Dark Necron
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(Necron storms into the office.)

NECRON: Have you finished the article yet? HAVE YOU FINISHED

CAMERON: I'm almost done, but those quotes are not funny.

NECRON: What do you mean, "they're not funny"?

CAMERON: They are just recurring phrases. Are you sure you want
to upload them?

NECRON: I don't have a choice. Come on, we're running out of

CAMERON: But that "cop killer" line is so stupid! It pisses off
even me!

NECRON: I don't give a f...

CAMERON: Do you really need to have it in there?

NECRON: You gotta be kidding me...

CAMERON: There is no such thing as a cop killer! It's a myth!

(Necron aims his weapon at Cameron.)


CAMERON: OK, OK... What's the access code to the FTP server?

NECRON: It's star, 3 8 4 7.

CAMERON: All right, hold on a second...

NECRON: We don't have a second!

CAMERON: Look, Mike, I'm doing the best I can!

NECRON: Not good enough!

CAMERON: Uploading... They are not going to read it anyway...

NECRON: The hell they're not! Look at the traffic!

CAMERON: (silence)



-- 001  --

-- 002  --

-- 003  --

-- 004  --

-- 005  --

-- 006  --

(Jack overpowers Devin.)

JACK: Don't you move. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!?

-- 007  --

-- 008  --

-- 101  --

O'BRIEN: (on phone) Hello.

JACK: (on phone) Vincent. Jack Bauer. You planning on seeing
Kimberly tonight?

O'BRIEN: (on phone) No, man, we broke up. You know that.

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, I just want to make sure you know that.

O'BRIEN: (on phone) Snuck out on ya, huh?

JACK: (on phone) Don't screw with me, Vincent.

O'BRIEN: (on phone) Chill, man. Look, I-I don't know where
she's at. You got my word.

JACK: (on phone) That's a real comfort, Vincent. Knowing that
I've got your word.


(Mason pretends to call Chappelle.)

OPERATOR: (on phone) At the sound of the tone, the time will be
12 29 and 50 seconds.

MASON: (to himself) Yeah, yeah, I'm talking to my boss, Jack.
Right, you stupid chump.


(Nina talks with Tony.)

NINA: Look, we don't have a lot of time.

-- 102  --

BAYLOR: I should never have called you.

WALSH: If you have evidence that someone inside the agency is
involved in a plot against David Palmer, then you had no choice.


TERI: (on phone) Listen, Jack, I'm starting to worry a little
bit. Can't you get over here?

JACK: (on phone) I can't, not right now. Look, I don't have time
to explain, but some very bad things are happening tonight.

TERI: (on phone) Our daughter is missing, I think that's pretty
bad, don't you?

JACK: (on phone) Teri, she's not missing. She's partying.
Kim's smart enough to know her limits.


GAINES: What are you doing this summer?

MANDY: Not interested.


(Jack asks Nina for an entry code to a garage.)

NINA: (on phone) Got it. 9 1 3, 6 7 star.


WALSH: I'm sorry to put you through this, Jack.

JACK: Don't you ever say that to me. You of all people.
I owe you my life.

-- 103  --

(Jack calls Data Services.)

OPERATOR: (on phone) Authorization?

JACK: (on phone) Bauer, 4 3 9 3, CTU.


TERI: (on phone) She... She told me that she loved me before she
hung up. That's not Kim.

JACK: (on phone) Well, she's knows she's going to get grounded.
She's just trying to reduce the sentence.


GAINES: You've got to be kidding me, we had a deal, Mandy. You
promised to deliver Belkin's ID in exchange for one million
dollars, and now she wants to double it?

MANDY: Ira, I apologize, she doesn't know how this works.

GAINES: Duh, this is your fault! You should never involved an
amateur in our business.

BRIDGET: If I'm such an amateur, how...

(Mandy slaps Bridget.)

BRIDGET: I'm just trying to get us more money.

GAINES: There is no money!

(Gaines closes the briefcase.)

GAINES: Not anymore.

MANDY: Ira, don't turn this into something else, I will fix it.

(Gaines' phone rings.)

GAINES: (on phone) What?!

CALLER: (on phone) Listen, what's going on, is everything in

GAINES: (on phone) N-No, we, we don't have it yet.

CALLER: (on phone) Show me.

GAINES: (on phone) Yes. No, of, of course. I, I will get back to
you a-as soon as we're ready, yeah.

(Gaines walks past Mandy.)

GAINES: Talk to her. Explain what I do.

MANDY: I will, but our deal stands.



(Jack talks to Jamey.)

JACK: Look, I don't have time to go into all the details...


(Jack grabs Nina.)

JACK: Who are you working for?

NINA: I work for you.

JACK: Who are you working for? WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!?


(Mandy is sad.)

GAINES: You had no choice.


JAMEY: The key card was definitely programmed from Nina's
computer. Login time was 10 14 PM. Looks like the next 20
minutes were spent gathering data, and then another seven
to burn it into the key card. Logout was 10 41, January 14th.
It goes on to specify which files were accessed, and if you
want more details, there is about two screens of international...

NINA: Wait a sec. What was the date?

JAMEY: January 14th, a couple of months ago.

NINA: Second weekend in January, Jack.

-- 104  --

(Jamey is extracting data from the key card.)

JACK: How long will it take you to access the next level?
Minutes or hours?

JAMEY: Hours, most likely.

JACK: We don't have hours.


(Jack tries to leave CTU.)

SIMMS: Lockdown. Nobody leaves.

JACK: Lockdown, are you serious?

SIMMS: No, I'm kidding.


(Information on Teri's cell phone display)

Received     1


(Jack approaches Jessie and Penticoff.)

JACK: I'm gonna drop the gun, but you've gotta relax!

JESSIE: Don't, don't do it, he'll kill both of us!

PENTICOFF: Shut up! Put down the gun! Drop it!

JACK: (in Spanish) [When my gun hits the ground, move!]

PENTICOFF: Speak English, asshole!


GAINES: You're with me now. Be good, you'll be back at the mall
in a day or two. Be bad, and you won't. Clear?

KIM: Mmm-hmm.



(Mason talks about Jack.)

MASON: It seems our boy's surfaced. His name popped up on a
police frequency. Not that I'm surprised.

-- 105  --

JACK: (on phone) Listen to me, Teri. What I'm trying to do right
now is to find Kim. I need you to stay where you are, and I will
get there as soon as I can.

TERI: (on phone) What do you mean, "you've been trying to find
Kim"? I've been trying to find Kim, I've been out all night
trying to find Kim!


(Gaines is about to load Kim into the trunk.)

GAINES: Listen, I don't have time for this. You understand?


GAINES: (on phone) There's a body in the trunk. Get rid of it.

(Penticoff hangs up.)

JACK: What's he mean, "is a body in the trunk"?


DAN: We'd like our money now. If that's like, you know, OK.

GAINES: Well, just so we're like, you know, clear... What
happened to the other girl?

DAN: Janet? It's like I told you, we had to kill her.

GAINES: 'cause my people tell me that someone that fits her
description was taken to a hospital near to where you were.
How do you explain that?

DAN: Well, the thing is, it... Maybe, uh, she wasn't quite dead.

(Gaines thinks about that.)

GAINES: Oh, well, I'll tell you, Dan, you're either dead or
you're not dead. There's no such thing as sort of dead. Here,
let me show you.

(Gaines drags out his gun.)

DAN: But...

(Gaines shoots Dan dead.)


(Gaines turns to Rick.)

GAINES: You've just been promoted. Congratulations.

-- 106  --

TONY: Jack requisitioned a chopper 15 minutes ago, but he didn't
log a destination. Where's he going?

NINA: He's tracking a lead.

TONY: Ignoring protocol again, huh?


(Gaines throws Rick a shovel.)

GAINES: Now, bury your friend.

RICK: Where?

GAINES: In the ground?


KIM: We got to get out of here.

RICK: What do you mean, "we"?


(Jack puts a comm unit into his ear.)

GAINES: (on comm) Now, say something.

JACK: (on comm) If you hurt my daughter, I will kill you.

GAINES: (on comm) Good. There's a nice, clear signal.


(Teri calls Jack.)

TERI: (to the phone) Jack, pick up...

-- 107  --

JACK: (on comm) If you harm my daughter or my wife, I will kill
you, you son of a bitch.

(Gaines shoots in the air.)

JACK: AH!!! (on comm) Oh, my God! What have you done? What have
you done?!

GAINES: (on comm) Everything's fine, Jack. But that will be
the last sound your wife and daughter hear unless you get hold
of yourself, and you do as you're told.

JACK: (on comm) I'll do what you want.

GAINES: (on comm) That's the spirit.


(The phone shows "No service".)

TERI: (to the phone) Oh, come on... Oh, damn it.


MILLER: (on phone) Frank Miller.

JACK: (on phone) Hey, Frank. It's Jack Bauer over at CTU.
I need priority clearance for Palmer's breakfast.

MILLER: (on phone) Sorry, we locked the list.

JACK: (on phone) Open it up.

MILLER: (on phone) I can't do that without approval from Command.

JACK: (on phone) Then, call Command. My clearance number is
Q 22 Q 17.


(Teri calls CTU.)

TERI: (to the phone) Come on...

(The phone is ringing.)

TERI: (to the phone) Oh, come on.


(Palmer talks with Sherry.)

PALMER: We don't have much time.


PALMER: You've been talking to Carl.

SHERRY: You left me no choice.


TERI: Someone's got my daughter, this man knows where she is.


(Nina stops the car.)

JACK: Get out of the car! GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!

(Jack opens the door at driver's side.)

JACK: Get out of the car! GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!

(Jack drags Nina out of the car.)

NINA: Jack, what...

JACK: I'm sorry, Nina.

NINA: What're you gonna do? What're you gonna do? Ow! You're
gonna kill me right here?

JACK: I have no choice. They have Kim and Teri.

-- 108  --

("Previously on 24")

TERI: Someone took my daughter, this man knows where she is.


(Information on Gaines' computer screen)


MICHAEL LOCEFF      945.658.174.298     COMLINK 7 321
VIRGIL WILLIAMS     135.035.385.112     OFF LINE
JAMEY FARRELL       485.698.175.64      OFF LINE
NICOLE BURKE        854.128.956.325     COMLINK CHANNEL 12
TONY PACHECO        120.364.698.485     OFF LINE
DOUG MILLER         425.398.517.495     CONNECTED
JASON SAVAGE        185.674.312.360     CONNECTED
RANDY ENOLE         135.021.225         ISP 698.132.696
MANNY HERNANDEZ     147.125.369.452     NOT CONNECTED


TONY: (on phone) Almeida.

NINA: (on phone) Tony.

TONY: (on phone) Nina. Where you been?

NINA: (on phone) I can't get into it.

TONY: (on phone) Well, force yourself. Where are you?


TONY: How long have you known this?

NINA: Not long.

TONY: And you chose not to tell me.

NINA: That's right. I was acting on orders.

TONY: Screw orders!


(Jamey pretends she does not know what is going on.)

TONY: We don't have time for this.


JAMEY: I was just supposed to tap into the surveillance. All
the security cameras. And then they asked me to start sending
messages from inside.

TONY: What messages? WHAT MESSAGES?!?


JAMEY: No, I, I have to talk to someone first.

NINA: What? No! There is no time, Jamey!


GAINES: (on comm) Do you see the photographer?

JACK: (on comm) Yeah, I see him.

GAINES: (on comm) Go over and join him.

(Jack moves towards Jonathan.)

GAINES: (on comm) After he shoots Palmer, he will hand you his

JACK: (on comm) You gotta be kidding me.


(Palmer is being shielded.)

GAINES: (on comm) Bauer! Bauer, what's happening? Bauer, did you
screw me?!

JACK: (on comm) I didn't do this. Do you understand? Please,
don't hurt my family.

(Jack tries to reach the comm unit that fell out from his ear.)

JACK: (after comm unit) Don't hurt my family! I'll help!
I promise! Please! Please!

(Gaines waves his hands.)

GAINES: (to Eli) That's it, we're done. Kill the wife and kid!


("Incoming Message" is beeping on Gaines' computer.)

GAINES: (to the computer) I don't have time for this!

-- 109  --

(Jack talks to Secret Service agents.)

JACK: Look, you guys are running out of time.


NINA: Jamey, stay with us here.


(Gaines lost surveillance feed on his computer.)

GAINES: (to the computers) What the hell is going on...


GAINES: (on phone) You said you could take care of this for me,

JAMEY: (on phone) And I did. I removed the tap. You don't need it
any more, I'm just trying to protect you.

GAINES: (on phone) You wanna protect me? Get me Bauer!

JAMEY: (on phone) They're taking him to Division.

GAINES: (on phone) Division? Division, I gotta get him back.

JAMEY: (on phone) And, and you will.

GAINES: (on phone) When? I need him now, and if that's not gonna
happen, I will move on!

JAMEY: (on phone) Look, don't... Do anything until I call over
there and, and find out what's happening.


JACK: I've been tracking this assassin since midnight! 15 minutes
ago he was here, I know what he looks like, I can help you bring
him down but, you've gotta let me get in touch with my people!


JACK: I need to get back in this case.

SIMES: That's not going to happen. I have no choice but to turn
you over to the FBI.


JAMEY: You don't know what kind of pressure I'm under.

TONY: (in Spanish) Oye, eres una verguenza, hey. [Listen, you're
a disgrace, hey.]


(Jack learns that Jamey is the mole.)

NINA: (on phone) She's not cooperating.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "she's not cooperating"?


(Jack aims his gun at Lauren.)

JACK: Lauren, I have killed two people since midnight. I have not
slept for over 24 hours.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: So maybe... Maybe you should be a little more afraid of me
than you are right now.


JACK: (on phone) Hey, Tony, Secret Service told me that you were
the one who called and told them to take me out of play.

TONY: (on phone) Yeah. I felt I had to, Jack.

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, well, given the information you had,
I think you made the right choice.


JACK: Hey, Lauren. Come here, to the window.

(Lauren comes to the window.)

JACK: See that tool down there, looks like a hedge trimmer?

LAUREN: What, the bolt cutters?

JACK: Yes. The bolt cutters.


JAMEY: No, I told you, I'm not saying any more until I get

TONY: I think you will.

JAMEY: Why do you think that?

TONY: 'cause we're bringing Kyle here.

JAMEY: What?


JAMEY: I'll kill you if you touch my son.

NINA: We're not gonna lay a finger on him. But if you don't give
us something to help us find Gaines, we don't have a choice but
to bring him in here.


(Jack watches through the window Lauren standing on the street.)

JACK: (to the window) Keep going, Lauren... Keep going, come on.

(Lauren moves towards the Secret Service agent.)

JACK: (to the window) No. No.

LAUREN: Hey! Hey!


LAUREN: Excuse me! Excuse me!

JACK: Damn it!

-- 110  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: You better start listening to me! I've been tracking this
assassin since midnight! 15 minutes ago he was here, I know what
he looks like, I can help you bring him down but, you've gotta
let me get in touch with my people!


(Nina speaks to CTU staff about Jamey.)

NINA: Now, look, I know it won't be easy to put this out of our
minds, but we don't have a choice.


(Eli finds his phone.)

ELI: (on phone) Who is this?

JACK: (on phone) I'm the last thing that you will ever see if
anything happens to my wife or my daughter.


JACK: (on phone) Nina, it's Jack. You still there?

NINA: (on phone) What's happening, Jack?

JACK: (on phone) I got a car. How close did Milo get with the

NINA: (on phone) 25-mile radius.

JACK: Damn it, that's not good enough.

NINA: (on phone) Sorry.

JACK: (on phone) Look, I've got to do something. Come on, Nina,
anything. Please, help me out. What about Jamey?

NINA: (on phone) She didn't make it, Jack.

JACK: (on phone) I don't believe this. Nina, please, I've got
to find them.


GAINES: (on phone) We still have Bauer's family as leverage.
We'll find Bauer and use him, just like we did before.

ANDRE: (on phone) If plan A doesn't work, you should have
a plan B, not plan A recycled.


(Information on Nina's computer screen)

 COFELL, TED  DE-2177259
Last, First, File #          +1

 see support document #2

Place of Birth

 UCLA - completed MBA in 1988
Education                    +2

 Owner, Cofell Enterprises
Employer                     +3

 Century City
Location                     +4

-- 111  --

JACK: (on phone) I've got Cofell.

NINA: (on phone) What do you mean, "got"?


(Jack scares Cofell.)

JACK: Your hands are sweating.

COFELL: Of course, I, I'm scared.


(Jack overpowers Cofell.)

JACK: An average businessman with a Microtech Halo in his car?

COFELL: (in Serbian) Djubre. Idi beztraga. [Scoundrel. Get lost.]

JACK: What did you just say? Say it again. SAY IT AGAIN!!!

(Jack kicks Cofell.)

JACK: Or I'll break your other wrist!

COFELL: (in Serbian) Ti si sin od kurve. [You are son of a

JACK: You speak Serbian? What, are you from Belgrade? You got
family there?

COFELL: You deserve everything that's happening to you.

JACK: What do you know about what's happening to me?

COFELL: There's only one thing that you need to know, Bauer.
You will pay. (in Serbian) Kurve. [Bitch.] You will pay.

JACK: Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?!?


(Cofell dies.)

JACK: No! No, no. Urgh... Urgh... Come on... Urgh... Urgh... No.
NO!!! Please. Please, my wife and family. Please. Please. Where
is my wife and daughter? Please! Don't die. Don't d...


(Jack tries to figure out what to do next.)

JACK: (to himself) Come on, Jack. Come on. Pull yourself
together... Come on.


CARROLL: You let me go, I tell you where they are.

JACK: As soon as I know they are safe, I'll let you go. You've
got my word on it.

(Carroll spits off.)

CARROLL: Your word. That works for me...


JACK: Where are we headed?

CARROLL: (silence)

JACK: Where are we headed?!

-- 112  --

(Teri and Kim hide Eli's body.)

TERI: Kimberly... He tried to kill us. I didn't have a choice.


(Carroll faints after Jack beats him.)

JACK: Damn it.


GAINES: What are you doing?

RICK: Taking the van.

(Gaines smiles.)

GAINES: I can see that, Rick. Where are you taking the van?

RICK: To help Eli get the bodies from the guest house.

GAINES: Oh, you two can't move a couple of women by yourselves?

RICK: I, I, I don't know. He told me to get the van, so I'm
getting the van. But if it's a problem, I don't have to.


TERI: I'm not leaving you, Jack!

JACK: You won't be leaving me. You'll be taking care of our

-- 113  --

CARROLL: I thought: I brought him here, I can handle him.
I thought...

GAINES: Stop thinking.


(Jack and Rick run away from Gaines' troop.)

RICK: Uh... Uh... I can't...

JACK: Shut up. You can, and you will.

RICK: I'm slowing you down.

JACK: Yes, you are, so you'd better start speeding up.


KIM: Dad told us to follow the creek bed.

TERI: We don't really have a choice, do we, Kimberly?


(Gaines hangs up.)

CARROLL: Drazen?

GAINES: Yeah. Either we eliminate Bauer, or Drazen will
eliminates us.

CARROLL: And that's the only option here?

GAINES: Basically.

CARROLL: Getting Bauer's not as easy as it sounds. I've heard
him phone in some GPS coordinates to somebody, and whoever
that somebody is, I'm sure they're gonna be calling the
cavalry in pretty soon. I say we just cut our losses and
get the hell out of here.

GAINES: You don't just get the hell out with these people. They
come after you, and they keep coming until they find you, no
matter where you are. And when they do... Believe me, killing
Bauer is our only chance of staying alive.


(Jack and Rick wait for Teri and Kim.)

JACK: I told them to wait for us here at the water tower, you
heard me say that, right?

(Rick nods.)

JACK: Damn it.


(Jack rushes Teri and Kim from the cabin.)

JACK: OK, come on, it's clear. Clear, come on, we got to move,
we don't have much time.


MAUREEN: I don't wanna hear any more, Senator.

PALMER: What do you mean, "you don't wanna hear about it"?


GAINES: (on radio) How much longer do we have?

JACK: (on radio) Until what?

GAINES: (on radio) Until your people get here.

JACK: (on radio) I wouldn't wait around to find out if I were

GAINES: (on radio) I don't have a choice.


JACK: (on radio) You're losing blood.

GAINES: (on radio) Not enough to stop me from killing you.

JACK: (on radio) Maybe neither of us has to die.

GAINES: (on radio) Like I said, Jack, I don't have that choice.

-- 114  --

(Tony and Milo watch Chappelle entering CTU.)

MILO: Looks like they're bringing in the big guns. What do you
think they're gonna do to Jack?

TONY: Not gonna name a street after him.


(Chappelle interviews Jack.)

CHAPPELLE: Yes, I know that, and that's what ultimately might
keep you from going to prison, but that's not my call.

JACK: We don't have time for this, Ryan.

-- 115  --

JACK: Milo, I'm sorry I had to switch the cards on you last
night. I had no choice.



JACK: Yes, sir.

(Jack sits down.)

PALMER: I wanna know who's working with you.

JACK:  I-In which context, sir, I'm sorry, I don't...

PALMER: Right here, right now, we're gonna put an end to this!

JACK: Sir, I don't know what the people here've been telling

PALMER: I know why you want me dead, Mister Bauer!

JACK: Want you dead, Senator, I don't know what you're talking

PALMER: Kosovo!

JACK: Kosovo.

PALMER: I know you hold me responsible for the men you lost
there... Two years ago today.

JACK: You know about Operation Nightfall?

PALMER: I authorized the mission. I know you took out Victor
Drazen and his inner circle. And I know you lost six men in
the process.

JACK: And you think I want revenge for the death of my men?

PALMER: Yes, I do.

(Jack jumps up.)

JACK: With all due respect, Senator, I almost died today trying
to protect you, and if I blame anyone for the death of my men
in Kosovo, sir, I blame myself!

PALMER: Then what were you doing at the power plant?!


(Jack puts a finger on his lips trying to calm down.)

JACK: The reason why I went for that Secret Service agent's
gun, sir, was to try and get you out of the room without giving
myself away. The people that want you dead, they had kidnapped
my family. They threatened to kill them if I didn't assist them
in the assassination attempt.

PALMER: (silence)

JACK: They didn't tell you any of this when you came in,
did they, sir?


JACK: It's the truth. You can verify it with Chappelle.


ELLIS: (on phone) Ellis.

PALMER: (on phone) Bobby. It's David Palmer.

ELLIS: (on phone) You gotta be kidding.

PALMER: (on phone) I'm not. I'm here with Jack Bauer.

ELLIS: (to Lenny) Get lost.

(Lenny leaves.)

ELLIS: (on phone) What're you doing in the same room with Bauer?
I went through a lot of trouble to make sure you two never met
each other.


ELLIS: (on phone) Now, what's your login ID and password?

(Milo hesitates.)

JACK: Give it to him.

MILO: (on comm) The login ID is LFN. Password's foothill
9 4 0 2 2. Lower case.

-- 116  --

("Previously on 24")

ELLIS: (on phone) What're you doing in the same room with Jack


(Jack cannot reach Ellis on phone.)

JACK: (to himself) Think, Jack. Just think.


JACK: (on phone) Call me back as soon as you got anything, OK?

MILO: Jack!

WATSON: (on phone) You've got it.

JACK: (on phone) Yeah. I'll transfer you now.

MILO: Jack!

JACK: Not right now, Milo, I'm busy.

MILO: Jack, you gotta see this!

(Jack slams the receiver.)

JACK: What?!


(Jack and Palmer talk about Elizabeth.)

JACK: (on phone) Does she know where he is?

PALMER: (on phone) They're in contact.

JACK: (on phone) "Contact"? What do you mean?


(Jack and Palmer talk about Ellis.)

PALMER: (on phone) Was he able to retrieve the missing file on
Operation Nightfall?

JACK: (on phone) I lost contact with Ellis.

PALMER: (on phone) "Lost contact"? What do you mean?


COMPUTER: Quack. Quack.

JACK: Milo, can you help me out with something over here?

MILO: Yeah.


JACK: What's wrong with the system? My terminal's locked.
I just downloaded all my files to here. And now, I can't...


JACK: Damn it!


(Jack hits the keyboard.)

COMPUTER: Quack. Quack.


JACK: Have you noticed anyone accessing anything unusual on the

MILO: What do you mean by "unusual"?

-- 117  --

NINA: Are you sure we're doing the right thing?

JACK: Well, if she can plant the tracking device on Alexis, it'll
lead us to everything else, yes, we're doing the right thing.


ANDRE: (on phone) Palmer should have been killed hours ago.
We can't afford any more mistakes. We're running out of time.


(Jack watches on the monitor Elizabeth looking for the wallet.)

JACK: (to the monitor) Come on... Come on, Elizabeth... You can
do it...


(Jack calls Elizabeth.)

JACK: (to the phone) Pick up the phone.


(Alexis was stabbed.)


-- 118  --

(Jack talks with Nina.)

JACK: No, you did the right thing.


(Tony and Mason talk about Nina.)

MASON: She's with Jack. She's with you. You don't think that's
relevant? You don't think that's a distraction?

TONY: No. I don't.

MASON: (in Tony's voice) No. You don't. Eh. (in his own voice)
Well, I do.


(Jack is reviewing the plan with Alan Morgan.)

JACK: What else?

ALAN: What do you mean, "what else"?

-- 119  --

MASON: Nice, Jack. Have you noticed that there's always a body
count everywhere you go?


(Jack fills Mason in about Saugus.)

MASON: 'right. Let's go.

JACK: What do you mean, "let's"?


RICK: Kim, don't worry aboyt her, just leave.

MELANIE: What do you mean, "don't worry about me"?


NINA: (on phone) Hey, I just got in. I've got some more info
on that location in Saugus.

JACK: (on phone) OK, hold on.

(Jack takes a notepad and a pen.)

JACK: (on phone) OK, go.

NINA: (on phone) It comes up as a wildlife preserve.

MASON: Great. We're going to a Sierra Club meeting.


JACK: I got a signal.

(Jack jumps over a low gate. Mason opens it and walks through.)

-- 120  --

JACK: I promise I won't disappear on you.

MASON: I don't have time to argue with you.


(Teri is worried about Kim.)

TONY: We don't know where she is, she wouldn't tell us...

TERI: What do you mean, "you don't know where she is"?


(Frank is about to question Kim.)

FRANK: Sit down.

KIM: My father is Jack Bauer.


(Jack observers the prisoner on the monitor.)

JACK: (to the monitor) Come on, you son of a bitch, turn around.


DeSALVO: I'll make another call.

JACK: We don't have time for calls!


NINA: Where is Jack? I thought he was with you.

MASON: He opted to stay in the field. Literally.

NINA: Where, in Saugus?

MASON: Yeah, the address he got from the Drazen file.

NINA: What's he doing there, why didn't he come back with you?

MASON: I don't know. He's a stubborn guy. He insisted on staying.
Meanwhile, Alexis Drazen came to at the hospital, so I headed
over there to interrogate him. He hasn't talked yet, but I cut
off his morphine supply, so he should be pretty chatty in about
an hour.


JACK: Get up.

(Victor remains sitting.)


-- 121  --

(Information on Palmer's TV screen)



REPORTER: Senator David Palmer seems to have swept California
and every other state that held a primary this super Tuesday.


(Jack is surrounded by Drazen's soldiers.)

ANDRE: Father!

VICTOR: Andre!

(Jack covers behind Victor.)


HARRIS: Let him go.

ANDRE: Let my father go, Bauer!


SOLDIER: Put your gun down!


ANDRE: You don't stand a chance!


VICTOR: Andre!

ANDRE: Drop it now, you're surrounded!


(Andre emerges holding DeSalvo in front of him.)

ANDRE: Let my father go right now or this man dies.


ANDRE: I kill him, Bauer.

DeSALVO: Don't do it, Bauer!


DeSALVO: Don't release that prisoner!


DeSALVO: Don't do it, Bauer! Don't do it!

ANDRE: Drop it! I'll give you three seconds!

(Jack is scared.)

ANDRE: One! Two!

(Jack surrenders.)


(Andre shoots DeSalvo.)



(Melanie thinks about messing Kim up.)

KIM: Shut up! I have been listening to this crap all day, about
how I get everything I want, and how my life is so great and
everyone else's life sucks. Would you wanna know something?
You don't know anything about me! Last night, I was kidnapped,
tied up in the back of a trunk, and then I got to see your
friend Dan get shot in the head. You take all the bad luck
you've had in your entire life, it wouldn't fit into half
of what's happened to me in the past 24 hours. So messing
me up may not be as easy as you think! But if you wanna
try, bring it on! Here, outside, any place you like!


(Victor puts Jack on the phone.)

JACK: (on phone) George...

MASON: (on phone) Yeah. Yeah, it's me.

JACK: (on phone) I've counted six of them they're heavily armed
they've got assault rifles they've got...

(A henchman kicks Jack.)


NINA: How did Jack sound?

MASON: Alive.

-- 122  --

VICTOR: (on phone) Now, I have something to say to the rest of
you. I am willing to trade the life of Jack Bauer for that of
my son.

MASON: (on phone) Mister Drazen, this is George Mason again.
I'm the acting head of the CTU, but I don't have the authority
to make the trade.

VICTOR: (on phone) If you do not have the authority, you're not
the head of anything.


NINA: The government won't make the trade.

TERI: What do you mean, "they won't make the trade"?


NINA: (on phone) There's no time to catch up with everything
that's happened, but let me just give you the headlines. Victor
Drazen is alive.

PALMER: (on phone) Whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... What do you
mean, "he's alive"?


PALMER: (on phone) As you well know, Mister Mason, your entire
agency falls under Presidential purview. And in nine months,
I will be in that office.


(Jack takes Mila hostage.)


VICTOR: Put them down.

(Henchmen drop their weapons.)


VICTOR: Of course.


(Victor shoots Mila in the head.)

JACK: You son of a bitch.

VICTOR: One more death for you to atone for, Jack.



ANDRE: All right, we have to get out of here, we are running out
of time.

(Kim is dragged in.)


(A henchman knocks Jack out instantly.)

ANDRE: Get him in the van!

HENCHMAN: (in Serbian) Razumem. [I understand.]


(Jack is handcuffed near oil rig.)

JACK: What do you want me to do?

(Andre points his finger at Jack.)

ANDRE: Not yet.

(Andre walks away.)



(Mason argues with Serge.)

MASON: Maybe you should have taken a few more English lessons.
"Trade" means we get something, too.

-- 123  --

MASON: (on phone) Jack, you all right?

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, Drazen let me go, but I can't come in yet.

MASON: (on phone) What, what do you mean, "you can't come in"?


(Jack talks to Palmer.)

JACK: (on phone) Senator, they had my wife and daughter earlier
this morning, and I still managed to save your life. I'm not
coming there to harm you in any way, I give you my word, sir.


(Jack talks to Palmer.)

JACK: Look, Senator, we don't have much time.


TONY: I'll call ITS.

MASON: No, I don't have time for that.


JACK: (on phone) But I promise you, soon, she's gonna be with

TERI: (on phone) Thank God. What, Jack, what do you, what do
you mean, "she"?


ANDRE: How are we going to do this without the girl?

VICTOR: Bauer has no choice but to trust us.

(Andre's phone rings.)

ANDRE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Da. [Yes.]

NINA: (on phone) (in Serbian) Jelena je. [It's Yelena.]

ANDRE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Zasto zovete? [Why are you

NINA: (on phone) (in Serbian) Palmer nije mrtav. [Palmer is not

ANDRE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Molim? [What?]

NINA: (on phone) (in Serbian) Bila je zavera da poverujete.
Naravno da bi smo odrzali devojku zivu i zdravu. [It was just
a trick. To keep the girl alive and well.]

ANDRE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Sigurni ste. [You sure.]

NINA: (on phone) (in Serbian) Da, sigurna sam. [Yes, I'm sure.]

-- 124  --

SERGE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Da? [Yes?]

ANDRE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Sta se desava? Jos uvek je nema?
What is going on? Is she still missing?]

SERGE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Nema je. [Missing.]

ANDRE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Pa sta rade nije mogla da nestane.
Nadji je. [What you doing, she could not disappear. Find her.]

SERGE: (on phone) (in Serbian) Dobro, dobro, ne brini. [Good,
good, have no fear.]


(Extended scene)

JACK: (to the warehouse) Come on, Andre, show your head.


NINA: (on phone) I think you should come back to CTU.

JACK: (on phone) I can't, I'm running out of time.


MIKE: I don't know, Sherry. I think David should make that call.

SHERRY: Oh, no, I don't. David's in no frame of mind to make
critical decisions right now. It's gonna take you and I to steer
this thing by ourselves, OK, until he gets his head screwed on


CONTACT: (on phone) (in German) Ja. [Yes.]

NINA: (on phone) (in German) Meine Deckung ist aufgeflogen.
Du musst mich hier rausholen. [My cover is blown. You must
get me out of here.]

CONTACT: (on phone) (in German) Verstanden. Ich bringe dich
raus. [Understood. I'll get you out.]

NINA: (on phone) (in German) Ich bin in Gefahr. Wie schnell
kann ich raus? [I'm in danger. How fast can I get out?]

CONTACT: (on phone) (in German) Ich koordiniere deine
Transport. Du musst alle Spuren die uns kompromittieren
loschen. [I coordinate your transportation. You must
erase all traces that compromise us.]

NINA: (on phone) (in German) Ich kenne das Protokol. Ich bin
schon dabei. [I know the protocol. I'm already on it.]

CONTACT: (on phone) (in German) Ausgezeichnet. Sei vorsichtig.
[Excellent. Be careful.]

(Nina gestures Teri to wait a second.)

NINA: (on phone) (in English) Just call me when it's time.
[Bloss ruf mich an wenn kommt drauf.]

CONTACT: (on phone) (in English) Someone is there? [Jemand ist

NINA: (on phone) (in English) Yes. [Ja.]

CONTACT: (on phone) (in English) I understand. [Ich verstehe.]


JACK: (on phone) What about the digital backup?

WILSON: (on phone) No, there's no digital backup system for ITS.

JACK: (on phone) Yes, there is, you just need the proper
clearance code. Try C 2 2 7 1 7.


(Jack let Nina live.)

MASON: You did the right thing.


(Jack passes paramedics.)

JACK: Have you searched the floor yet? HAVE YOU SEARCHED THE

-- 201  --

(Palmer talks with the Prime Minister.)

PALMER: What I'm saying is not meant to be a threat, simply a
statement of fact. If a bomb goes off on US soil today, I will
have no choice but to retaliate with immediate and decisive
force against your government.


JACK: Sweetheart, all I ever wanted was the three of us to be
together. I did everything...

KIM: I know you did...

JACK: You have to belive me...

KIM: It wasn't your fault, it just happened...

JACK: Of course it was my fault, I know it was my fault, honey,

KIM: Dad.

(Jack and Kim hug.)


TONY: Jack, wait a minute.

JACK: I don't have time for you, I'm sorry.


MASON: Great, Almeida. Now what?

TONY: Back off, George. I did the best I could.

MASON: I guess your best isn't very good then, is it?

MICHELLE: Look, maybe there is another way to find Wald.

MASON: Gee, why didn't I think of that? I bet you're right,
I bet NSA just had us bring in a burnt-out agent for the
challenge other. For this, any number of different guys could
have done the job.

TONY: Settle down, George, all right?


MASON: Jack.

(Jack ignores Mason.)

MASON: Heh. Look at you. You look like a bum off the street,
you're not talking to me, I just confiscated a witness outside
of my authority based on your call, now, are you gonna tell me
what you're doing?



JACK: Michelle. Please, excuse us.

MICHELLE: Well, don't you want me to...



(Jack shoots Goren through the heart.)

MASON: Awww, God, Jack! What are you thinking?

JACK: Get a helicopter and a backup team ready to leave here in
15 minutes.

MASON: Are you out of your mind?

JACK: You wanna find this bomb? This is what it's gonna take.

