Dark Necron
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24: Day 4 Prequel

Jack gets into his SUV. The weight of the Day 3 overcomes him,
and he starts to cry.

Three Months Later

Jack enters the office of Erin Driscoll, the new Director of CTU.
Driscoll informs Jack that she is removing him as a head of the
Field Ops because of his off-book behavior and former heroin
addiction. She does not tolerate any weaknesses. Driscoll offers
to help him to get a position, but Jack refuses. "I can find my
own fucking job," he replies as he leaves her office.

One Year Later

Tomas Sherak and two men approach the U.S. Mexico border. Sherak
hands them a briefcase full of money, and they help him to pass
over the barb-wired wall. A man on the other side helps Sherak
to get to a car. Sherak kills him, and then he uses a remote
detonator to set off a bomb he hid within the briefcase, blowing
up the other men. Sherak uses a phone to inform someone that he
made it into U.S.

Six Hours Before Day 4 Begins

Audrey Raines enters her hotel room at one in the morning. She
spots a bunch of flowers on the table and looks for the intruder.
Jack hugs her from behind, and they slowly lie down on the bed,

He lost his job but found a woman who loves him. It took a long
time for Jack Bauer to feel good again... Then Day 4 began.

24: Day 4

7:00 A.M.
A man named Brody sits in a passenger train as it moves through
a remote part of the Santa Clarita Valley. A titanium briefcase
is handcuffed to his wrist. He has two guards to protect him.
Suddenly, the train brakes as it smashes into an old truck filled
with metal drums that ignite on the train's impact. A helmeted
driver on a dirt bike approaches the train wreckage and heads
straight for Brody, who is writhing on the ground. The driver,
named Dar, shoots Brody. With bolt cutters, Dar pries the
briefcase from Brody's wrist and speeds away.

7:03 A.M.
At CTU in Los Angeles, Chloe O'Brian and Sarah Gavin look up
someone from the FBI watch list that was spotted in the city.
Tomas Sherak, a known Turkish terrorist, might be linked to
a credible threat in the U.S., and the attack was scheduled for
8:00 am.

7:04 A.M.
CTU head Erin Driscoll gets word about the train bomb. Chloe lets
her know that it may be connected to Sherak's spotting and the
potential threat. Chloe also questions Driscoll about an upcoming
Defense Department meeting with Jack Bauer. Jack hasn't been to
CTU since Driscoll fired him.

7:05 A.M.
Jack dresses in a hotel room. He is with Audrey Heller Raines,
who also dresses. Audrey asks if he will be uncomfortable
returning to CTU, but Jack says it was his own decision to retire
from the field. He kisses her. Audrey asks Jack not to tell her
father that they are a couple. Both Audrey and Jack work for her
father, Defense Secretary Heller.

7:09 A.M.
Agent Curtis Manning briefs Driscoll, Chloe, Sarah and another
techie named Edgar Stiles on the Sherak information. The
assumption is that Sherak will try to leave Los Angeles after the
train explosion. Chloe wonders if the bombing at 7 am does not
correlate with the timing of Sherak's supposed terrorist attack
at 8 am. Driscoll orders her to stay on course with Sherak's
flight out of LA.

7:10 A.M.
Tomas Sherak phones a man named Navi Araz at his home. Sherak
brings news that Dar acquired the briefcase. After hanging up,
Navi tells his wife Dina that he suspects their teenage son
Behrooz may be dating an American girl whom they forbid him from
seeing. Navi yells at Behrooz, who is angry that his father has
read his emails. They all hear a television report of the train
accident. Navi instructs Behrooz that he will take the briefcase
from Sherak to a warehouse. "What we accomplish today will change
the world," Navi says. "We are fortunate that our family has been
chosen to do this."

7:14 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:20 A.M.
A programmer named Melanie, enters the office of a graphic design
startup and sees her co-worker, Andrew Paige, has been working
through the night. As Andrew is stealing some software, he
notices that there are nodes put in place that will corrupt the
entire Internet. Andrew agrees to call the Feds to warn them --
but only from a payphone so he doesn't get caught stealing code.

7:22 A.M.
Jack and Audrey come down to the hotel entrance and meet
Secretary of Defense James Heller. Heller apprises Jack of the
train bomb and asks him to find out more when he visits CTU.

7:23 A.M.
Andrew Paige calls his friend Chloe to warn her about what he
found on the web. Some of the damaging code is in an Arabic

7:24 A.M.
Sarah digs up someone in Los Angeles with a dry cleaning business
that is owned by a Turkish holding company. Chloe lets Driscoll
know about Andrew's discovery. The server feeding the worm is
based in Turkey, where Sherak is from. Driscoll tells her to pass
that on to FBI so that she can focus on the bomb. Chloe is
annoyed that her conclusions are dismissed so easily.

7:25 A.M.
Jack enters CTU and notices the changes to the office. He greets
Chloe, informing her that Kim and Chase are living together after
he left CTU. Manning introduces Jack to Ronnie Lobell, the new
head of field ops and Jack's replacement. As Jack waits for
Driscoll, he sees the sense of urgency in the air.

7:27 A.M.
Audrey rides with her father to her brother's house. Heller wants
to convince his son Richard not to take part in a protest that
might embarrass the President.

7:28 A.M.
President John Keeler phones Heller to say he is considering
raising the threat level based on the train bombing.

7:29 A.M.
Jack meets with Driscoll about the Department of Defense's budget
for CTU. He questions some of her proposals to increase monies,
much to her chagrin. Driscoll excuses herself to watch feed from
the field op agents who have visited the dry cleaning business
owned by a Turkish company.

7:30 A.M.
Jack watches the feed along with Driscoll. As Ronnie fruitlessly
questions the man at the counter, Jack insists to Driscoll that
the man is hiding something. Driscoll shakes off his claim. Jack
points out that the man keeps looking suspiciously to his right.
Driscoll radios Ronnie to warn him. The agents raid and grab the
fleeing Sherak. Jack shakes his head. If it weren't for his help,
they wouldn't have nabbed him.

7:33 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:39 A.M.
With his Secret Service detail in tow, Heller arrives at
Richard's house. He enters alone.

7:40 A.M.
Meanwhile, Jack calls Audrey to warn her that CTU has captured
their suspect in the train bombing. Jack also tells Audrey that
he is falling in love with her. She is pleased. Jack cuts off
when Driscoll returns to the office. He tries to get information
from her on the suspect, but she won't reveal anything.

7:42 A.M.
Despite his father's plea, Richard insists on participating in
the protest rally. They argue.

7:44 A.M.
Andrew returns to the office after calling Chloe from the
payphone. He sees a man beating up Melanie and asking what she
found on the Internet. Melanie names Andrew as the one who found
something but that she doesn't know what it is. Andrew runs out
and trips over a murdered co-worker. He jumps on his bike and
speeds away before the hitmen spot him.

7:47 A.M.
Driscoll gives Jack an open socket to look up the budget numbers.
He sees Sherak being brought in by Ronnie. Jack tells Driscoll
that he knows Sherak under the name Jann Bolek, who was traced to
bombings in Europe in the nineties. Jack insists that something
doesn't seem right. This guy wouldn't have risked coming into the
country for a simple train bomb. Driscoll dismisses his advice

7:49 A.M.
Jack turns to Chloe and asks whether there was any indication
that there might be more than one attack. Chloe says that there
was a time discrepancy, but that Driscoll thought the time was
close enough. He pushes Chloe aside and logs onto her computer to
Interpol. Jack looks at the intel and knows that Sherak didn't
just come here for the train. Something will happen at 8 am.

7:50 A.M.
Ticking clock.

7:54 A.M.
Audrey phones her estranged husband Paul in a desire to proceed
with the divorce. She is interrupted with a call from Jack who
urgently needs to speak to Heller. He needs clearance to work on
a possible second terrorist strike. Audrey goes into Richard's
house to get her father.

7:55 A.M.
Audrey comes in and hands the phone to Heller. She tells her
brother that he is only trying to hurt their father.

7:56 A.M.
Heller tells Jack that he is hesitant to step on Driscoll's toes
and to let CTU handle it. Before Jack can press further, Heller
hangs up in order to take a call from the President.

7:57 A.M.
Jack sneaks into the interrogation room where Ronnie is
ineffectively grilling Sherak. He takes down a guard in the
process. When Ronnie steps out, Jack goes in with his gun raised.
Driscoll yells at him over the intercom, but Jack proceeds to
shoot Sherak in the leg, demanding to know what's going to happen
at 8:00. "What is your primary objective?" Jack screams. Sherak
says it is the Secretary of Defense. Jack demands that Driscoll
notify Secret Service immediately.

7:58 A.M.
Jack calls Audrey's cell as she stands outside her brother's
house with her father. He warns her that Heller is the real
target. Suddenly, a rocket grenade sails past her face and hits
a Secret Service vehicle, which bursts into a ball of flames.
Jack hears the gunfire over the cell phone, as a van pulls up and
gunmen fire at the Secret Service agents. Richard watches through
his window in fear as masked men abduct Audrey and Heller into
a van. Audrey screams for Jack, who can only listen helplessly.

7:59 A.M.
Dar arrives at the Araz house and hands the briefcase to Navi.
They embrace.

Ticking clock.

8:00 A.M.
Police arrive at the blast scene outside Richard Heller's house.
They find him curled up in a corner, crying. "They took my father
and my sister," he tells them.

8:01 A.M.
Heller and Audrey are transferred to another van. They are bound
and blindfolded.

8:02 A.M.
Driscoll informs her staff of Heller's abduction. Chloe proceeds
to shift CTU's focus from the train bomb to the kidnapping. As
Jack tries to work the phones to get Secret Service involved,
Driscoll has him arrested for torturing a suspect.

8:05 A.M.
President Keeler phones Driscoll to inquire about Heller. He
plans to elevate the terror threat level.

8:06 A.M.
As he flees on his bike, Andrew calls his mother and warns her to
get out of the house. He tells her about the killings in his
office. She doesn't see an armed man named Kalil watching her
from the window.

8:07 A.M.
Chloe goes to see the detained Jack with information that might
help Heller because she doesn't trust Driscoll. Chloe's friend
found damaging code on the web that originated in Turkey.

8:08 A.M.
At Union Station, Andrew sees a news report on Heller's
kidnapping. Chloe calls his cell phone and he tells her about the
murders in his office. Jack cuts in to let Andrew know he might
be targeted by the same people who took Heller. He promises
Andrew that he will come get him at the station. Meanwhile, from
the Paige house, Kalil has tapped into Andrew's cell phone and
has listened to the entire conversation. He takes a photo of
Andrew from the mantle and steps over the dead body of Andrew's

8:10 A.M.
Kalil calls Navi Araz with news about the person who compromised
their server. Navi instructs Kalil to kill that person.

8:11 A.M.
The briefcase from the train explosion contains a device. Dina
offers to deliver it instead of Behrooz. Navi insists that they
stay on course, and that a teenager won't arouse suspicion. Dina

8:12 A.M.
Jack chides Driscoll for abandoning an active CTU investigation
of Andrew Paige's claims during a terrorist threat. Andrew's
co-workers are all dead, so it must be connected. Jack is the
only one who knows where Andrew is and he asks to be reinstated.
He threatens to tell the President that Driscoll couldn't break
Sherak without him. Driscoll allows Jack to work as an auxiliary
agent under the authority of field ops director Ronnie Lobell.
After that, Jack will be turned over to Division.

8:14 A.M.
Ticking clock.

8:19 A.M.
Audrey and Heller are taken from the van to an underground
compound. Their blindfolds and gags are removed. Heller whispers
to his daughter to be cooperative. A man named Omar enters and
his henchman asks if they should kill the woman. Audrey screams
for her father and Heller threatens Omar to leave her alone. Omar
opts to wait because they might be able to use Audrey for some

8:22 A.M.
Jack asks Chloe to update him while he goes for Andrew.
Meanwhile, Ronnie Lobell is furious that Jack was released. He
reluctantly accepts Driscoll's order to keep tabs on him.

8:23 A.M.
Behrooz prepares to leave with the briefcase and Dina warns him
to be careful. Before he can depart, the phone rings. A girl
named Debbie asks Behrooz why he is avoiding her and if he is
seeing someone else. Behrooz cuts her off without explanation. He
tells his mother that he will deal with Debbie later.

8:25 A.M.
Driscoll summons Chloe and asks why she turned to Jack. Driscoll
questions why she didn't pick up the internet lead after they
captured Sherak. Chloe admits that she does feel that she does
have more trust in Jack.

8:27 A.M.
As they prepare to depart CTU, Ronnie tells Jack that he doesn't
agree with Driscoll's decision to release him. "If you try to
exceed my authority again, I will stop you cold," Ronnie warns.

Ticking clock.

8:31 A.M.
From Ronnie's car, Jack phones his office at the Defense
Department. Ronnie smugly asks about work in D.C., and Jack says
that he needed to get out of the field in order to have a life

8:33 A.M.
Audrey and Heller wait in a caged cell. He mentions that if Jack
tried to warn her about this before they were abducted then their
chance for survival is good because there must be some kind of
source. Heller tries to make Audrey feel better. Just then, the
henchmen come in and demand Heller to undress. He refuses. They
forcibly remove his clothes.

8:35 A.M.
Behrooz arrives at the compound. He hands the briefcase over.
When he returns to his car, he sees that he has been followed by
Debbie. He tells her that she shouldn't be there, and explains
that his parents have a problem with them seeing each other
because she is not Muslim. Behrooz promises to get together with
her later, and kisses her goodbye. Omar's henchman sees all this.

8:38 A.M.
Ticking clock.

8:42 A.M.
Curtis submits Richard Heller to a lie detector while he is
questioned. Richard is angry that he's being treated like
a criminal when they should be finding his father and sister.
From a remote screen, Sarah tells Driscoll that Richard is
telling the truth so far.

8:45 A.M.
Behrooz returns home. Navi slaps him because it was reported that
he was seen with a girl at the compound. Despite Behrooz's claims
that Debbie didn't see anything, Navi is angry that their scheme
might be compromised. They have lived in America for almost five
years planning this. Navi orders his son to call Debbie to the

8:46 A.M.
Jack and Ronnie are met at Union Station by MTA police.

8:47 A.M.
Chloe calls Andrew to say that the agents are on-site. Andrew
hangs up and is met by Kalil, who claims to be Jack Bauer. Kalil
takes him away. Jack and Ronnie go to the meeting point, but
Andrew is gone. Jack calls Andrew's cell phone, and Andrew is
alarmed to hear Jack's voice. Kalil grabs the phone and puts a
gun to Andrew's chest. Jack knows that the terrorists got to
Andrew first, and he alerts the authorities to look for him at
the station.

8:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

8:53 A.M.
One of the MTA officers sees Kalil taking Andrew out of the
station to car. Kalil tapes Andrew's mouth shut and drives off.

8:54 A.M.
Kalil is stopped by construction as he tries to leave the lot.
Jack and Ronnie rush out and spot the car. Ronnie is ready to
raid, but Jack would rather follow the car because it might lead
them to Heller. As Kalil is about to escape, Ronnie pulls rank as
the field ops head and calls Driscoll to back himself up. Before
Ronnie can place the call, Jack throws a punch at him. Ronnie
knocks Jack down and handcuffs him to a railing. Ronnie radios
the cops to pull over the car.

8:56 A.M.
Ronnie approaches the car, and Kalil shoots him. Jack is
helplessly chained to the rail as Kalil escapes. He calls out for
Ronnie to toss him the keys. Ronnie weakly hands them over and
Jack frees himself. Ronnie dies. Jack grabs his gun and takes off
in Ronnie's car, looking for Kalil.

8:59 A.M.
Everyone at CTU watches a webcast signal that is being pushed out
over the internet. The terrorists have broadcast a streaming
video of a bound Heller in front of masked and armed men. Arabic
letters are on the banner above. One of the men is Omar, who
announces that Heller will be tried for war crimes and executed
if found guilty. "Because we have nothing to hide, the world will
have full access to these proceedings," Omar says.

Ticking clock.

9:00 A.M.
Aboard Air Force One, President Keeler speaks to his advisors and
Cabinet via teleconference about Heller. Driscoll announces that
CTU has a few active leads. The nation's priority is to stop the

9:03 A.M.
Curtis still does not know whether Richard Heller has information
about the abduction. Driscoll is alarmed when Chloe says that
both Jack and Ronnie are not answering their phones.

9:04 A.M.
Jack calls Driscoll with news of Ronnie's death. He wants to
follow the suspect in hopes it will lead to Heller. Driscoll
demands that he apprehend the suspect now. The phone breaks and
Jack hangs up, still in pursuit. Edgar tells Driscoll that
Jack's call is not traceable. Driscoll informs the staff that
Jack is no longer officially on the investigation.

9:05 A.M.
Chloe calls the MTA, but they have no news of Andrew.

9:07 A.M.
Kalil calls Omar from the car to let him know that had to kill an
agent at the train station. Omar warns him to lose anyone who
might be following, so Kalil quickly exits the freeway. Jack
hangs an illegal u-turn, putting him in the wrong direction out
the freeway entrance. He spots Kalil's car on a side road and is
able to continue following him from a safe distance.

9:08 A.M.
Heller tells Audrey about them broadcasting that he will be put
on trial. He is frustrated that his daughter has to be subjected
to this horror. Omar demands that Heller sign a list of offenses
that he is charged with. Heller refuses. They threaten to kill
Audrey, and Heller relents.

9:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:15 A.M.
Driscoll is annoyed that her team has found nothing on Jack's
location or the origin of the webcast. The President calls
Driscoll, and she is forced to tell him that Jack is trailing
a potential suspect. Driscoll asks if he would authorize an
assault on the terrorists even if that means the Secretary will
not survive. The President says he will cross that bridge if the
scenario presents itself.

9:17 A.M.
A techie named Marianne Taylor phones Curtis to ask why she
wasn't considered as a consultant for CTU's investigation even
though she has the qualifications. Marianne accuses Curtis of
being uncomfortable because they once had an affair. She
threatens to call Driscoll.

9:18 A.M.
Jack calls Chloe with a request to steal satellite surveillance
from CTU so that he can track the suspect's car. Although
Driscoll warned her that Jack is operating outside CTU, Chloe
agrees to help. Edgar hears the end of the call and tells Sarah
that Chloe is acting strangely.

9:19 A.M.
Driscoll informs Curtis that Marianne claimed he gave her
classified information on CTU systems. Curtis dubs Marianne
a liar. To avoid getting into a conflict, Driscoll will bring
Marianne in as a consultant. Curtis' polygraph shows that Richard
Heller might be hiding the fact that he told someone about his
father's visit. Driscoll wants him to use force to get it out of

9:21 A.M.
Behrooz tells his mother that Debbie followed him to the compound
and now Navi wants him to summon Debbie to the house. Behrooz is
worried, and he asks Dina to talk to Navi because he doesn't want
him to hurt Debbie. Dina agrees to call.

9:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:28 A.M.
Richard's arms are strapped down. The man who tortured Nina Myers
comes in with a briefcase full of syringes. Curtis demands that
Richard admit who knew about Heller's visit. Richard screams, and
Curtis stops the needle before it's injected. He goes out to the
observation room where Driscoll has been watching. She is angry
that he did not obey her orders. Curtis suggests a non-invasive
technique instead, and Driscoll reluctantly agrees to it.

9:30 A.M.
Dina calls her husband as he is entering a restaurant. They are
concerned because Debbie has seen the warehouse where Heller is
being held. Dina assures Navi that she will take care of it. She
hangs up and tells Behrooz that he doesn't have to bring Debbie
to the house. Behrooz is pleased, and he hugs his mother.

9:31 A.M.
Kalil tells Andrew that "today is about something bigger." He
pulls the car under an overpass where other men are waiting for

9:32 A.M.
Jack pulls over too, and he gives Chloe the location of where he
is. He asks her to get back to him once she has the satellite
coverage. Jack grabs rifles from the back and runs over to get
a better view of where Kalil's men are beating up Andrew.

9:34 A.M.
Chloe sees Andrew from a Caltrans traffic cam on the freeway. She
begs Jack to stop the beating, but he doesn't want to risk losing
the trail on Heller. Meanwhile, Andrew tells Kalil that he only
found that someone was preparing to distribute some kind of
positioning code on the internet. Yet the text was in Arabic, so
he couldn't uncover anything else. Kalil relays this to Omar, who
orders him back to the compound. Their men will get rid of the

9:35 A.M.
Sarah tries to get Chloe to do a project, but Chloe brushes her
off in order to track Andrew. Jack tells Chloe that he will
follow the suspect who has driven off. She watches as the other
two men prepare to kill Andrew. Jack quickly shoots both of them.
He tells Chloe to dispatch an ambulance and he takes off.

9:37 A.M.
Chloe calls for help, and then goes to the bathroom to break down
in tears.

9:38 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:42 A.M.
Heller whispers to his daughter that she may be able to escape
once the trial starts, regardless of his situation. Audrey weeps.

9:44 A.M.
Jack calls Chloe, and she tells him that she won't forgive him
because Andrew is in bad shape. She wants to go to Driscoll, but
Jack talks her out of it.

9:45 A.M.
Marianne comes into CTU. Driscoll has Curtis bring her to an
empty workstation. He's clearly annoyed with the situation.
Curtis walks to Chloe's desk and assigns her another task.

9:47 A.M.
Chloe tells Jack that the satellite is being overused and she
can't get through. She decides to send Edgar to the server room
and turns the satellite off of Edgar's computer to make hers run
smoother. She lets Jack know she has it up.

9:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

9:53 A.M.
Marianne grills Edgar about what is going on. He tells her that
Jack is following one of the terrorists on his own even though
Driscoll wants the suspect brought in. Edgar says his task is to
find Jack.

9:54 A.M.
Curtis comes into the interrogation room where Richard has been
subjected to sensory disorientation. Richard still won't divulge
anything. Curtis turns up the intensity.

