Dark Necron
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24: Day 5 Prequel

6:58 A.M.
Jack hides behind some crates and dials Palmer. He thanks him for
saving his life. Palmer says that this might be the last time
they ever speak. "For all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is
dead," Palmer says solemnly. "Mr. President, it's been an honor,"
Jack replies.

6:59 A.M.
As the sun rises, Jack puts on a pair of sunglasses and walks
along the railroad tracks. He steals away, unnoticed.

Clock ticks.

12 Months Later

1:47 P.M.
Jack drives his Toyota car through Chicago, Illinois. He exits
the car and walks towards a parking lot for trucks, passing two
men who look at him suspiciously.

1:48 P.M.
Chloe arrives at the parking lot. As she wanders among the cars,
Jack grabs her. Chloe explains that someone has hacked into her
files and discovered an altered autopsy report. Someone knows
that Jack is still alive. Chloe is shocked by Jack's nomadic
life, looking at his worn clothes and long hair. Jack asks her
about Kim. He then tosses his cell phone into the garbage can
and watches Chloe driving away.

1:51 P.M.
Jack enters his car. He notices a man on a motor bike, masked
with a black helmet, who stops at the opposite corner of crossing
streets. Jack slowly shifts into reverse and starts to drive
backwards as the man gives a signal, and a black car appears,
chasing Jack throughout the city.

1:53 P.M.
Jack lures the black car back into the parking lot. "I got you
know," he murmurs and swerves. The black car slides on the wet
surface and impales itself on blades of a forklift.

1:54 P.M.
The mysterious biker watches as Jack drives away from the scene.

He disappeared to protect his secret. He changed his name and
started a new life. He thought he was safe... Then day 5 began.

24: Day 5

7:00 A.M.
Jack waits to be hired at an oil refinery in the Mojave desert.
The foreman refers to him as "Frank Flynn".

7:02 A.M.
In Wayne Palmer's Los Angeles high rise apartment, former
President Palmer works on his memoirs. Wayne notices that Palmer
is distracted. As Palmer stands by the window overlooking the
city, a gunshot blasts through the glass and hits him in the
neck. From another building, the assassin Haas lowers his rifle.

7:04 A.M.
Aides Walt Cummings and Mike Novick prep President Logan at his
retreat in Santa Ynez, California. Logan asks Cummings to look in
on the First Lady before the Russian President's visit. "She
can't have one of her meltdowns today," he warns. Novick gets
word that Palmer has been killed. He is grief-stricken.

7:07 A.M.
At CTU, Buchanan and Curtis run through their lists to narrow the
search. Logan demands from Buchanan that the assassin be killed
or arrested before the Russian President arrives. Buchanan
advises the President to postpone his signing of the arms
agreement treaty in case the incidents are connected. Logan

7:08 A.M.
Chloe wakes up and kicks out her CTU subordinate, Spenser Wolff,
from her bed. She tells him that the night before was a mistake,
but Spenser disagrees. Suddenly, Chloe's cell phone gets a text
message that Palmer is dead.

7:10 A.M.
Jack watches television reports of Palmer's assassination from
his small apartment in the desert. He tears up at the news. When
someone knocks at the door, Jack trains his gun. He lowers it
when he realizes that it is his neighbor and girlfriend, Diane
Huxley. She invites "Frank" over for breakfast.

7:11 A.M.
Diane's teenage son Derek is not pleased that his mother is
seeing "Frank". Derek tries to catch Jack in a lie on his oil rig
work. Diane doesn't question Jack about his past because she
trusts him.

7:13 A.M.
From their home, Tony and Michelle see the news about Palmer.
They argue about whether to call in to their former employer CTU
since they were on the investigations into the previous attempts
on Palmer's life. Michelle thinks they could assist the case.
Tony wants to focus on their current company. She leaves alone
for CTU, but when she gets in her car, it explodes. Tony finds
Michelle's body in the wreckage. Another blast hits Tony and
knocks him over.

7:15 A.M.
Clock ticks.

7:21 A.M.
At CTU, Edgar and Spenser look for connections between Tony,
Michelle and Palmer. Edgar calls Chloe, who is on her way into
the office. He tells her that Michelle is dead and that Tony is
injured. Chloe becomes suspicious when she sees a white van
trailing her. She hangs up on Edgar and runs. Inside the van is
Haas. Chloe loses the man chasing her in the morning commute

7:23 A.M.
While sitting with Diane, Jack gets an urgent call from Chloe who
apologizes for breaking protocol. She tells him about Tony and
Michelle, as well as the people chasing her. Chloe is convinced
that all the people who know about Jack being alive are targeted.
Jack warns her to go dark because there might be a leak inside
CTU. He instructs her to head north out of Los Angeles to an
abandoned oil refinery where he will meet her. Jack pulls
a satchel out of the air vent in his apartment and leaves.

7:25 A.M.
Tony is sent to CTU for medical attention because they can't
protect him at a hospital. Buchanan wants his team to find the
connection between Tony and Michelle with Palmer. Audrey Raines
arrives at CTU as the Defense Department's liaison on the
investigation. Audrey agrees with Buchanan about postponing the
treaty signing, but the President cannot be swayed.

7:27 A.M.
President Logan gives a press conference about Palmer's death at
the retreat.

7:28 A.M.
An aide named Evelyn puts the final touches on First Lady Martha
Logan's makeup. "I look like a wedding cake," Martha says before
abruptly dunking her head in the sink of water. Walt Cummings
breaks the news about Palmer to her. She becomes upset because
she and the former President were close friends. Martha says she
has to talk to her husband immediately. Cummings orders the
Secret Service agents to keep her away from the press conference.

