Dark Necron
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                  Season 1:

1994-11-19 * 101  "Night of the Lizard"
1995-03-11 * 102  "The Sting of the Scorpion"
1995-02-04   103, "The Spider Slayer"             [1]
1995-02-11   104  "Return of the Spider Slayers"  [2]
1995-02-25   105  "The Menace of Mysterio"
1995-02-18   106  "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
1995-04-29 * 107, "The Alien Costume, Part One"    [1]
1995-05-06 * 108, "The Alien Costume, Part Two"    [2]
1995-05-13 * 109  "The Alien Costume, Part Three"  [3]
1995-04-01   110  "Kraven the Hunter"
1995-05-20   111, "The Hobgoblin, Part One"  [1]
1995-05-27   112  "The Hobgoblin, Part Two"  [2]
1995-06-11   113  "Day of the Chameleon"

                  Season 2:

1995-09-09 * 201, "The Insidious Six"            [1]
1995-09-16 * 202  "Battle of the Insidious Six"  [2]
1995-09-23   203  "Hydro-Man"
1995-09-30   204, "The Mutant Agenda"  [1]
1995-10-07   205  "Mutants' Revenge"   [2]
1995-10-28   206, "Morbius"              [1]
1995-11-04   207, "Enter the Punisher"   [2]
1995-11-11   208  "Duel of the Hunters"  [3]
1996-02-03   209, "Blade, the Vampire Hunter"  [1]
1996-02-10   210  "The Immortal Vampire"       [2]
1995-11-18 * 211, "Tablet of Time"   [1]
1995-11-25 * 212  "Ravages of Time"  [2]
1996-02-17   213, "Shriek of the Vulture"  [1]
1996-02-24 * 214  "The Final Nightmare"    [2]

                  Season 3:

1996-04-27   301  "Doctor Strange"
1996-05-04 S 302, "Make a Wish"            [1]
1996-05-11   303  "Attack of the Octobot"  [2]
1996-05-18   304, "Enter the Green Goblin"  [1]
1996-09-14   305  "Rocket Racer"            [2]
1996-09-21   306, "Framed"                [1]
1996-09-28   307  "The Man Without Fear"  [2]
1996-10-05   308  "The Ultimate Slayer"
1996-10-12   309  "Tombstone"
1996-11-02 * 310, "Venom Returns"  [1]
1996-11-09 * 311  "Carnage"        [2]
1996-10-26   312  "The Spot"
1996-11-16 * 313  "Goblin War!"
1996-11-23 * 314  "Turning Point"
                  Season 4:

1997-02-01   401  "Guilty"
1997-02-08   402, "The Cat"        [1]
1997-02-15   403  "The Black Cat"  [2]
1997-02-22   404  "The Return of Kraven"
1997-05-03   405  "Partners"
1997-05-10   406  "The Awakening"
1997-05-17   407  "The Vampire Queen"
1997-07-12 * 408  "The Return of the Green Goblin"
1997-07-19   409, "The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson"  [1]
1997-07-26   410  "The Lizard King"                   [2]
1997-08-02   411  "The Prowler"

                  Season 5:

1997-09-12 * 501  "The Wedding"
1997-09-19   502, "Six Forgotten Warriors"  [1]
1997-09-26   503, "Unclaimed Legacy"        [2]
1997-10-03   504, "Secrets of the Six"      [3]
1997-10-10   505, "The Six Fight Again"     [4]
1997-10-17   506  "The Price of Heroism"    [5]
1997-10-24   507, "The Return of Hydro-Man" Part One  [1]
1997-10-31 * 508  "The Return of Hydro-Man" Part Two  [2]
1997-11-07   509, "Arrival"                        [1]
1997-11-14   510, "The Gauntlet of the Red Skull"  [2]
1997-11-21   511  "Doom"                           [3]
1998-01-31 * 512, "I Really, Really Hate Clones"  [1]
1998-01-31 * 513  "Farewell, Spider-Man"          [2]


           *      Significant episode 
           S      Ugly spider depicted
                , "To be continued...." episode

Episode Details

     101 "Night of the Lizard"

 Written by  Gerry Conway  Stan Berkowitz  John Semper

Subway repairmen are attacked by the Lizard; Doctor Curt Connors'
wife explains to Spider-Man that a neogenic recombinator turned
Connors into the Lizard when he tried to grow back his amputated
arm; Spider-Man battles the Lizard and uses the neogenic device
to turn Connors into his human form; Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
gets a thousand dollars for the photographs of the battle.