9:56 A.M.
Jack sees Kalil go into a convenience store. He calls Chloe, but
she has no movement on the satellite.

9:57 A.M.
Behrooz is shocked when Debbie pulls up to the house. Dina says
that she asked her to come over so that they can find out what
she knows. Dina greets Debbie warmly and goes off to make tea.
Behrooz is worried about his mother's motives.

9:58 A.M.
When Chloe still can't get satellite coverage, Jack comes up with
an alternate plan to keep the guy in place. He takes out
a handgun and dons a mask. Jack pretends he is there to rob the
store. Kalil is one of the customers caught in the holdup.

9:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:00 A.M.
In mid-robbery, Jack blacks out the security cameras. He removes
his mask.

10:01 A.M.
Driscoll fights to stay calm in the midst of crisis. She learns
that Andrew Paige was taken to the hospital and that two
Middle-Eastern men were found at the site with gunshot wounds to
the head. She is furious that Jack is still at large with the
suspect. Curtis tries to convince her to focus on Heller instead,
but she wants all tactical teams to locate Jack.

10:03 A.M.
Jack orders all the customers in the store to hand over their
wallets and cell phones. He also takes Kalil's gun. Jack gets the
keys from the clerk to lock the front door.

10:05 A.M.
Jack calls Chloe to tell her about his staged robbery. She still
doesn't have the satellite up. Curtis summons her to a Driscoll
briefing, and she is forced to log off the system.

10:06 A.M.
Curtis ignores Marianne when she asks to be included in the
briefing. Driscoll informs her staff about Andrew's safety and
Jack's intervention. As she speaks, Driscoll checks to see
Chloe's reactions.

10:07 A.M.
After the meeting, Driscoll has Sarah bug Chloe's system. She is
sure that Chloe knew about Andrew, which means she's been in
touch with Jack.

Meanwhile, Jack has the clerk open the store safe. He inquires
about its armored truck scheduled delivery, which isn't for
another two hours. Kalil whispers to another customer that he
must do something to stop the thief.

10:08 A.M.
Omar is frustrated because Kalil is not answering his phone. He
sends people to the area to find him. Omar orders another
henchman to boot up the routers instead of waiting for Kalil.
Heller begs Omar to let Audrey go. Audrey sees that her father is
having trouble breathing. She begs a guard that he needs his
nitroglycerin for his heart condition.

10:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:14 A.M.
Sarah tells Driscoll that she hasn't seen any communication
between Chloe and Jack. Chloe speaks to Edgar privately, asking
him for help because she can tell that Sarah has tapped into her
system. Chloe admits to assisting Jack, and she needs Edgar to do
the satellite instead. Edgar only relents because Chloe has been
helpful to him in the past. Neither of them notices that Marianne
has heard the entire conversation.

10:17 A.M.
Heller becomes enraged despite Audrey trying to calm him down.
Suddenly, Heller keels over and moans in pain. Audrey summons the
guard for help because her father is having a heart attack. The
guard radios for help and unlocks the door. Heller jumps him from
behind. Audrey is surprised, but manages to grab a hammer and
slam the guard in the stomach. She grabs his gun. They run out of
the cell, and Heller shoots two more guards. They are captured by
Omar, who threatens to kill Audrey if another one of his men

10:19 A.M.
Kalil discreetly grabs a can of bug spray from the shelves. He
tries to spray Jack, but Jack takes him down. "You try that
again, and I will kill you," Jack threatens. A police cruiser
pulls into the parking lot, and Jack sends all the customers into
the freezer. He orders the clerk to make the cop go away. The
policeman is suspicious, and Jack takes him in too. He grabs the
man's gun, radio and handcuffs. Jack locks him in the freezer
with the others.

10:22 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:26 A.M.
Dina brings a tray of iced tea to Debbie and Behrooz. Dina
apologizes for treating her poorly in the past, and questions
Debbie about following Behrooz. Debbie says that she hasn't even
spoken to anyone else today. Dina goes to the kitchen to make
a phone call.

10:29 A.M.
Dina calls Navi to let him know that Debbie didn't tell anyone
about the warehouse. He says to have Behrooz "do it" because he
needs to be responsible for the problem he created.

The police radio beckons and Jack has the cop answer the call. As
the policeman responds, the store clerk yells for help. The
operator radios that she will send help.

10:30 A.M.
When Sarah still turns up nothing, Driscoll thinks that Chloe
might be using someone else for access. Sarah questions how much
time she should be spending on this, but Driscoll orders her to
find out how Chloe is helping Jack.

10:31 A.M.
Sarah sees Edgar working on a satellite screen, and he says that
he is merely looking for Jack as instructed. Edgar tells Chloe
that Sarah wants to nail her, and he is worried that he will have
to take the fall too.

10:32 A.M.
Driscoll gets a call from her 18 year-old daughter Maya. Maya
says she hasn't taken her medication and begs her mother to come
home. Driscoll convinces Maya to take her pills, and she promises
to call back later.

10:34 A.M.
Dina takes Behrooz aside and says that she and Navi decided he
has to be the one to "take care of this." Dina hands him a gun.

10:35 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:39 A.M.
Scared for his girlfriend's life, Behrooz warns Debbie to leave
the house because she is in danger. Debbie collapses, gasping for
air. Behrooz looks to his mother with tears in his eyes. She has
drugged Debbie. "I didn't expect you to be able to do it," Dina
says calmly as Debbie dies.

10:42 A.M.
Police cars arrive at the convenience store. They phone Jack, who
threatens to kill hostages if the policemen use tear gas. The
police ask him to let everyone go and keep the one officer as
hostage instead.

10:44 A.M.
Chloe calls Jack to say that she finally has satellite coverage.
He tells her that the suspect will be traveling on foot. Jack
takes Kalil out of the freezer saying he will be used to help
escape. Jack walks out of the store with Kalil at gunpoint so
that the officers don't shoot. He gets in the back as Kalil

10:46 A.M.
When Kalil questions his motives, Jack says that the convenience
store is a money drop. He has Kalil pull over and start running
on foot.

10:47 A.M.
Jack takes the wheel and phones Chloe. She has the suspect on
satellite, and downloads the info to Jack's PDA.

10:48 A.M.
Ticking clock.

10:52 A.M.
Driscoll gets a call from her neighbor, who says that Maya went
into his backyard and screamed at his young son. Driscoll asks
Sarah to call LAPD to find out who was dispatched to pick up her
daughter. Maya suffers from schizophrenia. Driscoll wants the
police to cancel the call because she will take care of it,
claiming that CTU has preemptive authority over local. Although
Sarah knows this is illegal she agrees to send an agent to bring
Maya back to CTU's clinic.

10:54 A.M.
Curtis finds out that Jack is tracking the suspect with the
satellite. Driscoll tells Chloe that she is being arrested, and
she orders Edgar to take over Chloe's system. She makes Chloe
call Jack, who has identified the suspect. Driscoll sends a team
to pick up Kalil, which enrages Jack because he'll lose the trail
to Heller.

10:56 A.M.
Edgar pulls up the satellite feed that shows Kalil flagging down
a car and then beating up the motorist. He takes the man's wallet
and cell phone. Sarah tracks the cell tower in that area to see
who Kalil contacts. Kalil calls Omar to tell him he's coming in.

10:57 A.M.
Marianne lets Edgar know that she is aware of his helping Chloe
behind Driscoll's back. "I want to make sure I have your
attention whenever I need it," she says, menacingly.

Sarah plays Kalil's call back for Driscoll. They hear that the
terrorists are preparing Heller for the broadcast. Jack was

10:58 A.M.
As Jack drives away, he is stopped by a blockade of police cars.
With guns drawn, they order him out of the car. Jack exits with
his hands raised. He lays face down on the ground as the cops
approach to apprehend him.

10:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:00 A.M.
Edgar tracks Kalil on the satellite. Driscoll informs the
authorities that Kalil must be allowed to reach his destination.
She gets a call from a local policeman who has Jack in custody.
Driscoll is forced to confirm that Jack's staged robbery was part
of an undercover operation. Jack insists that he be the one to
follow Kalil to Heller, and Driscoll instructs the policeman to
follow Jack's orders. Jack has them take the APB off Kalil's
stolen car.

11:04 A.M.
Edgar taps into Kalil's phone and patches the call through to
Jack. Omar tells Kalil that Heller signed the confession after he
threatened Audrey's life. She is still alive.

11:06 A.M.
While chained back to back, Audrey tries to convince her father
that he is not an embarrassment to the country for signing the
confession. Heller knows that the terrorists will be deprived of
their goals if he is not alive for the trial. So he asks Audrey
to choke him with the chain from her handcuffs. She refuses to do
it. Knowing she too will be killed by the terrorists, Audrey
suggests breaking a gas pipe causing both of them to die. They
manage to knock the faucet off so that gas leaks into their cell.

11:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:14 A.M.
After Curtis denies her a secure channel, Marianne demands that
Edgar obtain her the access. He refuses to get it for her, so
Marianne calls Driscoll with suspicions about Chloe acting with
a partner to help Jack. Before she can name him, Edgar gives in.
Marianne instructs him to ask Driscoll for the access.

11:16 A.M.
Driscoll tells Jack that Chloe is suspended because she went
against her superior's orders.

11:17 A.M.
Driscoll goes to Chloe's holding room and offers her the chance
to turn in her resignation. There would be no jail or sanctions.
Chloe agrees to this.

11:18 A.M.
Dina shoots Debbie's dead body with a gun so that Navi won't know
Behrooz tried to help the girl escape. Dina hands Behrooz the gun
and says that he cannot destroy everything they have worked for.
Navi enters and assures his son that this murder was necessary.
Debbie's cell phone rings with a loud song. Behrooz sees that
Debbie's mother is calling but does not answer.

11:21 A.M.
After Marianne gets her security clearance, Edgar feels his debt
is paid. She tells him that she needed it to get ahead in her
career. Curtis notices the two talking.

11:22 A.M.
As Chloe is escorted out of the building, she stops to taunt
Sarah about her poor spying skills. Edgar pulls Chloe aside, and
she assures him that she didn't name him as an accomplice.
"You're a geek, Edgar," she says, walking out. "But you're a good

11:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:28 A.M.
Based on Kalil's timeline, Sarah tracks suspicious activity in
any of the potential destinations. Jack watches as Kalil gets
stopped by three men who make racial comments to him in reference
to the capture of Heller. Suddenly, a police car pulls up. Jack
panics that the APB on the stolen car will detain Kalil. The cop
makes the three men step aside and apologizes to Kalil for the
inconvenience. Jack is patched into the highway patrol's local
dispatch and tells them to have their officer let Kalil go. Kalil
notices he is freed immediately.

11:33 A.M.
Kalil calls Omar and tells him how the police ran his stolen
car's license plate number and then let him go. He is suspicious
that he is being tailed to the compound, and says that they
shouldn't take chances. Jack listens in, and knowing the
psychology of committed terrorists, tells Driscoll that they need
to grab Kalil now. "It has been an honor working with you," Kalil
says as a final goodbye to Omar. Jack speeds to catch up with
Kalil, but Kalil purposefully drives head-on into an oncoming
truck. The car explodes into a ball of flames.

11:35 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:40 A.M.
With the broadcast of Heller's trial approaching, Jack phones CTU
and asks if they have a maximum perimeter for the site. He gives
them instructions on how to scan the area using a thermal scan on
the satellite.

11:41 A.M.
Driscoll excuses herself from the action on the main floor to
look in on her daughter who has arrived at the CTU clinic. Curtis
questions why Marianne is always chatting with Edgar. Curtis
warns her to put aside her ambitions and do her job.

11:42 A.M.
Driscoll explains to the CTU doctor that her daughter Maya
stopped taking her Thorazine. Driscoll realizes that Maya has no
idea what's going on with Heller. She hugs her daughter,

11:44 A.M.
Omar informs Navi that Kalil took his own life as a martyr. Navi
is concerned about the computer servers working for the
broadcast. Omar says that it will all go as planned. A man named
Gelfand assures Omar that the case protected the package in the
train crash.

11:45 A.M.
Omar smells gas, and he finds Heller and Audrey passed out in the
cell. The guards revive them. Audrey recognizes Gelfand, who is
worried that he will be identified. Omar is not concerned because
Audrey will soon be killed.

11:46 A.M.
Edgar locates the compound on the thermal scan and passes the
address and building schematics to Jack.

11:47 A.M.
An aide named Robert Franklin informs President Keeler that CTU
has found the location where Heller is, but that the Secretary
might be killed in any rescue attempt. Franklin says that
a broadcast of Heller's execution on American soil would be the
worst humiliation for the Administration. Franklin suggests
a preemptive strike on the site since Heller will be killed
anyway. The President is indecisive.

11:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

11:53 A.M.
As Navi and Behrooz start wrapping up the body, Debbie's mother
arrives at the Araz house. She can't find her daughter. The woman
hears Debbie's distinctive cell phone sound, and Behrooz tells
her that he has the same ring. Navi orders Dina to follow the
woman to make sure she doesn't go to the police.

11:57 A.M.
Curtis tells Jack that the hostages might be in the west end of
the building. Jack wants two teams to split up when searching for
Heller and Audrey, but Curtis says that the President turned down
that idea. Their only priority is to get Heller.

11:58 A.M.
Omar begins the broadcasted trial with Heller. "Our people will
finally be liberated from the tangle of corruption," he announces
on the video. Franklin informs the President that he has
a laser-guided missile programmed and targeted. If Keeler gives
the order, it will strike the location in ten minutes. The
President gives the OK, and asks that Driscoll be informed.

11:59 A.M.
Jack reaches the site, and Driscoll tells him about the
President's decision to strike the compound. Both Heller and
Audrey are at risk. Driscoll warns Jack to clear the area, but he
ignores her and makes his way to the warehouse.

Ticking clock.

12:00 P.M.
As the cameras roll, Omar begins Heller's trial. Jack takes down
the guards at the compound as he makes his way inside. Meanwhile,
Driscoll calls the President in hopes of aborting the missile
strike. President Keeler says that Jack has only seven minutes to
rescue Heller before the missiles hit.

12:02 P.M.
Jack captures a guard and makes him point out Heller's location
on a PDA map of the complex.

12:04 P.M.
Driscoll informs Jack that he has less than six minutes because
the missile strike has not been called off.

12:06 P.M.
Jack finds Audrey in a cell and gives her a knife. She urges him
to save her father first. Jack promises to come back for her.

12:07 P.M.
Jack goes to where the trial is being filmed and is able to
signal Heller. Just as the executioner is about to shoot him,
Heller topples his chair over and Jack shoots the men. Omar
escapes. Watching from the webcast, President Keeler calls off
the bombers.

12:08 P.M.
Jack unties Heller and hands him a gun. The two go looking for
Audrey, who is no longer in her cell.

12:09 P.M.
Jack and Heller make their way outside and hide behind a car,
which is splattered with machine gunfire from the guards. They
fire back but run out of ammo. Suddenly, a U.S. Marine Cobra
helicopter appears overhead. Marines rappel from the chopper and
surround the terrorists.

12:11 P.M.
Omar emerges from the building with Audrey at gunpoint. He
demands that Jack and Heller drop their weapons. They do, but
Omar insists on making them watch her die. Audrey stabs Omar in
the leg with the knife Jack gave her. Then Jack throws his knife
into Omar's shoulder. Omar falls back, releasing Audrey, and the
Marines shoot him. Audrey runs to her father's arms, but looks
lovingly at Jack from a distance.

12:12 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:17 P.M.
Heller thanks Jack for saving their lives. Jack wants them back
at CTU for debriefing. He looks in on Audrey, who mentions that
she recognized someone inside the compound. Jack says that she
can ID the man when they catalogue photos of the casualties.
Audrey's husband, Paul Raines, phones and tells Audrey that he is
in Los Angeles at CTU. Heller notices Audrey takes Jack's hand.

12:19 P.M.
Curtis has problems accessing the feed from the rescue site, but
Marianne has FBI password codes that will help them. Curtis
accuses her of sleeping with him to get ahead in her career. She
claims to still be attracted to him.

12:21 P.M.
Navi watches a news report about Heller's rescue, but he is not
bothered. Behrooz becomes angry that Debbie died in vain when the
plan has been botched. Navi explains that the trial was only the
first step.

12:22 P.M.
An associate named Tariq arrives at the house to help dispose of
Debbie's body. Navi sends Behrooz to assist Tariq.

12:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:27 P.M.
As another agent feeds video to CTU, Curtis collects a digital
gallery of all the bodies and gear found at the compound. Among
the debris is an empty briefcase. A logo with the letters "MF" is
on the lock. Curtis asks Sarah to do a corporate search for that

12:28 P.M.
Jack enters CTU with Audrey, who sees her husband Paul. Heller
pulls his daughter aside and inquires whether Paul knows about
Jack. Audrey is surprised that Heller is aware of her
relationship, but he says that he only figured it out today.
Heller tells her that Paul still thinks he has a second chance
with her.

12:30 P.M.
Curtis shows Driscoll the briefcase, which might have been cut
from the wrist of a passenger who was shot at close range during
the train wreck. The logo on the briefcase is of a defense
contractor, but the CEO of that company won't talk without
special clearance from the Defense Department. Driscoll asks
Heller to give them the clearance.

12:31 P.M.
Dina returns back home after tailing Debbie's mother. Navi tells
her that the aborted trial served its purpose. It's too late for
the feds to stop their plan now. Dina notices that Navi is still
troubled, but he won't tell her why. Navi says that Behrooz went
to bury Debbie with Tariq. Dina is enraged, knowing that Tariq
will kill her son. Navi explains that this is what Marwan wanted.
Navi thinks that living in America has changed Behrooz, and
perhaps Behrooz never even believed in their cause.

12:34 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:39 P.M.
Heller thanks Driscoll for her key decisions and he promises to
grant her recognition for a job well done. Driscoll eyes Jack, as
if expecting him to educate Heller on what really happened. Jack
says nothing.

12:40 P.M.
Heller learns that his son Richard was subjected to sensory
disorientation because CTU believes he was withholding
information on the kidnapping. He goes to see his son.

12:41 P.M.
Driscoll asks Jack to temporarily serve as head of field ops
until they can avert the crisis. She warns him that he will be
under her command. Jack agrees.

12:42 P.M.
Richard is happy that his father and sister are alive. Heller
questions whether Richard was holding something back from CTU in
order to save them. Richard refuses to reveal things about his
private life. Heller summons Curtis and authorizes him to do
whatever is necessary to get this information out of Richard.

12:44 P.M.
Tariq drives Behrooz to a spot in the Chatsworth Mountains. As
Tariq is removing Debbie's body from the trunk, Behrooz sees him
grab a pistol. He realizes that Tariq may be there to kill him.

12:45 P.M.
Paul comes to see Audrey, and he says that he wants to get back
together. She lets him know that she is in love with someone
else. Jack enters, and Audrey introduces him to Paul. Jack wants
Audrey to look at the photos of the terrorists. After Paul
leaves, Jack and Audrey kiss each other.

12:49 P.M.
Ticking clock.

12:54 P.M.
Audrey goes through photos of the slain terrorists, but the man
she recognized is not in the gallery. Then she remembers that she
saw the man at a dinner, and she thinks she can get his name from
someone at the organization. Jack arranges for her to get the
security camera footage from that dinner. From another room, Paul
sees Jack place his hand on Audrey's shoulder. He becomes

12:55 P.M.
As they dig a grave, Behrooz sees the gun inside Tariq's pants.
He knocks Tariq down with his shovel, demanding to know why
Marwan wants him killed even though he took care of Debbie. Tariq
says that it was Navi who ordered Behrooz's death. Fueled by
anger and despair, Behrooz hits Tariq with the shovel over and
over until he kills him. Behrooz drives off in Tariq's car.

12:57 P.M.
Jack and the CTU agents speak to someone from the defense
contractor. What was in the briefcase was a device to override
a nuclear power plant in the case of a disaster. This device
could also do the opposite -- create a meltdown. However, there
are safeguards on the reactors' firewalls that would have to be
hacked through to cause a meltdown. With the overwhelming amount
of net traffic during Heller's broadcasted trial, this could have
hidden the assault on any reactor's computer system. Jack alerts
Heller of this threat.

12:59 P.M.
Marianne, who has secretly listened in on the conversation about
the nuclear power plant threat, goes to an area away from the
main bullpen. She dials a man from a secure cell phone. Marianne
informs her contact that CTU has discovered the override.

Ticking clock.

1:00 P.M.
To save time, Jack wants to go to Felsted Security himself.
Felsted is the company that handled the dinner where Audrey first
spotted the man from the compound. Audrey insists that she go
with him to make the ID.

1:03 P.M.
Driscoll and her staff review their options with the breach on
the nuclear power stations. Curtis believes that the first
meltdown could go down within three hours.

1:04 P.M.
Heller does not like the idea of Audrey leaving CTU, and he holds
Jack responsible for her safety.

1:05 P.M.
Paul stops Audrey, and she begs him to talk later.

1:06 P.M.
Paul warns Jack that Audrey is still his wife.

1:07 P.M.
Marianne quizzes Sarah on Jack's whereabouts. She tells her that
Jack and Audrey went to Felsted Security. Marianne looks up the
location of Felsted on her computer.

Heller tells Paul that he knows about Audrey's relationship with
Jack. Heller says that Audrey is allowed to do whatever she wants
because she and Paul have been separated almost a year.

1:08 P.M.
Sarah catches Marianne in the back area. Marianne claims she is
rebooting a hub for Edgar. When Sarah leaves, Marianne secretly
phones her contact named Powell and gives him Jack's location. He
tells her to divert suspicion at CTU. She can't be identified as
the leak when Jack and Audrey are killed.

1:09 P.M.
Navi watches a news report about Heller's rescue. He tells Dina
that the Override has taken control of all the nuclear power
plants and that their plan is still on schedule. Navi says they
will mourn Behrooz when this is all over.