7:30 A.M.
Martha goes outside, and argues with Novick and the agents
holding her back. She refuses to tell them what is so urgent and
asks to see Logan when he is done.

7:31 A.M.
Clock ticks.

7:37 A.M.
Jack speeds to the refinery and knocks out a rescue helicopter
pilot. Derek has followed him because he is worried about his
mom. Jack takes Derek at gunpoint and forces him onto the

7:39 A.M.
Tony is wheeled into CTU on a gurney. He suffers from head trauma
that has affected his speech. Curtis shows Buchanan that Tony's
phone records prove he spoke to Palmer on the day Jack was
killed. The transcript files have been corrupted.

7:40 A.M.
Aboard the helicopter, Jack assures Derek that he is not being
kidnapped. He only wants to prevent him from going to the police.
When Derek asks who he is, Jack answers: "Someone who's not
supposed to still be alive."

7:41 A.M.
Jack calls Diane and instructs her to pick up her son in Los
Angeles. She is freaked out, but he asks her to trust him. Jack
explains to Derek will be freed once he's completed his task in
Los Angeles.

Logan comes to see his wife and she apologizes for making
a scene. Martha thinks that Palmer was killed because of her. She
explains that Palmer had called her yesterday and wanted to meet
about something involving national security and Logan. The
President wonders why Palmer didn't call him directly, but Martha
points out that he shut Palmer out of the White House. She was
his only access. Martha realizes that her husband doesn't believe
her. "I am not crazy!" she exclaims. Logan promises that he will
have Cummings look into it. He sweetly asks her to get ready for
the Russian president's visit.

7:44 A.M.
Logan tells Cummings that Martha is suffering from another one of
her delusions. He recounts what she told him about Palmer. Logan
doesn't want Cummings to do anything about her claims.

Clock ticks.

7:50 A.M.
Edgar is worried about Chloe because she hasn't arrived or
answered her cell phone. Spenser assures Edgar that Chloe is fine
because he saw her earlier. Edgar realizes that they are dating.

7:52 A.M.
Chloe arrives by taxi at the oil refinery to meet Jack. Her
jacket gets caught in the fence and she leaves it. Chloe thinks
she can tap into the CTU mainframe from the research library at
Cal Tech. With no car, they get back in the helicopter.

7:53 A.M.
As Jack starts the engine, a car pulls up. He realizes that the
men have been following Chloe. The helicopter cannot achieve
enough speed to take off. The van and another car approach. Jack
throws smoke bombs in front of the chopper, and has Chloe take
Derek to hide. Haas and his team cannot see through the smoke.
Jack takes the team down one by one.

7:55 A.M.
Haas approaches where Chloe and Derek are hiding. Jack shoots him
in the leg. Chloe quickly plugs rounds into Haas, but Jack yells
for her to hold her fire.

7:56 A.M.
Jack orders Chloe to walk away with Derek. He tells Haas that he
will only receive medical attention if he confesses why they are
after him. Haas says that Palmer was the primary target and the
others were just a diversion to make it look like Jack did it.
Haas doesn't know who hired him.

7:59 A.M.
When Jack learns that this is the man who killed Palmer, he
shoots him. Chloe and Derek wince as they watch.

Clock ticks.

8:00 A.M.
Edgar shows Buchanan and Audrey security footage from the
suspected location of the Palmer assassin. Jack is seen in the

8:03 A.M.
Jack wants to go back to Wayne's apartment to uncover the truth,
and he needs Chloe to access the building's schematic as well as
the interagency deployment. She thinks she can obtain this from
a remote site. Derek is afraid of Jack because he watched him
kill a man. Jack threatens him in order to keep him in line.

8:04 A.M.
Edgar confirms that the security cam video has not been doctored.
Audrey is shocked to find out that Jack may still be alive, but
she is insistent he not behind Palmer's murder. Buchanan has
phone logs proving that Palmer, Tony and Michelle had all spoken
to Jack before he was supposedly killed. Buchanan thinks they
conspired to fake Jack's death because he was facing charges from
the Chinese. Audrey still doesn't believe that Jack kill his own

8:05 A.M.
Curtis gets confirmation that Chloe was also on the phone calls
between Jack, Palmer, Tony and Michelle. Edgar is surprised that
Chloe knew Jack was alive and kept it hidden from hiM. Buchanan
orders a warrant for Jack's arrest.

8:06 A.M.
Cummings offers to trace the call Palmer made to Martha. Audrey
contacts the President and tells him that Jack Bauer is the
suspect based on CTU's evidence. Logan again refuses to postpone
the summit. He doesn't want President Suvarov's security to know
that he might be in jeopardy.

8:09 A.M.
A spotter calls a man named Nathanson from the abandoned oil
refinery with news of Haas the assassin's death. Nathanson wants
CTU to bring Jack in so that they can eliminate him then. There
is less than an hour to "launch".

Clock ticks.

8:14 A.M.
Chloe drives the assassins' van while Jack inspects their gear.
Diane calls "Frank's" cell and begs to know what's happening.
Jack assures her that Derek is fine.

8:15 A.M.
Chloe pulls the van up to Wayne Palmer's building where crowds
and camera crews have gathered. She shows her CTU badge to the
Secret Service and is let past the barricades to the underground
parking garage.

8:16 A.M.
Jack takes out the assassin's earwigs and Chloe taps into the
agents' transponder signals off the grid so that she can track
theM. She sees that there are 167 agents at the location. Derek
watches in amazement as Jack knocks out an FBI agent in the
garage. "Relax, he's really good at this," Chloe tells him. Jack
puts on the agent's jacket and badge and heads into the building.

8:18 A.M.
Chloe leads Jack to Wayne's penthouse, but alerts him to four
agents stationed in the lobby. The people get on the elevator as
Jack stands in the back of the car unnoticed.

