.

3:18 A.M.
As Jack loads the truck with Chase, Kim approaches him. She gets
assurance from Jack that he was forced to kill Nina because she
was a threat to them.

3:19 A.M.
Wayne confronts Sherry about Milliken's death. He knows that she
prevented Julia from giving Milliken his medication. Sherry
believes she was only cleaning up Wayne's mess. "Complex problems
sometimes have the simplest solutions," she says. Sherry
convinces Wayne that they need to handle this without Palmer's
knowledge. As long as Julia keeps her mouth shut, the two of
them will be able to cover it up.

3:21 A.M.
A police detective comes to speak with Julia, and says that the
maid heard a car in the driveway. She thought she saw a
light-colored Mercedes. Detective Norris then questions the fact
that the security system was shut down an hour before Milliken's
death. Julia claims she doesn't know anything about this.
Although Milliken was sick, the detective is starting to think
someone may have helped him die.

3:23 A.M.
As Adam tracks the location of Amador's account access, Kim
delivers the coordinates to Chase over the phone. He is driving
with Jack, who thanks him for urging Chappelle to let him stay
on the case. Jack asks if Chase spoke to Kim about his baby.
Chase says that Kim is handling it fine. He wants Jack to stay
out of it because he and Kim truly care about each other.

3:25 A.M.
Alvers arrives at the Chandler Plaza Hotel by taxi. He has a
briefcase in his hand. Alvers enters the lobby and calls Amador
to tell him it will take another 25 minutes.

Ticking clock.

3:30 A.M.
Detective Norris phones Sherry from the Milliken estate to let
her know that Julia claims she was with Sherry tonight. Sherry
firmly states that Julia is lying because she has really been in
the District offices with President Palmer all night. The
detective says that Julia accused Sherry of helping her withhold
medication and caused Milliken's death. Sherry says that Palmer
will confirm her story.

3:32 A.M.
Wayne is worried that he is becoming less of an asset to Palmer's
Administration, but Palmer assures his brother that he doesn't
trust anyone more. Wayne gets a call from CTU that Jack is
leading the operation with a lead on the virus.

3:33 A.M.
Jack and Chase arrive at the Chinatown street where Chloe has
tracked Amador's account transaction. The SWAT team at the site
has sent an undercover officer into the seedy nightclub. The
officer spots an armed guard outside a door, but he is taken
hostage before he can notify the team outside. The guard strips
his radio, and Amador shoots the officer. Jack and Chase lead
the raid on the club. Jack pins Amador to the ground, and orders
the other SWAT guys to leave the room.

3:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:40 A.M.
Jack wants to know where the virus is, but Amador is angry that
Jack was able to fool him in Mexico. "He knows who you are,"
Amador tells Jack. Amador refuses to tell him anything else, and
Jack asks him who he is afraid of. Amador makes a contemptuous
remark that Jack can't protect him because he couldn't even
protect his own family. When Amador does not tell him where the
virus is, Jack has Chase slice Amador's palm with a knife. Amador
passes out. Jack orders Chase to repeat it when Amador wakes up.

3:42 A.M.
Tony and Chappelle call Jack. He tells them that he has Amador,
but that the virus has already been passed on. However, Amador
did reveal that whoever is behind this threat knows Jack very
well. Jack has Tony cross-reference all his contacts with what
they already uncovered about the virus. The CTU forensics team
finds an incubator with no contamination and some prints and
hairs that they will send to the lab. The agents also find
Amador's laptop that has the full schematics of the Chandler
Hotel. Jack tells Tony that they have a possible target, but
that they shouldn't evacuate the hotel just yet. First they
need to contain the virus. Tony orders an NHS team sent to
the hotel.

3:44 A.M.
Tony notifies Phillips, the head of security for the Chandler
Hotel, that there might have been a toxic substance released in
the building. Tony orders him not to allow anyone in or out of
the hotel. Alvers may already be in the building.

3:46 A.M.
Tony stops Michelle as she leaves CTU with Gael and a group of
agents. Chappelle explains that Tony will need to control
information flow at the office, and with Michelle's past
experience, she is the best person to lead the team on-site.
Tony is hesitant to let her go, but she knows it is the best
thing to do.

Ticking clock.

3:51 A.M.
Michelle phones Tony from the car. He tells her that the NHS team
won't be there for another 20 minutes. Tony orders her not to go
into the hotel until NHS brings biohazard suits. She hangs up
annoyed, and tells Gael that things haven't been right since Tony
got back from the hospital. Gael says that Tony was unhappy that
he couldn't talk to her about their secret plot against the
Salazars for the last few months.

3:52 A.M.
Alvers walks through the Chandler Hotel dressed as a maintenance
man. Phillips is suspicious because he doesn't recognize him.
He has his assistant check the man out.

3:53 A.M.
Michelle calls Phillips from outside the hotel. No one has
spotted Alvers yet. She can't enter until the hazmat suits
arrive. Michelle feels guilty that Phillips' people don't have
any hazmat suits and are trapped inside. Gael finds an image of
Alvers on the hotel's security camera. Michelle tells the other
agents on the team that she can't order anyone in because it goes
against protocol, but she is going in to try to stop the virus.
Gael grabs some gear and follows her. Others go with him.

3:54 A.M.
Phillips unlocks the door to allow Michelle and her team to enter
the building. Phillips says that they may have spotted Alvers.

3:55 A.M.
Alvers enters the ventilation room and opens up his tool kit. He
takes out the detonator and inserts a virus-filled vial inside of
it. Alvers sets the detonator into place below a fan that blows
air into the building.

3:56 A.M.
Michelle finds Phillips' assistant dead in the hallway of a pump
room. She holds someone who appears to be a maintenance man at
gunpoint. It is really Alvers. He makes a run for it, but
Michelle takes him down and handcuffs him to a pipe. Alvers
admits that the virus has been released into the central
ventilation unit. Michelle radios Gael, who heads for the area.

3:58 A.M.
Gael finds the detonator underneath the whirling blades of the
main fan. He radios Michelle that the virus is in a vial, and
that it is hooked to some kind of timer. Gael opens up the fan
unit, but before he can grab the vial, the detonator goes off.
A fine, white powder sprays into his face and up into the air
conditioning shaft.

3:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:00 A.M.
Gael notifies Phillips that the toxic substance has been released
into the ventilation system of the hotel. Meanwhile, Michelle
grills Alvers. She learns that there are eleven more vials of the
virus, but Alvers does not know the locations where they are to
be released. Michelle gives Tony the news. He is shocked to find
out that she is inside the hotel. He orders her to leave the
building, but she refuses.

4:05 A.M.
Jack tries to get Amador to reveal who he is working for. Amador
is willing to die rather than tell him. Chappelle calls Jack with
information about the eleven other vials of virus. Jack
handcuffs Amador to a rusty pipe. He and Chase discuss that
there may be a possibility of containing the virus inside the
Chandler Hotel.

4:08 A.M.
Tony briefs Dr. Nicole Duncan as she heads to the hotel with her
team. Chappelle tells Tony that no one is to leave the hotel
because that may spread the virus. He orders that anyone
attempting to escape will be shot and killed.

4:09 A.M.
Michelle arranges for her team to shut down hotel operations and
jam cell phone signals so that no one can make contact to the
outside. This is to prevent a mass panic. Michelle apologizes to
Gael for putting his life in danger.

4:10 A.M.
Phillips asks a bellhop named Margolis to stay on after his
shift. Phillips doesn't let on the seriousness of the situation.

4:11 A.M.
Amador manages to loosen the rusty pipe and release his
handcuffs. He sneaks out of the nightclub. Kim calls Jack. She is
monitoring Amador from her computer's tracking locator because
Jack had placed a transponder in the bandage on Amador's hand.
sJack and Chase head out to follow him.

Ticking clock.

4:16 A.M.
Palmer orders Wayne to notify the California governor of the
virus at the Chandler Hotel in case he needs to mobilize the
National Guard. Sherry tells Palmer that Julia confessed to
the police that Sherry was involved in Milliken's death. She
had told the police that she was with her ex-husband at the
time. Sherry threatens Palmer to corroborate her story or
else she will disclose that she was acting on the President's
behalf with regards to Milliken.

4:19 A.M.
Amador gets in his car and drives away from the nightclub. Jack
and Chase call Tony as they follow Amador. They are hoping Amador
will need his boss to help him escape. Jack says that the virus
may have been altered, so there is a possibility that Michelle
will have a chance of survival.