1:10 P.M.
Dina gets a phone call from Behrooz. He killed Tariq, and
explains that Navi ordered the hit on him. Dina says that she
will pick up Behrooz in a half hour at the train station. Dina
accuses Navi of having his own son killed and she slaps him. He
forcibly threatens her, saying that Behrooz will not get in the
way of what has to be done. Navi instructs her to pick up Behrooz
as she had planned.

1:12 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:17 P.M.
As they are driving, Audrey informs Jack that she is filing for
divorce from Paul.

1:18 P.M.
Edgar tells Sarah that he thinks he has found a way to shut down
some of the nuclear reactors which haven't been taken control by
the Override device. He asks her to stay off a specific hub.
Sarah was under the impression that he instructed Marianne to
reboot that hub, so she confronts Marianne about the lie.
Marianne apologizes, and claims that she was only covering up for
making a personal phone call.

1:19 P.M.
As Navi drives Dina to the train station, he gets a call from
Marwan. Navi tells Marwan that Tariq killed Behrooz. Dina says
that she will never forgive Navi for what he did.

1:20 P.M.
Edgar uncovers a piece of the code to take down the Dobson
Override device. He can prevent some of the plants from melting
down. Yet a mistake might set off a chain reaction.

1:21 P.M.
Curtis makes Edgar present the situation to Heller and Driscoll.
Edgar says he is able to accomplish the task without making
a mistake.

1:22 P.M.
Behrooz calls Dina. She says that she hasn't told Navi, and she
knows a safe place where they can hide.

1:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:28 P.M.
Navi pulls over and gives Dina the keys. He gets in another car
with a set of henchmen and says he will be there when she picks
up Behrooz.

1:29 P.M.
Driscoll stops into the clinic to see Maya, who is anxious. Maya
begs her to stay, but Driscoll can't.

1:31 P.M.
Heller learns that Richard did not reveal anything after the
sensory deprivation technique. Richard tells his father that he
hates him now. He is released.

1:32 P.M.
Paul calls Audrey and apologizes for acting badly. He asks her to
give him some time.

1:34 P.M.
Dina picks up Behrooz. She sees an oncoming train and urges her
son to get on it because Navi has followed them. Behrooz gets out
of the car, confused. Suddenly, shots fire and Dina is hit in the
arm. The windshield shatters. Behrooz climbs back into the car
and drives from the passenger side. Navi and his men follow, but
Behrooz eludes them in traffic.

1:35 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:40 P.M.
Navi goes to see Marwan with news that Dina and Behrooz have
betrayed them. He thinks Dina will need medical attention for the
gunshot, and he asks permission to monitor local hospitals and
the police. Marwan agrees hesitantly, but threatens that Navi
will answer for this no matter what happens today.

1:43 P.M.
As he arrives at Felsted Security, Jack gets a call from
Marianne. She instructs him to send the name of the suspect to
her system instead of Edgar's. Jack questions why Edgar didn't
tell him that in the first place.

Driscoll sees on Maya's charts that she was given Haldol, which
Maya is allergic to. The doctor attempts to revive Maya. Driscoll
is terrified. Sarah comes in to tell her that Heller is looking
for her. Driscoll dismisses her.

1:45 P.M.
Jack and Audrey scan the surveillance footage from the dinner
event. Audrey spots the man. Jack notices on Felsted's security
camera that their guard is not at his post. Jack radios for the
CTU agents that accompanied him. Then he sees their dead bodies
on the monitor. Suddenly, the door blasts open and two men come
in firing. Jack and Audrey get to the ground in time and Jack
shoots the two men. As the tech lies wounded, he tells Jack that
the main source for the footage is on Felsted's servers. Jack
copies this to flash memory sticks. As they see more men coming
toward them, Audrey suggests they call CTU. Jack knows that CTU
must have been compromised because no one else knew where they
were. He grabs the sticks, and he and Audrey make their way
through the building. Jack grabs a gun from one of the bodies and
gives it to Audrey for backup. Jack calls someone on his cell
phone, and Audrey asks who it is. "The only person I can trust
right now," Jack answers.

1:49 P.M.
Ticking clock.

1:53 P.M.
Heller briefs President Keeler on the situation. There are
seventeen reactors that are still at large. Heller asks Curtis to
get an update from Jack and Audrey.

1:54 P.M.
Heller compassionately asks Driscoll about her daughter.

1:55 P.M.
Jack and Audrey are cornered in the garage of the security
building. He takes out some of the thugs, but they both run out
of ammo.

1:57 P.M.
Suddenly, Tony Almeida appears and shoots the rest of the
henchmen. He helps Jack and Audrey escape the building.

Heller and Driscoll watch as Edgar goes through the code to break
the Override on the reactors. After he finishes, they wait to see
what happens. One by one, the reactors are turned off.

1:59 P.M.
Of the seventeen, six reactors are still immune to the kill
sequence. Their shutdown codes have been completely corrupted by
the Dobson device and the six will melt down. Heller demands that
someone contact Jack because he needs to find the terrorists. The
country is now facing a nuclear holocaust.

Ticking clock.

2:00 P.M.
Heller informs the President about the six reactors still at risk
for meltdown. President Keeler orders the evacuation of those

2:03 P.M.
From the car, Jack calls Heller's cell phone and warns him not to
let anyone know that he's on the phone. Jack says that someone at
CTU was responsible for the attack on the security company from
which he and Audrey escaped. Jack wants Heller to use one of
their DoD tricks to flush out the mole.

2:05 P.M.
Audrey is visibly upset about the second attempt on her life.
Tony explains to Jack that Michelle Dessler left him. He was
released from prison only because of Jack and President Palmer's

2:06 P.M.
President Keeler addresses the nation and calls for an evacuation
in the six cities. As they watch the President's broadcast,
Curtis whispers to Driscoll that there won't be enough time to
completely evacuate those cities. They must find the people who
are holding the Override device in order to save lives.

2:07 P.M.
Marwan wants to manage the Override himself to make sure
everything still goes as planned. Navi assures him that Dina and
Behrooz will be dead by the end of the day.

2:08 P.M.
Behrooz drives nervously. He implores his mother to get medical
attention even though Navi knows they will need to go to
a hospital. Dina wants him to drop her off and leave, but Behrooz
insists that they stay together.

2:09 P.M.
Marianne sneaks into the restroom and phones Powell. He tells her
that Jack and Audrey are still alive. Knowing that Jack has not
called into CTU, Marianne is sure that Jack is aware of the
security breach. Powell orders her to stay at CTU regardless of
her getting caught. Sarah enters, and directs Marianne to get
back to work.

2:10 P.M.
Heller's assistant, Scott Borman, arrives at CTU. Heller wants
him to tell Driscoll that Jack went to watch the surveillance
video at an old CTU substation in Torrance. Borman puts out
a Defense Department Comsat envelope on CTU so that he can track
who transmits any communication about that planted information.

2:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:16 P.M.
Tony brings Jack and Audrey to his house. He explains to his
"friend" Jen that she cannot leave until Jack is safely gone.
They access the memory sticks from Felsted on Tony's computer.
Jack explains to Audrey that Michelle left Tony after he got out
of prison. Tony had refused to find another job and started
drinking. Michelle now serves as Deputy Director at Division.

2:20 P.M.
Heller knows that Driscoll won't be happy when she finds out that
she was lied to about the mole situation in CTU. However, it's
the only way to stop the leak.

Borman informs the CTU staff that Jack wants his whereabouts at
the CTU substation to be kept secret. After hearing this,
Marianne goes back to her desk and says the phrase "Old CTU
substation in Torrance" into a digital voice recorder. She plugs
the device into her system and types some commands on the

2:21 P.M.
Jack sends the video with the man identified by Audrey to his
office at the Department of Defense in Washington.

2:22 P.M.
After Borman finds the person who gave out the faked info, Heller
reveals the plan to Driscoll.

2:24 P.M.
Heller and Driscoll walk down to the suspect, flanked by guards.
They pass Marianne and go right to Sarah. Sarah is placed under
arrest for passing classified information. She pleads that
they've made a mistake.

2:25 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:29 P.M.
Borman orders Edgar and Marianne to send him all of Sarah's
files. Edgar doesn't believe that Sarah would compromise Jack or
the investigation. He pulls up the message that Sarah supposedly
sent, which was left on her system waiting to be found. Even the
encryption is poorly done. Marianne sniffs that Sarah isn't the
brightest person.

2:30 P.M.
In the holding room, Driscoll tries to interrogate Sarah, but she
insists that she was set up. Torture specialist Eric Richards
comes in with his tools. He tasers Sarah, but she sticks to her

2:33 P.M.
Driscoll tells Heller that she can only break Sarah if she's
guilty. Driscoll doesn't believe that Sarah fits the profile.

2:34 P.M.
Heller informs Jack that they removed the mole. Jack says he will
let DoD know that the CTU channels are now clear. Jack asks
Heller to send the Secret Service to pick up Audrey.

2:35 P.M.
Jack asks Tony why he never called him for help when he was down
on his luck. Tony says that what he did for Jack today is
a repayment of the debt he owed for getting him out of prison.
Tony doesn't want to be reminded of his past and doesn't want to
get involved in the case any further.

2:36 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:41 P.M.
Dina is treated at a hospital. Although the doctor thinks it is
a gunshot wound, Dina is adamant that she was injured by a nail.
Behrooz sees the doctor say something to a nurse, but neither
makes a phone call to the authorities. They believe they are
safe. Dina tells her son that she can arrange for them to leave
the country if they can just get out of Los Angeles.

2:43 P.M.
Marcy at DoD calls Jack with an identification on the man from
the surveillance video. His name is Henry Powell and he is
a computer consultant for same the company that created the
Override device. Powell is currently attempting to leave Los
Angeles, and he got a special dispensation to clear grounded air
traffic. Jack asks Marcy to prevent Powell's helicopter from
taking off. The Secret Service arrives to take Audrey back to
CTU. They give Jack a car to go to the helipad.

2:44 P.M.
Jack calls Driscoll and asks her not to tip off Powell by sending
backup. He wants to handle this by himself. Tony offers to help

2:45 P.M.
Edgar asks Curtis about Sarah. He goes back to his desk, eyeing
Marianne warily.

2:46 P.M.
As the doctor tends to Dina's wound, Behrooz notices a hospital
security guard talking to a nurse. He sees a police car outside.
Behrooz pushes the doctor aside, and helps his mother out of the
ward. He grabs medical supplies on his way out. They quickly get
in their car and speed away. The police are too late to stop

2:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

2:52 P.M.
Edgar tells Marianne that he finally has bumped up her security
clearance. He gives her a screen for her to enter her new
password. As she types, the password appears on Edgar's system
and he is able to access her files. Marianne becomes suspicious
when Edgar keeps looking over at her. She confronts him,
threatening to get him fired for protecting Chloe.

2:55 P.M.
Marianne watches as Edgar accompanies Curtis to Driscoll's
office. Edgar tells them that he intercepted Marianne's computer
and saw her using Sarah's system to communicate outside of CTU.

2:56 P.M.
Curtis chases after Marianne as she leaves the building. In the
parking lot, he places her under arrest and orders another agent
to impound her car. As the agent puts the key in the door,
Marianne's car explodes in a fireball. Marianne is knocked
unconscious on the ground.

2:57 P.M.
Powell reaches his helicopter, but the pilot tells him they've
been grounded by the Defense Department. Powell pulls out a gun
and forces the pilot to take him up.

2:58 P.M.
Jack and Tony arrive at the helipad as the rotors fire up. They
surround the chopper with guns raised. Jack apprehends Powell,
who offers to pay Jack and Tony to let him go. Suddenly, a shot
rings out and Powell is hit in the chest by a sniper hiding on
a nearby rooftop. Jack's only lead to the terrorists is now dead.

2:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:00 P.M.
Driscoll and Curtis argue about how to explain why Marianne
breached CTU. To protect themselves Curtis suggests they omit
certain details about his past relationship with her. In return,
he will avoid telling Division that he warned Driscoll about
hiring Marianne.

3:03 P.M.
President Keeler grills Heller about Marianne, who is still
unconscious from the threat on her life. Heller says that they
have already started evacuating the area near the San Gabriel
Island reactor because it is expected to meltdown within the

3:04 P.M.
Jack lets Driscoll know that Powell had made numerous calls to
Marianne from his cell. He gives her a second number to trace,
and Edgar conducts the search. It is a mobile account and it
needs to ring four times to trace.

3:05 P.M.
Navi goes to the home of a woman named Farrah looking for his
wife. He barges in, thinking she is hiding Dina. Farrah's lover
emerges from the bedroom, and she begs Navi not to tell her

3:07 P.M.
As she hides out in a hotel room, Dina's cell phone rings. She
won't let Behrooz answer it, fearing that Navi is calling.
Meanwhile, at CTU, Edgar traces the phone number from Powell's
cell to a hotel in Chatsworth. Driscoll orders him to send the
location to Jack's PDA.

3:08 P.M.
Jack gets the address, and he grabs Tony to leave. Tony assumes
he is through because the CTU backup is already there.
"I appreciate the sentiment, Jack, but you don't have to prop up
my ego," Tony says. Faced with stopping a nuclear disaster, Jack
tells Tony to get in the car.

3:09 P.M.
Dina is feverish and holds a bloody towel to her gunshot wound.
Behrooz apologizes for causing this, and says he will go to the
hospital where Dina's brother Naseem works. Naseem doesn't know
what the family was plotting to do.

3:11 P.M.
Driscoll informs Heller that the San Gabriel reactor has already
started to melt down. An engineer from the plant calls. His face
is covered with radiation burns from the exposure. He explains
that the radiation will soon spill into the atmosphere. It's too
late for the people who have been exposed.

3:12 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:17 P.M.
Television news reports about the reactor's meltdown. Edgar calls
his mother, who lives near the plant. She is housebound and
attached to an oxygen tank. He says he will send someone to pick
her up.

3:18 P.M.
Audrey offers to help out since CTU is low on manpower. She will
coordinate the State Police and National Guard.

3:19 P.M.
Jack and Tony pull up to the hotel, where other agents are
waiting. CTU Agent Castle notes that Tony is not authorized to be
in the field. "I'm going through that door first," Jack says.
"I want him to back me up." Their suspects are a woman and
a teenage boy, both of Middle Eastern descent.

3:20 P.M.
Jack and the agents raid the room, as Dina draws a gun to her own
temple. Jack grabs it before she can kill herself. Castle holds
Dina down, pressing on her wound. Tony pulls him off. Castle is
angry about Tony giving him orders, and Jack assures him that
Tony did the right thing.

3:22 P.M.
Jack sends Dina's fingerprints to Driscoll. Tony notices that her
wound is a recent gunshot.

3:23 P.M.
Behrooz goes to Lindauer Memorial Hospital to see his Uncle
Naseem. He says that Dina needs pain medication to treat her
back. Naseem goes into an office and dials Navi. He tells his
brother-in-law that Behrooz came looking for medicine and is
acting strange. Navi says that his son may be using drugs, and he
asks Naseem to keep him there until he can come get him.

3:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:29 P.M.
Edgar asks Audrey for help getting his mother out. She promises
to try to get the National Guard to pick her up.

3:30 P.M.
Tony has a medic give Dina pain medicine. Jack pulls up Dina and
Navi's records on a laptop. They have no criminal records and are
not on any terrorist watch lists.

3:31 P.M.
Driscoll plays for Jack a traced cell phone conversation between
Dina and Behrooz about his father wanting him dead. Jack hears
Behrooz plea to his mother for help. Jack knows that this is his
leverage to get Dina to talk.

3:33 P.M.
When Dina is resistant to interrogation, Jack says that he is
aware that she protected Behrooz from his father. Dina is
surprised and unnerved that he knows this. Jack says that Behrooz
will be killed by his father. If she helps them find the Override
device, Jack promises to get Behrooz a pardon from the President
so that he won't have to go to prison. However, the offers
expires the second another reactor melts down. Dina says she will
help them once she sees this document.

3:36 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:40 P.M.
Jack tries to convince President Keeler to grant clemency to
a terrorist because they are running out of time. Keeler
reluctantly agrees. He hangs up with Jack and tells his aide to
make sure the document is non-binding.

3:41 P.M.
Audrey lets Edgar know that she was unsuccessful in helping his
mother. He is furious.

3:42 P.M.
Edgar uses connections to get through to his mother's phone, and
he tells her that he could not arrange someone to pick her up.
She wants to commit suicide so that she doesn't have to endure
the radiation poisoning. She tells Edgar that she loves him and
hangs up.

3:44 P.M.
Edgar gets up to leave CTU. Driscoll stops him, convincing Edgar
that his mother would want him to save thousands of other lives.

3:45 P.M.
Jack brings Dina a faxed pardon from the President. She says that
Behrooz is at Lindauer Memorial Hospital, and Jack has her call
her son. Dina tells Behrooz that she is with government agents
and that she made a deal to save him from being arrested. Behrooz
is suspicious, but Dina says she will go with the agents to pick
him up in order to prove that this is true.

3:47 P.M.
Behrooz tells his uncle that he has to leave. Naseem says that he
called Navi, who wanted him to stay there. Behrooz tells Naseem
that the whole family was behind the terrorist plot. Naseem
doesn't believe him. When he hears that his father is coming,
Behrooz runs out.

3:49 P.M.
As he is fleeing the hospital, Behrooz runs right into Navi.
Naseem comes up behind Behrooz, but Navi shoots Naseem dead. Navi
grabs his son and drags him into the stairwell. "You broke my
heart," Navi sighs as he presses a gun to his son's forehead.
Behrooz says that Dina will tell the police everything if he is
killed. He urges Navi to look outside to see the police who are
coming to pick him up.

3:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

3:55 P.M.
Jack and Tony pull up to the hospital and see officers running
into the entrance. Jack goes in and hears from a guard that there
was a shooting. A Middle Eastern man fled with a teenage hostage.
Jack calls Tony and tells him to meet him in the parking garage
because they are now chasing Navi. Dina is worried.

3:56 P.M.

Navi takes Behrooz into the parking garage. Behrooz tells his
father that he's always hated him. Navi throws him into a car and

3:57 P.M.
Tony pulls into the garage as Jack comes down the stairwell into
the same lot. Jack sees Navi driving toward him and he fires at
the car's tires. Navi smashes into Jack, who crashes onto the
windshield. Jack rolls off and keeps firing at the car, popping
one of its tires.

3:58 P.M.
Navi gets out of the car with Behrooz at gunpoint. Jack doesn't
want to shoot Behrooz and he can't get Navi to give up the boy.
Tony arrives, and Dina sees her son. Behrooz yells for her, but
Navi takes him into a door. Jack has CTU find out what's in the
basement where Navi is headed.

3:59 P.M.
Jack gets the schematics for the basement. Dina says that all the
reactors will go off within two hours and that Navi will kill
Behrooz anyway. She was only helping them to save her son, but
she is happy that the reactors will melt down.

Ticking clock.

4:00 P.M.
Jack briefs Heller, Driscoll and Audrey over the phone on the
situation. He asks for a thermal SAT to scan the underground part
of the building for two bodies.

4:03 P.M.
Navi drags Behrooz through the tunnels to a hospital laundry
room. He calls Marwan to tell him that Dina has been captured by
government agents who are surrounding him. He thinks she won't
tell them anything as long as he has Behrooz hostage. Marwan says
he needs an hour or two to melt down the remaining plants because
CTU is blocking him from doing them all at once.

4:05 P.M.
Driscoll tells Jack that two thermo readings have popped up in
the laundry room of the hospital. There's a chute that leads to
that room from the third floor. Jack requests a rappelling

4:06 P.M.
Upset over his mother's death, Edgar becomes lax in his work but
Driscoll says that she is depending on him. Edgar thinks his
programmers can slow down the Override but they cannot stop it

4:07 P.M.
Curtis wheels the dead body of Powell into the interrogation room
where Marianne is being held. He tells her that the same people
want her dead. Marianne agrees to talk, but she doesn't know any
facts about Powell or the terrorists. She does know that Powell
kept the names of his contacts on his office computer. However,
her thumbprint is the only thing can access it.

4:09 P.M.
Jack tells Dina that Behrooz is still alive. They need her to
call Navi to distract him.

4:10 P.M.
Jack rappels upside down into the laundry chute, trying not to
make any noise. When he's halfway down, he radios Tony to have
Dina make the call. She tells Navi that she will keep her mouth
shut until he releases Behrooz.

4:11 P.M.
Jack lands in the laundry room from the chute. As the rappelling
rig is retracted up into the chute, it clangs on the metal duct.
Navi hears this and goes out to investigate. Jack knocks the gun
from Navi's hand, but Navi fights back. Jack is forced to head
butt him to get him off.

4:13 P.M.
As Jack takes Navi hostage, Navi is hit by a bullet in the back.
Behrooz fired Navi's gun. Tony barges into the room and orders
Behrooz to drop the weapon.

4:14 P.M.
Dina is brought in and she sees her son is alive. Jack demands
that she tell him where the Override is, but she doesn't know.
She gives him an address in the Valley where she last saw the men
who took possession of the Override device. Jack orders an
advance team to the site, and he has the agents bring Dina and
Behrooz with them until they can confirm the story.

4:15 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:19 P.M.
Curtis briefs the team about Marianne's claims. Although Driscoll
wants Curtis to remain at CTU, Heller and Audrey feel that he
should accompany Marianne to the computer site.

4:20 P.M.
Driscoll goes to see Sarah, who is recovering in the clinic.
Although Driscoll believed she was innocent, she was forced to
act upon the evidence from Heller. Sarah wants to go back to

4:22 P.M.
Curtis places a tracking chip on Marianne's ankle.

Heller sends Audrey out to assist the local Defense Department
office, which is overwhelmed.

4:23 P.M.
Sarah returns to her workstation and Edgar brings her up to speed
on the Marianne situation.

4:24 P.M.
Jack and Tony arrive at the address that Dina provided, meeting
up with the CTU backup team. They raid the house which is empty.