8:19 A.M.
Jack makes his way into the apartment and sees Palmer's slain
body. This affects him deeply, and he slips into an empty room.

8:20 A.M.
Derek mentions that his mother called Jack by the name "Frank".
Chloe tells him that Jack used to work for the government and
that people wanted him dead. She says that Jack had to give up
everything, including his daughter.

8:21 A.M.
Jack finds Palmer's email account on the computer, and Chloe
looks for the password. Suddenly, Wayne enters the room and Jack
pulls out his gun. Wayne accuses Jack of killing his brother, but
Jack swears he would have given his own life to save Palmer. "He
was my friend," Jack says earnestly. Someone is framing him, and
Jack needs Wayne's help. Wayne doesn't believe him, so Jack hands
him his gun. Wayne breaks down.

8:24 A.M.
Martha tells Cummings that she knows Logan doesn't believe her.

8:25 A.M.
Jack asks Wayne if Palmer had done or said anything out of the
ordinary. Wayne thought that Palmer was distracted. Jack pulls up
an encrypted file and Wayne realizes it is the first chapter of
the President's memoir. They compare it to printed versions to
figure out why this one was encrypted.

8:26 A.M.
Edgar gives Spenser a hard time about allowing Chloe to be put in
jeopardy. Spenser feels bad as it is. Edgar gives him Chloe's
access code, but Spenser finds that someone is already logged in.
Edgar sees that Chloe is tapped in from a remote location.

8:27 A.M.
Edgar lets Buchanan know that Chloe is tracking Secret Service
deployment from Wayne Palmer's building. The signal is faint, so
she might be underground. Buchanan thinks someone like Jack might
be forcing her to erase evidence for hiM. He calls Secret

8:28 A.M.
Clock ticks.

8:33 A.M.
Wayne sees that his brother added a name and address in the
middle of a sentence. Jack has Chloe look up the name Chevensky
at 16 Transport Way. The name and address are of a baggage
handler at the Ontario Airport. Chloe tracks a lot of movement
into the building, and Jack senses that he's been found. Wayne
offers to help, but Jack doesn't want to risk him being
connected. Jack asks him not to reveal what they have uncovered
and he takes back the gun.

8:34 A.M.
Jack exits the room and sees that the agents are being
distributed his photo. Chloe finds an exit for him by the
kitchen. Jack knocks out the lone agent at that door and slips
out into the elevator.

8:35 A.M.
Chloe loses her scan because they've found that she's logged on.
Jack gets out on the second floor and runs down the stairwell,
knocking out another agent. He gets in Chloe's van.

8:36 A.M.
Secret Service swarms the garage. Chloe peels out, but the agents
do not shoot because they want the suspects captured alive. The
van is trapped by police cars outside, and Chloe gets out with
her hands up. Jack and Derek are not in the van.

8:37 A.M.
On the street, Jack breaks into a car and lets Derek in. He picks
the lock and starts the car, pulling away undetected.

8:38 A.M.
Clock ticks.

8:42 A.M.
Jack calls Diane and tells her to head toward the Ontario
Airport. He apologizes for getting her and Derek involved.

8:43 A.M.
The lead Secret Service agent contacts Buchanan, who speaks to
Chloe. She explains that Jack is being framed to cover up the
real assassin. Chloe even heard the man's dying confession and
she tells him where to find the man's body. She refuses to say
where Jack is because they are trying to arrest hiM. Buchanan is
furious, and has her brought back to CTU.

8:44 A.M.
Derek tells Jack that Chloe told him some things about his past.
Jack never wanted him and his mother to find out. He liked them
as family, and he thought he might have a second chance at
a normal life. Jack swears that he cares about both Derek and

8:45 A.M.
Logan tells his wife that Palmer was killed by an unstable,
ex-CTU agent and there was no conspiracy as she claimed. He plays
a tape of the call from the previous night. The audio is of
Palmer asking Martha to attend a charity dinner saying, "It's
hardly a matter of national security." Martha is adamant that
this is not the call. Logan says that her memory is affected
because she is off her medication. Martha is distraught and he
comforts her.

8:47 A.M.
Edgar alerts Buchanan and Audrey that their sources say that the
summit is a target during the next fifteen minutes. This is when
the Russian president lands at the retreat.

8:48 A.M.
Nathanson's men watch as Russian President Suvarov's helicopter
leaves the airbase and heads for the retreat. Nathanson orders
them to go dark and cut off communication until after the strike.

8:49 A.M.
Novick warns the President that CTU has confirmed that Suvarov's
helicopter is a target. Logan still refuses to postpone the
summit. Novick suggests that they alter the transportation, but
Logan wants the pageantry of Suvarov's arrival to remain intact.

Clock ticks.

8:54 A.M.
Jack pulls up at the airport and sees Diane. He apologizes to
Derek for the way he's been treated, and sends him to her. Diane
is relieved, but demands to know what has happened. Jack gives up
his real name and says that he lied about a lot of things. He
sends them to CTU to see Buchanan. "Tell them the truth," he says
as he walks away.

8:56 A.M.
Jack goes to the baggage claim area of the airport.

Buchanan and his team watch as Suvarov lands safely in Marine One
and is met by Logan at the retreat. "The intel must have been
wrong," he says. Nathanson watches on television as well and
smiles to himself.

8:57 A.M.
As Diane pulls out of the airport, Derek spots a group of men
getting out of a van with bags and heading toward baggage. He
knows that's where Jack went and he senses that something is
wrong. Derek runs out after them to warn Jack. Diane attempts to
chase him, but the airport police make her move her car.