     102 "The Sting of the Scorpion"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Robert Skir & Marty Isenberg  and  John Semper

Peter is followed by P.I. MacGargan ("Spider-sense! Danger!");
Spider-Man catches a bunch of robbers ("Well, if it isn't
a meeting of the Diamond Lovers of America!" "It's Spider-Man!"
"What? Spider-Man! Where? Where?"); J. Jonah Jameson offers P.I.
MacGargan a chance to get back at Spider-Man ("I kill for the
chance."), and he pays Doctor Stillwell to turn MacGargan into
the Scorpion; Scorpion battles Spider-Man ("You're a dead meat,
little man."), but he realizes he became a monster; Scorpion
kidnaps Jameson and goes to OsCorp to use their nuclear reactor
to turn himself back to the person of MacGargan; Spider-Man
fights with Scorpion ("So, you don't like names, huh? Well,
that's too bad, frog-face! 'cause to me, you're nothing but
a two-bit no-account second-rate sewer-breath baboon with the
brain of a pigeon and the face of an eel!"); Spider-Man thanks
JJ for saving his life; Felicia Hardy is interested in Peter,
and they may have a lunch.

     103 "The Spider Slayer"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Stan Berkowitz

Norman Osborn hires Spencer Smythe to create Black Widow, a robot
able to destroy Spider-Man; Jameson hires Peter to get pictures
of a party where Felicia will be ("Parker! Your mouth's open!");
Kingpin is behind Osborn's plan; Flash Thompson impersonates
Spider-Man on the party; Flash spots the Black Widow while
talking to Peter ("Well, what would you like me to say?" "N'eeh!
Aaah!" "OK... Oooh! Aaah!"); the Black Widow kidnaps Flash;
Spidey destroys Black Widow; Spencer disappears after explosion
of a building; Kingpin approaches Spencer's son, Alistair,
offering his support to destroy Spider-Man. To be continued...

     104 "Return of the Spider Slayers"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Mark Hoffmeier

Alistair Smythe manacles Spider-Man and Jameson together with
a bomb going off in one hour; Spider-Man saves Flash and Eddie
Brock from spider slayers; he uses the bomb to destroy the
largest spider slayer; Kingpin imprisons Smythe in his lab for
failing to destroy Spider-Man; Peter meets Mary Jane Watson.

     105 "The Menace of Mysterio"

 Written by  Marv Wolfman  Stan Berkowitz  and  John Semper

"Spider-Man" robs the Metropolitan Museum; Mysterio appears at
the crime scene, offering to capture Spider-Man for publicity;
Spider-Man defeats Mysterio who was posing as "Spider-Man".

     106 "Doctor Octopus:  Armed and Dangerous"

   Story by  Avi Arad  Stan Lee
Teleplay by  Brooks Wachtel & Cynthia Harrison

Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius) kidnaps Felicia and challenges
Jameson to bring the ransom money; Octopus shows Peter a cold
fusion battery; Spider-Man defeats Octopus; Octopus is caged
in a maximum security prison.

     107 "The Alien Costume, Part One"

   Story by  Avi Arad and Stan Lee
Teleplay by  Len Wein  Meg McLaughlin  Stan Berkowitz  and
             John Semper

Colonel John Jameson is returning back from the space with a
sample of Prometium X; Kingpin orders Rhino to get the element;
the space shuttle crashes at George Washington Bridge after the
crew is attacked by black alien goo; Spider-Man encounters Rhino
("Where did you come from?" "Jersey."); Brock frames Spider-Man
for stealing Prometium X; Jameson puts out a reward for Spidey;
Spider-Man awakens dressed in a black spider costume which can
take a form of any suit; Spider-Man battles Rhino and almost
harms him; Spidey spots an alien face in the reflection of
a window. To be continued....

     108 "The Alien Costume, Part Two"

   Story by  John Semper  and  Brynne Stephens
Teleplay by  Brynne Stephens

Spider-Man is hunted down by reward seekers; Doctor Connors
finds out that the costume is a living, sentient symbiote;
Jameson learns that Brock lied to him; Spider-Man steals
Prometium X from Smythe, but he returns it in exchange for
Colonel Jameson; the costume almost destroys the Shocker by
pushing him out of a bell tower; Spidey uses the sound of the
bell to get rid of the costume; Prometium X turns into useless
lead; the symbiote bonds with Brock. To be continued....

     109 "The Alien Costume, Part Three"

   Story by  John Semper  and  Mark Hoffmeier
Teleplay by  Mark Hoffmeier

Spider-Man learns that Brock merged with the symbiote into Venom;
they almost reveal Spidey's identity; Brock stalks Peter to his
home and meets Aunt May ("Hey, buddy. Real quaint. Homey." "Who
is it, dear?" "Eddie! Eddie Brock, ma'am!"); Spidey lures Venom
to a launch pad; the noise of the rocket engines separates the
symbiote from Brock; the rocket takes the symbiote to the outer

     110 "Kraven the Hunter"

   Story by  John Semper  and  Jan Strnad
Teleplay by  Mark Hoffmeier

Spider-Man encounters Kraven the Hunter; Doctor Mariah Crawford
explains Kraven's origin; Kraven kidnaps Robbie and blackmails
Spidey into finding Crawford; the doctor uses an antidote to
turn Kraven into his former self.

