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Splash Screen -- The Words -- The Color -- Observers are Here --
The Equations -- The Glyphs -- The Messages -- Tweet Channels --
Unearthed -- Letters of Transit -- Episode List -- Episode
Details -- Explanations

Splash Screen

The opening splash screen is composed of glyphs and words
appearing in this order:

Butterfly, lower left dot
Group of words (1)
Three equations
Group of words (2)
Seahorse, lower right dot
Frog, lower right dot
Flower, left dot
Observers Are Here (*)
Group of words (3)
Hand, right dot

The Words

    Fringe 101-120, 2SP:

(*)                  DARK MATTER          OBSERVERS ARE HERE

    Fringe 201-214, 216-220:

(*)                  MUTATION             OBSERVERS ARE HERE

    Fringe 215, 315:


    Fringe 221, 222:

(*)                  MUTATION             OBSERVERS ARE HERE

    Fringe 301-314, 316-321:

(*)                  MUTATION             OBSERVERS ARE HERE

    Fringe 322:

(*)                  BIOSUSPENSION        OBSERVERS ARE HERE
(3) WATER            BIOSUSPENSION        HOPE

    Fringe 401-418, 420-422:

(*)                  PSYCHIC SURGERY      OBSERVERS ARE HERE

    Fringe 419, 501-513:


The Color

Splash screen for episodes from Season 1, Season 2 and partially
from Season 3 is rendered in blue color.

Episodes 221, 222, 301, 303, 305, 307, 313, 318 have red color,
indicating that the stories take place in the parallel universe.

Fringe 308 splash screen flips between red and blue color -- the
episode story takes place in both universes.

Episode 322 has gray-colored splash screen as it shows events in
the year 2026 after the destruction of the parallel universe.

Season 4 episodes except 419 have orange-colored splash screens
as universes are bridged together, and the timeline was changed.

Episode 419 and Season 5 episodes are situated into the year
2036 with a unique set of frames rendered in dark blue color.

Episodes 215 and 315 deal with the events from both universes in
the year 1985, and they have a different set of frames (without
the "Observers are Here" message, the equations and the glyphs).

Observers are Here

This message appears in a single frame accompanied with a word
from (3). Splash screen in Season 3 uses the frame extracted
from Season 2 (the word MUTATION should be RETROCOGNITION).

The Equations

They appear too quickly to be recognized except the third one:

                    a       b       c
                  ----- = ----- = ----- = 2R
                  sin A   sin B   sin C

This is called "the law of sines": "in any triangle, the length
of any side divided with the sine of the opposite angle is twice
the radius of the circumcircle of given triangle".

The Glyphs

Parts of a substitution cypher where each glyph means a letter
of the alphabet: butterfly, lower left dot (O), seahorse, lower
right dot (N), frog, lower right dot (R), flower, left dot (I or
L), and hand, right dot (U or W or X or Z). The position of the
flower dot is unclear, and the hand rotates, so the code can be
as these words and their anagrams have no meaning in English, it
may be an acronym, or they are just random glyphs, like those
seen in various special features on "Fringe" DVD collections.
Here is the description of the glyphs with respective letters
(X and Z are not confirmed as they never appeared on the show):

A   leaf     upper right dot    N  seahorse  lower  right dot
B   leaf     upper left  dot    O  butterfly lower  left  dot
C   apple    upper left  dot    P  butterfly lower  right dot
D   apple    upper right dot    Q  frog      lower  left  dot
E   apple    lower left  dot    R  frog      lower  right dot
F   apple    lower right dot    S  hand      lower  left  dot
G   leaf     lower right dot    T  smoke     middle right dot
H   leaf     lower left  dot    U  hand      lower  right dot
I   flower   upper left  dot    V  hand      middle left  dot
J   flower   upper right dot    W  hand      middle right dot
K   flower   lower right dot    X  hand      upper  left  dot
L   flower   lower left  dot    Y  smoke     middle left  dot
M   seahorse lower left  dot    Z  hand      upper  right dot

The Messages

Glyphs are shown during an episode before each commercial break.
They form a word connected to the story of the (next) episode:

101 OBSERVER   120 GRAVE    220 RETURN   318 FATED    416 FUTURE
102 BRELD      201 TOWER    221 WEAPON   319 FEARS    417 DREAM
103 AEGER      202 MIRROR   222 WEISS    320 AGENT    418 SIMON
104 ROGUE      203 BURIAL   301 AMBER    321 MULTI    419 QUAKE
105 SURGG      204 MEMORY   302 ALERT    322 NOMORE   420 ALIVE
106 CELLS      205 BETRAY   303 BREACH   401 APPEAR   421 POWERS
107 CODES      206 DEJAVU   304 SHIFT    402 LIMBUS   422 PURGE
108 TAKEN      207 ARRIVE   305 EVENT    403 REBORN   501 DOUBT
109 VOICE      208 BLIGHT   306 DECAY    404 RESET    502 FAITH
110 TRADE      209 HIDDEN   307 ESCAPE   405 STILL    503 ANGER
111 SAVED      210 PORTAL   308 CROSS    406 LIVING   504 WOUND
112 BISHOP     211 MUTATE   309 ADAPT    407 DAVID    505 FIGHT
113 AVIAN      212 WINDOW   310 UNITES   408 JONES    506 SPLIT
114 OLIVIA     213 FATHER   311 ALTER    409 DEATH    507 TRUST
115 WALTER     214 REVEAL   312 HATCH    410 MARCH    508 PLEAD
2SP AVENGE     215 PETERS   313 ROMAD    411 EMPATH   509 GUILT
116 PETER      216 ENERGY   314 HEARTS   412 OLIVE    510 SENSE
117 BELLY      217 SECRET   315 SWITCH   413 HENRY    511 GRACE
118 EIGHT      218 BRIDGE   316 EARTH    414 UNITE    512 LOVED
119 VISION     219 HEART    317 ERODE    415 QUILL    513 CLOSE

Fringe 102 episode had BRELD message when originally aired. The
(corrected) message in the DVD version of this episode is CHILD.

Fringe 105 episode had SURGG message when aired, also in the DVD
version of this episode. The (correct) message should be SURGE.

"The Mythology of Fringe" feature included on the sixth disc of
"Fringe: The Complete Second Season" DVD collection released on
September 14, 2010 has glyphs forming a message which is MOLE.

The last glyph of the sequence in Fringe 314 episode has its dot
shaped in a form of a small heart. The message itself is HEARTS.

The third glyph in Fringe 315 is distorted by the electromagnetic
interference caused by Olivia at the end of the previous segment.

Tweet Channels

Since 319 (April 15, 2011), a name of a Tweet channel bound to
the "Fringe" show started to appear at the bottom right corner
of the screen when originally aired on the FOX network:

319 #Fringe    410 #fringe               501 #TheyAreHere
320 #Fringe    411 #fringe               502 #AnotherWay
321 #Fringe    412 #fringe               503 #ForTheRecord
322 #Fringe    413 #fringe               504 #TurningPoint
401 #fringe    414 #fringe               505 #ShowNoMercy
402 #fringe    415 #WhereYouBelong       506 #NothingIsImpossible
403 #fringe    416 #ChangeYourWorld      507 #Predict
404 #fringe    417 #FaceYourself         508 #HumanKind
405 #fringe    418 #AcrossTheUniverse    509 #FreeYourMind
406 #fringe    419 #FightTheFuture       510 #FarFromNormal
407 #fringe    420 #WorldsApart          511 #NeverLetGo
408 #fringe    421 #DarkestBeforeDawn    512 #KeepLookingUp
409 #fringe    422 #BuildABetterWorld    513 #WeCrossedTheLine


The episode was shot during Season 1 in order to keep the
22-episodes-per-seasson pattern (the pilot film counts as two
episodes, as one in the terms of numbering, though), but it was
broadcasted in the middle of Season 2, between "Grey Matters"
and "Johari Window". It uses the splash screen from Season 1,
and Charlie is still alive. Although the production code places
the episode after Season 1 finale, it may be placed between
"Bad Dreams" and "Midnight" of Season 1 in the Fringe continuity.
This arrangement is based on the opening credits of the
surrounding episodes and this one, and it also satisfies the
pattern of episodes significant to the Fringe mythology: 101,
105, 109, 113, 117 and 120 (which would by 121 if "Unearthed"
is taken into account). "Unearthed" is located on the last disk
of the DVD edition as a special episode of Season 2.

Letters of Transit

The episode was shot and broadcasted during Season 4, and it
may be placed before 501 in the Fringe continuity.

Episode List

                  Season 1:

2008-09-09 * 101  The Pattern                         [F] #276038
2008-09-19   102  The Same Old Story                      #3T7651
2008-09-23   103  The Ghost Network                       #3T7652
2008-09-30   104  The Arrival                             #3T7653
2008-10-14 * 105  Power Hungry                            #3T7654
2008-10-21   106  The Cure                                #3T7655
2008-11-11 * 107  In Which We Meet Mr. Jones              #3T7656
2008-11-18   108  The Equation                            #3T7657
2008-11-25 * 109  The Dreamscape                          #3T7658
2008-12-02 * 110  Safe                                [1] #3T7659
2009-01-20   111  Bound                               [2] #3T7660
2009-01-27   112  The No-Brainer                          #3T7661
2009-02-03 * 113  The Transformation                      #3T7662
2009-02-10 * 114  Ability                                 #3T7663
2009-04-07   115  Inner Child                             #3T7664
2009-04-14   116  Unleashed                               #3T7665
2009-04-21 * 117  Bad Dreams                              #3T7666
2010-01-11   2SP  Unearthed                               #3T7670
2009-04-28   118  Midnight                                #3T7667
2009-05-05 * 119  The Road Not Taken                  [1] #3T7668
2009-05-12 * 120  There's More Than One of Everything [2] #3T7669

                  Season 2:

2009-09-17 * 201  A New Day in the Old Town               #3X5101
2009-09-24   202  Night of Desirable Objects              #3X5102
2009-10-01 * 203  Fracture                                #3X5103
2009-10-08 * 204  Momentum Deferred                       #3X5104
2009-10-15   205  Dream Logic                             #3X5105
2009-11-05   206  Earthling                               #3X5106
2009-11-12   207  Of Human Action                         #3X5107
2009-11-19   208  August                                  #3X5108
2009-12-03   209  Snakehead                               #3X5109
2009-12-10 * 210  Grey Matters                            #3X5110
2010-01-14   211  Johari Window                           #3X5111
2010-01-21   212  What Lies Below                         #3X5112
2010-01-28   213  The Bishop Revival                      #3X5113
2010-02-04 * 214  Jacksonville                            #3X5114
2010-04-01   215  Peter                                   #3X5115
2010-04-08   216  Olivia, in the Lab, with the Revolver   #3X5116
2010-04-15   217  White Tulip                             #3X5117
2010-04-22 * 218  The Man from the Other Side             #3X5118
2010-04-29   219  Brown Betty                             #3X5119
2010-05-06   220  Northwest Passage                       #3X5120
2010-05-13 * 221  Over There, Part 1                  [1] #3X5121
2010-05-20 * 222  Over There, Part 2                  [2] #3X5122

                  Season 3:

2010-09-23 * 301  Olivia                                  #3X6101
2010-09-30   302  The Box                                 #3X6102
2010-10-07   303  The Plateau                             #3X6103
2010-10-14   304  Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric ~    #3X6104
2010-11-04   305  Amber 31422                             #3X6105
2010-11-11 * 306  6955 kHz                                #3X6106
2010-11-18   307  The Abducted                        [1] #3X6107
2010-12-02 * 308  Entrada                             [2] #3X6108
2010-12-09   309  Marionette                              #3X6109
2011-01-21   310  The Firefly                             #3X6110
2011-01-28 * 311  Reciprocity                             #3X6111
2011-02-04   312  Concentrate and Ask Again               #3X6112
2011-02-11   313  Immortality                             #3X6113
2011-02-18   314  6B                                      #3X6114
2011-02-25   315  Subject 13                              #3X6115
2011-03-11   316  Os                                      #3X6116
2011-03-18   317  Stowaway                                #3X6117
2011-03-25   318  Bloodline                               #3X6118
2011-04-15 * 319  Lysergic Acid Diethylamide              #3X6119
2011-04-22   320  6:02 AM EST                         [1] #3X6120
2011-04-29   321  The Last Sam Weiss                  [2] #3X6121
2011-05-06 * 322  The Day We Died                     [3] #3X6122

                  Season 4:

2011-09-23 * 401  Neither Here Nor There                  #3X7001
2011-09-30   402  One Night in October                    #3X7002
2011-10-07   403  Alone in the World                      #3X7003
2011-10-14   404  Subject 9                               #3X7004
2011-11-04 * 405  Novation                                #3X7005
2011-11-11   406  And Those We've Left Behind             #3X7006
2011-11-18   407  Wallflower                              #3X7007
2012-01-13 * 408  Back to Where You've Never Been     [1] #3X7008
2012-01-20 * 409  Enemy of My Enemy                   [2] #3X7009
2012-01-27   410  Forced Perspective                      #3X7010
2012-02-03   411  Making Angels                           #3X7011
2012-02-10   412  Welcome to Westfield                [1] #3X7012
2012-02-17   413  A Better Human Being                [2] #3X7013
2012-02-24 * 414  The End of All Things               [3] #3X7014
2012-03-23   415  A Short Story About Love                #3X7015
2012-03-30   416  Nothing As It Seems                     #3X7016
2012-04-06   417  Everything in Its Right Place           #3X7017
2012-04-13 * 418  The Consultant                          #3X7018
2012-04-27   420  Worlds Apart                            #3X7020
2012-05-04 * 421  Brave New World, Part 1             [1] #3X7021
2012-05-11 * 422  Brave New World, Part 2             [2] #3X7022

                  Season 5:

2012-04-20 * 419  Letters of Transit                      #3X7019
2012-09-28 * 501  Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11   #3X7501
2012-10-05   502  In Absentia                             #3X7502
2012-10-12   503  The Recordist                           #3X7503
2012-10-26 * 504  The Bullet That Saved the World         #3X7504
2012-11-02   505  An Origin Story                         #3X7505
2012-11-09   506  Through the Looking Glass and What ~    #3X7506
2012-11-16   507  Five-Twenty-Ten                         #3X7507
2012-12-07   508  The Human Kind                          #3X7508
2012-12-14   509  Black Blotter                           #3X7509
2012-12-21 * 510  Anomaly XB-6783746                      #3X7510
2013-01-11   511  The Boy Must Live                   [1] #3X7511
2013-01-18 * 512  Liberty                             [2] #3X7512
2013-01-18 * 513  An Enemy of Fate                    [3] #3X7513

 Episode Details

 Created by:J.J. Abrams & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci

   * 101 The Pattern

 Written by J.J. Abrams & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
Directed by Alex Graves

Everyone on the Flight 627 has his tissue dissolved; Agent Olivia
Dunham and her partner John Scott are sent to search a storage
facility where they approach a suspect who blows up the storages,
and John gets infected with similar symptoms as those on Flight
627; Olivia forces Peter Bishop to sign his father, doctor Walter
Bishop, out of St. Claire, a mental institution, after seventeen
years to help rescue John; Walter's lab at Harvard is re-opened
with the help of Olivia's supervisor Colonel Broyles; Walter puts
Olivia, in her underwear, into a sensory-deprivation tank and
interconnects her conciousness with John's, so she can get the
image of the suspect John saw; Olivia meets with Nina Sharp, CEO
of Massive Dynamic, a company founded by William Bell who shared
the lab with Walter; after he is captured, the suspect reveals
the list of chemical substances blown off in the storage, so
Walter can synthetize an antidote to save John (a cat is behind
the laboratory window); Broyles tells Olivia about similar fringe
events like Flight 627, calling them "the Pattern", as if someone
has been experimenting, but the whole world was the lab; Olivia
listens to a recorded phone call between the suspect and a man
threatening him, whom she identifies as John; John kills the
suspect and escapes from the hospital, pursued by Olivia, and
ends up in a car crash, dying in Olivia's arms demanding from
her to ask why Broyles sent her to that storage facility; Peter
agrees to stay with Walter; John is brought into Massive Dynamic,
and Nina orders to question him.

     102 The Same Old Story

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.J. Abrams &
            Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
Directed by Paul Edwards

A woman gives birth to a child that ages to death later; Olivia
links the case to the Brain Surgeon; Walter remembers where he
parked his car full of records (using 31-41-59 combination to
open the garage) and figures out that the killer is a product of
his old experiment on how to grow soldiers; Olivia purchases an
electronic pulse camera from Massive Dynamic, and Walter is able
to reconstruct the last image the last Surgeon's victim saw,
which leads to his hideout; the killer dies of rapid aging, and
Peter saves the victim; Nina offers Olivia a job; Walter asks
Olivia to keep the information about Peter's medical history to
herself, but she tells him Peter's file contained no such thing;
Peter sings "row your boat" for Walter to help him sleep.

     103 The Ghost Network

 Written by David H. Goodman & J.R. Orci
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Passengers on a bus (including a DEA agent) are trapped in an
amber-like substance while Roy has a vision of the event; after
John's funeral, Charlie admits to Olivia that John said he loved
him, too; at restaurant, Peter approaches a man who was taking
pictures of him; Roy draws a vision of a woman with bleeding
palms; Agent Davidson formally identifies DEA agent's body;
Walter realizes that Roy is one of his old experiments, thereby
he is able to receive communications from "the ghost network"
designed by Walter back then; Roy picks up a conversation about
some exchange, and Astrid translates it from Latin; Olivia
realizes that Davidson cut something out of DEA agent's palm;
at the exchange point, Davidson is killed, and the suspect kills
himself by jumping in front of a bus; FBI recovers a glass disk;
Broyles gives Olivia more information about the Pattern cases;
Peter plays piano for Olivia; Broyles gives the disk to Nina,
who hands it to the scientists at Massive Dynamic who are
extracting information from John Scott's preserved body.

     104 The Arrival

 Written by J.J. Abrams & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Paul Edwards

The Observer called September reports the arrival of a beacon
after he had spicy breakfast; Peter is upset for Walter was
lecturing him during the night, naked (Olivia looks at Peter's
lower torso when he mentions that); Walter has a theory about
the Beacon, but he will not share it; Olivia visits her old
mentor, Jacobson, who describes similar incident years ago;
an assassin with a sonic weapon attacks the hangar where the
Beacon was stored before it was moved to Walter's lab; Olivia
receives a call from John; Olivia and Broyles study the photos
of the Observer; Walter drugs Astrid, hides the cylinder, and
meets September; the assassin kidnaps Peter and tortures him to
reveal the location of the Beacon; they go to the cemetery,
where Olivia kills the assassin, and the Beacon drills itself
back into the ground; Peter meets September, who reads his
thoughts before he knocks him unconscious; in the hospital,
Peter decides to stay with the investigation; Walter tells
Peter that the Observer saved both of them when they were
drowning once, and Walter paid back that favor; Olivia sees
John in her apartment.

   * 105 Power Hungry

 Written by Jason Cahill & Julia Cho
Directed by Christopher Misiano

A man drives an elevator full of people down to their deaths;
Walter suspects that the man was a subject of an experiment
that gave him an unwanted ability to control electrical devices;
John appears in the Federal Building and tells Olivia that he
will prove his love to her; the man is kidnapped by the doctor
responsible for his treatment, but Walter is able to track him
using pigeons programmed to follow the man's electromagnetic
signature; Walter believes that part of John's consciousness
crossed into Olivia's mind, and it is still there; John leads
Olivia into a basement office where he was conducting his own
investigations related to the Pattern; Olivia finds an
engagement ring engraved with a word "ALWAYS" among
John's personal effects.

     106 The Cure

 Written by Felicia D. Henderson & Brad Caleb Kane
Directed by Bill Eagles

Emily causes a massive haemorrhaging of the customers in a
cafeteria before her head explodes; Walter recognizes it as a
result of an experimental treatment; another woman, Claire, is
abducted; Walter demonstrates the subject's ability on a papaya;
Emily's and Claire's doctor gives up a name of a prominent
scientists before he kills himself; Olivia talks to the doctor;
she tells Peter that, as a child, she shot her stepfather, and
he sends her birthday postcards ever since to let her know he is
out there somewhere, and she has birthday today; Nina gives Peter
the location of the secret facility Claire is hold in in exchange
for a future favor; Walter produces an antidote, and Olivia gives
it to Claire, saving her; Olivia arrests the scientist, and later
she listens to the news that the stocks of his company fall for
the profit of Massive Dynamic; at home, Olivia finds a "Thinking
of you" card slipped under the door.

   * 107 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

 Written by J.J. Abrams & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Brad Anderson

After a raid, Agent Mitchell Loeb collapses from being infected
with a man-made parasite; Walter discovers a repeating sequence
of aminoacids within the parasite's DNA that can be translated
as a signature "ZFT"; Broyles explains to Olivia that ZFT is a
bio-terrorist cell trafficking in scientific progress; Olivia
goes to Germany to talk to one of ZFT's members, David Robert
Jones, incarcerated in Wissenschaft Prison (Science Prison);
Olivia speaks German with the warden; Jones agrees to talk only
if he first speaks with his contact who is killed in a raid the
same day; Walter is able to interrogate the corpse through Peter
who answers "Little Hill" when Jones asks via Olivia "where does
the gentleman live"; Jones is satisfied with the answers and
gives up the information on how to save Loeb; in the hospital,
Loeb asks his wife if the contact with Jones worked, and she
informs him that the answer is "Little Hill".

     108 The Equation

 Written by J.R. Orci & David H. Goodman
Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton

A boy obsessed with composing a piece of music is abducted while
his father is hypnotized by flashing lights (three green, one
red); Walter discovers that the piece is a musical equivalent of
an equation which Dashell Kim, his fellow inmate from St. Claire
(who was also abducted by the woman that took the boy) tried to
solve; Walter ends up in St. Claire, and he is able to get a
crucial information about the boy's whereabouts before Peter
checks him out; Olivia saves the boy, but the woman escapes;
she brings the solved equation to Loeb who uses it to pull an
apple out of a safe through its solid wall; Loeb kills the
woman and phones someone with a message that it worked.

   * 109 The Dreamscape

 Written by Zack Whedon & Julia Cho
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Mark Young of Massive Dynamic jumps to his death during a vision
of being attacked by razor-winged butterflies; Olivia receives
an e-mail from John that leads her to a basement storage filled
with toads whose venom was used to kill Young; Peter meets an
old friend; Olivia, in her underwear, goes back to the tank to
access John's memories stored in her mind; she sees John in a
restaurant and then accompanied with Young, Morales and a fourth
man whom John kills; Peter has a fist-talk with his friend's
abusive partner; Olivia uses the word "MONARCH" which is a phone
number (666-2724) to find Morales; he offers to tell everything
he knows about ZFT, Flight 627, the North Woods Group, John
Scott, the Pattern, in exchange for protection, but he is killed
by a vision of John while Olivia talks to Nina; Olivia gets
another e-mail from John, according to which he saw her in
the restaurant.

   * 110 Safe

 Written by David H. Goodman & Jason Cahill
Directed by Michael Zinberg

Loeb and his team use the solid wall penetrating device to steal
a safety box from a bank, but one of the man gets stuck in the
wall during the process; Olivia recognizes him, but later she
realizes that she knew him from John's memories, not her own; at
Massive Dynamic, Nina gets update on John's memory extraction;
Walter explains the theory of wall penetration that renders the
user radioactive; in the bar, after a few drinks, Olivia presents
her ability to remember numbers, and Walter realizes that the
stolen deposit boxes marked with the numbers from the Fibonacci
sequence actually belong to him, but he cannot remember why and
what he hid inside the boxes; scientists at Massive Dynamic
discover that the last image John saw was that of Olivia's who
may possess a significant part of John's memories; the FBI team
captures one of the robbers as they acquire the last safety box;
in Germany, Jones orders his attorney to procure the last item,
Olivia; Peter makes the captured robber talk, and Olivia figures
out the other robbers head to Little Hill Field; Walter remembers
that, when Peter was sick, he created a device that could bring
anyone from anywhere (or any time) which he hid inside the boxes;
in his prison cell, Jones kills his attorney and places himself
into a corner; on her way to Little Hill, Olivia is tasered by
Jones' men; at the field, Loeb uses Walter's device to teleport
Jones out of the prison (located at 49.1.112295 N, 8.916092 E,
horisontal angle 33.33 grad) into the field.

     111 Bound

 Written by J.J. Abrams & Jeff Pinkner &
            Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

After doctors and a man donning a mask finish their work on her,
Olivia escapes from her captivity, grabs a handful of samples,
and hides them on a construction site before being knocked out
by police; she awakes in a hospital where she meets Sanford
Harris, whom she charged with harrasments years ago, and her
sister, Rachel; the team digs out the samples, and Walter comes
to the conclusion that it is the same material that created a
giantic slug that crept out of the mouth of a professor who died
during a lecture; Loeb infects another doctor in protective
custody; Olivia chats with her sister while they drink; Olivia
notices that Loeb wears the same shoes as the masked man who was
with her kidnappers; Charlie has Peter tapped into Loeb's phone
line as he cannot do it himself for he is a law enforcer; at
Loeb's house, Olivia messes around the study while Loeb's wife
is on the phone with her husband who orders her to kill Olivia;
Peter warns Olivia, and she kills Loeb's wife during a fight;
when Olivia tells Loeb that she killed his wife, he breaks down
claiming that they saved Olivia and she ruined all their plans.