MASON: Killing a witness?

JACK: That's the problem with people like you, George. You want
results, but you never wanna get your hands dirty, I'd start
rolling up your sleeves.

(Jack checks Goren's neck.)

JACK: I'm gonna need a hacksaw.


MATHESON: (on phone) Yeah, I know it's a Saturday.

-- 202  --

DAVE: Who's that?

EDDIE: That's Jack.

DAVE: Are you outta your mind bringing him here today?

EDDIE: He used to work with us, Dave.

DAVE: "Used to work with us," what the hell is that supposed
to mean, Eddie?


EDDIE: You still got that '64 Mustang?

JACK: No, lawyer's got that.


JACK: What'd Joe say?

EDDIE: Joe's busy, maybe tomorrow, bro.

JACK: Look, I just need to speak to him for five minutes.

EDDIE: Yeah, we got this thing going down today, Jack, so...
Y'know, swing by tomorrow around four?

JACK: Yeah, OK, that's cool.


(Information on Mason's screen)

                                          URGENT MEMO

                         To: George Mason CTU 71259
                         From: Division Headquarters
                         PRIORITY : EXTREMELY HIGH

Subject: Imminent Threat Of Terrorist Attack

Recent aquisition of street level intel confirms prior
CTU analysis and intelligence concerning the detonation
of a nuclear device in the Los Angeles area. Current intel
agents have placed the time parameters of a detonation as
soon as 48 hourse from present time.

As per CTU operating parameters in this situation, all division
..... have been instructed to disseminate current
databases to their respective security networks as
per plan code 217-955.

This information is highly classified.



(Jack breaks Dave's ankle.)

EDDIE: You broke his damn ankle, Jack.

JACK: He shouldn't have been playing with adults.


(Jack rides with Eddie and his crew.)

JACK: Where are we going?


JACK: What are we doing?

EDDIE: A conversion.

JACK: What do you mean, "a conversion"?

EDDIE: Well, today we're turning a government building into
a cemetery.

JACK: Heh. Which building?

EDDIE: There's a branch that's been dogging us for years, they
call it the LA Counter Terrorist Unit, the CTU.

-- 203  --

(Jack calls O.C.)

OPERATOR: (on phone) Who is this?

JACK: (on phone) It's Jack Bauer. Priority access code:
7 1 1 7 A.


(Eddie kills Danny and turns to Cam.)

EDDIE: Don't move. Don't move. Don't move. What's your name?
What's your name? Look at me. What's your name? Cam Strocker,
is that your name?

CAM: Yeah.

EDDIE: OK, Cam, look at me. You wanna live, Cam? Cam? Cam? Cam?

CAM: Yeah.

EDDIE: You wanna live?

CAM: Yeah. Yeah.

EDDIE: OK, this is what you're gonna do: you're gonna call your
boss, you're gonna tell you need an on-site systems check at CTU
headquarters. You got that?

CAM: Yeah.

EDDIE: Can you do it? Can you do it?

CAM: Mmm-hmm.

EDDIE: That's a good answer.


TONY: (on phone) Sir, that may not be enough time.

RAYBURN: (on phone) Then you probably should get started.

TONY: (on phone) Thank you, sir.


CAM: Who are you, people?

EDDIE: Jack, tell him who we are.

JACK: We're patriots.


(Mason is being decontaminated.)

MASON: Hey. Easy, guys. I like my skin. Try and leave some on,


CAM: You're gonna kill me, too?

JACK: Not today.

-- 204  --

JACK: (on phone) Why wasn't CTU evacuated?

MICHELLE: (on phone) There wasn't any time.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "there wasn't enough time"?


LYNNE: We don't even know where the bomb is. Where do you
suggest that we begin the evacuation?

RAYBURN: My staff has ranked ten high probability target areas...

PALMER: That's not good enough.


JACK: (on phone) What the hell are you people doing over there?
I gave you a 30-minute warning before that building was supposed
to be hit. You had plenty of time to evacuate the personnel.

LYNNE: (on phone) Mister Bauer, there were extenuating
circumstances. I did try to tell the President. I-It's
more complicated than I'm able to explain at this time.

JACK: (on phone) I'm sorry, that's not good enough.


MASON: (on radio) Tony?

TONY: (on phone) George.

MASON: (on radio) I thought I told you to handle this yourself.

TONY: (on phone) Yeah, well, the truth is, right now, if I
didn't have to talk to you again, I'd be happy, but the IT
people need to access the data stream Paula was working on.
It's on your system, so we need your password.

MASON: (on radio) My password?

TONY: (on phone) Yeah.

MASON: (on radio) Hendrix.

TONY: (on phone) That's with an X?

MASON: (on radio) How else would you spell it?


(Jack has Joe at gunpoint.)

JACK: Put it down. On the table. PUT IT DOWN!!! ON THE TABLE!!!


(Joe locks himself in a safe room.)

JACK: Open the door, Joe! Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR!!!


running out of time.


KATE: Where are you taking me, Reza?

REZA: You'll find out.

KATE: Tell me now or stop the car.

REZA: It's a surprise.

KATE: Stop the car, Reza.

REZA: We're almost there.



(Mason and Tony argue about Paula.)

MASON: She's the only one who can decrypt those files,
and you know it!

TONY: All right, we'll send a programmer in the truck with her
to get it!

MASON: We don't have time!


LYNNE: Sir, I've tried to tell you.

PALMER: Not hard enough.


PALMER: As much as I appreciate the gesture, I don't have time
to appease your guilty conscience.



-- 205  --

(Mason talks with paramedic about Paula.)

MASON: We're running out of time. Wake her up.


MASON: Stay with us, Paula.


(Mason and Michelle try to get decryption key from Paula.)

MICHELLE: Eh, which volume?

MASON: Which, which volume? Which one? Paula? Stay with us.
Which one?


SHAREEF: If this bomb goes off, Mister President, and you don't
believe that we did everything possible to stop it, there will
be heavy repercussions for my country. You have already made
it quite clear that you will have no choice but to retaliate
against us.


MASON: I'm dying, Jack, I'm not crazy. You and Nina together
is a recipe for disaster.

-- 206  --

SHERRY: Just give me five minutes.

PALMER: I don't have time now.


JACK: Who is the man in Visalia?

(Jack fires shots around Nina's head.)



MEGAN: Where are we going, Kim?

KIM: I told you I don't have time to explain, you have to trust


KATE: What did you tell them?

REZA: The truth.

KATE: "The truth"? What, what do you mean, "the truth"?

-- 207  --

MICHELLE: I just got off the phone with Ed Miller.

MASON: How's it going between Jack and Nina?

MICHELLE: He doesn't know. Jack drugged him and got on the plane
without him.

MASON: Please, tell me you're kidding.


(Jack and Nina talk about apprehending Faheen.)

JACK: Nina, you're going in.

NINA: What?

JACK: He knows you.

NINA: He also thinks I'm in prison.

JACK: You better make him believe you got out.

NINA: The day his bomb's supposed to go off? He'll know I'm

JACK: You're a good liar, Nina, the only way he's gonna know
is if you let him. We need 30 seconds.

NINA: He is gonna put a bullet in my head before I can say
"hello", and then he's gonna turn the gun on himself.

JACK: We'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself.


(The car stops at Faheen's shop.)

JACK: Get out.

(Nina does not move.)



MASON: I don't have much time, John.

-- 208  --

JACK: Nina, we are out of time.


JACK: (on phone) This is your call.

MASON: (on phone) Look, we're out of time. I don't like being
dicked around like this.

-- 209  --

(Jack talks to Nina.)

JACK: I give you my word, I will not harm you in any way!


(Jack finds Nina unconscious.)

JACK: (to Nina) Come on... Come on...


(Kim and Miguel try to reason with Brown.)

BROWN: I'm a cop. I have my orders, OK?


(Tony and Michelle talk about Mason.)

MICHELLE: Can he run things in his condition?

TONY: Yeah, I think so.

MICHELLE: No, that's not good enough.


NINA: (on speaker) I'll tell you where the bomb is in exchange
for immunity.

MIKE: (on speaker) The President's already granted you a total

NINA: (on speaker) Except this is a crime I haven't committed

MIKE: (on speaker) What crime?

NINA: (on speaker) The murder of Jack Bauer.


NINA: (on speaker) Add that to my pardon, and I'll tell you
where the bomb is.

MIKE: (on speaker) And if we don't comply?

JACK: (on speaker) We don't have a choice.

MIKE: (on speaker) Is that you, Mister Bauer?

JACK: (on speaker) Yes. Please, tell the President that I do not
believe he has any other choice but to accept her deal.


JACK: (on speaker) Mister President... Please, you don't need to
say anything, sir. There's only one right choice to make, and
you made it.

-- 210  --

("Previously on 24")

NINA: (on phone) I'll tell you where the bomb is in exchange for
immunity for the murder of Jack Bauer.


(Jack whispers into Nina's ear.)

JACK: Now, you... (inaudibly) Sarah, I love you. Why did you
marry Xander?


JACK: Fall back. Fall back!

MOHSEN: I have here a woman! If you come any closer, I'll kill
the woman!

JACK: Bring in the shield. Bring in the shield now!


(Mohsen poisons himself.)

JACK: (on radio) We need a medic in here now, we need a medic

MEMBER: (on radio) Copy that. Back checked. On the move.


-- 211  --

(Jack talks with Kate.)

JACK: The reason why I'm taking you with me now is because
we're running out of time.


MIKE: I'm only saying it's going to take time to get a judge to
issue a warrant.

PALMER: We don't have time, Mike.


KATE: There is the greeter. Normally, he'd be the last one out.

JACK: Damn it. (on radio) Anything on the back exits?

BAKER: (on radio) Negative. No one's gone in or out.


-- 212  --

(Jack grabs Ali.)


(CTU troop storms in.)





(Jack interrogates Ali.)

JACK: I know who you are. I know everything that you've done.
Where is the bomb?

(Jack punches Ali.)


(Jack slaps Ali.)

JACK: You are wasting my time. When is the bomb gonna detonate?

ALI: You're the one wasting time. I woke up today knowing I will

JACK: I can make you die with more pain than you ever imagined.

(Jack breaks Ali's finger.)

ALI: Aaargh! Uoooh! Urgh! Then I will have that much more
pleasure in paradise.

JACK: Right.


(The imam insists on talking to Ali again.)

JACK: We don't have that kind of time.


(Jack receives the copy of N34 document.)

JACK: Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR!!!

(Jack enters the room with Ali.)

JACK: N 34, what does that mean? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?


JACK: I can't wait any longer. Tell me where the bomb is, or I
will kill Asad.

ALI: (silence)

JACK: Ali, I know you think what you're doing is right, but
it's my job to not let it happen. Please, don't make me do this.
THE BOMB IS!!! Fine. (on radio) Kill him!

(Ali watches Asad being shot on the monitor.)

ALI: No! No! No! D'uh!


ALI: D'uh, d'uh!


ALI: I am not telling you!


JACK: Asad is dead. There's nothing I can do to change that.
You still have the chance to save Fareed's life.

ALI: (in Arabic)

JACK: I'm gonna give you ten seconds. Where's the bomb?

ALI: (in Arabic)

JACK: You're running out of time. I will tell these men to kill
your last son!

ALI: No!


ALI: No!

JACK: That's it! (on radio) Take him out!

ALI: No! No! No! I tell you!


(Jack asks Kate to go to Norton Airfield.)

JACK: Please, Kate, we don't have much time.

-- 213  --

STANTON: We knew about the bomb... weeks ago.

PALMER: Thank you, Simmons. 

(Simmons leaves.)

PALMER: What do you mean, "knew"?


STANTON: They went dark three hours ago. Not accepting any new
incoming communications... Till the mission's complete.

PALMER: And where were they? WHERE WERE THEY?!?


MASON: Tony, we got a little problem.

TONY: What's up?

MASON: Brad Hammond from Division is on his way over here. They
want to shut us down and run everything from over there.

TONY: We're up and running now.

(Mason sighs.)

MASON: Not one hudred per cent. We're still having intermittent
packet loss. The Division's little uncomfortable with the idea
us running an operation like this out of a compromised location.

TONY: We just don't have the time to give these idiots from
Division the grand tour.

MASON: I know.

TONY: We're closing in on this.


JACK: (on radio) All teams, we do not have the bomb, this is
a decoy. I repeat: we do not have the bomb, this is a decoy.
We are still looking for the nuclear device.

-- 214  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: (on radio) This is not the bomb, this is a decoy. I repeat:
we are still looking for the nuclear device.


JACK: You're gonna have to process all of the prints here.
Bring in your mobile equipment. We don't have time to send
anything back.

(Jack turns to Omar.)

JACK: You! Where's the real bomb? WHERE'S THE REAL BOMB?!?


OMAR: (in Arabic)

JACK: Son of a bitch wants to talk. Where the hell is my


(Jack interrogates Marie.)

JACK: Marie, I wanna give you something for the pain, but
you've got to help me first. Please, tell me where the bomb is.


JACK: Stay with me, Marie, stay with me.


PALMER: You know what, Sherry? You might be telling me the truth.
Then again, you might not. Right now, I don't have the time or
energy to figure out whether I can trust you.


(Palmer talks with Sheri.)

PALMER: If you resist in any way, I'll have no choice but to
place you under arrest.

-- 215  --

JACK: (on phone) Tony, it's Jack. Have you found Kim yet?

TONY: (on phone) No, we haven't. We're still working on it.

JACK: (on phone) I'm running out of time, I need to speak to her

TONY: (on phone) Look, I understand how you feel, Jack, but we
really got our hands full here, if you could just wait until the
plane takes off...

JACK: (on phone) Tony, I'm flying it.

TONY: (on phone) What?

JACK: (on phone) I'd like to speak with my daughter while I still
got some time.

TONY: (on phone) Jack, there's gotta be somebody else who can fly
that plane. At least somebody that doesn't have a family or at
least doesn't have kids, come on...

JACK: (on phone) I didn't have time to take a census. And I can't
order anyone else to do this, please, Tony, you've gotta find


JACK: (on radio) Kim?

KIM: (on phone) Dad. Finally. Oh, my God, are you OK?

JACK: (on radio) I'm OK, sweetheart. Are you all right?

KIM: (on phone) Yes, I'm fine.

JACK: (on radio) Thank God. You've had a hell of a day,
haven't you?

KIM: (on phone) Yeah. Wh-What's that noise, where are you?

JACK: (on radio) I'm in a plane.

KIM: (on phone) A plane. Why?

JACK: (on radio) Sweetheart, there's something I've gotta tell
you, it's gonna be hard for you to hear it, so I need you to
stick with me, OK?

KIM: (on phone) Wha... Ah...

JACK: (on radio) We found the bomb. It was wired in a way that
made it impossible to diffuse it. We needed someone to fly it
over the desert, so when the bomb exploded nobody would get
killed. That someone turned out to be me.

KIM: (on phone) Oh... How are you getting off the plane?


JACK: (on radio) I'm not, sweetheart. The bomb has to be
dropped in a very specific area. There was no other choice.
I'm sorry.

(Kim sobs.)

KIM: (on phone) N'eh... But... But... Dad? Oh... Dad, no! No,
you can't do this to me!

JACK: (on radio) Kim.

KIM: (on phone) There has to be somebody else!

JACK: (on radio) Kim, I'm sorry.

KIM: (on phone) You can't do this to me...

JACK: (on radio) Sweetheart, I didn't have any other choice...

KIM: (on phone) Daddy, no!

JACK: (on radio) Kim, I need you to listen to me.

KIM: (on phone) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

JACK: (on radio) Sweetheart, what are you sorry for?

KIM: (on phone) Oh, God, everything. I've been so mean and so
bad to you.

JACK: (on radio) Honey, anything that ever happened between us...
It was never your fault. I love you just the way you are... And
I don't ever want you to change, you understand that? I love you
more than anything in the world.

KIM: (on phone) Uh... Oh...

JACK: (on radio) Kim, can you still hear me?

KIM: (on phone) I... Yes.

JACK: (on radio) Honey, I want you to live your life. I want you
to be happy, that's all I've ever wanted for you. I-I want you
to try and grow up and be the kind of person that would have
made your Mom proud, OK?

KIM: (on phone) Oh, God.

JACK: (on radio) Promise me that.

KIM: (on phone) I promise.


JACK: (on radio) Honey, I've got to start focusing on what I'm
doing up here, I'm running out of time, OK? So, uh... I-I'm
gonna have to say goodbye... I love you more than anything in
the world, and I will always be with you, OK? Remember that.

KIM: (on phone) Ow, oh... Huh... I'm proud of you... And I love

JACK: (on radio) I love you, too, sweetheart.

KIM: (on phone) No...

JACK: (on radio) Goodbye.

KIM: (on phone) Oh...


TONY: So, what'd you find?

MICHELLE: We decrypted the hard drive from Syed Ali's apartment.
It's a recording of conversation that took place in Cyprus about
four months ago.

TONY: Conversation between who?

MICHELLE: Syed Ali and high-ranking government officials from
these three countries.

TONY: So, what we're saying is that these three countries not
only knew about the bomb, but they bought it and supplied it
to Syed Ali?

MICHELLE: Yeah. That's what it looks like.


MASON: Come on, Jack. You've had a death wish ever since Teri
died. The way things have been going for you the past year and
a half, this probably doesn't look like such a bad idea.


TONY: I'm sorry, but I can't tell you at this time.

YUSUF: You Americans.

TONY: We Americans what?

YUSUF: Nothing.


BOWDEN: I request authority to activate plans to invade the
countries in question.

PALMER: "Activate"? We know plans already in existence?

BOWDEN: We have plans for every conceivable contingency,
Mister President.

PALMER: I see. So what exactly do you mean by "activate"?

-- 216  --

("Previously on 24")

TONY: Who's he?

MICHELLE: His name is Yusuf Auda. His government assigned him as
an intelligence liaison. They helped us get the hard drive from
Ali's safehouse. It's a recording of a conversation that took
place in Cyprus about four months ago.

TONY: Conversation between who?

MICHELLE: Syed Ali and these high-ranking government officials.

TONY: These three countries not only knew about the bomb, but
they bought it and supplied it to Syed Ali?



(Michelle interrogates Ali.)

MICHELLE: This tape was recovered from the hard drive in your
apartment. It's a record of a meeting you had with these three
men on April 5 in Cyprus.


JACK: Tony, the President is gonna make some very, very serious
decisions based on the information that he got from that
recording. If there is a slightest chance that that thing
is not genuine, you have a responsibility to...

TONY: My God, you're gonna lecture me on responsibility, Jack?
I mean, come on. We both know how you work. You consider going
against the grain some kind of a virtue.

JACK: Why are you talking to me like this?

TONY: Because I got a job to do, and I don't appreciate being
told how to do it.


(Jack speaks with Palmer.)

JACK: (on phone) I'm sorry, sir, but I felt this was important
enough to interrupt you. Syed Ali has just been assassinated.


JACK: (on phone) This is Bauer.

WALLACE: (on phone) Hello, Jack.

JACK: (on phone) Who is this?

WALLACE: (on phone) The only person who can prove Syed Ali was
not in Cyprus in April, meeting with Arab leaders. The recording
they found in Ali's apartment, in case you haven't figured it out
already, is bogus.

JACK: (on phone) How do you know that?

WALLACE: (on phone) Because I'm the one who planted it. I was
in Cyprus on April 5th. I placed it in Ali's apartment.

JACK: (on phone) And I'm just supposed to believe you.

WALLACE: (on phone) You don't have a choice.


(Jack runs into Tony.)

TONY: Where the hell you think you're going, Jack?

JACK: I don't have time to explain.

(Tony points his gun at Jack.)

TONY: Let's find the time.

-- 217  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: (on phone) Mister President, I regret to inform you Syed
Ali has just been assassinated.


(Jack drives a car with Kate.)

JACK: I'm sorry, I don't know what else to do. I'm running
out of time.


(Kim tries to save Davies.)

KIM: Stay with me...


KIM: Stay with me...


(Jack approaches Yusuf.)

JACK: Put your hands on the wheel! PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!!!


MICHELLE: (on phone) Danny, what are you doing up?

DANNY: (on phone) I-I can't sleep. Listen, are you, are you
sure it's safe here?

MICHELLE: (on phone) Eh, yeah. As far as I know, it is.

DANNY: (on phone) "As-as far as you know it"? What the, what the
hell does that mean, "as-as far as I know"? Uh.

MICHELLE: (on phone) Look, Danny, you know my situation.

DANNY: (on phone) Yeah, well, you know what? Your situation

-- 218  --

(Jack speaks to Wallace.)

JACK: We are surrounded, we are running out of time.


(Michelle calls Jack.)

JACK: (on phone) Yeah.

MICHELLE: (on phone) I don't have a lot of time, are you ready?


(Jack and Wallace look at satellite images.)

JACK: Go between these two groups, let 'em fire at each other.
It should give us ten seconds to get to the car.

WALLACE: With just us firing?

JACK: We don't have another way.


(Wallace is bleeding bad.)

JACK: Come on, stay with me. He's losing consciousness!
Wallace, we can't take this chance. Tell me where the
evidence is, and I give you my word, I will get you out
of this country.

WALLACE: You know what, Jack? You're a real badass back
there at the warehouse.

(Wallace laughs.)

JACK: Son of a bitch.

(Wallace convulses.)

JACK: No! I'm losing him! Damn it!

(Jack uses the computer at the dash board.)

KATE: What are you doing?

JACK: I wanna see if there's an urgent care center in the
neighborhood. (to the computer) Come on!


(Jack storms into the Urgent Care Center.)

JACK: I need to see the doctor! Now!

CLARA: Sir, you can't do that.

JACK: Open the door!

CLARA: Sir, I will call the police!

(Jack aims his gun at Clara.)

JACK: Lady, I am the police! Now, open the door!

CLARA: Let him in! LET HIM IN!!!


SPIRE: This is just a clinic. This man needs a hospital.

JACK: We don't have time. You've got to do what you can now.


SPIRE: I might be able to tie off the bleeders, but you can't
get that bullet out unless he goes in a surgery.

JACK: We don't have time for that.


YUSUF: He's gonna die.

JACK: We better hope he doesn't.


(Jack pulls the chip out of Wallace's body.)

JACK: (holding the chip) We got it.

-- 219  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: (holding the chip) We got the chip.


GRATZ: Mister President, this battle plan requires our surprising
the enemy with an initial strike of overwhelming force. We will
lose that advantage if we wait any longer. The target countries
will mobilise their defences, and our casualties will increase
over the long term.

PALMER: By how much?

GRATZ: Up to twenty thousand troops.


PALMER: Then we have no choice but to proceed with the plan as


(Jack is making a call.)

JACK: (to the phone) Come on...


MICHELLE: (on phone) Danny, you have to stop doing this, OK?
I told you not to call. I'm sorry you're upset, but... I don't
have time for this right now.


MIKE: (on phone) Mister Almeida, your confidence in Jack Bauer is
curious, an hour ago you told me he assaulted CTU personnel and
took illegal custody of a witness.

TONY: (on phone) Sir, Jack had no choice under the circumstances.


MICHELLE: You did the right thing, Tony.


MICHELLE: Look, Danny, I don't have time for this right now.


(Tony talks to Michelle.)

TONY: It was a tough choice, but you made it, and, by the way,
you were right.

-- 220  --

(Stark tries to revive Jack.)

STARK: You are not gonna die on me, you son of a bitch!


STARK: What did Kingsley say?

O'HARA: He said I just got promoted.

(O'Hara shoots Stark in the head.)


(Mike speaks with Prescott.)

MIKE: (on phone) I just hope we're doing the right thing.


PRESCOTT: (on phone) You're doing the right thing, Mike.
History will recognize that.


(Jack begs Spire to help him.)

JACK: We don't have any time. Come on.


(Lynne and Isberg struggle.)

LYNNE: No! God damn it!


PALMER: (on phone) What do you mean, "you can't get through to


PALMER: How many presidents have you worked for?

PIERCE: I came in on Reagan's second term.


PALMER: Aaron, you've been doing this nearly 20 years.


KINGSLEY: Palmer's not gonna be able to withstand the political
pressure from his own administration, let alone the will of the
people. He's not gonna have any choice but to respond to the
nuclear weapon.


(O'Hara beats Jack up while Davis guards the hallway.)

O'HARA: Now, tell me what I wanna know! Tell me!

DAVIS: They'll hear you upstairs.

O'HARA: Then shut up and close the door!


(Alarm at Kate's house is beeping.)

ROUSE: What's the code?

KATE: 5 1 2 2 4.


(Jack is making a call.)

JACK: (to the phone) Come on, Tony, pick up the phone.

OPERATOR: (on phone) I'm sorry. All services are busy.

JACK: Damn it!


(Marcus finds a bundle of cash.)

MARCUS: What the hell is this?

KATE: There should be at least twenty thousand euros there.

MARCUS: Euros?

KATE: It's European money.

MARCUS: I look European to you?


JACK: My name is Jack Bauer. I'm a federal agent. All I want
is the chip, and then I'll let you go.

MARCUS: You shot my friend, man, you expect me to believe you?

JACK: Right now, you don't have a choice.

-- 221  --

JACK: You got 20 seconds!

MARCUS: Yeah, and we are just supposed to trust you?

JACK: Right now, you don't have another choice!


JACK: (on phone) Yusuf Auda is dead.

TONY: (on phone) What happened?

JACK: (on phone) I don't have time to explain, but he's the only
reason why we still got this chip.


MIKE: David, I'm begging you, reconsider your position on this.

PALMER: I'm the President, Mike. You don't call me by my first


JACK: (on phone) You got the audio file?

MICHELLE: (on phone) No.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "no"? Are you telling me that
there's no audio file on that chip?

MICHELLE: (on phone) If there were, they were destroyed when the
chip was damaged.

TONY: (on phone) Look, Jack, uh, Chappelle's phoning the
President, he wants you in on the call...

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, I bet he does.

TONY: (on phone) Also, some of the information Michelle was able
to recover may be worth looking into.

JACK: (on phone) What kind of information?

MICHELLE: (on phone) Identical code fragments that tail in
several data streams.

JACK: (on phone) What are you talking about, what kind of
fragments, what are the fragments for?

MICHELLE: (on phone) Nothing. That's the point. It's junk code.
Programmers' markers sometimes embed it into their programs as
a marker, a signature.

TONY: (on phone) Michelle was able to trace the sequence back to
a hacker named Alex Hewitt. He's got a file with the FBI.

JACK: (on phone) Are you telling me you think this is the
technician that created the Cyprus audio file?


JACK: (on phone) I'm checking up on an address of a man who we
believe engineered the Cyprus recording for Kingsley.

PALMER: (on phone) Everything you've seen, are you absolutely
convinced that the Cyprus recording is forged?

JACK: (on phone) Yes, sir, absolutely.


PIERCE: Mister President... I'm not a lawyer, sir, but as far as
I can tell, the Constitution's been followed. I've got no choice
but to ask you to come with us.


(Jack is searching through Hewitt's apartment.)

JACK: (to the equipment) Come on...

-- 222  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: (on phone) I'm checking up on an address of a man who
engineered the Cyprus recording for Kingsley.

PALMER: (on phone) Are you absolutely convinced that the Cyprus
recording is forged?

JACK: (on phone) Yes, sir, without a doubt.


(Jack grabs Sherry.)

JACK: Sit down!

SHERRY: Let go of me!


(Jack aims at Bryce.)

JACK: Don't move! DON'T MOVE!!! Who are you?

(Bryce looks at Sherry.)

JACK: Don't look at her, look at me! Who are you?

BRYCE: I'm nobody.

SHERRY: He's my private bodyguard.

JACK: Secret Service?


(Jack knocks Bryce unconscious.)

JACK: Missis Palmer.

SHERRY: Jack Bauer.

JACK: Stand up.




(Jack closes the door.)

JACK: How do you know about that?

SHERRY: I don't like the way this conversation is going. You
will answer me...

JACK: How do you know about Cyprus audio?

SHERRY: How dare you talk down to me...


(Jack shoots the wall.)

JACK: Miss Palmer, I am not a politician. And I'm not gonna
debate this with you, so answer my question: WHAT DO YOU KNOW


(Jack spots a hole in the fake wall.)

SHERRY: What are you doing?

JACK: Take a seat. Take a seat!


HEWITT: No, I'm not gonna say anything else until I talk to a

JACK: I am your lawyer, son.


JACK: Start.

SHERRY: (silence)



TONY: (on phone) It's not public yet, but Palmer's been pulled.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "pulled"?


HEWITT: Why won't you let me have an attorney?

JACK: Because we don't have time.


JACK: (on phone) Tony, how we doing on the chopper?

TONY: (on phone) I'm working on it.

JACK: (on phone) Work faster.


MIKE: I tried to be a friend to you, sir.

PALMER: I don't want a friend! I need someone to do the right


JACK: (on phone) Tony, look, you're gonna have to get the
Attorney General involved in this.

TONY: (on phone) What for?

JACK: (on phone) Missis Palmer's gonna wanna try to cut a deal.

TONY: (on phone) A deal?

JACK: (on phone) Hewitt's testimony incriminates her.

TONY: (on phone) All right, I'll make sure everything's in place.

JACK: (on phone) This thing's got to go like a clockwork.
There's no margin for error here.

TONY: (on phone) Yeah, I know.

(Jack hangs up.)

SHERRY: What did you mean, "I was gonna try to cut a deal"?
I explained to you that Alex was not gonna say anything
without my permission.

JACK: Missis Palmer, all that I care about right now is that
he convinces Prescott and the Joint Chiefs that he forged the
Cyprus audio. After that, you're free to try and cut any kind
of deal you want.

SHERRY: No, that is not what we've discussed.

JACK: Oh, I'm sorry, that's the way it is.

SHERRY: Oh, we'll see about that.

-- 223  --

HEWITT: All right. You, you promise I'll be safe?

JACK: I give you my word!


JACK: Alex! Stay with me! Stay with me!


JACK: I'm gonna make a phone call, OK? I'm not going anywhere,
I'm just gonna make a phone call. Just stay with me.


(Jack uses auto-dial on his cell phone.)

JACK: (to the phone) Come on!


JACOBS: Unfortunately, it's a lengthy process.

PALMER: We don't have time.


(Jack sees the helicopter turning away.)


PILOT: I'm putting her down.

PAUL (CO-PILOT): No, cancel that.


(Jack runs after the helicopter.)


(The helicopter flies away.)


(Jack makes a phone call.)

MICHELLE: (on phone) Dessler.


MICHELLE: (on phone) They recalled the chopper. Hammond's locked
us down...



(Mike talks to Palmer.)

MIKE: We only have minutes, sir.


JACK: Missis Palmer, you are going to help me. I'm not gonna
give you another choice.


JACK: (on phone) OK, good. What do we do?

MICHELLE: (on phone) All we have to do is open up a gen file
and type in the phrases we want voiced.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "open a gen file"?


TONY: I'm just gonna tell them that you were helping Jack under
my orders, all right?


TONY: What do you mean, "no"?


SHERRY: (on phone) Don't insult my intelligence, Peter.


EVE: So what are you gonna do?

KINGSLEY: I don't have any choice. I have to play this out.



JACK: I'm fine.

SHERRY: No, you're not. Pull over, Jack.

JACK: We don't have time. We've got to keep moving.

SHERRY: No! Pull, pull over!


-- 224  --

(Jack tries to start the car.)

JACK: (to the car) Come on... (to Sherry) Damn it, the car won't


(Sherry tries to walk away.)

SHERRY: I-don't-have a choice.


(Jack struggles to break himself loose.)

JACK: Eh, damn it! (inaudibly) Damn it. Damn it.
(audibly) Damn it.


KINGSLEY: (on phone) I won't bore you with the details.

MAX: (on phone) Bore me.


JACK: Can you get us to a hospital?

DRIVER: Uh, yeah, yeah, sure.

JACK: Missis Palmer, you need to drive.

DRIVER: Wait a second, what do you mean, "she needs"...

(Jack aims his gun at the driver.)


CHAPPELLE: (on phone) I want you to stand down until you get
some support. Our people will be there soon.

JACK: (on phone) No, we don't have time.


SHERRY: This is crazy. We shouldn't be doing this alone.

JACK: We don't have another choice.


(Sherry talks with Kingsley.)

SHERRY: Don't insult my intelligence.


MAX: (on phone) What do you mean, "Kingsley is dead"?

-- 251  --

(Chase talks with Carr.)

CHASE: So, who pissed you off so much that you've hired some
surfer boy convert to kill him?

-- 252  --

CHASE: (on phone) They're planning on assassinating the

CHLOE: (on phone) Why aren't you calling on your cell?
This line could be tapped.

CHASE: (on phone) No, I don't have a choice.

-- 253  --

(Jack spots Daniels.)

JACK: (to himself) I have to take him alive...

-- 254  --

JACK: This is your last chance! I want the code! Give it to me

DANIELS: Urgh... It's... It's 6 O 3, 1 9, 6 8!


(Michelle talks with Sean.)

MICHELLE: You need to sign on using the HMC protocol. There's
not much time.


TONY: (on phone) Almeida.

JACK: (on phone) I need medics here right now! We've got people

TONY: (on phone) It should only be another couple of minutes.

JACK: (on phone) Some of these people might not have a couple
of minutes.

-- 255  --

(Tony chases Mr. Shin.)

SHIN: Go away!

-- 256  --

(Tony apprehends Sin-Chung.)

TONY: Mister Yu? My name is Agent Almeida.

-- 257  --

(Sin-Chung gives Chappelle the password to his PDA.)

SIN-CHUNG: 5 9 3 7 3.

-- 258  --

KIM: (on phone) What if I put one of those trackers from the
Data Room on the hard drive, I'll turn myself in, and they'll
take the drive, and it won't be tracked? You'll be able to
find them.

JACK: (on phone) No. Listen to me, Kim. You need to stay where
you are. There's no other choice.

-- 259  --

(Jack is entering the Armory.)

JACK: (to himself) The pass code for this door should be
7 1 0 5 3 8.


(Michelle tries to reboot the system.)

JACK: How long? HOW LONG?!?


MICHELLE: Tony, I'll need the new reboot pass codes.

TONY: I've got them here... 3 7 2 0 0 9 2... 8 9 1 5 5 6 8.


MADSEN: (on phone) And, Jack... The clock is ticking.

(Ticking clock.)

-- 260  --

JACK: (on phone) What do you want, Madsen?

MADSEN: (on phone) Ah, you haven't changed a bit, Jack. You're
still the same old patriotic son of a bitch you've always been.
Risking your life for people who couldn't give a rat's ass about


(Madsen wants Jack to get an ID card from a locker.)

MADSEN: (on comm) The combination is 8 9 2, 5 9 1.


(Jack hooks his PDA up to the terminal.)

SIN-CHUNG: (on comm) Ready to upload? To avoid being tracked,
I will ask you to change frequency while the program uploads.
Now, enter the following frequency: 4 3 6 9 0 0. 7 9 2 1 1 3.
0 5 3 2 0 9. 6 7 8 0 2 3. 4 5 8 2 9 1.

-- 261  --

(Jack speaks with Tony.)

JACK: (on phone) I need you to trace an IP address. See what you
can pull from it. The address is 2 9 2 dot 6 9 dot 3 dot 5 0.


CHAPPELLE: (on phone) You broke into a government building and
illegally uploaded restricted software to a terrorist
organization. That goes against everything CTU stands for, and
that makes you one of them.

JACK: (on phone) Ryan, I had no choice. The decision...

CHAPPELLE: (on phone) You did have a choice, and you made the
wrong one.


CHASE: (to himself) I don't have time to go this way.

-- 262  --

CHASE: Can I ask you a question? Now, what's gonna happen in
another five hours?

MADSEN: The downfall of Los Angeles.

-- 263  --

(Jack is questioning Donna.)

JACK: I need to find Peter. Can you tell me where he is?

DONNA: That bastard! I hope he's in Hell!