4:20 A.M.
Amador calls his employer, Stephen Saunders. Saunders asks
whether Jack was one of the agents interrogating him. In order
to avoid being followed to Saunders, Amador cuts a sharp U-turn
and takes another route.

4:21 A.M.
Saunders hands one of his henchman a cell phone. He instructs
the man to release the vial of virus when the phone rings twice.

4:22 A.M.
Concerned about Michelle, Tony questions Dr. Duncan about the
potential fatality rate. Dr. Duncan has no answers about
Michelle's fate.

4:23 A.M.
Michelle and Gael find that the entire hotel is contaminated.
Gael begins to show symptoms when his nose bleeds.

4:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:29 A.M.
Since the virus is supposed to have a fourteen hour incubation
period, Michelle wants Alvers to tell her what he did to alter
the virus. He promises to tell her if she kills him once the
symptoms start.

4:30 A.M.
Wayne warns Palmer that Sherry will be arrested unless he backs
up her alibi. Wayne argues that he must protect Sherry or lose
his Presidency. Palmer refuses to lie.

4:32 A.M.
Michelle calls Tony to let him know that Alvers admitted to
adding an accelerant to the virus to shorten the incubation
period. Gael is already showing symptoms. Tony begins to get
emotional, but Michelle stops him.

4:33 A.M.
Margolis the bellhop questions Phillips about what is going on.
Phillips evades the truth. Margolis goes searching for an exit.

4:34 A.M.
Michelle calls the quarantined Gael to check on his health. She
tells him that NHS will soon send in a doctor. Margolis sees
Gael and overhears his conversation. Panicked, he pulls a fire
alarm. Margolis opens a drawer to grab a set of keys and he
finds a gun. He takes it.

4:35 A.M.
Phillips tells Michelle that he thought the fire alarm was
disconnected. Michelle orders the agents and hotel workers to
prevent the guests from exiting by blaming it on a false alarm.

4:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:41 A.M.
Amador lets Saunders know that he's not being followed. Saunders
gives him the location where he can come in. Meanwhile, Kim
tracks Amador's movement and gives Jack the coordinates. Jack
instructs her to send for the follow teams.

4:42 A.M.
The hotel guests start to fill the lobby, and Michelle directs
them back upstairs. One man demands to be told what is going on
because he is prohibited from leaving the building. Another
woman says that she saw people with gas masks outside. Michelle
lies and says that a toxic substance was released outside the
hotel. She tells them that it is safe inside the building.
Phillips alerts Michelle that someone opened a fire door on
the west side of the hotel, and Michelle goes to search for
that person.

4:44 A.M.
Michelle comes upon Margolis trying to unlock a door. He pulls
his gun on her. Michelle tells him the same story she fed to the
other guests, but he doesn't believe her. She finally admits
that there is a toxin inside the hotel and that everyone will
be sick. Michelle warns Margolis that he will be responsible
for spreading the disease if he leaves the building. He calms
down and gives her his gun.

4:46 A.M.
Phillips calls Michelle. One of the guests has started to show
symptoms. The woman is bleeding from her nose and mouth.

Ticking clock.

4:50 A.M.
Wayne brings the Los Angeles Chief of Police in to see Palmer.
The President tells the officer that Sherry was with him when
Milliken died. Palmer goes to Sherry to give her the news that
he corroborated her story. Yet he is still furious about what
she did. He says that he despises both Sherry and what he was
forced to do in her favor.

4:54 A.M.
Jack and Chase watch Amador walk from his car to another waiting
car. A man in the car hands Amador a briefcase. Inside the
briefcase is a bomb. Jack watches as the car explodes, and he
rushes to the wreckage. Jack's cell phone rings. It is Saunders,
but Jack doesn't know him. Saunders threatens to release eleven
other vials of the virus in return for Jack's help. "I need you
to put me in touch with a friend of yours," Saunders says.

4:56 A.M.
Chaos ensues when a number of the hotel guests begin getting
nosebleeds. One of the irate people throws a trashcan at the
front door and smashes the glass. Michelle fires her gun into
the air to make the man move away from the window. She threatens
to shoot him if he tries to leave, but he doesn't believe her.
As the man makes his way out, Michelle fires two shots into his
back. The other guests are in shock.

4:58 A.M.
Jack calls the President and explains that the man holding the
virus wants to speak to him. They will probably have to give in
to the man's requests. Saunders tells Palmer that he will
release the virus and kill a good portion of the American
population unless his demands are met. Saunders says that he
will call Palmer again.

4:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:00 A.M.
After killing the man trying to escape, Michelle orders the
other guests to stay calm. A SWAT team surrounds the place and
makes everyone alarmed. Michelle is forced to fire her gun into
the air to keep the panicked people in line. She says over the
hotel intercom that an infectious substance has been released
into the building. Anyone attempting to leave will be stopped.
The guests file back to their rooms. The dead man's wife lashes
out at Michelle.

5:04 A.M.
Jack doesn't have an answer when President Palmer questions why
the terrorist used Jack to get in touch with him. Jack has Chase
call CTU for a physical description from Alvers. They should
cross-check that description against Jack's personnel files.

Palmer tells Wayne that they have no choice but to give in to the
terrorist's demands because he will kill most people in America.

5:05 A.M.
Phillips asks Michelle if everyone in the hotel will die. She
thinks that some of them are immune to the virus because not
everyone was afflicted. Tony calls Michelle, and she is upset
that she had to shoot a man who tried to escape. Tony assures
her that she did what was necessary. He wants her to have Alvers
give a description of the man who hired him.

5:07 A.M.
As Dr. Duncan arrives at the hotel with her Hazmat-suited NHS
team, Michelle grills Alvers. He claims that he doesn't know his
employer's name, but he met the man at a Go parlor in Chinatown.
Alvers describes the man and Michelle feeds the information to
CTU. Chloe looks it up against Jack's records and sends the
matching headshots to Michelle's laptop. Alvers doesn't spot the
man among the photographs. Jack, who has been listening in, has
them widen the search to include those who are listed as dead.
Alvers reviews the new set of headshots, but this time he
recognizes one as his boss. Jack knows who it is. Stephen
Saunders was a British agent loaned to CTU from MI-6 for the
operation that brought down Victor Drazen in Kosovo. Jack had
thought Saunders did not survive the mission.

5:11 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:15 A.M.
Palmer and Wayne discuss how to keep the virus threat from the
press. Palmer advises his brother to not use the term "Cordilla
virus" when drafting releases to not arouse fear. The President
meets with his Homeland Security Chief, Joseph O'Laughlin, who
suggests that the threat level be raised to red and that airports
and highways be closed. Wayne is worried that this will cause
even more panic. Palmer orders O'Laughlin to alert the airlines
of a possible nationwide grounding.

5:17 A.M.
Palmer is interrupted when Saunders calls and demands that the
Secret Service pick up a package from a mailbox across the street
within ten minutes. Before Palmer can say anything more, Saunders
hangs up.

5:19 A.M.
As they drive toward CTU, Jack discusses his theories about
Saunders with Chase. Jack thinks Saunders might have been
captured and has spent the last ten years in a foreign prison.
Jack calls a friend of his at MI-6, Trevor Tomlinson. Tomlinson,
who has already been briefed on the situation by CTU, pulled up
Saunders's contacts. The only person not confirmed dead is a
woman named Diana White who ran a high-end escort service. She
lived with Saunders and passed intelligence to him. Diana lives
in Los Angeles.

5:20 A.M.
Dr. Duncan prepares to run a nasal swab test on all the people
in the hotel, and she begins with Michelle. The results will be
available in two hours.

5:21 A.M.
Secret Service Agent Pierce brings the package from the mailbox
to Palmer. Inside it is a cell phone that contains a sub-channel
chip which causes the signals to be untraceable. Suddenly, the
cell phone rings. Saunders is on the other end. He instructs the
President to call a press conference within the next half hour
on any subject. Palmer must use the phrase "the sky is falling"
during the briefing. Wayne is resistant to sending out this
signal, whatever it means. Palmer, however, knows that millions
might be killed if he doesn't oblige. He has his staff hastily
arrange a press conference.

5:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:28 A.M.
Chase pulls up information on Diana White. Her clients are very
rich and very powerful. Saunders has probably blackmailed these
men to raise money to fund his operation. Jack thinks Saunders
was captured and tortured, and he now holds the United States
government and Jack responsible.