     112 The No-Brainer

 Written by David H. Goodman & Brad Caleb Kane
Directed by John Polson

People have their brains liquefied by a hand coming out of a
series of disturbing images on computer screen; Peter asks a
friend for his help to recover data from torched hard drives
in exchange for a gold coin; Olivia hurries to her apartment
just in time to save her niece from the program; she figures
out that the programmer kills for vengeance, so she uses the
programmer's son to lead Olivia to him; the programmer kills
himself; Broyles tells Harris to let Olivia be; Walter talks
to the mother of his dead lab assistant about her daughter;
while she drinks, Peter, slightly drunk, visits Olivia.

   * 113 The Transformation

 Written by J.R. Orci & Zack Whedon
Directed by Brad Anderson

Marshall Bowman on a flight transforms into a giant porcupine,
and the plane crashes; Walter, in "Bishop's House of Horrors",
finds a glass disk within the creature's palm; Charlie brings
in Bowman's partner Hicks, whom Olivia recognizes from John's
memories, and he starts to mutate before Walter sedates him; he
cuts another disk out of Hick's palm; Broyles admits to Olivia
that John was not buried and takes her to Massive Dynamic where
Nina explains to Olivia their efforts to extract information
from John who has similar disk implanted; Olivia, in her
underwear, goes back to the tank and meets John; he tells her
that he was working for the NSA and failed a mission to take
out Conrad, a chemist responsible for dosing Bowman and Hicks
with a virus he is about to sell; Olivia, accompanied by Peter
(and with Hick's help via radio) poses as the buyer, and they
capture the seller together with Conrad; Olivia goes to the
tank to see John one last time.

   * 114 Ability

Teleplay by David H. Goodman
   Story by Glen Whitman & Robert Chiappetta
Directed by Norberto Barba

Jones exits a decompression tank after his teleportation from
German prison; a newspaper salesman has his orifices sealed off
and suffocates; Olivia tells Peter that the German authorities
found out that "ZFT" stands for "Zerstorung durch Fortschritte
der Technologie" ("Destruction Through Technological Progress"),
a self-published manuscript; Peter asks his friend Markham who
owns a used-book store to find the manuscript; Jones turns
himself in at the Federal Building, demanding to speak with
Olivia; an agent dies the same way as the salesman when FBI
raids Jones' safehouse; at the holding room, Jones assembles
a surveillance-jamming device from the items he requested and
asks Olivia to pass a test before another attack he plans occurs;
Jones reveals to Olivia they confirmed during her abduction that
she was treated with Cortexiphan before he collapses and is
brought to the "Freakshow" lab; while Peter is working on lights
Olivia is supposed to turn off with her thoughts, Nina supplies
her with information on Cortexiphan devised by William Bell,
a drug administered to children to prevent shrinking of the brain
power, but Olivia was never in the treatment center for she lived
in Jacksonville, Florida; Olivia stages a performance for Jones
to convince him she can turn the lights off; Jones reveals the
location of the bomb with the toxin, but it is wired with the
same device as the one used for the test; Olivia uses her
telekinetic ability to turn off the lights with her mind, thus
disarming the bomb; Astrid admires Walter's teleportation device
even if it kills the user, but Walter corrects her it does not
kill, although it does something unthinkable; Jones disappears
from the hospital, leaving a note for Olivia saying she passed;
while she drinks, Olivia gets a phone call from Nina telling her
she found information about another Cortexiphan center, in
Jacksonville; Walter discovers that an old typewriter from
his lab was used to write the ZFT manuscript.

     115 Inner Child

 Written by Brad Caleb Kane & Julia Cho
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Construction crew workers find a bald boy beneath a building set
for demolition; Charlie phones Olivia giving the news that the
Artist is back; the boy writes a name for Olivia that turns out
to be the name of the last Artist's victim; Olivia has a little
talk with Rachel while she is drinking; CIA's Department of
Science and Technology has a great interest in the boy; Walter
figures out that the boy is emotionally bound to Olivia and he
tries to help her; Olivia finds the Artist and kills him in a
fight; she arranges for the boy to be taken to a family, and
Broyles covers for her; the boy on his way shares a look with
September as he passes by.

     116 Unleashed

 Written by Zack Whedon & J.R. Orci
Directed by Brad Anderson

Animal rights activists storm a laboratory and release all the
animals before they are killed by some creature; Peter argues
with Walter about a human ear Peter found in Walter's omelet;
Charlie is attacked by the monster; Walter discovers it is
based on his work, and that it infected Charlie with its
offspring; Olivia confronts the scientists co-responsible
for the creature, and it turns out that Walter's research has
nothing to do with it; in the sewers, Walter poisons himself
(for the case the creature eats him) and heads for it; Peter
and Olivia kill the creature with .50 caliber handguns and save
Charlie as well as Walter; Olivia goes to sleep with lights on.

   * 117 Bad Dreams

 Written by Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Akiva Goldsman

Olivia dreams about herself pushing a woman in front of arriving
train; Walter suspects astro ("Astrid!") projection; Olivia has
vision of another murderous attempt; she notices the suspect,
Nick Lane, from a surveillance footage; Walter presumes that
Nick can transfer his emotions onto other people, and he and
Olivia were pair at Cortexiphan trials where they formed some
sort of bound between them; after watching him to drive a go-go
dancer to kill herself, Olivia figures out, through a hypnotic
state, where Nick lives, but he leaves before they can get to
him; as he walks through the city, people join him, and he leads
them to the roof of a building where they all stand, ready to
jump to their deaths; Olivia confronts him, and Nick mentions
a man with the glasses in a hospital who activated him; Nick
begs Olivia to kill him, and she shoots him in legs; Walter
watches a video tape with him and William Bell talking to
little Olivia in a charred room.

     2SP Unearthed

 Written by David H. Goodman & Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

A dead girl by the name of Lisa awakes during organ removal, and
she recites secret military codes identified as those belonging
to a missing petty officer Rusk; Peter knows Russian language;
Lisa is haunted by visions of Rusk who is found murdered; he
tells some information about it through Lisa during experiment;
Lisa, under the influence of Rusk, goes to his wife who hired
the man who killed him; Lisa is tranquilized, and Rusk leaves
her consciousness, moving into a victim of a car accident.

     118 Midnight

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by Bobby Roth

A man meets a woman in a dance club, and she sucks out his spinal
fluid; Olivia asks Broyles to advise her a good divorce attorney
for Rachel; Walter discovers that the killer has an extincted
form of syphilis, and it leads the team to wheel-chaired doctor
Boone; the doctor gives FBI a tip on ZFT's laboratory, and he
demands that the agents save his wife; Olivia speaks Chinese
during the raid on the laboratory hidden within a restaurant;
Boone admits that the killer is his wife, who has been infected
with a virus as his punishment for trying to get departed from
ZFT; he was feeding her with his own spinal fluid, rendering him
half-paralyzed; the doctor explains that he also created the
orifice-sealing toxin for ZFT who use their weapons as a show
off to other scientists; he makes a deal to reveal everything
he knows about ZFT in exchange for saving his wife; Peter takes
Olivia to his chop shop owning friend to track down one victim;
Walter and Boone work on the cure in Harvard lab; Boone suggests
to take more of his spinal fluid to make the cure work; Boone's
wife is found and tranquilized at a dance club; Peter happily
drives a police car with the siren on; Boone watches his wife
being cured before he dies; Walter gives Olivia a video tape on
which Boone talks about ZFT; Olivia tells Broyles that the man
funding ZFT is William Bell.

     119 The Road Not Taken

Teleplay by Jeff Pinkner & J.R. Orci
   Story by Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Broyles briefs his staff about ZFT; a woman on the street bursts
into flames; Olivia experiences glimpses into another reality
where she sees two burned bodies; Walter suspects that the woman
was a victim of pyrokinesis, a term coined by Stephen King; he
explains that the glimpses Olivia is experiencing are a form of
deja vu of another reality created by different choices made in
daily life like a road not taken; Peter and Olivia talk to a
conspiracy website creator, who is nuts; Olivia keeps booze in
her office; she uses another glimpse to find out that the burned
victim had a twin sister, Nancy; after she is kidnapped by Doctor
Winters (the man with the glasses), Peter discovers that a window
in her apartment was slightly molded by her pyrokinetic ability,
and he uses his invention he built for Walter to restore his
vinyl records to play back the glass; the sound recorded the
moments of Nancy's kidnapping including dialing tones of a number
that leads to Harris' cell phone; Olivia follows Harris to a
facility where Nancy is held; Olivia shoots Winters; Harris locks
Olivia in the room with Nancy ("God damn it, Harris, open the
door!"); Olivia helps her to focus her ability, and Nancy drives
the fire into Harris, who gives an update on the situation to
someone (Jones) on the phone, burning him to death instead of
them; Olivia presents to Walter her anger about what he and Bell
did to her and the other Cortexiphan children; Nina visits
Broyles with an information on increasing frequency of Observers'
appearances; Walter finds the original ZFT manuscript including
the missing Chapter of Ethics, and September comes for him to the
lab; Nina is shot in the elevator as she goes into her apartment.

   * 120 There's More Than One of Everything

Teleplay by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman
   Story by Akiva Goldsman & Bryan Burk
Directed by Brad Anderson

Nina reveals to Olivia that Jones (who was among the men who shot
her) has stolen a powerful energy cell that Bell hid within her
arm; Jones uses the cell to temporarily open a window into the
alternate reality at a New York street intersection; September
takes Walter to a beach house; Nina explains that Jones tries
to cross over to the other side to get to Bell; the team visits
the scene of Jones' another unsuccessful attempt at Rhode Island
soccer field; Olivia goes through Fringe events and discovers
a pattern of soft spots where the membrane between the realities
is thin enough to create a portal, the oldest one being at Reiden
Lake where Jones is heading; Peter helps Walter to find a device
to close an open portal between universes; as the FBI approaches
him, Jones opens the portal to the other side; Peter uses the
device to close the portal on Jones, slicing him in half; Walter
visits a grave marked "PETER BISHOP  1978 - 1985"; Nina arranges
for Olivia a meeting with Bell; Olivia almost crashes her car
while driving through Manhattan; she meets Bell in his office
in the South Tower of the still-standing World Trade Center
(the Towers in the original universe were destroyed in 2001).

   * 201 A New Day in the Old Town

 Written by J.J. Abrams & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Akiva Goldsman

An participant in a car crash accident attacks an apartment
occupant (who was watching "The X-Files" episode "Dreamland")
and takes his form; Olivia appears from the crashed car out
of nowhere; Broyles joins Peter for a drink and tells him the
Fringe team is about to be shut down; Olivia bursts out of the
coma, quoting "Na einai kalyteros antropos apo ton patera soy"
(Greek for "You be a better man than your father was"); Agent
Jessup is helping Peter to investigate; the impostor receives
via a typewriter an order to kill Olivia; Charlie visits Olivia
in the hospital; the team watches a video of a test subject who
reveals some information about a shape-shifter; Broyles is at
a Senate Subcommitee hearing; the shape-shifter takes the form
of a nurse and tries to kill Olivia, but the team pursues him
("You okay?" "Go get that bitch."); the shape-shifter disappears,
but Peter finds his shape-shifting device, and he gives it to
Broyles to secure the existence of the Fringe team; "Charlie"
the shape-shifter burns the corpse of the real Charlie whom
he killed in the hospital before taking his form.

     202 Night of Desirable Objects

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman
Directed by Brad Anderson

A worker is attacked and pulled underearth by something; Walter
repeats his theory about the road not taken; Peter talks with
the Sheriff about night of desirable objects, a lure used for
night fishing; "Charlie" goes into the typewriter store; Olivia
almost shoots Peter at the house of a possible witness, a doctor,
who hangs himself while the team is exhuming his family; Walter
figures out that the doctor was experimenting on his wife, and
the son who died shortly after the birth dug his way out of the
casket underground; Peter and Olivia discover the creature's
hideout near the house, and the creature attacks Olivia, causing
a car to fall through the ground and killing the creature; Olivia
visits Nina Sharp's friend Sam Weiss who can help her with the
recovery from her car crash injuries; "Charlie" gets an order
to help Olivia remember what happened to her.