8:58 A.M.
Jack finds Chevensky's office and pulls his gun on the man,
demanding to know why Palmer was killed. Nathanson's men set off
a bomb to explode their van. Jack hears the noise and looks into
the hallway. As he steps away, Chevensky takes a poison pill.

8:59 A.M.
The men fire machine guns into the air and kill the guards in the
terminal. Derek is one of the hostages along with the other
passengers. Jack sees the commotion from the hallway. "You will
not be harmed as long as your President complies with our
wishes," one of the men announces.

Chloe is lead into CTU in handcuffs.

Cummings calls Nathanson. He reports that he altered Martha's
phone conversation before the President heard it. There is no
longer any evidence that Palmer tried to warn her of the attack.
Nathanson tells him that the terminal and the hostages are
secured. The President will soon be notified of their demands.

Clock ticks.

9:00 A.M.
As commotion spreads throughout the airport, Diane is prevented
from entering the terminal. An officer hears her say that she has
information for CTU.

9:02 A.M.
The gunmen shoot one of the hostages attempting to make a cell
call. They take away all phones and pagers.

9:03 A.M.
The terrorists cannot find their contact, Chevensky. Jack
overhears them speaking in Russian.

9:04 A.M.
The leader of the terrorists, Beresch, phones the airport police
and warns them not to enter the terminal. He threatens to
detonate all of his men's explosive vests, killing the captives.
The police drop back, but the airport officer asks for Diane to
be brought forward.

9:05 A.M.
When the gunmen move out of Chevensky's office, Jack climbs up
a luggage rack to enter the air ducts from a ceiling tile.

9:06 A.M.
After Suvarov arrives safely, CTU and the Secret Service relax
their security around the summit. Buchanan learns that the
assassin's body was found at the refinery, as Chloe had claimed.
This proves Jack's innocence.

9:07 A.M.
Suddenly, Buchanan gets a call from Jack. Audrey asks to listen
in. Jack explains that he is in the Ontario Airport where a group
of gunmen have taken hostages. Spenser gives Buchanan
confirmation that this is true. Jack had followed a lead and
believes this is connected to Palmer. Buchanan orders Jack out.
"I don't work for you," Jack says sternly. He provides
intelligence on the terrorists from the inside, and sends cell
phone photos of the men. Jack asks Buchanan to look out for Diane
and Derek Huxley, whom he sent to CTU.

9:08 A.M.
Novick and Cummings pull Logan aside to brief him on the hostage
situation. CTU thinks this is connected to the summit. Logan
apologizes to Suvarov.

9:10 A.M.
Spenser sends Jack's phone a schematic of the terminal. When
Edgar can't match the faces from Jack's photos, the imprisoned
Chloe interjects with a tip. Buchanan realizes that he needs her
expertise and he allows her to work during the crisis. He'll deal
with her violations later.

9:11 A.M.
Edgar finds an ID on Beresch, a former officer of a Russian
breakaway republic. Chloe starts working on more matches. They
turn on the news for a live feed from the terrorists at the

9:12 A.M.
On video, a masked Beresch demands that the anti-terrorism summit
with the Russian president be called off. He wants his people to
have a "true national sovereignty".

9:13 A.M.
Logan watches the news and is furious. He has staked his entire
Administration on this summit. Novick asks him to take a few
moments to think it through, but Logan orders an immediate fix so
that he can continue with the summit.

9:14 A.M.
Curtis takes a CTU chopper to the airport. He phones Jack, who
gives him the details on what he sees inside. Jack overhears an
officer tell Curtis that Diane Huxley has information. Jack asks
to speak to her.

9:15 A.M.
Diane tells Jack that Derek went back into the terminal. Jack
pulls out a pair of binoculars and finds Derek in the crowd of
huddled hostages. Derek is not hurt. Jack promises to return
Derek safely. Jack then asks Curtis to take Diane back to the
command post.

9:16 A.M.
Clock ticks.

9:21 A.M.
Buchanan briefs the President's team. Logan is unyielding in
wanting the terrorists caught before the treaty is to be signed.
Buchanan says that they must be prepared to face civilian
casualties. Logan doesn't accept this. He grants CTU authority to
extend an offer to the terrorists.

9:22 A.M.
Chloe back traces the phone number from Beresch's call to the
police. Buchanan gets Beresch on the line and offers to make
a peaceful resolution. Beresch asserts that the American
president denounce the treaty. He hangs up on Buchanan.

9:23 A.M.
Beresch takes one of the hostages, and Jack reports this to
Curtis. Beresch puts on the mask and shoots the civilian in front
of the camera fed to the news. Logan and Novick recoil in horror.
Cummings is unusually calm.

9:24 A.M.
Beresch grabs Derek from the crowd and places him in front of the
camera. From the command post, Diane sees Derek on the feed. She
reacts frantically and the agents must pull her away.

9:25 A.M.
Beresch announces to the camera that the American president has
15 minutes before he will kill Derek. Jack presses Curtis to
accelerate the assault, but Curtis cannot risk the entire
operation for one person. Jack says that he will not jeopardize
the mission.

9:26 A.M.
Clock ticks.

9:31 A.M.
Martha watches the news reports and realizes that this is all
connected to Palmer. Her aide Evelyn is concerned with her
obsessive reaction, but Martha insists that Palmer had called her
about this. She tells Evelyn that someone altered the tape of her
conversation. Martha implores Evelyn to cover for her and she

9:32 A.M.
Jack calls Chloe and is surprised that she has answered. He sends
a photo of another hostile and has her do a close-up of the
man's vest. There is a second detonator on it. They realize that
it's wireless, and can probably be set off by a cell phone held
by the leader. Jack asks Chloe to find that detonation frequency.
Jack admits that he hasn't cleared this with Buchanan, but he
needs her help to save Derek.