(Jack asks about Del Toro.)


DONNA: Downtown! He's downtown!



(Kim tries to attack Chase.)

CHASE: Listen to me, because we don't have a lot of time.


(Chase borrows Kim a cell phone.)

CHASE: Keep it short. We don't have a lot of time.

-- 264  --

(Tony speaks with Michelle.)

TONY: (on phone) All right, tell them to keep searching. We're
running out of time.

-- 265  --

(Jack talks to Chappelle.)

JACK: You know I did what I did because I had no other choice.

-- 266  --

(One member of Jack's bomb squad is taken down.)

JACK: (to Evans) You take your team over there, you're no good
to me dead!


JACK: Once we find the bomb, you won't have a lot of time.
You'll need to work fast.

EVANS: We're used to pressure, agent Bauer.

-- 267  --

CHAPPELLE: (on phone) Jack, what the hell happened?

JACK: (on phone) There were two bombs. We defused the first,
but didn't find out about the second until it was too late.

CHAPPELLE: (on phone) All this was caused by one bomb?

JACK: (on phone) One bomb.

-- 268  --

CHASE: There was no way I could have save her. Not without
blowing my cover.

JACK: No, you did the right thing.


TONY: You need to open this door and release the Governor right



RADFORD:  That's it. You're doing the right thing.


TONY: Hey! Calm down! Just calm down! Think of your son.
If you care about him, you'll do the right thing.


JODY: This is so messed up, man, this is so messed up.

RADFORD: You're doing the right thing, son.

-- 269  --

(Chase kills the hacker and takes his scan card.)

CHASE: Sorry, buddy.

-- 270  --

(Madsen struggles with Kate.)

MADSEN: Stop fighting me, bitch. I need you, but you're
beginning to make me rethink how much.

-- 271  --

KATHY: (on phone) I can't tell you over the phone. It has to be
in person.

TONY: (on phone) Listen, I don't have time for...


(Chase and Sin-Chung shoot at each other.)

SIN-CHUNG: You think you can beat me? Not a chance!
You're nothing but a punk who thinks he can shoot!

-- 272  --

MICHELLE: Fort Lesker's an abandoned military base in the desert
north east of town. Nothing's been there for close to a decade.

JACK: There's no such thing as an abandoned government facility.

-- 273  --

JACK: I need to initiate a base lockdown. Tell me how I can make
that happen.

WORKER: Go to the Main Control Room. You... You have to use the
proper terminal sequence. Sequence, it's yellow... blue...
green... red... You need...

JACK: Stay with me!

WORKER: The codes...

JACK: Stay with me! Damn it!


CHASE: (on radio) Jack, I'm here, but the alarm has been tripped.
I don't have much time.

-- 274  --

(Chappelle tells Tony about Kate.)

TONY: She's on Max's ship? Does Jack know that?


TONY: I can't believe you. You know as well as I do that Kate
Warner is a significant part of this, so pull your head out of
your ass and start thinking about the situation and not about
the protocol.

-- 301  --

(Information on surveillance monitor)

Cam 24               9118


JACK: Chloe, listen to me. If you can't start getting things
right the first time, just let me know 'cause I can get someone
else who can.

CHLOE: I did do it right. If you wanted it saved with the other
files, you should have said so that it isn't standard, so I
wouldn't think of doing it in that way, would I?

JACK: Just do it that way from now on, OK?

CHLOE: I can't read minds, Jack, you've just gonna have to spell
it out for me, otherwise this relationship won't let...



CHASE: You look like hell.

JACK: What did you just say to me?

CHASE: We're on an active protocol, OK? I need to know if you're
up for it or not.

JACK: Heh, heh. I like working with you, Chase. You're a nice
kid. But don't you ever come into my office and talk to me like
that again, do you understand me?


(Kyle and Tim talk.)

TIM: Dude, you are seriously insane.

-- 302  --

KIM: Chase said you were really stressed out.

JACK: "Stressed"? What you, what do you, what do you mean,


WAYNE: Keeler's playbook. What if I can get us a copy?

PALMER: What exactly do you mean by "playbook"?


HECTOR: Don't raise your voice to your father ever again.

(Hector slaps Claudia.)


TONY: (on phone) Look, you're running point from his side? Any
information he digs up, I want it right away. You got it?

CHLOE: (on phone) Uh, OK, you don't have to yell.

TONY: (on phone) No one's yelling, Chloe.


(Jack apprehends Zach.)

JACK: Don't even think about it!

ZACH: I'm... I'm clean. You got nothing on me!

JACK: Shut up, stupid. You just fired at a federal agent. You
better start talking to me, or I will let you bleed to death
right here on this landing. Chase! I got him, we're down here!

CHASE: (on radio) Hey, Fisher, we're good. We got our suspect.

JACK: Who is David Goss?

ZACH: Goss is a dealer. I score from him sometimes.

JACK: Well, not anymore. He's dead.

ZACH: OK, he's dead.

JACK: Don't be a smart-ass. Who was his supplier? WHO WAS HIS

-- 303  --

(Kyle and Sam fight over a bag of powder.)

KYLE: I need it.

SAM: What do you mean, "you need it"?


(Jack tells Singers about the virus.)

JACK: We believe that your son carried it in from Mexico this
morning without knowing.

SAM: What do you mean, "carried it in"?


(Chloe and Chase talk.)

CHLOE: Seems like they're really going out of their way to cut
you out of the loop. Did you do something to piss off Jack?


(Information on Jack's cell phone display)

Call from:


-- 304  --

(Jack asks Kim to generate a prisoner transfer document.)

KIM: (on phone) OK, it's asking for a clearance code.

JACK: (on phone) Hit star 9 9.

KIM: (on phone) Now, it wants a password.

JACK: (on phone) Lincoln, 6 5, FGA.


(Chase hangs up on Jack.)

JACK: Chase. Chase! Damn it!


(Mitchell is approaching.)

JACK: (to Ramon) Don't you move.

-- 305  --

(Michelle tells Kim about Jack.)

MICHELLE: He's trying to remove Salazar by force.

KIM: I don't understand, what do you mean by "force"?


ADAM: Kim, did you send me that Kalman filter?

KIM: What?

ADAM: The Kalman filter? I need it to clean up that image.

KIM: Oh, shit. I forgot about it. It's in my outbox.

ADAM: How can you forget it? It's the only thing you're working

KIM: I'm sorry. Look. I'm sending it to you right now. Done.

ADAM: Kim, I don't know where your head is at, but we need to
find Kyle Singer before he's contagious.

KIM: Relax. I'm doing the best I can.

ADAM: The best I can isn't what we do around here, Kim, it's
either done, or it's not.


MITCHELL: They may see the camera move.

CHASE: We don't have a choice. Do it.


(Peel explains how to play the Russian roulette.)

PEEL: It's easy, see? All you got to do is smile...

(Peel smiles.)

PEEL: And pull the trigger.

(The gun clicks on empty chamber.)


(Jack yells at Chase.)


-- 306  --

("Previously on 24")



(Gael calls Hector.)

GAEL: (on phone) I don't have a lot of time, we're in the middle
of this.


WAYNE: David, I'm sorry, but we don't have a lot of time here.


CHASE: (on phone) Chloe! Chloe!

CHLOE: (on phone) Any second now, Chase.

CHASE: (on phone) There is no time, damn it!


(Chase runs amongst people.)

MAN: Watch it, buddy.


(Jack calls the pilot.)

JACK: Yeah, this is Jack Bauer. I've got Salazar. I'm on a
secure cell: 7 1 1 star 6 5 5 9.

-- 307  --

GAEL: What are you doing?

MICHELLE: Overriding the access code. Probably something wrong
with the keypad. (on phone) OK, I'm resetting it to 1 2 3 4.


MICHELLE: An-anything that spills over, you can give to Chloe.

CHAPPELLE: Chloe's a pain in the ass.


(Chappelle questions Gael.)

GAEL: I have nothing to say.


JACK: Pedro, I need to tell Ramon something. It's important.
Before he gets too wasted. You know what he's like.


HECTOR: (on phone) Where have you been?

GAEL: (on phone) Busy. I don't have a lot of time.

HECTOR: (on phone) Where is Ramon?

GAEL: (on phone) On his way to you.

HECTOR: (on phone) Is he safe?

GAEL: (on phone) Think so.

HECTOR: (on phone) What about Bauer?

GAEL: (on phone) Don't know.

HECTOR: (on phone) What do you mean, "you don't know", huh?

-- 308  --

(Tony is explaining the situation to Palmer.)

TONY: (on phone) If you'll indulge me, sir, there's a video file
you should see. It's on a designated CTU server. You can access
the file with the pass code Delta 3 Delta 5 9.


PALMER: (on phone) Under the circumstances, I don't have a choice
but to say "yes", Mister Almeida.


PALMER: Jack Bauer had no right to keep me out of the loop.

WAYNE: I disagree. Bauer protected you as he should have. Now,
when this is all over, you're probably gonna have to punish him
for form's sake. But while you're punishing him, know this: He
did do the right thing.


CHAPPELLE: I'm not so sure this is gonna work out well for you,

TONY: Maybe not. But right now, I gotta help Jack get this virus.
And I don't need you looking over my shoulder, all right?

CHAPPELLE: You work for me. You don't give orders; you take them.


TONY: (on phone) 'right, what size team do you have?

GUTIERREZ: (on phone) What team? It's just me.

TONY: (on phone) You gotta be kidding me!


CHASE: How do you know my name?

GUTIERREZ: Your boss sent me to find you. Tony Almeida, CTU. His
access code is 3 Tango 6 6 4.


AMADOR: (on phone) I'll call you back in a few minutes. Give me
the number you're calling from.

JACK: OK, I'm on a satellite phone. One second... The number's
3 4 2 2 1.

-- 309  --

RAMON: How sad. Does it bother you, Jack, that your partner is
going to die trying to save you?

JACK: It breaks me up.


TONY: (on phone) Look, I have to update the President in half an
hour. I don't want to tell him we're in the same place we were a
half hour ago, which is nowhere. I don't, I don't want excuses,
just get me the answer, all right?

(Tony hangs up.)

KIM: I need to finalize the comm file.

TONY: It should have been done already.

KIM: Well, I need the format code, and you said you were gonna
download it.

TONY: Delta 7 3 3 Gulf.

KIM: That's the code from the previous file.

(Tony checks it.)

TONY: Delta 7 2 3 Bravo.


CHAPPELLE: Where's Bauer at?

TONY: We don't know yet.

CHAPPELLE: That's great. So, this entire operation, which hinges
on Jack being on site when they deliver the virus, is going down
the tubes because we don't know where he is. How does that

TONY: Look, Ryan. You wanna chew us out, do it later. We're
trying to get this back on track.

CHAPPELLE: I will. You better find Bauer and make this thing
work, Tony. Otherwise the two of you and Jack, assuming he's
still alive, are gonna take the fall for everything that
happened today. From the prison riots to Salazar's
escape and every dead body in between.


WAYNE: David, Alan is a very dirty fighter. Trust me. Are you
sure you want to get down in the gutter with that man?

PALMER: You haven't left me much choice, have you?


(The Salazars let Jack live.)

RAMON: The man has more lives than a cat.

-- 310  --

JACK: (on phone) Gael, it's Jack.

GAEL: (on phone) Jack.

JACK: (on phone) Look, I'm gonna give you a number to a cell
phone that Michael Amador's been using for the last few hours.
I want you to ping it until you get his location. The number's
0 1 1, 5 2 5 5, 3 2 2 4, 0 1 3 5.


KIM: What about Chase?

TONY: He's been captured.

KIM: Captured, is he OK?

TONY: He's alive. They're holding him.

KIM: What do you mean by "holding him"?


CHLOE: (on phone) What? What do you mean, "you have to go"?


(Palmer and Wayne talk about Wayne's resignation.)

WAYNE: David, you don't have a choice here.


RAMON: Hector, what did you learn from Edmunds?

HECTOR: He can take a bullet through the hand without saying
anything useful.


(Chappelle hears Angela cooing.)

CHAPPELLE: Is this your child?

CHLOE: Yes, and she hasn't been interfering with my work.
Technically, there's no specific rule preventing me from
bringing her to work...

CHAPPELLE: There's no specific rule because it's common sense.


NINA: I killed your wife. What's gonna keep you from killing me
the first chance you get?

JACK: I don't have a choice.

-- 311  --

(Jack overpowers Nina.)

JACK: Now, you can believe whatever you want, but I need this
deal to happen. I'm a fugitive. I don't have a choice.


RAMON: Amador better call soon. We might not have much time.


NINA: (on phone) Tell me your routing number.

AMADOR: (on phone) 7 7 5, 0 9 2 1 O. Account number 4 5 5,
0 8 9 9 6.


HECTOR: It doesn't feel right.

RAMON: We don't have a choice.


(Tony hears Angela crying.)

TONY: What the hell is that?

CHAPPELLE: Damn it, I told her.

TONY: Michelle, will you take care of this, please?

CHAPPELLE: That's it, Chloe. You're out of here.

CHLOE: I told you I didn't have anyone to watch her.

CHAPPELLE: You'll watch her. I gave you a warning. Now, you're

CHLOE: It was a verbal warning only!


CHLOE: I have work to do. Who's gonna look after my child?

CHAPPELLE: Give her to Kim.

KIM: What?

-- 312  --

WAYNE: (on phone) OK, tell me exactly what's gonna happen.

TONY: (on phone) We don't have the time for this, sir.


TONY: (on phone) We're pretty sure we have our bases covered,

WAYNE: (on phone) Pretty sure isn't good enough.


NINA: (on phone) Fund transfer locator 6 5 dash 1 9, 1 1, 3 7 4.

-- 313  --

JULIA: (on phone) The gate code is 41 32.


(Nina tells Jack how to reach Alvers.)

NINA: You have to dial a Felco prefix first, and then you can
reach him through an Internet socket.

JACK: Give me the cold line.

(Chase hands Jack a sat phone.)

JACK: What's the number?

NINA: It's 1 7 7 5 5 3 1. You're gonna get a fast busy signal,
but don't hang up.

JACK: I've got the busy signal.

NINA: Hit 9 and hold it for three seconds.

(The phone is dialing.)

NINA: Did you get a tone?

JACK: Yeah, I've got a tone.

NINA: Hit 9 5 7 3 1 star 6.

JACK: It's ringing.

NINA: OK, when the ringing stops, you're gonna get a series of
numbers. That's your IP address.


NINA: Don't need to dial it again, Jack. Once was enough.

JACK: What are you talking about?

NINA: You just triggered a worm that's gonna bring down agency

JACK: Oh, my God, what have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?


TONY: (on phone) What do you mean, "Nina did this"?


CHLOE: Open one and four.

ADAM: Won't that expose the kernel?

CHLOE: Yeah, but we have no choice. Do it!


JACK: We're running out of time, Nina, to cut a deal. (on phone)
Explain it to her, Chloe.

CHLOE: (on phone) When I tried to separate the routers on
the East Coast, the worm speed tripled.

NINA: (on phone) Who is this?

CHLOE: (on phone) Chloe O'Brian. My network monitor's up. What
do I do?

NINA: (on phone) Log in with user ID C I S 2 7 A.

CHLOE: It's asking for a security level.

NINA: Hit Escape 6.


JULIA: I don't think I can do this.

SHERRY: You don't have a choice.


JACK: (on phone) Well, Nina's not gonna give us the kill code
until we turn the plane around back to Mexico, and I have no
intention of doing that.

TONY: (on phone) We don't have a choice.


TONY: (on phone) Lieutenant, what's going on? Why aren't you
turning this plane around?

PILOT: (on phone) Bauer won't let me.

TONY: (on phone) What do you mean, "he won't let you"?


TONY: (on phone) I can't take that chance. We have to stop this
thing, or a lot of our agents are going to wind up dead.

JACK: (on phone) Then our people are gonna have to stop it.

TONY: (on phone) We're trying. We don't have the time.


CHLOE: Who's that? Where are they taking Angela?

CHAPPELLE: The Child Protective Services has custody of her now.

CHLOE: Oh, no. They can't do that.

CHAPPELLE: Of course they can.

CHLOE: Uh, Child Services, hold on!

-- 314  --

(Chase asks Chloe about Angela.)

CHASE: (on phone) Did Kim find out?

CHLOE: (silence)

CHASE: (on phone) Chloe, did Kim find out?

CHLOE: (on phone) Yes. Yes, Kim found out.

CHASE: (on phone) How'd she react?

CHLOE: (on phone) Uh, gosh, Chase, I think she's kind of pissed.


CHASE: I've got a daughter.

JACK: A daughter.

CHASE: It was sprung on me a month ago, her mother dropped her
off, and she split. It's a long story.

JACK: Does Kim know about this?

CHASE: Yeah.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: From you?


(Tony talks with Nina about Alvers.)

TONY: Well, all we've been able to dig up on him are a few
random medical records. Under one of his known aliases. He
had an MRI on one of his knees... There's a prescription for
antibiotics... Treated for HIV...

(The monitor starts beeping.)

DALTON: Her pulse is spiking. Someone hasn't been using
protection with Marcus Alvers.

MICHELLE: (on comm) She's probably had sex with him.

TONY: See, Nina, my colleagues in the next room tell me that
something in those medical records... Concerns you. I'm
guessing it's not the knee.


PLACHECKI: We just want to establish if this heroin addiction
was a necessary part of your cover.

JACK: It was necessary to maintain my cover.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Are we done now?


JACK: I was trying to pass myself as a junkie, I wanted to be

PLACHECKI: What do you mean, "prepared"?


(Wayne and Julia talk about Millikan.)

JULIA: (on phone) I tried to give him his medications.

WAYNE: (on phone) What do you mean, "you tried"?


(Tony enters the Situation Room, covered in Nina's blood.)

CHAPPELLE: My God, Tony!

(Tony sighs.)

TONY: Nina tried to commit suicide. She jammed her neck into
Richards' needle, ruptured an artery.

JACK: Where is she now?

TONY: She's in the clinic being operated on.

JACK: Who's with her?

TONY: Don't worry, Jack, she's sedated.

JACK: Who's with her now?

TONY: I saw her go under...


(The alarm goes off.)

JACK: Damn it.

-- 315  --

AMADOR: Alvers and I still expect to be paid.

SAUNDERS: The authorization code is 7 Q V 7 8. 


ADAM: I gotta comb through these data streams, Chloe, so unless
this is important, I really don't have time right now.


CHAPPELLE: For God's sake, Jack, there's something called due
process. It's why we've got judges and juries and laws.

JACK: Don't you dare tell me about the law.


CHAPPELLE: I didn't ask your opinion.

CHASE: I'm giving it to you anyway.


AMADOR: You betrayed me, Jack. You were with CTU all along.

JACK: That's right, Amador. You betrayed me, too. I'm just
better at it than you.


MICHELLE: (on phone) Where's NHS?

TONY: (on phone) They're getting ready. They should be there
in a while.

MICHELLE: (on phone) "A while"? What, what does that mean?
Two minutes, ten minutes?

TONY: (on phone) Probably closer to twenty.

MICHELLE: (on phone) We don't have that kind of time, Tony.

-- 316  --

(Jack talks to Amador.)

JACK: You and I both know I don't have a lot of time here.


CHAPPELLE: (on phone) Bring Amador back to CTU.

JACK: (on phone) Ryan, we don't have time for that.


SHERRY: Uh, David, I'm bringing you a problem, but I'm also
bringing you a solution.

(Palmer sighs.)

PALMER: Let's hear the problem.


(Jack talks with Tony about Amador's planned escape.)

TONY: (on phone) You know, this could all backfire, Jack.

JACK: (on phone) We didn't have a choice.


PHILLIPS: The only thing I can tell you is all that they've told
me. I don't know any more.

MARGOLIS: And you're sticking around?

PHILLIPS: Look, we don't have a choice.

-- 317  --

(Palmer and Wayne talk about Saunders.)

PALMER: So, whatever he wants, we don't have much choice but to
give it to him.


JACK: Chase.

CHASE: What?

JACK: We got a bomb.

CHASE: How much time?

JACK: None. You got to go now.

(Chase stays.)


CHASE: Jack, I'm not leaving you!


(Jack removes the hard drive.)

JACK: I GOT IT!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!


(Michelle talks with Tony about suicide capsules.)

MICHELLE: (on phone) We don't have much time.

-- 318  --

(Jack tells Chappelle that Saunders wants him killed.)

CHAPPELLE: Did Palmer actually go along with this?

JACK: (silence)

CHAPPELLE: My God! Jack!

JACK: He's proven he'll use the virus. The President had no


CHLOE: Jack, the bank used deep encryption. We're gonna have to
use a password crack.

JACK: How long is that gonna take?

CHLOE: It could take as long as 90 minutes.

JACK: We don't have that much time.

CHLOE: I'm doing the best I can. Maybe it would help if you told
us why this is overriding our other protocols.

JACK: The only thing you need to know is I need these files
decrypted now.

CHLOE: Well, I'm doing my very best. Your tone of voice is not
exactly a morale booster.

-- 319  --

TONY: (on phone) Jack, I don't know if we have the time.


(Tony thinks about using Kim as a double for Jane.)

CHLOE: You're not thinking of using her.

TONY: We don't have a choice.


(Tony talks with Kim.)

TONY: And we don't have much time.


TONY: Hey, Jack.

JACK: What are you doing with Kim?

TONY: Chloe came up with a list of potential matches for Jane

JACK: Good, so we've got one.

TONY: Yeah. Well, you're not gonna like it. It's Kim.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Heh. My Kim.

TONY: I'm not crazy about it either. But she's the only one that
matched both physically and geographically.

JACK: You're not sending her into the field.

TONY: She can handle it. Plus she has a safety net.

JACK: Find someone else, Tony.

TONY: Jack, you said yourself, we need to get Saunders' daughter
without him knowing. Kim's our best shot at doing that.

JACK: She's not doing it.

TONY: It's not up to you. It's her decision.

JACK: Fine. I'll order her not to do it.

TONY: Jack.

(Jack and Tony struggle.)

TONY: She doesn't work for you, Jack, she works for me!

(Jack points his finger at Tony.)

JACK: Don't.

(Jack storms into the Teleconference Room.)

KIM: Dad...

TONY: Jack, give it a second...

JACK: (to Graves) Get out of here.

KIM: Please, don't do this, please...

GRAVES: We're on a tight schedule...

(Jack lashes at Graves.)




(Graves leaves.)


(Tony looks at Kim.)

TONY: You talk it over with your father. If we have to abort
this, I wanna know now. I'll be outside.

(Jack points his finger at Kim.)

JACK: I know you think you're doing the right thing. But this is
not going to happen!

KIM: Somebody has to do it!

JACK: Someone will! Not you!

KIM: I am the best match!


KIM: I have weapons training. This is decoy work. Saunders'
people won't even come close to me.

JACK: Kim, you don't know what you're talking about!


(Jack pushes Kim against the wall.)

JACK: The reason why you've got this job, THE REASON WHY I GAVE


(Palmers tells his staff about Saunders' demands.)

PALMER: It devastates me to tell you that I had no choice but to


(Saunders demands info on covert foreign nationals.)

SAUNDERS: (on phone) In 45 minutes, I want a list of their
identities sent to me by way of a web site: Sylvia Imports
dot com.


CHASE: Mister Cole, when you're inside the store, who did you
come in contact with?

COLE: Wait, wait, what do you mean, "contact"?


(Jack looks at the screens monitoring the library.)

JACK: (to the screens) Come on...


(Jack talks with Jane.)

JACK: There's a lot at stake, and there's not a lot of time.


JACK: Where is your father, Jane?

JANE: I don't know!


JANE: Will somebody help me, please?


(Rachel enters.)



-- 320  --

(Jack talks to Jane.)

JACK: These photographs were taken over eight years ago.
Your father told your mother that he was going to Europe
on a fact-finding mission. But the truth of the matter is,
we were both part of a Special Forces unit that was
dispatched to Kosovo to kill a man named Victor Drazen.


(Palmer talks to Jack and Tony.)

PALMER: (on phone) Having considered all the possible scenarios,
I see no other choice than to draw our line in the sand.


JANE: What's happening?

JACK: We've run out of time. We need you to call your father.

JANE: And tell him what?

JACK: Anything, we just want you to keep him on the line.

JANE: For how long?

JACK: At least a minute. Do you think you can do that?

JANE: I need to think about it.

JACK: Jane, we don't have any more time.


SAUNDERS: (on phone) Jack. You know how many vials I have. And
what I'm capable of.

(Jack looks at Jane.)

JACK: (on phone) You know what I'm capable of, too.


(Saunders calls Tony.)

SAUNDERS: (on phone) Open a web socket to IP 2 5 7, 2 11, 16, 5,
and you'll find out.


TONY: (on phone) Jack Bauer's running the operation. I don't
have the authority to do that.

SAUNDERS: (on phone) No authority. Really? (to the other line)
Kevin, is Michelle still conscious?

FRY: (on phone) Yes.

SAUNDERS: (on phone) Take an eye out.

-- 321  --

JACK: (on radio) Chase, check in.

CHASE: (on radio) Yeah, Jack. We've covered the entire building.
He's not here.

JACK: (at whole street) DAMN IT!!!

CHLOE: Saunders doesn't seem to be in the building.

TONY: What do you mean, "he's not in there"? 


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

from: CTU Los Angeles - Satellite Navigation Bureau
To:   CTU LA  O'Brian, Chloe
RE:   Satellite Archives

we have scanned  the archives you requested and discovered
missing frames in the sequence [3633T-005] [see diag].
On further inspection it appears that these frames were not part
of the upload from CTU LA. We conclude therefore that these were
lost/deleted from your end.


                                       Volume free space: 25.9GB


CHLOE: Adam, I need to talk to you now.

ADAM: (on phone) Sarah, hold on. (to Chloe) I'm talking to my
sister right now.

CHLOE: The one who got infected with the virus?

ADAM: I'm not even answer that, Chloe.


(Chloe calls Davis, CTU agent.)

DAVIS: (on phone) Davis.

CHLOE: (on phone) Davis, get me Mike Redmond. He's with Michelle

DAVIS: (on phone) All right.


DAVIS: (on phone) He's not answering.

CHLOE: (on phone) What do you mean, "he's not answering"? He's
active, he has to answer.

DAVIS: (on phone) He's not answering.

CHLOE: (on phone) OK, I heard you the first time.


TONY: I made a mistake, Jack.

JACK: No, Tony.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: You made two.


JACK: Tony just stepped down. I'm acting director of CTU until
further notice.

KIM: What do you mean, "Tony stepped down"?


TONY: (on phone) Yeah, Adam. I'm on the line with Chloe. Uh, we
need the password to Etudes Four.

ADAM: (on phone) OK... It's B C F 1 9.


(Tony escapes from CTU.)

JACK: Son of a bitch.

-- 322  --

(Tony and Jane speak about Saunders.)

JANE: How do you know he won't kill your wife anyway?

TONY: I don't have a choice.


(Jack approaches Tony.)


(Jack kicks off a trash can.)



JACK: Tony, you don't have a choice right now!


(Tony tells Jack where he is going to meet Saunders.)

JACK: You're doing the right thing.


TONY: My God, Jack. Didn't you learn anything from what happened
to Teri?

(Jack lashes at Tony and points his finger at him.)

JACK: Shut up, Tony. SHUT UP!!!

-- 323  --

SAUNDERS: Get me on that plane, Jack. You don't have a choice.


(Jack grabs Saunders.)

JACK: (growling) When your daughter is infected, I'm gonna make
you watch her die.


JANE: Dad! Stop!

SAUNDERS: Let her go!

JACK: You're running out of time, Stephen!

SAUNDERS: Jack! Jack!



JACK: (on phone) Brad... I know you took Tony Almeida into
custody. But now that his wife is safe, I think he might be
a real asset to us.

HAMMOND: (on phone) I'm sorry, Jack, but there's not going
to be any special treatment.

JACK: (on phone) For God's sakes, Brad. Four and a half years
ago, I was put in the exact same position as Tony's been put in
today. Victor Darzen kidnapped my wife and daughter, and I went
outside of CTU to get them back. And no one put me in prison.

HAMMOND: (on phone) The circumstances were different.

JACK: (on phone) And the outcome will be the same,
we will prevail.


(Wayne and Foxton enter Sherry's house.)

WAYNE: I'm Chief of Staff to the President of the United States,
and I'm committing a burglary.

FOXTON: It's an historic moment.


(Palmer calls Wayne about Sherry.)

PALMER: (on phone) She will be there soon. You have no choice.

WAYNE: (on phone) David, hold on.

FOXTON: There's a safe.

WAYNE: (on phone) David, we found a safe in a hidden cellar.

PALMER: (on phone) Can you open it in time?

WAYNE: Can you get in?

FOXTON: It's an Evans-Stoller, uh, so forget about cracking it.
But all these electronic safes have manufacturer override codes.
I have a guy who can get 'em for us. One of 'em will work.

WAYNE: How long?

FOXTON: Depends on how long it takes to get him on the phone.

WAYNE: (on phone) David, we may have just found a way.

PALMER: (on phone) You better. You're running out of time.


FOXTON: (on phone) Yeah, Foxton here.

GUY: (on phone) Got those codes for the safe.

FOXTON: (on phone) OK. Give me the first one.

GUY: (on phone) 6 7 6 7 6 5 B.

FOXTON: (to himself) 6 7 6 7 6 5 B... (on phone) That didn't
work. You got another one?

GUY: (on phone) Yeah.

WAYNE: Come on, come on, come on.

GUY: (on phone) 2 2 8, 7 6 7.

FOXTON: Did you hear that? It was a car.

(Foxton tries the combination.)

FOXTON: (on phone) No.

WAYNE: Sherry's here.

FOXTON: Look, I need you to be quiet.

WAYNE: We need to get the hell out of here, do you hear...

FOXTON: Quiet! (on phone) The next one.

GUY: (on phone) The next one: 3 5 2 6 6...

WAYNE: Damn it, Foxton! Come on!

(Foxton opens the safe.)

FOXTON: Got it.


(Jack approaches a man.)


MAN: What's going on?


MAN: Wh-wh-where's what?


MAN: Where is what?

JACK: Chase!

MAN: What are you guys doing? What's going on?

CHASE: Jack, I got a signal. Should we wait for Haz-mat?

JACK: No. It's either in the vial or we're already contaminated.

BACKGROUND: All stay back...

MAN: What is this?

BACKGROUND: Don't move... No passing through... Let's stay

(Chase finds a pack of cigarettes.)

MAN: Those aren't mine. I don't even smoke...


BACKGROUND: I need you all to stay back, please...

JACK: Son of a bitch... It's just a transmitter. This isn't
Rabens. He knows we're on to him. He's still got the vial.
Shut the station down now!

-- 324  --

("Previously on 24")


MAN: What's going on?


MAN: Wh-wh-where's what?


MAN: Where is what?

JACK: Chase!

MAN: What are you guys doing? What's going on?

CHASE: Jack, I got a signal.

MAN: What, what you're looking for?

JACK: It's just a transmitter. He's put it on an innocent. This
man is not Rabens. Shut the station down now!


(Chase has the dispersion device attached to his wrist.)

CHASE: Jack, I don't know how this is all gonna turn out, but
I want you to tell Kim that I'm sorry...

(Jack points his finger at Chase.)

JACK: Whatever you gotta tell Kim, you tell her yourself. We're
gonna get through this. You just stay with me. We're gonna get
through this.


(Jack is about to open the device.)

JACK: Chase, stay with me. Stay with me!


SOMMERS: (on comm) Jack, the devices don't match. Don't panic and
don't cut any more wires until we can figure this out on our end.

JACK: (on comm) Hurry. We're running out of time.


(Jack thinks about chopping off Chase's hand.)

CHASE: Do it.

JACK: They're gonna call back.

CHASE: You have to!


-- 1821 --

JACK: (voice) Previously on "24"...

(The "Previously on the Simpsons" tag blinks.)

JACK: (voice) I mean, "the Simpsons"...


JACK: (voice) The following takes place between 2 34 PM and
3 O 4 PM... Or maybe it's AM... Whichever one is the morning
one, it's not that one.


JACK: (on phone) Chloe, I need those schematics now!

BART: (on phone) What? Who is this?

JACK: (on phone) I'm Jack Bauer. Who the hell are you?

BART: (on phone) Me? Uh... I'm... Ahmed Adoodie.

JACK: (on phone) Chloe. Find out all you can about Ahmed Adoodie.
Does anyone there know I made a doodie?

CHLOE: (on phone) Ahmed Adoodie. Wealthy Saudi financier.
Disappeared into Afghanistan in late nineties.

JACK: (on phone) Really?

CHLOE: (on phone) No, Jack, it's a joke name. You're being
set up.

JACK: Damn it!


(Jack drops down from an air vent.)

JACK: (through megaphone) Good work, Lisa!

BART: What about me?

(Jack aims his gun at Bart.)

JACK: Bart Simpson, twelve minutes ago you've made an annoying
prank phone call to me. (on comm) All units move in!

(CTU troops storm into the gym.)

JACK: I pulled every single field agent off all of the cases to
track you down and bring you to justice. It was a tough decision,
but I think I made the right call.

(Locals gasp as a nuclear explosion occurs in the distance.)

JACK: It's OK, that was Shelbyville.

(Springfieldians sigh out with relief.)

-- 400  --

DRISCOLL: I've made several calls. I can help you get a position.

JACK: I can find my own fucking job, Erin. Thank you.

-- 401  --

NAVI: I've read your e-mails.

BEHROOZ: You've read my e-mails? That's my business!

DINA: Don't you raise your voice to your father.


CHLOE: O'Brian.

EDGAR: Chloe, it's Edgar Stiles.

CHLOE: Edgar, you don't need to use your last name. You've been
here over a month.


JACK: Look, I am not gonna have Secretary Heller sign off on
a budget that doesn't make sense.

DRISCOLL: I'll talk to Heller about it myself.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: No, you'll talk to me.


HELLER: (on phone) Share your concerns with Driscoll. Let CTU
handle it.

JACK: (on phone) Sir, there isn't time.


(Ronnie interrogates Sherak.)

RONNIE: We don't have time for this.


(Jack enters the Holding Room with Sherak.)

JACK: What is happening at eight o'clock?


RONNIE: Son of a bitch, he's jammed the codes.

JACK: I am not messing with you.

(Jack throws away the table.)



(Jack calls Audrey.)

JACK: (to the phone) Come on, pick up the phone!

-- 402  --

(CTU guard reaches for Jack.)

JACK: I'm fine.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: (to Driscoll) You're making a mistake.


CHLOE: This is all my fault. I shouldn't have let Driscoll talk
me in to handing it over to the FBI.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: She did what?


(Driscoll and Ronnie argue about Jack.)

DRISCOLL: We don't have time to interrogate him.


(Jack talks to Ronnie.)

JACK: Look, what happened earlier in Holding with Sherek, I had
intel that told me I didn't have time to do it any other way,
I'm sorry.


ALEJANDRO: Take off your clothes.

HELLER: You first.

-- 403  --

CHLOE: We can't reach Ronnie... Or Jack.

DRISCOLL: What do you mean, "you can't reach them"?


SARAH: (on phone) I need you to help me with this grid.

CHLOE: (on phone) What kind of help do you need?

SARAH: (on phone) The northeast quadrant is pass-coded, and I

CHLOE: (on phone) Pilot L 1.

SARAH: (on phone) What?

CHLOE: (on phone) That's the log in.


(Jack drives in the opposite direction.)

JACK: (to the bus in front of him) MOVE!!!


CHLOE: (on phone) What're you doing, Jack? Driscoll just
announced that you're operating outside her authority.

JACK: (on phone) I don't have a choice. She's not handling
this the right way.

CHLOE: (on phone) What if you're wrong?

JACK: (on phone) I'm not. This is the best chance we have of
finding Secretary Heller.

CHLOE: (on phone) Jack, if anything happens to Andrew...