4:25 P.M.
Jack finds a hidden basement that contains schematics of the
nuclear power plants, passenger manifests from the train that was
bombed and surveillance photos of Heller and Audrey. Jack is in
the background of one of these photos.

4:27 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:31 P.M.
Sarah learns that the owner of the building where Jack found the
hidden basement is owned by a company called Galaxy Financial.

4:32 P.M.
Sarah calls Jack to tell him that the CFO of Galaxy is Paul
Raines -- Audrey's husband. Sarah patches Jack through to Audrey,
who doesn't believe that Paul had any part in her kidnapping.
Jack wants Audrey to get Paul on his cell, but she can't give
away what has been discovered.

4:35 P.M.
Audrey calls Paul, who is about to check out of his hotel. Audrey
lies about rethinking their divorce and she asks him if she can
come over. He gives her his room number.

4:36 P.M.
Jack orders a full forensic search of the building. He asks Tony
to take Dina and Behrooz back to CTU, but Tony isn't sure he
wants to return to where he was fired. Jack says that he has seen
Tony come back to life while working on this case, and his
assistance could help him get reinstated. Tony is moved, and
accepts the offer.

4:37 P.M.
Audrey calls Jack and says that she must go meet Paul at his
hotel. Jack insists that he meet her there.

4:38 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:42 P.M.
Driscoll agrees with Heller approving Tony's reinstatement.
Driscoll lets him know about Paul Raines' connection to the
terrorists. Heller is furious when he finds out that Audrey is
going alone to meet Paul at his hotel.

4:44 P.M.
En route to Powell's office, Curtis is briefed by CTU on Paul. He
asks Marianne if she is knows anything about Paul, but she claims

4:45 P.M.
As she arrives at the hotel, Audrey gets an angry call from her
father. Audrey doesn't believe that Paul would try to hurt her
because he is under the impression there is a chance to get back
together. She hangs up on Heller.

4:46 P.M.
Tony enters CTU with Dina and Behrooz. Driscoll gives Tony
a badge and welcomes him back. She agrees to let Tony head up the
interrogation. Driscoll walks away from Tony and asks Sarah to
keep an eye on him in case he goes off protocol along with Jack.
Sarah accuses Driscoll of only being nice to her to keep her as
an ally. She believes Driscoll feels forced out of power by Jack
and Tony. Sarah demands a promotion and her arrest expunged in
return for her help. Driscoll agrees.

4:48 P.M.
Audrey arrives at Paul's room. He pours champagne and inquires
about her change of heart. "I'd hate to think you were playing
some kind of game with me," he says.

4:49 P.M.
Ticking clock.

4:54 P.M.
As he speeds to the hotel, Jack calls Driscoll. He requests that
backup move in quickly to protect Audrey from Paul.

Marianne and Curtis arrive at Powell's office with their backup.
Curtis is suspicious, and the agents sweep the room.

4:55 P.M.
Marianne enters her thumbprint into the computer and she becomes
alarmed when it asks for a second password. Suddenly, three armed
men enter the room after killing the other agents. Marianne
pleads that the files are still secure. They shoot her anyway,
and remove Curtis's gun. An American man named Forbes questions
Curtis on how far along CTU is with the investigation. Curtis
doesn't answer, and the men knock him unconscious.

4:57 P.M.
As Audrey stalls for time, Paul grows suspicious and becomes
violent. Jack barges in with his gun at the ready. "You set me
up!" Paul yells to Audrey. Jack says that he wants answers. When
Paul refuses, Jack punches him.

4:59 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:00 P.M.
With his name on many leases among numerous corporations, Paul
tells Jack that he is not affiliated with the terrorists. Jack
isn't sure of the truth, and he cuts the electrical cord from
a lamp to shock Paul. Audrey is horrified. Paul finally says that
he doesn't know the address that Jack is referring to but that
his records are on his laptop.

5:06 P.M.
Marwan arrives at the Rockland Building where Powell's office is
located. One of his compatriots named Ali sends Marwan to his
desk at IDS Systems. Ali has been working there and his
co-workers are unsuspecting.

5:08 P.M.
In an abandoned floor of the building, Curtis is unconscious
after being tortured. Ali instructs his henchmen to kill Curtis.
The men unchain Curtis's limp body and carry him. Curtis was only
faking, and kills them with his bare hands. He takes their guns
and walks out into the building. The doors are all locked by
security codes.

5:09 P.M.
Paul uncovers his computer files on Galaxy Financial Services,
which was taken over by someone named Harris Barnes. Paul
doesn't remember who the man is because his attorneys handled the

5:10 P.M.
Jack has Sarah look up Barnes' identity, and she finds that the
name is an alias. It was most recently used by someone named
Habib Marwan. Marianne had given CTU the same name. Sarah gives
Jack the address of the Rockland Building where Curtis took

5:12 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:17 P.M.
Sarah reports to Driscoll that she hasn't been able to reach
Curtis or his team. Tony interrogates Dina and, after threatening
to hurt Behrooz, she gives up a few names. He asks her about
Marwan. Dina says he is an engineer but that she doesn't know who
he is.

5:19 P.M.
Sarah rings Curtis again. At the office building, Ali sees
Curtis' cell phone ring but doesn't answer it. One of the
henchmen finds his gunmen dead, and he calls Ali. They know that
Curtis is still on the floor because the doors are armed. Ali
notifies Marwan, who instructs him to disconnect all hard lines
so that Curtis cannot call CTU. Curtis watches as Ali pulls the
phone lines from the wall.

5:20 P.M.
Driscoll is summoned to the clinic, where Maya is fighting with
the doctor. Driscoll tries to calm her daughter down, but Maya is
angry that Driscoll put her work first.

5:22 P.M.
Sarah lets Jack know about Curtis, and Jack is sure he must be in
trouble. Yet they don't even know if Marwan is at the building.
Audrey wonders why Paul was used as a link to her and Heller when
he didn't even know they were in Los Angeles. Paul apologizes to
Audrey, devastated by what he may have done. Audrey touches
Paul's shoulder tenderly. Jack notices the moment between them.

5:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:28 P.M.
Tony finds that all the names Dina supplied are mid-level cell
members who have a connection to Marwan. Driscoll gives him
permission to go further with the interrogation.

5:29 P.M.
Dina doesn't budge when Tony has all audio and video disconnected
from the interrogation room. He physically pushes Dina into the
outer room to witness him order all the techies out. Tony
threatens to put Behrooz in jail because the President's pardon
is non-binding. He convinces her that prison is so awful that
Behrooz will want to commit suicide there. Dina relents, and says
that Marwan is the man her cell reported to in the United States.
She has no idea about other cells. Dina says that Marwan has the
Override device and is at the Rockland Building.

5:33 P.M.
Tony tells Driscoll what Dina confirmed. He calls Jack with this
information and says they have about twenty minutes until the
next meltdown.

Marwan comes down to the floor where Ali is because he is worried
about Curtis's disappearance.

5:34 P.M.
Curtis comes upon one of the henchmen and takes his gun and
phone. He gets the man to reveal that Marwan has the Override
upstairs. Curtis calls Sarah with the phone and tells her that
Marianne is dead. She says that Jack is on his way there.

5:36 P.M.
Jack arrives at the Rockland Building, and he has Audrey and Paul
wait with a security detail. Curtis calls Jack and tells him that
he has an access card. Curtis instructs him to take the main
elevator. Jack preps to go in. "I'll be right back," he tells
Audrey reassuringly.

5:37 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:41 P.M.
Driscoll briefs Heller on the raid, and they call the President.
Driscoll says that once they find the Override, they will need to
manually re-program the reactors. Driscoll is interrupted by
a call from the doctor in the clinic. The doctor wants to move
the unstable Maya to a private hospital.

5:43 P.M.
Driscoll arrives at the clinic to find Maya out of control.
Driscoll tries being firm with her, but Maya insists that she
just wants to go home. Driscoll says she needs to finish her work

5:45 P.M.
Jack and a team of agents ride the elevator up and meet Curtis.
Jack doesn't want backup to tip them off. Curtis informs them
that a company called IDS is on the floor where Marwan is. Jack
surmises that the cell infiltrated a sleeper inside the company
and is using their servers to download the virus to the power
plants. Jack and Curtis go up the stairs to IDS and find a sea of
cubicles and workers. They have no idea which one is Marwan.

5:47 P.M.
Ticking clock.

5:52 P.M.
Jack and Curtis attempt to blend in on the busy floor as they
search for Marwan. Jack sees a likely suspect and motions to
Curtis. They move in, but the guy is merely playing solitaire on
his computer.

5:54 P.M.
Ali sees the CTU agents on his floor and he rushes out. He
quickly calls Marwan and tells him that they've been discovered.
The agents run after Ali and fire. Marwan hears the gunshots over
the phone. Marwan grabs his gun, and looks around suspiciously.
Jack notices this, and he approaches Marwan's desk. Marwan sees
him and fires his gun in the air. The office workers scream and
flee. Marwan runs out and Curtis grabs the Override device. Jack
takes off after Marwan.

5:56 P.M.
Curtis calls Edgar, who tries to give him commands to alter the
device. Edgar does what he can on his end. A staff member
interrupts Driscoll with an urgent message from the clinic, but
she tells them to wait. The reactors finally respond and begin to
retreat on meltdowns. Heller and the CTU staff cheer for Edgar.

5:58 P.M.
Driscoll excuses herself and hurries to the clinic. She finds
Maya dead on the ground. Blood seeps from Maya's wrists and
a broken piece of mirror is in her hands.

5:59 P.M.
Jack pursues Marwan throughout the hallways, and he radios to
Agent Castle. Jack finds a CTU agent's body on the ground. The
man's uniform has been removed. Jack radios to the team that
Marwan is impersonating a CTU officer. Solarz turns to the agent
behind him, but it is Marwan wearing the helmet and vest. Marwan
shoots Solarz.

Ticking clock.

6:00 P.M.
Edgar gives Curtis information on Marwan. He works for
McLennan-Forster -- the company who built the Override device.

6:02 P.M.
Jack decides that he will go check out the McLennan-Forster
headquarters, and he instructs Curtis to take Audrey and Paul
back to CTU. Paul offers to go with Jack because his company sold
the IT system to McLennan-Forster. He knows programming backdoors
into the military files. Jack takes Paul, and sends Audrey with

6:04 P.M.
Driscoll says goodbye to her daughter's body.

6:05 P.M.
Sarah learns about Maya's suicide and tells Heller. Driscoll
refuses to relinquish her command even though Heller encourages
her to go home.

6:06 P.M.
The President calls and congratulates Heller and Driscoll. They
are not sure whether Marwan has other plans besides the nuclear
plant meltdowns.

6:08 P.M.
Marwan sheds the CTU gear and escapes onto a city bus.

In the staff briefing, Edgar pulls up the McLennan-Forster
employment file for Marwan. They theorize that Marwan entered
America with the intent of performing a radical act against the
country. He may have even used the company to recruit sleeper
cells. Driscoll is distracted and walks out of the meeting. Edgar
argues with Tony and Sarah about cutting Driscoll some slack.
Sarah wants to report this to Heller, but Tony disagrees.

6:10 P.M.
When Audrey arrives at CTU, she gets a call from Jack. He
suggests that she get some rest, but Audrey wants to help her
father. She asks Jack to take care of Paul.

6:11 P.M.
As they drive, Paul tells Jack that he doesn't resent him but
that he will fight for Audrey.

6:12 P.M.
Clock ticks

6:16 P.M.
Tony and Heller discuss the theory that Marwan will launch
another attack with his various cells. Suddenly, Driscoll faints.
A medic takes her to get some food. When she leaves, Heller tells
Tony that Driscoll will need to be relieved of her duty. Tony
offers to fill in because he knows the job. Heller grants him the
position of Interim Director of CTU Los Angeles, but he still
wants District to send a permanent replacement.

6:19 P.M.
Sarah and Curtis learn that Marwan had full security access at
McLennan-Forster. The company also trains clients to use the
weapons they manufacture. Curtis thinks McLennan-Forster will be
reluctant to give out information because this leak will make
them look bad.

6:20 P.M.
McLennan-Forster CEO Gene McLennan is briefed by another
executive, John Reiss, on the terrorist acts Marwan did under his
employment there. McLennan is shocked. The only other person
inside the company who knows about this is the head of security,
Dave Conlon.

6:21 P.M.
Conlon greets Jack and Paul as they arrive at the company
headquarters. Jack demands to meet with McLennan, but Conlon
resists. Jack becomes suspicious.

6:22 P.M.
Reiss convinces McLennan that their company will be brought down
if CTU finds out the facts about Marwan. McLennan is hesitant to
go along with the plan to suppress information, but Reiss says
that they might all face prison if the truth comes out. He
promises that he and Conlon will take care of it.

6:23 P.M.
Conlon takes Jack and Paul into McLennan's office, and the
executives agree to take their servers offline so that CTU can
check out Marwan's files.

6:24 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:29 P.M.
Heller comforts Driscoll, and she agrees to go home. Audrey comes
in to tell her father that she's back.

6:31 P.M.
Curtis expresses dismay to Heller that Tony was named Director of
CTU. Curtis felt he should have been given the job.

6:32 P.M.
Reiss leads Jack and Paul to Marwan's office, as Conlon and
McLennan watch them from a surveillance monitor. Paul notices
that a lot of files were purged from the computer, and Jack
suspects someone deleted them before they got there. Conlon can
view Marwan's computer screen from his office and he clears the
incriminating documents before Paul is able to find them on the
system. McLennan is nervous. Conlon says that he may be forced to
set off an EMP to bomb their own system, even if it cripples the
company electronically.

6:34 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:38 P.M.
Driscoll hands over her files and passcodes to Tony. She leaves

6:40 P.M.
Tony addresses the staff and asks for updates from the
investigation. He tells Edgar that Driscoll suggested he be
relied upon.

6:41 P.M.
Curtis asks Edgar to switch his focus to finding Marwan on
satellite rather than searching for information at
McLennan-Forster. Tony intercedes, ordering Edgar to stay on his
initial task. Curtis defends his position, but Tony pulls rank.
He assures Curtis that he only wants to catch Marwan and that he
will be leaving by the end of the day.

6:43 P.M.
Marwan waits in a dark alley as a car pulls up. A man named Yosik
tells him that their people at the air force base are on

6:44 P.M.
Paul uses backdoors built by the software designers to rebuild
the deleted files from the empty directories. Conlon is stumped
by this. McLennan frets that they will discover evidence proving
that his company sold arms to terrorists. They are left with no
choice but to use the pulse bomb. Reiss believes that CTU will
suspect that Marwan was behind it. He calls a technician and
orders the EMP activated. It will take ten minutes to charge up.

6:46 P.M.
Ticking clock.

6:51 P.M.
Sarah notices that their phone taps at McLennan-Forster are not
working because of an increase in amplitude. Edgar tries to call
Jack's cell, but the recording says he is out of range. All of
the cell and land lines around the company are out, but the
computers have not been affected yet.

6:52 P.M.
Tony types a message to Jack over the system, but when Jack tries
to call CTU he finds that his phones are all down. Paul opens
a socket for Jack to respond to the message, and Tony tells him
that frequencies are out all over the area. Paul recovers an
encrypted file and he prints it out.

6:53 P.M.
Conlon sees that Paul found something incriminating, but he
can't make out what it is. He runs to Marwan's office.

6:54 P.M.
Jack discovers that McLennan-Forster was developing an EMP as
a non-lethal weapon for the military. It has just been set off,
and anything with electrical components in the area will be
fried. Jack sends word to Tony, who orders helicopters in the
area to be landed because their electrical systems will be wiped

6:55 P.M.
Tony tells Jack that the EMP originated inside McLennan-Forster
in room 12. Jack runs out to find it, ordering Paul to meet him
outside with the hard copy once it finishes printing. Conlon
radios his guards to stop Jack. Conlon arrives in the office and
tells Paul that he noticed he was printing something because they
were searching the system as well. Paul sends him to the printer,
which is empty. Paul runs with the printouts, and Conlon pulls
out his gun and chases after him.

6:56 P.M.
Paul hides in a dark office, and Conlon doesn't see him. Jack
comes upon the room where the EMP is and knocks out the three
guards keeping watch. Jack takes one of their passcards and
enters the EMP room. He sees that someone has opened the safety
chamber housing the EMP bomb. Jack types in some commands and a
heavy metal door starts to move slowly towards the chamber. It
will not close in time. Jack covers behind the shielding door,
screaming, as the EMP bomb goes off.

6:57 P.M.
Paul hides out by a window, where only the moonlight from outside
illuminates him. He notices the lights from the city skyline
begin to black out.

6:58 P.M.
Jack grabs a flashlight from one of the guards and tries to find
his way out of the building. Meanwhile, Paul makes it to the
front entrance but is stopped by an armed Conlon who demands the

6:59 P.M.
Edgar gets word that one of CTU's choppers just crashed. Tony
goes to Heller with an update on the EMP bomb. They are
interrupted by a call notifying them that Driscoll's replacement
from District just arrived. Tony is shocked to see Michelle
Dessler walk into CTU. Heller asks if Tony knows her. "I used to
be married to her," Tony says.

Ticking clock.

7:00 P.M.
Curtis tells Audrey that the EMP cut off all connection to Jack
and Paul. Although an EMP bomb only affects electrical systems,
no one knows if they are safe.

7:03 P.M.
Conlon's guards beat up Paul, who refuses to divulge any
information. After Conlon leaves, Jack kills the guards. They
find the printouts that Paul hid in another office. Jack takes
it and helps Paul escape.

7:06 P.M.
Heller introduces Michelle to the CTU staff as the new director.
Tony briefs her on what they have found so far about Marwan and
McLennan-Forster. Michelle says that the only priority is to find
whatever information Jack uncovered.

7:07 P.M.
Michelle assigns Tony to run a cross check of names, and Tony
cannot hide his anger that his abilities are not being put to
better use. She blames it on his being an alcoholic the last time
she saw him. She says he can resign if he doesn't want to follow
her orders. He doesn't, and Michelle bestows him with a low-level
security clearance.

7:08 P.M.
Audrey notices this exchange and she warns Michelle that
Secretary Heller doesn't like personal problems affecting the
job. Michelle becomes defensive.

7:09 P.M.
Curtis and Edgar watch a news report of looting and gunfire in
the area near McLennan-Forster. They suspect that the company
must have set off the EMP because they were incriminated in
whatever Jack uncovered.

7:10 P.M.
Marwan enters his restaurant hideout and calls a man named Mitch
Anderson. Anderson assures Marwan that he is ready and that it
will take him less than thirty minutes to get where he is going.
Marwan confirms that he will inform the others. Anderson pulls
out an Air Force uniform from his closet.

7:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:15 P.M.
On her monitor, Sarah spots a helicopter heading to
McLennan-Forster that won't respond to any of CTU's requests. It
is not a police or rescue chopper. Tony knows that this means it
is a search and destroy mission composed of at least 20 armed
men. He suspects that McLennan-Forster sent it to go after Jack
and Paul. The company has been training mercenaries for years.
Michelle throws a look at Tony for interceding in her authority.

7:16 P.M.
Outside the building, Jack and Paul try to avoid the beam of the
chopper as it lands. Conlon comes out with photos of Jack and
Paul. He instructs the mercenaries to have the men "erased" even
though one of the targets is a federal agent. Conlon says that
Jack went bad and started helping the terrorists. They spot two
bodies on infrared, and they go after them.

7:17 P.M.
Jack carries Paul through the darkened streets to a sporting
goods store in search of weapons. As they approach, a gunshot
fires through the front door and a voice warns them to stay back.
Jack identifies himself as an agent. Two Arab American brothers
are huddled inside. They have just had their store looted.

7:19 P.M.
Jack takes their supply of rifles and explains that he's trying
to fight back against the people who set off the EMP bomb. These
people were also responsible for the terrorist attacks. Jack
urges the brothers to flee. Jack plans to engage the
McLennan-Forster army with firepower to force them to use their
radios. This will signal CTU. The brothers decide that they want
to stay in their store to help Jack because they have been
fighting the stereotype of terrorists their whole lives.

7:22 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:26 P.M.
Audrey admits to her father that she was shocked to see Jack
torture Paul because he seemed like a different person than the
man she fell in love with. She says she's not sure if she still
feels the same way about him anymore.

7:28 P.M.
Sarah lets Michelle know that Driscoll had promised her a raise
after being falsely accused. When Michelle dismisses her, Sarah
threatens to go over her head to Heller. Michelle can't afford to
have someone she doesn't trust. She calls security to remove
Sarah from CTU and strip her of her access card. "You'll be sorry
for this," Sarah says as she is escorted out.

7:30 P.M.
As Conlon and his men approach the sporting goods shop, Jack has
the store owners prepare to defend themselves.

7:31 P.M.
Curtis voices his concern that the staff is stretched thin and
that they need Sarah back. Yet Michelle doesn't trust her. Curtis
suggests Tony, and Michelle reluctantly summons Tony to work with
Curtis and Edgar.

7:32 P.M.
With Jack and Paul still not located, Tony disagrees with
Michelle's call to have the tactical teams surround the perimeter
of the EMP blast site. He knows Jack will start a firefight to
force the enemy to break radio silence because it's the most
efficient way of being found. Despite Tony's plea, Michelle
refuses to change the plan.

7:33 P.M.
Jack sees the McLennan-Forster commandos advancing, and he
readies his crew with their weapons. Jack fires one shot,
deliberately missing a mercenary. Just as Jack suspected, the
commando radios his forces for backup. Jack and his team wait.

7:35 P.M.
Michelle apologizes to Audrey for being antagonistic towards her
earlier. Audrey thinks she is being too harsh on Tony. She
explains that Jack turned to him when he had no other choice, and
that Tony saved their lives. Audrey adds that Tony still cares
about Michelle.

7:36 P.M.
Michelle approaches Tony and says that she does value his input.
"Don't patronize me," Tony laughs. She tells him that, based on
his experience, she will consider what he says seriously. Tony
snidely remarks that he will always tell her what he thinks.