   * 203 Fracture

 Written by David Wilcox
Directed by Bryan Spicer

A police officer crystallizes and explodes while approaching a
courier carrying a briefcase; Sam teaches Olivia how to tie
shoelaces; Olivia experiences flashbacks from the other side,
and she discovers a serum the officer was injecting himself
with; Gene is upset when Peter eats a cheeseburger; he and
Olivia go to Baghdad to get information on the "Tin Man"
project the officer was part of, and they speak Arabic;
Walter shatters a watermellon when he triggers the serum
with radio waves; at Iraq, a doctor reveals the names of
the Tin Man subjects as well as their supervisor, a colonel;
the team tracks down a Tin Man captain to a metro station;
as she approaches another courier, the colonel triggers the
crystallization process, but Olivia destroys the remote
device and reverses the process; Olivia regains her motoric
abilities when she gets angry with Sam; the colonel explains
to Broyles that they were trying to stop the Observers, and
that whatever is inside the briefcase, it will destroy us
all; September receives the briefcase from the courier and
takes out surveillance photos of Walter.

   * 204 Momentum Deferred

 Written by Zack Stentz & Ashley Edward Miller
Directed by Joe Chappelle

A man is shot at a cryogenic facility, and he bleeds mercury;
Olivia drinks worms to retrieve her memory in "Bishop's Deli";
Peter analyzes a data disk from the shot shape-shifter; "Charlie"
drinks mercury from broken thermometers to stay in shape; Olivia
gives the shape-shifter's device to Nina Sharp to reconstruct
the identity of the last victim the shape-shifter impersonates;
Walter brings in the subject from the video tape to help the team
to recognize the shape-shifters; during the experiment, Olivia
collapses as her memories are restored, and she remembers her
meeting with William Bell in the alternate universe who tells
her that a war between our and the parallel universe is coming,
and the shape-shifters are looking for a leader with a certain
mark on his head; Olivia receives the rendering results proving
that "Charlie" is the shape-shifter, and she kills him; the
shape-shifters find the frozen head and let it attach itself
to a headless body.

     205 Dream Logic

 Written by Josh Singer
Directed by Paul Edwards

Sam gives Olivia an advice to deal with Charlies death; a man
kills his employer for he sees him as a demon; Olivia collects
business cards from everyone wearing red; the man dies of
exhaustion; Walter finds a bio-chip implanted into man's head;
Walter drugs an agent to test the chip on him and figures out
that the chip records all subject's dreams; Peter and Olivia
come to conclusion that the doctor responsible for the chip
implants uses the recordings as a drug, although he is not
aware of what he is doing; the doctor dies as Olivia shoots
the server he is plugged into to prevent another accident;
Olivia construct a phrase "you're gonna be fine" from the
business cards' initials which Charlie used to tell her.

     206 Earthling

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Vlaming
Directed by Jon Cassar

A man is attacked by a shadowy figure, and he turns into dust;
Broyles mentions a series of similar cases when the killer left
the authorities a chemical formula to solve; Senator Horns tells
Broyles that they are pulled off the case, but the team secretly
continues to work on it; the shadowy entity comes from a Russian
cosmonaut smuggled to US by his brother; Walter discovers that
the entity seeks radiation from people, disintegrating them in
the process; Broyles tells Olivia that he lost his marriage
because of the case; Walter solves the formula pointing that the
entity and the cosmonaut are bound on a molecular level; the
brother calls Broyles, but he is disintegrated as the entity
he tried to keep contained within the cosmonaut escapes; Broyles
shoots the cosmonaut in the head, thereby killing the entity;
he tells her former wife that he closed the case; on his way
back, he has a short talk with a mysterious CIA agent.

     207 Of Human Action

 Written by Robert Chiappetta & Glen Whitman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Police officers kill themselves as they try to stop a pair of
kidnappers of a teenage boy; Walter visits the Massive Dynamic
for the first time as the team goes to speak with the father of
the boy; after the mind-controlling kidnappers demand ransom,
Walter equips the FBI squad with a sound-generating headphones
to prevent them from being mind-controlled; the boy is the
mind-controller, not the "kidnappers", and he forces Peter to
drive him away; Olivia deduces that the boy is looking for his
mother; the boy forces Peter to shoot Broyles as he approaches
them; Peter deliberately crashes the car into a pole as Walter
disables the boy's mind-controlling ability temporarily; Nina
sends a report to Bell electronically that the mind-controlling
experiment was a success.

     208 August

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Dennis Smith

An Observer by the name of August kidnaps a girl; Brandon of
Massive Dynamic explains to Peter and Olivia that the Observers
appear at significant moments in the history; August shows the
girl a news report on a crash of a plane she was supposed to
take had he not kidnapped her; Walter deciphers a code August
left in his notebook and meets him, being asked for help to
prevent the killing of the girl by an assassin sent by the
other Observers (July, September and December); Peter and Olivia
kill the assassin and save the girl; a mortally wounded August
admits to September that he was in love with the girl, and
September confirms that he made her important as she is
responsible for the death of one of their own; September and
December observe Olivia and her niece on a roller coaster,
noticing her happiness as she does not know what awaits her.

     209 Snakehead

 Written by David Wilcox
Directed by Paul Holahan

The team investigates a series of deaths caused by oversized
parasitic worms growing inside a human body that are used to
smuggle drugs from China; Peter speaks Cantonese when they
are questioning a witness; Astrid is attacked by Triad members
in the lab; Peter tracks down the doctor responsible for the
deaths, and FBI team saves him as he is about to be infected
by the worm; Walter gives Peter a transponder to a tracking
device he implanted into his neck for the case he gets lost.

   * 210 Grey Matters

 Written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Thomas Jerome Newton, the shape-shifters' leader, is removing
foreign parts of a brain implanted into mental patients by
doctor Paris years ago; the team discovers that the pieces
were operated out of Walter's brain by Paris; Newton kidnaps
Walter and removes the tracking device from his neck; Peter
figures out that the shape-shifters are taking Walter to the
place where he has the idea of how to create the door between
the worlds; in Walter's old house, Newton reconnects him with
the preserved pieces of his brain, rendering Walter temporarily
sane, and asks him about the door; as Peter and Olivia approach,
Newton injects Walter with a neurotoxin, and as she catches him,
he forces Olivia to let him go in exchange for an information on
how to save Walter; while being checked in a hospital, Walter
realizes that doctor Paris is William Bell.

     211 Johari Window

 Written by Josh Singer
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Troopers are gunned down by deformen after one of the troopers
picks up a boy from a nearby town who turns out to be deformed,
too; the team is attacked on their way to town by a deforman,
and Peter kills him, but he turns out to be ordinary-looking;
Astrid discovers a moniker in one of Walter's songs that leads
them to the library where Walter uncovers army files on the
"Elephant" project to render soldiers invisible, but making
them deformed instead, and he figures out that all citizens
from the town are deformed, but made looking normal by an
electro-magnetic pulse emitted somewhere in the town; Walter
turns it off, but then he asks Broyles to let it on so the
people in the town can live their lives.

     212 What Lies Below

 Written by Jeff Vlaming
Directed by Deran Sarafian

A man dies inside an office building, exhaling a cloud of blood;
Walter seals the building off to prevent another infected man to
exit, trapping Peter and Olivia inside; Peter touches the blood
of the prime victim accidentally, and he finds car keys on the
victim, leading to the original virus contained within oil core
samples; as Walter and Astrid test the occupants whether they are
infected or not, Peter swaps the DNA sample to fool the test,
but he is stopped as he is about to leave the building; Walter
admits to Astrid that he can't let Peter die again; he discovers
that sulfur eradicates the virus, and the remaining violent
infected men including Peter are incapacitated by a sleeping
gas before they are cured.

     213 The Bishop Revival

 Written by Glen Whitman & Robert Chiappetta
Directed by Adam Davidson

On a wedding, a Jewish family suffocates to death, and later,
all customers of a tea restaurant with brown eyes meet the same
fate; Walter discovers that the killer uses a toxin able to be
programmed to attack a specific genetic group, and he finds a
signature within the molecule that links the toxin to the work
of his father, Robert Bischoff, who spied on Nazis and smuggled
their scientific research via German books which Peter sold away
years ago; Markham helps to track the books to an artist, but it
is a dead end; Walter is able to extract a partial DNA the killer
left on a scene pointing that he must be over hundred years old;
as the team searches through the killer's house, he tries to
poison Walter with the toxin targeted to his DNA; the killer is
apprehended on the Annual World Tolerance Conference, and he dies
when Walter releases the toxin targeted to the killer's DNA;
Peter brings the rest of Walter's books, and there are some old
photos from 1940's, one of them has the killer portraited as a
lab assistant.

   * 214 Jacksonville

 Written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz
Directed by Charles Beeson

Newton causes a building from the alternate universe to appear
and merge with a building in the original universe; Walter
calculates that a building from the original universe has to
disappear in order to preserve the balance, and Olivia as
a Cortexiphan child may be able to see a "glimmer" that will
indicate which building is about to vanish so they can evacuate
its inhabitants; the crew goes to Jacksonville (where Walter uses
5-20-10 combination to open the facility), but Olivia is not able
to see anything for she is not able to be frightened anymore;
when the time comes, Olivia is scared that she cannot do
anything, and she sees a building glimmering in the distance,
so they are able to evacuate it before it disappears; Olivia
stops for Peter to go out, and she sees that he glimmers;
Walter asks her not to tell Peter.

     215 Peter

Teleplay by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Josh Singer
   Story by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner &
            Akiva Goldsman & Josh Singer
Directed by David Straiton

While she drinks, Walter visits Olivia to tell her his story;
in 1985, Peter dies, and Walter observes through a window to the
alternate universe how Walternate, the other Walter, works on a
cure to save his Peter who is sick, too; on a verge of discovery,
Walternate is distracted by September, and he does not see that
he discovered the cure; Walter designs a door to cross to the
other side to save Peter, and he builds it at Reiden Lake where
the water will absorb any excess energy; Nina tries to stop
Walter, but he enters the alternate universe while she loses her
hand; Walter finds out the vial with the cure was smashed in the
struggle with Nina, and he decides to take Peter to our side to
cure him; when they cross back, Walter, Peter and the door device
fall through the thin ice into the lake; September saves them,
and he tells Walter that the boy must live; Walter cures Peter,
but when he sees the boy and his wife, he realizes that he will
never return Peter back to the other side.

     216 Olivia, in the Lab, with the Revolver

 Written by Matthew Pitts
Directed by Brad Anderson

A sick man touches an attorney, and she dies after then, covered
in malignant tumors; while she drinks, Sam Weiss visits Olivia
and plays "Clue" with her; he tells her that he is much older
than he looks and also taller than he appears; Olivia finds out
that the sick man is after Cortexiphan children; James, the
cancer man, attacks Olivia, but she defeats him, and he admits
that he is a Cortexiphan child, and a man in the hospital
(Doctor Winters) activated his ability; Walter decides to
tell Peter who he really is.

     217 White Tulip

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Vlaming
Directed by Thomas Yatsko

A man materializes inside a train car, drawing energy from all
sources, including people who die immediately; as the team
identifies the man as doctor Peck and apprehends him, Peck uses
a device he implanted into himself and vanishes, materializing
inside the train car in the past; Walter figures out that Peck
is moving backwards in time trying to save his fiancee who was
killed in a car crash months ago; when FBI surrounds Peck's
laboratory, Walter goes as an ambassador to Peck to try to talk
him out of his plan to save the fiancee for the unimaginable
consequences that act would have; Walter confesses to Peck that
he waits for a white tulip from God as a sign of forgiveness for
what he did when he took Peter; the FBI squad storms in, and Peck
materializes inside the train car again; as the FBI squad is
about to storm his residence, Peck quickly writes a letter and
jumps back in time to the day his fiancee was killed, appearing
in the centre of a hot air baloon field, not harming anyone;
Peck rushes to the car of his fiancee and waits there with her
seconds before a car rams into them, killing them; present day,
Peck's former supervisor sends away an envelope she found inside
the letter Peck wrote to her; Walter receives the envelope which
contains a piece of white paper with a drawing of a tulip.

   * 218 The Man from the Other Side

 Written by Josh Singer & Ethan Gross
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt

Three shape-shifters enter our universe, and two of them take the
identities of a couple nearby; the team suspects that Newton will
try to open a door to the alternate universe; Brandon calculates
that a synchronization of time from our and the other side will
occur tomorrow; Walter tries to revive the third shape-shifter,
but the creature dies, apologizing to Walter; Peter calls Walter
"Dad"; the team figures out that Newton will use harmonic rods
to bring something from the other side, and they are able to
triangulate the destination point, a bridge; Peter looks at
Olivia in shock when she points out that the water will absorb
any excess energy; Peter interrupts Newton's attempt with
Walter's cancelling device, noticing that the link Newton almost
created disintegrated a cop nearby, but it did not destroy Peter
as well as the man who appeared on the bridge; at the hospital,
Peter confronts Walter with the knowledge that he is from the
alternate universe; Newton helps the Secretary, the man from the
other side, to recover from crossing over; Olivia tells Walter
that Peter left the hospital and he is gone.