JACK: (on phone) Chloe, I'm doing the best I can, but right now,
our first priority is to find these terrorists.


CURTIS: Secure him.

RICHARD: God damn it! What the hell are you doing?


CHLOE: (on phone) Jack?

JACK: (on phone) Yeah.

CHLOE: (on phone) Is Andrew alive?

JACK: (on phone) Yes, dispatch an ambulance to this location.


MARIANNE: You know, Curtis, I didn't want to go over your head,
but you left me no choice.


CHLOE: (on phone) Curtis had me spread too thin, and I've got
to get a satellite on an overloaded system. I need more time.

JACK: (on phone) We don't have more time.

-- 404  --

JACK: Where is your cell phone?

KALIL: I don't have one.

(Jack kicks Kalil.)

JACK: Where is your CELL PHONE?!?


EDGAR: Well, if Driscoll's spying on ya, I'm sure she've got
a good reason. I'm not getting involved.

CHLOE: I've been in contact with Jack Bauer.

EDGAR: What?

CHLOE: That's right. Now, you're involved. So either you're
gonna help me, or you're gonna turn me in.

EDGAR: I'm turning you in.


AUDREY: Dad, don't make it worse.

HELLER: What do you mean, "worse"?


DRISCOLL: (to Curtis) Send a team to pick up the hostile.


DRISCOLL: (on phone) I'm glad you finally figured that out.

JACK: (on phone) ERIN!!!

-- 405  --

(Information on Debbie's cell phone display)

Call from:



CHLOE: You're a geek, Edgar. But you're a good guy. Stay that

EDGAR: I don't really have a choice.


(Jim approaches Kalil.)

JIM: Yo, Mohammed.


(Jack observes a policeman talking to Kalil.)

JACK: (to them) Come on...


(Jack is following Kalil.)

JACK: (to the windshield) Come on.


(Kalil is driving straight against the truck.)

JACK: (after Kalil) NO!!!


FRANKLIN: The team's dispatched to the site may not get there
in time to prevent the broadcast, and even if they do, there is
a good chance the Secretary will be killed in any rescue attempt.

KEELER: Well, we have no choice but to hope and pray that you're


DRISCOLL: (on phone) Jack, don't go in there alone.

JACK: (silence)

DRISCOLL: (on phone) Jack, talk to me. The air strike's already
been ordered. Get out of there.

-- 406  --

(Previously on "24")

DRISCOLL: (on phone) Jack, don't go in there alone. Jack, clear
the area! The building is going to be destroyed!


DRISCOLL: (on phone) But if Jack can effect a rescue before that

KEELER: (on phone) In that case, I'll abort the missile strike.
He's running out of time.


(Navi and Dina argue.)

NAVI: What could I do? WHAT COULD I DO?!?


(Driscoll and Heller talk about Richard.)

DRISCOLL: We discussed a number of options. You have to
understand the circumstances...

HELLER: Stop BS-ing me.


HELLER: I promise you, if they were out of line, heads will roll.

RICHARD: What do you mean, "if"?


(Information after the final clock)

     This episode is dedicated to the
     memory of Lt. Col. Dave Greene of
          the Marine Light Attack
          Helicopter Squadron 775.

His sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all our
       men and women of the military,
          will never be forgotten.

-- 407  --

(Jack talks to Audrey.)

JACK: You know, we're running out of time.


(Jack speaks with Heller.)

JACK: They would have to record over four and a half hours of
material for us to view. We don't have that time.


CURTIS: All right, Edgar. I'm gonna need you to present this to
Heller. He can order NRC to let you in.

EDGAR: Present to Heller?

CURTIS: Yeah, he's in the situation room. Why?

EDGAR: I shouldn't do this, Curtis.

CURTIS: Why not?

EDGAR: I could faint. I feel very nauseous. I have low blood

CURTIS: It's just Driscoll and Heller.

EDGAR: Driscoll's in there, too?


AUDREY: What is it?

JACK: We don't have a lot of time.


(Jack senses they are about to be attacked.)

JACK: Get down. GET DOWN!!!


(Jack tries to resuscitate Gary.)

JACK: Stay with me.


EDGAR: I think I got it.

HELLER: What do you mean, "you think"?

EDGAR: I'd like to go through it again before I send it, please.

DRISCOLL: How long will that take?

EDGAR: Ten minutes?

DRISCOLL: We don't have time.


(CTU monitors display Edgar's attempt to control power plants.)

EDGAR: (to the monitors) Come on...


(Some of the reactors refuse to shut down.)

EDGAR: (to the computer) Oh, no, don't tell me that.

-- 408  --

KEELER: I understand we've been able to shut down ninety eight
nuclear power plants.

HELLER: Yes, sir. But as of now, it appears that our shutdown
order will not be effective with the six remaining reactors.

KEELER: "Not going to be effective." What exactly does that mean?


(Tony stops with Jack and Audrey at his place.)

TONY: Watch your step, the dog next door likes our yard.


AUDREY: Now, I've been through a lot today and I'm sure when this
is all over, your boss will understand.

JEN: And if he doesn't?

AUDREY: I can have him killed.


TONY: I need your phone.

JEN: I can't go to work, now, I can't talk on the phone?

TONY: Just give me the phone.

JEN: Go to hell!

TONY: Give me the damn phone!

JEN: Fine!


HELLER: The information Scott gave you about Jack is false.

DRISCOLL: What do you mean, "false"?


MARIANNE: It was encrypted.

EDGAR: Yeah, with a Bainbridge algorithm. Come on, it's so old
school it's like saying "Please, decode me".


(Jack gets to Powell.)



(Jack grabs Powell.)



POWELL: Who are you guys? Police? FBI?

TONY: Actually, I'm currently unemployed.

POWELL: I'll make it worth your while.

JACK: Put him in the back.

TONY: Come on.

(Powell is shot.)


(Tony checks Powell.)

TONY: He's dead, Jack.


-- 409  --

EDGAR: (on phone) I want you to sit by the phone and wait for my
call. Can you do that?

LUCY: (on phone) Yes. I-I don't really have a choice.


(Jack speaks with Castle about Tony.)

JACK: He did the right thing.


(Jack talks to Dina.)

JACK: You don't have a lot of time. I would think about this.


KEELER: (on phone) Jack, you're asking me to grant clemency to
a terrorist.

JACK: (on phone) Mister President, I'm sorry, but I don't think
we have a choice, and in all of my professional experience, I
believe that we have to give in to this woman's demands.

KEELER: (on phone) Have you tried negotiating with her?

JACK: (on phone) We don't have time.

-- 410  --

(Jack hangs up.)

DINA: You're running out of time. Save my son.


(Driscoll walks around Agent Burke[?] as she enters the clinic.)


(Sarah nods.)

DRSICOLL: Anything you need?

SARAH: I'm fine.

DRISCOLL: You understand, Sarah, I had no choice.


(Information on Paul's cell phone display)



JACK: (on phone) No, Audrey, you need to let us handle this.
We don't know Paulís connection to the attack yet. He could
be dangerous.

AUDREY: (on phone) Jack, I don't think we have a choice.


DRISCOLL: We have teams on the way to the hotel where he is
staying, but he was about to leave, and the only way to keep
him there was under a false pretence.

HELLER: "False pretence"? What's that supposed to mean?

-- 411  --

(Jack interrogates Paul.)

JACK: Your name is on a lease in a building in Chatsworth that
was used by the terrorists to plan today's attack. That makes
you a prime suspect.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: I'm gonna treat you like one.


(Jack talks to Audrey.)

Jack: Right now, Paul is a prime suspect, and he's not
cooperating with me, and I don't have time to do this any
other way.


ALI: Sorry I had to call you here, Marwan, but I had no choice.


JACK: Who is Harris Barnes?

PAUL: I... don't remember.

JACK: What do you mean, "you don't remember"?


(Tony talks with Jack.)

TONY: (on phone) Also, we're running out of time, we have about
20 minutes before these plants start to melt down.


(Jack tosses a runner out of his way.)

JACK: Stay down!


CURTIS: Jack, I have the override!


(Jack goes after Marwan.)

JACK: Call CTU. Now! NOW!!!


(Curtis secures the override.)

EDGAR: (on phone) Set it to channel eleven.

CURTIS: (on phone) I can't.

EDGAR: (on phone) What do you mean, "you can't"?


DRISCOLL: Edgar, we're out of time.


(Marwan shoots a CTU member dead.)

JACK: (on radio) Solaris, do you read me? Solaris, do you read

-- 412  --

(Previously on "24")


(Jack tosses a runner out of his way.)

JACK: Stay down!


(Previously on "24")

(Marwan shoots a CTU member dead. He opens a door and leaves.)


JACK: I have to go to McLennen-Forster.

PAUL: Why that?

JACK: Turns out the man we're looking for works there.

PAUL: Need to get into their computer system?

JACK: Yeah.

PAUL: OK, I'll go with thee.


REISS: It was more than a coincidence that one of our products,
the override, was stolen and used in today's terrorist attack.

McLENNAN: What do you mean, "more than a coincidence"?


SARAH: The phone taps you asked me to put in place at
McLennan-Forster aren't holding.

EDGAR: What do you mean, "not holding"?


JACK: Something's wrong. I got to respond. Can you pipe that
window over to this computer?

PAUL: Yeah, just give me an Ethernet address.

JACK: 6 E F F 3 2 3 9.


(Jack is going to send a message to Tony.)

JACK: (to the computer) Come on!


(Jack sees the EMP bomb.)

JACK: (to the bomb) Oh, my God.


(Jack covers behind the closing door as the EMP bomb goes off.)


-- 413  --

(Tony and Michelle argue.)

MICHELLE: The last time I saw you you couldn't stay sober long
enough to keep a job.


PAUL: Jack, I can't do this.

JACK: You don't have a choice. Come on.


NAJI: Why don't you leave? This is our store.

JACK: If I had a choice, I would.


(Heller and Audrey talk about Jack.)

HELLER: You have to believe that Jack had no choice.


SARAH: Can I speak to you for a moment? It's important.

MICHELLE: OK. Uh, I don't have much time.


TONY: (on radio) Lee, it's Tony. Are Jack and Paul still alive?

CASTLE: (on radio) Unknown at this point.

TONY: (on radio) All right, look, the hostiles cannot be
allowed to leave the area with the information Jack took
from McLennan-Forster, do you understand?

CASTLE: (on radio) We'll do the best we can.

TONY: (on radio) No. Lee, listen to me. Failure is not an option.


(Paul gets shot.)

JACK: Paul?

PAUL: Urgh...

JACK: Paul? PAUL!!! MEDIC!!! Come on. Just stay with me. Come on,
Paul, stay with me. No, no. Paul! Paul, stay with me. Come on,
look at me. Look at me. There you go. Look at me.

PAUL: I owed you.

JACK: You don't owe me anything. Just stay with me, OK?

-- 414  --

(Paul is transported by a helicopter.)

JACK: Come on, Paul! Stay with us! We're almost there!


HELLER: (on phone) NSA is reporting a spike in chatter. They're
sifting through the intel now, trying to determine potential
targets and time frames.

KEELER: (on phone) Trying is not good enough.


TONY: Come on, Jack, you know we don't have the time to put one
of our own people undercover.


(Jack talks to Dina.)

JACK: We're out of time.


DINA: I'm not doing anything until I see my son.

TONY: We don't have time for that right now.


(Jack and Dina walk towards Joseph Fayed's house.)

DINA: What if Fayed doesn't believe us?

JACK: Then we're both dead.


DINA: I wouldn't have contacted you if I felt I had a choice.

JOSEPH: And as a result, I have no choice.


MARWAN: You've caused me a lot of trouble.

(Marwan kicks Jack.)

-- 415  --

("Previously on 24")

MARWAN: You've caused me a lot of trouble, Mister Bauer.

(Marwan kicks Jack.)


EDGAR: (on phone) It's not your area anymore.

CHLOE: (on phone) What're you talking about? You work for me.

EDGAR: (on phone) No, I worked for you. "Worked." With an ED at
the end? Past tense?


CHLOE: What's the password to the central server?

CURTIS: C I S 1 5 A.


(Behrooz is about to be tortured.)

CURTIS: I'm sorry, Behrooz. We just don't have a lot of time.


MICHELLE: We don't have time to send in sweep teams. Make sure
it's not a trap.

BILL: We don't have a choice.

(Phone rings.)

EDGAR: (cheerfully on phone) CTU, Edgar Stiles.

MARWAN: (on phone) This is Marwan. Get Dessler.


(Jack is taken away by the CTU team.)



TONY: (on phone) I'm opening up an interface with the phone
company right now.

JACK: (on phone) Tony, we don't have a lot of time.

-- 416  --

(Jack tries to stop a computer from deleting files.)

JACK: (to the computer) Come on!


(Jack sees that the room is rigged with explosives.)

JACK: This room's hot. Get your men out of here.

(Marwan activates the remote detonator.)


(The room explodes.)


(Jack enters Anderson's apartment.)

JACK: Drop the weapon! DROP THE WEAPON NOW!!!


(Jack turns a laptop on.)

JACK: (to the laptop) Come on...


EDGAR: (on phone) Can you get into the root?

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, but I can't open the files.

EDGAR: (on phone) OK, hold down tab arrow until the
manufacturer's code appears.

JACK: (on phone) OK, I got it.

EDGAR: (on phone) What are the last three digits on the part

JACK: (on phone) R 2 5.

EDGAR: (on phone) Escape out and enter pass code C T I S 8 3 R.
That should backdoor you into the files.


(Jack finds out that Anderson is going after the Air Force One.)

JACK: (on phone) Tony, we don't have a lot of time.


JACK: (on phone) Any recent contact information?

TONY: (on phone) No, let me see if I can find that for you.

JACK: (on phone) No, we don't have any time.


(Anderson fires at the Air Force One.)

CHLOE: Oh, my God.

(The Air Force One was just hit.)

JACK: (on phone) Was Air Force One just hit? WAS AIR FORCE ONE

-- 417  --

("Previously on 24")

(Anderson fires at the Air Force One.)

VOICE: (on radio) Air Force One has been fired on. I repeat,
Air Force One has been fired on.

CHLOE: Oh, my God.

(The Air Force One was just hit.)

JACK: (on phone) Was Air Force One just hit? WAS AIR FORCE ONE


OPERATOR: (on phone) Comm stat three, operator.

JACK: (on phone) This is Jack Bauer, log in password
F H Ralphie 4.


(Jack talks to Audrey.)

JACK: (on phone) But right now, this country is under attack,
and I've got a job to do, and I don't have a choice.


(Jack talks to Jason.)

JACK: (on phone) Listen, if I'm right, we don't have a lot of


JACK: (on phone) Now, I'm gonna give you my direct line. Have
you got a pen?

JASON: (on phone) Yeah. Hold... Hold on. Go ahead.

JACK: (on phone) 3 1 0, 5 9 7, 3 7 8 1.


JACK: (on phone) Tony, it's Jack. We're out of time. We need the
schematics for the power plant now.


JACK: (on phone) Jason. I need you to open the case. The
combination is star 7 6 1 1 4.


TONY: (on phone) Almeida.

JACK: (on phone) Tony, it's Jack. I'm in the possession of the
football. Three hostiles are down, one escaped. I'm not positive,
but I think it was Marwan. I'm sorry, but I had to make a choice.

TONY: (on phone) Marwan gave us the football to buy his freedom?


JACK: (on phone) Yeah, that doesn't sound right to me either.

-- 418  --

(CTU workers have briefing.)

MICHELLE: Has he been briefed on Marwan?

BILL: He knows Marwan is the mastermind behind today's events,
yes, but he's gonna want more specifics on the football.


MICHELLE: All right, everyone, we don't have a lot of time,
so we're gonna have to fast-track this.


BILL: Logan was just sworn in. Give him time.

TONY: We don't have time.


BILL: We have no choice, Curtis.


(Jack interrogates Prado.)

JACK: Well, I'm running out of time here, so why don't we just
cut to the chase?

(Jack breaks Prado's finger.)


(Prado is giving up Marwan's location.)

JACK: Where is it?

PRADO: It's just... It's just...


-- 419  --

(Curtis talks to Jack.)

CURTIS: Look, for whatever it's worth, you did the right thing
with Prado.


LOGAN: I wanna wait till the Attorney General gets back to me
with an opinion.

MIKE: Mister President, we are running out of time.


AUDREY: We can't just break protocol because we think it's right
at the time, and expect to get away with it.

BILL: Normally, I'd agree with you, but in this case, I'd rather
ask for forgiveness than permission.

AUDREY: What kind of answer is that?

BILL: The answer is, it worked.


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

File Control
File  Edit  View  Tools  Help                         User  Shell

ATEF EL-KHABIR                M A T C H

Aliases: Atef Sharay, Abu Al Madan


Dates of Birth Used:      Unknown

Height:                       6'2f to 6'6f

Weight:                       Unknown

Build:                        Large

Hair:                         None

Eyes:                         Dark

Sex:                          Male

Complexion:                   Olive

Language:                     Arabic

Scars and Marks:          None known

Notes:   El-Khabir is alleged to be affiliated with Habib
Marwan as well as Jihad, and several high ranking member of the
Second Wave organization.

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


CURTIS: (on radio) Jack, we don't have a choice. We're gonna
need to replace you.


(Jack spots a bomb inside the tunnel.)

JACK: Bomb! BOMB!!!


(The Secret Service agents release Jack.)

MERFIELD: I am genuinely sorry about all this.

JACK: Doesn't really help us with our situation, does it? We had

(Jack walks over to Curtis.)

JACK: Any sign of him?

CURTIS: We have people all over the tunnels. So far, nothing.

JACK: We had him. DAMN IT, WE HAD HIM!!!

CURTIS: They're not finished searching the tunnels.

JACK: If you haven't found him yet, you're not going to. Too
many ways in, too many ways out. CTU have any new leads on
Marwan or the warhead?


JACK: Great.


CHLOE: This is the computer you found the chip's schematic on?

NABILA: Yes, but like I told you before on the phone, the rest
of his files are encrypted.

CHLOE: Are you sure?

NABILA: Yes. I ran a checksum on built-in subroutine to confirm.

(Chloe looks at Nabila in disbelief.)

NABILA: I have a doctorate in computer sciences.


(Chloe and Nabila are under fire.)

NABILA: Don't you have a gun?

CHLOE: I work with computers!


(Chloe and Nabila run towards a car.)

CHLOE: Be open... Be open... Be open...

(Chloe and Nabila get inside the car.)

CHLOE: Where are the keys? Where are the keys? Where are the


(Curtis has the combination.)

CURTIS: (on phone) Got it! It's 3 1 4 3.

-- 420  --

(Information on Edgar's computer screen)

File Control
File  Edit  View  Tools  Help                         User  Shell

Name:                       Jong, Lee
Date of Birth:              July 15, 1964
Place of Birth:
Height:                     5'5"
Weight:                     156 pounds
Build:                      Thin
Hair:                       Black
Eyes:                       Brown
Sex:                        Male
Complexion:                 Light
Citizenship:                Chinese
Languages:                  Chinese, Mandarin
Scars and Marks:            None known

Current address:

Expelled from the Chinese thermonuclear program in 2001 under
accusations of falsifying research data. Investigation closed
October 2003. Reports classified by the Chinese government.

Employment history:

0397-1201              Red Army Thermonuclear Program, Beijing

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


(Lee struggles.)

JACK: Hold him down, HOLD HIM DOWN NOW!!!


(Melissa is talking to Lee.)

MELISSA: He says he must have this guarantee before he will talk.

JACK: No, that's not good enough.

(Jack's cell phone rings.)

JACK: One minute.

(Jack picks up the phone.)

JACK: (on phone) This is Bow...

(Jack realizes he has a comm unit in his ear, so he removes it.)

JACK: (on phone) This is Bauer.


(Jack urges the doctor to work on Lee instead of Paul.)

BESSON: I already have a patient!

JACK: Curtis!

(Jack draws his weapon at Besson.)

JACK: You have a new one!

BESSON: Are you crazy?


(Paul is flatlining.)

JACK: What can we do for him? WHAT CAN WE DO FOR HIM?!?


(Jack tries to revive Paul.)






(Doctors are working on Lee.)

JACK: Is he gonna make it?

BESSON: I'm doing the best I can.

-- 421  --

JACK: Is he gonna make it?

BESSON: We do the best we can.


BESSON: Jack, I don't have time right now.


JACK: There was only one doctor, and I had to make a choice
between Lee's life and Paulís. And, and I chose Lee.

BILL: You did the right thing, Jack.


(Chloe tells Bill about the denial-of-service attempt.)

BILL: All right, have one of your people use the Security Auditor
tool, maybe it'll lead us to Marwan's network.

CHLOE: That was my point from the start.

BILL: Chloe. We're in active code. We don't have time for your
personality disorder. 


CHLOE: Jack, I just want you to know that if you ever need
anyone to talk to, as a friend, I'm here for you.

(Jack looks at Chloe, speechless.)

CHLOE: Not now, but later. When things calm down.

JACK: Thanks.


(Jack and Bill talk about the Chinese.)

JACK: They don't have any evidence. They're bluffing. Bill, we
don't have time to deal with them right now.

BILL: I agree, but we don't have much choice.


JACK: Mister Cheng, you and I both know that the PFC has
initiated terrorist activity around the globe utilizing
European mercenaries...

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Half a dozen of which are a closer match to this
photograph than agent Bern.


LEE: (in Chinese)

MELISSA: He doesn't know. But he knows where Marwan might be.

JACK: What do you mean, "where he might be"?


CURTIS: How're we gonna confirm Marwan's inside there?

JACK: We don't. We're out of time.


MARWAN: (on phone) Start the sequence.

(Marwan turns off his computer.)

MARWAN: We're done here.

(Marwan walks out of the building.)

MARWAN: Get the car.


MARWAN: Go ahead. Kill me. That won't stop the missile.

JACK: What are you talking about? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?


JACK: (on comm) I'm looking at a live feed of the warhead, it's
been mounted on a missile.

TONY: (on comm) A missile! How can that be?


JACK: (on comm) Tony, we're out of time!

-- 422  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: Is he gonna make it?

BESSON: We're gonna do the best we can.


(Previously on "24")

MARWAN: (on phone) Start the sequence. We're done here.

(Marwan walks out of the building.)

MARWAN: They can't stop us now.


(Jack talks to Marwan.)

JACK: You and I both know all I wanna do right now is kill you,
but I have my orders. We've run out of time.


JACK: You tell me where the missile's headed, you help me stop
it, and I guarantee you that you will talk to the President, and
he will listen to you. He has no choice.


MARWAN: It doesn't matter where you take me.

JACK: Yeah, we'll see about that.


(Jack and Audrey talk about interrogating Richard.)

JACK: I don't wanna hurt Richard, but we're out of time.


HELLER: This is not working. We don't have time to coddle him.


JACK: (on comm) LAPD, I need the entry code for the south gate.

LAPD: (on radio) It's star 4 7 6, 3 4 5 8.


(Jack sees a figure in a chair.)

JACK: Put your hands where I can see them. PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE


JACK: (on comm) Tony, do you copy?

TONY: (silence)

JACK: (on comm) Castle, why is Almeida not on comm?

-- 423  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: (on comm) Tony, do you copy? Tony, do you copy? Castle,
why is Almeida not on comm?


JACK: (on comm) Damn it, Bill, there is a missile in the air
carrying a nuclear warhead. This is our best shot of taking
it out before it hits its target.


MANDY: Well, we don't have much time.


CHENG: The Chinese government insists that someone take
responsibility for the death of our consul.

BERN: What does that mean, "take responsibility"?


(The car explodes.)

MICHELLE: (to the screen) NOOO!!! NOOO!!!


PALMER: At this point, we have no choice but to alert all state
and federal agencies, and focus all our resources on managing
the aftermath.


LOGAN: The worst disaster in this country's history is taking
place on my watch!


(Jack watches the video of the incident.)

JACK: Play it again. Give me more damn volume on the phone call!

CURTIS: Jack, we need to redeploy...



MANDY: (voice on video) I see your men, Michelle. You lied to me,
you bitch.

(Jack smiles.)

JACK: It's pouring rain.

MANDY: (voice on video) You are not gonna take me alive, got it?

JACK: You see it bouncing off the car. You can't hear it on her
side of the phone call.


(Mandy sees CTU members return.)

MANDY: Well, they're heading back in. Looks like my neighbors
died for nothing.


(Mandy has Tony at gunpoint.)

MANDY: Do you really have what it takes to let me kill him while
you're looking him in the eye?

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Yes.


(Jack grabs Mandy.)

JACK: We're both professionals. You know that I can force this
information out of you, but I'm running out of time.

-- 424  --

BILL: (on phone) I don't like that we're cutting this woman
a deal, Jack. We can't verify she's telling the truth until
it's too late.

JACK: (on phone) But we don't have a choice.


(Marwan hangs from the parking lot in Jack's grip.)

JACK: Tell me where the missile is! Tell me where it is!



(Marwan struggles to get loose.)

JACK: Tell me where it is!

(Marwan slices Jack's hand with a knife.)


(Jack is loosing the grip.)

JACK: No...

(Marwan falls to his death.)

JACK: Yah! (after Marwan) NOOO!!! (at the helicopter) NOOO!!!


LOGAN: I don't understand. Bauer had orders to take Marwan alive.

PALMER: I'm sure Jack did whatever he could.

LOGAN: That's not good enough, David!

PALMER: CTU is searching Marwan's helicopter, trying to find
something that will help them locate the missile.

LOGAN: We're out of time.

PALMER: Not yet.


JACK: (on phone) What have you got?

CHLOE: (on phone) Two parallel columns, but the data points are
badly damaged.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "parallel columns"?


EDGAR: (on phone) Jack, if the missile gets shut down, can the
warhead detonate?

JACK: (on phone) No, the warhead is specifically designed not to
blow up until it hits its designated target.

EDGAR: (on phone) But the force of the impact could trigger the
arming mechanism, right?

JACK: (on phone) It's unlikely.

EDGAR: (on phone) But it is possible, right, Jack?

JACK: (on phone) Yes, it's possible, but we don't have a choice,
we're out of time here.


PALMER: (on phone) Jack, this is hard for me, but I don't seem
to have a choice. The Chinese have proof that you led the
assault on their consulate.

JACK: (on phone) What kind of proof?

PALMER: (on phone) Howard Bern made a full confession. He
identified you as the agent in charge.

JACK: (on phone) And now the Chinese want me?

PALMER: (on phone) That's right. And we have no choice but to

JACK: (on phone) I see.


TONY: I just found out that Logan's gonna make you take the fall
for everything that happened at the Chinese consulate.

JACK: No one's making me do anything. The President didn't have
a choice.

-- 500  --

(Jack looks at the pursuant car in the rear mirror.)

JACK: (to the rear mirror) I got you now.

-- 501  --

(Palmer is shot.)

WAYNE: Stay with me... Stay... Stay with me...


(Chloe is forcing Spencer out of her bed.)

CHLOE: I'm serious, this is a mistake. Get out of here.

SPENCER: What do you mean, "a mistake"?


JACK: (to Derek) Get up. Get up! GET UP!!!


(Jack is starting the helicopter.)

JACK: (to the engine) Come on... Come on... Damn it.

DEREK: What's going on, Frank? Who are they?

CHLOE: What are we waiting for? Take off!

JACK: We're not at speed!

(The villains are approaching the helicopter.)

JACK: We're not gonna make it. Get out! GET OUT NOW, AND STAY BY


JACK: Chloe, take Derek, and walk away. WALK AWAY NOW!!!

-- 502  --

(Jack grabs Derek.)

JACK: Let's get something straight, kid: The only reason you're
still conscious is because I don't wanna carry you. Now, get in
the van!


(Jack gives an FBI agent a choke hold.)

DEREK: What...

CHLOE: Relax. He's really good at this.


CHLOE: OK, give me the computer's IP address, I'll upload
a decryption program to it.

JACK: Hold on... 2 9 2 dot 1 6 2 dot 1 2 dot 2.


(Jack is hotwiring a car.)

JACK: (to the starter) Come on...


AUDREY: President Logan said he will not postpone this summit.

BILL: In light of this, he may not have a choice.


(Jack punches Chevensky.)

JACK: You are gonna tell me what I wanna know or it's just
a question of how much you want it to hurt.

-- 503  --

JACK: (on phone) I don't have time to explain.


BUSINESSMAN: Please... I have a wife.


(Beresch shoots the businessman dead.)


JACK: (on phone) Chloe, they're gonna kill Derek in less than
three minutes. I need the frequency.

CHLOE: (on phone) We're still trying to find the manufacturer
of the detonator.

JACK: (on phone) Hurry, we're running out of time.


CHLOE: (on phone) Here it is, we've got the trigger frequency
for the detonator. Go to submenu three on your phone...

JACK: (on phone) I'm at submenu...

CHLOE: (on phone) Enter this code: 6 3 3 9...

JACK: (on phone) Now what?

CHLOE: (on phone) The phone needs to reboot. When it does, it'll
give you a "Ready" message. Then you press the star key, and it
should send a signal to set off the detonator.

(Beresch is about to kill Derek.)

BERESCH: Your President has abandoned you.

JACK: (on phone) I'm not getting a "Ready" message signal.

CHLOE: (on phone) It takes time to reflash the ROM.

JACK: (to the phone) Son of a bitch, come on.


JACK: (on phone) Bill, they were gonna kill another hostage.
I didn't have a choice.


LOGAN: (on phone) You tell me everything, and I will decide
which details are relevant!

BILL: (on phone) With respect, Mister President, we don't
have time!

LOGAN: (on phone) Then talk faster!


BILL: (on comm) Curtis, what happened?

CURTIS: (on comm) I've lost Jack.

BILL: (on comm) What do you mean, "you've lost him"?

-- 504  --

DIANE: What's happening?

CURTIS: I'm sorry, I don't have time to explain.


CHLOE: Overwrite volume four of the approach vectors, and re-key
with the airport grid.

SPENCER: OK, hold on, just one second.

CHLOE: We don't have one second. We're running out of time to
save the hostages.


LYNN: Mister Buchanan, I assume they told you I was coming?

BILL: Lynn, please, call me Bill.

LYNN: Oh, if we were having a beer or something, but at work,
I think it's better if we mantain a more formal mode of address.


BILL: What is it, Lynn, I'm up to my ears trying to coordinate
this hostage situation.

LYNN: Sit down, Mister Buchanan.

BILL: Would you stop with that "Mister Buchanan"?


(Nathanson talks to Beresch while he watches signing the treaty.)

NATHANSON: (on phone) He's signing it. You have no choice. Kill
them all.


KOMAR: (in Russian) Raz, dva, tri! [One, two, three!]

(The men lift the lid.)

KOMAR: (in Russian) Posli, posli! [Go, go!]

(Komar scans the canisters.)

KOMAR: (in Russian) Cista! [Clear!]

-- 505  --

ERWICH: The Russians will finally understand the consequences of
occupying our homeland when we turn Moscow into a graveyard.


LOGAN: When did this happen?

EVELYN: A few minutes ago, I came back in, and I found her on
the bed.

LOGAN: What do you mean, "came back in"?


CHLOE: Where're you going, I need you to finish the shell script.

EDGAR: Not now.

CHLOE: Since when do you say "not now"?


(Jack shows Spencer the image of dead Hank.)

JACK: Did you let that man into CTU? This man is a professional
assassin, he just killed Doctor Paulson, he tried to kill me.

-- 506  --

BILL: All we have is Spenser's word. That's not enough to build
a case.

JACK: You don't have time to build a case.


CUMMINGS: Mister President. It's in your best interest to hear
me out before you make that phone call.

LOGAN: What do you mean, "my best interest"?


(Jack is apprehended by Secret Service while meeting Mike.)

JACK: Son of a bitch! Who did you tell? WHO DID YOU TELL?!?


LOGAN: I know about that, but there's an explanation.

JACK: What do you mean, "you know about that"?


JACK: What's the container number?

CUMMINGS: I don't know.



CUMMINGS: (on phone) Erwich, listen. We can negotiate something.

ERWICH: (on phone) I don't negotiate with my enemies.
I eliminate them. Your country is about to pay a very
steep price.

-- 507  --

("Previously on 24")

CUMMINGS: (on phone) Erwich, listen. We can negotiate something.

ERWICH: (on phone) I don't negotiate with my enemies.
I eliminate them. Your country is about to pay a very
steep price for betraying us.


ERWICH: (on phone) Yeah.

ROSSLER: (on phone) Ivan Erwich?

ERWICH: (on phone) Go ahead.

ROSSLER: (on phone) Jacob Rossler. I was asked to call you by
a friend in Moscow.

ERWICH: (on phone) You've been briefed on our situation?

ROSSLER: (on phone) You need to reconfigure the remote trigger
for an A-tox chemical delivery system, right?

ERWICH: (on phone) Yes.

ROSSLER: (on phone) You have the canisters with you?

ERWICH: (on phone) Yes.

ROSSLER: (on phone) You'll need to start by cutting into them.
I'll give you the specifications.


ROSSLER: (on record) On the inner casing, you will find the
display window with a seven-digit readout. I'll need them.

ERWICH: (on record) And then what?

ROSSLER: (on record) And then I will program a new chip for your
remote trigger.


BILL: (on phone) From what we've heard, Erwich is trying to
require some kind of activation code.

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, he's trying to reconfigure the trigger
mechanism, so he can disperse the Sentox. Bill, we're running
out of time!


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

File Control
File  Edit  View  Tools  Help                         User  Shell

Name:     Rossler, Jacob
DOB:      15 June, 1953

Last known address:
22 North Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA 96969

Berkeley Tech - MD engineering, computer science
Graduated: 10 June 1990

Software Mining, Knowledge-Based Engineering, Networking and
Security, Software Engineering, Systems Analysis, Machine Vision

Indicted - Los Angeles District Attorney - 3/21/04
High security code infiltration, identity theft

Company History:
20 March  1999          SEE LINKED FILE FOR DETAILS
31 August    1999       SEE LINKED FILE FOR DETAILS
11 September 1999       SEE LINKED FILE FOR DETAILS
07 October   1999       SEE LINKED FILE FOR DETAILS        More

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB



CHLOE: Go to Station 3, we don't have much time.


ERWICH: (on phone) We're ready to cut into the canisters.

ROSSLER: (on phone) You have to cut precisely ten centimeters
from the bottom of the casing to reveal the trigger.

ERWICH: (on phone) How thick is the outer casing?

ROSSLER: (on phone) Five millimeters. Call me with the ID numbers
when you're done.


JACK: Federal agent, let me see your hands! LET ME SEE YOUR

CURTIS: Elevator code, let's have it!

GUARD: Uh, 4 0 7 3 pound.


(Jack shoots Rossler in the leg.)

JACK: Federal agent, drop the weapon! DROP THE WEAPON!!!


(Jack apprehends Inessa.)

JACK: Let me see your hands! LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!!!


JACK: My name is Jack Bauer, I'm with CTU. 25 minutes ago, you
contacted a man named Ivan Erwich. What did he want you to do for

ROSSLER: I want my lawyer.

JACK: You'll get a lawyer as soon as I get what I need. Mister
Erwich is in possession of 20 canisters of Sentox VX nerve gas,
which he has threatened to deploy here in the United States.

ROSSLER: I guess you have a problem.

JACK: Rossler, you have a problem. You've been conspiring with
and aiding a known terrorist, which means I get to hold you for
as long as I want. Now, we know Mister Erwich can't deploy the
canisters unless he reconfigures the trigger mechanism, is that
what he wanted you to do?

ROSSLER: (silence)

JACK: Trust me. You don't wanna go down this road with me.

ROSSLER: Go... To... Hell.

(Jack slaps Rossler across the face.)

ROSSLER: Aaargh!

JACK: That is exactly where I'm gonna send you unless you start
to cooperate.

(Rossler looks at Inessa.)

JACK: You like hurting girls?

(Rossler nods.)

JACK: Curtis.

(Curtis steps on Rossler's wound.)