5:29 A.M.
Tony frantically makes calls to NHS to find out if there are any
possible cures for the virus. He tells Kim that NHS says there
is a 100% mortality rate, and that he feels bad that he and
Michelle had been fighting before she left for the hotel. They
are interrupted by Chappelle, who asks to speak to Tony
privately. Chappelle accuses Tony of putting his emotions for
Michelle ahead of his work. He advises Tony to assume the worst,
and then turn his focus to getting revenge for Michelle.
Chappelle wants him to track bank accounts from Amador's
computer to find a link to Saunders.

5:32 A.M.
Jack and Chase break into Diana White's house. Diana hears them,
and she fires at Jack. He says he wants to speak to her about
Saunders. Jack puts his gun down. Diana approaches him with her
weapon raised, but Chase knocks her down. Diana tells Jack that
Saunders left her and she hasn't seen him. When Diana asks for
her lawyer, Jack says that she is being taken to MI-6, an agency
of foreign government, which means her constitutional rights
don't apply.

5:35 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:39 A.M.
Michelle asks Dr. Duncan if she can speak to Gael in his
isolation. He has deteriorated quickly. Dr. Duncan advises
against it, but Michelle goes anyway. She is shocked to see
the boils on his face and his bloodstained shirt. Gael asks
Michelle to contact his family. She offers him her gun to end
his own life, but Gael refuses. He feels guilty because, when he
was trying to stop the cylinder from exploding, he hesitated out
of fear. If he hadn't hesitated, he could have saved himself and
the others. Michelle walks away, visibly upset.

5:44 A.M.
As they approach the press room, Wayne tells the President that
the FBI is ready to move if the phrase "the sky is falling"
triggers any suspicious activity. The FAA is also prepared to
ground planes if necessary. Palmer steps up to the podium before
the throng of reporters. He announces that the threat level has
been elevated to red and that the airports will be closed. Palmer
also says that he's not taking that action because "the sky is
falling". The reporters shoot out questions, but Palmer is vague
in answering.

5:45 A.M.
Jack and Chase enter MI-6 with Diana. Tomlinson says that Diana
is the registered owner of the address in Chinatown where
Saunders was last seen. Suddenly, a helicopter rises to the
window of the MI-6 office and men with machine guns begin firing.
Diana is killed. Tomlinson is also hit, and he manages to tell
Jack the number of the server where the Saunders files are

5:48 A.M.
Jack and Chase run downstairs, killing two gunmen as they flee.
They come upon four dead bodies in the computer room. Jack finds
a bomb attached to the computer mainframe. He pulls the hard
drive out, and he and Chase run just as the bomb explodes.

5:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:54 A.M.
Michelle calls Tony with news that Gael has died. She wants to
make available to the infected hotel guests the suicide capsules
that are used for agents who have been captured. Tony can not
authorize this, but Michelle has witnessed what the virus is
capable of. "I'll see what I can do," Tony sighs.

5:56 A.M.
Jack calls Chappelle to let him know that the MI-6 office was
decimated, but he managed to save the hard drive that was
sorting information on Saunders. Jack will bring it in.

Chappelle goes downstairs and sees Tony grabbing suicide
capsules from the cabinet. Although it goes against agency
regulations, Chappelle allows him to take it to the hotel.

5:57 A.M.
One of Saunders's henchman reports that Jack escaped the MI-6
raid, but that the hard drive was destroyed. Saunders is mildly
saddened that Diana was killed even though he ordered her death.
The henchman also says that there have been inquiries from
Chappelle at CTU into their Cayman bank accounts.

5:58 A.M.
Wayne briefs the President on the MI-6 attack. Palmer is worried
that what he said in the press conference could have triggered
it. Saunders calls Palmer on the secret cell phone. He wants
Chappelle killed. His body is to be delivered to the downtown
train yard by 7:00. Palmer refuses, and Saunders tells him that
what is going on at the Chandler Hotel will happen at hundreds
of locations around the country if he does not comply.

5:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:00 A.M.
Wayne defends the idea of offering up Chappelle to Saunders,
but Palmer is afraid of permitting the terrorist to dictate
his actions.

6:02 A.M.
Jack enters CTU with the hard drive from MI-6. Chappelle
explains how he's trying to trace Saunders's money trail.
Jack is interrupted by a private call from the President.

6:03 A.M.
Palmer informs Jack that Saunders wants Chappelle's body
delivered to the downtown train yard. Jack is confused by
Saunders's request, but he knows that the President has no
other choice. Jack hopes to find Saunders before they are
to hand over Chappelle.

6:05 A.M.
Jack orders Chloe to transfer the search for Saunders from
District back to CTU. She reluctantly agrees to hide this from

6:06 A.M.
Tony has the suicide capsules delivered to Michelle. She breaks
down emotionally to him. Tony wishes he could be there with her.

6:07 A.M.
Jack asks Tony whether Chappelle and Saunders have any
connection because Saunders just demanded that the President
kill him. Tony downgrades Chappelle's security clearance in case
he becomes a flight risk. They decide not to tell anyone else.

6:09 A.M.
Chappelle questions Jack on what Palmer wanted from him. Jack
admits the truth about Saunders's request. Chappelle is confused
because he does not know Saunders. Jack thinks that the money
trace proves that he may have been on the right track. He will
try to capture Saunders before the hour is up, but he asks
Chappelle to turn over his files to Chloe right away.

6:11 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:16 A.M.
Chappelle frantically tries to access Saunders's offshore bank
account, but it's encrypted. Chappelle wonders if he is being
targeted by Saunders because of some lead he may have found.
Jack encourages him to send the file to Chloe so that she can
complete the work.

6:17 A.M.
Michelle is saddened to see Phillips become infected with the
virus. He begs Michelle to let him call his wife, but she is not
allowed to grant him that wish. Michelle tells the other hotel
guests that there is no chance of recovery once symptoms have
appeared. The estimated time of death is within six hours. She
offers the suffering people suicide pills if they decide they
want such an option.

6:19 A.M.
Michelle is alerted to another situation. One of the guests
can't find the man she came to the hotel with. The woman, Kathy
McCartney, doesn't know the man's name because she met him in a
bar and they had a one night stand. He disappeared after the
fire alarm. Michelle calls for a forensic team to dust the
woman's room for fingerprints.

6:21 A.M.
Tony lets Jack know that Chase has a strike team assembled.
There is also a helicopter ready to take Chappelle to the train
yard across town. Chloe tells Jack that the decryption may take
ninety minutes. He won't tell her why it is so important, but he
wants her to work faster. Kim offers to help Chloe. Jack notices
that Chappelle is missing.

6:22 A.M.
Chappelle is prevented from leaving CTU by a security guard. He
tells Jack that he is only going outside for a cigarette. Under
authority of the President, Jack orders Chappelle to a holding

6:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:28 A.M.
Michelle warns Tony that an unidentified man has slipped out of
the hotel. The man is probably unaware that he was exposed to
the virus. Michelle goes through the encounter with Kathy to find
more clues. Kathy hands over her belt and the agents find another
set of fingerprints on the buckle. Michelle sends the prints to
CTU for analysis.

6:30 A.M.
A man named William Cole slips into his house and awakens his
wife. He tells her that he worked late. Cole goes in the
bathroom and notices blood dripping from his nose.

6:31 A.M.
Chloe decrypts Saunders's bank account and Kim sees that
Saunders is listed as having several addresses across the
country. One is in downtown Los Angeles. Saunders called
a transfer from that location forty-five minutes ago. Tony
alerts Chase to raid the apartment. Jack commends Chloe and
Kim for their work.

6:32 A.M.
Jack informs Chappelle about the lead on Saunders. Chappelle's
elation turns into dread when Jack takes him to a waiting
helicopter en route to the train yard. They still need to
be in place for Saunders's deadline.

6:33 A.M.
Gerry Whitehorn, Palmer's press secretary, says that a reporter
from the Los Angeles Times is asking whether a toxic accident at
the Chandler Hotel is connected to the White House's red alert.
Wayne tells Whitehorn the truth about the virus so that he can
handle the media onslaught. Palmer warns him not to go public
until they know the virus is contained.

6:34 A.M.
Up on the roof of CTU, Jack and Chappelle are stopped by Chase.
He questions why Jack is not going with him to grab Saunders.
Chappelle says that Jack is wanted for more interrogation by
Division. Chase accosts him, and Jack tells him to back off.

6:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:40 A.M.
Chase and Agent Baker arrive at the parking structure across from
where Saunders has been traced. Chase sees three men outside the
building, and he thinks he knows a way to bring down the guards
before they can warn Saunders.

6:41 A.M.
Since all flights from LAX have been grounded, Saunders learns
that only three of his couriers made it out to various American
cities. This revises his casualty projections down to five
million dead within the first forty-eight hours.

6:42 A.M.
Adam comes up with 300 potential matches to the partial
fingerprint from the hotel. Tony has him send all the photos
to Michelle so that the woman can go through them. Chappelle
calls from the helicopter to check on Chase's status. As the
chopper lands at the train yard, Tony patches Chappelle and
Jack in to Chase's comm feed.

6:43 A.M.
Outside Saunders's apartment building, a street sweeper passes
between a guard and a car. Chase and his agents shoot the guards
amid the confusion. They enter the building as another strike
team goes up the fire escape to the roof. Chase enters the
apartment, but it's empty, save for a switching mode that has
been relaying calls from this location.

6:47 A.M.
As he listens to the unsuccessful raid over the intercom,
Chappelle's optimism deflates. Suddenly, Jack's cell phone
rings. It is Saunders, who orders Jack to leave Chappelle's
body in the van that will soon be arriving at the train yard.
"If you don't follow my directions, I will release the virus
immediately," Saunders says.

6:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:53 A.M.
Dr. Sunny Macer brings a suitcase full of suicide pills into the
hotel and offers them to the virus-stricken guests. An agent
brings Michelle to the room where Kathy is looking through the
photos matching the fingerprint. Kathy identifies one of the
faces as the man she spent the night with.

6:54 A.M.
A perspiring Cole notices his face is ashen. From inside the
bathroom, he tells his wife that he has to go to leave for work.

6:55 A.M.
Jack phones Adam at CTU and tells him to check the satellite
imagery on his location. He wants him to follow the black van
coming toward the helicopter.

6:56 A.M.
Jack helps the shaking Chappelle from the chopper. The two men
walk through the yard. Jack asks Chappelle if there is anyone
he wants to talk to before he dies, but Chappelle says no. Jack
makes Chappelle get on his knees, and Chappelle begs to be given
the chance to take his own life. Although Jack is at first
hesitant he hands over his gun. Yet Chappelle is unable to pull
the trigger. Jack takes the gun and fires point blank at
Chappelle's head.

6:59 A.M.
Silent clock.

7:00 A.M.
At the train yard, Jack backs away from Chappelle's dead body as
masked men from the black van approach. The men check the body
for trackers and warn Jack against following them. They take
Chappelle and drive away.

7:03 A.M.
Jack calls Wayne Palmer and gives him the news. The President is
adamant about not giving in to any more of Saunders's demands.
Wayne warns him of the impending virus threat. Palmer asks him
to convene his cabinet.

7:05 A.M.
Based on the money trail, Kim, Chloe and Adam discover that
Saunders has a daughter in Santa Barbara. Jack calls Tony to
let him know about Chappelle. Tony tells him that they are going
to pick up Saunders's daughter, but Jack thinks that they
shouldn't send up any signals to the terrorist. He suggests they
substitute Jane Saunders with another look-alike agent so that
Saunders isn't alarmed. Tony attempts to find an agent that
resembles the girl.

7:07 A.M.
Tony checks in with Michelle, but she doesn't yet know if she's
infected with the virus. She wants to keep busy and asks Tony to
give her some work.

7:08 A.M.
Adam lets Tony know that they are tracking Cole, the man who
escaped from the hotel. Chase is already on his way to the man's

Palmer contacts Jack and asks what Saunders meant about future
demands. Jack believes that Saunders will continue to release
the virus.

7:09 A.M.
Chloe is unable to find a female field agent in Los Angeles that
looks like the young Jane Saunders. Kim is the closest match.

7:10 A.M.
Tony briefs Kim on the situation with Jane and how she is the
only one who can stand in for the girl. Tony will not order her
to do it. Kim, however, agrees to the mission.

7:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:16 A.M.
Kim asks Chloe to take over her work while she goes to Santa
Barbara. Chloe is angry that Kim is being sent out in the field.

7:17 A.M.
Through a gas mask, Chase grills Cole's wife about his appearance
because he is in danger of contracting a virus from the Chandler
Plaza Hotel. She becomes angry when she realizes that her husband
was having an affair. One of the agents finds a bloody tissue in
the bathroom, which means that Cole is symptomatic of the virus.

7:18 A.M.
With a soaked tissue at his nose, Cole touches items at a drug
store. The pharmacist suggests that he go to the emergency room.
Cole bumps into another customer on his way out.

7:19 A.M.
When Jack enters CTU, Tony tells him that Kim is the only match
for Jane Saunders. Jack refuses to let his daughter go out into
the field, but Tony says that she reports to him.

7:20 A.M.
Jack goes into the conference room where Kim is being briefed.
He orders her not to go and explains that he put her inside CTU
so that she would be safe. Kim says that she is at CTU because
she wanted to be there, and it is her decision to accept this
mission. Jack has no choice but to let her.

7:22 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:26 A.M.
Jack escorts Kim out onto the helicopter pad on the roof. He
gives her some last minute advice and hands her a gun. They
board the chopper together.

7:27 A.M.
Palmer speaks to his Cabinet via video monitors and informs them
that some of the virus has already been released at the Chandler
Hotel. They gave in to Saunders's demand of killing one of their
own agents. Palmer asks the agency heads to open up their files
to CTU in Los Angeles.

7:29 A.M.
Tony tells his stunned staff that Chappelle was killed in the
line of duty. He will be assuming his responsibilities.

7:30 A.M.
Chase notifies CTU that he has Cole's wife contained. Chase is
angry that Kim is being sent out into the field. Tony says that
even though it is his call and Jack signed off on it, Kim is the
one who accepted the assignment.

7:31 A.M.
Aboard the helicopter, Jack apologizes to Kim for yelling at
her. He also warns her that he is in command of any agent in
the field.

7:32 A.M.
Cole enters the E.R. and sees a news report about an infection
at the Chandler Hotel. Cole alerts the nurse, and she recognizes
him as the man they are supposed to isolate.

7:33 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:37 A.M.
Saunders gets verification that the body picked up is
Chappelle's. Saunders has his henchmen keep his daughter Jane in
their sights. Jane Saunders, meanwhile, gets in her car and
heads to work.

7:38 A.M.
The cabinet members are concerned that the death of a
high-ranking member of the intelligence committee was ordered by
the President. Palmer answers that he was more concerned with
buying time to save millions of lives rather than worried about
his own re-election.

7:39 A.M.
Palmer is interrupted by a call from Saunders, who wants to
rectify America's atrocities by dismantling military operations
around the world. Saunders demands that the government send him
a list of all foreign nationals working covertly as spies across
the globe. If he doesn't receive the list within one hour,
Saunders will release two more vials of the virus.

7:41 A.M.
Jack and Kim land in Santa Barbara and are met by Agent
Forrester, who has already set up a staging area at the
library where Jane Saunders works.

Chase gets word that Cole was found in an urgent care center
nearby. He heads there.

7:42 A.M.
As they drive toward the library, techs work on Kim to make her
look more like Jane. Jack preps Kim about keeping her head down
so that no one looks her in the eye.

7:43 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:48 A.M.
Tony listens in as Chase questions Cole, who can not remember
how many people he came into contact with at the pharmacy.

7:49 A.M.
Jack watches over surveillance cameras as Jane works the
reference desk at the campus library of the University of
California at Santa Barbara. One of the agents purposefully
spills a drink on Jane's pants, which makes Jane go to the
restroom to clean up. Jack sees a man in a red shirt track
Jane's movements, and he orders the other agents to follow
him. In the restroom, another agent chloroforms Jane and she
passes out.

7:51 A.M.
Kim exits a stall and puts on Jane's clothes. She emerges from
the restroom. Jack tells Kim through her earwig that the man in
the red shirt is one of Saunders's men. She turns away from the

7:52 A.M.
Tony maps out all the potential places where Cole stopped and
came into contact with people. A few of the customers at the
pharmacy are not identified, and a number of patients in the
E.R. left before quarantine was placed on the urgent care
facility. There could be up to 75 people infected, with two
full neighborhoods suspect.