     219 Brown Betty

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Seith Mann

After smoking a drug called Brown Betty, Walter tells Olivia's
niece, Ella, a story: Olivia, a private investigator, is hired by
Rachel to find her missing boyfriend, Peter; she follows the
lead to Walter, an inventor who tells her that Peter was his
lab assistant who stole his glass heart; Olivia is threatened
by September, a Watcher, to drop her investigation; she trails
Nina Sharp to her house where she communicates with William Bell;
September knocks Olivia down and throws her bound in a crate into
the water; Peter saves Olivia and explains to her that the glass
heart is his, and Walter based his inventions on dreams stolen
from children; Peter shows Olivia the pattern of destruction
caused by Walter, shaped as a large spider on the map; they are
attacked by the Watchers who steal the heart; as they confront
Walter, Peter takes his glass heart and is about to walk away,
but Ella does not like the ending, and she changes it into the
happy one where Peter splits his heart into two pieces, gives
one half to Walter, and then he dances with Olivia in the lab
(end of story); September reports that Peter has not returned,
and Walter does not remember his warning.

     220 Northwest Passage

 Written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz &
            Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

At Northwest Passage, Washington, someone removes a piece of
brain from a waitress who was speaking to Peter; he suspects
that Newton is trying to locate him and co-operates with the
local police; Sheriff's partner goes missing; Peter and the
Sheriff track down the single killer, and they save Sheriff's
partner; as Peter rests in his motel room, he is approached
by Newton who calls in the Secretary from the other side,

   * 221 Over There, Part 1

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Akiva Goldsman

While she drinks at the bar, Olivia finds a drawing left there
by September, depicting Peter inside a doomsday machine; Walter
remembers he made a deal with September to never let Peter
return to the other side; with the help of trained Cortexiphan
children (James the cancer man, Sally the pyrokinetician and
Nick the thought transferer), Walter and Olivia are able to
cross into the alternate universe where James dies of cancer,
and the others run away from the members of Fringe Division
(Captain Lincoln Lee, alternate Charlie and Fauxlivia, Olivia's
double); Walternate, the Secretary of Defense, urges the Fringe
Division to apprehend the invaders; Peter reunites with his
mother who gives him the schematics on the machine; Olivia and
the others are apprehended in the park where Nick is killed and
Sally burns herself and Lincoln; Walter is shot and collapses
in front of a hospital; Fauxlivia gets backrub from her boyfriend
Frank; Olivia meets with Bell; Walternate removes a power source
from the doomsday device already assembled at the Liberty Island.

   * 222 Over There, Part 2

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Akiva Goldsman

Olivia and Bell get Walter out of the hospital; Walternate tells
Peter that the machine is an ancient tech able to heal worlds;
in Harvard lab, while looking for a doorstop to help them cross
back, Walter accuses Bell of cutting out pieces of his brain;
Olivia meets Fauxlivia in her apartment, and, after a fight, she
overpowers her and changes her appearance to make her look like
Fauxlivia; Peter discovers that the power source is designed to
interact with him only; Olivia and Peter kiss; they meet Walter
and Bell at the Opera House before the Fringe Division arrives;
Alternbroyles receives an unaudible call from Walternate to make
the switch; Olivia and Bell are knocked unconscious for a moment
during a firefight with the Division; Bell explains that he cut
pieces of Walter's brain out because Walter asked him to, afraid
of what he was becoming; Bell sacrifices himself to power the
doorstop machine with his unstable atoms; back in our universe,
Fauxlivia enters the typewriter store and reports to the other
side that the infiltration was achieved; in the alternate
universe, Olivia begs Walternate to let her out of her
prison cell.

   * 301 Olivia

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Joe Chappelle

In the alternate universe, Brandonate experiments on Olivia,
trying to convert her mind to the one of Fauxlivia's; Olivia
escapes from the Department of Defense lab and forces Henry the
cab driver to help her; Captain Lee is recovering from being
burned; Olivia tries to get to the Opera House, but it just have
been ambered over; Olivia runs into Lee at the gas station, and
she manages to drive off with Henry after she hits a manometer
on a gas tank with a single shot; Massive Dynamic was not built
in the alternate universe; Olivia goes to her alternate mother
and meets Charlie; Brandonate explains to Walternate that the
adrenaline from being pursued triggered the absorption of
Fauxlivia's memories into Olivia, so she technically is their
Olivia now; in our universe, Peter and Fauxlivia kiss.

     302 The Box

 Written by Josh Singer & Graham Roland
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt

Henchmen hired by Newton dig up a device that kills them except
the third man; Peter tells Broyles about Walternate's machine
while Walter tries to make Gene make chocolate milk ("She's a
cow, Walter. She could probably digest the frying pan."); Peter
and Fauxlivia dance; Bell's last will is read at Massive Dynamic;
Walter sings a bit from "Figaro"; the third man, deaf, visits
Fauxlivia with the device, and she kills him; Peter and Fauxlivia
make out; Newton brings the box to a subway station where it
puts more people into pre-death trance; Fauxlivia shoots near
Peter's ears to induce temporal deafness, so he can approach
and disarm the device; Peter identifies it as a part of
Walternate's weapon; Fauxlivia saves Peter before he is crushed
by a train passing by; Walter knocks at Astrid's door with a
pile of stocks from Bell that made him the sole owner of
Massive Dynamic; Fauxlivia receives via the telegraph an
order from the other side to start working on Walter.

     303 The Plateau

 Written by Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed by Brad Anderson

In the alternate universe, a man triggers a series of events
leading to apparently accidental deaths; Olivia works at Fringe
Division; the killer was a subject of an experiment to increase
intelligence; as Olivia and Charlie apprehend him, he tries to
lead Olivia to her death, unsuccessfully; Olivia has a vision of

     304 Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?        [Nope.]

 Written by David Wilcox & Matthew Pitts
Directed by Ken Fink

Newton appears in a hospital and shoots Senator van Horn, a car
accident victim, who is a shape-shifter; Walter reactivates him
with the help of Senator's wife; another shape-shifter attacks
Walter and takes a data storage from van Horn's body; Newton
kills him for he became too attached to his current family;
after he is captured, Newton kills himself with a poison
provided by Fauxlivia; Peter and Fauxlivia begin to be
romantically involved with each other.

     305 Amber 31422

 Written by Josh Singer & Ethan Gross
Directed by David Straiton

In the alternate universe, a burglar frees his brother out of
amber and revives him; Olivia participates on DoD experiments
on how to cross between universes, and she crosses to our side
for a moment; the burglar stages a bank robbery and deliberately
let himself to be ambered, giving his brother a second chance;
Olivia realizes the truth, but she let it go; based on Peter's
visions, she takes another test, crosses over and phones her
niece before being pulled back to the alternate universe.

   * 306 6955 kHz

 Written by Robert Chiappetta & Glen Whitman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

A bunch of ham radio enthusiasts have they memories erased while
listening to number stations; the team discovers a cube attaching
the memory-erasing pulse to the number station broadcast; another
broadcast causes a plane to crash; Markham provides Peter a book
about the First People, an extinct technologically advanced human
race allegedly broadcasting the numbers who also devised the
machine able to create or destroy worlds called the Vacuum; Nina
and Walter smoke pot while talking about Walter's disapproval of
Peter working on the Vacuum; when Peter finds a clue, Fauxlivia
goes to the man who installed the cubes -- a shape-shifter -- and
kills him; Astrid figures out that the numbers are coordinates of
locations of buried pieces of the Vacuum; Fauxlivia receives an
order to initiate phase two; in the alternate universe, the
vision of Peter urges Olivia to go home for Walternate does
not need her anymore.

     307 The Abducted

 Written by David Wilcox & Graham Roland
Directed by Chuck Russell

In the alternate universe, the Candyman who took Alternbroyles'
son four years ago, kidnaps another boy; Alternbroyles' son
reveals some information about the Candyman to Olivia; she
tracks down the Candyman, who made himself several decades
younger, and she kills him; Olivia realizes that reverend from
the congregation the Candyman was from is the real man behind
the kidnappings, and he is after Alternbroyles son; Alternbroyles
kills the reverend in the neck of time; Henry helps Olivia to
get to the Liberty Island; Olivia crosses to the other side and
manages to pass a message to a cleaning woman before she is
pulled back; in our universe, Peter receive a phone call with
the message that Olivia is trapped in the other universe.

   * 308 Entrada

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman
Directed by Brad Anderson

Fauxlivia forces Peter to drug himself with a sedative and runs
away; at the typewriter store, she realizes she took Peter's
laptop instead of hers and demands extraction; the team traces
her to the typewriter store and figures out the extraction point
is a train station; in the alternate universe, Alternbroyles
saves Olivia before she is vivisected, and they rush to the
Harvard lab where Olivia uses the tank, and she emerges in
Walter's lab; on our side, the team captures Fauxlivia, but the
other side is able to exchange her for Alternbroyles who was
shot dead; the typewriter store owner brings a stolen part from
the Vacuum that Fauxlivia hid at him to a librarian who injects
the owner with a cure that regenerates his crippled legs as
a reward for helping the other side.

     309 Marionette

 Written by Monica Owusu-Breen & Alison Schapker
Directed by Joe Chappelle

The team investigates a case of a man whose heart was removed,
but he was alive for several hours after that; Peter confesses
to Olivia that he was seeing Fauxlivia; someone is harvesting
organs that were donated from a dead girl; Walter proves by
tasting her ashes that she was not cremated; the harvester
reassembles the girl from her body parts and attaches her to
a string mechanism like a marionette; he reanimates her, but
she does not recognize him; when the team apprehends him, he
tells Olivia that he could see in her eyes that it was not
the girl he knew; the girl is found dead; Olivia asks Peter
how he could not see that Fauxlivia was not her and tells him
that she does not want to be with him; September, looking at
Peter and Walter, reports that "he is still alive".

     310 The Firefly

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Charles Beeson

A musician in a mental institution is visited by his deceased
son sent by September; September interrupts a jewelry robbery
and takes a worker's inhaler; the hypnotized musician reveals
that he is supposed to help Walter; September tells Walter that
after he pulled out Peter from the icy lake, Peter catched a
firefly later, and that caused another man to run over a young
man who turns out to be the musician's son; September rams into
the police car transporting the jewelry worker; Walter saves her,
and it turns out she is the daughter of the man who killed the
musician's son; September knocks Peter unconscious and vanishes;
Peter seazures after he drinks milk that Walter mixed with his
smart serum, and Olivia saves him; September and December agree
that Walter has changed, and he is willing to let Peter die.

   * 311 Reciprocity

 Written by Josh Singer
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

As the team visits the hangar with the assembled Vacuum, Peter's
presence triggers it; he undergoes some tests at Massive Dynamic;
a dead shape-shifter is found in a fountain, and Broyles assumes
there is a mole inside the agency; Walter sniffs some chimpanzee
DNA serum to get smarter; Olivia tells Peter that they can get
past what Fauxlivia did to them; Walter finds some blood behind
the finger nails of a dead shape-shifter (A+, the same blood
type Walter has); another shape-shifter is shot dead by Peter;
Olivia decodes a computer file Fauxlivia left behind and finds a
list of shape-shifters; Walter discovers notes in Peter's room
that prove he is the one hunting shape-shifters down; he faces
Peter as he kills the last shape-shifter; Walter tells Peter that
every relationship is reciprocial, and the machine weaponized him
when he touched it; Brandon brings Nina three other editions of
"The First People" they found ("H'nshim Hr'zhvnim" in Hebrew,
"Pervie Ljudi" in Russian and "La Primera Gente" in Spanish) and
informs her that William Bell was looking for those books, too.

     312 Concentrate and Ask Again

 Written by Graham Roland & Matthew Pitts
Directed by Dennis Smith

Nina discovers (using 052010 combination to open a safe) Bell's
copy of "The First People" ("Die Ersten Menschen" in German); a
scientist is killed by a powder that disintegrates his bones; the
team finds the weapon at a former marine who is hit by a car in
the process; Walter suggests to bring in a Cortexiphan child to
read the mind of the marine to figure out when another attack
occurs; Nina provides information on Project Jellyfish; Olivia
and the mind-reader go into a museum to stop the attackers; she
kills them both; the mind-reader gives Olivia an envelope with
a note about Peter's thoughts; Nina figures out that the names
of the authors of the "First People" books are all anagrams of
Sam Weiss; Sam tells Nina that whichever Olivia Peter chooses,
hers universe will survive; Olivia learns from the note that
Peter still has feelings for Fauxlivia.