ROSSLER: Aaargh!

JACK: By the time I'm finished with you, you're gonna wish you
felt this good again.


EDGAR: I know that was hard, but you did the right thing.

CHLOE: Shut up, Edgar.

-- 508  --

(Jack plans to pose as Rossler.)

AUDREY: (on phone) Jack, they will probably kill you. Even
if they do think you're Rossler, it ties up a loose end.

JACK: (on phone) Right now, we don't have a choice.


AUDREY: Take the two terrorists and make them tell us where
Erwich is.

LYNN: We don't have enough time.


LOGAN: Well, is CTU any closer?

MIKE: They're mounting an undercover operation which they hope
will lead them to the canisters.

LOGAN: Hope is not good enough.


MARTHA: It will be very painful, but it's the right thing to do.


LYNN: (on phone) Mister President, we're running out of time.


POLAKOV: What's the unlock code?

BILL: (on comm) Jack, the unlock code is Alfa Kilo Charlie.
I repeat, Alfa Kilo Charlie.

POLAKOV: Come on, what's the unlock code?

BILL: (on comm) Alfa Kilo Charlie, Jack.

JACK: Echo Bravo Charlie.

LYNN: (on comm) Enter the correct code, Jack, that's an order...
Jack, this is the direct order from the President! Now, enter the
correct code, and let them release the gas! Now!

POLAKOV: It's not arming the canister. Why isn't it working?

JACK: Maybe the remote's been damaged.

(Polakov points his gun at Jack.)

POLAKOV: Make it work, or I'll kill you.

JACK: There's nothing I can do.

POLAKOV: Make it work!


(Polakov knocks Jack out.)


JACK: (on comm) Erwich is gone, the canisters are gone, we've
got nothing here... DAMN IT!!!

-- 509  --

(Curtis has orders to bring Jack in.)

JACK: I was appointed by the President of the United States.
It was a field call.

CURTIS: I know, and between you and me, I think you made the
right call back at the mall.


(Jack gives Curtis a choke hold.)

JACK: Don't fight, Curtis... Don't fight it!


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

All Points Bulletin

Per L. McGill, Div #9431066

Requesting APB for Jack Bauer [PRIORITY]
Height: 5'10?
Weight: 165
Eye: B
Hair: Lt. Br.
LK Loc: N/A
Reason: Agent missing, req. all avail
agts. resm. search. [PRIORITY]

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


(Audrey convinces Chloe to erase phone records.)

AUDREY: (on phone) There isn't a lot of time.


BIERKO: (on phone) Make no mistake, Mister President. It's our
Russian oppressors I mean to hurt, not your people. However,
if you refuse to cooperate, I will have no choice but to
release all of the Sentox gas in areas far more populated
than your shopping mall.


JACK: (on phone) Chloe, listen to me. I have a thumb
drive that's gonna help us to find the Sentox. I need
you to datamine the files.

CHLOE: (on phone) Upload the drive to my socket. Access code:
5 J 5 5 J.


JACK: (on phone) Listen, send me the decrypted files over to my

CHLOE: (on phone) That's gonna be a little hard to do right now,
Jack. Lynn is watching everyone like a hawk.

-- 510  --

(Edgar talks to Audrey.)

EDGAR: Look, whatever this is about, I don't have a lot of time.


LYNN: Carrie, you're done.

CARRIE: What do you... mean, "done"?


(Information in the list on Chloe's computer screen: CASSAR, JON)


CHLOE: Edgar just monitored some chatter from NSA and ran a
threat assessment.

LYNN: What are you doing analyzing chatter that isn't related to
finding the nerve gas?

EDGAR: It came through on one of my filters.

CHLOE: The point is, sir, we found something. Don't you want to
alert Secret Service considering that Suvarov is on his way to
the airport?

LYNN: Based  on an unsubstantiated theory from a couple of
analysts? I think I've been embarrassed enough for one day.

CHLOE: Can we at least devote some limited resources to try to
confirm this threat?

LYNN: I'm sorry. Maybe I wasn't clear. No!


AUDREY: NSA can't recall the motorcade without going through
a time-consuming approval process.

LYNN: Good! That process helps eliminate false threats!

AUDREY: Look, we don't have that time, according to this


(Audrey and Curtis talk about Lynn.)

CURTIS: Just give him some time, he'll come around.

AUDREY: Curtis, we don't have time.


AUDREY: How much longer until we can send this out?

EDGAR: A couple of minutes. I'm almost hacked in.

CHLOE: We don't have a couple of minutes.


(Curtis talks with Lynn about Audrey and Chloe.)

CURTIS: You forced them to work covertly. They had no choice.


(Jack discovers that Henderson locked him with a bomb.)

JACK: How could I be so stupid?

-- 511  --

(Mike talks to Logan.)

MIKE: Sir, with all due respect, you don't have time for


LOGAN: Martha, I'm sorry, I made a mistake, I didn't think that
I had any choice.


JACK: (on phone) Chloe, are you there?

CHLOE: (on phone) Go ahead, Jack.

JACK: (on phone) Can you hack into Henderson's office computer?

CHLOE: (on phone) I already did it. Henderson's home work station
is clean. He wiped his hard drive five minutes ago, there's still
an active socket.

JACK: (on phone) And what's that mean?

CHLOE: (on phone) It means he's exchanging data with an off-site


(Henderson makes a call to his bank.)

OPERATOR: May I have your identification code, please?

HENDERSON: 8 4 7 7 C, as in Charlie.


(Jack approaches Miriam.)

JACK: Miriam, where is Christopher?

MIRIAM: He's still at work...

JACK: Did he call you?

MIRIAM: You're scaring me, Jack...


MIRIAM: No! Now, tell me what the hell is going on?

JACK: I need to see his computer.

MIRIAM: What are you doing?


MIRIAM: I'm not gonna tell you anything until you tell me what is
going on!

JACK: Christopher developed a chemical weapon system called
Sentox VX nerve gas for Omicron. He enabled terrorists to gain
control of it. Now, it's being used against civilian targets in
Los Angeles, so WHERE IS HIS COMPUTER?!?


(Jack explores Henderson's computer.)

JACK: (on comm) Chloe, it's Jack, have you found anything yet?

CHLOE: (on comm) The only thing on Henderson's hard drive is
domestic stuff. Bill-paying programs, downloaded music...

JACK: (on comm) Chloe, Henderson isn't trading music files with
his office. If there's something else on his computer, find it.

CHLOE: (on comm) Jack, I'm doing the best I can.


CHLOE: (on comm) Jack, Henderson's using an interlaced encryption

JACK: (on comm) And what does that mean?

CHLOE: (on comm) It'll take me a half a day to crack it.

JACK: (on comm) Damn it, Chloe, we don't have that kind of time.


(Jack knocks out Henderson.)

JACK: Don't you move!


(Jack has Miriam open Henderson's briefcase full of money.)



(Jack questions Henderson.)

JACK: I don't care how you justify it. I am out of time.


(Jack aims his gun at Henderson.)

JACK: Don't you make me do this.

-- 512  --

CARRIE: Tony Almeida's been asking to see you down in the clinic.

BILL: I don't have time right now.


LOGAN: We don't have time, Mike.


KIM: Why didn't you just tell me you were alive?

JACK: I couldn't. If you knew I was alive, you would have been
at risk. I had no choice.


(Bill tells Tony about Henderson.)

TONY: Don't you let him cut a deal.


JACK: Damn it, Christopher. I don't think you became a part of
this because of self-interest. I honestly believe that you think
what you're doing right now is the best thing for this country,
but it is not your choice to make.

HENDERSON: That's good, Jack. Disarm your subject's resolve by
showing empathy and respect for his agenda.

JACK: This is not a joke.


(Mike talks with Martha about Logan)

MIKE: But with the... The lives of so many people in jeopardy,
he felt he had no choice.


EDGAR: Carrie, I'm in the middle of coordinating the first
responders. We're on high alert. I don't have time for this.


LYNN: My CTU key card! She has it, Bill!

BILL: What was she doing with your key card?

LYNN: It was stolen... From me. All right? Her boyfriend took it.

BILL: Why didn't you report this?

LYNN: I'm reporting it now! We don't have time to argue about
this. Call and see if anybody used it to breach Security. It was
taken about... About four hours ago.

(Bill makes a phone call.)

CHLOE: (on phone) O'Brian.

BILL: (on phone) Chloe, I'm in Holding with Lynn. I need you to
check the gate logs now.

CHLOE: (on phone) What am I looking for?

BILL: (on phone) Check and see if anyone used Lynn's key card to
enter CTU in the last four hours.

CHLOE: (on phone) Isn't Lynn standing right next to you?

BILL: (on phone) Chloe, do it!

-- 513  --

BILL: (on comm) At this point, our only hope is to help
ourselves. We need to find a way to either neutralise or
flush the Sentox out of the contaminated areas before the
barrier seals fail, and the gas enters the safe zones.
I want all personnel working on this problem. We don't
have much time.


KIM: Don't talk down to me, Chloe.

BARRY: Listen, we're in a crisis situation here, OK? Tempers are
bound to flare. Let's just everybody breathe.

CHLOE: What's with you and the breathing? Is that your solution
to everything?


(Jack signalizes that he is coming back.)

BARRY: What's it mean that he's finished so quickly?

AUDREY: I don't know.

BARRY:  It could be a good thing, right?

CHLOE: Should be a good thing or could be a bad thing. That's
what "I don't know" means.


LYNN: We don't have a choice, Harry.


JACK: (on comm) Lynn, we don't have a lot of time.


LOGAN: I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do!


(Tony is dying.)

JACK: You stay with me... Stay with me...

-- 514  --

(Karen talks to Bill.)

KAREN: The fact is, we don't have time for evaluations right now.


BILL: I hope the President's doing the right thing.


(Jack and Curtis apprehend Stoller.)

JACK: Our people are all around you! They will drop you before
you can pull that trigger! Put the gun down!

STOLLER: What do you mean, "your people"?


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)


Name:             Stoller, Theo
Date of Birth:        March 2, 1969
Place of Birth:       Munich
Height:           5'11"
Weight:           180 pounds
Build:            Thin
Hair:             Brown
Eyes:             Green
Sex:                  Male
Complexion:           Light
Citizenship:          German
Languages:        German, English
Scars and Marks:      None known
Profile:  Trained at the German
apprentice/entry level firearms.
governmental, state and local
        and composed of


CHLOE: (on phone): Theo Stoller. Height five eleven, brown hair,
brown eyes.


STOLLER: I'm here by permission of your government. You can't
touch me!

JACK: Right. We'll see about that.


JACK: (on phone) Did President Logan get in touch with the German

KAREN: (on phone) He's tried, the chancellor is unreachable for
another hour.

JACK: (on phone) We don't have another hour.


JACK: I will give you something that is more valuable than
Collette Stenger.

STOLLER: It's hard to know what that might be.

JACK: Our roster of all known terrorist suspects working around
the world - our WET list.

STOLLER: As allies, we've requested this WET list many times
before. But the NSA has always said giving us the list would
jeopardise their operations.

JACK: It will. I don't work for the NSA. I don't work for CTU.
This is personal. Right now, you're not giving me another choice.


(Information on Jack's PDA)


File  Edit  View  Tools  Help                 User  Shell


                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB

Wet List Data

Name                Alias                          Address

Andrew Tudor        Andy Tudor, Anderson Thrydor   100 Hills
                                              Road, Cambridge, UK 
Jeffrey Newton      Jerry Newcomb, JR Went         56 Gurrum,
                                           Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Olivier Benamou     Le Moux                        194 Blvd.
                                       Malesherbez, Paris, France 
Anthony Johnston    Tony Jones, Antonio Jones      196 Atterdag,
                                              Copenhagen, Denmark 
Sara Jinkoramnian   Sara Jinkor, Sarah Ramus       1357 Lamp
                                               Street, London, UK 
Kurt Lesker         Curt Lestner, KJ Les           354 Druid
                                                   Ter., York, UK 
Harold Filleran     Harry Finner                   285 Wittley
                                              St, Dublin, Ireland 
Bernard Valet       Le Touche, Bernard Hyatt       4 Chemie De
                                     L'Hermitage, Antibes, France 
Martin Kail         Marty Kain, Matin Kaimer       410 Abbeyville
                                             Rd, Bethel, Scotland 
Jens Skulspiler     Jens Skulerun, Peder Jensen    6 Dunston Rd,
                                                  Skagen, Denmark 
Alesandro Guissepe  Alesandro Marcona              3455 Lingorno
                                                Bl, Venice, Italy 
Holt Gunter         Holt Gustave                   685 Tivoli St,
                                              Heidelberg, Germany 
Francis Ferdinand   Francis Orande, Frances Olram  16 Blvd Murat,
                                                    Paris, France 
William Koch        Bill Kochern, Will Kinders     455 Hero Bl,
                                              Geneva, Switzerland 
Hugo Riveras        Hugo Rivera, Hugo Lalos        843
                                 Hastingsmill Via, Seville, Spain 
Melisa Jesper       Mariana Jones, Mara Johnson    6548 Swindon
                                          Rd, Zurich, Switzerland 
Angelo Spartakas    Angelo Spratin, Angel Spartok  851 Adamst
                                         Ter, Vorarlberg, Austria 
Higgy Philwippit    Hig Phillips, Guy Whippit      137 Kilnaron
                                             St, Valletta, Malta


COLLETTE: The decryption key is Charlie Alpha 3 9 Alpha.


JACK: (on phone) We have a possible suspect approaching. Miss
Hayes, are you telling me that I have to abort this operation?
Yes or no?

KAREN: (silence)

JACK: (on phone) Miss Hayes, this is your call.

KAREN: (on phone) You don't know for certain that this woman will
lead us to Bierko.

JACK: (on phone) No, not for certain. But right now, she's our
only lead. Are you willing to take this chance?

KAREN: (on phone) You've left me no choice. Proceed. But you
have severely compromised this situation, and I promise you
there will be repercussions.

JACK: (on phone) Fine.


(Jack raises his eyebrows as he talks to Collette.)

JACK: This isn't a game, lady, we're running out of time.


(Jack and Collette talk about Bierko.)

JACK: What were you selling him?

COLLETTE: I don't know.

JACK: What do you mean, "you don't know"?


(Jack talks with Karen about Collette.)

JACK: (on phone) Either way, if she's telling the truth, we don't
have a lot of time. 

-- 515  --

BILL: We already uncovered one mole in the White House today,
Audrey. I have no choice.


MILES: Bill, we don't have the luxury of time.


(Jack argues with Karen about Audrey.)

JACK: Audrey Raines is a senior advisor to the Secretary of
Defense James Heller, who happens to be her father.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: And if you are wrong, he's gonna eat you alive.


JACK: Why did you break it off?

AUDREY: Jack, please, it's complicated...



JACK: Chloe, we need to help Audrey. We don't have much time.


(Burke tortures Audrey.)

BURKE: You're gonna give me a name.

AUDREY: I swear, I don't know, I don't know...

BURKE: We don't have the time, Miss Raines, GIVE ME A NAME!!!


(Jack talkt to Collette about Henderson.)

JACK: He's using you. He wanted you to get inside my head.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: And it worked. And now, I'm...

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Upset... You have three seconds to tell me where the target
is, or I will kill you. WHERE IS THE TARGET?!?


(Shari helps find the target.)

BILL: We have to assume that's it. I'll tell Jack. Great work,

(Bill pats Shari's arm as he walks away.)
CHLOE: Congratulations.

SHARI: Thanks.


SHARI: (ominously) Did you see the way his hand brushed across
my shoulder as he walked by?

CHLOE: What?

SHARI: That was wrong. He shouldn't have done that.

(Chloe is scared.)

-- 516  --

PIERCE: I think we need to get you looked at, sir.

WAYNE: No, no, Aaron, there's not enough time for that.


(Audrey talks to Chloe.)

AUDREY: I had to keep Karen from replacing you, that's
why I signed the document. I didn't have a choice.


(Jack and Wayne approach Henderson's hideout.)

JACK: Damn it, there's too many of 'em. We're running out of


(Jack observes Henderson via a telescope on his rifle.)

JACK: (to Henderson) Come on, let her go.

HENDERSON: (to Amy) OK, honey, go see Mommy.

AMY: Mommy!

JACK: (on comm) She's moving.

(Evelyn and Amy hug.)

EVELYN: Oh, my baby, it's OK.

HENDERSON: Give me the evidence, Evelyn.

EVELYN: Are you OK?

AMY: Uh-huh.

JACK: (to Evelyn) Now. Get down.

-- 517  --

(Information on Karen's computer screen)

William Henderson

POB:   Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Height:6ft (1.83m)
Eyes:  light

Current Station:
Senior VP Research & Development,
Omicron International
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Cali-

Past Military History:
Armed forces, 6 years service
   Specialties: Sniper
   Survival Training

Honorable Discharge.

Special Agent-in-Charge at CTU, Los
Angeles, for four years.         Next

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

AJ - Warrant
Inter-Agency. Pub. & Mil.
Jack Bauer
Wt: 165 kbs (74.8 kg)
Ht: 5'10    (1.77 M)
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Wanted for the assassination of
Pres. David Palmer
Consider Armed and Dangerous.
Apprehend at all costs.
Security Sanction F2


                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


(Jack grabs Mossman.)

JACK: Don't you move.


(Jack aims at Mossman's wife.)

JACK: Put the phone down! Put the phone down now!


SHARI: Chloe? Do you have a minute?


SHARI: (silence)

CHLOE: What is it?

SHARI: I was assigned to log all satellite and ground video
activity, but part of the vector's locked out.

CHLOE: "Locked out," what do you mean?

-- 518  --

JACK: I'm being set up again, this time by President Logan.
He was complicit in David Palmer's assassination.


BILL: My God, you're serious.


JACK: Mister Secretary, I swear to you, I had nothing to do with
David Palmer's assassination.

HELLER: I'd like to believe you, Jack, but you're acting like a

JACK: I don't have a choice. They're setting me up.


(Chloe calls Audrey.)

CHLOE: (to the phone) Pick up...


SHARI: You helped Audrey Raines break surveillance.

CHLOE: Yes, I did it for a good reason. I can't get into it right

SHARI: I don't really think you have a choice.


HENDERSON: (on phone) Yeah.

LOGAN: (on phone) Where are you?

HENDERSON: (on phone) We're leaving now.

LOGAN: (on phone) How long will it take to get there?

HENDERSON: (on phone) Ten minutes.

LOGAN: (on phone) We may not have that much time.


(Information on Martha's cell phone display)

Jennifer Moore
Jeremy M
Mike Novick
Paul Coleman
Press secretary
Retreat Oper
Send Msg      Options

District of Columbia


(Information on Pierce's cell phone display)

Call from:
Martha Logan


Ignore    Options


HENDERSON: I'm protecting something much more important than
Charles Logan!


HENDERSON: The integrity of our government!



(Audrey is bleeding to death.)

HENDERSON: She's running out of time!


JACK: Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Stay with me. Stay with me.

AUDREY: Jack, go get it. Go get the recording.

JACK: Stay with me.

-- 519  --

JACK: (to the phone) Come on...

BILL: (on phone) Hello?

JACK: (on phone) Bill, it's Jack.

BILL: (on phone) Jack, we've been waiting to hear from you.
Did you get the recording to Secretary Heller?

JACK: (on phone) I don't have time to explain.


CHLOE: For going to do extensive satellite tracking, I need more
than my laptop. I'm gonna have to network onto your computer,
even though it's kinda pathetic... And I need you to get that
screen to work for me.

BILL: All right.

CHLOE: I hope you don't mind me bossing you around, but,
technically, I don't work for you anymore.

BILL: It's all right, Chloe.

CHLOE: Good.


(Henderson fires at Jack and runs out of ammunition.)



(Henderson threatens to kill Heller.)

HELLER: (on phone) Jack, don't let him go.

JACK: (on phone) I don't have a choice, sir.


KAREN: Why did you let Chloe escape?

SHARI: Sheee intimidated me.

KAREN: She intimidated you?


JACK: (on phone) Audrey, listen to me. Henderson's men have
zeroed in on your location. They're heading back towards you.
You've got to get out of there now.

AUDREY: And just leave him?

JACK: We don't have a choice.

-- 520  --

(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

Diplomatic Flight 520 / Passenger Manifest

File  Edit  View  Tools  Help                 User  Shell

Passenger: Avila, George
Seat: 7A
Occupation: US Air Marshal
Date of Birth: 11/4/68
Place of Birth: Happy, TX
Height: 6'0"      Weight: 190 pounds
Sex: Male

- US Sky Marshal Program
  Fort Retzler, KY
- AF Combat Applications

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


MARTHA: None of this is gonna go away, I just have to live with

MIKE: What do you mean, "it's not going to go away"?


MEYER: Christopher Henderson? I have not seen him in months.

JACK: Don't you lie to me.


CUSTOMS: (on phone) Airport Customs.

CHLOE: (on phone) This is Chloe O'Brian from CTU Los Angeles.
I need to talk to somebody in Passenger Clearing.

CUSTOMS: (on phone) I'll need your verification.

CHLOE: (on phone) Agency ID CTU 9 9 A dash 12.


JACK: (on phone) Captain, this is a matter of national security.
Now, open the damn hatch!


MILES: (on phone) This is Miles Papazian, Homeland Security Los
Angeles, passcode 2 1 double 6.


MILES: (on phone) I'd like to preface what I'm about to tell you
by saying that I don't wish to be second-guessing on secured...

MIKE: (on phone) I don't have time for prefaces.


(Information on Chloe's computer screen)

Diplomatic Flight 520 / Passenger Manifest

File  Edit  View  Tools  Help                 User  Shell

Co-Pilot: Evans, Scott
Date of Birth: 10/13/69
Place of Birth: Holyoke, MA
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 pounds
Build: Medium  Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

- Private charter: Hatton air,
  exclusive carrier of
  Omicron International

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB


(Jack storms into the cockpit.)

EVANS: I'm the only one who can fly this plane...

(Jack punches Evans instantly.)

-- 521  --

("Previously on 24")

EVANS: I'm the only one who can fly this plane now!

(Jack punches Evans instantly.)


LOGAN: (on phone) I'm going to shoot down a plane full of
innocent people.

GRAEM: (on phone) None of us is happy about this, Mister
President, but you don't really have a choice.


KAREN: The situation has changed, Miles. There's some new intel.

MILES: I haven't seen anything, what new intel?

KAREN: I don't have time to explain it right now.


MIKE: (on comm) Jack Bauer has spent his entire career
protecting American lives. I meant, there's a reason he's
doing what he's doing.

KIRKLAND: (on screen) What would that be?

MIKE: (on comm) I don't have the answer, but we should at least
try to find out.

KIRKLAND: (on screen) We don't have the time.


(The plane is descending.)

JACK: (to the flight controls) Come on.


(Jack and Evans are landing the plane.)

JACK: Lower the landing gear!

EVANS: We're going too fast!



(The plane is about to land.)

JACK: (to the flight controls) Come on.


JACK: Touch it down!

EVANS: We're still going too fast!


-- 522  --

(The recording contains nothing but white noise.)

JACK: What's wrong?

CHLOE: I don't know.

KAREN: What do you mean, "you don't know"?


JACK: Chloe, who had access to this room?

CHLOE: No one.



KAREN: Chloe, any luck?

CHLOE: Only the bad kind.


BILL: That was about protecting Logan. If Henderson's a patriot
he says he is, he's not gonna want those terrorists to succeed.

JACK: Trust me, you're wasting your time, he's not gonna help us.

KAREN: He will if we offer him a deal.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: And that's not gonna happen.

BILL: Jack.

JACK: No. Not this time. Not this man.

KAREN: We're running out of options here. This is about saving
lives, not indulging a grudge.

JACK: You think this is about a grudge? He killed an ex-President
of the United States, he tried to kill a Secretary of Defense.
You want this man to walk with full immunity?

BILL: It's not about what anyone wants, it's about doing what has
to be done. Nobody knows that better than you.


HENDERSON: Come on, Jack, you can't really believe that Charles
Logan masterminded all of this by himself?


AUDREY: Why is Henderson coming out of holding?

JACK: We're using him to help us find Bierko. Audrey, Karen made
a deal. She gave him immunity.

AUDREY: What? Jack, how can you let this happen, you know what
that man has done.

JACK: We didn't have a choice.


JACK: (looking down) What do you suggest?

HENDERSON: I suggest you send me in to talk to Malina. I'll find
out what Bierko got from him.

(Jack smiles and raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: I don't think so.

HENDERSON: Jack, don't be stupid. You know you can't get anything
out of this guy, and his computer makes this place look like an
internet cafe.


KAREN: I don't think we have a choice here.


MARTHA: Aaron, stay with me...


(Jack grabs Henderson.)

JACK: You're coming with me.

HENDERSON: I found Bierko's target for you!

JACK: The deal was Bierko's head on a plate!


BIERKO: Read me the code we've got from Malina.

RAVIL: Alpha 2 5 5 Tango Romeo 9 9.

(Bierko enters Russian characters)

Y 255 L R 99

(Information on the screen in Russian)



(Information after the final clock)

 This episode could not have been
   made without the support and
         generosity of the

United States Department of Defense
            Phil Strub
          Vicente Ogilvie

     United States Navy Office
        of Information West

Officers and Crew of the USS Topeka
             (SSN 754)

       Naval Base Point Loma

-- 523  --

(Jack talks to Rooney.)

JACK: (on comm) The men in command of the Natalia plan to use
its missiles to launch them on civilians targets unless we stop
them. You need to make your way to the upper level, you need to
do it now, we are running out of time.


LOGAN: Are we evacuating these potential targets?

MIKE: We don't have time.


JACK: (on comm) I want you to approach him from behind. When
you're within 18 inches, I want you to take your left hand,
put it on his mouth, pull his head back into your chest,
exposing his neck, then I want you to take your right
hand and slit his throat.

ROONEY: (on radio) Oh, my God.

JACK: (on comm) You need to cut deep to sever the vocal cords
and the carotid artery.

ROONEY: (on radio) I-I don't... I don't know if I can do this.

JACK: (on comm) You don't have a choice, son.


JACK: (on comm) Petty Officer Rooney, what is your status?

ROONEY: (on radio) My status is, uh... He's dead.


(Jack is approaching Henderson.)

JACK: You were responsible for the deaths of David Palmer,
Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler. They were friends of mine.

HENDERSON: That's the way it works.

(Jack shoots Henderson dead.)


JACK: (on phone) Bill, Christopher Henderson is dead.

KAREN: (on phone) What? What happened?

JACK: (on phone) He fired on me. I didn't have a choice.


JACK: (on phone) I'm not coming back to CTU, I'm going after

CHLOE: (on phone) What do you mean, "you're going after Logan"?


(Chloe talks about bringing Morris into CTU to help her.)

BILL: I didn't think Morris was even on the government payroll

CHLOE: He's not.

BILL: What's he doing?

CHLOE: He's selling women's shoes in Beverly Hills.


BILL: What?

KAREN: Is this a joke?


LOGAN: If you came here to judge me, Martha, I really don't have

-- 524  --

(Jack opens a locker.)

JACK: (happily) I got a flight suit.


(Martha speaks with Mike.)

MARTHA: There's not much time.


(Jack hears Morris coming in.)

JACK: (to Logan) Don't you make a sound.


JACK: Mister Logan, I'm not gonna torture you. But you are gonna
tell me what I want to know. Or, so help me God,...

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: I will kill you.


(Jack talks to Logan.)

JACK: You are gonna be held accountable for your part of
everything that happened today. You are not gonna be able
to hide behind the presidency, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, YOU
ARE GONNA FACE JUSTICE!!! And make no mistake about this,
this is personal. And if you think for a second that I'm
scared to put a bullet in your brain,...

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: You don't know me.


(Bill hands Chloe a folded photograph with writings on its back.)

 H  F
 O  A    31
 N  N    05
 E       97
     SI  37
DAED     81


CHENG: You surely must be aware, Mister Bauer, that China has
a long memory. Only 18 months ago, you invaded our territory
and killed our consul. Did you really think that we would
forget? Hm?

JACK: I know how this works. I need to make one phone call.

CHENG: (silence)

JACK: Please. Just one phone call.

CHENG: (silence)

(Jack spits towards Cheng.)

JACK: Kill me... Just... Kill me.

CHENG: Kill you? You're far too valuable to kill, Mister Bauer.

(The ship with Jack on board is already sailing the ocean.)

-- 550  --

CONAN: (on phone) Hello?

CHLOE: (on phone) This is Chloe.

CONAN: (on phone) Hey. This is Conan. I need directions to the
Emmy Awards.

CHLOE: (on phone) Who is this? How did you get this number?

JACK: (on phone) Chloe, listen to me.

CHLOE: (on phone) Jack?

JACK: (on phone) I'm on a hi-jacked subway car. I need you to
get me in touch with the President. Tell him that if I can't
get the access to the R3 satellite codes, millions of people
will die.

CONAN: (on phone) Look, there is no time for chit-chat! I also
want a reservation in a good Italian restaurant, West Hollywood,
10 30 elevenish...

JACK: (on phone) Chloe, what's going on?

CHLOE: (on phone) Get off the phone, you idiot!

CONAN: (on phone) Yeah, idiot.

JACK: (on phone) I think she meant you.

CONAN: (on phone) I don't think so, Kiefer.

JACK: (on phone) My name is Jack Bauer. Now, get off this line!

CONAN: (on phone) All right, "Jack Bauer".

CHLOE: (on phone) I'm sorry, Jack. I'm patching you through to
the President now.

CONAN: (on phone) Kiefer!

-- 600  --

(Jack is being rescued.)

MERCENARY: Come on. We don't have much time.

-- 601  --

LENNOX: Security has its price!

WAYNE: So does freedom, Tom. Listen, I just don't see how I can
sign off on something like this. I mean, it wasn't just three
months ago that I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend
the Constitution.


KAREN: I'm not confused, Tom. And you can use whatever word you
like, in plain English, you're second guessing the President.

LENNOX: Plain English does not allow for the new answers that my
job requires, Karen.

KAREN: And just how far are you gonna push this? The ACLU is
already filing complaints against us that we've given the Bureau
too much field authority.

LENNOX: And by my lights they haven't been given near enough.
They need a wider net with tighter mesh.

KAREN: Then what happens when innocent people get caught in that

LENNOX: Well, like I told you before, security has its price.
Just get used to it, Karen.


(Abu Fayed calls Bill.)

BILL: (on phone) Go ahead.

FAYED: (on phone) Secure Bauer's wrist to the grate. Then,
leave him there.

BILL: (on phone) First, tell me where Assad is.

FAYED: (on phone) This isn't a negotiation. If you want Assad,
leave Bauer here, get back in your car, and drive away. I'm
watching you.

BILL: (on phone) You listen to me, you son of a bitch...

(Fayed hangs up.)


(Bill walks into CTU.)

NADIA: We may have spooked Fayed.

BILL: I heard what happened! DAMN IT!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?

CHLOE: It's my fault, you can fire me.

BILL: I'd fire both of you right now, but I can't afford to
loose the man power! Chloe...

(Bill walks over to Chloe.)

BILL: Look at me.

CHLOE: I'd rather not, sir.

BILL: Look at me.

(Chloe looks at Bill.)

BILL: Don't think you're the only one mourning Jack, you're not.
That may be our only option. You both better hope to God you
didn't just blow it. We may have sacrificed Jack for nothing.


FAYED: You don't need me to tell you that the nerves are bundled

(Fayed forces a knife into Jack's shoulder.)

JACK: (silence)

(Fayed pours ammonia water into the wound.)

JACK: YAAAH!!! AAAH!!! Uh! Huh! Huh! Haah! Uh. Huh. Huh. Huh.

FAYED: Better.


(Fayed talks with Ahmed.)

FAYED: (on phone) Good. You did the right thing.

-- 602  --

BILL: (on phone) Jack, it's Bill. Thank God you're alive. What
happened, how did you...

JACK: (on phone) Bill, listen to me carefully, we don't have
a lot of time.


JACK: (on phone) Mister President?

WAYNE: (on phone) Jack, I am so so...

JACK: (on phone) Sir, I'm sorry, we don't have a lot of time.


(Jack enters Assad's house.)

JACK: Don't move! Don't even think about it! Where is Assad?


WALID: We have nothing to hide.

SANDRA: No, but we have something to protect!


(Information after the final clock)

   This episode is dedicated to
   the memory of the aircrew of

            Gunshot 66
  Major Gerald "Beav" Bloomfield
Captain Michael "Martini" Martino

Whose Marine Corps helicopter was
   shot down over Western Iraq
         November 2, 2005

-- 603  --

JACK: (on phone) Chloe, I don't have a lot of time, I need to
speak to Bill Buchanan.


(Jack walks towards Masheer.)

JACK: Hey! What's wrong with you? I know you saw me coming!

MASHEER: It was my right of way!

JACK: You tell me I don't know how to drive? I'm talking to you!

ASSAD: Hey, you all right? I saw the whole thing.

JACK: Get out of here, this has got nothing to do with you!

ASSAD: I'm a witness. You drove straight into him.

JACK: What is it with you, people? You're gonna stick up for him?

ASSAD: Fine, I'll wait here until the police arrive.

(Jack backs off.)

JACK: Screw both of you. SCREW YOU!!!


(Jack dials CTU.)

JACK: (to the phone) Come on.


CHLOE: Your pick on your bosses whenever you get stressed out.

MORRIS: Milo's not my boss. Heaven forbid.


(Wayne talks with Sandra.)

WAYNE: (on phone) I don't have time for this.


(Information on Assad's cell phone display)



Mute        Speaker


(Information on crates in the storage house)

23.90 KG  S4GCA [52.69 pound]



(Information on Chloe's screen)

Subject identification
Name:         NA
Alias: Saif al Din (translation: Sword of the Faith)
DOB:          NA
Height:          5'7" - 5'10"
Weight:          140 - 165 lbs.
Eye Color:       Brown
Hair Color:      Brown
Sex:             Male
Complexion:      Olive
Citizenship:     NA
Language:        Arabic
Scars and Marks:    NA
Education:    Nuclear Science, University NA
Notes:           Al Din is alleged to be affiliated with several
terrorist organizations including Ansar al-Islam, Muslim Brothers
and Lashkar-e-Toiba, though his connection has never been verifie
[d] to any group.

Last known whereabouts:



In connection with the sale of nuclear materials to known terror-
ists.  Also wanted for conspiracy to kill U.S. Nationals, conspir
[acy] to use weapons of mass destruction against U.S. Nationals.

conspiracy to destroy property of the U.S.

                                        Volume free space: 25.9GB

-- 604  --

BILL: Damn it. Numair is a known terrorist with possible access
to suitcase nukes, and he escapes in broad daylight! WE HAVE TO


(Information on a pillar behind Curtis)



(Milo and Morris argued.)

MORRIS: OK, fine! If you want it in table format, you'll get it
in table format. Let's just stop this mad psychotic terrorist bad
guy before he detonates a nuke on Wilshire Boulevard. All right?


AHMED: (on phone) Did the device arrive?

FAYED: (on phone) Yes, but it was still wrong to involve anyone

AHMED: (on phone) I understand, and I know, but I-I had to,
I had no choice, I...


WAYNE: I've just approved the written agreement with Assad.

LENNOX: That was quick.

WAYNE: It had to be. We don't have the time to stand on ceremony.


BILL: (on phone) Jack, it's Bill. Spreg told me what happened.
Curtis didn't leave you any choice.

JACK: (on phone) That's what I keep trying to tell myself.

BILL: (on phone) You did the right thing.

-- 605  --

(Jack tries to save the helicopter passenger.)

JACK: Can you hear me? Can you hear me?


WAYNE: Admiral, I am very sure that your emotions are shared by
many in this room and across this country...

SMITH: It's not just emotions. Our duty demands we pre...

LENNOX: The President is talking, Admiral. Do not interrupt.