7:54 A.M.
Jack goes in to the room where Jane Saunders is being held. She
awakens, and Jack asks for her help getting in touch with her
father. Jane refuses, claiming she doesn't know how to contact
Saunders. Jack threatens to go "as far as he needs to go" to get
answers. Jane cries out for help.

7:55 A.M.
Forrester interrupts to tell Jack that the man in the red shirt
is approaching Kim. Jack radios Kim to warn her. The field
agents send a librarian to distract the man in the red shirt.
Kim walks away to another bookshelf and waits.

7:58 A.M.
Forrester loses sight of Kim on the camera. A young guy
approaches Kim for assistance finding a book. He pulls out a gun
and threatens to kill her if she doesn't tell him where Jane
Saunders is. The guy drags Kim out of the library.

7:59 A.M.
With Kim out of sight, Jack runs towards the library. Kim knocks
the guy's gun down, and Jack sees them struggling. Kim pulls out
her own weapon and shoots the guy. "Saunders is going to know we
have his daughter," Kim says to Jack.

Ticking clock.

8:00 A.M.
Adam briefs the CTU staff about two new symptomatic patients
discovered in the city. This means that there are more
quarantined areas. Tony reiterates how serious the situation has
become and how everyone needs to stay on track. The mission has
switched from prevention to containment.

8:02 A.M.
Jack checks on Kim, who's still a bit shaken from shooting the
bad guy. Agent Forrester lets Jack know that Jane Saunders can
now be questioned.

8:03 A.M.
The President learns that Saunders's daughter has been captured
and that CTU wants to use her to find him. Although he is
supposed to provide Saunders a list of foreign operatives in
15 minutes, Palmer wants to wait until Jack comes up with
something before he hands over that list.

8:04 A.M.
Jack tries to convince Jane that her father is a terrorist
fighting against the federal government. Jack once worked with
Saunders, and he knows he is a good man. "But something's
happened to him," Jack says.

8:06 A.M.
Saunders is informed that CTU is trying to access his location
from the website address, but they are only hitting dead ends.

Jack shows Jane photos from his mission in Kosovo with Saunders.
Although Saunders told Jane's mother that they went on a
fact-finding mission, they were really there to kill Victor
Drazen. The U.S. and British governments thought that Saunders
had died when they blasted Drazen's hideout. Jane says that her
father told her she couldn't tell anyone that he was alive. Jack
then shows Jane more recent photos of Saunders with arms dealers
and biological weapons manufacturers. He plays an audio file of
Saunders threatening the President about releasing the virus.
Jack runs a live feed from the Chandler Plaza Hotel to prove to
Jane that many people are already dying from the virus. He begs
Jane to help him stop this. She gives Jack a phone number that
Saunders provided her in emergencies.

8:10 A.M.
Dr. Sunny Macer tells Michelle that her lab results have come in.

Ticking clock.

8:14 A.M.
Secret Service Agent Pierce informs the President that Los
Angeles is not safe. The bureau is invoking an order to remove
him from the state for his own protection. Palmer asks Pierce
for help in allowing him to remain in the city. He wants the
people to know that their President stood by them in this crisis.

8:17 A.M.
Tony and Jack tell the President that there is no way to
immediately get to Saunders. Palmer decides not to give in to
Saunders's demands again. This forces Jack to use Jane as a
hostage in hopes that Saunders will give up. Jack tells Jane
that she must contact her father and keep him on the line so
that they can trace the call.

8:19 A.M.
When no list arrives from Palmer, Saunders calls one of his men
to release the virus in San Francisco. Suddenly, a cell phone
rings and Saunders recognizes it as his daughter's line. He
tells his man to wait. Saunders picks up, and Jane tells him
that she is scared. Saunders's henchman sees that the call from
Jane is being monitored. Agent Forrester also knows that their
trace has been discovered and she warns Jack. Saunders asks his
daughter to put Jack Bauer on the phone. Saunders reminds Jack
of the virus he has in his possession. "You know what I'm
capable of too," Jack says, threatening Saunders about his
interrogation tactics.

8:21 A.M.
Adam and Chloe successfully trace the call and find a location
for Saunders. Tony sends Chase's team out. Jack orders Kim to
accompany Jane back to CTU. He is taking a chopper to Saunders.

8:22 A.M.
Ticking clock.

8:27 A.M.
Michelle calls Tony to let him know that her test shows she is
not infected and has immunity to the virus. Tony is overcome
with emotion because they both escaped death today. Michelle
is being taken downtown by NHS as a precaution.

8:30 A.M.
Palmer addresses the gathered press about the virus, and asks
them to convey to the public that the best defense against the
virus is to stay home.

8:32 A.M.
Jack calls Chase as they both head to Saunders. Jack believes
Saunders doesn't yet know they have a lock on his location. Via
satellite, Adam tracks anyone coming in or out of Saunders's

8:33 A.M.
Saunders knows that CTU has him spotted. He thinks it will be
easier to escape when there are more agents surrounding them.
Saunders's henchman is afraid and he goes to leave, but Saunders
shoots him dead. Saunders looks out the window and sees nothing
unusual. He calls another one of his men and asks if "she has
left yet." The man says no. Saunders orders him to stay on the
mystery woman.

8:34 A.M.
In Santa Barbara, Kim loads Jane into a car headed back to Los
Angeles. Kim sees a group of people watching them.

Ticking clock.

8:39 A.M.
In the car, Kim tells Jane that Saunders has been keeping tabs
on her all these years he was missing.

8:41 A.M.
Adam fills Jack in that no one suspicious has left Saunders's
building. Chloe alerts Tony that one of the victims who tested
positive for the virus is Adam's sister. She doesn't want Adam
to know because it will affect his work. Tony ignores her plea
and gives Adam the bad news. He allows Adam to call his sister,
but asks him to stay on until the crisis passes.

8:44 A.M.
Saunders tells a man on the phone that he knows he is surrounded.
His plan is to wait for Jack to show up.

8:45 A.M.
Jack arrives at the scene, and Chase brings him up to speed on
the snipers in place around the building. Jack is sure that
Saunders is still in place and knows that they are there. The
team gets ready. Jack calls out to Saunders on a bullhorn and
lets him know that the President will no longer give in to his
demands. Jack says that since they have his daughter hostage,
his only option is to surrender. "That's not exactly true, Jack,"
Saunders whispers to himself.

8:47 A.M.
Kim and Jane's car stops at a train crossing. A man in a black
helmet on a motorcycle pulls up beside them. He turns and looks
at Kim.

8:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

8:52 A.M.
Michelle is loaded into a van with the other immune people from
the hotel.

8:53 A.M.
Chloe tells Tony that Adam messed up the satellite feed, and it
was from being under duress because of his sister. Adam says he
did nothing wrong, but then realizes that Chloe is right. Tony
lets Adam go back to work.

8:55 A.M.
As the CTU agents lie in wait, Saunders calls Jack on his cell
phone. He refuses to come outside and wants Jack to come in
instead. Saunders says he needs a few minutes to think things
over and hangs up. Chase gets confirmation that Saunders is still
in the building. Saunders gets a call from one of his men with
news that some task has been completed. Saunders then
mysteriously phones Tony at CTU and gives him a web socket
number. Tony opens the socket and sees video of Michelle being
restrained in the back of a van. Saunders warns him that
Michelle will be dead in fifteen seconds if he doesn't comply
with his request. Saunders wants Tony to order the teams on site
to the front entrance. When Tony doesn't comply, Saunders tells
his man to take Michelle's eye out. Tony sees the knife come up
to Michelle's face on the video. He agrees to do what Saunders

8:58 A.M.
Tony radios the team leader on the site. He tells him to "code
nine" and move every man on site to the front of the building.
The agents go into action. Saunders sees the snipers move off.
He walks out the back entrance unnoticed.

8:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:00 A.M.
Jack, Chase and the SWAT team wait outside the building. When
Saunders doesn't emerge, Jack orders the apartment to be gassed.
Jack is surprised to learn that Tony moved every agent to the
front instead of positioned on all sides. Jack calls Tony to
question his judgment, but Tony blames it on a staff error.
Chase goes inside to find that Saunders is gone.

9:04 A.M.
Chloe asks Tony why he told Jack that someone on his team made
a mistake.

9:05 A.M.
Tony goes into the tech room and deletes satellite imagery of
Saunders leaving the building. Saunders calls Tony on his cell
phone and demands the release of Jane. Saunders threatens to
kill Michelle if his daughter is not handed over.