7:37 P.M.
As they lie in wait, the brothers tell Jack that their father
left them the business after he died. They think he would have
approved of their fight against the terrorists. Paul thanks Jack
for saving his life.

7:39 P.M.
Ticking clock.

7:43 P.M.
Tony questions Audrey on Jack's sudden change from desk job to
field agent. She thinks that Jack will want to return to
Washington, but Tony isn't so sure.

7:45 P.M.
Edgar sees radio frequencies being used near the McLennan-Forster
headquarters. Curtis acknowledges that Tony was right about
Jack's forcing an attack.

The commandos get into position outside the sporting goods store.
Conlon gives the orders to move in, and they begin firing. Jack
and his cohorts shoot back.

7:46 P.M.
Edgar gets infrared proof that there is automatic gunfire at the
spot of the radio transmission. Audrey becomes concerned, and
Curtis says that the ground forces won't be there for another 5
or 6 minutes. Michelle looks around, sheepish. She knows that her
decision was wrong.

7:47 P.M.
Conlon becomes aware that civilians are helping Jack. He gives
the order to get the documents. Jack and his team continue to
fire back.

7:48 P.M.
Jack orders his men to retreat into the back of the store. The
McLennan-Forster mercenaries blow open the store's entrance and
raid the premises. Jack instructs his men to shine their
flashlights into the commandos' eyes to counteract the night
vision goggles.

7:49 P.M.
Edgar sees that the gunfire has stopped. They suspect that Jack
and Paul could have been captured, along with the incriminating
evidence they were protecting.

Ticking clock.

7:54 P.M.
CTU teams get to the location, but they have no verification on
Jack and Paul. Tony stresses to the SWAT leader that the hostiles
cannot leave the site because there is evidence still at large.

7:55 P.M.
Conlon moves in with his night goggles. The SWAT team arrives and
shoots him down. They notify CTU that they have taken out all the
hostiles. Jack doesn't notice that Conlon is still alive.

7:56 P.M.
Tony lets Michelle know that Jack was saved. She offers him the
task of decoding the encrypted document, but he suggests that
Curtis take over. Michelle apologizes for bringing up his
drinking. Tony wants to leave, but she says she can't afford to
lose him. He agrees to stay.

7:58 P.M.
Jack thanks the brothers and promises to get them help putting
their store back together. He gives the encrypted document to the
SWAT leader to send to CTU. Paul sees Conlon rise up and aim his
gun at Jack. Paul pushes Jack out of the way, taking the bullet
instead. Jack kills Conlon once and for all. Jack tries to keep
Paul conscious. "I owed you," Paul says weakly. The medic tries
to save him.

7:59 P.M.
Wearing his uniform, Anderson calls Marwan. "The President of the
United States is on a tight schedule," Marwan says. "We can't be

Ticking clock.

8:00 P.M.
Jack flies with Paul on the medic helicopter back to CTU.

8:01 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey with the bad news about her husband and she
becomes upset.

8:03 P.M.
Heller updates the President about Marwan's plan and the
potential for more attacks. President Keeler is worried about
civil unrest, and he instructs Heller to secretly go over the
options to enact martial law.

8:05 P.M.
Heller and Audrey meet the chopper as it lands on the CTU
grounds. Jack consoles Audrey, but he doesn't know whether Paul
will survive. Michelle and Tony inform Jack that a name from the
encrypted document was on the terrorist watch list.

8:06 P.M.
As Paul is wheeled into surgery, Audrey tells him that she will
be waiting for him when he gets out.

8:07 P.M.
The name from the encrypted files is Joseph Fayed, a chemical
engineering professor. Instead of arresting Fayed, Jack wants
Dina Araz to go in undercover to get to Marwan.

8:08 P.M.
Marwan meets Mitch Anderson, who is dressed in his Air Force
uniform. Marwan promises him clearance and identification codes
for a flight package.

8:09 P.M.
An Air Force pilot is in a hotel room with his girlfriend. His
wife calls his cell phone to tell him that masked gunmen have her
and their children hostage. The girlfriend, who is in on the
plot, pulls out a gun. She orders him to get dressed.

8:10 P.M.
Jack enters the holding room and shows Dina the photo of Fayed.
She says she doesn't know him. Jack offers Dina the chance to
have a life with her son Behrooz in return for helping them get
to Fayed. She agrees to take Jack as hostage to Fayed. Tactical
teams are already in place near Fayed's house.

8:13 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:17 P.M.
The Air Force pilot puts up a fight with the woman holding him
captive. She says she doesn't know who is paying her. Anderson
comes in and hands the girl a bag full of cash. She leaves.
Anderson tells the pilot that they have a plane to catch.

8:19 P.M.
Jack lays out the plan for the CTU team. Dina will tell Marwan
that she took Jack captive, and CTU can track this. Michelle asks
Curtis to interrogate the detainees from McLennan-Forster.

8:21 P.M.
Tony accuses Edgar of not being focused. He lets Michelle know
about Edgar's mother. Michelle asks about Chloe, and Tony says
that Driscoll forced her to resign.

8:22 P.M.
Michelle calls Chloe and asks her to come back. Chloe resists,
but Michelle convinces her to do it because Jack is in a risky
situation. Chloe agrees to help out only for the day.

8:23 P.M.
Tony tries to get Jack to tell Audrey that he's about to go
undercover in a potentially dangerous operation. Jack thinks
she's been through enough already.

8:24 P.M.
Dina refuses to cooperate until she sees her son. Jack says she
will only have a minute with him and brings her to Behrooz.

8:25 P.M.
Dina assures Behrooz that they will be together if she helps the
agents find Marwan. Behrooz begs her not to do this.

8:26 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:30 P.M.
Edgar is surprised to see Chloe brought back to CTU to assist
him. He tells Michelle that he doesn't need the help, but
Michelle insists that he has no choice.

8:32 P.M.
Jack and Dina arrive at Fayed's house as CTU operatives conduct
audio surveillance with mobile parabolics. Jack hands Dina his
gun because they have to make it look convincing. Jack cuts
himself to make it look like he was injured in the attack.

8:33 P.M.
Dina knocks on Fayed's door and says that she has a hostage who
Marwan will want. She tells Fayed that her husband was killed in
an ambush, but that she and Jack escaped. Fayed nervously calls

8:36 P.M.
Chloe can't tap into Fayed and Marwan's phone conversation
because the signal is scrambled. Marwan orders Fayed to bring
them to him.

8:37 P.M.
The Air Force pilot anxiously enters the base as the guards
search his car. They don't see Anderson hiding inside the
collapsed backseat. Anderson radios Marwan and then kills the
pilot. Anderson takes the man's passcard and identification. He
then snips the thumb off the body with a pair of pliers.

8:39 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:44 P.M.
The CTU doctor explains to Audrey and Heller that he called in
a neurosurgeon to remove a bullet lodged near Paul's spine.
Audrey weeps, telling her father that she didn't realize how much
she cared for Paul until now. Heller says that he has to leave
because the President asked him to do something important.

8:46 P.M.
Chloe tracks on satellite as Fayed drives Dina and Jack. When
Fayed turns into a tunnel, the agents following drop back so that
they are not spotted. This is too far for the parabolic to reach
the car and they can't hear what's going on. Terrorists dressed
as construction workers grab Jack and Dina from the car and hand
Fayed a briefcase. He drives off. Jack and Dina are loaded into
another van which goes out the opposite way.

8:48 P.M.
CTU sees Fayed's car but they realize that Jack and Dina are not
inside. Michelle orders the follow team to stop Fayed's car.

8:49 P.M.
As the agents approach the car, Fayed sets off the bomb in the
briefcase. CTU watches in horror over satellite.

8:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

8:55 P.M.
Chloe pulls up satellite and Caltrans footage to identify the van
exiting the tunnel.

8:56 P.M.
Marwan accuses Dina of lying because the men who followed her
were killed when Fayed martyred himself. Marwan asks her to prove
her loyalty by killing Jack. He hands her a gun.

8:58 P.M.
Dina aims at Jack's head. At the last second, she turns the gun
on Marwan and pulls the trigger. The chamber clicks empty. "Just
what I thought," Marwan says calmly. He orders his men to kill
Dina and take Jack away.

8:59 P.M.
Anderson enters the high security area of the Air Force base. He
presses the pilot's severed thumb to the keypad for verification.
The door opens and he goes into the airplane hangar.

Ticking clock.

9:00 P.M.
Chloe gets word that local police found the abandoned van that
Jack was in. Dina's body was inside. Michelle notifies the CTU
staff that Marwan might be holding Jack.

9:03 P.M.
Jack wakes up in the back of another van. He hears Marwan talking
on the phone to Anderson. Anderson tells Marwan that the flight
he was supposed to pilot has been grounded because of technical
difficulties. Marwan warns him that their window of opportunity
closes in an hour.

9:04 P.M.
A mechanic informs Anderson that the broken part for the plane
won't be available until the morning. The man hasn't yet notified
his chief mechanical officer. Anderson shoots the mechanic in the

9:05 P.M.
Tony wants to tell Audrey about Jack's situation, but Michelle
doesn't want Audrey to interfere with any of their decisions.

9:06 P.M.
Tony and Michelle tell Audrey that Jack is missing and might be
held captive by Marwan. Audrey is angry, and she demands that
Michelle get him back.

9:07 P.M.
Marwan and his men bring Jack to their hideout and chain him to
a pipe. Marwan asks whether the government has any other links to
their plot. Jack accuses him of failing in his master plan. The
guard slams Jack with a metal pipe.

9:09 P.M.
One of the guards alerts Marwan that the police have been
notified about the missing family of the Air Force pilot. Since
he was a military official, the federal agencies will be quickly
notified. Marwan wants to distract CTU so that they don't realize
the significance of this report.

9:10 P.M.
Marwan questions Jack about Behrooz without letting on why he is
interested. Jack tells Marwan to call CTU himself. When Marwan
leaves the room, Jack notices a telephone panel box in proximity
to his chained hands.

9:11 P.M.
Chloe and Edgar argue over seniority. She had assumed that she
would be fully reinstated in her old job. Curtis confirms that,
for the day, Edgar will be her supervisor on paper. Chloe
begrudgingly accepts this even though she doesn't think it's

9:12 P.M.
Marwan phones CTU and asks to speak to the director. Edgar sets
up filters and tracers on the call. Michelle picks up, and Marwan
tells her that he wants to trade Jack for Behrooz. He quickly
clicks off, and CTU is unable to trace it. No one knows why
Behrooz is worth trading.

9:13 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:18 P.M.
Marwan orders an associate to notify him the moment the
information about the pilot's family's disappearance gets

In the briefing room, Tony surmises that either Behrooz has
a personal connection to Marwan or else has some damaging
information to the terrorist plot. Michelle asks for a background
check on Behrooz, and she wants Curtis to interrogate the boy.

9:19 P.M.
Tony suggests to Curtis that they apply physical pressure on
Behrooz because they've run out of time. Curtis summons Richards,
the torture specialist.

Audrey asks Tony if they have any updated news. He lets her know
that Jack is alive and that Marwan wants to trade him for
Behrooz. Tony warns her that the trade may not even happen if
Behrooz proves tactically valuable to stopping the terrorists.

9:20 P.M.
Curtis interrogates Behrooz without letting him know that Dina is
dead. He becomes physically forceful, and Behrooz maintains that
he doesn't know anything about Marwan. Richards enters the room
with his trusty syringe. Behrooz cries out in terror.

9:22 P.M.
Marwan calls Michelle with the location for the exchange. She
asks for proof that Jack is alive, and Marwan holds the phone
out. Jack quickly shouts that he is in an abandoned warehouse
downtown. Marwan hangs up. Jack tells Marwan that he is
expendable and that CTU won't give up Behrooz if he is so

9:23 P.M.
Marwan is notified that the missing person report has been sent
to CTU.

9:24 P.M.
Edgar receives an hourly report log from LAPD, and he asks Chloe
what she usually does with these reports. Chloe tells him that he
needs to go through it because he's "the boss." The busy Edgar
hands it off to another techie named Meg.

9:25 P.M.
Dressed in the dead mechanic's overalls, Anderson tells the chief
mechanical officer that the faulty part was only a false alarm.
The officer approves the flight for takeoff.

Ticking clock.

9:29 P.M.
Chloe brings Audrey some paperwork to sign. She asks how it feels
to have her husband take a bullet for the man she's in love with.
Audrey gets annoyed, and Chloe apologizes for her inappropriate

9:30 P.M.
The drugged Behrooz is woozy as he gives Curtis no real
information on Marwan.

9:31 P.M.
Meg alerts Chloe that an Air Force pilot's family is missing, but
Chloe says that Edgar is in charge and should handle it. Meg
burns the information onto a disk. Chloe warns Edgar that Meg has
something for him.

9:33 P.M.
Tony lets Audrey know that they still haven't decided whether to
go ahead with the exchange for Jack.

9:34 P.M.
Michelle introduces the staff to Bill Buchanan from Division. He
has come in to oversee the operation for the prisoner exchange.
The interrogation on Behrooz came up empty and there was no
connection found in his background check. A scan of Behrooz's
body showed that there wasn't anything implanted. Since the CTU
trace on Jack and Dina proved fruitless, Buchanan believes this
exchange is their only chance to locate Marwan.

9:35 P.M.
Anderson tells Marwan that he should be airborne in thirty
minutes. Jack, meanwhile, has twisted the wires in the telephone
panel box to cause sparks. Marwan's thugs enter the room. While
still handcuffed to the pipes, Jack knocks both of them down with
his feet. This effectively distracts them from the box. The men
subdue Jack and lead him out.

9:36 P.M.
Ticking clock.

9:41 P.M.
Meg brings Edgar a disk with verification on the Air Force pilot
family's missing person report. He is too busy to look at it.

9:42 P.M.
Tony brings Audrey the news that CTU will go ahead in exchanging
Behrooz for Jack. He is honest about the fact that Jack is

9:43 P.M.
Curtis tells Behrooz that he will be traded to Marwan for an
agent. He also says that Dina knows about this. They put a watch
with a transmitter on him and inject another transmitter into the
back of his head.

9:44 P.M.
Tony assigns Edgar to hook up a video feed to the van where
Behrooz is being transported. He tells him this takes priority
over the hourly police reports. Edgar puts Meg's disk aside.

9:45 P.M.
Chloe monitors the two tracking devices on Behrooz. Marwan calls
Michelle with final instructions about the handoff. He hangs up,
and orders his men to kill Jack once they have Behrooz.

Ticking clock.
9:51 P.M.
As they drive toward the meeting point, Curtis tells Behrooz that
he's going to lead them to wherever Marwan is. Behrooz knows this
does not bode well for him.

9:52 P.M.
Marwan has yet to decide what to do with Behrooz once he has him.

9:53 P.M.
The CTU van arrives near a dam, and Curtis walks Behrooz out.
Marwan sends his car to the same spot.

9:54 P.M.
Even though Marwan is not at the meeting point, Buchanan orders
CTU to proceed with the exchange. Behrooz walks toward Jack and
asks him about Dina. Jack lies and says he doesn't know where she

9:55 P.M.
Behrooz gets in the terrorists' van, and Marwan gives the signal
for his sniper to kill Jack. Suddenly, a CTU sniper takes out
Marwan's sniper first. The field ops grab Jack and throw him in
the van. Jack questions why they handed over the boy.

9:56 P.M.
Jack calls Tony and explains that he shorted out some of the
phone lines in Marwan's hideout. He wants CTU to find phone
service obstructions within a radius of the dam.

9:57 P.M.
Marwan's men spot the tracking device on Behrooz's watch and
remove it. They tell him that Dina is dead. They also find the
injected transmitter in his head and carve it out with a knife.

9:58 P.M.
Chloe sees that both tracking devices have been obstructed. She
asks Edgar for help in setting up the satellite to track Behrooz
in the van. Edgar says he found something in the local police
reports that she should see, but Chloe wants him to do the
satellite first.

9:59 P.M.
From the phone records, Tony gets coordinates on Marwan's
location. He orders the tactical teams to be sent there.

Anderson assures Marwan that he's just about to get in the air.
Anderson is in the cockpit of an F-117A stealth fighter jet as it
rolls out onto the tarmac.

Ticking clock.

10:00 P.M.
Tony and Michelle brief President Keeler, who has been circling
in Air Force One for twenty hours. He wants to land in Los
Angeles in order to give a press conference, but Tony and
Michelle think it's safer for him to stay in the air. The
President refuses.

10:01 P.M.
Jack calls CTU to report that he's at Marwan's hideout. He is
surprised to hear Chloe answer the phone. She patches him through
to Audrey.

10:03 P.M.
Audrey tells Jack that the doctors think Paul will recover. Jack
says they need to talk about how he interrogated Paul. He
promises to call her after they raid Marwan's compound.

10:04 P.M.
Michelle and Chloe brief Buchanan. They have determined that
eight men are in Marwan's hideout, and they think that Marwan is
still there.

10:05 P.M.
Marwan speaks to Nicole, the woman who lured the Air Force pilot
into bed to get his passcards. Nicole is at Anderson's apartment,
which was shared by Aziz, who was one of Marwan's accomplices.
Nicole cannot find a backup hard drive which has the entire plan
of the terrorist cell. Aziz was killed before he could tell
Marwan where he hid it.

10:06 P.M.
Marwan phones Anderson, who has taken the stealth bomber into the
air. Anderson doesn't know where Aziz hid the hard drive in the

10:07 P.M.
Marwan notices sparks on the phone wiring that Jack configured.
He becomes suspicious, and secretly arms a detonator remote.

10:08 P.M.
Jack and his SWAT team blow open the door of the hideout and raid
the premises. Marwan runs up a set of stairs as Jack sets out to
find him. The agents take out a number of cell members. Jack
approaches a computer that is self-deleting. He can't stop it.

10:11 P.M.
Jack sees a red light flash, and he warns the SWAT members to
evacuate. As they run, a small bomb goes off and all the
computers in the compound explode.

CTU hears the explosion, and Jack radios Michelle that Marwan has
destroyed the hard drives. Marwan escaped.

10:12 P.M.
Jack sees that one of Marwan's key aides is still alive. The man
warns Jack that he won't be able to stop "it" within the hour.
The man dies.

Ticking clock.

10:17 P.M.
The surgeon lets Audrey know that Paul has become paralyzed from
the waist down. It's too early to tell if it will be permanent.
Audrey goes in to see her husband.

10:19 P.M.
Buchanan admonishes Michelle for letting Marwan escape, but Tony
defends CTU's actions.

10:20 P.M.
Jack finds forged passports and drivers' licenses that survived
the explosion. The names and faces are uploaded to the CTU server
for matches, and Edgar initiates the facial recognition software.

Buchanan privately apologizes to Michelle for snapping at her. He
gently touches her shoulder. Seeing this, Tony asks Chloe about
Buchanan's background. Buchanan had served in Seattle, where
Michelle had been posted while Tony was in jail. Tony formulates
his own conclusion.

10:21 P.M.
Michelle alerts Jack that they have a match on one of the forged
documents. Mitch Anderson was in a military prison and, after
discharged, became a hired mercenary. Because of the raised
threat level, the FBI had sent an agent to Anderson's apartment.
Jack asks for Anderson's address as well as a contact number for
that FBI agent.

10:22 P.M.
FBI Agent Drake enters Anderson's apartment. Nicole shoots her.
When Drake's cell phone rings, Nicole answers it. Nicole tells
Jack that she is Drake and she inquires about Anderson's
connection to Marwan. Jack informs this woman claiming to be
Drake that he is on his way there.

10:23 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:28 P.M.
Marwan hides in an alley and gets in a car that has come to pick
him up. He calls an accomplice to tell him that Anderson is in
the air. The man replies that he is ready to deploy.

10:29 P.M.
Aboard Air Force One, the President asks his nineteen year old
son, Kevin, for help in preparing his speech to the nation. Kevin
thinks his father should tell the truth.

10:31 P.M.
Jack arrives at Anderson's apartment with another CTU agent.
Nicole acts like an FBI agent, informing Jack that the FBI
believes Anderson hid a backup file with details on Marwan's
next target. Jack pledges to help her search the apartment.

10:33 P.M.
Anderson calls Marwan to confirm that his cover has been taken
care of. Anderson knows that the entire world will be looking for
him and he wants them to think he is already dead.

10:34 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:38 P.M.
Chloe lets Edgar know that OSHA will not be able to get into the
area where his mother died because of radiation. He tries to hide
his feelings.

10:39 P.M.
Tony surprises Michelle by mentioning her relationship with
Buchanan. He asks if she slept with Buchanan while married to
Tony. Michelle says no, and refuses to answer whether she's still
sleeping with him.

10:41 P.M.
Chloe notices that Edgar has made a mistake. She immediately
tells Michelle that she was the one who made the error. Edgar
knows that it was his fault and suggests that she would have had
her job back if she told the truth. Chloe dismisses him.

10:42 P.M.
Knowing that Anderson has been a civilian for four years, Jack is
suspicious when he finds a recent military medal in the closet.
He tells "Drake" to let the FBI know that Anderson might be
posing as military. Nicole pretends to call this in. While Jack
gives the information to Tony, the other CTU agent finds the hard
drive in an electrical outlet. Nicole kills the agent and takes
the drive. From upstairs, Jack sees the CTU agent's body and he
fires at Nicole, killing her.

10:46 P.M.
With a laptop, Jack finds that everything on the hard drive is
locked. He calls Edgar for help accessing it and Edgar walks him
through the process. Jack unlocks the schematics for a stealth
bomber and a flight simulator. He tells Tony and Michelle that
Anderson, an experienced pilot, might be trying to steal
a stealth fighter.

10:48 P.M.
Ticking clock.

10:53 P.M.
As Jack drives to CTU, Tony finds out that the pilot of an
F-117A which took off on a scheduled mission failed to report in,
despite attempts to contact him. Air Force One is set to land in
Los Angeles at 11:00.