GRAEM: (on phone) Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're, we're cool, Jack. Wow.
It's blowing my mind hearing from you like this.


(Jack grabs Graem by his throat.)

JACK: If you try and raise your voice, I will rip your tongue
out. Are we clear?

(Graem nods.)

JACK: Gray, people in this country are dying, and I need some
information. Are you gonna give it to me, or do I have to start
hurting you?

GRAEM: Actually, you're hurting me now.

JACK: Trust me.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: I'm not.


JACK: One more thing comes out of your mouth that I don't wanna
hear, and this is gonna start to hurt.

GRAEM: I told you that I don't know where Dad is, what do you
want from me?

JACK: The truth!

GRAEM: That is the truth, I swear to you on my family's life!

JACK: Not good enough.

-- 606  --

GRAEM: I'm not leaving my family, Jack, not today.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Oh, yes, you are.


MARILYN: Graem, where're you going?

GRAEM: Jack and I have to go find Dad.

MARILYN: What do you mean, "find him"?


JACK: Well, unfortunately for you, Gray, right now, you're gonna
have to trust me.

GRAEM: Trust you? After what you did to me at the house, all I
trust in is your sadistic tendencies.


LENNOX: Yeah, I'd like to tender your resignation, Karen.

KAREN: Oh, my resignation. What are you smoking?


KAREN: Do you wanna get into ring with me, Tom? You've got
skeletons in your closet, and I will not hesitate to pull them

LENNOX: Yeah, we've all got our skeletons, Karen. It's proof we
don't all have. I've got mine. How long before you get yours?

KAREN: You're a son of a bitch.

LENNOX: I never claimed otherwise.


WALID: (on comm) All right, I've got the phone.

SAMUELS: (on comm) Good. I'm gonna give you a number to
dial, and CTU will be able to access the phone's records.
After dialling the number, hit the star button twice. The
number is 3 1 0, 5 9 7, 3 7, 8 1. Again, the number: 3 10,
5 9 7, 3 7, 8 1. Once we get everything off the SIM, I'll
let you know, you can put the phone back.


HEYDAR: My phone... It's gone.

SALIM: What do you mean, "it's gone"?


(Jack aims at Phillip's henchman.)

JACK: Don't you move.

-- 607  --

(Lennox walks with Reed.)

LENNOX: Getting rid of Karen is distinctly unpleasant, but she
left us no choice.


(Graem surrenders.)

JACK: Get on the floor! GET ON THE FLOOR!!!


GRAEM: I panicked, Jack. That's all there's to it.

JACK: You panicked... That's your excuse? You PANICKED?!?


JACK: I think you knew more about McCarthy than you told me.
How do I find him?

GRAEM: I don't have a clue.



JACK: Four CCs!

BURKE: That's eight CCs total, Jack, his vitals are spiking
across the line.



GRAEM: We are the same. I mean, look at me. We're the same!


(Jack aim his weapon at Graem.)

JACK: You want me to kill you?

GRAEM: Do it!


BURKE: I can't do that.

(Jack aims at Burke.)


(Jack walks back to Graem.)


BURKE: (on radio) Get me somebody in here! Now!

JACK: You wanna die?

(Jack aims at CTU agent entering the room.)


(Jack aims at Graem.)

JACK: You're gonna die.

(Jack spots Phillip and calms down.)


(Sandra is in hospital with Walid.)

WALID: I'm ashamed.

SANDRA: What do you mean, "you're ashamed"?

-- 608  --

BILL: Chloe, have you accessed the uplink yet?

CHLOE: Not yet!

BILL: Listen, I know what you must be feeling, but if there's
a problem...

CHLOE: Get away from me, there's not a problem! The only problem
is people like you bothering me when I'm trying to do my job!

BILL: Chloe, give up your post to Milo.

CHLOE: Leave me alone, I can do this!

BILL: Now.


(Rita shoots McCarthy dead.)

MORRIS: Yes. Yes! Thank God. A bit excessive, but you did the
right thing. Now, I've got to contact CTU and give them...

RITA: SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! Fayed wants you alive, and whatever
shape you're in beyond that is up to you.

MORRIS: Oh, come on. What're you doing?

RITA: I am making seven million dollars.


REED: (on phone) Did you hear what I said?

CARSON: (on phone) I heard. Looks like we have no choice.


(Wayne speaks with Assad.)

WAYNE: Now, if just one more nuke goes off, one more, we won't
have a choice.


FAYED: Your time is up!

(Fayed drills into Morris' shoulder.)

MORRIS: Uaaaaaaahhh!


REED: What if I told you that the climate could change?

LENNOX: What does that even mean, "the climate"?


(Jack is disarming the nuke.)

JACK: (on comm) Top's off... Come on, Chloe, we're running out of


JACK: (on comm) Nothing happened, the case didn't open.

CHLOE: (on comm) It didn't?

JACK: (on comm) That's what I said, it didn't open!

CHLOE: (on comm) Hold on.

JACK: (on comm) Chloe, we are almost out of time.


(Information on Tom Lennox's computer screen)


Abu Fayed is still at large.

At 1:45pm Pacific Standard Time, Fayed escaped from an apartment
building in South East Los Angeles.  CTU was on scene as Fayed
left armed tactical nuclear weapon at the apartment, which CTU
succeeded deactivating.

***Fayed now has the capability to arm the remaining three
nuclear bombs.***

It is believed the trigger device is a converted Personal
Data Driver (PDD) (See specifications under file # 2487).

The capture of Abu Fayed is the top priority of CTU and all its
sister agencies.  Evidence is being collected from the apartment
site which was a safe house for Fayed's operations.

-- 609  --

JACK: I lost control.

BILL: Because you found out he was responsible for David Palmer's

(Jack slaps the desk.)

JACK: Yes, because I found out about David Palmer's


CHLOE: Morris, I know you've been through a lot today, but you're
really starting to piss me off.


JACK: All teams, go. Go.

(Jack and CTU agents storm the house.)


(Jack spots a bomb.)


(Jack jumps out through a window, shattering it.)

-- 610  --

BILL: (on phone) Jack, what's going on?

JACK: (on phone) I'll explain everything later.

BILL: (on phone) That's not good enough.

JACK: (on phone) Bill, please... Just trust me. This is personal.

BILL: (on phone) Jack!

(Jack hangs up.)

JACK: (to himself) How could I have been so stupid?


NADIA: Morris, when Milo gets here, I want you to debrief him as
soon as medical gives you the OK.

MORRIS: Yeah, yeah, I'll debrief him, and thanks for rubbing that
salt into wounds.


MARILYN: Jack, you're asking me to put Josh's life at risk.

JACK: Josh's life is at risk.


REED: This President is giving us no choice.


JACK: (on phone) You pull that trigger and that option is gone.
You understand me? Gone!

PHILLIP: (on phone) I'm no fool, Jack. They're never gonna give
me immunity after everything I've done.

JACK: (on phone) You don't know that. You don't know that for
sure! Right now, they are desperate. But either way, for you,
this is over. Dad, it's over!


(Milo and Chloe talk about Morris.)

MILO: He came and saw me in the infirmary...

CHLOE: Look, I know he's been a little shaky.

MILO: Has he been drinking?

CHLOE: You smelled it on his breath?

MILO: Yeah.

CHLOE: I did, too. I already talked to him about it. He didn't
metabolize the alcohol.

MILO: He didn't... "metabolize the alcohol"?


(Jack hands Marilyn a gun.)

JACK: You know how to use this?


JACK: Point, hit, shoot.


(Josh passes by Jack.)

JACK: Your mother's waiting for you in the stairwell around the
corner, go. Go!


PHILLIP: I never meant for this to happen, Jack. I didn't have
a choice.


(Information on PDA Phillip left for Jack)

CALL 310 597 3781

-- 611  --

REED: Killing Tom Lennox only benefits us.

CARSON: We don't have any choice.

REED: Listen. Tom Lennox is a very smart man. Now, I think that
once Vice President Daniels is holding the reins and enacting
the policies that Lennox himself created, we can convince him
to keep quiet.

CARSON: I'm not gambling my life on Lennox's good judgment.

REED: Look, it's a risk, but it is a risk that I'm willing to
take. We're not cold-blooded murderers. We're just trying to save
our country. Either way, we do not have time to resolve this now.


(Chloe phones Morris' sponsor.)

CHLOE: (on phone) I'm at 3 1 O, 5 9 7, 3 7 8 1. Thank you.


CHLOE: Morris, I need you to tell me the truth. Have you been

MORRIS: I just had a couple of beers, love. I didn't think
anyone would mind.

CHLOE: Don't be starcastic.


(Chloe confronts Morris in men's room.)

MORRIS: Are you out of your bleeding mind?


CARSON: Now, this is the detonator. Press 6 2 4 Enter, and the
signal will activate the bomb.

-- 612  --

(Russian Consulate guard spots Jack.)

GUARD: (in Russian) Pocemu ty zdes? [Why are you here?]

JACK: (in Russian) Mne prikazali ochranjat zdes. [They ordered
me to guard here.]


(Jack aims his gun at Markov.)

JACK: I don't have time to ask nicely.


(Suvarov talks with Daniels.)

SUVAROV: (on phone) If your agent does not stand down
immediately, my country will have no choice but to
retaliate with the most forceful diplomatic measures
at our disposal.


(Jack questions Markov about Gredenko.)

JACK: What is he doing? WHAT IS HE DOING???


(Information on Morris' computer screen in Russian)

    Srocnoe soobscenie

      Vozniksaja crezvycajnaja situacija byla razresena. Neskolko
    minut nazad, ochrana konsulstva zachvatila i vzjala pod arest
       neskolko nozevych ranenij, a takze ozogi i porezy lica, no
  zizn ego vne opasnosti, i v nastojascee vremja emu okazyvaetsja

   Konsulstvo podverglos napadeniju. Primerno v 17:30 NEIZVESTNYJ
       AMERIKANSKIJ AGENT vnezapno vorvalsja obratno v konsulstvo
         posle soprovozdenija byvsego prezidenta Carlza Logana na
        zaplanirovannoju vstrecu s konsulom. Po okoncanii vstreci
 amerikanskaja delegacija pokinula zal zasedanija, no NEIZVESTNYJ
  AGENT vernulsja i vzjal Generalnogo konsula v zalozniki. Konsul
       byl podvergnut bytkam, no smog podat signal trevogi. Posle
       nekotorogo protivostojanija ochrana zaderzala NEIZVESTNOGO
               AMERIKANSKOGO AGENTA i osvobodila konsula Markova.

V nastojascee vremja ustanavlivaetsja licnost AGENTA i motivy ego
 napadenika. Dopolnitelnaja informacija budet predostavljatsja po
                                               mere postuplenija.

[   Urgent Message

                 The recent special situation was resolved. A few
 minutes earlier, security of the consulate overcame and arrested
                     AN UNKNOWN AMERICAN AGENT. Consul Markov got
       some knife wounds, and also burnings and cuts on face, but
              his life is out of danger, and he was given medical

The consulate was attacked. Approximately at 5:30 PM, THE UNKNOWN
             AMERICAN AGENT suddenly whaled back to the consulate
              after escorting a former President Charles Logan to
   a scheduled meeting with the Consul. After ending the meeting,
     the American delegacy left the council hall, but THE UNKNOWN
   AGENT returned and took the Consul General hostage. The Consul
     was subjected to beating, but he managed to sound the alarm.
  After that, some opposing security members captured THE UNKNOWN
                          AMERICAN AGENT and freed Consul Markov.

      Recently, AGENT's persona and the motives of his attack are
            investigated. Additional intel will be provided after


NADIA: (on phone) Apparently, they got to Jack.

BILL: (on phone) What do you mean, "got to him"?


STOVICH: You will get the chance to make these allegations
through the appropriate channels.

JACK: No, there's not enough time.


(Jack tries to talk Stovich into contacting CTU.)

JACK: You need to call 3 1 0, 5 9 7, 3 7 8 1.

-- 613  --

BILL: We have to extricate Jack, and failing that, we have to go
in and remove Markov and interrogate him ourselves.

LOGAN: We don't have time to go through the red tape.


(Jack tries to make a call-box work.)

JACK: (to the call-box) Come on...

(Jack hangs up.)

JACK: Damn it.


NOAH: Now, you listen to me. If we expect to navigate through
this crisis, I need you to cooperate.

LENNOX: Yes, sir, I would like to cooperate...

NOAH: I'm still talking!


(Martha talks to Anya.)

MARTHA: (on phone) There's not a lot of time.


(In the basement, Jack finds out that he ran out of bullets.)

JACK: (inaudibly) Fuck.

-- 614  --

GREDENKO: (on phone) I don't have time to explain.


CHLOE: It could take an hour to do the signature trace.

BILL: We don't have an hour.


(Bill faces Milo and Doyle.)

BILL: We don't have time for your personal differencies.


WELTON: I don't have much time, Miss Hayes.


(Jack steers the drone.)

JACK: (to the monitor) Come on.

-- 615  --

BILL: (on phone) Vice President Daniels has ordered a nuclear
strike against Fayed's country.

JACK: (on phone) What's he trying to do, start World War III?


(Information on Chloe's screen)

Name:  Hauser, Mark
Height: 6' 0"  Weight: 29.

Shawn Smith Memorial High School

Employed by Curto Security Consu
*   Manages private contracts for
*   See list_

Employment History:
03  August      1996    SEE LIN
20  May         1997    SEE LIN
11  March       1998    SEE LIN
31  January     1999    SEE LIN
09  December    2000    SEE LIN
13  October     2001    SEE LIN
23  November    2002    SEE LIN
08  December    2002    SEE LIN
08  March       2003    SEE LIN
23  January     2004    SEE LIN


SANDRA: But the doctor said he needs to remain sedated for a few
days before the swelling can subside.

KAREN: But we don't have a few days.


(Noah reads a note about Wayne.)

NOAH: What the hell does this mean, "they're taking him out of
the coma"?


(Jack identifies Hauser.)

JACK: (on comm) I've got a positive ID. Move in on the house now,
move in on the house now!


MEDIC: He's got an arterial bleeding. We need to get him to a

JACK: We don't have time. Do whatever you have to to stabilize


JACK: Brady, when we came in, you were working on your computer.
What were you working on?

BRADY: Ge-getting files.

JACK: What kind of files?

BRADY: I don't know. Mark asked me to get through the IBC
firewall to set up a proxy server port.

(Jack has no clue what Brady is talking about.)



GREDENKO: (on phone) I need those protocols.

HAUSER: (on phone) I can leave them with my brother.

GREDENKO: (on phone) Brady?

HAUSER: (on phone) Unless you want to wait for me to get back
from the office.

GREDENKO: (on phone) I don't have time. Have your brother meet
me in the parking lot across the street.


(Gredenko checks the information Brady gave him.)

GREDENKO: (in Russian) Kogda skazu, streljaj ego. [When I say,
shoot him.]

JACK: (on comm) Gredenko just gave the order to shoot the kid as
soon as the information's been verified.

-- 616  --

LENNOX: Well, I would suggest, sir, that this is properly
a matter for the courts.

KAREN: I concur.

NOAH: We don't have time to go to...


(Gredenko passes by a board.)

 (310) 260-8744


(Fayed finds out that Gredenko brought CTU to his hideout.)

FAYED: You led them to me?

GREDENKO: I had no choice.


(Jack and Hasim both take cover.)

JACK: (to Hasim) Show me your head...

(Hasim peeps out, and Jack shoots him dead.)


(Jack storms into the bar where customers are beating Fayed up.)


(Jack fires into the air.)


PATRON: He shot my friend.

JACK: I'm sorry about your friend. We'll get him medical
attention. Just stay back.

FAYED: I hope your friend is dead!

(Jack kicks Fayed.)

JACK: Shut up!

-- 617  --

SMITH: (on phone) Commander, abort code Alpha, 0, Delta, 9.
Ditch it in the Gulf.


JACK: Buchanan wants us to transport Fayed back to CTU.

DOYLE: We don't have time.


MILO: The guy is a creep and a sadist.

NADIA: OK, you know what, I don't have time for this.



BILL: (on comm) Jack, go ahead.


BILL: (on comm) Jack, say again, we didn't get that.



CHENG: (on phone) Hello, Mister Bauer. Yes, Miss Rains is alive.
If you wish her to remain that way, you will call me back in ten
minutes at 3 1 0, 5 9 7 3 7 8 1 on a secure line.

-- 618  --

(Cheng talks to Jack.)

CHENG: (on phone) What we want is the component from the
triggering mechanism. It contains prototype algorithm old
enough to be free of any modern decryption safeguards.
With it, we'll have access to virtually all Russian
defence technology. It's a simple exchange. You give
me the component, I give you Audrey.


(Jack asks Chloe to send him the schematics of the sub-circuit

CHLOE: (on phone) Where do you want me to send it?

JACK: (on phone) To the cell phone that I'm calling you from.
Use the secure line Alpha 5 3 9.


(Chloe uploads the schematics to Jack's cell phone.)

JACK: (to the cell phone) Come on...


(The upload is almost complete.)

JACK: (to the cell phone) Come on...


JACK: I'm Agent Bauer. I was the man that was responsible for
securing these nukes. I'm under a presidential order to remove
the FB-circuit board from one of these bombs, have it transferred
back to CTU for immediate analysis. We don't have much time.
This building has been compromised. Now, open the gate.

SERGEANT: Sir, no one is allowed in here.

JACK: Are you countermanding a presidential order? How dare you,
Sergeant? Now you're wasting my time. What's your name? WHAT'S


(Morris talks to Chloe.)

MORRIS: Telling Buchanan was the right thing to do. You know it


DOYLE: (on comm) It's me, the tracker's on line. The frequency
mark is Alpha 1 7 9 3.


(Jack aims at Doyle.)

JACK: Don't you move.

-- 619  --

("Previously on 24")

CHENG: (on phone) What we want is the component from the
triggering mechanism. The FB-sub-circuit board. You give
me the component, I give you Audrey.


(Morris and Nadia watch as Bill leaves CTU.)

MORRIS: What's happening to Buchanan?

NADIA: He's gone.

MORRIS: What do you mean, "he's gone"?


JACK: What's the problem?

DOYLE: We don't have Cheng, Jack.

JACK: What do you mean, "you don't have him"?

-- 620  --

(Jack gives Doyle a choke hold.)

JACK: Easy...


(Jack grabs Bradley.)

JACK: Have you started yet?



BRADLEY: Nothing. Nothing.

(Jack throws Bradley away.)

JACK: Consider yourself lucky.


JACK: Audrey, we're out of time!


DOYLE: Jack, put your gun down!


-- 621  --

JACK: It's out of my hands.

MARILYN: What do you mean, "it's out of your hands"?


MARILYN: Jack, what's going on, what do they want with Josh?

JACK: What do you mean, "Josh"?

-- 622  --

JACK: Cheng's using the boy as a shield! Hold your fire! HOLD


(Lennox and Hollister watch Lisa and Bishop finishing making love
from Secret Service van.)

LENNOX: And... Finally, we're done. Here we go.


(Lennox watches Bishop holding Lisa's PDA on the monitor.)

LENNOX: (to the monitor) Come on. Come on. Come on, come on,
come on. Send these emails, come on.


NOAH: I will not tolerate any threats from you, Mister President.
We're doing everything in our power to ensure this component does
not reach China.

SUVAROV: (on screen) I have already given you ample time to
recover it. Now, I am feeling less generous. If you do not
deliver concrete and irrefutable proof to our embassy that you
have recovered or destroyed this component within two hours,
I will have no choice but to extend my country's forward
perimeter to compensate for our defensive vulnerabilities.


NOAH: This ruse, it bought us nothing. We're about to go to war
over a piece of circuitry.


NOAH: The Russians are blaming us for allowing the Chinese theft
of the FB sub-circuit board, and they're preparing to retaliate
against us. All our efforts to reacquire the component have
failed, so we have no choice but to defend ourselves and to
make provisions for the escalation of this conflict beyond
the Central Asian theater.


NOAH: Well, if that is the case, then we have no choice. We
have to recover that stolen circuit board. Get me CTU.

-- 623  --

NOAH: (on phone) The man who has the component is no longer
working with the Chinese. He's offered to trade it back to us,
and I've authorized the exchange.

SUVAROV: (on phone) For the sake of both our countries, Mister
Vice President, I hope it happens soon, because until you have
the component, I have no choice but to continue on our present


KAREN: (on phone) I don't know where else to turn.

BILL: (on phone) What do you mean, "you don't know where else to


(Karen asks Nadia for security code for internal deployment

NADIA: (on phone) Log onto the grid of 9 4. Security code: Alpha
Charlie November.


DOYLE: (on comm) I've got a helicopter approaching out of the
north. It's too far to read its markings.

MORRIS: (on comm) You think it might be Phillip Bauer?

DOYLE: (on comm) I don't know, Morris, that's why I'm asking you.

MORRIS: (on comm) All right, no need to get testy.


CHENG: You're making the right choice, continuing to work with

PHILLIP: Your mistakes have been totally unacceptable. But China
is still my future.

-- 624  --

BILL: (on radio) Nadia, it's Bill. Look, I understand the
pressure you're under, but you have to believe me when I
tell you, this is the right call to make.


BILL: (on radio) Thank you, Nadia. You did the right thing.


(Jack captures Cheng.)

JACK: Don't move! Where is the boy? WHERE IS THE BOY?!?


(Jack captures Phillip.)

JACK: Get up! GET UP, IT'S OVER!!!

-- 640  --

-- 641  --

RAMIREZ: Let me give you some time to search your memory.


-- 642  --

-- 643  --

-- 644  --

-- 700  --

(Benton walks away from Jack after a conversation.)

JACK: (to himself) Damn it, Jack.


(Benton finds Desmond.)

BENTON: Stay with me, Desmond. Stay with me.


BENTON: (on phone) Jack. Don't let them take my kids. Don't let
them take the children.

JACK: (on phone) Carl, I won't. (at whole school) EVERYBODY!!!


(Halcott is checking records that Chris stole from work.)

CHRIS: So, um, just erase it, and, and take whatever you want,
then you leave.

(Halcott nods.)

CHRIS: OK, are we cool?

(Quinn hits Chris with a newspaper from behind.)

CHRIS: Whoa!

QUINN: Whoa.

CHRIS: Whoa!


CHRIS: Whoa!

QUINN: Do we look like fools to you?





QUINN: Do we?



QUINN: Do we?


QUINN: Then don't talk to us like we are.


(Jack and the children make it to the Embassy.)

JACK: We're almost there! Just stay with me!


TRAMELL: The choice is yours.

JACK: I don't have a choice, you son of a bitch.

-- 701  --

TONY: What's the problem?

MASTERS: The CIP module stopped working.

TONY: What do you mean, "it stopped"?


(Taylor and Ethan talk about Juma.)

ETHAN: We can always revisit the UN option.

TAYLOR: The UN's paralyzed, Ethan, while people are being
butchered by that madman.


JACK: You don't have time to go through the motions with
Schector. You serve him with a warrant, he'll call
his lawyers, he'll stall as long as he needs.

LARRY: So... What's the alternative, Jack? Break in and torture
the guy like you used to do? Isn't that how you ended up in
front of a Senate subcommittee?

(Jack moves towards Larry.)

LARRY: Oh, is this how it starts? You get in my face, tighten
your jaw, then, if I say something you don't like, you slam me
against the wall?

JACK: (growling) You have no idea what I do. And the last time
I checked, you subpoenaed me. You want my help, you want my
advice, take it. You don't, don't. I don't care.

RENEE: Mister Bauer, you said you used to work with this man,
Schector. How well does he know you?

(Jack chuckles.)

JACK: He knows me.

-- 702  --

(Renee and Jack go after Tanner.)

JACK: You made the right call.

RENEE: We'll see.


JANIS: Dornan's team is almost done with their first sweep
through the building, but he said it's his gut feeling that
the sniper is not in there.

LARRY: I don't care about his gut feeling. Renee said they had
that building locked down right after the shots were fired. He's
gotta be in there.

JANIS: Yes, sir.

LARRY: Tell them to search every square inch.

(Larry is about to leave.)

JANIS: Uh, um, uh, uh...

LARRY: What?

JANIS: Dornan also wants to know if we know where Agent Walker


SAMANTHA: The money... Uh... It... It isn't mine.

HENRY: What do you mean, "it isn't yours"?


(Jack grabs Tanner.)

JACK: Is Tony Almeida on the boat? Is Tony Almeida on the boat?

-- 703  --

TAYLOR: And gentlemen, Almeida is our only lead. Make sure the
FBI is aware of the demands, they need to work Almeida from the
Africa side, and they need to know we don't have a lot of time.


(Larry walks away from Jack and Renee.)

RENEE: We had to tell him, we had no choice.


(Jack talks with Larry and Renee about questioning Tony himself.)

JACK: You're running out of time. You don't have a better option.


TONY: You're asking me why I'm doing this. I could ask you the
same question. Here you are, working for the same people who
wanna put you in prison. The same people who killed everything
you love and left you with nothing. Your daughter wants nothing
to do with you, Teri's dead...

JACK: Shut up.

TONY: Audrey Raines, Miles...


TONY: No, Jack, no! You need to hear this! You need to start
living in the real world! Because every second you help the
government, you're spittin' on Teri's grave!

(Jack goes for Tony.)

JACK: Get up. GET UP!!!

LARRY: He's losing it.

RENEE: Hold on. Hold on.

(Jack chokes Tony.)

JACK: TELL ME WHERE THE DEVICE IS!!! So help me God, I will kill
you, and you will stay dead this time. Where is the device?

TONY: Uh... Uh...

JACK: This is your last chance. Where is it? WHERE IS IT?!?

TONY: Uh... Uh... Uh... Deep Sky...

JACK: What did you just say?

LARRY: Son of a bitch.

RENEE: Give him a few more seconds.

LARRY: Few more seconds, he'll be dead.

TONY: Deep... Sky.

(Larry enters the holding room.)

LARRY: Jack! Let him go!


BILL: (on phone) I need ten minutes to set up the VPN line...

JACK: (on phone) I don't have ten minutes!


(Jack gives Renee a choke hold.)

JACK: Don't fight it.

RENEE: Jas...

JACK: Don't fight it.


(Jack is getting Tony out.)

LARRY: Where is Agent Walker? What did you do to her?

JACK: Shut up.

LARRY: Bauer, you're not gonna make it out of here.

JACK: I said SHUT UP!!!


SEAN: Hacking in, is that possible? With all the safeguards?

JANIS: Anything is possible if you know what you're doing.


JACK: (on phone) Chloe, we have to take the stairwell. We don't
have a choice.


(Jack hotwires a car.)

JACK: (to himself) This is gonna hurt.

(Jack drives under heavy fire.)


-- 704  --

RENEE: What's happening with DOT cameras?

SEAN: I've been trying. Traffic images aren't loading.

RENEE: What do you mean, "not loading"?


ETHAN: (on phone) You and your people have royally screwed up,
Agent Moss!


JACK: And everyone else thinking you're dead, so much the better.

TONY: Yeah.

JACK: And since then you've been working undercover to expose his


TONY: No, Jack.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: What?

TONY: I was really working for him.


EMERSON: (on phone) That doesn't make any sense, Tony. Bauer's
working for them. He helped capture you.

TONY: (on phone) It's only because he didn't have a choice.
He's on board now.

EMERSON: (on phone) What do you mean, "on board"?




(Sean impersonates Larry.)

OFFICIAL: (on phone) Agent Moss, may I have your Level 5 access

SEAN: (on phone) 6, 2 2 3, 5 1 0.


EMERSON: Why'd you come back?

JACK: Wanted to know what it was like to walk into a propeller.


RENEE: You're out of time, Mister Tanner.


LARRY: (on phone) This is Special Agent Larry Moss, FBI. This is
not a drill. Code: Alpha Alpha Delta. Lock the Prime Minister

-- 705  --

LARRY: I'm in the middle of a field op, Erika. I don't really
have a lot of time right now.


(Information on Eto'o's cell phone display)

Call from:



LITVAK: We are running out of time. Put more gas in!


(Litvak brings Renee to the crew.)

RENEE: Damn you, Bauer, you son of a bitch!


(Jack grabs Renee.)

RENEE: Don't you touch me.

-- 706  --

(Jack talks to Matobo.)

JACK: Sir, we have a plan to stop Dubaku, but we can't do it
without your help. We don't have much time.



RENEE: What do you think, Jack? You shot me and buried me alive.

JACK: If we hadn't, Emerson would've kill you. I'm sorry we
had to keep you in the dark, but we didn't have a choice.


MATOBO: Are you with the FBI?

CHLOE: No, I'm a stay-at-home mom.


DUBAKU: (on phone) The White House still has not complied.
American forces are still in position. I think this President
is not just stubborn. She's insane.

NICHOLS: (on phone) What do you intend to do?

DUBAKU: (on phone) Exactly what we promised.

-- 707  --

("Previously on 24")

DUBAKU: (on phone) Did everything go smoothly?

NICHOLS: (on phone) We have the Matobos, that's what matters.
I heard about the planes on the radio.

DUBAKU: (on phone) The White House still has not complied.

NICHOLS: (on phone) What do you intend to do?

DUBAKU: (on phone) Exactly what we promised.


LARRY: (on phone) We've ID'd a vehicle that we believe was used
in the Matobos' abduction. We're still trying to track it down.

ETHAN: (on phone) And how long is that going to take?

LARRY: (on phone) Wish I could tell you, sir. I don't have
a time frame.

ETHAN: (on phone) That's not good enough, Larry.


JANIS: (on phone) I'm sending a rescue team. A rescue team is
on its way, John. Please, stay with me. Stay with me.


SEAN: We're doing everything we can, sir.

LARRY: That's not good enough right now, is it?


(Information on Gedge's cell phone display)

 Missed Alerts   5/9

  Missed: Vossler
   6:29pm Nov 28

  Missed: Vossler
   6:29pm Nov 28

  Missed: 310-597-3
   6:28pm Nov 28

  Missed: Vossler
   8:03am Nov 28

Call         Dismiss


(Information on cell phone display while Henry attempts to call)



RENEE: I thought you said the government couldn't be trusted.

JACK: Right now, we don't have a choice.

-- 708  --

JACK: Madam President, six weeks ago Bill Buchanan discovered
that key members of your government were working with General
Juma and Colonel Dubaku in an effort to undermine this nation's
foreign policy.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Your foreign policy.


TAYLOR: You resigned from government service, and the Senate
regards you as having been a renegade agent. How am I supposed
to know where your loyalties really lie?

JACK: With all due respect, Madam President... Ask around.

TAYLOR: What could you even do on such short notice?

JACK: I couldn't make you any promises, but we will do
everything possible to save your husband. Right now, we
need you to go along with Dubaku's demands. That'll buy
us some time... Madam President, you don't have another choice.


(Jack and Renee talk about Larry.)

JACK: Try him. We don't have much time.


LARRY: (on phone) I need to see you. Make sure this is real,
that you're not under duress.

RENEE: (on phone) There's no time for that.


LARRY: The rules are what make us better.

JACK: Not today.


(Marika argues with Rosa.)

MARIKA: I'm sorry. I don't have time for this.


(Jack approaches Vossler.)

JACK: Get out of the car! GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!


(Jack makes a phone call.)

JACK: Talk to your wife!

VOSSLER: You son of a bitch...



(Vossler talks to his wife.)

JACK: You are running out of time.


(Jack talks to Vossler.)

JACK: You tell me now, or the situation for your family goes from
bad to worse. Where is he?


RENEE: (on phone) And what about Vossler?

JACK: (on phone) He's dead. He attacked me, I didn't have
a choice.


HENCHMAN: (on phone) Their car arrived, but nothing is happening.

DUBAKU: (on phone) What do you mean, "nothing's happening"?


(Jack sees that Henry has been shot.)

JACK: Oh, no... Oh, my God... Sir... Sir... We're gonna get you
help. Just stay with me.

(Jack looks at Renee.)


-- 709  --

ETHAN: I'm only trying to do my job. Looking out for your

TAYLOR: My interest right now is catching Ike Dubaku. He has
killed scores of Americans today, he tried to kill my husband,
and he has corrupted our government. Whatever it takes, I want
that son of a bitch found.


DUBAKU: Marika, Marika, I don't have time to argue with you!


LARRY: Need you to cross-reference our deployments with Homeland.
Make sure the requisition numbers match up. After that, you can
catch up on the hourlies.

JANIS: Are you joking? That is busy work, administrative crap
you're handing me!

LARRY: Janis, I don't have the time nor the inclination right
now to explain my assignments to you, just get it done.


LARRY: Our network doesn't support remote modules.

CHLOE: That's inefficient. Whoever set your network up that way
didn't know what they were doing.


LARRY: I set our network up that way.


(Larry observes Chloe.)

CHLOE: Something else?

LARRY: You worked with Bauer for a long time, didn't you?

CHLOE: Seven years, on and off.


DUBAKU: I want you to take this message back with you.
If anything should happen to me on my way out of the country,
an accident or an assassination attempt, anything... The plane
that you were so generous to donate decides to explode... A data
file with all the names and bank transactions of all those
involved will be sent to the Justice Department.

BURNETT: That is completely unnecessary.

DUBAKU: Same holds true if anything should happen to Marika
Donoso. I swear to you she knows nothing of this. She's no
threat to you. Make sure your driver knows this before he
brings her to me. Do you understand what I am saying?

BURNETT: (silence)

DUBAKU: I want you to tell me that you understand what I am
saying to you, so there will be no mistakes.

BURNETT: I understand.

DUBAKU: Good. The one thing I have learned in the company
of mercenaries, Mister Burnett, is that ultimately they care
about nothing but their own survival. Good day.


MARIKA: We're going away from here. All of us.

ROSA: Uh, what, what do you mean, "all"?


(Jack shows Marika a picture of Dubaku.)

JACK: You know this man?


JACK: You're lying to me. WHY ARE YOU LYING TO ME?!?


RENEE: You want to send that girl to Dubaku?

JACK: We don't have another choice.


MARIKA: It's not your decision to make, Rosa, it's mine.
And it's the right thing to do.


(Jack talks to Chloe.)

JACK: (on phone) OK. Let me give you the SID number:
1, C, 4 8, 6 8, 9.


(Jack and Renne are apprehended by the Metro PD officers.)

OFFICER #1: Get out of the car! Get out of the car right now!


OFFICER #1: Get out of the car right now! Right now! On the
ground! On the ground!


OFFICER #1: On the ground!

OFFICER #2: Get down!


LARRY: (on phone) No, I don't have time to deal with your chain
of command.

-- 710  --

("Previously on 24")

OFFICER #1: Out! Slowly! Get out of the vehicle slowly!

OFFICER #2: Kneel!


OFFICER #1: On your knees!

OFFICER #2: Get down!


OFFICER #1: Get down!


RENEE: Then Dubaku knows that Marika is working with us. He will
kill her, Jack. We should not have used her like this.

JACK: We didn't have a choice. She was our only asset.

RENEE: She's not an asset, Jack, she's a human being.


(Jack and Renee are pursuing Dubaku.)

JACK: (to the car in front of him) Come on!


(Jack questions Dubaku.)

JACK: Where is the list? Give me the li... WHERE IS THE LIST?!?


JACK: Open him up.

THUENER: Sir, we don't have time, I have to ask you to step

(Jack draws his weapon at Thuener.)

JACK: You open him up now.


SEAN: What's wrong?

ERIKA: It, it isn't working!

SEAN: What do you mean, "it isn't working"?

ERIKA: All the inputs are active, the servers are aligned, but
the reformat won't start. It doesn't make any sense.

SEAN: OK, we just... Just think it through, Erika. All right?
We can...

ERIKA: Would you just shut up, OK? OK. Has to be server three.
Right, server three was upgraded last week... Which means...
They restored the partitions to the system default settings,
how could I be so stupid...


JACK: What happened to Marika was a tragedy. But I'm not gonna
stand here and tell you what we did was wrong, because we
weren't. She made a choice, a brave one, to get involved,
but she made it.