     111 "The Hobgoblin, Part One"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Larry Brody

Peter saves Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) from the Hobgoblin; he moves
with Harry Osborn into a new flat; Kingpin learns that Hobgoblin
was hired by Norman Osborn; Aunt May is injured by the Hobgoblin
while he kidnaps Harry; Kingpin demands Osborn's inventions in
exchange for Harry; Hobgoblin makes another deal with Osborn who
gives him a new weaponry; the Hobgoblin tests his smart bombs
while fighting Spider-Man. To be continued....

     112 "The Hobgoblin, Part Two"

 Written by  Stan Berkowitz

Spidey confronts Osborn; Kingpin fires Hobgoblin who forces him
out of his headquarters; Kingpin and Osborn join forces; Kingpin
gets his central back while Spidey and Harry escape; Spider-Man
fights Hobgoblin who crashes into a river; Aunt May gets better.

     113 "Day of the Chameleon"

 Written by  John Semper

Spider-Man unknowingly saves Chameleon in disguise from a crashed
helicopter; Jameson and Peter are taken by S.H.I.E.L.D.; Director
Nick Fury explains to Jameson that Chameleon is a hitman who is
a threat to a peace treaty; Chameleon steals security plans from
the Daily Bugle and kisses Mary Jane disguised as Peter; Spidey
overpowers Chameleon at the peace treaty conference and destroys
his transforming device; Spider-Man talks to Bruce, a gargoyle;
Fury thanks Spidey; Mary Jane slaps Peter for how "Peter"
(Chameleon) behaved.

     201 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter I
         "The Insidious Six"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  John Semper  and  David Lee Miller

Spidey talks to Bruce; he starts to lose his powers; Silvermane
of Crime Cartel accuses Kingpin of losing control over his
territory because of Spider-Man; Kingpin releases half a dozen
criminals from prison to form the Insidious Six able to eliminate
Spider-Man: Rhino, Shocker, Chameleon, Rhino, Mysterio, Scorpion
("I kill for a chance to work for the Kingpin.") and Doctor
Octopus; Peter sleeps over the whole day; Spider-Man encounters
the Six; Felicia meets Michael Morbius; Spidey is lured to a trap
inside a hospital. To be continued....

     202 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter
         "Battle of the Insidious Six"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Dough Booth

The Six unmask powerless Spidey as Peter Parker, but they do not
believe he is the real Spider-Man; Kingpin kidnaps Silvermane;
Spider-Man regains his powers temporarily and saves Silvermane
not knowing who he really is; the Six part their ways with
Kingpin; Doctor Connors tells Spider-Man that his DNA
started to mutate into something not human.

     203 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter III

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Jim Krieg

Spider-Man encounters Hydro-Man ("Spider-sense! Danger!"); Mary
Jane meets her former boyfriend Morrie Bench who is Hydro-Man;
Spider-Man battles him ("Did you say Hydrant-Man? The dogs must
love you."); Hydro-Man weakens while pursuing Mary Jane and
evaporates after then; Peter and Mary Jane kiss.

     204 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter IV
         "The Mutant Agenda"

   Story by  John Semper  and  J.M. DeMatteis
Teleplay by  Michael Edens
   Based on a Comic Book Story by  Steven Grant

Spider-Man visits X-Men asking for help with his mutation, but
they turn him down; Beast is kidnapped by Doctor Landon who
plans to destroy all mutants; Wolverine attacks Spider-Man,
and Hobgoblin is about to bomb both of them. To be continued....

     205 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter V
         "Mutants' Revenge"

   Story by  John Semper and Michael Edens
Teleplay by  Francis Moss and Ted Pedersen
   Based on a Comic Book Story by  Steven Grant

Landon tries to hit Wolverine and Spider-Man with rockets ("Blast
that mutant scum into oblivion!" "Spider-sense! Danger!");
Hobgoblin steals Landon's database and wipes his mainframe;
Spider-Man and Wolverine save Beast; Landon falls into his
chemical and mutates into a monster feeding on electricity;
Spider-Man and X-Men turn him back into his human form with
half of his body still disfigured; Landon's assistant reveals
to be a mutant herself, and she accepts the help of X-Men;
Spidey seeks the help of Doctor Crawford.