     313 Immortality

 Written by David Wilcox & Ethan Gross
Directed by Brad Anderson

In the alternate universe, a man at the docking station vomits
out bugs, and the scientist who poisoned him catches a few;
Frank jokes while Fauxlivia gets dressed, and he asks her to
marry him later, and Fauxlivia says yes; as they search
throughout the scientist's warehouse, Lincoln gets locked inside
a refrigerator, and the scientist restrains Fauxlivia; as she is
rushed to the hospital, suspected to be infected, the scientist
admits he has infected himself and vomits the last bug before he
dies; Fauxlivia is with child, but Frank knows it is not his;
Walternate visits Fauxlivia as the future mother of his

     314 6B

 Written by Glen Whitman & Robert Chiappetta
Directed by Thomas Yatsko

A couple of people at a party fall through a balcony of a
penthouse to their deaths; Walter suspects that the universe
started to break apart; Olivia's ability to see glimmers leads
the team to an apartment 6B occupied by a woman who believes
to be seeing a ghost of her late husband; Walter mentions soul
magnets; he asks for the best Massive Dynamic scientists and
"that nervous fellow" Brandon to create a method based on the
103 bus attack similar to the ambering protocol they use on the
other side; as a vortex is about to create, the woman realizes
that the man from the other side is not her husband as she was
thinking, and she let him go; Olivia visits Peter with a bottle
of booze, they kiss and become romantically involved; in the
alternate universe, Fauxlivia knocks at the door 6B, but the man
living there denies any knowledge of an unusual activity.

     315 Subject 13

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

In 1985, young Peter almost drowns himself in the frozen Reiden
Lake as he tries to "go home"; young Olivia, Subject 13, crosses
for a moment to the other side as she tries to run from her
violent stepfather; in the alternate universe, Walternate and
Altelizabeth have hard time after their son's disappearance;
Peter and Olivia play on a white tulip field; Olivia tells Bishop
about her stepfather, not realizing that she jumped into the
other universe and talked to Walternate; Walter gives Olivia's
stepfather a warning about consequences if he harms her again;
Walternate, looking at the drawings Olivia left in his office,
tells Altelizabeth on the phone that he knows where Peter is.

     316 Os

 Written by Josh Singer & Graham Roland
Directed by Brad Anderson

As he is smoking weed with a surveillance guy at Massive Dynamic,
Walter notices door to Bell's office and presents Nina some files
he found there; a security guard kills one of thieves stealing
osmium who floats up; the other thief dies as he visits the
doctor who is about to help him with the side effects; Peter and
Olivia locates his hideout full of frozen body parts; Walter and
Nina discuss soul magnets in the lab; the doctor shows the
effects of his levitating substance to another volunteer, and
they go into a museum of science to get supplies of lutetium,
and they are captured there; in prison, the doctor explains to
Walter that his discovery of mixing two of the heaviest elements
on Earth (osmium and lutetium) was a miracle, and it should never
work; Walter admits to Nina that the floating serum is a result
of the universe breaking down; he rings the bell William left to
Nina in his last will, hoping that it would trigger Bell's mind
caught in Nina via a soul magnet, but nothing happens; Peter
shows Olivia his private laboratory where he works on the
shape-shifters' data disks; when the echoes of the bell
reach the room, William Bell speaks through Olivia.

     317 Stowaway

Teleplay by Danielle Dispaltro
   Story by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Charles Beeson

Bellivia tells the others that he gave Olivia the soul magnets
in a tea when she met him on the other side for the first time;
a woman jumps with his partner into their deaths, and she walks
away; the team discusses with Agent Lincoln Lee the possibility
that the woman takes the life energy from people willing to die
only; the woman witnesses a suicide of a man who urges her to
save people from a train he planted a bomb on; the team learns
that the woman was struck by the lightning twice, and she
actually tries to die and go with the other's soul like a
stowaway to heaven; they find the number of her cell phone,
and Peter tries to talk her off her plan; Walter and Bellivia
are able to calculate her location; as the FBI stops the train,
she runs away and blows herself up in a field; as Peter and
Bellivia drink tea, an echo of a church bell reaches them,
and after Olivia's consciousness takes over for a moment,
Bellivia realizes that they have a problem.

     318 Bloodline

 Written by Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed by Dennis Smith

In the alternate universe, Fauxlivia is kidnapped, and a group
of doctors works on her; Lincoln and Charlie question Henry;
Fauxlivia manages to escape, but she is in labor as the doctors
accelerated her pregnancy; Henry helps to deliver the child; in
the hospital, a doctor (who was one of those working on
Fauxlivia) takes a blood sample from the child and gives it to
Brandonate who hands it to Walternate; September reports to
someone that "it is happening".

   * 319 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Teleplay by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
   Story by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Bellivia has a seizure, and they figure out with Walter to put
Bell's consciousness into a computer, but to do so, they have to
enter Olivia's mind (with a help of LSD); in Olivia's mind, Peter
and Walter appear in the alternate New York; in the lab, Broyles
is high, too, for he cleaned the LSD residues left on the table;
while everyone, including Nina Sharp, tries to kill them, Peter
and Walter make it to Bell's office to find him to be a cartoon
character as well as them after they enter the office; all three
escape in a zeppelin when they are attacked by zombies; a man in
an X T-shirt cuts the fuel hose and parachutes out, taking Walter
with him, who falls down and wakes up in the lab; Peter and Bell
ride a motorcycle to Jacksonville, and they find Olivia; as the
military is after them, Peter is knocked out by a car into the
reality, and Olivia freezes the soldiers; Bell asks Olivia to
deliver a message to Walter that he knew the dog wouldn't hunt;
back in the lab, the computer fails to record Bell's mind as he
suspected it wouldn't work according to his message; as he visits
her, Peter notices a drawing of the X T-shirt man whom Olivia
describes as the man who is going to kill her.

     320 6:02 AM EST

 Written by David Wilcox & Josh Singer & Graham Roland
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

In the alternate universe, Brandonate informs Walternate that
they were able to construct the partial DNA profile of Peter
based on his son's blood, enough to activate the Vacuum; in our
universe, a vortex destroys a horde of sheep at 6:02, and the
Vacuum in the hangar activates itself; Nina shows Olivia the
collection of books on the First People and mentions that Sam
Weiss possesses a great knowledge of the machine; over there,
Fauxlivia tries to cross into our universe, but she fails; over
here, Peter tries to enter the Vacuum, but it throws him away;
Weiss approaches Olivia and asks her to take him to the Vacuum;
over there, Walternate tells Fauxlivia that she will remain
prisoner until it is over.

     321 The Last Sam Weiss

 Written by Monica Owusu-Breen & Alison Schapker
Directed by Thomas Yatsko

Weiss shows Olivia a manuscript describing a crowbar able to pry
open the force field surrounding the Vacuum; they take a box
containing the crowbar from the tomb of Sam's predecessor; Peter
leaves the hospital and heads to New York; Walter explains to
Broyles that the destructive events are caused by the interaction
of the Vacuums across the universes and suggests to move their
Vacuum to the Liberty Island (where the other Vacuum is located
in the alternate universe) to eliminate the path of destruction;
Sam and Olivia recover a key from a museum, and it opens the box
containing a drawing of Olivia; Walter is sure that Olivia can
turn off the force field with her telekinetic ability; Peter is
found at the Liberty Island; when Olivia deactivates the force
field, Peter enters the Vacuum and regains his consciousness in
the middle of a street mayhem near the One World Trade Center
fifteen years into the future.

   * 322 The Day We Died

Teleplay by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman
   Story by Akiva Goldsman & J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Joe Chappelle

In 2026, a terrorist by the name of Moreau disintegrates the
Opera House with a light bomb; Peter asks Senator Broyles to
release Walter from prison, so he can help to understand how
the bomb works; Walternate, the sole survivor of the alternate
universe Peter destroyed years ago, has a meeting with Moreau;
Walter explains to Peter that the world is falling apart because
it is inextricably linked to the alternate one, and the day Peter
destroyed it was the day they died; Walter's hint to follow
traces of strontium from the bomb leads Peter to a key he
recognizes as the key to the house at Reiden Lake; Peter meets
Walternate there who intends to destroy this universe as a
revenge for destroying his world while he crossed over here in
a mission of mercy to ask for help for his side; Moreau re-opens
ambered wormhole in Central Park; Peter pleads to Walternate
to stop what he is doing, realizing that he is talking to a
hologram; the real Walternate shoots Olivia in the head; Walter
visits Peter, devastated by the death of Olivia, and describes
him a time paradox -- Walter is the First People as he sent the
Vacuum back in time via the wormhole in Central Park, and if he
figures out how to bring Peter's consciousness forward to now,
Peter can make a different choice back then instead of destroying
the alternate universe; in 2011, Peter, knowing that the plan
worked by seeing Olivia alive, merges the two universes inside
the room with the Vacuum together as a bridge, so both sides may
work together to fix their worlds ("I've seen Doomsday. And it is
worse than anything you could possibly imagine. This isn't a war
that can be won."); Peter vanishes suddenly, and September,
standing with the other Observers outside states that Peter
never existed and he served his purpose.

   * 401 Neither Here Nor There

Teleplay by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
   Story by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

December orders Septebmer to erase the remaining bits of Peter's
existence within this timeline; a translucent shape-shifter kills
the partner of Agent Lincoln Lee; September and January observe
Olivia meeting Lincoln; Lincoln visits Harvard lab; Broyles shows
him a collection of dead shape-shifters; September buys some
electronic parts to erase someone from time; Walter hides in the
tank scared of a man in the mirror; Lincoln and Olivia track down
and kill a pair of shape-shifters, but they do not know about the
third one; Walter finds a tech inside the shape-shifter's body
that suggests it comes from the alternate universe; Olivia shows
Lincoln the other side; Walter is haunted by Peter's appearance.

     402 One Night in October

 Written by Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed by Brad Anderson

In the alternate universe, a serial killer freezes victim's brain
while extracting information; in our universe, Walter covers any
reflective surface in the lab asking Kennedy ("Lincoln!") to help
him; Fringe Team is asked to escort a professor to the other side
where his doppelganger is the serial killer; Walter sleeps with
very loud music turned on; the professor figures out he is in the
alternate universe while he examines the house of the killer; he
mentions a woman named Marjorie from his past who stopped him
from being the same person as the killer; the professor escapes
and meets his doppelganger who is about to kill his next victim;
the killer extracts professor's memories of Marjorie and kills
himself after he realizes what he has done; Olivia visits the
professor in the hospital to assure he will not turn into his
dark self; Walter hears Peter again.

     403 Alone in the World

 Written by David Fury
Directed by Miguel Sapochnik

Walter is evaluated by his doctor from the mental institution;
two bullies are decomposed by some sort of fungi while chasing
a boy Aaron in underground tunnels; Walter hears Peter again
while he talks with Broyles; Walter and Astrid isolate one of
the bodies in an incubator just before it explodes, releasing
spores; the other body explodes in the morgue, killing two
people; Walter tells Aaron about the death of Peter as well as
the alternate Peter; Aaron reacts violently when the team is
about to destroy the fungi in the tunnels; Walter discovers that
the boy has a mental connection with the fungi, Gus, which is a
living neural network; Walter uses an emotional influence to
break the link between Aaron and Gus; Gus dies before it devours
Lincoln; when Walter tries to perform a lobotomy on himself to
get rid of Peter's visions, Olivia shows him a drawing of Peter,
who appeared in her dreams.

     404 Subject 9

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

An energy orb appears in Olivia's bedroom; Walter finds in
Olivia's jacket an evaluation form on him from St. Claire;
he suspects that Cortexiphan Subject 9 is causing the event;
Walter has a rage outburst and demolishes his hotel room; he
teaches Olivia how to drink a root beer float and admits he
knows about the letter from St. Claire; the orb appears again;
Walter and Olivia find Cameron, but he is not the one causing
the event; Walter thinks it may be a time distortion; they lure
the orb to a power grid where Cameron dispers it with his mental
power, and Peter emerges from the Reiden Lake; Walter finds out
that Olivia does not recommend him to be hospitalized back in
the mental institute; nobody knows who Peter is.