9:33 A.M.
Chloe asks Spenser to reconfigure Jack's phone so that it emits
an alternate signal. Spenser has the best bandwidth processing
experience. Chloe admits that this is off protocol, but she says
that she needs him. Spenser handles switching Jack to the
detonator frequency. Edgar watches this all go down.

9:34 A.M.
Secret Service Agent Pierce goes to pick up Martha. Evelyn
pretends that the First Lady is in a bad mood and asks him to

9:35 A.M.
Martha slips into the men's room of the tech office. She
approaches a communications officer named Burk as he's at the
urinal. She asks about the recorded phone calls. Although the
written transcripts are stored, a proper security clearance is
required to access them. Martha unbuttons her top and jostles her
stockings. She threatens to scream. Burk quickly hands her his
security card. She sweetly says she will return it.

9:37 A.M.
Clock ticks.

9:42 A.M.
Chloe and Spenser cannot find the manufacturer of the detonator.
They are running out of time.

9:43 A.M.
Curtis lays out his attack plan for Buchanan. Meanwhile, Derek
pleads for his life to Beresch.

9:44 A.M.
Beresch calls Buchanan and threatens to kill the boy, whose blood
will be on the President's hands.

Spenser finds the manufacturer of the detonator, and Chloe gives
Jack instructions on how to set it off.

9:45 A.M.
As Beresch prepares to kill Derek, Jack waits impatiently for the
signal to go through on his phone. Beresch chambers a round at
Derek's head. Before he can fire, Jack explodes one of the men's
vests. Beresch runs after the sound, ordering his men to keep the
exits secure. Curtis can't figure out what happened.

Buchanan calls Jack, who confesses that he was responsible for
the man's exploding vest. Buchanan holds his anger. Jack gives
Curtis the terrorists' change in formation.

9:46 A.M.
Buchanan reassures Logan that, even with the explosion, the
situation is under control. He tells the President that Jack is
actually alive and has acted independently to stop the death of
a hostage. Jack may have been framed for Palmer's murder. Logan
is furious that he wasn't told about these updates earlier and he
demands to know everything. Cummings hears that Jack is working
inside the airport.

9:48 A.M.
Clock ticks.

9:52 A.M.
With his charge not ready, Agent Pierce opens Martha's door.
Evelyn tries to cover, but Pierce says it will be her fault if
Martha is harmed. He wants to know where she is. Meanwhile, in
the storage room, Martha discovers the paper transcript of the
phone conversation.

9:53 A.M.
Curtis assembles his assault team into place. He confirms to
Diane that Derek is alive.

9:54 A.M.
Agent Pierce takes Martha from the storage room to escort her to
the event. Martha hands Burk his card. Evelyn apologizes, but
Martha whispers that she got what she came for.

9:55 A.M.
Cummings calls Nathanson with news that Jack is inside the
terminal providing reconnaissance for CTU. Their rescue operation
is set to launch any minute. He says that Jack was responsible
for setting off the detonation in the vest. Jack also has
a connection to Derek, one of the hostages. Cummings hangs up
when Agent Pierce arrives. Pierce informs him that he found
Martha in an archive storage room. Cummings panics.

9:56 A.M.
Jack relays the gunmen's positioning to Curtis. Curtis counts
down to his attack launch. Nathanson calls Beresch and tells him
about Jack.

9:57 A.M.
Jack sees Beresch pull out a laptop. Suddenly, Jack's phone is
blast with a digital noise. He loses connection with CTU. With no
idea of where the terrorists have positioned, Curtis is forced to
abort the operation.

9:58 A.M.
Beresch calls out to Jack on the loud speaker, commanding him to
show himself in order to save Derek.

9:59 A.M.
Jack appears and puts down his weapon. The gunmen secure him.

Clock ticks.

10:00 A.M.
Neither Curtis nor Buchanan is able to make contact with Jack.
They assume he's been captured or killed. Curtis must reconfigure
his assault plan.

10:01 A.M.
Beresch addresses Jack by name, and asks him what CTU's plan is.
Jack answers that CTU is waiting for his signal to attack. Jack
emphasizes that the U.S does not negotiate with terrorists, but
Beresch knows that Logan is weak. Beresch pushes Derek aside and
asks for another hostage. His henchman picks up a man wearing a
yellow tie, but Beresch does not want him. The henchman takes
another one. Jack begs Beresch to allow him to buy more time
before he kills another innocent victim.

10:04 A.M.
The White House gets word that CTU lost contact with Jack. They
watch as another hostage is shot in front of the camera. Beresch
accuses Logan of signing a "corrupt" treaty with the blood of
hostages. The President is horrified, and he offers to postpone
the summit in order to save the people. Cummings advises Logan to
stay on course because the terrorists will never release the

10:06 A.M.
Evelyn encourages Martha to show Logan the paper transcript that
will prove the Palmer phone conversation was doctored. Knowing
that her husband is preoccupied and that he believes she is
unstable, Martha wants to wait until after the treaty is signed.
She slips the paper into her bra for safe keeping.

10:07 A.M.
Curtis tells Diane that he doesn't know whether Jack and Derek
are safe.

10:08 A.M.
Beresch watches a news report about the President moving ahead
with the treaty. He orders Jack to convince CTU that he has
revised the assault plan to another entry. Beresch threatens to
kill Derek.

10:09 A.M.
Lynn McGill from District arrives at CTU and abruptly assumes
control over the chain of command. He even takes Buchanan's

10:11 A.M.
Forced by Beresch, Jack calls CTU and explains that he was forced
to end the earlier transmission. Jack tells Curtis to set up in
another exit. He stresses that he is in "flank two" position.
Buchanan and Curtis make changes to their plans.