     206 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VI

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Brynne Stephens  and  Lydia Marano

Spider-Man starts to experience sudden pain; Doctor Crawford
provides a serum that is supposed to cure him; Morbius steals
Peter's blood sample mixed with the serum; a bat becomes infected
with the sample and bites Morbius who mutates into a vampire;
Spidey talks to Bruce; Morbius attacks people feeding on their
blood plasma; the sun turns him back to normal, but just until
the dark; Peter uses the serum, and he turns into six-armed
human. To be continued....

     207 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VII
         "Enter the Punisher"

   Story by  John Semper  and  Carl Potts
Teleplay by  Carl Potts

Spider-Man is blamed for Morbius' disappearance; the Punisher
hunts him into a warehouse, where he mutates into Man-Spider.
To be continued...

     208 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VIII
         "Duel of the Hunters"

 Written by  John Semper

The Punisher escapes from Man-Spider; Doctor Crawford summons
Kraven the Hunter; they catch Man-Spider and reverse him back
to Peter Parker.

     209 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter IX
         "Blade, the Vampire Hunter"

 Written by  Stephanie Mathison  Mark Hoffmeier  and  John Semper

Blade tries to destroy Morbius; he throws Blade into a chimney
and takes the neogenic recombinator which Spider-Man needs to
avoid his mutation into Man-Spider; Blade and Spidey agree to
work together to stop Morbius. To be continued...

     210 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter X
         "The Immortal Vampire"

 Written by  John Semper  and  Meg McLaughlin

Spider-Man spots Morbius in Aunt May's home ("Danger!"); Peter
promises Jameson a picture of the living vampire; Morbius
confronts Peter who pretends he does not know him ("Morbius!
You can't be serious!" "Dead serious.");  Mary Jane dates Harry; 
Spider-Man pursues Morbius who kidnapped Aunt May; Morbius is
accidentally hit with the rays from the neogenic recombinator
which turn him into oversized bat-like vampire; he goes to sleep
in a cave on a deserted island.

     211 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XI
         "Tablet of Time"

 Written by  Mark Hoffmeier  Stan Berkowitz  and  John Semper

Silvermane plans to use the newly discovered Toltec Tablet of
Time to regain his youth; Hammerhead, fired by Silvermane for
failing to steal the Tablet, starts to work for Kingpin; Smythe's
Mega-Slayer attacks Spidey ("Robots. I hate robots.") and almost
finishes him, but he is interrupted by Kingpin ("Blast you!"
"What did you say?") before taking the Tablet; Peter befriends
Alisa not knowing that she is Silvermane's daughter; Tombstone
attacks Spider-Man and Doc Connors in the neogenic laboratory;
while being flooded with gas, Tombstone admits to Spidey that he
does not breathe. To be continued...

     212 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XII
         "Ravages of Time"

 Written by  Mark Hoffmeier  Stan Berkowitz  and  John Semper

Tombstone kidnaps Doc Connors for Silvermane, and Hammerhead
kidnaps Alisa for Kingpin; Kingpin's wife is exchanged for Alisa
who takes Spider-Man to Silvermane; the Tablet turns Silvermane
into a small child; Hammerhead, dismissed by the Kingpin, sells
the Tablet to Adrian Toomes.

     213 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XIII
         "Shriek of the Vulture"

   Story by  John Semper  Gilles Wheeler  and  Evelyn A-R Gabai
   Teleplay  Evelyn A-R Gabai

Toomes (the Vulture) uses his talons, based on the technology
deciphered from the Tablet of Time, to absorbs the energy of
young people to regain his youth temporarily, turning them old
for a short period of time; the Vulture absorbs Spider-Man's
energy and unmasks him, revealing an old man. To be continued...

     214 Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XIV
         "The Final Nightmare"

   Story by  John Semper  and  Sandy Fries
Teleplay by  Sandy Fries

Spider-Man saves an old lady from muggers ("I had no idea you
were a senior citizen." "It's the job. It ages you."); Vulture
starts to turn into Man-Spider for he also absorbed Spider-Man's
mutated DNA; the Scorpion takes Doctor Stillwell to the neogenic
lab where they meet Vulture and Doc Connors; old Peter meets with
Aunt May; Connors double-crosses Vulture; Spider-Man gets back
his youth and is cured of the mutation while the Vulture turns
into an old Spider-Vulture; Stillwell destroys the lab with all
the neogenic research; Peter rushes towards a meeting with Mary
Jane, but he can not find her after she walks around the corner
with a mysterious figure.

     301 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter I:
         "Doctor Strange"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Mark Hoffmeier  and  John Semper

Mary Jane becomes a member of a cult led by Baron Mordo, the
worshipper of inter-dimensional entity Dormammu; Spider-Man
meets Doctor Strange, the Master of the Mystic Arts; they fight
Dormammu in his own dimension; Mary Jane confronts Dormammu
pretending to be her father, and she rejects him; Strange senses
that they are being watched by someone far more powerful than
him (Madame Web).