9:06 A.M.
Tony hangs up to take another call from the President. He has to
give Palmer the bad news that Saunders escaped. Palmer is adamant
that Jane Saunders be surrounded with tight security.

9:07 A.M.
The President sees a news report about his campaign opponent,
Senator Keeler, losing endorsements because the public feels
Palmer is handling the raised threat level instead of playing
politics. Palmer isn't concerned. "The only thing that matters
is stopping Stephen Saunders," he says gravely.

9:08 A.M.
Jack and Chase are confused as to how Saunders got out without
them noticing. They leave the scene to go back to CTU. Jack
confirms with Chloe that Saunders had definitely been in the

9:09 A.M.
Kim and Jane arrive at CTU. They are informed that Saunders has
not been captured.

9:10 A.M.
Michelle is taken by Saunders's henchmen to a holding room. She
is bound and gagged.

9:11 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:15 A.M.
Going through the satellite footage, Chloe notices that a few
frames are missing from the view of Saunders's building. She
approaches Adam, who is talking with his virus-infected sister.
Chloe surmises that Saunders has a mole inside CTU who had
access to the imagery. She won't notify Tony until she has
more information.

9:17 A.M.
Jane Saunders is afraid that Jack will hurt her, but Tony
promises that he won't let anyone harm her.

9:19 A.M.
Saunders calls Tony and asks to speak to his daughter. "You have
my wife. I want to talk to her first," Tony replies, threatening
to kill Jane if anything happens to Michelle. Saunders lets
Michelle briefly talk to Tony. Then Tony puts Jane on speaker
phone. Saunders tells her not to believe what the U.S. government
says. He is only doing things in "good cause." Tony picks up the
phone and tells Saunders that he will have to go through
clearances to get Jane out of CTU.

9:21 A.M.
Adam confirms that someone inside Tony's group purged the frames
on the surveillance feed, but he doesn't know who it is. Chloe
gets a call from Dr. Macer who does not know the whereabouts of
Michelle. The agent assigned to Michelle is not answering his

9:22 A.M.
Adam warns Tony that someone from his group has breached
security. Tony asks him to lock the agency down. Chloe then
tells Tony that Michelle can't be found. Tony gives a fake
explanation that he secretly moved Michelle to another location.

9:23 A.M.
Tony gives Chloe a record of a call he just received from
Saunders. He doesn't want her to tell Adam about it.

9:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:28 A.M.
Senator Keeler asks his chief of staff to use contacts at the
Pentagon to find out what is really going on with the raised
threat level. Keeler gets a surprise call from Sherry Palmer.
She wants to see him about a high-value proposition.

9:30 A.M.
Jack and Chase enter CTU, and are shocked to find out that
someone inside the agency intentionally wiped out the satellite
frames which allowed Saunders to escape.

Tony tells Jane that she will be moved very soon. Jack summons
Tony from the holding room.

9:31 A.M.
Jack interrogates Tony on the theory that there is a mole inside
CTU. Tony is against setting off any alarms at Division. Jack
offers to call Brad Hammond at Division, but Tony says he
already has a conference call scheduled with Hammond and will
fill him in then. On his way up to his office, Jack stops at
Adam's desk. Adam verifies that no conference call has been
booked with Hammond.

9:32 A.M.
Sherry enters Keeler's campaign headquarters and offers him a
way to win the election against her ex-husband. She explains
that she was an accessory to the murder of Alan Milliken, and
that Palmer lied to the police in order to hide it. Sherry has
the prescription bottle that Milliken was reaching for when he
suffered a heart attack. She knows that Palmer will drop out of
the race if Keeler blackmails him for the evidence. In return,
Sherry wants a job on Keeler's White House staff.

9:37 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:41 A.M.
Wayne tells Palmer that one his sources claims Sherry met
privately with Senator Keeler. Although Wayne wants to assign
someone to find out the reason, Palmer insists that they ignore
it to focus on the virus threat.

9:42 A.M.
One of Saunders's techies sees that CTU is trying to access his
location through the cell phone. Saunders wants Michelle to tell
him how CTU is attempting to find him. Michelle bravely refuses
to answer. Saunders calls Tony again and warns him that he's
slicing Michelle's face unless Tony stops the phone trace.

9:43 A.M.
Tony calls Chloe to shut down the phone trace.

9:44 A.M.
Jack accuses Tony of lying to him. He knows there was no
scheduled call with Hammond. Tony admits that he was the one
who made the mistake, and he tried to cover it up. Jack says
he is taking away his command of CTU.

9:46 A.M.
Adam lets Tony know that he's been trying to narrow down who has
been working with Saunders from the inside. Tony says that Jack
took over CTU from him.

9:47 A.M.
Tony calls Saunders in a panic with news that Jack is now in
charge. Saunders advises him to get Jane out of the building
or else Michelle will be killed.

9:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:52 A.M.
Jack informs Kim that Tony has stepped down because he is hiding
something from him. Jack wants Kim to monitor all stations and
to flag communications. He doesn't know who else to trust.

9:53 A.M.
Chloe tells Tony that she was able to pull voice track on his
call with Saunders but that she hasn't listened to it yet. Tony
becomes worried.

9:54 A.M.
Tony sees Jack calling Adam, and he turns on the audio feed at
Adam's desk to listen in. Jack has Adam give Kim access to his
volumes because she's monitoring something. He asks Adam to send
Chloe to his office. Tony calls Adam and says that he is on the
line with Chloe. Adam mentions that Jack is looking for her, and
Tony offers to pass that information on to her.

9:55 A.M.
Inside the tech room, Chloe pulls up the voice track and hears
Tony ask Saunders to speak to Michelle. Chloe becomes alarmed
and picks up the phone to notify someone. Her line is dead. Tony
has locked down the tech room and its systems. Chloe becomes
trapped inside.

9:56 A.M.
Jack announces to the crew that he is taking over command of
CTU because Tony has stepped down. Meanwhile, Tony goes into the
holding room for Jane Saunders. He knocks out the security guard
and takes Jane out.

9:57 A.M.
Kim notices that Chloe hasn't refreshed her system. She notifies
Chase and Jack of this unusual circumstance. They can't get a
feed on the tech room where Chloe is working because someone has
blocked the access.

9:58 A.M.
With a known hostile on the inside, Chase and Jack call for a
security sweep of the entire building. They override the access
code to the tech room, and find Chloe locked inside. She tells
Jack that Saunders is using Michelle as leverage to get his
daughter out. Jack radios for a location on Tony, but he is not

9:59 A.M.
As Tony drives Jane out, Jack locks down the CTU complex. He
learns that Jane is missing. Tony phones Saunders to tell him
that he's out. He has less than thirty minutes until the
satellite will spot him.

Senator Keeler requests to speak to President Palmer in person.

Ticking clock.

10:00 A.M.
As the CTU staff tracks Tony through the streets, Jack heads out
to find him.

10:03 A.M.
In the car, Jane Saunders questions Tony about his strange
behavior. He says that he is transferring her to Division.

10:05 A.M.
From her locked cell, Michelle taunts Saunders's henchman about
how he will die when the virus is released.

10:06 A.M.
Kim tells Chase that his job will always prevent him from being
a good parent. Yet if Chase transfers out of Field Ops, Kim
would consider staying in their relationship and helping him
raise his daughter.

10:08 A.M.
As Adam watches Tony's movement on satellite, Jack follows the

10:09 A.M.
Jane realizes that she is not being taken to Division, and Tony
finally admits that he has kidnapped her in order to get his
wife back from Saunders. Suddenly, another SUV swerves into
Tony's car and forces him to a halt. Jack pops out of the SUV
and draws his gun. He knows that Tony only wants to save
Michelle, and he understands what he is going through. Tony's
renegade actions are reminiscent of Jack's past deeds. Yet Jack
needs Jane to lure Saunders, and he promises that Michelle won't
suffer. Tony explains that Saunders directed him to a public
payphone where he will receive further instructions.

10:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:16 A.M.
Wayne thinks that the White House should release a statement
about the exact nature of the threat. Palmer would rather
withhold the truth than cause a widespread panic.

10:17 A.M.
Senator Keeler comes to see the President. He accuses Palmer of
lying to the police about Alan Milliken's death, and he shows
him photographs of the medicine bottle kept from Milliken when
he died. Sherry's fingerprints on the bottle will incriminate
the President. Keeler calls for Palmer's resignation once the
terrorist threat is resolved. He will allow Palmer to offer
whatever face-saving reason he wants to give. Palmer orders
Keeler out of his office.