   * 405 Novation

 Written by J.R. Orci & Graham Roland
Directed by Paul Holahan

Peter is brought into a holding cell; Walter uses a barbiturate
to sleep and adrenaline to wake him up; the third shape-shifter,
Nadine, kills a man she mistakes for a scientist; Walter meets
Peter, but is scared of him; the shape-shifter kidnaps doctor
Truss, a cellular replication expert; Peter modifies an intercom
in his cell to draw team's attention, and he tells them about
the memory disks found in shape-shifters; Truss bores Nadine with
the story of his research; Nina speaks with Walter about Peter;
Peter discovers a tracking system able to find Nadine; Truss
learns that Nadine is not human and tries to trick her; the FBI
finds them, but Nadine manages to escape disguised as a wounded
agent; Olivia has a moment of deja vu; Walter refuses to help
Peter; Nadine uses a typewriter to send her report to the other
side, and she receives a message that "they are sending the

     406 And Those We've Left Behind

 Written by Robert Chiappetta & Glen Whitman
Directed by Brad Anderson

Peter dreams about Olivia; a series of time displacements occurs,
and the Fringe team suspects Peter is the cause; he experiences
time jumps as well, and he deduces the time events are caused by
a man; Walter figures out that the event points form a golden
spiral which leads to the house of Greens where the husband, an
engineer, is rewinding the time four years back to be with his
now-mentally ill wife, a physicist; an agent is disintegrated
when he crosses a force field surrounding the house; Peter enters
the house using a Faraday cage, and he convinces the engineer to
turn off his machine before another incident happens; the husband
discovers that his wife deliberately destroyed her notes so he
cannot rebuild the device; Broyles finds an apartment for Peter.

     407 Wallflower

 Written by Matthew Pitts & Justin Doble
Directed by Anthony Hemingway

Olivia buys some pills for her migraine and meets Lincoln in a
diner; a man is apparently scared to death; Peter is shopping,
accompanied by a bodyguard; Astrid finds out that a blood sample
from the crime scene belongs to a dead boy; the doctor who signed
the death certificate mentions that the boy might not be dead
when he was taken to a subsidiary of Massive Dynamic; Nina
explains that the boy, Eugene, had a genetic deformity which
could render him invisible; Eugene infiltrates the apartment of
a woman he is meeting in an elevator; Lincoln brings Peter the
schematic of the Vacuum; Walter acquires an expensive octopus
and presents his theory about Eugene who extracts pigment from
his victims to render himself visible, and he might be dying;
Olivia encounters Eugene near the place where his last victim
was found, but he refuses to surrender; the FBI discovers his
laboratory; Eugene speaks with his woman in the elevator and
dies after that; Olivia prepares herself for a date with
Lincoln when she is gassed unconscious and dosed with
Cortexiphan in her apartment by a pair of henchmen
under the supervision of Alternina Sharp.

   * 408 Back to Where You've Never Been

 Written by David Fury & Graham Roland
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Peter dreams about him, Walter and Olivia having breakfast; Peter
visits Walter in the lab, and Walter refuses to help him again;
Peter asks Olivia and Lincoln to help him cross over into the
alternate universe to seek help from Walternate; a translucent
shape-shifter appears on the other side; the Fringe Division is
pulled off the case by the Secretary of Defense; Peter and
Lincoln cross over, but they are captured by Fringe Division;
there is an attempt on their lives as they are transported into
headquarters; Peter escapes and meets his alternate mother who
takes him to Walternate; the Secretary eliminates a shape-shifter
posing as Brandonate and reveals to Peter that the shape-shifters
have infiltrated the government; Walternate asks Peter to deliver
a message to the other side that he is not their enemy; Fauxlivia
and Captain Lee follow a lead; Alternbroyles calls David Jones
that Fringe Division is on to him; at the Opera House, wounded
September tells Olivia that in every version of the future, she
has to die.

   * 409 Enemy of My Enemy

 Written by Monica Owusu-Breen & Alison Schapker
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Fauxlivia and Lee apprehend Jones who kills his shape-shifters to
show what he is capable of; Olivia asks Astrid to run a trace on
September's blood; Jones is brought into Fringe Division HQ, and
he demands a hard drive from the Brandonate's impostor; Peter
interrogates Jones, but they are interrupted by a phone call
from a shape-shifter who releases a flesh-dissolving toxin in
a hospital as Jones' another impression; Captain Lee puts an
internal tracker into Jones' tea before he is released; Jones
ruins the plan by giving away a handful of money with trackers
set on his frequency to civilians, and Alternbroyles lets him
escape; Peter figures out that Jones seeks the Amphilicite
mineral which can be converted into a powerful energy source,
but he realizes it is located in our universe; Altelizabeth
talks to Walter; Jones escapes with the rocks, and Peter is able
to warn Olivia from being spliced in half by a closing portal;
Peter offers both sides his help to stop Jones; Walter visits
Peter and agrees to help him; Alternina informs Jones that
Olivia will be ready soon.

     410 Forced Perspective

 Written by Ethan Gross
Directed by David Solomon

Olivia and Broyles discuss Observers; Emily draws a picture of
a man being impaled with an iron beam, and she hands it to him
before he is killed that way; Olivia and Lincoln find Emily, but
her father asks them to stop pursuing her like the people from
Massive Dynamic; Emily calls Olivia and shows her a drawing of
many dead people; Walter hypnotizes Emily who describes the
scene of the upcoming accident, and Peter figures out that a man
is about to blow up a courthouse; Lincoln finds the bomb in a
car parked under the courthouse; Peter disables the man's
detonator frequency, but he carries another bomb on himself;
Olivia talks him down; Emily dies at a lake, holding a drawing
of that moment; Peter confirms to Olivia that Observers
experience the future; Nina pays Olivia a visit.

     411 Making Angels

 Written by Akiva Goldsman & J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Charles Beeson

A man predicts future to a cancer patient and kills him then;
Alternastrid crosses over here to meet her other self, and
Fauxlivia joins them shortly; Alternastrid identifies the killer,
a mathematician; Peter and Olivia track him down to the Reiden
Lake and back to his mother where he forces Olivia to kill him;
Walter settles things with Fauxlivia who gives him a metallic box
filled with mints; Astrid visits his father; March and December
take from the mathematician's safe a tech lost by September back
in 1985.

     412 Welcome to Westfield

 Written by J.R. Orci & Graham Roland
Directed by David Straiton

Olivia dreams about her and Peter; Walter and Peter present to
Olivia an organic interface they built for Peter to interact with
the Vacuum; while investigating a plane crash, the team stops in
a nearby town called Westfield where Walter is attacked by a
diner owner; they find a wounded man, but they are not able to
leave the town; Walter states that he is type O negative, thus
he cannot donate blood; the man describes madness that affected
almost everyone in the town; Olivia compares the case to the one
from Johari Window, and Peter corrects her it was the case from
his timeline; the team meets more survivors in a high school;
Walter examines a woman with symptoms of schizophrenia in a
biology lab with some crude children-made spiders hanging from
the ceiling; Olivia asks Peter about Olivia from his timeline;
Walter figures out that the insanity that spreads throughout
Westfield is caused by merging the town and with the town from
the alternate universe together, including their residents; the
town starts to collapse; Peter and Walter calculate out the
centre of the destruction that should be save, and all survivors
ride there on a school bus; the theory works, and they survive
the town's complete destruction; Broyles informs Olivia that
Jones is behind the incident; when Peter stops by, Olivia acts
like the one from his timeline.

     413 A Better Human Being

Teleplay by Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen
   Story by Glen Whitman & Robert Chiappetta
Directed by Joe Chappelle

A teenager in a mental institution has a vision of three killers
commiting a murder; Olivia remembers the events from the other
timeline; Walter suspects that Peter causes it; he discovers
that the teenager and the killers are genetically related; Peter
and Olivia talk to the father of the killers who tried to create
a better human being; Walter finds out that Olivia was dosed with
Cortexiphan taken from Massive Dynamic; Peter and Olivia go to
a storage facility holding the doctor's research files; Olivia
mentions the first Fringe experience when a storage facility was
blown up with Semtex, but Peter did not know that, therefore he
could not be influenting Olivia with his memories; the killers
kill the doctor, and the teenager is not able hear their voices
anymore after that; Peter and Olivia kiss; Walter discovers that
the Cortexiphan samples at Massive Dynamic were replaced with
food coloring; as she and Peter stop at a gas station, Olivia is
kidnapped, and she wakes up imprisoned in an abandoned hospital
with Alternina Sharp.

   * 414 The End of All Things

 Written by David Fury
Directed by Jeff Hunt

Peter finds a surveillance camera hidden in Olivia's apartment;
Jones drills into Alternina's artificial arm to trigger some
Olivia's ability; December, July, March and fourth Observer
decide to wait to see how September manages his affairs; Nina
is questioned by Broyles; Peter re-creates erased images from
the camera's memory chip; Alternina is electrocuted repeatedly;
September collapses in the lab; Olivia asks Alternina to describe
the first day the met; when Olivia mentions that the only person
who can trigger her emotions is Peter, Alternina pretends to be
in pain to get out of their cell and pass the information to
Jones; Peter synchronizes his mind with September and joins him
in the Observing Room where September gives Peter information
about the events from his life and tells Peter to go home if he
wants to help Olivia; September vanishes from the lab; Peter
goes to his house where he is kidnapped and brought to Olivia;
she reveals her knowledge of Alternina's betrayal, and then she
makes some ceiling lights to explode; Jones and Alternina escape
into the other universe; Peter decides to leave Olivia based on
the information from September.

     415 A Short Story About Love

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Graham Roland
Directed by J.H. Wyman

Olivia has breakfast with Nina, but she starts to forget the
memories from present timeline; a woman is suffocated by a
mutilated man who takes a sample of her DNA; Walter removes
a message from Peter's eye, left there by September which leads
Peter into September's apartment; Walter assumes that the killer
is making a perfume from pheromones of husbands he kills; Astrid
identifies him, but he has enough time to dehydrate another
husband; Olivia captures him as he tries to kill the woman who
was in love with killer's last victim; Peter finds a beacon that
allows him to communicate with September who tells him that he is
home and Olivia is his Olivia; Peter reunites with her.

     416 Nothing As It Seems

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

A man from a flight turns into a porcupine; Olivia confuses her
present memories with those of the other timeline, and Broyles
pulls her off the Fringe cases; Lincoln is wounded by another
porcupine when the team tries to find the partner of the flight
man; Markham helps to track down a tattoo found on porcupine's
cadaver; a number on the internet file leads to Massive Dynamic
and Jones; Lincoln is infected with the porcupine virus, but he
is able to apprehend and kill the porcupine; the sister of the
creature injects herself and her partner with the virus, and
they are caged with other strange animals (one of them looks
like legs of a huge spider) aboard a freighter.

     417 Everything in Its Right Place

Teleplay by David Fury & J.R. Orci
   Story by J.R. Orci & Matt Pitts
Directed by David Moxness

Lincoln takes a break, and visits the other side where he assists
to Fauxlivia and Captain Lee solving a case of a vigilante
shape-shifter; Lee and Lincoln discuss the events from their
lives; they capture the shape-shifter, and Alternbroyles alerts
Alternina with this news; a sniper wounds Captain Lee as the
shape-shifter is about to be escorted; he, posing as the sniper,
leads the team to Alternina; Captain Lee dies; Lincoln brings
the shape-shifter to Walter and decides to stay on the other
side a little longer.

   * 418 The Consultant

 Written by Christine Lavaf
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Lincoln attends Captain Lee's funeral; a plane crash kills the
passengers on the other side as well as their counterparts on
our side; Walter crosses to the other side as a consultant to
help with the investigation; Jones gives his associate a go-ahead
on the next target, and he visits Alternbroyles, providing a cure
for his son; Astrid and Alternastrid coordinate the search on
both sides after another incident takes place, and Peter finds
Jones' device; Alternbroyles asks Walter if he would make the
same decision regarding saving Peter, and Walter would; Jones
gives Alternbroyles another device to attach it to the Bridge;
Walter stays at Fauxlivia over night and when she drinks in
grief, he suggests that Alternbroyles could be the mole feeding
Jones with information; Fauxlivia tricks Alternina who admits it
is him; Alternbroyles turns himself in to Broyles; Walter figures
out that Jones is trying to collapse both universes.

     420 Worlds Apart

Teleplay by Matt Pitts & Nicole Phillips
   Story by Graham Roland
Directed by Charles Beeson

Walter explains to the others Jones' plan to create his own
universe by collapsing the other two; a group of Cortexiphan
children causes a series of earthquakes in both universes;
Peter suggests to close the Bridge; Olivia connects her mind
with the mind of Alternick Lane to find Nick from our side;
he is captured, but another series of earthquakes occurs;
Olivia talks to Nick to give up Jones' whereabouts, but he
deceives her and escapes, forcing an agent to hurt himself;
both sides agree to close the Bridge; Walternate talks with
Walter; Lincoln decides to stay in the alternate universe;
the Vacuum is turned off, splitting the worlds apart.