     302 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter II
         "Make a Wish"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Mark Hoffmeier  Elliot S. Maggin  and
             Meg McLaughlin

Spider-Man fights Doc Ock who tries to steal a laser that cuts
through an inorganic matter only, trashing the Hardy lab in the
process; Peter quits being Spider-Man; he encounters the powerful
Madame Web who tells him he must have a faith of a child; Spidey
visits a little girl named Taina who is his greatest fan; he
tells the story of his origin, including a vision of him being
a huge ugly spider; Spider-Man takes Taina out for web-slinging;
she withesses Spidey being overpowered and taken away by Doc Ock.
To be continued....

     303 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter III:
         "Attack of the Octobot"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Meg McLaughlin  and  John Semper

Octopus puts Spider-Man under his mind control and convinces him
that he is a criminal; Taina seeks help of Mousie the cab driver
who speaks with a greatly annoying accent; she uses her contacts
to track Spidey and Octopus; Taina helps Spider-Man remember who
he is; she captures Octopus using his own Octobot; Spider-Man
reveals his secret identity to Taina who lives in a facility
for terminally ill children.

     304 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter IV
         "Enter the Green Goblin"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Marty Isenberg  and  Robert Skir

Harry is devastated when Norman Osborn disappears in an explosion
at Oscorp; the Green Goblin kidnaps members of Oscorp's Board of
Directors to put them on the trial for crimes against Norman
Osborn in an underwater facility; Spider-Man unmask the Green
Goblin as Osborn himself who got superhuman powers in the
explosion; Osborn announces his termination of the chemical
warfare projects at Oscorp; Felicia kisses Spider-Man.

     305 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter V:
         "Rocket Racer"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Doug Booth and Mark Hoffmeier

Spider-Man encounters Big Wheel ("And I've thought I'd seen
everything."); Felicia meets Jason Macendale; a young student
Robert steals some Weele's technology to build himself a suit
as the Rocket Racer; Spidey and Racer disable Weele's vehicle;
Spider-Man helps Robert (who in one shot suddenly wears his
Racer costume) to get rid of some robbers in his neighborhood.

     306 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter VI

 Written by  John Semper  and  Mark Hoffmeier
Teleplay by  Brooks Wachtel  and  Cynthia Harrison

Peter is tried for stealing government secrets; "Spider-Man"
(Chameleon) hired by Richard Fisk kidnaps Peter during his
transport to prison; Daredevil saves Peter and tells the story
of his origin; he fights Spider-Man at Fisktronics where Spidey
came to find some evidence to clear his name; Kingpins henchmen
detonate a bomb to destroy the place. To be continued....

     307 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter VII:
         "The Man Without Fear"

   Story by  John Semper  and  Mark Hoffmeier
Teleplay by  Sean Catherine Derek

Spider-Man and Daredevil escape from the fire; Daredevil reveals
that Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin; Chameleon takes Peter and Mary
Jane to Richard Fisk; Kingpin tells Smythe the story of him being
betrayed by his father; Richard is arrested, but he does not give
up his father; Jameson was the one who payed for Peter's defense.

     308 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter VIII:
         "The Ultimate Slayer"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Doug Booth  and  Mark Hoffmeier

Kingpin and Landon turn Smythe into a mutated cybernetic slayer;
Peter witnesses Norman being kidnapped by Smythe while announcing
the engagement of Mary Jane and Harry ("Spider-sense! Danger!");
Kingpin reveals that Spencer Smythe did not die in the explosion,
but he was held in a cryogenic suspension; Smythe escapes with
the capsule containing his father; Mary Jane cancels her
engagement with Harry; Spider-Man takes her to Bruce's spot.

     309 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter IX

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Larry Brody  Marty Isenberg  &  Robert Skir
             and  John Semper

Tombstone tries to cancel a story that might compromise Alisa
Silvermane; Robbie reveals that he and Tombstone were buddies
once; Spider-Man and Robbie foil Tombstone's plan to discredit
Robbies son.

     310 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter X
         "Venom Returns"

 Written by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Stan Berkowitz  Len Wein  and  John Semper

The symbiote returns back to Earth and bonds with Brock to form
Venom again; Dormammu sends Venom to steal an inter-dimensional
gateway from Stark Enterprises; the Venom symbiote's offspring
bonds with a serial criminal Cletus Kasady to form Carnage; they
go to Stark Enterprises, and Carnage is about to finish Spidey.
To be continued....