10:20 A.M.
Arriving at the phone booth, Jack orders Tony to reject the
location Saunders chooses. Making him pick a secondary location
will allow Chase time to get a team in place. Tony goes to the

10:22 A.M.
Jack listens in as Tony takes Saunders's phone call. Saunders
gives Tony a location to deliver Jane, but Tony claims that area
is in a CTU satellite area. Saunders refuses to change, and Jack
hangs up the phone. Tony is furious, but Jack knows that
Saunders will call back because he is desperate to get his
daughter. Tony accuses Jack of jeopardizing Michelle because she
would merely be an acceptable loss. "Didn't you learn anything
from what happened to Teri?" Tony asks. Jack angrily pushes
Tony. Suddenly, the payphone rings and Tony answers it.
Saunders offers up a new location.

10:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:28 A.M.
Chase briefs his tactical team on the position under the Sixth
Street Bridge where Saunders is meeting Tony. Kim asks him to be

10:29 A.M.
Chloe tells Kim that Chase won't leave Field Ops to start a
family with her. He's too much like Jack. Kim brushes her
warning aside.

10:30 A.M.
Palmer calls Sherry and yells at her for sending Keeler to
blackmail him. She says that, unlike Palmer, Keeler offered her
respect and power. Palmer merely tossed her aside after she
performed his dirty work. Sherry is willing to go to jail to
make her ex-husband pay for that.

10:32 A.M.
As they head to the bridge, Jack calls Chase to give him a plan
of attack. Jane asks Jack if her father will really kill
innocent Americans with the virus. Jack explains that Saunders
thinks the country betrayed him even though his job required
him to make impossible sacrifices.

10:34 A.M.
Michelle screams from the holding cell. Saunders's henchman
comes in to find her with a bloody nose. He's frightened when
Michelle says that she has contracted the deadly virus. The man
radios Saunders, but Michelle knocks the guy out with a brick.
She had bloodied her own nose to scare him. Michelle grabs his
gun and cell phone, and runs off. Saunders goes after her.

10:35 A.M.
Michelle can't get any service on the phone in the underground
fortress. She finds her way to daylight, but hits a fenced-in
dead end. Michelle calls CTU, but Chloe can't hear her. There's
only static. Chloe hangs up.

10:36 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:41 A.M.
Palmer tells his brother how Sherry has been feeding information
to Keeler in order to bring the Administration down. Wayne
wonders if they should steal the evidence from Sherry to take
away all her leverage with Keeler. Palmer considers Wayne's

10:43 A.M.
Jack and Tony arrive at the bridge where Chase has his strike
team in place.

10:44 A.M.
Kim connects Jack with Michelle, who has gotten away from
Saunders. But instead of picking Michelle up, Jack wants her to
be recaptured by Saunders so that he will have a reason for an
exchange. Tony tries to get Chase to send a team to her, but
Jack forcefully has Tony taken away. Michelle takes Jack's
order, and tosses the gun and phone. She runs back and Saunders
finds her.

10:46 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:50 A.M.
Wayne secretly meets with a man named Bruce Foxton in a parking
garage. Wayne has him retrieve the medicine bottle back from
Sherry, and he says that The President knows about this covert

10:52 A.M.
As Chase's team lies in wait at the bridge, Tony asks Jack to do
what he can to save his wife.

10:53 A.M.
The convoy carrying Michelle arrives at the spot where Tony is
with Jane.

10:55 A.M.
Michelle and Jane pass each other as they walk to the opposite
sides. Jack refuses to send the team in until he has a visual
on Saunders. Jane hesitates out of fear and starts to go back
toward Tony. Saunders gets out of one of the cars to show
himself to her. The SWAT team opens fire, as does Tony.

10:56 A.M.
Saunders is shocked to see his plan backfire, and he runs into
a riverbed toward a waiting helicopter. Jack takes off after
him, but is fired at by the men in the chopper. Jack calls in
for air support.

10:57 A.M.
The Marines arrive in F-18 fighter jets, firing missiles at the
helicopter. It explodes, and sends Saunders blown backwards by
the blast.

10:58 A.M.
Jane watches as Tony reunites with Michelle.

10:59 A.M.
Amid the wreckage of the helicopter, Jack pulls his weapon on
Saunders and demands to know where the other unaccounted vials
of the virus are. "You can waste time trying to break me and
kill millions of people," Saunders says to Jack. "Or you can
give me what I want."

Ticking clock.

11:00 A.M.
At the Sixth Street Bridge, Saunders tells Jack that the eleven
other vials are being held by men instructed to release the virus
at noon. They cannot be called off. Saunders will give him their
locations only if he receives a guarantee from President Palmer
that he will be allowed to escape freely to North Africa.

11:05 A.M.
CTU agents take Tony into custody. Jack promises that he will do
what he can for him.

11:06 A.M.
Jack asks Jane Saunders to try to convince her father to stop
the virus.

11:07 A.M.
Jane approaches Saunders and begs him to prevent people dying
from the virus. Saunders knows CTU is trying to manipulate him,
and he explains to Jane that what he is doing will better the
world. Saunders will not relent, and Jane breaks down in tears.
Jack watches her run off.

11:09 A.M.
Palmer phones Sherry and offers her a "seat at his table." He
asks to meet her in person. Palmer hangs up and calls Wayne,
who is outside Sherry's house. Palmer will distract Sherry as
Wayne looks for the incriminating prescription bottle.

11:10 A.M.
Jack and Saunders arrive at the Chandler Plaza Hotel via
helicopter. Jack shows him the body bags full of innocent
victims. Saunders is unmoved. Jack summons Chase to bring
out Jane from a second helicopter. Jack threatens to send
Jane into the infected hotel if Saunders does not give him
information on finding the other vials. Saunders believes
that Jack would not harm the girl, but Jack gives the order
for Chase to send her into the building. Jane cries out for
her father, and Jack warns Saunders that he will watch his
own daughter die. Saunders finally gives up and says he will
comply. Saunders tells Jack that the vials are tagged with
GPS codes so that they can be tracked. He has memorized all
eleven locator codes. Jane is removed from the hotel entrance
before she can be infected.

11:14 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:18 A.M.
With the GPS signals traced, CTU has ten of the eleven vials
in their sights. Saunders confirms that the missing vial is
in Los Angeles, and the courier was instructed to release the
virus in a public place that would ensure the maximum number
of casualties. Saunders only knows the man by an alias, Arthur
Rabens. Jack has Chase bring Saunders back to CTU to work with
a sketch artist to get a description of the courier. Jane is to
stay at the hotel site.

11:19 A.M.
Jack phones Adam and has him search for aliases of Rabens. Adam
puts Tony's replacement, Brad Hammond, on the line. Jack brings
Hammond up to speed and asks him to be lenient on Tony. Hammond
refuses. Jack compares Tony's current situation to what he went
through a few years ago. Jack had gone rogue to save his family
who were captured by Victor Drazen. It was Tony who worked with
Jack and Gael to set up this operation this past year, and Tony
should now be used as an asset on the case. Hammond is not swayed
by Jack's argument.

11:21 A.M.
Everyone watches silently as Tony is escorted into CTU in
handcuffs. He is locked in a holding room. Hammond tells Tony
that his act of treason is punishable by the death penalty.
His best possible outcome is twenty years in prison. This fact
sobers Tony.

11:23 A.M.
As Wayne and Foxton wait for Sherry to leave her house, Wayne's
phone rings. It's Julia Milliken, who is upset because the
police are coming to arrest her for her husband's murder. She is
distraught, knowing the President lied to protect Sherry. Julia
begs Wayne for help, but he is distracted when Sherry gets in
her car and pulls away. He hangs up on Julia.

11:24 A.M.
Wayne and Foxton break into Sherry's house. "I'm Chief of Staff
to the President of the United States, and I'm committing a
burglary," Wayne says to himself.

11:25 A.M.
Jack and Chase watch a video feed as the first of the ten
located couriers is taken down. The vial of virus is
successfully apprehended.

10:26 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:31 A.M.
Wayne and Foxton can't find the prescription bottle in Sherry's

11:32 A.M.
Sherry meets with Palmer, and he offers her a job as a
high-level consultant at the White House.