RENEE: God, listen to yourself, Jack. You don't even sound human,
don't you feel anything?

JACK: We had a job to do. To protect the hundreds if not
thousands of innocent lives that would not have had a choice if
we let a terrorist attack take place. What we did wasn't wrong.
It was necessary.

RENEE: I've read your file. When your wife was killed, did you
feel that, or did you just tell yourself that that was necessary?

JACK: What do you want from me? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?

RENEE: I just want to know that you feel something! I want
to know that you feel the same kind of pain that I do!

(Renee slaps Jack.)

RENEE: Do you feel that?!


RENEE: Do you feel that?!

(Jack grabs Renee's wrist.)

RENEE: Uh... Guh... 

(Jack hugs Renee.)

RENEE: Oh... Guh...

JACK: It's good... You're gonna be all right... It's gonna take
a while... But you will learn to live with it...

RENEE: And what if I don't wanna learn to live with it?

JACK: Then quit...

(Jack walks away.)

JACK: And by the way, that stunt you pulled by the car? You ever
pull your weapon on me again, you better intend to use it.

RENEE: I did.


TONY: This is real, Jack.

JACK: Burnett will be on Dubaku's list. As soon as he finds out
that Dubaku's in custody, he'll start running. You don't have a
lot of time.

-- 711  --

(Information on Chloe's computer screen)


Teo Dell Amico          555-0112           DATA VERIFIED

Terry Malalas           555-0145           DATA VERIFIED

Scott Powell            555-0158           DATA VERIFIED

Shauna McGarry          555-0101           DATA VERIFIED

Adam DeSilva            555-0198           DATA VERIFIED

Geoff Aull              555-0102           DATA VERIFIED

Kim Reynolds            555-0132           DATA VERIFIED

Alexandra Gaines        555-0178           DATA VERIFIED

John Paladian           555-0162           DATA VERIFIED

Olivier Benamou         555-0123           DATA VERIFIED

Scott Powell            555-0104           DATA VERIFIED

Mike Posey              555-0173           DATA VERIFIED

Kim Barnhart            555-0125           DATA VERIFIED

Jim Sharp               555-0147           DATA VERIFIED

Tristan Mejia           555-0188           DATA VERIFIED

Ryan Burnett            555-0109           DATA VERIFIED

Eric Guerin             555-0144           DATA VERIFIED

Maren Brown             555-0157           DATA VERIFIED


JACK: I'm driving off a cliff here, Tony. I don't need to put
Bill in the passenger seat.


(Jack explains the situation with Burnett.)

BILL: How good is the intel?

JACK: Good enough for me to need to talk to him. Don't you move.

BILL: Jack, let me have him arrested. There are other ways to
deal with this.

JACK: Attack window's open. We're out of time.


(Information on Jack's computer screen)

Paul Gadd
Amanda Howell
David Latham
Scott Powell
Ambassador Leon Ortiz-Gil
Prince Lawrence Davenport
Senator Elisa Cohen
Ann Parish
Jessica Bupp
Brad Hawkins
Ryan Burnett
Guy Skinner
Jon Sharpe
Drew Bryden
Senator Blaine Mayer
Bruce DeAragon
Stephen Franklin
Eric Guthrie
David St. Onge


BILL: Jack.

JACK: Bill, I'm sorry.

BILL: Jack.

JACK: Don't move.

BILL: Wait, wait, wait...

(Jack gives Bill a choke hold.)

BILL: Oh, Jack... Uh... Jah...

JACK: It's all right... Don't fight it...


(Jack stuns Burnett.)

JACK: Don't you even try and play that game with me.


(Jack interrogates Burnett.)

JACK: Where is the target? WHERE IS THE TARGET?!?


MEYER: Madam President, I don't care if his source is the blessed
virgin Mary. Nothing justifies what went on in this room.


TAYLOR: You should have come to me. You should have presented
your case.

JACK: We didn't have time.


MEYER: Madam President, you're doing the right thing.

TAYLOR: 200 and 71 dead already. I wish to God it felt
more like the right thing.


TAYLOR: (to herself) Bauer's going to prison, and a traitor
walks. What's wrong with this picture?


BURNETT: I demand my right to counsel.

TAYLOR: You'll have your counsel, Mister Burnett. But first,
you're going to tell me everything you know.

BURNETT: Not in this lifetime.

TAYLOR: What did you say?

BURNETT: I said "not in this lifetime".


LARRY: (on phone) I keep trying Renee, I keep getting her voice
mail, what the hell is going on?

JANIS: (on phone) There is something wrong with her phone.

LARRY: (on phone) What do you mean, "something's wrong"?

-- 712  --

(Information on "Previously on 24" screen)

Ambassador Leon Ortiz-Gil
Prince Lawrence Davenport
Senator Elisa Cohen
Ann Parish
Jessica Bupp
Brad Hawkins
Ryan Burnett
Guy Skinner
Jon Sharpe
Eric Guerin
Senator Blaine Mayer
Bruce DeAragon
Stephen Franklin
Eric Guthrie


JACK: Have you learned anything else about the attack?

BILL: I reached Tony. He couldn't get any more information from
his guy. According to FBI, Renee Walker followed a lead on her
own to an abandoned warehouse on the Potomac. Got a visual on
a heavily armed commando unit led by Juma himself. But she went
missing right after she called in.

JACK: What do you mean, "missing"?


BILL: Look, I'm not arguing about what needs to be done, but I
can't do it. I don't do that, it's not me.

JACK: That's not good enough.

BILL: Jack.

JACK: Damn it, Bill, that's not good enough.


BILL: Jack, we could use your help. I need to know you'll do
exactly as I say.

JACK: You have my word.


(Jack enters the room.)

JACK: Bill, we're clear.

TAYLOR: What the hell is he doing here?


JACK: (on radio) Aaron, it's Jack. We're sealed off in the
lockdown. We came under attack. We didn't have a choice.


(Information on the screen in the command center van)

General Benjamin Juma
Dictator of Sangala, Africa
Head of the People's Freedom Army
D.O.B: 10-22-66
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Dark
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: Approx. 230 lbs

Aliases: Biher Jumapili

Government Classification:
Military Dictatorship

Ike Dubaku a.k.a. "The Butcher of Sangala"

Last Known Location:
Ville de Sangala, Sangala, Africa


(Hovis tells Larry about Juma.)

HOVIS: He didn't, but I felt at that point I had no choice but
to pull back.


TAYLOR: This is the White House, for God's sake, how was it
possible that they were able to get around our security

JACK: There's only one explanation. They had help on the inside.

TAYLOR: From whom?

JACK: (in thoughts) [Ryan Burnett.]

TAYLOR: Oh, this is insane.


(Olivia argues with Pierce.)

OLIVIA: I don't care. I'm going with you, and don't try to argue.
We don't have the time.


(Hayworth decides not take action against Juma.)

WATTS: It was the right call, sir. You can't order an operation
that results in the president's death and your own elevation to
the job. It would be politically untenable.

HAYWORTH: Never let anyone hear you talking like that, Derek.

WATTS: Yes, sir.


(Information on Hodges' TV screen)

   CNB            BREAKING NEWS



TAYLOR: Open the door.

JACK: Madam President...

TAYLOR: No! Open the door!

JACK: I can't.

TAYLOR: Open that door!



(Juma tries to lure Taylor out of the lockdown room.)

JUMA: (to the camera) You're running out of time.

-- 713  --

JACK: Bill, we need to make a move to try to save the President.

BILL: How?

JACK: In the lockdown room, there were five canisters of CH4.
Before we surrendered ourselves over to Juma, I opened the
valves. Within the next few minutes, that room is gonna be
saturated with natural gas. It's gonna take one spark to set
it off. I think the explosion's gonna be large enough to take
out most of Juma's men. That's when you can make your move.

BILL: How do we set it off?

JACK: I'll make a run for the lockdown room, try and draw their
fire. All we need is one stray bullet.

BILL: It's a suicide play, Jack.

JACK: We don't have a choice. Just make sure you can get to
the President and get her out of here. She knows about the plan.
She'll be ready.

MEYER: What're you planning? Are you going to do something?

BILL: When it happens, you'll know about it, Senator.

MEYER: Damn it, if you're planning something, I wanna know what
it is.

JACK: Senator, shut up!


JUMA: Ngozi. Kill the hostages. The President is mine.

NGOZI: Udo. Udo!

(Ngozi enters the room with the hostages.)

MEYER: No no no no!

(Jack shoots Ngozi dead and approaches Juma.)



LARRY: I just got off the phone with Ethan Kanin.


RENEE: Look, I didn't want to go behind your back, but you
didn't leave me any choice.


(Jack hangs up.)

LARRY: Jack. Jack! DAMN IT!!!

-- 714  --

(Jack finds a surveillance photo of Quinn on a laptop.)

JACK: (to the laptop) Gotcha.


(Information on Renee's computer screen)







LARRY: Where is Bauer?

RENEE: I don't know.

(Larry points his finger at Renee.)

LARRY: Don't you lie to me.


JACK: When Juma was in power, it was rumored that he was running
an illegal weapons program. He was developing a bioweapon, but
nobody could prove it. But the people that I knew in Sangala
believed he was testing these weapons on his own population.
He used a remote village, released some kind of pathogen.
Everyone there was struck with dementia, paralysis, and
eventually died.

MEYER: Why wasn't this pursued?

JACK: Because Juma destroyed all the evidence. He firebombed
the village before anyone could get there, and UN officials
had a hard time believing that Juma had the technology or
expertise to develop such a weapon.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: But Starkwood, they had both -- the technology and the


(Quinn is pounding on Meyer's door.)

JACK: (to Meyer) Don't you move.


TAYLOR: I'm sorry I put you on the spot like that.

OLIVIA: I understand. Ethan didn't give you much of a choice.


JACK: You're dying. Just tell me where the weapons are coming in.
When are they getting here?

QUINN: (unaudible) You're too late. (audible) They are already

-- 715  --

("Previously on 24")

JACK: Just tell me where the weapons are coming in.

QUINN: (audible) You're too late. They are already here.


ETHAN: Madam President, in light of what's happened, and for the
sake of your administration, I'm afraid I have no choice but to
resign as your Chief of Staff.


ETHAN: Trust me, Madam President. It's the right thing to do.


HODGES: Starkwood is not in the business of political
assassination, Doug. Maybe we should look into it.
I hear it's a growth market.


(A computer wants a username and password validation from Jack.)

JACK: (to the computer) Come on... Come on... Damn it.


(Jack talks to Gadsen.)

GADSEN: You don't have a lot of time.


(Jack tries to convince Gadsen to participate.)

GADSEN: I don't know...

JACK: What do you mean, "you don't know"?


(Larry calls Renee with information about Meyer.)

LARRY: (on phone) Well... It looks that way.

RENEE: (on phone) What do you mean, "looks that way"?


(Jack is going to shoot Cooper.)

TONY: You're gonna turn a surveillance job into a firefight.
It'll be two against ten.

JACK: (aiming) Two against nine...


COOPER: Turn around.

GADSEN: You're gonna kill me, you're gonna have to look me in the

(Cooper raises his eyebrows.)


(Jack kills Cooper.)

TONY: God damn it!


(Information on the control panel at the storage with bio-weapon)



(Jack hears that Tony has been captured.)

JACK: God damn it.

-- 716  --

LARRY: (on phone) Ma'am, we have evidence that Starkwood provided
Juma with technological support and intelligence. In return, Juma
allowed Starkwood to use Sangala as a base to operate without
having to worry about any oversight.

TAYLOR: (on phone) A base for what?

LARRY: (on phone) To manufacture weapons of mass destruction.
Specifically, biological weapons.


VINCENT: Given the size of the compound, it would take
a considerable force to locate these weapons. Not to
mention the fact there are fifteen hundred highly-trained
mercenaries on that base. God forbid they decide to resist.
We could have a small war on our own backyard.


(Renee talks with Jack.)

RENEE: I've read the statement from the port authority cop. He
said that you risked the mission to save his life. You did the
right thing. 


GREG: I should have called FBI months ago.

TONY: Well, you're doing the right thing now.


(The team discovers that the hangar is empty.)

LARRY: Where are the weapons?

GREG: I don't know.

TONY: What do you mean, "you don't know"?

GREG: Almeida was threatening to kill me. I told him what he
wanted to hear.

TONY: You lying son of a bitch! You came to me! Now, where're


JACK: Damn it, you've got to do it. Tell Larry to have his men
stand down.

RENEE: Are you kidding me, they just drew on federal forces.

JACK: If you don't want to lose your men, you'll get them to
stand down now. Now!

-- 717  --

("Previously on 24")

LARRY: (on phone) Ma'am, we have evidence Juma allowed Starkwood
to use Sangala as a base to manufacture biological weapons.


OLIVIA: (on phone) I don't have a lot of time. What's going on?


(Tony tries to open an electronic lock.)

TONY: (to the PDA) Come on.


HODGES: And if you do not comply, Madam President, I will have
no choice but to launch those missiles.

-- 718  --

TECH: What is it?

TOM: Code 3 6 3. It's a government breach.


JACK: (on phone) Madam President, it was Tony Almeida who risked
his life to destroy those missiles. And as you know, he's facing
arrest for things he did leading up to today, and I was hoping
that maybe.... You could...

TAYLOR: (on phone) Yes, Mister Bauer?

JACK: (silence)

TAYLOR: (on phone) Jack?

JACK: (on phone) Um, I'm sorry, I... Completely forgot what
I was saying.


RENEE: It's about Kim. She's here, Jack. I told her that you were
sick, and that she might be able to help with the treatment.

(Jack cannot believe his ears.)

JACK: You did... You did what?

(Jack takes Renee.)

JACK: Come here. Come here.

(Jack closes the door.)

JACK: Who the hell do you think you are? Who the hell do you
think you are?

-- 719  --

TONY: I promise you, that canister you stole for me is worth
a lot of money to the people I'm working for.

GALVEZ: Hell of a lot of good that money's gonna do me in prison.

TONY: Just shut up and do what I tell you to do! Guard the
canister, stay put, and wait for my call!


(Renee is in a hurry.)

JACK: Wait a second. Wait a second!


RENEE: Jack, what the hell are you doing?

JACK: I'm going with you.

RENEE: You're ill.

JACK: If my condition interferes with your operation, I will
stand down. I give you my word.


OLIVIA: Clearly, Hodges is behind this.

TAYLOR: Maybe.

OLIVIA: What do you mean, "maybe"?


(Information on the field computer screen)

Walker      L-26
Northrup    L-26
Dargert     L-26
Park        L-26
Burke       L-26
Jimenez     L-26
Stone       L-26
Fiahlo      L-26
Dodder      L-26
Marcellino  L-26
Benamou     L-26
Kay         N-26 [L-26 in other angle]
Powell      L-26
Cohen       N-26 [L-26 in other angle]
Parish      N-26 [L-26 in other angle]
Grubb       L-26
Royce       L-26
Lindquist   L-26
Rush        L-26
Stoller     S-23
Gunter      N-26 [L-26 in other angle]
Rebar       N-26 [L-26 in other angle]
Harris      N-26 [L-26 in other angle]
Decuir      L-26
Rosser      L-26
Reynolds    L-26


JACK: (on radio) Renee, this is Jack, do you copy? Renee, this
is Jack. Do you copy?


TONY: Now, why don't you put the gun down?

JACK: Don't you move!

-- 720  --

(Tony is suffocating Galvez.)

TONY: Where is the canister? WHERE IS THE DAMN CANISTER?!?


JACK: I want the names.

HODGES: I don't have any...



RENEE: We've a new shift of analysts coming in. If you can tell
them what you're looking for...

JACK: No, we don't have time.


CHLOE: Morris, wake up.

MORRIS: What? Are you speaking to me again now?


RENEE: Janis, do this, or I will find someone else who will. I do
not have time to argue.


CHLOE: Hi, Jack.

JACK: Hey...

(Jack and Chloe hug.)

JACK: Thanks for coming.

CHLOE: You look like hell.


(The CTU servers come online.)

JANIS: Hello, Big Brother.

JACK: Look, if you think your need to complain is more important
than the lives of the people that are counting on us, GO WHINE

CHLOE: Jack, it's OK.


(Janis is scared.)




(Tony aims his gun at Jibraan.)

TONY: One more word, I put a bullet in your brain. Understand?

-- 721  --

(Jack talks to Janis.)

JACK: I need to know who he's working with, and we're running
out of time.


JACK: Chloe. I, I need you to run down the list for... Uh...
Heh. I, I'm sorry, I forgot what I was saying.


OLIVIA: It's complicated, Martin, and I don't have time to go
into it.


(Jack argues with Gohar about Jibraan.)


GOHAR: I don't know where he lives.

JACK: Where does he work?

GOHAR: I don't know that either...


GOHAR: But you expect me to believe you? I watched your hearing
at the Senate. I know what you have done. So, tell me, why should
I believe anything you say to me?



(Olivia contacts the killer.)

OLIVIA: (on phone) What's the account number?

KILLER: International banking code is Victor 6 Bravo 1 Bravo 1.
Account number: 0 5 9 9 0 7 2 4 7 7.


(Jack realizes that Jibraan is innocent.)

JACK: How could I have been so stupid?


(Jack tries to rescue Harbinson.)

JACK: Don't you die on me.

-- 722  --

JACK: What's the target?

HARBINSON: I don't know!

(Jack pushes Harbinson's wound.)

HARBINSON: W'oh, oh, aah! God!



(Jack wants Chloe to run a trace.)

CHLOE: (on phone) What's the number?

RENEE: (on phone) Alpha Charlie 33 16.


JACK: (on phone) We're running out of time. We're gonna have to
narrow that down.

CHLOE: (on phone) I'm trying. I have to decrypt the rest of the
location data.

JACK: (on phone) How long is that gonna take?

CHLOE: (on phone) I don't know.

JACK: (on phone) Damn it, Chloe, we've gotta do better than that.


(Olivia talks with Collier.)

OLIVIA: No, you don't understand. There is an investigation.
Look, the Justice Department isk asking about my whereabouts.


COLLIER: You need to transfer the funds, Olivia. You do not want
this man unhappy with you.


(Jack overpowers Tony.)

JACK: Lock down this piece of crap.


CHLOE: (on comm) Tony's UMPC device is damaged everywhere I
look. I don't think there's a way to get it back up and running.

JACK: (on comm) Well, then try a partial reconstruct, anything
that can help us find out what Tony's been up to.

CHLOE: (on comm) At this point, I don't even know about our
chances of even doing that.

JACK: (on comm) Chloe.

CHLOE: (on comm) I know.

JANIS: Do me a favor. Send me your screen.


JANIS: Why not.

(Chloe sends Janis her screen.)


CHLOE: What?

JANIS: Looks like I can reconstruct the memory state
of the UMPC at the time it was damaged.

CHLOE: No, there isn't enough intact data.

JANIS: Yeah, there is, in the PROM module. A lot of handheld
devices back up their memory state there.

CHLOE: That can't be done, not without the file headers.

JANIS: Really?

-- 723  --

(Jack aims his weapon on Renee and an agent in the van.)

JACK: Don't move. DON'T MOVE!!!


TONY: We have Jack. The pathogen's in his blood. It's in his
organs. We'll be able to harvest everything we need from his


ETHAN: You can thank me, Agent Pierce, by telling me what this is
all about.

PIERCE: All right, sir, but we don't have much time.


(Pierce talks to Ethan about Olivia.)

PIERCE: Now, she's with the Justice Department investigators now,
and we don't have much time.


RENEE: (on radio) Jack commandeered the transport. He was forced
into helping Tony escape.

CHLOE: (on phone) Renee, it's Chloe. What do you mean, "forced"?


(Jack is dragged towards the lab.)

JACK: What are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?


(Kim saves a laptop from a burning car.)

RENEE: You're hurt. Let me see your arm.

KIM: No, listen to me, Renee. That laptop has the camera that
they were using to track me. With a D 11 inverse router, we
may be able to backtrace the signal to the people that have
my father.

(Renee and FBI agent look at Kim in shock.)

KIM: I worked at CTU. Systems analyst.

-- 724  --

("Previously on 24")

KIM: That laptop has the camera that they were using to track me.
We may be able to backtrace to the people that have my father.


("Previously on 24")

TONY: We have Jack. The pathogen's in his organs. We'll be able
to harvest everything we need from his body.


RENEE: (on radion) Tell me if you need more people on this,
and I will get them for you.

CHLOE: (on comm) We don't need people, we need to get lucky.


(Renee finds Jack.)

JACK: Stay away from me I'm wired with C 4 Tony's got the
detonator. Stay away!


(Tony crawls towards his weapon.)

JACK: Tony, don't move! TONY, DON'T MOVE!!!

-- 801  --

HASSAN: After all, I'm not a king.

TAYLOR: Nor I a queen.

HASSAN: Too bad for both of us.


(Weiss is giving a statement.)

WEISS: Now, for obvious reasons, we're all operating under
heightened security measures, so... Unless you've been dying to
know what a choke hold feels like, keep your credentials visible
at all times, all right?


(Jack grabs Aruz.)

JACK: Better not be screwing with me.

ARUZ: I'm not, I swear, I'm not.

JACK: Who's the hitter, what's his name? WHO'S THE HITTER?!?

ARUZ: I don't know his name, he's Russian or something...

JACK: Not good enough! WHO IS THE HITTER?!?


(Aruz collapses.)

JACK: Victor! Victor! Stay with me! Victor, stay with me! Stay
w... Damn it.

(Jack makes some bandages.)

JACK: Stay with me!


HASSAN: I haven't had the chance to thank you for compromising
on the verification issue.

TAYLOR: It was the right thing to do.


(The CTU helicopter is hit.)

JACK: Victor. Victor. Victor. Come on. Stay with me! Stay with
me. Listen to me. You don't wanna die like this. Do the right
thing. Tell me what you know.

ARUZ: The hitter has someone on the inside... Close to Hassan...

JACK: Give me a name. Give me a name. Give me a name!

-- 802  --

(Chloe is working with a computer.)

CHLOE: Almost there...

HASTINGS: Come on, Chloe...

CHLOE: Saying that isn't gonna make it happen any faster.


HASTINGS: I appreciate your concerns, we'll keep them in mind.

CHLOE: In other words, "shut up, Chloe".

DANA: That's not what he said.

CHLOE: But that's what I heard.


(Jack argued with Hastings inside CTU NY.)

JACK: (to himself) I hate this place.


JACK: What's wrong?

KIM: I spoke to Chloe. She told me what's happening.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Chloe called you?

KIM: No, I called her because you wouldn't tell me what was
going on, so I decided to find out for myself. I know about
the threat to the peace conference. That CTU might have the
wrong suspect. What's happening?

JACK: Chloe had me make her case to the Head of CTU. He wasn't
convinced. He thinks he's got the right person.

KIM: But if he's wrong, then there's still someone inside the UN
who's working with this assassin.

JACK: That's what Chloe thinks.

KIM: What do you think?

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: I think it's not my problem.


(Jack hurries back into CTU.)

CHLOE: Jack.

JACK: We need to find out where your suspect went after he left
Miss Reed's apartment, start checking traffic cams!


(Jack is entering the CTU armory.)

JACK: (to the hand scanner) Come on.


JACK: Chloe tracked the man in the surveillance photo to
a second location. We didn't think you'd follow through
with an investigation.

HASTINGS: So you had no choice except to steal weapons from
the armory.


HASTINGS: You don't wanna be doing this, Bauer.

JACK: No, I don't. I wanna be on a plane to Los Angeles with my
family, but you're not giving me another choice.

-- 803  --

(Mazoni tasers Jack.)

MAZONI: Son of a bitch is a cop killer!


(Jack gives Cole info on the assassin.)

COLE: Did you tell Hastings about this?

JACK: We don't have time, you need to stop the motorcade before
it hits the street.

COLE: Eh, it's too late, Hassan's car just exited the tunnel.

JACK: Cole, you need to stop that car, or Hassan's a dead man.

-- 804  --

WEISS: (on phone) This is a damn disaster, Brian, what do you
mean, "you don't know what happened"?


(Jack shoot Davros dead.)

JACK: (to Cole) You OK? You OK!


HASSAN: Soon after our countries began to negotiate the peace
process, my brother came up to me and said that someone had
approached him with weapons-grade uranium.


FARHAD: You'll be paid, Bazhaev, after I have the rods.

BAZHAEV: They are in a secure place.

FARHAD: Show me.

BAZHAEV: You have seen the photographs.

FARHAD: That's not good enough.


(Dana talks with Wade over the phone.)

DANA: (on phone) He's... He's just a guy that I met.

WADE: (on phone) A-a-a guy you met. What does that mean,
"a guy you met"? I just spent seven years in prison with some
guys. Is-is that the kind of guy you mean?

DANA: (silence)

WADE: (on phone) You know what, I'm beginning to see that we
need to talk about this in person.

DANA: (on phone) Look, I told you that I am in the middle of
a crisis here. I can't. I don't have time.


(Jack realizes that Renee sawed off Ziya's thumb.)

JACK: What have you done? WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?!?

RENEE: Like he said, he was trapped here.

JACK: And you think he's gonna help you now! That's it, this is
over! THIS IS OVER!!!

RENEE: Maybe for you, Jack, but I'm just getting started... Find
something to cauterize that wound!

(Renee walks away.)

JACK: Damn it.


(Extended scene)

HASSAN: It has to be done, Tarin. I have no choice.

-- 805  --

("Previously on 24")

HASSAN: Someone approached my brother with weapons-grade uranium.


(Chloe tries to find some information to pass it to Renee.)

JACK: (on comm) Chloe?

CHLOE: (on comm) Give me a minute.

JACK: (on comm) She doesn't have a minute!


JACK: (on comm) OK, I'm following north through an alley towards
Woodward. I think this operation just blew up.

CHLOE: (on comm) Jack, are you planning to intercept?

JACK: (on comm) Not if the car is armored, I'm gonna need
tactical support.

CHLOE: (on comm) I'm alerting Hastings to scramble a team now.

JACK: (on comm) Tell him I see four men in the car, and we're
gonna have to assume they're taking Renee somewhere to kill her.

CHLOE: (on comm) Copy that.



CHLOE: (on comm) Jack, another car drove out of the back of the
auto parts building five minutes after the first one.



CHLOE: (on comm) OK, I've got a GPS lock on Renee. They're pulled
off at Newtown Creek, just south of Bryne Memorial Bridge.

JACK: (on comm) Where're the TAC teams?

HASTINGS: (on comm) I'm redirecting them now.

JACK: (on comm) How far out are they?

HASTINGS: (on comm) At least ten minutes.

JACK: (on comm) Tell them to move it! Put me back on to Renee's
comm! DAMN IT!!!

-- 806  --

(Renee and Vladimir talk about Meier.)

RENEE: I've been with him for two years.

VLADIMIR: What do you mean, "with"?


(Cole talks about Renee.)

COLE: Hastings said something about her being unstable.

JACK: I don't have time to explain it.


(Dana is passing by Arlo.)

ARLO: Forget about me?

DANA: What?

ARLO: My name is Arlo Glass. I'm one of your co-workers at
CTU. You said you'd free up some memory space on the auxiliary

DANA: I'm getting to it.

ARLO: Which century? We're in the middle of an operation. My
aerial feed is running in slow-motion.

DANA: It's next on my list, Arlo.

ARLO: Where are you going now?

DANA: To the bathroom. Is that OK with you?

(Arlo walks over to Chloe.)

ARLO: Hey, O'Brian. You notice anything weird about Dana?

CHLOE: Miss Perfect?

ARLO: She seems distracted. Always making excuses to leave.

CHLOE: Maybe she's avoiding you.

ARLO: What?

CHLOE: That's what I'd do if someone were drooling over me all
day. You're lucky she hasn't reported you to Human Resources.

ARLO: If you weren't so jealous, you'd see I was asking you a
serious question.

CHLOE: Oh, yeah. I'm jealous. Please, won't you stare at my ass
as I walk away?

(Arlo stares.)


(Dana instructs Wade how to break into police warehouse.)

WADE: How do we find the money?

DANA: The evidence bins are numbered. You're looking for 4 3 0 1.


(Jack meets with Lugo.)

LUGO: Meier?

JACK: (in English) That's right. [Das stimmt.]

LUGO: (in English) You are from Germany. [Du bist aus

JACK: (in English) Bremen. But I grew up traveling with my
father. [Bremen. Aber reiste mit meinem Vater als ich aufwuchs.]

LUGO: (in German) Noch nie da gewesen. Man sagt, die Frauen dort
sind Klasse. [Never been there. They say the women there are

JACK: (in German) Richtig gehort. Bin leider zu beschaftigt, um
mich ihnen zu vergnugen. [You heard right. Unfortunately, I'm
too busy to enjoy them.]

LUGO: (in German) Du hast einen Amerikanischen Akzent. [You have
an American accent.]

JACK: (in German) Bin dort auf die Uni gegangen und die meisten
meiner Geschaftspartner sprechen dort Englisch. [I went to
college there, and the most of my business partners there
speak English.]

(Jack lights up his cigarette.)

JACK: (in German) Hat wohl abgefarbt. [Has to rub off, I guess.]

LUGO: (in German) Sprechen wir lieber Englisch. Deutsch ist so
eine ungehobelte Sprache. [We better speak English. German is
such a crude language.]

JACK: (in German) Und ihr seid ungehobelte Leute. Aber Schwamm
daruber. Wir mussen uns jetzt gegenseitig helfen. [And you are
crude people. But cut it out. We must help each other now.]

LUGO: (silence)

JACK: (in English) Are we gonna do business or not? [Machen wir
Geschefte oder nicht?]

LUGO: (in English) Where is the five million? [Wo sind die funf

JACK: (in English) You don't see any money until I talk to
Laitanan. [Ihr werdet kein Geld sehen bis Ich spreche mit

LUGO: (in English) If you have questions, ask me. [Wenn Du
Fragen hast, frage mich.]

JACK: (in English) I don't wanna talk to you. Get him on the
phone, or I drive away. [Ich will nicht mit dir reden. Hol ihn
ans Telefon, oder ich fahre weg.]

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: (in English) Now. [Jetzt.]


(Extended scene)

CHLOE: What the hell are you doing?

ARLO: This is not what it looks like.

CHLOE: You mean you're not being a creepy stalker? Your job is
to monitor the traffic cams in the garage for when Jack comes
out which could happen any minute, and you're slacking. Have
you even coordinated with Metro Control?

ARLO: No. Yes. I'm on it. Just look at this. Dana's been visited
twice today by this guy with really questionable facial hair, and
for some reason, she's covering it up.

CHLOE: I don't wanna see that.

ARLO: Did she say anything to you about this guy?

CHLOE: Yeah, when we were in the bathroom braiding each other's
hair. You seriously think this is how you get girls? But if
you're that desperate, let me give you a little advice. Girls
appreciate flowers, romantic gestures. Have you tried online

-- 807  --

VLADIMIR: We're running out of time, let's go!


(Dana navigates Wade through the warehouse.)

DANA: (on phone) There is a security panel next to the door. Use
the keycard I gave you. The code is 1 6 6 8.


WADE: (on phone) OK, which door is it?

DANA: (on phone) It's the last one on the left. The code is
4 6 6 0.


WADE: (on phone) OK, how do we find the money?

DANA: (on phone) It's in section 3 1 0 1.

WADE: 3 1 0 1...

DANA: (on phone) It's down the aisle on your left.

WADE: 3 1 0 1...

DANA: (on phone) The code is 2 8 2 4... The last one on the left.

WADE: (to Nick) 3 1 0 1. Do you see it?

NICK: Yup. Right here.

(The door will not open.)

NICK: What the hell?

WADE: (on phone) Jen, what the hell is going on?

DANA: (on phone) What number is it? Is it 3 1 0 1?

WADE: (to Nick) 3 1 0 1. This is 3 1 1 0. Come on.

DANA: (on phone) What is wrong with you two?

WADE: (on phone) Hey, it's called a mistake, all right?
Back off. So where is it?

DANA: (on phone) 3 1 0 1 is down the aisle on the left.

WADE: Down here, down here...

DANA: (on phone) The code is 2 8 2 4.

WADE: 2 8 2 4, 2 8 2 4, 2 8 2 4...

DANA: (on phone) Bin number's 4 3 0 1.

WADE: 4 3 0 1...

NICK: Man, it's too many numbers.

WADE: 4 3 0 1, 4 3 0 1... Boom, got it.


(Nick aims a gun at Wade.)

NICK: Give me the money!

WADE: What?

NICK: The money, dumbass!

WADE: We're gonna split this.

NICK: I ain't gonna ask you again.

WADE: You can't be serious!

(Nick splashes Wade with a squirt gun.)

WADE: Son of a bitch, knock it off!

(Nick laughs.)

WADE: Come on, man, let's go! Jackass!


(Nabeel comes to arrest Tarin on Hassan's order.)

NABEEL: He's ordered me to detain you. I have no choice.

-- 808  --

FARHAD: (on phone) This is my mission. My plan!

SAMIR: (on phone) Of course... But we're running out of time.


(Jack tries to catch a signal with a cell phone.)

JACK: (to the phone) Come on...

(Phone does nothing.)

JACK: Damn it.

-- 809  --

SAMIR: The port may not be the right thing.


GUARD: Hands in the air! Do it now!

JACK: Son, you better put that down... Or you're gonna get hurt.


(Farhad calls CTU.)

CHLOE: What do you want me to do?

HASTINGS: Pinpoint his location, and get me Cole.

CHLOE: I can't.

HASTINGS: What do you mean, "you can't"?


(Cole talks to Dana.)

COLE: We don't have a lot of time, so you'd better start talking.

-- 810  --

TAYLOR: I need for you to give us intelligence files for every
asset you have in this country, so Farhad can identify these

HASSAN: (silence)

TAYLOR: Mister President, I have given you a great deal of
latitude to sort out your domestic situation. And now, there
is a threat to my homeland, and I need your cooperation.

HASSAN: I suggest you turn Farhad over to me and let my people
question him. We'll get the answers you need.

TAYLOR: There's no time for that, there's a CTU team moving on
Farhad as we speak. They need to question him on site. I need
the files.

HASSAN: What you're asking is a serious breach of our security.

TAYLOR: I understand that. But you need to understand that
if this radiological attack takes place, I will be forced
to retaliate.

HASSAN: You would attack my country?

TAYLOR: I will have no choice.


(Nabeel talks to Tarin.)

NABEEL: I want you to know, Tarin, that I don't believe you are
guilty of treason. But I have no choice but to follow orders.


(Marcos is about to jump from the window.)

JACK: No... NO!!!

-- 811  --

(Hastings catches Cole and Dana exiting the elevator.)

HASTINGS: You two have holy hell to answer for.


(Jack talks to Marcos' mother.)

JACK: If he cooperates with us, I promise you, I will do
everything I can to help him, I give you my word.


(Jack observes Marcos resisting his mother's arguments.)

JACK: (to the monitor) Damn it, no!


(Jack talks to Marcos via intercom.)

JACK: You detonate that vest, your mother dies, too.

MARCOS: What did you say?

JACK: You heard me. I'm gonna make sure your mother's in
Manhattan when that dirty bomb goes off.

MARCOS: You don't even know what the target is.

JACK: I'm not talking about her dying during the explosion. I'm
gonna personally escort her to the blast site, so she's exposed
to the radiation.

MARCOS: I don't believe you. You wouldn't do that, you're
a federal agent.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Truth is, I'm not, really. Well, not anymore. I'm more of
a specialist that they brought in for today. If you knew who I
was, and things I've done before in my life, you would know that
I'm not bluffing. So, go ahead. Blow yourself up into a million
little pieces, first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make your
mother come in here and clean it up. And then I'm gonna take her
to the blast site. Do you know how long it takes a human body to
absorb a lethal dose of cesium 1 37? Five seconds. Followed by
12 days of pain that's so agonizing, morphine can't even touch
it. You got a decision to make. Make it carefully.