10:54 P.M.
Michelle calls the President to alert him that a stealth fighter
has been stolen by a terrorist and is headed for his airspace.
The stealth is invisible to radar and will attempt to shoot down
Air Force One. Keeler asks an aide to contact the Vice President.

10:55 P.M.
Tony sends Jack a photo and bio of Anderson, and he gets a recall
frequency in order to get through to the stealth bomber.

10:56 P.M.
Chloe reports that Air Force One will soon touch down. Its
accompanying fighter planes have no sign of the stealth bomber on
their radars.

10:57 P.M.
Tony patches Jack through to the stealth's radio system. Jack
addresses Mitch Anderson by name, and says he knows what he is
doing. Anderson doesn't respond. Jack begs Anderson to land the
aircraft so that they can talk. With still no answer, Jack
mentions everything in Anderson's bio. He thinks Anderson should
be remembered for his admirable deeds, not the one he is doing

10:58 P.M.
Keeler urges his Vice President, Charles Logan, to stay the
course if he is killed. The President listens in as Jack tells
Anderson that his sister wants to talk to him. Anderson is
affected, but turns the receiver off. Chloe lets Jack know that
Anderson cut off all communication circuits.

10:59 P.M.
Hearing the call end, President Keeler hugs his son.

Anderson fires from the stealth. An explosion erupts in Air Force
One. Chloe reports that Air Force One suffered an indirect hit
and pieces of the plane are falling to the ground over the
desert. Everyone is horrified.

Ticking clock.

11:00 P.M.
As Air Force One plunges to the ground, CTU listens as the pilot
radios in a distress call. Michelle dispatches agents from Las
Vegas and Los Angeles to the emergency landing site. Jack runs
into CTU, and he accesses the sub-channels of the Secret Service
agents aboard the plane. He speaks to an agent onboard who
doesn't know if the President is still alive.

11:05 P.M.
In Washington, senior advisor Mike Novick informs Vice President
Charles Logan about Air Force One's status. Novick wants to
prepare for Logan to be sworn into office in case the President
is unable to perform his duties.

11:06 P.M.
At CTU, Buchanan briefs the workers that the stealth fighter was
shot down. Michelle directs her staff to make finding Marwan
their top priority.

11:07 P.M.
Audrey tells Jack that Secretary Heller wants him to lead the
mission to recover the Nuclear Football, which was lost in the
crash but has a tracer. Audrey blames herself for Paul's
condition. When Jack tells her to focus on her job, she replies
that she can't block everything out like he does.

11:09 P.M.
Camping out in the Mojave desert, a man named Jason tells his
wife Kelly that he thought he heard an explosion. They are
startled when the see the debris of the wreckage from Air Force

11:11 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:16 P.M.
Buchanan notices that Tony has been hostile toward him, and he
asks if this has to do with Michelle. Buchanan says he and
Michelle never worked as a couple, and he thinks it's because she
still cares for Tony.

11:17 P.M.
CTU watches live feed of the rescue workers as they scan the
crash site. The President is found alive. Everyone breathes
a sigh of relief.

11:18 P.M.
Buchanan calls Vice President Logan with the good news. Since
President Keeler is in critical condition, Buchanan advises Logan
to invoke the 25th Amendment and assume control. Novick tells his
boss that he has already prepared the Cabinet members for a vote.

11:19 P.M.
Among the debris, Jason finds the Nuclear Football. He takes out
his cell phone and calls the police.

11:20 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey to explain that he does care and that she
should too. He apologizes for how it sounded. Audrey understands.

11:21 P.M.
Jack gets a call from Tony, who patches him through to Jason.
Jack confirms that what he found is the Football. Jason says that
headlights are approaching him. Tony validates that no rescue
teams or agents are in that vicinity. Jack instructs Jason to
remove the transponder so that the terrorists cannot locate it.
He has Jason use a compass to find the electronic field of the
hidden transponder. Jason is able to scratch out the
transponder's force. He and Kelly take the Football and run off
into the desert night.

11:25 P.M.
Marwan and his henchmen stop their Jeeps in the desert. They have
lost signal on the Football's transponder. Marwan is suspicious
because it only just went out. He asks for a scan for cell phones
in the area.

11:26 P.M.
Jack tells Jason to go to an unmanned power station nearby. He
also orders him to remove his cell phone batteries so that they
are not traced by passive triangulation. Jack gives him his cell
number in case he needs to contact him directly.

11:27 P.M.
Marwan's associate notes a brief cell signal that went out. They
see a reserve power plant on the map. Marwan knows that whoever
has the Football is headed there.

Ticking clock.

11:31 P.M.
Jason and Kelly run to the power plant and break in. Suddenly,
they hear vehicles pull up. Jason calls Jack and tells him that
the terrorists are already there. Tony sends Jack the schematics
for the plant, and Jack instructs Jason to go to the lower level.

11:33 P.M.
Marwan and his men spread out through the plant to find the
Football. One of the men shoots at Jason and Kelly, who bolt for
the stairs. The men lose them in the darkness. Marwan hears the
helicopter land outside and orders his men to intercept it.

11:35 P.M.
Jack and another agent get out of the chopper, which takes off.
They enter the plant, and Jack instructs Jason to keep moving.
The other agent is killed by the gunfire. Jack calls Audrey and
asks for the latch code on the Football.

11:37 P.M.
As the terrorists are in pursuit of Jason and Kelly, Jack gives
Jason the latch code to open the Football case. He has Jason
remove the Playbook and give his wife the briefcase. Jack begs
them to split up with each part, rendering the Football useless.

11:38 P.M.
Jason and Kelly kiss goodbye. He sends her in the opposite
direction with the cell phone and the briefcase.

11:39 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:44 P.M.
Jack kills the terrorist who is shooting at him and he runs into
the plant.

11:45 P.M.
Marwan and his men nab Jason, and they find that he has the
Playbook but not the Control Board of the Football. Marwan shoots
Jason in the shoulder, but Jason refuses to say where the other
piece is. Marwan then shoots him in the knee.

11:46 P.M.
Kelly hears Jason's screams, and she sees her husband held
captive. She calls Jack and to tell him that they have Jason.
Kelly emerges from the darkness, telling Marwan that she has what
he wants. First, she demands that her husband be released. Marwan
instead trains his gun at Jason's temple.

11:47 P.M.
Jack hears Kelly's cry and runs towards it. After Marwan promises
not to kill her or Jason, Kelly points to where she hid the
Control Panel.

11:48 P.M.
Kelly gives them the code to open it. The men take the entire
Football and leave. Marwan instructs one of the men to stay
behind and kill the couple. Jack appears and shoots the man
before he can fire at Jason and Kelly.

11:49 P.M.
Jack radios CTU for a medic. He thanks the couple, and goes off
after Marwan. Jack informs CTU that he is not in possession of
the Football.

11:50 P.M.
Ticking clock.

11:54 P.M.
Jack runs out of the plant and sees one of the men load the
Football into a Jeep. He radios air support to take out the lead

11:55 P.M.
The chopper drops down and shines its headlight on the Jeep,
which causes it to flip over into an embankment. Jack shoots the
driver and grabs the Football. He has the helicopter go after the
other Jeeps.

11:56 P.M.
Jack calls Tony and tells him that Marwan escaped. They are both
suspicious that Marwan would trade the Football for his freedom.
Jack realizes that a section of pages are missing from the

11:57 P.M.
At the White House, Novick tells another aide, Walt Cummings,
that he is worried about Vice President Logan being unsure of
himself. Cummings gets word that the Cabinet vote on the 25th
Amendment was unanimous. Logan goes out to a throng of waiting

11:58 P.M.
Audrey tells Jack that the missing section from the Playbook
contains warhead locations and activation codes. Although they
started changing the codes once Air Force One went down, it will
take another hour to clear the slate because there are thousands
of warheads. Audrey confirms that if the terrorists get hold of
a warhead and a matching activation code, then they won't be able
to stop them.

11:59 P.M.
As Logan is sworn into office before the cameras, Jack calls
Novick. Novick takes the new President aside to tell him that
part of the Nuclear Football has fallen into the hands of

Ticking clock.

12:00 A.M.
The CTU staff learns that Logan was sworn in as President. Jack
calls from the desert after reconstructing the pages missing from
the Playbook with the Defense Department. Those pages correspond
to nuclear weapons, and some of them are traveling between

12:04 A.M.
Marwan cross-references the coordinates in the Playbook to find
one warhead being shipped to Iowa. He and his associate figure
out where they can intercept the warhead in transit, and they
contact their people to get in place.

12:05 A.M.
Chloe alerts Michelle and Tony that a man named Yosik Khatami
just used a credit card at a gas station under an assumed name.
Yosik is on a watch list for his affiliation with Marwan.
Michelle orders Curtis to head to that location.

12:06 A.M.
Jack calls Audrey from a helicopter as he heads back to CTU. She
explains that a lot of the weapons being shipped were to be
dismantled, but that many of them were re-routed after the
morning's train bombing. Through tears, Audrey admits to Jack
that the doctors are having a hard time keeping Paul's condition

12:07 A.M.
Yosik calls Marwan from the road and confesses to making
a mistake. He used the wrong credit card when he stopped for gas
and now he might be traceable. Marwan instructs Yosik to go to
the Marina where someone named Prado can meet him to make
arrangements for his escape.

12:08 A.M.
As President Logan heads to the Bunker, Novick tries to convince
him that by remaining in the Oval Office he will exhibit
a greater sense of confidence. Logan doesn't listen.

12:09 A.M.
Logan seems eased that he will be safe in the Bunker if the White
House gets hit. The CTU chiefs call the President with an update
on Marwan. Logan is frustrated that CTU has no assurance that
Marwan will be caught. He says that he is not going back upstairs
until it is safe. Novick interrupts and tells the President to
let the CTU team get back to work.

12:11 A.M.
After hanging up, Tony voices his concern about Logan's
leadership based on the fear he exhibited in the call. Buchanan
gives Logan the benefit of the doubt and suggests they give the
man more time to adjust to his new position as President.

12:12 A.M.
Chloe informs the bosses that they have found Yosik's car on the
satellite. Buchanan wants Curtis to know who the man is meeting
before he picks him up.

Ticking clock.

12:16 A.M.
Tony apologizes to Michelle for what he said about Buchanan. He
asks if they can leave all the tension from the past behind so
they can do their jobs.

12:17 A.M.
Michelle asks Tony to stay on the floor while she and Buchanan
run tactical with Curtis. Buchanan tells Michelle that he
doesn't think Tony can stay focused with the interpersonal
dynamics between them. Michelle is confident that Tony will be

12:18 A.M.
Curtis and his team arrive at the Marina and see Yosik waiting
alone on the dock. A man approaches. Yosik greets Joe Prado but
says that there is someone else there. Yet it is only a local
security guard on detail.

12:21 A.M.
Prado takes Yosik onto a boat for privacy. Yosik is terrified
that he's been caught. Curtis confirms to CTU that the man who
just arrived is not Marwan, and he orders his teams to move in.

12:22 A.M.
Prado looks out from the boat and sees the impending raid. The
agents announce that they have surrounded the boat. Yosik calls
Marwan to tell him he's been found. Marwan orders Yosik to kill
Prado because he knows too much. Yosik reaches for his gun, but
Prado kills him. Marwan hears this over the cell. Prado exits the
cabin to the throng of agents. Marwan listens as Prado claims he
shot the man inside because he was trying to steal the boat.
Curtis captures Prado and radios this into CTU. Curtis also has
Yosik's cell phone, but Marwan has been disconnected.

12:24 A.M.
Marwan wants to contain Prado so that he doesn't talk to the
police. He calls someone and asks them to contact an attorney at
Amnesty Global. Marwan wants it reported that an innocent man is
being tortured at CTU in Los Angeles.

12:25 A.M.
Everyone at CTU watches the television as Logan addresses the
nation. Audrey interrupts with news that one of the convoys
headed for Iowa is missing and hasn't called in at its
checkpoint. The convoy was carrying a nuclear warhead.

Ticking clock.

12:30 A.M.
Edgar gets Prado's photo and fingerprints from Curtis for
a background check. Michelle has the rest of the staff focus on
finding the warhead. After learning about the missing nuke,
Novick complains to Buchanan that the President won't be happy
that the statement he just made has become invalidated.

At the site of the torched, ambushed convoy, a group of men put
the crated warhead onto their flatbed truck and throw a tarp over
it. They drive off.

12:31 A.M.
Logan questions Novick about the missing warhead, and he becomes
agitated when there are no answers about stopping Marwan. Logan
suggests that he is the next target. Novick remains calm.

12:32 A.M.
Curtis and the agents lead Prado into CTU. Edgar makes a comment
to Chloe that he'd like to get Prado in a room alone. Chloe
dismisses this bravado as his desire for revenge for his
mother's death. Meanwhile, Tony briefs Curtis that Prado is an
ex-Marine who has no record of employment for the last five
years. Prado must be a criminal or mercenary.

12:33 A.M.
Chloe gets word that the Iowa highway patrol discovered the
convoy that was ambushed. The drivers are dead and the warhead is
gone. Tony has her find out what kind of vehicle could transport
the nuke. She will also set up perimeters and check for local

Michelle warns Curtis that Prado is a Marine who won't cave
easily. Curtis wants to use Richards, the torture specialist.

12:34 A.M.
Prado tells Curtis he's got nothing to say. Yet Prado is shocked
when Richards unsheathes his torture needles. Suddenly, Michelle
gets a call from Buchanan to halt the interrogation. She asks
Curtis to step out.

12:35 A.M.
Michelle and Curtis meet with Buchanan who is accompanied by
a lawyer from Amnesty Global. The attorney has a signed court
order protecting Prado. Buchanan tells Curtis to take the lawyer
to see Prado while he calls the Justice Department for help.

12:39 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:40 A.M.
Edgar is furious that Prado is getting off because of some lawyer
when his mother had to die for no reason. Buchanan urges Edgar to
put his emotions aside and get back to work.

12:41 A.M.
After Edgar leaves Buchanan's office, Chloe pushes Edgar to focus
on doing his hourly reports.

12:42 A.M.
Jack enters CTU and Chloe tells him that a lawyer got the
interrogation on Prado suspended. Ignited with anger, Jack goes
to Buchanan, who explains that the Judge thinks that Prado cannot
be held because he is not a known terrorist. Jack is furious and
goes to leave. Buchanan warns Jack not to make it worse.

12:43 A.M.
Jack enters the interrogation room and pulls the attorney aside.

12:44 A.M.
Jack points out that millions of lives are at stake, but the
lawyer won't budge. Jack asks how he found out about the prisoner
so quickly. The attorney refuses to say who told him about the

12:45 A.M.
Curtis confirms that Prado would have had no time to call anyone.
Buchanan notes that Marwan could be involved. Jack says they need
to contact the President.

12:46 A.M.
Logan and Novick take the call from CTU. Buchanan explains that
the prime suspect cannot be questioned because of Amnesty
Global's interceding. Logan can't grasp what CTU is asking for,
and Novick interjects with the assumption that the questioning
needs to be done behind closed doors.

12:48 A.M.
Logan surveys his aides. Novick wants to let CTU do whatever is
necessary, but Walt Cummings is worried that this will taint
Logan's Presidency. Logan compromises by calling for a special
session of the Justice Department, He tells CTU that it will take
at least twenty minutes. Jack begs for the chance to do their
jobs properly without intervention, but Logan says he will get
back to them as soon as he can.

12:49 A.M.
Jack asks Buchanan to make a judgment call without the President.
Jack wants to resign and let Prado go free. He plans to take him
on as a private citizen, and then no agency will be held liable.

12:50 A.M.
Ticking clock.

12:54 A.M.
Marwan speaks to the driver of the truck holding the nuclear
warhead. The man the truck is to meet will have the bomb's
detonation codes. Marwan does not want to give the Americans time
to start evacuations. Marwan hangs up. He is near downtown Los

12:55 A.M.
Audrey comes upon Jack, who hurriedly packs up a taser gun. Jack
walks away from her in a rush and refuses to answer where he is

Tony and Curtis let Prado out of custody. Although Prado is
suspicious, his lawyer assures him that CTU knew their backs were
against the wall. Fearing for his life, Prado refuses to leave.
Curtis threatens to arrest him for trespassing on a government

12:56 A.M.
Edgar is incensed that Prado is being released. Buchanan won't
give him answers.

12:57 A.M.
Outside CTU, the lawyer leaves Prado and tells him he will be
fine. A U.S. Marshall accompanies Prado to a government car.

12:58 A.M.
After the attorney pulls out of the lot, Jack tasers the Marshall
and slaps handcuffs on Prado. "Now we're gonna talk," Jack says
as he slams the door of the car.

12:59 A.M.
When Prado claims that he doesn't know Marwan, Jack breaks the
man's fingers one by one. Prado finally relents, and confesses
that Marwan will be at a place just east of downtown. "This will
help you with the pain," Jack says as he knocks Prado out with
a punch.

Ticking clock.

1:00 A.M.
A medic treats Prado's hand and head wounds. Buchanan leaves
a message for Novick. Audrey demands to know who tortured Prado,
and Buchanan admits that Jack did so without the President's

1:02 A.M.
Curtis and his SWAT team suit up in a locker room. Jack warns
Curtis to stay out of sight and not tip off Marwan.

1:03 A.M.
Audrey confronts Jack, who says that he only did what was
necessary even though it was against the President's orders.
"Trust me, no one knows the consequences better than me," he

1:04 A.M.
Despite Audrey's disapproving glare, Curtis assures Jack that he
did the right thing.

1:05 A.M.
Novick battles with the President about how to handle the Prado
interrogation, and Logan becomes paralyzed with fear in being
forced to make a decision.

1:06 A.M.
Novick takes a call from Buchanan, who says that they don't need
to wait for the President's decision because Jack already coerced
Prado into confessing. Novick is furious, but Buchanan suggests
that they cheat the official timeline to cover themselves.
Buchanan expresses concern over Logan's ability to lead them
through this crisis.

1:08 A.M.
From a Los Angeles nightclub, Marwan phones his associate Robert
Morrison, who has just arrived at a secret Iowa location with the
warhead. Marwan promises to wire a payment to Morrison's bank
account. An engineer named Sabir confirms for Morrison that the
warhead will be made compatible within an hour.

1:09 A.M.
Sabir's cell phone rings and he takes the call from his
girlfriend, Nabila, in Los Angeles. Nabila asks if he is lying
about his whereabouts because she found a bookmark on his
computer. Knowing Sabir's politics, she questions him on whether
he has something to do with the current terrorist plot. Sabir
hangs up on her and guarantees Morrison that everything is fine.

1:10 A.M.
Audrey is furious with Buchanan for allowing Jack to go against
the President by torturing Prado. Buchanan defends his judgment,
explaining that her policy and politics don't work on the front

1:11 A.M.
Novick tells Logan that CTU used force to get Prado to give up
Marwan's location. Determined not to look like a fool, the
President calls for Jack's arrest. Before Novick can protest,
Logan picks up the phone to dial Secret Service.

1:12 A.M.
Novick calls Buchanan to warn Jack that the President is adamant
about arresting him.

1:13 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:18 A.M.
Jack and Curtis arrive at the nightclub near downtown. Their SWAT
team gets into position.

1:19 A.M.
Local dispatch sends Chloe a call from a woman reporting
suspicious activities. Chloe takes the call from Nabila and pulls
up her photo and identity. Nabila explains that she found files
on her boyfriend Sabir's computer that show the schematics for
a microchip. Nabila is an engineer and has never seen this type
of chip before. She is suspicious of Sabir's intentions.

1:21 A.M.
Jack sends a remote camera inside the building for a visual.
Buchanan radios Jack and tells him that the Secret Service is on
their way to arrest him. He hopes Jack can get Marwan into
custody before they arrive.

1:23 A.M.
Marwan makes a taped speech to a video camera. Wearing no mask,
he tells the American public that one of their own nuclear
weapons was used against the country because they blindly
followed their government that interfered in foreign affairs. He
wants the tape delivered to television stations on the East Coast
by dawn.

1:24 A.M.
Jack feeds a robotic camera into the nightclub's air vent. He
sends the visual back to CTU, where Chloe identifies a guard as
one of Marwan's associates. The camera gets to the room where the
video is being taped, but Jack doesn't see Marwan.

1:25 A.M.
Jack is warned that the Secret Service has just arrived. He
speaks to the Secret Service agent and pleads for more time
because his removal will jeopardize the operation. Buchanan
radios that Jack has no other choice.

1:27 A.M.
Marwan's men spot the Secret Service cars outside. He has them
quickly pack up. Jack makes visual confirmation via the camera
that Marwan is in the building. Marwan sees the remote camera in
the vent. Jack radios the team that their cover has been blown.

1:28 A.M.
Jack moves into the nightclub to find Marwan, who has slipped out
down a flight of stairs. Jack chases after him, as Curtis and the
SWAT team follow.

1:29 A.M.
Marwan and his crew go into an underground tunnel. Jack comes up
behind them and kills one of the men bringing up the rear. Jack
sees that they've activated a bomb, and he and the agents run out
as it explodes. Jack radios CTU that the bomb caused the tunnel
to be blocked, which prevents them from pursuing. As Jack
instructs Curtis to find out where the tunnel leads, the Secret
Service agents enter the underground area. They demand Jack's gun
and take him into custody. He angrily accuses them of ruining the

1:30 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:35 A.M.
Tony and Michelle let Curtis know that the building is next to
a sewer line. Curtis says that another agent found a video tape
on the fallen terrorist. Michelle has him send it back to CTU.

Buchanan has to explain to Novick and President Logan that Marwan
escaped because of the Secret Service's breach. CTU has no other
leads to find the nuke. Logan is shattered.

1:36 A.M.
They hang up with Buchanan, and the President admits to Novick
that he is not fit to run the country. Novick offers to bring
someone in who can advise Logan.