11:33 A.M.
Sherry is angry because what she wants is to be his First Lady
again. Surprisingly, Palmer readily agrees. Sherry becomes
suspicious, and accuses Palmer of having other motives. She says
she is going to help Keeler instead, and leaves.

11:36 A.M.
Palmer phones Wayne with a warning that Sherry is on her way
back. Foxton finds a hidden cellar with a safe. He calls a
contact that may have a manufacturer override code for it.

11:37 A.M.
Chase lets Jack know that two more of Saunders's men with the
virus vials were apprehended, but a third courier in Denver was
making a phone call when he was killed. Chloe confirms that
Rabens is in Los Angeles and is on the move. Jack and Chase
head toward him.

11:38 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:42 A.M.
Michelle asks Hammond why she is being denied access to Tony.
She finds out for the first time that Tony hindered the
investigation by allowing Saunders to escape. She's stunned.

11:43 A.M.
CTU intercepts all the other ten couriers. Chloe leads Jack and
Chase as they follow Rabens. According to the tracking, they are
directly behind the target. Neither Jack nor Chase sees a car.
Jack realizes that Rabens is in the subway underground. Chloe
accesses the metro system, but Jack does not want the train
stopped because it will tip Rabens off. He asks her to have
both an undercover team and a Hazmat team in place.

11:44 A.M.
Foxton's contact walks him through the steps to open the safe.
Wayne hears Sherry return home. Foxton finally gets the safe
open but there's no medicine bottle inside. Despite the
impending danger of them being caught, Foxton refuses to leave
empty-handed. Sherry sees Wayne in her house and accuses him
of doing the President's dirty work. Foxton leaps out from
behind a wall and knocks Sherry out. He finds the evidence
bottle taped to the small of her back.

11:47 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:52 A.M.
Jack, Chase and a throng of agents enter the subway station.
When they are in position, Chloe has the train released to
arrive. Rabens's vague description is fed to the agents over
their earwigs.

11:53 A.M.
Chloe alerts the agents that the target is moving off the train
and is headed up the stairs out of the underground station.
Chase follows, but doesn't know which man it is. Jack narrows
it down to four men. When Chloe notes that Rabens has stopped,
Jack sees a man looking at the subway map.

11:56 A.M.
Jack gives the order to the agents, and he kicks the man down at
the subway map. Chase sweeps the man's shopping bag with a wand
and discovers the transmitter is inside a pack of cigarettes.
The man claims he doesn't smoke. Rabens was on to them, and he
slipped the transmitter into another passenger's bag. Jack
radios for the station to be locked down.

11:57 A.M.
Wayne and Foxton run out of Sherry's house. Suddenly, Julia
pulls up. Wayne goes back to follow her. Julia goes in just as
Sherry is regaining her consciousness. Julia threatens to shoot
Sherry because she has been accused of murdering her husband.
Wayne enters and pleads with Julia to put the gun down. Sherry
says that she can get the President to pardon Julia so that she
never spends a day in jail. Although the argument seems
persuasive, Julia plugs two shots into Sherry and kills her.
Julia then turns the gun on herself and takes her own life.
Tears rush down Wayne's cheeks as he cradles Julia's dead body.

11:59 A.M.
Chase reports to Jack that everyone who has exited the subway is
still detained in the station. Jack orders him to start
searching the trains. They can't let Rabens get away.

Ticking clock.

12:00 P.M.
Jack notifies Michelle at CTU that Rabens is still at large with
the virus. He instructs her to have Saunders scan a live feed
from the train station so that he can identify Rabens.

12:03 P.M.
Brad Hammond takes Tony's statement about working against the
agency during the Saunders case. Tony admits to putting
Michelle's life ahead of public safety and national security.

12:05 P.M.
Gael's wife, Theresa, comes to CTU. She asks Michelle about her
husband's death. Michelle has Kim take Theresa to Gael's work
station to pick up his personal belongings. Theresa notices a
computer monitor showing a profile of Saunders, and she realizes
this is the terrorist.

12:07 P.M.
A handcuffed Saunders is led to the Field Ops office. Chloe
calls Kim for support, and Kim is forced to have someone else
watch Theresa.

12:09 P.M.
As Jack waits impatiently, Saunders looks at screen shots from
all the men detained at the subway. Before Saunders can identify
any of the faces, Theresa walks over and shoots him with a gun
from Gael's desk. Michelle radios Jack that Saunders is dead.

12:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:15 P.M.
Palmer is briefed on CTU's status. Wayne comes in to tell his
brother that Julia killed Sherry and then turned the gun on
herself. Although he is upset about Julia, Wayne explains that
it frees them politically from being entangled in the whole
Milliken scandal. The President is offended by Wayne's
callousness and dismisses him. Palmer calls his children with
the grim news about their mother.

12:19 P.M.
Jack secures the station and has every passenger thoroughly
searched. Chase pulls Jack aside to let him know that after
this mission he is transferring out of Field Ops. With a more
stable job, he can look after both Kim and his baby. Jack says
it's between him and Kim, but he will support whatever Chase

12:21 P.M.
As the police officers corral the people in the subway station,
Rabens opens up a blade and puts it in his pocket. He runs off.
Jack notices that one of the men has disappeared from the line
and he radios Chase.

12:22 P.M.
Jack finds two LAPD down, and he and Chase go out of the
underground station. Another man lies stabbed on the street.
A bystander tells Jack that the man was killed in a carjacking.
Jack takes the dead man's license and radios the police. He and
Chase get in their SUV. Jack calls Michelle to look up the car
registration of the dead man.

12:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:28 P.M.
Michelle asks Hammonds to release Tony because they are
understaffed. Rabens escaped and she could use Tony's help
coordinating the tactical unit. Hammonds reluctantly agrees
and sends Tony onto the CTU floor.

12:30 P.M.
By scanning traffic cameras, Chloe and Adam confirm the car
carrying Rabens. Jack and Chase tail him. Tony sends backup,
and two CTU cars block Rabens's vehicle.

13:32 P.M.
Rabens gets out and runs into a school. Jack and Chase follow,
and the other agents lock down the building exits. There is no
sign of Rabens.

12:33 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:38 P.M.
Jack continues to search the school, as terrified students are
warned to remain in their classrooms.

12:39 P.M.
Chase enters an empty science lab. Suddenly, Rabens jumps out
and slashes Chase in his gun arm. Chase drops the weapon and
defends himself against Rabens. He throws the man's bag across
the room and the device holding the virus falls out. Nearly
unconscious, Chase clamps the device to his arm. Realizing
Chase just turned himself into an anchor, Rabens activates the
device to release the virus. He is about to shoot Chase when
Jack arrives and kills Rabens.

12:41 P.M.
Jack goes to Chase's side. The clamp on the device can not be
unlocked. Jack radios Tony and asks him to contact one of the
teams who have disarmed the other devices. An agent leads Jack
through the steps of dismantling the device. There is less than
four minutes until it activates. However, the green wire Jack
needs to cut is not there because the device on Chase's arm does
not match the other devices. The agent looks for another
solution. Chase tells Jack to leave, but he refuses.

12:45 P.M.
Chase sees an axe in the fire extinguisher box. He urges Jack to
use it. Jack is at first hesitant, but he gets the axe and chops
off Chase's arm.

12:46 P.M.
As Chase lies in pain, Jack runs off with the device ticking
away. He radios for help for his partner. Jack enters a
teachers' lounge and sees a refrigerator. He throws the device
inside and shuts the door. The device releases the virus into
the sealed refrigerator.

12:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:51 P.M.
Tony tells Michelle that he is back in custody and will be going
to prison. Michelle is upset, and Tony kisses her. He is taken

12:53 P.M.
President Palmer phones Jack in the hospital to personally thank
him for all he has done for the country. He also apologizes for
making Jack take the life of Chappelle. The President tells Jack
that he is not seeking reelection, and he says that he hopes
they can become better friends once he is a private citizen.
Palmer gives a solemn look to Wayne and hangs up.

12:56 P.M.
Kim enters the hospital and hugs her father. Chase is already in
surgery, and the doctors are optimistic about his recovery. Jack
says that he is happy for her future with Chase. "There's some
things I have to do," Jack tells her. Kim waits for Chase, and
Jack leaves.

12:58 P.M.
Jack exits the hospital and gets into his SUV. The weight of the
day overcomes him and he starts to cry. CTU radios, but Jack
doesn't respond right away. Finally, he answers the call to help
interrogate Saunders's couriers. Jack wipes his tears and heads
back to work.

12:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.


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