10:12 A.M.
Clock ticks.

10:17 A.M.
Curtis lets Buchanan know he needs another fifteen minutes to
reposition. McGill summons Buchanan up to his office. He wants to
review the playbook before he approves the mission. Buchanan
bristles, but agrees.

10:19 A.M.
Beresch believes that the White House is not giving in because
they think they have an option with CTU's attack. Derek blames
himself for Jack getting captured. "This is not over," Jack says
with certainty.

10:20 A.M.
Novick brings the President the good news that CTU regained
contact with Jack. Even though the mission is proceeding, Logan
isn't convinced that the hostages won't be killed.

10:21 A.M.
Logan walks out to meet Suvarov and he tells him that the rescue
attempt will move forward. Suvarov says that if they are both
unable to deal with these terrorists, then the treaty will become
a mockery.

10:22 A.M.
Cummings asks Evelyn about Martha retrieving a document with
highly sensitive intelligence protocols. Evelyn says that it was
only a transcript of a call with Palmer. Cummings threatens
Evelyn with prosecution for aiding a criminal act. She tells him
that Martha has the document inside her blouse.

10:23 A.M.
Logan worries about CTU's ability to bring down the terrorists in
the short time he has before the treaty will be signed.

10:24 A.M.
CTU watches as Logan arrives at the stage a minute ahead of
schedule. When Chloe asks if they should warn Curtis, Buchanan
snaps at her. She thinks that Buchanan is convinced they won't be
able to save the hostages.

Clock ticks.

10:29 A.M.
Logan addresses the hostage situation to the reporters. He is
emphatic that they will not let the terrorists win.

10:30 A.M.
Novick checks in with Buchanan, who asks him to slow down the
ceremony. Novick refuses.

10:31 A.M.
Beresch guarantees Nathanson that everything will go according to
plan. The White House is under the false impression that their
assault will save the hostages. Nathanson warns him to carry out
the threat regardless of whether the treaty is signed.

10:32 A.M.
McGill questions Buchanan on the sudden attack alterations. He is
suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Jack's decision.
McGill wants to review all the transcripts of Jack's phone

10:33 A.M.
As Curtis gets his teams ready to attack, McGill asks Chloe to
unlock a node in the call logs. She is rude to him, and complains
to Spenser that he is a hindrance. Spenser says that McGill is
known for firing much of his own staff for incompetence.

10:34 A.M.
One of Beresch's men finds Chevensky's dead body and the keycard
he was hiding. Jack sees Beresch discreetly pass the keycard to
the male hostage in the yellow tie. The man pockets the card and
pretends to huddle in fear with the others.

10:35 A.M.
Clock ticks.

10:39 A.M.
Beresch has Jack answer his ringing cell phone, where Curtis lets
Jack know that his teams are in place. Jack reiterates that he is
in the "flank two" position. Jack hesitates and then finally
gives Curtis the green light to move in. Curtis counts down
a minute to launch, not knowing that bombs are set up where his
men are about to enter.

10:40 A.M.
McGill rushes into the CTU situation room and demands that the
assault be stopped. He found that Jack was using a code to
indicate that an agent is making a communication under duress.
Although nothing came up on the filters, McGill points out that
"flank two" was the code back when Jack was an active agent.
Chloe confirms this, and Buchanan tells Curtis to abort and go
back to the original set up.

10:42 A.M.
Beresch doesn't understand why CTU is late in attacking. He makes
Jack call CTU, and Buchanan tells Jack that there was
a malfunction. They will be ready to launch the attack any

10:43 A.M.
As Logan and Suvarov sign the treaty, Nathanson calls Beresch.
Nathanson orders him to kill all the hostages because it is now
too late. Suddenly, the wall where Beresch's men are waiting for
CTU explodes. The men fire back but there's no one there. CTU
SWAT teams attack from behind and take out the gunmen.

10:44 A.M.
Jack grabs a gun from one of the men and starts shooting. Jack
hits Beresch in the hand to wound him before he can commit
suicide. Beresch makes his way to one of his fallen men and
detonates the vest. He is dead. Curtis alerts CTU that they have
secured the terminal. The remaining hostages are unharmed.

10:45 A.M.
Novick passes the good news to President Logan, who makes an
announcement to the press. "The rescue operation that
I authorized was successful," he boasts.

10:46 A.M.
Jack hugs Derek. "I have to finish this," he says before sending
him to the command post. Jack looks among the hostages and
realizes that the man with the yellow tie is gone.

10:47 A.M.
Clock ticks.

10:52 A.M.
A tearful Derek reunites with his mother. He tells her that Jack
saved not only his life but all the hostages' lives. Diane asks
an agent if she can see Jack, but the agent has instructions to
escort them back to CTU.

As soon as the treaty is signed, Martha urgently requests a few
minutes alone with Logan. He promises to speak to her after the
ceremony. She demands to be paid attention to, exclaiming that
she is not crying wolf. "Do not ruin this moment for me," Logan
dismisses. Cummings approaches the distraught Martha, who
helplessly says that the situation is more dangerous than the
President knows. Cummings presses her for information, but she
will only talk to her husband.

10:54 A.M.
Buchanan apologizes to McGill for brushing him aside because his
thoroughness helped save the day. McGill asserts that it was
Buchanan's insistence about Jack's integrity caused him to double
check. Yet McGill still wants Jack taken into custody because he
hasn't been fully cleared of Palmer and Michelle's deaths. Audrey
pipes in that the evidence and Chloe's testimony prove that he is
innocent, but McGill notes that the video surveillance of Jack
near the assassination site was not doctored. McGill orders Jack
to be brought in for questioning.