     311 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XI:

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Stan Berkowitz  James Krieg and John Semper

Venom and Carnage escape with the gateway; Venom departs from
Dormammu; Carnage collects souls to free Dormammu; Brock tells
Mary Jane that Peter loves her; Spidey, Venom and Iron Man join
their forces against Mordo and Carnage; Venom sacrifices himself
by pushing Carnage into Dormammu's dimension; Madame Web tells
Spider-Man that she is preparing him for a horror beyond belief.

     312 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XII:
         "The Spot"

 Written by  James Krieg

Kingpin offers Doctor Ohn to finance his project to create an
inter-dimensional portal; Jason wins a plush spider for Felicia;
Ohn becomes the Spot able to create portals anywhere; Spot robs
a bank to get money for his research; Spider-Man offers his help
to save Spot's friend ("Listen, it's clear you're no killer.");
a portal forgotten by Spot grows into an enormous size; Spidey
comes up with an idea how to close the portal, and Kingpin offers
his help ("Spider-Man is a scientist?"); Spot and his assistant
sacrifice themselves to close the portal from the inside; the
Hobgoblin gets a phone offer to buy the portal technology.

     313 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XIII:
         "Goblin War!"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg
             Mark Hoffmeier and John Semper

Hobgoblin gets his hands on the time dilation accelerator, but he
needs power cells from the Kingpin; Kingpin blackmails Osborn to
reveal him Hobgoblin's identity; Osborn becomes Green Goblin once
again; Hobgoblin and Green Goblin fight each other; Felicia
discovers that Hobgoblin is Jason Macendale; Spider-Man damages
the accelerator, but Green Goblin manages to disappear with it.

     314 The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XIV:
         "Turning Point"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
             James Krieg and John Semper

Norman/Green Goblin integrates the accelerator into his suit
("Even Spider-Man and the mighty Kingpin will be dead under your
feet!"); he uses the technology to find out that Spider-Man is
Peter Parker; at Harry's party, Osborn almost reveals Peter's
secret; Green Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane; the accelerator disrupts
the Brooklyn Bridge, and Mary Jane falls into a portal; Osborn
and the device are pulled into a vortex; Madame Web tells
Spider-Man that the upcoming great battle is his destiny; Mary
Jane helplessly falls throughout the void of the other dimension.

     401 Partners in Danger, Chapter I:

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Larry Brody  and  Meg McLaughlin

Robbie is framed for robbery by Kingpin; "Jigsaw" Jameson
investigates the case himself; Tombstone breaks Richard Fisk,
Robbie and himself out of prison; Jameson clears Robbie's name.

     402 Partners in Dangers, Chapter II:
         "The Cat"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Sean Catherine Derek

Cybernetically-enhanced Chameleon breaks out of the S.H.I.E.L.D.
prison John Hardesky who knows the formula for the Super Soldier
serum used to create Captain America; Doctor Octopus on Kingpin's
behalf kidnaps Felicia to blackmail Hardesky, who is her father.
To be continued....

     403 Partners in Danger, Chapter III:
         "The Black Cat"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
             and  Sean Catherine Derek

Spider-Man is attacked by the Black Cat who is Felicia, enhanced
by the Super Soldier serum; Hardesky erases the formula from
Kingpin's computers; he agrees to stay at the S.H.I.E.L.D.

     404 Partners in Danger, Chapter IV:
         "The Return of Kraven"

 Written by  Meg McLaughlin

Spider-Man and the Black Cat help Kraven to cure Doctor Crawford
who turned into a savage creature.

     405 Partners in Danger, Chapter V:

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Cyntia Harrison  and  Brooks Wachtel

Smythe kidnaps the Black Cat and forces Spider-Man to deliver the
Scorpion to him; the Vulture gets his permanent youth, turning
the child-like Silvermane to an old man again.

     406 Partners in Danger, Chapter VI:
         "The Awakening"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Sean Catherine Derek

Debra discovers sleeping Morbius; Spidey talks to Bruce; Felicia
reveals to Morbius that she is the Black Cat; Spidey plays with
a black cat at Felicia's apartment; Landon and Shocker capture
Morbius; he turns into a partially human form and escapes.

     407 Partners in Danger, Chapter VII:
         "The Vampire Queen"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Meg McLaughlin  and  John Semper

Miriam the Vampire Queen, Blade's mother, finds Morbius and
steals the neogenic recombinator; Harry finds Spider-Man's
spare mask in Peter's room; in a fight, Spider-Man destroys
the recombinator, and Miriam flies away; Morbius and Black
Cat follow Blade to help him find Miriam.