   * 421 Brave New World, Part 1

 Written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

People in a shopping mall are stuck motionless as they are
infected by Jones' nanites that cause spontaneous combustion;
Jessica, a victim, volunteers to help Walter to find the cure;
Olivia uses her ability to stop the nanites from burning Jessica;
Walter recognizes that Jones is not the mastermind behind the
nanites; Jones talks with William Bell about the chess, and Bell
tells him that to win the game, the bishop must be sacrificed;
Walter visits St. Claire's Hospital to find a proof that Bell is
still alive; Jones reflects sun rays in an attempt to ignite an
oil reservoir beneath Boston; Walter proves that Bell is alive;
Olivia helps Peter with her telekinetic ability to overpower
Jones in a combat; Jones gets electrocuted and turns into dust
realizing that he was the bishop; Walter and Astrid discover the
storage with animals created to populate Bell's universe; Astrid
is shot, and Bell meets with Walter.

   * 422 Brave New World, Part 2

 Written by Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Bell presents to Walter a simulation of his universe; Astrid is
brought to a hospital; at the warehouse, Peter and Olivia find
September, imprisoned by strange symbols, and Jessica, who works
for Bell; Olivia reflects bullets back at Jessica when she tries
to kill September; on his freighter, Bell reveals that the idea
of creating a new universe was Walter's; while questioning dead
Jessica in the lab, Olivia realizes that she is the power source
for the collapse of the universes; the team locates the position
of Bell's freighter; as they confront Bell, Walter shoots Olivia
in the head to stop the collapse; Bell vanishes, and Olivia is
saved by the regenerating effects of the Cortexiphan; Broyles is
promoted to the rank of a General; Olivia tells Peter that she
is pregnant; September warns Walter that "they are coming".

   * 419 Letters of Transit

         They came from the future.

         At first, they only watched.
         Arriving at key moments in human history.

         We called them OBSERVERS.

         But in 2015 they stopped watching...
         and seized control.

         Citizen uprisings proved bloody and futile.
         Those who survived became known as "Natives."

         In an attempt to show their allegiance,
         some Native factions became "Loyalists"
         and were marked by the OBSERVERS.

         The original FRINGE TEAM fought the invasion,
         but was quickly defeated.

         FRINGE DIVISION was allowed to continue
         at a reduced capacity, but only to
         police the Natives.

         The resistance was quickly overcome

         ...or so they thought.

 Written by Akiva Goldsman & J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Joe Chappelle

In 2036, Etta saves Rick from being read by Captain Windmark, and
he shows her Walter encased in a block of amber; with the help of
Simon Foster, they free him; Nina provides them with an access to
the pieces of Walter's brain removed by Bell (092112# to open the
door to the facility, 052010 to open the container with pieces),
and they are able to restore his neural pathways at old Massive
Dynamic facility; Simon and Etta talk about the invasion of the
Observers called the Purge; Walter wakes up, self-confident, and
he mentions a plan to get rid of the Observers; he sets off an
anti-matter device to evaporate the bulding as the Loyalists
approach them; they free Peter and Astrid ambered in the
typewriter store, but Simon gets caught in the amber when
he pushes Peter out; Walter shows Astrid Bell's ambered
hand he cut off; Peter realizes that Etta is his daughter.

   * 501 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

 Written by J.H. Wyman
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc  Miguel Sapochnik

Peter dreams about the Purge; the team finds out Olivia was cut
out of amber and taken away by Amber Gypsies; Peter buys the
information about Olivia's whereabouts for a handful of walnuts;
they find Olivia at Markham, but the Observers attack them and
take Walter; Olivia meets Etta for the first time; Walter is
interrogated by Windmark; Anil of the Resistance provides the
team a technology that allows Etta to smuggle Peter into the
building where Walter is held; Walter is saved, but when they
show him a thought unifier Olivia recovered to assembly a plan
scattered throughout Walter's brain to defeat the Observers,
the plan is gone after Windmark's mental torture of Walter;
he listens to a music found in an abandoned cab.

     502 In Absentia

 Written by J.H. Wyman & David Fury
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Olivia dreams about the Purge; the team enters Walter's old lab,
partially ambered; they need a laser and power to cut out a video
tape out of amber, that may hold the details of the plan; the
team captures a Loyalist, and Etta tortures him with a device
causing rapid aging to obtain information; Olivia tries to appeal
to him, and the Loylist gives up his access code (010567); Walter
modifies a pig's eye to match the eye scanner; Etta and Peter
infiltrate the medical science building where Etta gets upset
seeing Foster's head kept alive in one of the labs; Peter and
Etta restore the power; Etta lets the Loyalist go; Walter
retrieves a videotape on which he tells that the plan against
the Observers is splitted onto several other tapes that has to
be recovered from the ambered lab.

     503 The Recordist

 Written by Graham Roland
Directed by Jeff T. Thomas

According to Tape #3, the team must obtain a pile of rocks; they
meet a group of exposed people in the woods who are recording
the history since the Purge; a recordist sacrifices himself in
order to get the rocks; before that, he mentions someone by the
name of Donald who was captured by the Observers while trying
to get the rocks, too.

   * 504 The Bullet That Saved the World

 Written by Alison Schapker
Directed by David Straiton

Peter barely escapes from the Observers while buying a necklace
for Etta; the team discovers Walter's storage of Fringe events
beneath the lab; the Observers get an information that Fringe
team may be hiding in the lab, so Olivia asks Walter to amber
it again; the team uses the orifice-sealing gas to create a
diversion while they retrieve a plan of physics from a subway
station, based on Tape #2; Broyles meets the team; Windmark
kills Etta; the team disintegrates the warehouse where they
found Etta in an effort to destroy Windmark, but he escapes.

     505 An Origin Story

 Written by J.H. Wyman
Directed by PJ Pesce

The Observers use a wormhole to receive a bunch of supplies from
their future; Anil wants the team to decipher writings that the
Resistance got from a captured Observer; Walter comes up with an
idea to turn Observers' shipping wormhole into a blackhole to
cause destruction in their future world; Peter uses the captured
Observer to assemble a cube that stabilizes the wormhole; the
plan fails for the Observer has deceived Peter; Peter extracts
a tech from the Observer's neck and implants it into himself.

     506 Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

 Written by David Fury
Directed by Jon Cassar

Peterver and Olivia watch a hologram of Etta; Walter enters a
pocket universe in an abandoned apartment while he was re-tracing
his steps documented on Tape #7; he meets Cecil there, who was
blown there by an accident; Peterver and Olivia join them, and
together they look for a strange boy seen on the videotape; they
find only a radio jammed on a certain frequency; Cecil is killed
when the Observers apprehend them; Peterver easily defeats an
Observer in a hand-to-hand combat; Walter is afraid that he is
turning back into the ruthless man he was before pieces of his
brain were removed; Peterver's vision changes into the vision of
an Observer.

     507 Five-Twenty-Ten

 Written by Graham Roland
Directed by Eagle Egilsson

Peterver observes Mueller; Tape #5 suggests the team to retrieve
a pair of Beacons from an old storage facility; Nina has doctor
Hastings to supply the team with a matter-evaporating device;
Peterver switches a briefcase with one of the Observers that
releases the flesh-eating toxin in their precinct; the team
uses Bell's hand to enter the facility, and they retrieve the
Beacons (using 5-20-10 combination to open a safe); Walter
tells Nina that Bell loved her, and he asks her to remove
the re-implanted parts of his brain; Olivia learns that
Peterver is able to predict the future like an Observer.

     508 The Human Kind

 Written by Alison Schapker
Directed by Dennis Smith

Anil gives Olivia one of the Observers' tech; Windmark finds
Peterver's plans in Etta's apartment; Olivia goes to retrieve an
electromagnet as instructed on Tape #8; she meets a clairvoyant
woman; Walter figures out that the tech overwrites the emotions'
areas of the brain; Peterver is wounded in a fight with Windmark;
on her way back, Olivia is captured by two men seekeing reward,
and she uses the bullet from Etta's necklace to escape; Olivia
joins Peterver as he waits for Windmark, and she convinces him
to remove the Observer's tech from his neck.

     509 Black Blotter

 Written by Kristin Cantrell
Directed by Tommy Gormley

The radio found in the pocket universe picks up a signal; Walter
is tripping from dropping an acid called "Black Blotter"; he is
haunted by the appearance of his dead lab assistant; Peter and
Olivia track the signal to a booster where they find the remains
of Sam Weiss; Walter discovers his journal of discoveries; the
team goes to an island where the source of the signal is located;
they meet a family with the child Observer, but the man demands
a password; Walter, in his mind, visits a Monty Python world to
find out the password "Black Umbrella"; the man explains that
Michael (as they call the mute and ageless Observer boy) was
left to the family by Donald to be protected; the team takes
Michael; back in the lab, Walter tries to burn his journal,
but the assistant points out that it does not matter as
long as he remembers things as the man he was back then.

   * 510 Anomaly XB-6783746

 Written by David Fury
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt

Windmark and Observers visit Nina's office at the Ministry of
Science, and they use LQ-7 unit to restore her phone call from
the team; Nina leads the team into a black laboratory to find
a way to communicate with Michael; the team goes into Ministry
storage to retrieve an E-Cog unit, and they spot Windmark who
interrogates Hastings to get the information about Nina's
whereabouts; they save Hastings, but Windmark is on to Nina;
she hides Michael in the lab and kills herself when Windmark
is about to perform a deep extraction on her; back in Harvard,
Michael touches Walter who realizes that Donald is September.

     511 The Boy Must Live

 Written by Graham Roland
Directed by Paul Holahan

Walter uses the water tank to find out where September lives;
Windmark visits the future in the year 2609 to talk with the
Commander; the team visits Donald, who was September before the
Observers removed his tech as a punishment for his alliance with
humans; Donald reveals that the plan is to send his son, Michael,
into the year 2167 as a proof that the intelligence can be
increased without abandoning emotions, so this way the beings
known as Observers will never exist; Windmark receives data on
Anomaly XB-6783746 (Michael), but the Commander denies his
request to eradicate the team via time change; Olivia believes
that the plan will reset time, so Etta will be alive; Windmark
enters Donald's apartment and escapes before it is destroyed
by a booby trap left there; Walter admits to Donald that Michael
showed him he will have to sacrifice himself for the plan;
Donald gives Walter an envelope that held the white tulip once,
but none of them knows what Walter did with it; Michael let
himself to be captured by Loyalists to help the others to escape.

   * 512 Liberty

 Written by Alison Schapker
Directed by PJ Pesce

Michael is taken to the Liberty Island where Windmark tries to
read him unsuccessfully; Olivia wants to cross over to the
alternate universe, take Michael, and bring him back at a safe
spot; the team uses Walter's time window to make sure the other
side is free of Observers; Donald begins to assemble a device
based on the plan; Walter doses Olivia with Cortexiphan; she
crosses into the alternate universe and meets Fauxlivia with
Lincoln who agree to help her; in 2609, the Commander orders
Windmark to disassemble Michael; Olivia saves Michael before
he is vivisected, and they cross to our side safely; Windmark
learns that Broyles might have gave up Michael's location;
Donald visits December to ask him a favor.

   * 513 An Enemy of Fate

 Written & Directed by J.H. Wyman

Donald needs a trigger for the device; Peter finds a videotape
addressed to him, and he learns that Walter is supposed to go
with Michael into the future; Peter and Walter hug and cry;
Olivia and Astrid find December hanged and the trigger missing;
Broyles is captured; Astrid comes up with an idea to use the
Observers' shipping lane to create a wormhole; she shows Walter
ambered Gene; Donald admits to Walter that he will take Michael
into the future instead of Walter; Peter and Olivia attack the
Observers' headquarters with a powder causing a series of Fringe
events (intestinal worms and slugs, flesh-eating toxin, orifice
sealings, exploding heads, razor-winged butterflies), and they
manage to save Broyles and retrieve the cube device; the
Resistance engages the Loyalists; Olivia crushes Windmark
between cars with her telekinetic ability; Donald is killed
in a firefight; Walter goes with Michael into the future;
back in the year 2015, Peter, Olivia and little Etta live
happily together (Walter has vanished short before the
invasion of now-nonexisting Observers should occur);
Peter receives an envelope which contains a piece
of white paper with a drawing of a tulip.


    "Charlie" - the shape-shifter in the form of Charlie Francis
   Walternate - Walter Bishop from the alternate universe
  Captain Lee - Lincoln Lee from the alternate universe
    Fauxlivia - Olivia Dunham from the alternate universe
Alternbroyles - Philip Broyles from the alternate universe
   Brandonate - Brandon Fayette from the alternate universe
 Altelizabeth - Elizabeth Bishop from the alternate universe
     Bellivia - Olivia Dunham with the mind of William Bell
    Agent Lee - Lincoln Lee from the original universe
    Alternina - Nina Sharp from the alternate universe
 Alternastrid - Astrid Farnsworth from the alternate universe
     Peterver - Peter Bishop with the Observer's tech in him


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