10:55 A.M.
Jack tells Curtis about the missing hostage with a keycard who
was working with the terrorist. Curtis has been ordered to bring
Jack into custody.

10:57 A.M.
The man with the yellow tie enters a subterranean tunnel below
a hangar. He shows his keycard to a gunman and tells him that
Chevensky is dead. The two climb into a hole drilled into the
floor where a giant metal holding container is kept. The yellow
tie man inserts his keycard and the top is opened to reveal
several canisters with biohazard sign. The gunman checks the
canisters if they are not leaking. The yellow tie man calls
Nathanson and says that they are moving the canisters out.

10:58 A.M.
Cummings slips into Martha's room and grabs her from behind,
putting a chloroform-soaked cloth over her mouth. Martha's
screams are muffled and she loses consciousness. Cummings takes
the paper transcript from her bra.

Clock ticks.

11:00 A.M.
The yellow tie man and his team transfer the canisters into
a fake police SWAT van. They pull out of the hangar and exit the
highly guarded airport.

11:02 A.M.
As Jack is being driven to CTU, he gets a call from Curtis who
inquires about the yellow tie man's possible location for escape.

11:03 A.M.
Evelyn is alarmed to find Martha passed out on the bed.

11:04 A.M.
Curtis pulls up security footage from outside the terminal and he
sees the yellow tie man fleeing to a hangar outside the security
zone. He goes there.

11:06 A.M.
When Curtis enters the hangar, no one's there. He sees the hole
left by the canisters. Curtis finds dead rats on the ground and
he calls for forensics and biohazards to come in and inspect the

11:07 A.M.
The yellow tie man moves the canisters to another truck. He tells
his cohort Hank that "the Russians will finally understand the
consequences of occupying our homeland." The plan is to bomb

11:08 A.M.
Logan comes to see his wife, who is groggy. She tries to explain
to the doctor and Logan that someone knocked her out. Martha
tells Logan that she had proof that Palmer called her to warn her
about the day's events. The document was hidden inside her blouse
but it was stolen. The President still doesn't believe her.

11:10 A.M.
Cummings advises Logan to send Martha back to a treatment
facility in Vermont. Her conspiracy theories may leak to the
media. Logan agrees to have her committed.

11:11 A.M.
Cummings assures Nathanson that Jack is en route to CTU. Cummings
will take care of killing Jack because he has a mole on the

11:12 A.M.
Clock ticks.

11:16 A.M.
After getting confirmation from Curtis, Edgar lets Buchanan know
that traces of weaponized nerve gas were found at the hangar.
McGill orders forensics to figure out who manufactured it.

11:17 A.M.
Martha's doctor tells Logan that he has no idea why she blacked

11:18 A.M.
Novick lets the President know that a second team of terrorists
escaped from the airport with nerve gas.

11:20 A.M.
After seeing Chloe and Spenser argue, Edgar approaches her. He is
upset that she has been keeping secrets from him about Jack and
about her relationship with Spenser.

11:21 A.M.
Spenser returns a page from Cummings, who wants to know when Jack
will arrive at CTU.

11:22 A.M.
McGill has Audrey question Diane Huxley because CTU is
overextended. He is aware that the two women have something in

11:23 A.M.
Diane and Derek arrive at CTU. Audrey sends Derek to medical to
be checked out. Diane is impressed by Jack's former office. She
asks Audrey if she knew Jack before.

11:24 A.M.
Clock ticks.

11:28 A.M.
Everyone at CTU stops in their tracks when Jack walks in. He
thanks Chloe for her help. McGill gives Jack a level two
clearance and says that he is no longer a suspect in Palmer's
murder. He also updates him on the nerve gas discovery. McGill
agrees with Jack that Palmer knew about the terrorist plot and
was killed because of it.

11:30 A.M.
Buchanan tells Jack that Audrey is interviewing Diane.

11:31 A.M.
Audrey questions Diane on her personal relationship with Jack.
Diane knew that Jack had secrets, but she "accepted him for who
he was." They stop talking when they see Jack outside. He and
Audrey share a look.

11:33 A.M.
Audrey goes out of the office to see Jack for the first time. He
says that he kept her in the dark for her own protection. Audrey
explains that she was angry at first, but that she doesn't blame
him for Paul's death anymore.

11:34 A.M.
Evelyn is concerned when Cummings has her pack Martha's
belongings. Cummings refuses to tell her where she is going.

11:35 A.M.
From the tech room's monitors, Spenser sees Jack in the CTU
hallway. Chloe comes in to explain to Spenser why she was abrupt.
Spenser walks out annoyed. Chloe sees that Spenser had been
logged in at a level five security clearance. She senses
something isn't right. Edgar confirms that Spenser only has
a level three clearance. She asks Edgar to notify Buchanan

11:37 A.M.
Hank, the accomplice of Walt Cummings, arrives at CTU posing as
a computer repairman. Spenser runs out and apologizes to the
guard that he was supposed to clear Hank in. Hank's bag goes
through x-ray. It has tools in it.

11:38 A.M.
Spenser leads Hank into the tech room, and shows him where the
classified material on Jack is held. Hank gets to work assembling
a gun out of the various pieces in his bag.

11:39 A.M.
Clock ticks.

11:43 A.M.
Evelyn tells Martha that Cummings ordered her to pack her things
because she's going somewhere. Martha realizes that her husband
is having her committed.

11:45 A.M.
Spenser is alarmed when his system is locked. Edgar watches
smugly as two security guards apprehend Spenser.

11:46 A.M.
Spenser is brought to the situation room where Chloe and Buchanan
are waiting. Buchanan accuses him of unauthorized access of
classified files. Chloe wants to know why he seduced her. Spenser
tells Buchanan that he was careless with Chloe and now she is
trying to get back at him. Buchanan doesn't buy it.