     408 Partners in Danger, Chapter VIII:
         "The Return of the Green Goblin"

 Written by  Mark Hoffmeier

Harry has a vision of Green Goblin who navigates him to his
father's hideout at Oscorp and turns him into new Green Goblin;
Peter finds a list of Goblin's hideouts and the Punisher follows
him; Spider-Man finds Harry at Oscorp talking to no one; Goblin's
revealation that he is Harry's father drives Harry crazy; the
Punisher destroys Goblin's hideout; Spider-Man defeats Goblin;
"Mary Jane" returns with no memory where she was.

     409 Partners in Danger, Chapter IX:
         "The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson"

   Story by  John Semper and Virginia Roth
Teleplay by  Meg McLaughlin and John Semper

Spider-Man puts Mysterio behind bars; "Mary Jane" gets a film
role instead of Miranda Wilson who disappeared after a film stunt
went wrong; Mysterio escapes using a battery from Spider-Man's
tracker; Spidey helps Mysterio to pass through the automatons he
once created; "Mary Jane" meets disfigured Miranda who wants to
transfer her mind into "Mary Jane"; Mysterio stays with Miranda
who destroys their hideout; Spider-Man reveals to "Mary Jane"
that he is Peter Parker. To be continued....

     410 Partners in Danger, Chapter X:
         "The Lizard King"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Gordon Kent

Peter asks "Mary Jane" to marry him at Bruce's spot; "Mary Jane"
and Doctor Connors are taken by lizard creatures he once created;
the Lizard becomes the leader of the creatures; Spider-Man fights
in an arena; Debra helps to turn lizards into their original

     411 Partners in Danger, Chapter XI:
         "The Prowler"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Terence Taylor

Peter is confronted by the Prowler whom Spider-Man once has had
arrested, and Kingpin provided him with a power suit; Spider-Man
helps the Prowler to get rid of Kingpin's control over his suit.

     501 "The Wedding"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Meg McLaughlin  and  John Semper

Scorpion tries to steal Aunt May's wedding rings; Jameson and
Fisk compete who better supports Peter's wedding; Harry escapes
from Ravencroft and join forces with Smythe and Scorpion; Green
Goblin (Harry) interrupts the wedding; the wedding minister
faints when Harry threatens to blast them all to smithereens;
Kingpin via Mega-Slayer helps Spider-Man and the Black Cat; he
grabs Scorpion by his tail and throws him away; Liz tells Harry
that she loves him; Peter and "Mary Jane" marry.

     502 "Six Forgotten Warriors"
         Chapter One

 Written by  John Semper

Silver Sable captures Doctor Groitzig in Moscow; Aunt May is
visited by Keene Marlowe whom Spider-Man follows to the
S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters where he learns that his parents were
traitors; Spidey encounters the members of the Insidious Six
("Spider-sense! Danger!"): Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Scorpion,
Shocker and Vulture, assembled by Kingpin, who break Chameleon
out of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Peter and Robbie go to Russia where Robbie
visits Mr. Lentz; Sable kidnaps Lentz and leaves Robbie and
Spider-Man with a time bomb. To be continued...

     503 Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter II
         "Unclaimed Legacy"

 Written by  John Semper

Robbie disarms the bomb; Groitzg's daughter shows Peter and
Robbie a box that Chameleon takes; the Insidious Six takes
Spider-Man to Kingpin who reveals information about the existence
of a doomsday device created by Red Skull; Silver Sable captures
them all; Kingpin unmasks her employer as Kragov, the son of the
Red Skull; Kragov escapes with Groitzig and Lentz leaving the box
with Kingpin; Peter and Robbie return to the United States. To be

     504 Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter III
         "Secrets of the Six"

 Written by  John Semper

Robbie's teacher, Omar Mosley, tells Peter the story of the Six
American Warriors: Captain America, the Destroyer, Miss America,
the Thunderer, Black Marvel and the Whizzer who fought the Red
Skull resulting in Red Skull and Captain America both vanishing
in a vortex; Kingpin sends the Insidious Six to get six keys to
the Doomsday Device possessed by the forgotten warriors based on
information contained in the box; Marlowe reveals himself to be
the Destroyer; Marlowe and Spider-Man go together. To be

     505 Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter IV
         "The Six Fight Again"

 Written by  John Semper

Black Marvel (Omar Mosley) gives two keys to Kingpin in exchange
for Robbie; the Insidious Six and Kingpin capture Spider-Man and
the warriors including the Thunderer who has the last key; upon
entering the complex with the Doomsday Device, Chameleon disables
them all; Chameleon is Kragov's half-brother; Kragov forces
Groitzig to bring Red Skull back from the vortex; Red Skull
activates a bunch of robots ("Robots. I hate robots."); Groitzig
brings back Captain America; the warriors and Insidious Six
defeat the robots; Red Skull and Kragov escape; Silver Sable and
Spider-Man pursue them. To be continued....