MARCOS: You're not gonna hurt my mother.

JACK: I'm done playing with you. You look into my eyes.

(Marcos thinks.)

JACK: LOOK IN MY EYES!!! You think I'm joking. What happens to
your mother is because of you. Only you.

(Marcos sobs.)

MARCOS: If I open the door and I come out, y-you proh-hoh-homise
you won't hurt her? You promise you'll leave her alone?

JACK: I give you my word.


(Marcos exits the tank.)

JACK: Put your hands up now! Walk towards me! MOVE!!! Down on
your knees! Put your hands behind your head and interlock your
fingers! Don't you move! Cole, I got four lights on. Damn it!
Cole, I got four lights on!


JACK: Give me a name! DAMN IT, MARCOS, GIVE ME A NAME!!!


(Jack tries to disarm the bomb.)

JACK: (to the wires) Come on. Come on, come on, one more.


(Jack is knocked down after Marcos explodes.)

JACK: (on comm) CTU, this is Jack. Marcos is dead. I'm gonna
need to speak to Predisent Hassan.

-- 812  --

("Previously on 24")

(Marcos exits the tank.)

JACK: Put your hands where I can see them! Do not move!


(Jack opens the cab.)

JACK: It's empty. IT'S EMPTY!!!


(Jack talks to Hassan.)

JACK: Sir, they give you 15 minutes. If you want to see your
daughter again, you don't have time to waste.


(Jack talks to Dalia.)

JACK: We're doing the best we can.


PRADY: I'm sorry. I had question.

DANA: And I'm in the middle of a situation. I don't have time.


DALIA: Omar?

HASSAN: We are running out of time.


KAYLA: Please.

TARIN: Then let us pray for once your father does the right


(Kayla calls CTU.)

HASTINGS: (on phone) Miss Hassan, Brian Hastings, Director of
CTU. Are you all right?

KAYLA: (on phone) No, no, I'm not all right! I'm driving!


SAMIR: You did the right thing, Tarin.


(Hastings spots the bomb.)

HASTINGS: It's an EMP. It's an EMP!

JACK: (on phone) You need to shut down your systems to protect
the drones.

HASTINGS: (on phone) There's no time, Jack.


(The EMP bomb goes off.)

JACK: Damn it, we're blind. Chloe, did you cop... CHLOE?!?

-- 813  --

(CTU was hit by an EMP.)

HASTINGS: I need you to assemble division heads. Tell them
that we have a briefing in 10 minutes. Tell them to come with
full-damage-assessment reports.

DANA: Sir, their systems are down. They can't generate reports.

HASTINGS: Then tell them to use a pen and a damn legal pad.


(Jack talks to Holden.)

JACK: (on phone) Phil, look, I don't have a lot of time.


(Jack tries to start the car.)

JACK: (to the car) Come on!


CHLOE: Arlo, is there any other way to get into the trunk line
besides the server room?

ARLO: No, that's the only way in. Why?

CHLOE: I think I have a faster way to get us back online, but
Haynam says it's too dangerous. I think he's a raging egomaniac.

ARLO: Seems to be a prerequisite for engineers these days. You
talk to Hastings?

CHLOE: If I tell Hastings, he'll just shoot me down.

ARLO: Maybe not.

CHLOE: And maybe the moon will fall from the sky. 


RENEE: (on phone) Where is Jack?

CHLOE: (on phone) That's why I'm calling you, I think he might
be in some kind of trouble. We need to find him.

RENEE: (on phone) Slow down, Chloe, uh, what, what do you mean,
what you, what kind of trouble?


(Owen is shot.)

JACK: Come on, stay with me. Stay with me.


(Jack tries to revive Owen.)

JACK: Come on, stay with me... Stay with me...


SAMIR: (on phone) You should have warned us earlier.

DANA: (on phone) I didn't have time.

-- 814  --

SAMIR: (on phone) I need you to send me NYPD patrol patterns and

DANA: (on phone) As soon as it's safe.

SAMIR: (on phone) That's not good enough.


WEISS: We're talking about the primary role of government. Any
government. Which is to protect its citizens.


(Weiss talks with his colleagues.)

WEISS: I don't have time to deal with these anymore.


BRUCKER: The loss of life is regrettable, Mister Weiss. No one
feels this more keenly than a soldier who's led men into battle.
But right now, we don't have a choice.


JACK: (on phone) Mister Weiss, I don't think you understand.
I need to talk to Secretary Kanin now.

WEISS: (on phone) That's not possible.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "it's not possible"?

WEISS: (on phone) We're dealing with an imminent terrorist
attack on our soil. Just do your job and let us do ours!

JACK: With all due respect, sir, I am doing my jo... Hello?
Hello? Son of a bitch just hung up on me.

RENEE: He's under a lot of stress. They all are.

JACK: I don't give a... Umpf. Agent O'Connor, stop!


(Jack wounds Bishop.)

JACK: Take the weapon off! TAKE THE WEAPON OFF NOW!!! NOW!!!


DANA: (on phone) Samir... Think for a minute. You use that bomb,
you lose your leverage.

SAMIR: (on phone) The President leaves me no choice.

-- 815  --

BRUCKER: (on phone) NYPD will handle HAZMAT and triage.
The National Guard will control the streets. I've got an
Army battalion standing by.

COMMANDER: (on phone) Sir, what's our worst-case scenario?

BRUCKER: (on phone) Well, a dirty bomb is about to go off
in Manhattan, Commander, I'd plan for mass panic.


(Hassan looks at the people on the street.)

BISHOP: These people owe you their lives, sir. You're doing the
right thing.


(Brucker joins Weiss who is taking care of Ethan.)

WEISS: Look at him. He'll be dead soon if we don't do something.

BRUCKER: Yeah, along with half of New York.


(Brucker talks with Samir.)

BRUCKER: (on phone) Damn it, we did what you asked.
Quit stalling. We're running out of time.


CHLOE: (on phone) What's going on?

JACK: (on phone) Chloe, I don't have time to explain.


(Taylor confronts Weiss.)

TAYLOR: The charge is treason. It carries the death penalty, and
so help me God, I'll throw the switch myself.


(A car crosses Jack's way.)

JACK: (to the car) MOVE!!! MOVE!!!

-- 816  --

JACK: (on phone) I'm gonna upload the cell phone data to your
station. What's your ID number?

CHLOE: (on phone) 9 1 7 7 0.


DANA: Tick tock, Mister Bauer. You're running out of time.


(Jack spots a laptop with the pre-recorded statement.)

JACK: (to the laptop) No... No... No... No!

-- 817  --

RENEE: Jack, you did everything you could.

JACK: It wasn't enough.


JAMOT: The Council of Guardian will have no choice but to
recognize you as successor to the presidency.

DALIA: But I have a choice!


TIM: (on phone) Chloe, I don't have time to debate this with you.


RENEE: Did you live here long?

JACK: No. Just during my recovery. You know, I still think I got
some coffee around here.


CHLOE: (on phone) Samir Mehran is dead. I think he was

RENEE: (on phone) What do you mean, "assassinated"?


(Jack takes Renee.)

JACK: Hold on. Just stay with me. Come on, let's go.


(Extended scene)

LOGAN: "There is no luck, only readiness to seize an

PILLAR: Someone famous said that. Sun Tzu?

LOGAN: Charles Logan.

(Logan laughs.)


PILLAR: Did Taylor agree to the conditions?

LOGAN: Of course, she really didn't have any choice.

-- 818  --

JACK: (on phone) I won't interfere with your investigation.

CHLOE: (on phone) You think you can stick to that?

JACK: (on phone) I give you my word.


BAZHAEV: If I tell you, they'll kill my family anyway.

JACK: We'll provide them with witness protection.
I give you my word.

BAZHAEV: Moscow. The Russian government. They are behind it,
not me. Everything that happened today, all of it, was them.

JACK: Who inside the government?

BAZHAEV: I don't know.

JACK: What do you mean, "you don't know"?


LOGAN: "There is a tide in the affairs of men which,
taken at the flood, leads onto fortune."

ETHAN: What the hell does that mean?

LOGAN: The President knows.

TAYLOR: It's from Julius Caesar. It means "now or never".


TAYLOR: Even Hassan's widow has picked up the torch and is
continuing the peace process.

JACK: Does she know the Russians helped murder her husband? Do
you think she'd be willing to sign that treaty if she knew that?
Have you even told her?

TAYLOR: That's enough!



TAYLOR: Jack is going to McGuire Air Force Base to be debriefed.

CHLOE: He didn't seem very happy about that.


CHLOE: Arlo, pull'p the audio. Something's happening.

ARLO: Coming up...


-- 819  --

(Ethan talks to Taylor.)

ETHAN: As hard as this is, you're doing the right thing.


LOGAN: I know this was difficult, Madam President, but you made
the right call.


RICKER: (on phone) Yes?

JACK: (on phone) Jim, it's Jack Bauer.

RICKER: (on phone) Jack Bauer. From what I'm hearing, you've got
the whole damn city after you.

JACK: (on phone) Look, I need your help. I'm running out of
places to go.

RICKER: (on phone) "Running out"? Heh, heh. I'd say "gone".
What'd you do this time, Jack?

JACK: (on phone) The less you know, the better.

RICKER: (on phone) For who?

JACK: (on phone) For both of us. Look, I'm gonna need weapons
and equipment, and I need it fast. Can you make that happen?

RICKER: (on phone) I can make just about anything happen, Jack,
you already know that. The problem is that you're a walking
bull's-eye. Last thing in the world I need is you on my doorstep.

JACK: (on phone) You wouldn't have a doorstep if it wasn't for
me. I'm calling in a favor. I'm gonna tell you what I want, and
I want it ready when I get there, you understand me?

RICKER: (on phone) Well, I see you haven't lost your personal


(Chloe talks to Bledsoe.)

BLEDSOE: Miss O'Brian, we don't have a lot of time.


BLEDSOE: The President's ordered your transfer to an off-site
facility. You've been designated an enemy combatant by special
executive order.

DANA: What do you mean, "off-site facility"?


JACK: I need you to stay here. I might need you later.

RICKER: You can't come back here again. Besides that, we're even

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: I'll let you know when we're even.


(Jack approaches Cole and his men.)

JACK: Put your weapons down! PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN NOW!!!


JACK: Lock your men down.

COLE: What you're planning on doing?


-- 820  --

COLE: (on phone) You did the right thing, Chloe.


JACK: I almost forgot.

(Jack produces a full clip.)

JACK: You're gonna need these.

(Cole verifies that the clip in the gun Jack gave him is empty.)

JACK: I'm sorry, I just couldn't take the chance.

COLE: You son of a bitch.

JACK: Yeah, I know.


(Bledsoe covers behind Dana.)


BLEDSOE: No, you drop your weapon, or I put a bullet in her

JACK: I don't wanna kill you, but I will if I have to! Put your
gun down!

BLEDSOE: You won't take this shot, it's too risky! I'll kill her

(Jack shoots Bledsoe dead.)


(Jack stops the car.)

JACK: Get out! GET OUT!!!

(Jack pulls Dana out.)

DANA: Jack! Jack! Cole! Cole...

JACK: You tell me where that file is. NOW!!!

DANA: That file's the only thing keeping me alive!

JACK: No, right now, I'm the only thing keeping you alive.


DANA: I had nothing to do with Renee's death, Jack. I didn't
even know she was a target...

JACK: Put her in the car!

DANA: I was in the CTU holding...


DANA: Damn it!


ARLO: Bauer was supposedly ID'd by someone at the First Unity
Savings branch on Lexington.

PILLAR: "Supposedly"? What do you mean, "supposedly"?


(Jack grabs Burtt's partner.)

BURTT: Take it easy. You got no chance. We got units coming...

JACK: SHUT UP!!! You know who I am? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?


(Jack catches Dana.)



JACK: Show me.

DANA: Jack, we can make a deal.


-- 821  --

PILLAR: (on phone) Sir, may I say that that is a bad idea?
You need to distance yourself.

LOGAN: (on phone) What? You keep using that phrase. What, what
does "distance myself" mean?


RICKER: Jack, we don't have much time.


(Jack talks to Meredith.)

JACK: I'm sorry things had to play out like this. I didn't see
another choice.


(Jack opens his knife.)

JACK: I already know that you killed Renee Walker.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: What I wanna know...

(Jack pokes Pavel with the knife.)

JACK: Is the name...


JACK: Of the Russian pig...


JACK: Inside your government...


JACK: That gave the order.



(Jack approaches Pavel with a blowtorch.)

JACK: You people are so stupid. Renee Walker was no threat to
you. Her work was finished. She was done. We were out. All you
had to do was leave us alone. Why... Why couldn't you just leave
us alone...


(Extended scene)

CHLOE: We're running out of time, where's the second port
I asked for?

-- 822  --

(Meredith talks to Klausner.)

MEREDITH: (on phone) I don't have a lot of time.


JACK: Look at me. I SAID, "LOOK AT ME"!!!

LOGAN: Huhuhu...

JACK: You're gonna tell me everything I wanna know.

LOGAN: Jack, you're making a mistake.

JACK: Don't you even try to pretend you're not a part of this.
I found the man who killed Renee Walker. The Russian operative
Pavel Tokarov. I got his cell phone. The last call it got was
from you.

LOGAN: I know how it looks. Let me explain.

JACK: Explain what? That you sent him to kill me? YOU SENT HIM

LOGAN: Yes. Damn it, yes.

JACK: Why'd you take out a hit on Renee Walker?

LOGAN: I had nothing to do with that! I-I was brought in after
that happened.

JACK: Who brought you in?

LOGAN: President Taylor needed my help to bring the Russians
back to the table. I-I-I called my sources in Moscow. They
told me that, that people in their government were behind
Hassan's assassination. I-I told the Russian delegation I
had evidence of that fact, the names of everybody. It was
just to keep them at the conference.

JACK: What evidence? WHAT EVIDENCE?!?

LOGAN: It doesn't exist! I was playing poker. It was a bluff.
It worked. I-It kept Taylor's peace agreement on the table,
but you, you already determined to screw things up, and...

(Jack punches Logan.)

LOGAN: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Easy, Jack, Jack, Jack, no, no!
I-I admit! I admit I was part of the cover-up, but I'm not
part of the Russian conspiracy. I had nothing to do with
the terrorist attack or your friend's death. I'm... I'm...
I'm... I'm not the bad guy here.

JACK: But you know who is. You know the name of the person
inside the Russian government who's giving the orders.
I want that name.

LOGAN: Jack...


LOGAN: Jack.

JACK: You've got five seconds before I put a bullet to your

LOGAN: No, no, no! You don't have to do that!

JACK: Five!

LOGAN: I'll tell you!

JACK: Four!

LOGAN: Mikhail Novakovich!

JACK: Three!

LOGAN: He's the head of the Russian delegation. He's, he's been
trying to kill the peace treaty from the start.

(Jack aims his gun at Logan.)

JACK: You're lying.

LOGAN: No, no, no, I'm not lying to you! No, no, no! No, you got
my call from Pavel's phone. You, you, you check the previous
calls. There's a dozen more. From Novakovich! I'm tellin' ya,
he's the one you want!

(Jack hears some noise.)

JACK: Shut up! Say another word, and I'll drop you right here.


COLE: Still want me to go?

CHLOE: I don't really have a choice.


(Logan talks to Suvarov.)

LOGAN: If you're so worried about Bauer, you never should have
given the order to kill Renee Walker. That's what stirred up
the hornet's nest.

-- 823  --

COLE: (on phone) Jack planted a bug on Charles Logan, overheard
a conversation between the two men. Turns out Suvarov's the one
who gave the order for Renee to be killed.

CHLOE: (on phone) Does Ricker have a recording of that

COLE: (on phone) No. He wiped his system clean as soon as he
saw me coming. But the surveillance rig he gave Jack records
everything to a backup, so Jack has a copy.

CHLOE: (on phone) Good. We're gonna need it.


(Jack has Pillar at the gunpoint.)

JACK: Don't you move.


(Taylor speaks with Dalia.)

TAYLOR: You leave me no choice.


JACK: Who else knows where I am?

CHLOE: Please, listen...



JACK: You should let them come after me.

CHLOE: You're my friend. I didn't have a choice.

JACK: Neither do I.

(Jack gives Chloe a choke hold.)

JACK: Don't fight it... Don't fight it...

-- 824  --

("Previously on 24")

COLE: (on phone) Jack planted a bug on Charles Logan. Turns out
Suvarov's the one who gave the order for Renee to be killed.
I think Jack's targeting Suvarov.

CHLOE: (on phone) Does Jack have a recording of that

COLE: (on phone) Yeah.

CHLOE: (on phone) Good. We're gonna need it.


SUVAROV: (on phone) Stop talking in riddles, Charles, I don't
have time for this.


JACK: Take your weapon. TAKE IT!!! And point it at me. POINT
IT!!! And when they come through the door, you tell them that
you found me at the sniper rifle, I turned on you, and you
opened fire.

CHLOE: Don't ask me to do something I can't do.

JACK: Damn it, Chloe, pull the trigger! We are running out of
time. They are gonna find us soon. You said you would do exactly
what I would say, that you would follow this through. Now, pull
the trigger!

CHLOE: I can't!

JACK: Yes, you can, and you will! Now, pull the trigger!


JACK: Damn you, Chloe, pull the trigger!

CHLOE: Jack...

JACK: We are running out of time! Pull the trigger!

CHLOE: Please, don't make me do this!

JACK: Chloe, I know how hard this is for you, but if you care
about me at all, you will pull the trigger. Do it!

CHLOE: Sorry, I can't.

JACK: Chloe, pull the trigger!

CHLOE: No, Jack!


CHLOE: I'm not gonna do it!

(Jack puts his gun to his head.)


(Chloe shoots Jack.)


LOGAN: (on phone) Bauer has a recording that implicates me along
with Suvarov.

PILLAR: (on phone) How do you know?

LOGAN: (on phone) Because that stop it played the damn thing for


(Eden is taken away in handcuffs.)

EDEN: What are you... What... Let go of me... O'Brian, you have
no authority! I don't know what'd you think you're doing!

CHLOE: Shut up and keep moving.

EDEN: What the hell is going on? Get your hands off of me!

COLE: What the hell is going on?


JACK: (on screen) Chloe...

CHLOE: (on phone) What?

JACK: (on screen) When you first came to CTU...

(Chloe starts to cry.)

JACK: (on screen) I never thought it was gonna be you that was
gonna cover my back all those years. And I know that everything
that you did today was to try and protect me. I know that.

(Jack looks directly at the drone.)

JACK: (on screen) Thank you.

CHLOE: (on phone) Good luck, Jack.

JACK: (on screen) Yeah.

(Chloe, Arlo and Cole watch Jack fleeing from the scene.)

CHLOE: Bring the drone back to the base. Whatever happened here,
didn't happen. Understand?

(As Arlo leaves, Jack looks at the drone for the last time.)

CHLOE: Shut it down.

(Jack's face on the screen dissolves into static.)

-- 901  --

BOUDREAU: (on phone) Well, we don't have time for the
interrogations you'll conduct.


(Information on the left half of Boudreau's computer screen)

Bauer, Jack // 6472-CL


Bauer, Jack

18 February 1966 / Santa Monica, California

SPOUSE                 CHILDREN            FATHER
Teri Bauer (deceased)  Kim Bauer           Phillip Bauer (dec.)

Graeme Bauer (dec.)    Marilyn Bauer       Teri


* Los Angeles Sheriff's Department - Basic SWAT School
* Master of Science, Criminology and Law -
  University of California, Berkeley
* Bachelor of Arts, English Literature -
  University of California, Los Angeles
* US Army Officer's Candidate School /
  Special Forces Operations Training Course
* Delta Force - Operations Training Course (OTC)


Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense

Section Captain, Hotel Los Angeles attack (1998)
Team Leader, Operation Proteus (2000)
Acting Director of Field Operations, CTU New York
Director of Field Operations, CTU Los Angeles
Special Agent in Charge, CTU Los Angeles

Case Officer - Clandestine Services, Central Intelligence Agency
Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Los Angeles Police Dept.

* Captain, US Army First Special Forces Operational Det., Delta
* Instructor, US Army "Q" Course Phase III Instructor
* Instructor, US Army Special Forces Robin Sage Exercises
* First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Combat Applications Group
* Graduate, John F. Kennedy School of Special Warfare
* Graduate, US Army Officer's Candidate School
* Graduate, US Army Ranger's School

(Information on the right half of Boudreau's computer screen)

 1 Ted Cofell       Confirmed Kill  File > 41 Brennan
 2 Neil Nagi        Confirmed Kill  File > 42 Vladimir Bierko
 3 Ira Gaines       Confirmed Kill  File > 43 C. Henderson
 4 Marko            Confirmed Kill  File > 44 Curtis Manning
 5 Serge            Confirmed Kill  File > 45 Irv
 6 Andre Drazen     Confirmed Kill  File > 46 Vasil
 7 Victor Drazen    Confirmed Kill  File > 47 Victor
 8 Scott Owen       Confirmed Kill  File > 48 Hasan
 9 Chris Jones      Confirmed Kill  File > 49 Hasim
10 Eddie Grant      Confirmed Kill  File > 50 Halil
11 Davis            Confirmed Kill  File > 51 Zhou Yong
12 Trask            Confirmed Kill  File > 52 Youssou Dubaku
13 Raymond O'Hara   Confirmed Kill  File > 53 Masters
14 Rouse            Confirmed Kill  File > 54 Edward Vossler
15 Scott            Confirmed Kill  File > 55 Elemu
16 Peel             Confirmed Kill  File > 56 Climbe
17 Pedro            Confirmed Kill  File > 57 Ngozi
18 Nina Myers       Confirmed Kill  File > 58 Benjamin Juma
19 Pach             Confirmed Kill  File > 59 John Quinn
20 Young            Confirmed Kill  File > 60 Cooper
21 Ryan Chappelle   Confirmed Kill  File > 61 Dr. Levison
22 Arthur Rabens    Confirmed Kill  File > 62 Davros
23 Omar             Confirmed Kill  File > 63 Lugo Elson
24 James            Confirmed Kill  File > 64 Dimitri
25 Stevens          Confirmed Kill  File > 65 Andre
26 David Conlon     Confirmed Kill  File > 66 Hamid
27 Nicole           Confirmed Kill  File > 67 Mathis
28 Abdul Mahnesh    Confirmed Kill  File > 68 Donner
29 Steve Simmons    Confirmed Kill  File > 69 Ahman
30 Hikmat Palpatine Confirmed Kill  File > 70 Navid
31 Paul Raines      Confirmed Kill  File > 71 Mark Bledsoe
32 Yassir           Confirmed Kill  File > 72 Dana Walsh
33 Kohler           Confirmed Kill  File > 73 Peter Tokarev
34 Conrad Haas      Confirmed Kill  File > 74 M. Novakovich
35 Ibrim            Confirmed Kill  File > 75 Berkov
36 Vlad             Confirmed Kill  File >
37 Hank             Confirmed Kill  File >
38 Komar            Confirmed Kill  File >
39 Ostroff          Confirmed Kill  File >
40 Mikhail          Confirmed Kill  File >    Related reports


MORGAN: (on phone) Listen, I want you to initiate a level five
lockdown, do it on my authority.

JORDAN: (on phone) You don't have any authority.

MORGAN: (on phone) Just do it.


(Belcheck and Jack talk about Chloe.)

BELCHECK: I still think you should have just asked her to help.

JACK: I couldn't take the chance she'd say "no".

BELCHECK: I thought you said she was your friend.


JACK: I don't have any friends.

-- 902  --

(Jack and Belcheck storm into the Centre.)

JACK: Which one of you is Derrick Yates?



CROSS: Yates no longer works with us. He had a clash of styles.

JACK: Then you're gonna help me find him.

CROSS: I'm afraid I can't do that.

JACK: And I'm afraid you don't have any choice.


(Jack speaks to Belcheck.)

JACK: (in Serbian) Stani ovde i pazi ih. [Stay here and watch


(Jack drives with Chloe.)

JACK: Where did you get the car?

CHLOE: I stole it. I hotwired it.

(Jack looks at Chloe in shock.)

JACK: Good job.

CHLOE: You're bleeding.

JACK: It just grazed me, I'm fine. But Yates got away. Here,
I got this from his CPU.

(Jack hands Chloe a flash memory stick. Chloe plugs it into her

JACK: What is it?

CHLOE: Design schematics. Some kind of multi-channel override
system. There's ten modules. It's drones. You were right, Jack.
This system can commandeer up to ten US drones.

JACK: Son of a bitch, they're planning a full-scale attack.

CHLOE: All the evidence is here to alert the authorities.
They can decrypt the data.

JACK: OK, good.

(The contents displayed on the screen starts to erase itself.)

CHLOE: No. No, no, no, no, no!

JACK: What's happening?

CHLOE: Yates embedded a self-destruct program. It's erasing

JACK: Can you save it? Chloe, save it!

CHLOE: No... Couldn't do it. It was erasing my hard drive. All
I have is a piece of the schematic.

JACK: Son of a bitch. OK, Yates was carrying a hard-shell case.
The device must be in there. We need to pick up his trail. Now.

CHLOE: Yeah, he could be anywhere.

JACK: Start with the close-circuit TVs from the towers. He was
heading south. DAMN IT!!!

-- 903  --

(Chloe looks for Simone on her laptop.)

CHLOE: (to the laptop) Come on... Where are you?


CHLOE: Looks like Interpol has a facial rec match. We got her.
Simone Al-Harazi. Multiple EU warrants on terrorism-related

JACK: Wait a second. "Al-Harazi." Is she related to Margot

CHLOE: Well, Simone is her daughter.


MORGAN: Who was paying him?

BASHER: I don't know.

MORGAN: That's not good enough.


HELLER: I'm with Churchill on this one: "Having enemies means
you've stood up for something."


(Jack shoots two crowd members in legs.)

GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!


(Jack runs with the crowd towards the Embassy.)


-- 904  --

("Previously on 24")

CHLOE: Looks like Interpol has a facial rec match. We got her.
Simone Al-Harazi. Multiple EU warrants on terrorism-related

JACK: Is she related to Margot Al-Harazi?

CHLOE: Yes. Why?

JACK: Because she was responsible for an attack on a military
housing complex in Iraq. Most of the victims were women and

CHLOE: Well, Simone is her daughter.


JACK: (to the keypad) Come on...

KEYPAD: Beep beep beep.

(Jack tries his card again.)

KEYPAD: Beep beep beep.

JACK: (to the keypad) Come on...

(Jack cannot open the door.)

JACK: Damn it.


(Simone talks to Naveed.)

SIMONE: But you don't have a choice.


(Chloe gives Jack a secure IP address.)

CHLOE: (on comm) It's 2, 7 18, 2 8 1, 8 2 8.


(Jack tries to decrypt the data from the flight key.)

JACK: (to the computer) Come on... Come on...


HELLER: (on phone) I'm told you just shot two people out
in front of the embassy.

JACK: (on phone) I barely grazed them, sir.

HELLER: (on phone) How do you know that?

JACK: (on phone) Because I pulled the trigger.


(Jack hangs up.)

JACK: (on comm) Chloe, did you get that? We don't have much time.


MORGAN: How much more time do you have left on the upload?

JACK: Less than five minutes.

MORGAN: You don't have that much time.

-- 905  --

CROSS: We're more than halfway through this flight key data.
I ssstill don't see anything suspicious, Chloe.

CHLOE: Well, look harder. Jack's headed back to jail because
of you.

CROSS: Yes, I'm aware of that. You don't need to keep reminding

CHLOE: Yes, I do. I'm thinking every day for the rest of your

CROSS: Go back. Go back. Stop. There... Well done, Yates.

CHLOE: What?

CROSS: You don't see it?

CHLOE: If I saw it, I wouldn't have said "what".

CROSS: What he's done is, he's split the override code into
these discreet segments here, and he's embedded them in the
drone's transponder signal. Almost impossible to spot...
Unless you're me.

(Addresses and hexadecimal codes...)

00005de0  20 3e c2 a0 6f 70 65 6e  20 72 65 6d 6f 74 65 20
00005df0  63 6f 6e 74 72 6f 6c 20  32 30 31 34 3a 30 64 62
00005e00  38 3a 38 35 23 23 3a 30  38 64 66 3a 31 33 63 62
00005e10  39 61 33 3a 20 20 63 6d  32 31 3a 37 32 31 34 20
00005f60  0a 20 3e 20 66 6c 75 73  68 20 74 6f 20 62 75 66
00005f70  66 65 72 0a 20 3e 20 63  68 61 6e 6e 65 6c 2d 41
00006130  20 44 38 39 58 37 0a 20  3e 20 63 68 72 69 67 68
00006140  74 73 20 62 75 66 66 65  72 20 2b 65 0a 20 3e 20
00006150  20 3e 0a 20 3e 20 65 78  65 63 75 74 65 20 62 75
00006160  66 66 65 72 0a 20 3e c2  a0 44 32 35 58 37 24 3a

(... and character representations on Chloe's screen)

| >..open remote |
|control 2014:0db|
|8:85##:08df:13cb|                           [correct characters]
|:8a2e:0021:7214 |                           [|9a3:  cm21:7214 |]
|. > flush to buf|
|fer. > channel o|                           [|fer. > channel-A|]
| D89X7. > chrigh|
|ts buffer +e. > |
| >. > execute bu|
|ffer. >..D25X7$:|

CROSS: There's your override code.


COBURN: (on phone) Execute. Stage 4 UAV recall. Code: Alpha,
Echo, Charlie.


JACK: Mister President, I give you my word that I will surrender
myself to the authorities as soon as the threat has been


MORGAN: (on phone) A copy of the tape was deposited onto our
interagency server. And our data analyst was able to backtrace
it to an IP address.

CHLOE: (on phone) He was? You should give him a raise.

MORGAN: (on phone) Well, something about it just seems too easy.

CHLOE: (on phone) Yeah, I agree. She spends her whole life
dedicated to planning that attack, and then, makes a dumb
mistake like this?

MORGAN: (on phone) Look, we already have a team on the way,
but I was hoping that you could take a look at the tape.

CHLOE: (on phone) I'd need to see the original. That means
access to your network.

MORGAN: (on phone) Well, don't you already have access?

CHLOE: (on phone) We're good, but we're not that good.


CROSS: Chloe, it was one thing to help Bauer. We had no choice.

-- 906  --

(Davies learns about Heller's condition.)

DAVIES: Poor bastard. Do you mean, I'm counting on a man to
protect our soil who hasn't got his wits about him?

FOWLDS: (silence)

DAVIES: God help us.


CHLOE: (on phone) Jack. I saw you arrested. Where are you?

JACK: (on phone): I don't have time to explain.


DAVIES: Allowing a man with Jack Bauer's record to direct an
operation? Maybe James is losing his mind after all.


CHLOE: (on comm) You can't move in on Kate until Rask accesses
the account I've set up.

(Belcheck observes Morgan being injected with a wake-up drug.)

BELCHECK: (on comm) She might not have that kind of time.

-- 907  --

JACK: (in Serbian) Javicu ti se. [I will call you.]

BELCHECK: (in Serbian) Vazi. [OK.]


(Jack talks to Morgan.)

JACK: We're running out of time.


(Jack talks to McCarthy.)

JACK: You need to clear this hospital now. NOW!!!


(Jack aims at a derelict in a tunnel.)

JACK: You! Don't you move!


HELLER: (on phone) Any realistic chance that we'll find Margot
before the deadline?

JACK: (on phone) Mister President, we're still trying. And to be
honest with you, we're running out of time.

-- 908  --

IAN: Hurry. We don't have much time.


MORGAN: (on phone) Jack, it's Kate. Simone's not good.
The doctor's inducing a coma; he says if we try to wake her,
she'll die.

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, but we're running out of time.


(Jack asks Morgan about Simone's condition.)

JACK: (on phone) President Heller has agreed to comply with
Margot Al-Harazi's demands.

MORGAN: (on phone) I don't believe it.

JACK: (on phone) Well, you'd better believe it. He's arranged to
turn himself over to her, within the hour. He's asked me to help.
The only way we can stop this from happening is to find Margot
fast. So wake the bitch up.


MORGAN: (on phone) Jack, Simone gave us something.

JACK: (on phone) Please, tell me it's Margot's location.

MORGAN: (on phone) No, the next best thing: A disk that might
get us into Margot's system.

JACK: (on phone) What do you mean, "might"?


(Jack is cutting the tracker out of Heller's arm.)

HELLER: Yikes... Eeh... Yow...

JACK: I'm sorry, sir.

HELLER: Yeah-heh... You've done enough damage as a federal
agent, Jack. Thank God you didn't become a surgeon.


HELLER: Jack, we're out of time.

-- 909  --

(Chloe is pinpointing Margot's location.)

CHLOE: (on phone) If you want a more exact location,
you need to cut out the noise.

JACK: (on radio) What are you talking about, "noise"?


MARGOT: Hundreds of people died today because of you and Heller.
You think you've won, but this is all on your head.

JACK: The only death tonight on my head is yours.

(Jack throws Margot out of the window.)

JACK: Yah!


(Margot falls to her death.)


NAVARRO: What're you doing?

JACK: I'm gonna send the scan over to an old CIA contact
I had at Langley. If anyone can break the O Code, he can.

NAVARRO: We can take care of that here.

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Good, you have your man do it, I'll have mine. We'll see
who gets it done first. (to the phone) Come on.

-- 910  --

(Jack captures Navarro.)



(Jack is looking for a person amongst the people at the station.)

JACK: (to the people) Come on...

(Jack spots Cross carrying the override.)

JACK: Damn it.


(Jack talks to Navarro.)

JACK: There is only one outcome here...

(Jack raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: And that is the death penalty.


(Navarro is giving up the tracker's code.)

NAVARRO: 3 A 4 6 9 Romeo, 3 Alpha 4 6 9 Romeo, that's the code,
I'm telling you the truth!


TECH: (in Mandarin) Women you mafanle. [We have a problem.]

CHENG: (in Mandarin) Shenme mafan? [What problem?]

TECH: (in Mandarin) Wo wufa jinru gujian jiekou. [I can't enter
the firmware interface.]


(Boudreau calls Stolnavich.)

BOUDREAU: (to the phone) Come on, answer the phone.


(Information on tech's screen)


       Z 202055Z JUN 14
       TOP SECRET //NO2342
       REF/A/COMNAVSUBLANT INST 2700.2L/191526ZSEP09
       REF/B/USSIXTHFLT INST 6000/211537ZMAR13//
       WITH MK-48 ADCAP./






-- 911  --

(Morgan plays the recording with Cheng's voice.)

JACK: Play it again. Play it again!


(Jack listens to the phone call between Stolnavich and Boudreau.)

JACK: (to Boudreau) Come on...


(Stolnavich is bleeding out.)

JACK: Where is Cheng?



-- 912  --

BOUDREAU: We're condemning Audrey to death for nothing.

JACK: We don't have another choice.

BOUDREAU: She loves you.

(Jack points his finger at Boudreau.)

JACK: Shut up!


(Jack stops for Chloe.)

JACK: We don't have a lot of time.


(Audrey is shot.)

MORGAN: Stay with me, stay with me. Audrey?

AGENT: (on phone) Erik, we need medical now.

MORGAN: Audrey, help is on the way.

AGENT: (on phone) Audrey Boudreau's been hit.

MORGAN: Don't leave me now, OK? Stay with me.

AGENT: (on phone) Cheng had a second shooter.

MORGAN: Stay with me, Audrey. Come on. Stay with me... Oh, God.
OK. Stay with me. Stay with me... Stay with me. Audrey, will
you stay with...? Please, Audrey... Please, no, Audrey, please,
stay with me. Stay with me, OK? Stay with me.


CHENG: (on screen) My name is Cheng Zhi!

JACK: (on screen) Did you get that? DID YOU GET THAT?!?

-- 999  --

(Diaz checks her neck.)

DIAZ: God damn it.


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