1:38 A.M.
Novick dials former President David Palmer at his home and
updates him on Marwan stealing a nuclear weapon. Novick says that
President Logan feels that he may not be able to lead the country
on his own. He wants Palmer for help in making decisions. Palmer
asks to speak to Logan in person, and Novick has the Secret
Service detail bring him to the White House.

1:40 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:45 A.M.
Outside the nightclub, Jack is released by the Secret Service
because President Logan has realized he made a mistake. Jack is
furious that they lost Marwan because of this. He orders Curtis
and the team back to CTU.

1:46 A.M.
Chloe and Edgar fight over the use of his system. Edgar refuses
to give up what he is working on even though Chloe's request is
more urgent. Chloe appeals to Tony and explains the situation
about the woman who called in. Tony orders Edgar to let Chloe on
his computer.

1:48 A.M.
Morrison calls Marwan, who is in an underground sewer tunnel.
Morrison says that the warhead has been reconfigured. He also
lets Marwan know that there may be a security breach because
Sabir's girlfriend is getting suspicious. Morrison promises that
it is being taken care of. Marwan climbs out of the tunnel
through a manhole cover.

1:49 A.M.
Chloe updates Tony and Buchanan on what Nabila found on Sabir's
computer. It has the schematics for a chip that controls the
trigger on the stolen warhead. Nabila thinks her boyfriend is out
of state, and Tony assumes that the man is in Iowa. The other
files on the computer are locked, and Buchanan orders Chloe to go
to Nabila's house to unlock them herself. Chloe is hesitant
because she's not a field agent.

1:50 A.M.
Ticking clock.

1:54 A.M.
Chloe calls Edgar from the car to make sure he has everything
covered. She confesses that she is scared of being in the field.
Edgar says that he asked Buchanan if he could go in her place,
but Buchanan said she was the best analyst at CTU.

1:55 A.M.
Chloe and two other agents arrive at Nabila's house. She gets to
work on decoding the laptop when the house is raided. A gunman
kills the agents, and Chloe and Nabila hide with the computer
inside another room. The gunman fires at the locked door.

1:57 A.M.
With no weapon, Chloe barricades the door and calls Edgar for
help. Curtis summons the tactical teams. Jack gets on the phone
to guide her, but Chloe hangs up.

1:58 A.M.
Chloe and Nabila escape out of the house and get in the CTU car.
They can't find the keys and have locked themselves inside. The
man shoots at the bulletproof car and Chloe calls Jack. Chloe
finds the weapons stored in the back seat, but it is locked.
Curtis hunts for the combination. The gunman gets in his car and
rams their vehicle.

1:59 A.M.
Curtis gets the combination and Chloe is able to open the case.
She and Nabila exit the car, and Chloe fires an automatic rifle
at the gunman. She kills him.

Ticking clock.

2:00 A.M.
David Palmer enters the White House. His former Secret Service
protector, Agent Aaron Pierce, escorts him to the bunker.
President Logan admits to Palmer that he has made mistakes. Now
he is asking Palmer to deal with CTU on finding the missing
nuclear weapon. Logan wants him to be his full proxy.

2:05 A.M.
After the President leaves the room, Novick offers to leave if
Palmer is uncomfortable being with him. Although Novick betrayed
him during his Administration, Palmer wants him to stay because
of his insider knowledge. Palmer immediately gets to work.

2:06 A.M.
Chloe continues to tap into the laptop amid the crime scene at
Nabila's house. She tells Jack that emails about the weapon
trigger had been sent from someone using a false domain name
inside the United States. Chloe forwards the emails to Edgar so
that he can identify the point of origin. Jack compassionately
asks how she's doing. She answers that, despite killing someone,
she's still on the job.

2:07 A.M.
Edgar finds that the person who sent the emails is a Chinese
research scientist who worked on China's nuclear weapons program.
Lee Jong had been fired by the Chinese government, and Jack
believes he is working as a freelance operative for Marwan
because China would not use someone so traceable.

2:08 A.M.
In the clinic, Audrey tells Paul that he can't be moved to
a spinal hospital because of the FAA restrictions on air travel.
She is trying to get him an exemption. Audrey strokes his arm and
says she wants to go with him. She's not so sure about her
feelings for Jack anymore.

2:09 A.M.
Jack enters the clinic to check on Paul, and he senses the
tension with Audrey. Jack thanks Paul for saving his life before
he is pulled out of the room by Buchanan. Audrey tells Paul that
Jack doesn't know she is leaving with him.

2:10 A.M.
Buchanan informs Jack that they found Lee, but he's at the
Chinese Consulate where the U.S. has no jurisdiction. Jack thinks
Lee knew they were coming for him so he went there for sanctuary.
Buchanan explains that Logan enlisted former President Palmer for
help with the crisis, and that Palmer wants to speak to him.

2:11 A.M.
Palmer tells Jack that he is going to call the Chinese Consul and
explain the situation. If they don't hand over Lee for
questioning, then Palmer wants Jack to do whatever it takes to
bring this man into custody.

2:12 A.M.
Edgar gets the video recovered in the tunnel sent over from
Division. He plays it for Michelle and Buchanan. They are
horrified when they see Marwan make his speech to the camera.
"You wake up today to a different world," Marwan says. They
interpret this to mean the nuclear bomb will be set off by dawn.
Sunrise on the East Coast is less than two hours away.

Ticking clock.

2:17 A.M.
Palmer asks Koo Yin, the Chinese Consul in Los Angeles, to hand
over Lee to the United States. Koo says that Lee claims he has no
connection to the terrorists, but such a request would need to go
through proper channels. Palmer asks him to call the Premier in
China as an act of friendship between their countries. Koo
promises to do his best as quickly as possible.

2:18 A.M.
When Tony gets up to retrieve a fax, Michelle answers his phone.
It's Jen, who says she is the woman Tony is living with. Michelle
reacts slightly, and she tells Tony who is on the phone. Jen asks
Tony if he's working at CTU with his ex-wife.

2:20 A.M.
Tony apologizes to Michelle, but she doesn't want to hear his
explanation. Michelle asks if he loves Jen and Tony says no.

2:21 A.M.
Chloe returns to CTU and Edgar approaches to ask how she is
doing. Chloe admits that she is worried because she didn't feel
remorse for killing another person. She hopes that maybe she'll
suffer a delayed reaction later.

2:22 A.M.
Buchanan calls Palmer regarding Marwan's speech and CTU's
assumptions about the bomb. Palmer immediately calls back Koo
with urgency. Koo cannot promise that he will get an answer back
from the Premier in time.

2:24 A.M.
Palmer phones Jack, who is staked outside the Chinese Consulate
building. He says that their standstill requires a desperate
action. Jack understands the insinuation. Palmer says that no one
connected within the government can admit to knowing about this
plan. If Jack is caught, he will be tried under Chinese law. Jack
accepts this non-official assignment.

2:25 A.M.
Jack calls Tony and explains the covert operation on orders from
the White House. Tony is the only person at CTU who can know
right now. Jack instructs him to have the satellite monitor the
Consulate building, but to alter the satellite logs so there is
no record that anything ever happened.

2:26 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:30 A.M.
Using infrared, Tony sees the bodily activity in the Consulate
building and passes this on to Jack. Jack orders Curtis and his
team to wait in the van in order to make the operation deniable.
He tells them to hide their faces and use only non-lethal force
when he emerges.

2:31 A.M.
Wearing a mask, Jack enters the Consulate building as Tony guides
him to the guards' locations. Jack climbs up to an inside balcony
and shoots a tranquilizer gun into the neck of a Chinese guard,
who drops to the floor.

2:33 A.M.
Jack silently takes down guards who stand at the room where Lee
is. Jack knocks out Lee and carries him. Tony alerts Jack to
approaching guards, and Jack runs as they fire at him. Kee is
hit, but Jack does not notice that. Koo comes out and is
accidentally shot by his own guards. Curtis and the agents run
to the entrance to help Jack, and a Chinese guard briefly unmasks
an agent named Bern. Bern recovers and puts his mask back on.

2:35 A.M.
Jack throws Lee in the van and they realize that Lee's been shot
in the back. The van speeds away. Jack radios Tony that Lee has
no exit wound, but that he should prepare medics standing by.
Jack has the translator tell Lee that they will treat his wound
and ease his pain.

2:36 A.M.
Audrey lets Paul know that she got clearance to leave on
a medical plane at 8:00. She says she will look for an apartment
once he's settled into the hospital. Suddenly, Paul has trouble
breathing. The doctor sees that the sac around his heart is
filling with blood, and that Paul will need to get back into
surgery immediately to heal his heart.

2:38 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:43 A.M.
Jack has the translator ask Lee about Marwan's location because
they have emails proving that he was involved. Lee says that he
knows where Marwan is but wants to be protected because Marwan
will kill him. Jack agrees to save Lee from prosecution and grant
his safety if his information gets them to the warhead in time.
Before he confesses to anything, Lee wants it in writing from the

2:44 A.M.
Palmer calls Jack, who explains Lee's demands. Palmer promises to
get the guarantee from Logan.

2:45 A.M.
Palmer has Novick work on Logan's signed pardon while he takes
a phone call from Su Ming, the Chinese Deputy Consul. 

2:46 A.M.
Palmer is shocked to hear that Koo was killed in a raid on the
Consulate building. Su questions whether the American government
was involved, and Palmer denies responsibility. Su pledges to
launch an investigation.

2:47 A.M.
Novick informs Palmer that President Logan will provide Lee with
a written guarantee. Palmer is concerned that Koo's death will
set off a political maelstrom with China. If China discovers that
the United States was involved, then that could have serious
repercussions in the long run.

2:48 A.M.
Buchanan is angry with Tony for keeping him out of the loop
about the raid on the Consulate. Buchanan is now certain that
reinstating Tony was a mistake. Tony asks if this is really about
"something else."

2:49 A.M.
Jack has the translator tell Lee that the President's written
guarantee will be granted. Lee doesn't respond. Jack listens to
the man's chest and realizes that his lungs are filling with
fluid. Jack begs Lee to tell him where Marwan is, but Lee passes

2:50 A.M.
Ticking clock.

2:55 A.M.
Audrey watches through the window as the doctor performs surgery
on Paul in the CTU ward. Suddenly, Jack bursts into the operating
room with a gurney and demands that the doctor help Lee. The
doctor refuses to prematurely stop working on Paul. Jack pulls
his gun on the doctor, explaining that Lee can help them save
millions of people. The doctor says that Paul will die if they
end the operation, but Jack makes him switch patients.

2:56 A.M.
Audrey is stunned as Paul is abandoned. She tries to talk to
Jack, but he yells that he is only doing his job. Audrey starts
to become violent, and a pair of agents pulls her out of the
operating room.

2:57 A.M.
Paul's blood pressure crashes. As the doctor works on Lee, he
tells Jack to use the defibrillator on Paul. Jack hits Paul with
the paddles twice, but it doesn't work. The doctor tells him
where the epinephrine injections are located, but that too proves
useless. Jack tries furiously to pump Paul's chest, but Paul

2:59 A.M.
Audrey cries. She attacks Jack with punches. He just stands there
in shock. "I hate you, Jack! You killed him!" she screams as she
is carried out of the operating room. The doctor continues to
operate on Lee.

Ticking clock.

3:00 A.M.
Paul's body is wheeled out of the operating room as the doctor
works on Lee. Jack goes out to find Audrey crying. He apologizes
for what happened. She pushes him away, saying that she can't
bear to be near him. Audrey asks Jack to leave.

3:04 A.M.
Buchanan assures Jack that he did the right thing by putting
Lee's life over Paul's.

3:05 A.M.
Novick tells Jack that the Chinese Consul was killed by his own
men during the raid. Novick wants Jack to make sure each member
of the team has an alibi for the time of the ambush. He and
Palmer want to avoid a serious confrontation with China.

3:06 A.M.
Chloe discovers that someone on the outside is trying to jam the
CTU satellite servers. She alerts Buchanan, who hopes it will
lead them to Marwan.

3:07 A.M.
One of Marwan's men is unable to jam the CTU satellite because of
their new security system that was installed in the last week.
Marwan wants to move the schedule up by an hour.

3:08 A.M.
Palmer and Novick decide to construct a plausible scenario for
the situation that doesn't involve the U.S. government. Palmer
asks Novick to have CTU come up with a list of anti-Chinese
factions that have attacked the country's embassies. Although
these groups are Asian extremists, Jack's men wore masks and were

3:09 A.M.
Cheng, the head of security at the Chinese Consulate, goes over
the surveillance footage and finds that one of the masked men's
faces was briefly revealed. He has the image of the man's face
sent to his home country's intelligence databases for

3:10 A.M.
Jack regroups his ambush team and explains the problem with the
Chinese Consul. They must all have alibis for the night. Agent
Bern is a little uneasy.

3:11 A.M.
Marwan sets up the warhead to be delivered by missile. He
believes that the Americans will look on land instead of
searching for a missile.

3:12 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:16 A.M.
Jack tells Chloe that he needs Audrey to authorize Defense
Department data sent over. Chloe questions whether it will be
awkward for Jack with Audrey now that he let her husband die. She
offers to be his sounding board if he ever needs a friend to talk
to. Jack looks at Chloe incredulously.

3:17 A.M.
Jack asks Audrey for her DoD clearance, and she inquires about
Lee's health. There is tension between them.

3:18 A.M.
The CTU team meets. Their primary goal is to figure out how and
where Marwan will set off the nuclear bomb.

3:19 A.M.
Cheng finds a match for the face in the surveillance footage. He
gets the file for Agent Bern from CTU in Los Angeles.

Michelle takes a call from Cheng, who wants to come over to meet
with her even though CTU is in the middle of a national security
crisis. Cheng accuses her agency of raiding the Consulate and
kidnapping Lee, which can be construed as an act of war. Michelle
doesn't confirm or deny this, and she quickly gets off the phone.
Cheng calls the U.S. Secretary of State.

3:21 A.M.
Jack cautiously approaches Audrey and encourages her to go get
some rest. Audrey snaps at him.

3:22 A.M.
Buchanan lets Jack know that Michelle received a call from the
Chinese Consulate about the ambush. They claim to have evidence
that CTU was involved. Jack wants to dismiss this, but Buchanan
insists that it's vital.

3:23 A.M.
Novick gets a list from CTU of groups that tried to attack
Chinese targets. Palmer thinks they can convince China to save
face by placing the blame on someone else. President Logan storms
in because he just received a call from the Secretary of State
about a covert action against the Chinese Consulate. Palmer
admits to being the one who sanctioned the attack. Logan is
furious that a fragile relationship was tampered with, but Palmer
is unapologetic. It was the only course of action that they could
have taken. Palmer asks that Logan allow him to do what he was he
was brought in for.

3:24 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:29 A.M.
Tony tells Buchanan that Lee is out of surgery. Michelle lets
them know that the Secretary of State authorized the head of
security from the Chinese Consulate to come to CTU to question
them. Buchanan says that Novick is working on placing the blame
with someone else.

3:30 A.M.
Noting Audrey's change of heart toward Jack, Tony tells Michelle
that he hates being without her. Michelle opens up and says that
she never wanted them to end up this way. They are interrupted by
Curtis alerting them to Cheng's arrival.

3:31 A.M.
Buchanan and Jack greet Cheng in the interrogation room. Jack has
changed into a suit. Cheng recognizes Jack's name and asks why
he's not with Secretary Heller. He finds it odd when Jack
explains that he was kept at CTU for the day. Cheng suggests that
Jack is capable of handling a covert operation, and Jack asserts
that neither he nor anyone at CTU was responsible for the
incident. Cheng pulls out the surveillance image of Bern, and
Jack claims that the photo has been altered. He says that their
intelligence targeted the People's Freedom Coalition, which has
European mercenaries. Cheng asks to speak to Bern and is told
he's not working. As Cheng complains, Jack pretends to get a cell
call and walks out of the room.

3:34 A.M.
Jack has Chloe get a chopper ready. He tells Bern that the
Chinese have a photo of his face, and Bern confesses to his mask
being pulled off for a brief second. Jack wants him to leave the
city, warning that he may have to answer questions from the
Chinese later on.

3:35 A.M.
Lee wakes up and is ready for questioning. Jack runs to the
operating room with the translator. Lee says that he doesn't know
where the warhead is, but he knows where Marwan might be. Marwan
is moving around. Lee lists the three locations in Los Angeles,
and two of these CTU already knows about. Jack has Chloe prepare
Curtis and his team to move out to the third site.

3:37 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:42 A.M.
Curtis lets Audrey know that Cheng wants to question her. The
fake hourly reports for Jack list him as working with Audrey at
the time of the ambush. Audrey is appalled that Buchanan wants
her to lie for Jack, but Curtis says her compliance is really to
protect the United States government.

3:43 A.M.
Jack explains to Audrey what happened with the Chinese Consulate.
She is frustrated with all the lies and broken protocols, but
Jack said that it has helped save her and Heller, as well as stop
all but one power plant from melting down. They have to hope that
it keeps working.

3:45 A.M.
Audrey tells Cheng that she and Jack worked on data processing
with Edgar. Cheng questions why Jack would be brought into CTU
only to sit behind a computer. He also notes that the logs show
that Paul died during that timeframe, and he believes Audrey was
in the clinic with him instead of working with Jack. Audrey
doesn't budge, and says that her answer stands.

3:46 A.M.
As he drives with Curtis, Jack gets a call from Palmer. He briefs
Palmer on the information they obtained from Lee. Jack also says
that Cheng has a photo of one of the CTU agents, but that they
feel it is inconclusive.

3:47 A.M.
Palmer has Novick advise the President that Cheng must be removed
from CTU because he's slowing them down. Novick thinks he can get
Logan to sign off on that.

3:48 A.M.
Novick goes into the President's office and explains the
situation with Cheng. Logan feels that to ask Cheng to leave
would be to admit complicity, allowing China to escalate the
crisis. Novick says that the warhead is the priority, and that
they should worry about the lives of Americans first. Logan
accuses Novick of forming an alliance with Palmer against him so
that the two of them can run the country by themselves. Novick
denies this, and asks if he wants Palmer to leave. President
Logan caves, and has Buchanan notified that Cheng should be
removed from CTU.

3:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

3:53 A.M.
Jack and Curtis pull up to the location. Jack radios Chloe, but
she cannot confirm that Marwan is in the building because it has
an encrypted microwave uplink to it. Although they have no
confirmation, they are out of time. Jack gives the go ahead for
the raid.

3:54 A.M.
On his way out, Cheng tells Buchanan that he will return in a few
days with a formal investigation.

3:55 A.M.
Cheng hears someone address Edgar, and he approaches him.
Although Edgar says he is busy, Cheng asks if he was working on
DoD files with Audrey. "Yeah, until she was called down to the
clinic," Edgar answers. Cheng then asks if he continued working
with Jack after she left. Edgar is confused, and Chloe pulls him
away. She calls Edgar an idiot for not keeping his mouth shut.
Cheng calls the Consulate with news that it was Jack who led the

3:56 A.M.
Marwan orders the sequence to start. As the countdown begins, he
shuts down the computer and leaves with his men. Meanwhile, Jack
and the SWAT team stealthily enter the building. They take out
Marwan's guards.

3:57 A.M.
Jack traps Marwan and shoots him in the arm. Marwan tells him
that it is too late because the missile is already set. Jack is
horrified. He sees a live feed of a missile on the computer, and
he radios this back to Tony. There is less than a minute to
launch. Curtis sends the feed to CTU, but Tony can't trace where
the transmission is from or identify the location. Chloe and the
team try everything, but the missile fires and leaves its launch
pad, carrying the warhead to an unknown location.

3:59 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:00 A.M.
Since it has stealth technology, the missile can't be traced.
Michelle figures out that the target might be anywhere in the
continental United States.

4:01 A.M.
Jack informs the White House that he is unsure if Marwan can be
broken. Palmer and Novick discuss the possibility that Washington
is the target. Palmer instructs Novick to move the high-ranking
government officials to safe houses, but not tell them why. They
need this to remain a secret until Jack finds out more.

4:04 A.M.
With time slipping away, Jack confronts Marwan to find out what
he had hoped to accomplish. Marwan feels that he has already
achieved what he set out to do -- let the American people know
that they cannot intervene in other countries with impunity.
Marwan says that the President only sees him as evil. "As you see
us," Jack replies.

4:06 A.M.
Edgar shows Chloe calls pulled up on Marwan's cell phone. One is
from Heller's son, Richard, who called a week ago.

4:07 A.M.
Chloe tells Buchanan and his staff about the connection with
Richard Heller. She alerts the field teams near Richard's house
to pick him up. Buchanan says he will call Secretary Heller.

4:08 A.M.
Tony lets Audrey know about Richard, but she refuses to believe
that her brother might be linked to a terrorist. Meanwhile, Jack
and Curtis get news of the Richard Heller connection. Jack wants
to take Marwan back to CTU immediately.

4:09 A.M.
As the agents load Marwan into the SUV, a rocket-propelled
grenade streaks past Jack and explodes one of the CTU cars. The
agents fire back at the snipers above, while another terrorist
climbs into the SUV that Marwan is in and peels out. Curtis
radios the agents that Marwan has escaped.

4:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:15 A.M.
Chloe confirms that Marwan's men were already secured in the
location before the agents arrived. Marwan has ditched the SUV
and she can't find him on the satellite. Tony gives the bad news
to Jack, and Buchanan says that their priority is now focused on
Richard Heller. Jack and Curtis head back to CTU to interrogate

4:16 A.M.
The President addresses the Cabinet assembled in the White House
bunker on the nuclear missile threat. Speaker of the House Donald
Ashton questions why the Administration is not informing the
public. Logan leaves to confer with Palmer, and Ashton notices
the body language between the two men. It's clear that Palmer is
in the dominant, confident position to Logan.

4:18 A.M.
After discussing the fact that Jack will be torturing Audrey's
brother to get information, Tony wonders whether he and Michelle
can continue their relationship if they don't leave CTU for good.
He asks her to quit the job that she loves so much in order to be
with him.