     506 Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter V:
         "The Price of Heroism"

 Written by  John Semper

Red Skull turns Kragov into Electro; the warriors can not defeat
Electro; they suspect Red Skull having some fail safe against
Electro; the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters is destroyed by Electro;
Captain America and Red Skull disappear in the vortex agains;
Spider-Man traps Electro in the vortex; the warriors blow up
the doomsday complex.

     507 "The Return of Hydro-Man"
         Part One

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Eileen Fuentes and James Krieg

"Hydro-Man" kidnaps "Mary Jane"; when he is about to finish
Spider-Man off, "Mary Jane" attacks "Hydro-Man" with the same
ability he has. To be continued....

     508 "The Return of Hydro-Man"
         Part Two

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  Meg McLaughlin and John Semper

"Hydro-Man" kidnaps "Mary Jane" again; Spider-Man tracks them to
the laboratory of Miles Warren who cloned "Hydro-Man" as well as
"Mary Jane" from the original Hydro-Man's DNA; "Hydro-Man" and
"Mary Jane" fall apart because of the unstability of the cloning
process; Warren escapes with a piece of Spider-Man's suit; Madame
Web takes Spider-Man across the space.

      509 Secret Wars, Chapter I:

 Written by  John Semper  and  Karen Milovich

The Beyonder explains Spider-Man that he wants to know who wins
the battle of good against evil on a distant planet; he assembles
Doctor Octopus, Doctor Doom, Alistair Smythe, the Lizard and the
Red Skull as the forces of evil; Spider-Man selects the Fantastic
Four, Iron Man, Captain America and Storm as the forces of good;
they fight giant sand worms; Spidey decides to record all the
events of the secret war. To be continued....

     510 Secret Wars, Chapter II:
         "The Gauntlet of the Red Skull"

 Written by  Virginia Roth

Spider-Man transports the Black Cat to the planet; the Red Skull
brings in Doctor Octopus to help to enhance Smythe's Cyber-Skull
robots; on their way to the Red Skull's stronghold, the heroes
are endangered by a seismic activity ("Spider-sense! Danger!");
Octopus notices security breach ("Was ist das?") as the heroes
help the alien rebels against the Red Skull; Spider-Man destroys
the robots; back on Earth, Morbius senses that the Black Cat is
in good hands. To be continued...

     511 Secret Wars, Chapter III:

 Written by  John Semper  Mark Hoffmeier  and  Ernie Altbacker

Doctor Doom turns the Thing back into Ben Grimm who tells him
about the Beyonder; Doom takes over the powers of the Beyonder;
he sends the villains away and drops a mountain on the heroes;
the New Latveria is attacked by creatures from Doom's dreams;
the Beyonder concludes that the good won; he takes Spider-Man
to his greatest challenge.

     512 Spider Wars, Chapter I:
         "I Really, Really Hate Clones"

   Story by  John Semper
Teleplay by  James Krieg  Mark Hoffmeier  and  John Semper

Beyonder returns Spider-Man to a reality where Green Goblin and
Hobgoblin destroyed New York City ("Spider-sense! Danger!");
Spidey is attacked by Spider-Carnage, who really hates clones;
Spider-Man meets his versions from parallel realities: Powerless
Spider-Man, Octo-Spidey, Scarlet Spider (whose reality they are
all in), Armored Spidey and Six-Armed Spidey; Madame Web and
Beyonder explain that Spider-Carnage is a clone of Scarlet Spider
(Ben Reilly) combined with the Carnage symbiote, who destroyed
all realities with a matter-disintegrating bomb, and when the
wave reached Beyonder's dimension, he and Web went back in time
and created Secret Wars to find out which version of Spider-Man
will be able to stop Spider-Carnage; Spider-Men infiltrate
Kingpin's stronghold; Six-Armed Spidey mutates into Man-Spider.
To be continued....

     513 Spider Wars, Chapter II:
         "Farewell, Spider-Man"

 Written by  John Semper

Spider-Men stop Spider-Carnage from destroying the realities,
but he escapes into Armored Spidey's dimension; Spider-Man goes
there with the help of Madame Web; Spider-Carnage attacks Spidey
with Spider-Robot ("Spider-sense! Danger!"); Spider-Carnage
kidnaps Gwen Stacy; Spider-Man realizes that there is only one
person who can stop Spider-Carnage; Spidey brings along Uncle Ben
who helps Peter to reach his former self; Spider-Carnage uses
a portal to destroy himself; in the reality of Powerless
Spider-Man, who is an actor portraiting Spider-Man, Spidey meets
with The Man (Stan Lee); Madame Web and Spider-Man go to find the
real Mary Jane Watson.


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