4:20 A.M.
Richard Heller creates a scene as he is dragged into CTU. Jack
enters, and Audrey begs him not to hurt her brother. She wants to
talk to Richard herself. Jack allows her to take five minutes
with him.

4:21 A.M.
Congressman Ashton tries to get information out of Novick about
Palmer's role as advisor. He makes his feelings known that it is
his role as Speaker of the House -- and not David Palmer's job --
to take over the country if Logan is not up to the task. Novick
assures Ashton that Logan is in complete control.

4:22 A.M.
Novick tells Logan and Palmer about Ashton's concern over
succession of command. Palmer is aware of Ashton's ambition. He
could cause problems for them. Palmer suggests that they show him
who's in charge.

4:23 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:28 A.M.
Audrey meets with Richard in the interrogation room. He claims he
doesn't know anything about Marwan or the missile.

4:30 A.M.
James Heller arrives, and he sees that Audrey isn't making any
headway. Curtis can tell from Richard's heart rate that he is
holding something back. Heller goes in and demands that his son
reveal what he knows. Richard finally gives up that a man and
a woman picked him up in a bar a week ago. He took them home and
had sex with the man. The woman might have used his phone.

4:33 A.M.
Richard accuses his father of being disgusted with him because of
his lifestyle. Yet Heller is angry that Richard didn't divulge
this earlier to prevent putting the whole country in jeopardy.

4:34 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:39 A.M.
Chloe finds the cab driver who picked up the couple from
Richard's apartment. He drove them to a housing complex called
Mercerwood. Edgar discovers that the phone call from Richard's
cell to Marwan activated a listen-in so that the terrorists could
hear all of Richard's calls. That is how Marwan knew that Heller
was going to visit his son. When Buchanan refuses to give up
Curtis to the field, Jack asks for Tony's help.

4:40 A.M.
President Logan greets his Cabinet and explains that he asked
Palmer in as an advisor. Congressman Ashton is quick to question
what Palmer's position will be, and Logan asserts that he will
function outside the chain of command. Palmer goes on to control
the meeting, and Logan puts him in his place. Palmer excuses
himself from the room and the situation. This prearranged
performance seems to satisfy Ashton's worries.

4:42 A.M.
Palmer walks into another office, where Novick has watched the
Cabinet meeting. Novick thinks that everything went according to
Palmer's plan and that they won't have to worry about Ashton

4:43 A.M.
As Tony prepares to go out into the field with Jack, Michelle
tears up. "I can't spend another day without you," she weeps.
They kiss, and she agrees to leave CTU for good.

4:44 A.M.
Heller lets Audrey know that Richard will be released once he
identifies the suspects. She admits to her father that she feels

Jack calls Audrey from the helicopter. He expresses his feelings,
explaining that he wasn't sure she would still love him if she
knew everything he's done at CTU. Jack asks if they can talk once
everything is all over.

4:45 A.M.
Edgar sends Jack the composite sketch based on Richard's

4:46 A.M.
In the Mercerwood complex, a couple finishes having sex. Mandy,
who was last seen slipping a toxic disease onto President
Palmer's hand, tells Gary that they still have time to get to
Marwan. Suddenly, Mandy hears helicopters outside.

4:47 A.M.
Jack briefs the SWAT team in the chopper using the composite
sketches sent from CTU. Curtis confirms over radio that Richard
is ready to make the I.D. The helicopter lands near the
Mercerwood and the teams empty out.

4:48 A.M.
Mandy dresses and loads her weapons. She informs Gary that they
have been found, and now one of them will be forced to stay in
the apartment to allow the other to escape. She shoots Gary.

4:49 A.M.
Ticking clock.

4:54 A.M.
Jack sends Tony and Agent Castle to the roof of the complex. He
enters through the main gate.

4:55 A.M.
Jack and another agent break into Mandy's apartment and find
Gary's dead body slumped in a chair. They send his photo back to
CTU for confirmation. Jack radios Tony to look for the girl.

4:56 A.M.
Mandy climbs up to the rooftop and shoots Agent Castle in the
arm. She brings Castle out at gunpoint to Tony. When Tony
doesn't drop his weapon, she shoots Castle again. Tony relents,
handing over his gun and radio. He offers himself up as hostage
instead of the wounded Castle.

4:57 A.M.
Mandy has Castle handcuff Tony. She then kills Castle and leads
Tony out.

4:58 A.M.
At CTU, Richard verifies that the dead man is the one he met

After getting confirmation, Jack radios his teams. Neither Tony
nor Castle responds.

4:59 A.M.
Jack runs up to the roof and finds Castle's body. He radios that
Tony is missing and could be a hostage. Jack alerts them that
their transmission may be compromised. Michelle listens from CTU
with fear.

Ticking clock.

5:00 A.M.
Jack believes that the female suspect has Tony in custody.
Michelle sends Curtis as well as LAPD backup.

5:01 A.M.
Audrey explains to Novick that she hasn't found the missile on
the satellite.

5:02 A.M.
Michelle scrambles to find units to send to Jack, and Buchanan
must calm her down. Michelle realizes that she is losing focus
and she promises not to lose sight of the big picture. They must
apprehend this woman alive and nothing else matters, including

5:03 A.M.
Tony is bound and gagged in a vacant apartment. He's stripped of
his shirt. Mandy researches Tony's background on a laptop. She
sees a story on the web about his dismissal from CTU and his
connection to Michelle.

5:04 A.M.
Marwan calls Mandy and tells her not to be late for their
meeting. Mandy asks Tony if Michelle would commit treason to save
his life, like he did for her two years ago.

5:05 A.M.
Audrey tells Palmer and Novick that having the satellite make
another pass may take hours and will probably be too late to find
the missile. Palmer asks her to compile disaster scenarios for
all the urban cities within the missile's range. That includes
twenty of the largest cities in America.

5:07 A.M.
Michelle instructs Edgar to alert their teams that the objective
is to capture the suspect and proceed as if there is no hostage.
Michelle gets a call from Mandy, who sends a photo message of
Tony to prove that he's alive. Mandy wants Michelle to help her
escape. Michelle stalls, but Mandy demands that one of the exits
be cleared or else Tony will be killed.

5:10 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:14 A.M
Michelle admits to Buchanan that she can't sacrifice the lives of
millions of people. She tells him about the call from the woman
holding Tony hostage.

5:16 A.M.
Buchanan immediately radios Jack and gives him the news. Jack
asks Michelle to let the woman think she is cooperating. He
promises to do everything he can to save Tony. Michelle confesses
to Buchanan that she was ready to do whatever the woman wanted
for Tony.

5:17 A.M.
Curtis arrives on the scene and Jack briefs him on the plan. They
are going to proceed as if Michelle had not betrayed the hostile.

5:18 A.M.
Buchanan radios Jack that the woman has not yet called Michelle
back. There are no fingerprints anywhere in the apartment and
there is no voiceprint from the call. This woman must be
a professional mercenary.

5:19 A.M.
Mandy watches through binoculars as the police vehicles move out
from the area that she had cleared with Michelle. She then tasers
Tony and he passes out. Mandy applies lipstick and goes outside
the apartment.

5:20 A.M.
Mandy knocks on a neighbor's door. She shoots one of the
roommates, and tells the other two to keep quiet.

5:21 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:25 A.M.
President Logan informs Palmer that the Chinese are determined to
blame America for the raid on the Consulate. Palmer assures him
that CTU is having the agent in the photo removed from their
site. Logan becomes agitated and worried that the missile is
targeted at the White House. "We will prevent the warhead from
going off," Palmer says emphatically. He advises Logan to remain

5:28 A.M.
Bern, the agent in the surveillance photo at the Chinese
Consulate, calls Buchanan to let him know that he's arrived in
San Diego. He is to fabricate an alibi with the local CTU office.
The accompanying agent leads Bern to a car, but Cheng, the head
of security for the Consulate, is inside. Bern struggles and the
men hold him at gunpoint. The real CTU agents are tied up outside
the hangar.

5:29 A.M.
Cheng demands that Bern answer questions about the raid on the
Consulate because the Chinese government insists that someone
take responsibility for the death of the Consul. Cheng wants to
know who gave the orders. When Bern refuses to answer, Cheng says
he will convince him to change his mind.

5:30 A.M.
Mandy calls Michelle, who confirms that the teams have been
deployed. Mandy threatens to blow Tony's brains out if she thinks
this is a trap. When she hangs up, Michelle snaps at Edgar.
Buchanan and Chloe notice Michelle's growing anxiety.

5:31 A.M.
The CTU teams hide in the area near the apartment exit. As the
rain falls, Jack spots a woman and a man walking under an

Mandy calls Michelle and says that she has Tony at gunpoint.
Michelle confirms that her agents are cleared out.

5:32 A.M.
Jack thinks it's strange that the woman is in the open and
risking her exposure. Mandy tells Michelle that she will give her
Tony's location once she's out.

5:33 A.M.
As the couple approaches a parked car, Mandy spots the agents who
are about to descend upon them. She chastises Michelle for
selling her out. Suddenly, the car explodes. Michelle watches
from the video monitors and screams in horror. Jack runs out to
the flaming wreck and radios back that the woman blew herself up
with Tony.

5:34 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:38 A.M.
Buchanan calls the President and Palmer to explain that their
only lead killed herself with Tony. He says that CTU has no
expectation of locating the missile. Palmer thinks they must
alert the agencies and military to prepare for the aftermath of
martial law. They have Buchanan redirect CTU's priority to
disaster management.

5:40 A.M.
Logan blames Palmer for allowing the worst disaster in American
history. Palmer is stunned at Logan's ingratitude.

5:41 A.M.
Buchanan consoles Michelle. He says that the woman would have
probably killed Tony anyway, and that she made the right decision
to not give in to her demands. Despite her insistence that she
keep working, Buchanan orders Michelle to go home.

5:42 A.M.
Jack replays the last phone call, trying to find an answer. He
tells Buchanan that it doesn't make sense that this woman would
blow herself up when she was a professional and not a fanatic.
Buchanan thinks Jack is only blaming himself for Tony's death and
gives him a direct order from the White House to move out.

5:44 A.M.
Jack listens to the call on a headset and realizes that it
wasn't made from outside where it is raining. The woman was
calling from indoors with a view to the car. Jack has Curtis
alert the teams to move in.

5:45 A.M.
From inside the apartment, Mandy tells Tony that the agents are
coming back in. Her neighbors had been blown up for nothing. She
has him take off the handcuffs, and dress in another outfit.
Mandy leads him out at gunpoint. Tony sees broken glass on the
floor. He purposefully steps on it and grinds his bare feet in.
As he walks, he leaves a trail of blood.

5:47 A.M.
Ticking clock.

5:51 A.M.
As Jack and Curtis look through every hall in the complex,
another agent radios that he found fresh blood outside a door.
They run to that apartment and Jack sees the blood trail on the
ground. He leads the team to follow it.

5:52 A.M.
Mandy takes Tony to an underground parking garage. He ducks under
her gun and slams her into a column. She fights back, but Tony
manages to kick and head butt her with his cuffed hands. Mandy
regains her weapon and Tony gives in.

5:53 A.M.
Jack appears and trains his weapon on Mandy. Tony encourages Jack
to do whatever is necessary to take her down. "Do you really have
what it takes to let me kill him while you're looking him in the
eye?" Mandy asks. Without hesitation, Jack answers yes. She is
about to call his bluff, when Jack sees Curtis come from behind.
He calls to Tony, who ducks as Curtis grabs Mandy. She is
apprehended. Tony asks if Michelle knows that he's alive. Jack
calls CTU to tell Buchanan what has transpired. Buchanan says he
will find Michelle on her cell.

5:55 A.M.
Michelle is sitting in her car in the CTU parking lot when her
cell phone rings. It is Tony, who explains that the woman had
someone else wear his clothes. He says he's coming back to CTU to
see her. "I love you," he says. Michelle is in tears.

5:56 A.M.
Jack grabs Mandy by the throat and asks where Marwan is. He knows
she is a professional hitwoman and that they are running out of
time to torture her. Jack offers to grant her a Presidential
pardon for past and present crimes in return for Marwan's
location. "You are either gonna help me now, or I will kill you,"
he threatens. Mandy asks to see the deal.

5:57 A.M.
Bern is held in a warehouse by Chinese henchmen. Cheng shows Bern
the surveillance photo of him and demands to know who lead the
mission. Cheng offers to ship him to a labor camp in Siberia
without telling the U.S. government. There will be no chance of
rescue or escape.

5:59 A.M.
Bern finally relents and tells Cheng who commanded the raid.
"His name is Jack Bauer," he says.

Ticking clock.

6:00 A.M.
As Mandy is held captive, Jack calls Buchanan to find out about
the Presidential pardon.

6:01 A.M.
President Logan prepares to sign the pardon. Secret Service Agent
Pierce interrupts with a discovery. He has news footage from four
and a half years ago when an attempt was made on Palmer's life.
The woman they are about to pardon is the same person who tried
to slip a deadly virus to Palmer's hand. Although this will grant
her immunity for past crimes, Palmer urges Logan to sign the

6:03 A.M.
Mandy speaks on the phone with someone who confirms that her
paperwork is in order. Then she tells Jack that Marwan is at the
Global Center where a helicopter on the roof is leaving now to
take him to a ship. Jack readies the CTU chopper and has Mandy
kept at the site.

6:04 A.M.
Jack warns his team not to use lethal force, even in
self-defense. They need Marwan alive.

6:05 A.M.
Marwan and an associate go up to the roof of the Global Center.
He tries calling Mandy but she doesn't answer her phone. They
don't wait, and get into the chopper. Marwan senses that
something is wrong.

As Jack heads downtown, Edgar gives him the location of Marwan's
helicopter from satellite imagery.

6:06 A.M.
Jack's chopper comes up on top of the building. Marwan sees this,
and orders his pilot to go. They are blocked from takeoff by the
CTU helicopter directly above.

6:07 A.M.
Jack fires at Marwan's helicopter and hits the rotor engine.
Smoke starts to erupt and they are unable to fly. Marwan pulls
a digital device out of his pocket and fires two rounds into it.
The device lies in ruin on the floor.

6:08 A.M.
The CTU chopper lets the agents off onto the roof of the
building. Marwan flees. Jack, Curtis and another agent chase
after him into a parking garage. Marwan fires back, killing the
third agent and wounding Curtis.

6:09 A.M.

Jack hides under a car and shoots Marwan's ankle. Marwan goes
down and fires the remaining bullets in his chamber. He crawls to
an open wall in the building. Jack sprints toward him.

6:10 A.M.
Just as Marwan hurls himself over the side of the building, Jack
grabs his arm and holds him from falling. He tries to pull Marwan
up, demanding to know where the missile is. With his free hand,
Marwan draws a knife and slices Jack's hand. Jack winces in pain
but doesn't let go. As Jack's strength decreases, Marwan's hand
slides from his grasp. Marwan falls several stories down to his

6:11 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:15 A.M.
President Logan yells at Palmer for the botched mission that
allowed Marwan to be killed. Palmer says that CTU is doing
everything they can to find the missile. Novick interrupts with
an urgent call from the acting Chinese Consul. From a videophone,
Su Ming tells Logan and Palmer that one of their agents has
confessed his direct involvement. Agent Bern reads a statement on
camera saying he raided the Consulate under orders from Jack. Su
wants Jack turned over to China to be tried under their laws.

6:17 A.M.
Logan is furious with Palmer for mishandling this mission. Novick
suggests handing Jack over, but Palmer deems that unacceptable.
Logan's security aide Walt Cummings questions whether Jack would
compromise national security if tortured. Palmer defeats that
notion. Cummings then wonders whether to kill Jack so that their
problems would be solved. The President refuses to consider this

6:19 A.M.
The agents on the scene find a damaged digital device in
Marwan's helicopter. It has some kind of tracking or navigation
device on it, and they uplink whatever is left to CTU.

6:20 A.M.
Jack speaks to Chloe and Edgar as they try to salvage the data on
Marwan's device. They come up with what appears to be a flight
path. The missile is heading west towards Los Angeles. Chloe
figures out a possible timeframe. Buchanan passes this on to the
Air Force, who has planes in place ready to find it.

6:21 A.M.
The F-18 jets over Los Angeles report no sign of the missile.
Meanwhile, Jack confirms that the nuclear warhead will only
detonate if it hits its target. Edgar asks whether it is possible
that the arming mechanism could be triggered if the missile is
shot down. Jack says that they have no other choice.

6:22 A.M.
An F-18 pilot spots the missile and fires. The target is shot
down. The staff at CTU cheers. Jack is relieved.

Ticking clock.

6:27 A.M.
Tony enters CTU and Michelle runs to his arms. She admits that
she didn't realize how much she loved him until she thought she
had lost him. Michelle feels guilty for not doing what Tony did
to save her. She was ready to give up his life for the sake of
the country. He says they both did the best they could, and now
it is over.

6:29 A.M.
Audrey is on the phone discussing the transport of Paul's body
when she sees Jack come in. He tells her that he wants to spend
the rest of his life with her. Audrey ends their relationship
because he belongs at CTU and she can't deal with his world. She
gives him one last kiss and walks away. Jack is stranded in her
wake, devastated.

6:31 A.M.
Palmer calls Jack to thank him for what he did for the country.
However, Bern's confession gave the Chinese proof that Jack led
the raid on the Consulate. Palmer believes the Chinese really
want Jack to implicate the American government once he is
imprisoned. Jack swears he would never do such a thing. Palmer
thinks this is unfair and he is ashamed for his part in it. He
promises to make it his life's purpose to bring Jack back to
U.S. soil. A Secret Service agent is on his way to CTU to arrest

6:33 A.M.
Cummings speaks to Secret Service Agent Dale Spaulding, who heads
to CTU. Cummings explains that, with Jack's high ranking, he
could leak a wealth of information about national security if the
Chinese torture him. Spaulding understands the insinuation, and
Cummings confirms that this is not coming on order from the
President. Any investigation into Jack's death will be brief and
superficial. Cummings does not notice that Novick has overheard
his entire conversation.

6:34 A.M.
Ticking clock.

6:39 A.M.
Palmer is troubled by what Novick tells him. He doesn't believe
that Cummings would go against the President's orders to not
murder Jack. Novick knows that Cummings has been doing Logan's
dirty work and Logan always looks the other way. Novick implores
Palmer to intervene.

6:40 A.M.
President Logan gloats in his victory. "You played a role," he
offers Palmer, who ignores that this is an insulting
understatement. Palmer informs him that Cummings plans to kill
Jack, but Logan dismisses this. Logan makes a crack about the
Palmer administration being plagued by paranoia and scandal,
which he hopes to avoid. Palmer realizes that his allegations are
falling on deaf ears.

6:42 A.M.
In the CTU locker room, Tony acknowledges to Jack that it isn't
fair for him to be forced to take the fall for the Chinese
Consulate mission. Palmer calls Jack's cell and warns him not to
turn himself in because the man sent to take him into custody has
orders to kill him. "Get out of there now," Palmer urges.

6:44 A.M.
Buchanan refuses to turn Jack over to Agent Spaulding until he is
debriefed. Buchanan calls Jack a hero, but Spaulding says he is
only following orders. Suddenly, an alarm sounds.

6:45 A.M.
Tony calls Buchanan with news that Jack broke away from him and
escaped. Tony ordered a lockdown and explains that Jack is
somewhere in Section C.

Ticking clock.

6:50 A.M.
Michelle briefs the team that Jack has disabled all the security
cameras. Chloe confirms that Jack is still in Section C. Tony
explains that Jack received a phone call and then cold-cocked him
in order to escape. Spaulding is frustrated, and wants to go
after Jack himself. Buchanan orders Spaulding to take Tony with
him to find Jack.

6:51 A.M.
Tony and Spaulding enter Section C, and Jack fires at them. Tony
calls out to Jack, who hides. Tony tells Spaulding that he is
going to try to bring Jack out on his own, daring Spaulding to
shoot him in the back if he tries to stop him. Tony puts his
weapon down and approaches. Yet Jack is lying on the ground with
a pool of blood at his head. Spaulding checks Jack's pulse and
confirms that Jack is dead. Tony accuses Spaulding of killing him
without cause. Buchanan, Michelle and Chloe come in and are
shocked. Tony lashes out at Spaulding in anger. Buchanan follows
Spaulding out.

6:53 A.M.
Michelle gives a syringe of epinephrine to Tony, who injects it
into Jack's heart. Chloe comments that Jack really looks dead.
When Jack doesn't respond to the shot, Tony panics. He starts
pumping furiously at Jack's chest. Suddenly, Jack gasps for air
and wakes up. Tony orders Chloe to intercept the local coroner so
that they can switch bodies. There won't be an autopsy because
the people responsible wanted Jack dead.

6:55 A.M.
Audrey stops Buchanan and wants to know why Jack would be turned
over to the Chinese. Buchanan solemnly tells her that Jack tried
to escape. Before he can say more, Audrey stops him. She can
figure out what happened and she is stunned. A tear falls down
her cheek.

6:57 A.M.
Tony drives Michelle in her car out of the CTU parking lot. Jack
hides in the backseat. They drop him off near a railroad track.
Tony has secured Jack a new identity to get him across the
border. Michelle hands him a clean phone with a scramble filter
that allows up to one minute of undetected talk. Michelle and
Tony are too sad to look at him. Jack gets out of the car with
a bag they have prepared, and he thanks them. He shakes Tony's
hand and smiles at Michelle.

6:58 A.M.
Jack hides behind some crates and dials Palmer. He thanks him for
saving his life. Palmer says that this might be the last time
they ever speak. "For all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is
dead," Palmer says solemnly. "Mr. President, it's been an honor,"
Jack replies.

6:59 A.M.
As the sun rises, Jack puts on a pair of sunglasses and walks
along the railroad tracks. He steals away, unnoticed.

Ticking clock.


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