11:47 A.M.
Logan and Cummings go to Martha's room, but she has disappeared
out the bathroom window. Agent Pierce radios to the other agents
to look for her.

11:48 A.M.
Clock ticks.

11:53 A.M.
Jack confirms to McGill that no one other than Palmer, Tony,
Michelle and Chloe knew that he was alive. He explains that he
faked his own death because Palmer warned him that someone inside
Logan's Administration was targeting him. Jack thinks that
whoever tried to kill him eighteen months ago is after him again.
McGill notes that it would take months to weed out someone in the
Administration. They are interrupted by a call from medical. Tony
is conscious and wants to speak to Jack.

11:54 A.M.
Derek stops Jack as he's heading to medical and apologizes for
the way he has treated him. Jack knows that Derek was only
protecting his mother. Jack promises to talk to him once this is
all over.

11:55 A.M.
Spenser refuses to confess how he got a higher security
clearance. Edgar pulls up Spenser's system and sees that he was
tracking Jack inside CTU. Spenser says that he was only following

11:56 A.M.
As Tony lies in the medical bed, Jack leans down to speak to him.
In the glare of the heart monitor, he sees an armed Hank behind
him. Jack reacts and is able to knock the gun down. They fight,
and Jack forces a pair of scissors into Hank's throat.

11:57 A.M.
Hearing gunshots, Buchanan rushes in with the guards. Jack knows
that this hit man was a professional. Buchanan tells him about
Spenser, and Jack orders someone to monitor Tony.

11:58 A.M.
Jack goes to the situation room and pulls up surveillance from
the medical wing. He makes Spenser see the image of a dead Hank.
Jack demands to know if Spenser let him into CTU. Spenser says he
was part of an internal affairs investigation and Hank was
supposed to put taps on the servers. He seems confused to hear
that Jack was to be assassinated. "Who told you to let that man
into CTU?" Jack sneers. Spenser answers that Cummings from the
White House recruited him to monitor whether CTU was working
within the rules. Spenser was under the impression that he was
serving the President.

11:59 A.M.
Jack, McGill and Buchanan decipher that Cummings was responsible
for Palmer and is now after Jack. McGill warns that CTU cannot
touch the President's chief of staff. "I'm not CTU," Jack says.
"I'll go get Walt Cummings myself."

Clock ticks.

12:00 P.M.
Buchanan and McGill are hesitant to arrest Cummings. Jack intends
to go directly to Novick, who can be trusted. Since Jack no
longer works there, the plan won't backfire on CTU. McGill gives
in with the stipulation that Jack doesn't make this revenge for
Palmer's death.

12:02 P.M.
Audrey apologizes to Jack for being so distant. It will take time
for her to get used to seeing him alive.

12:03 P.M.
Cummings cannot confirm whether Jack is dead, but Nathanson says
that the nerve gas is on its way to the port.

12:04 P.M.
The yellow tie man and an accomplice named Schaeffer arrange
shipping the canisters to Moscow.

12:05 P.M.
Logan is furious that Martha hasn't been found yet. He is shown
a video made by the terrorists to show how the nerve gas causes
permanent nerve damage within minutes. Yet the nerve gas stolen
from the airport is far more lethal than the one in the video.
Novick excuses himself when he gets a text message from Jack.
Cummings watches him nervously, wondering if it's news of Jack's

12:06 P.M.
Novick calls back Jack, who says he has a lead on the nerve gas
but that he wants it kept secret from the President. Novick is
alarmed when Jack adds that it concerns Cummings. Novick agrees
to meet him.

12:07 P.M.
Jack tells Diane and Derek that he needs to stay on to help CTU.
Diane knows that Jack isn't coming back to her, and she asks if
it's because of Audrey. Jack says that he is still in love with
Audrey even though he doesn't know if she feels the same way. He
kisses Diane goodbye.

12:09 P.M.
Cummings and Nathanson listen to the playback of Jack and
Novick's phone conversation. Nathanson blames Cummings for not
getting the job done inside CTU. He orders Cummings to kill Jack
when he comes to the retreat.

12:10 P.M.
Clock ticks.

12:14 P.M.
Secret Service Agent Pierce finds Martha in the stables on the
property. She pleads with him to help her because they are
setting her up. She says that someone inside the Administration
is trying to shut her up because she knows the truth. The other
agents come in to apprehend her.

12:16 A.M.
Audrey confirms to Buchanan that all airports have been alerted
without mention of chemical weapons.

12:17 P.M.
Inside the freight unit container, Schaeffer secretly attaches
a handheld device to the canisters and triggers an unlock code.
He exits the container and bumps into the yellow tie man.
Schaeffer tells him that he only was securing the canisters, but
yellow tie man is suspicious.

12:18 P.M.
Diane asks Audrey if she still has feelings for Jack. Audrey is
shocked to learn that Jack still loves her. "If you don't love
him, let him go," Diane cautions.

12:19 P.M.
Audrey calls Jack. She wants to know if he is coming back to her.
Jack doesn't know what he will do next. "I never stopped loving
you, not for one second," he says.

12:20 P.M.
Agent Pierce lets Logan know that they found Martha. Pierce tries
to tell the President about Martha's claims. Logan brushes this
off as "conspiracy theories."

12:21 P.M.
Logan wonders whether sending Martha away is the right solution.
Cummings lets him know that Jack is coming to the retreat to meet
with Novick. Jack plans to accuse Cummings of helping the
terrorists acquire the nerve gas. Cummings then confesses to the
President that he leaked information to the terrorists about the
location of the nerve gas. Logan is outraged, but Cummings'
intent was to make the separatists think they will use it against
the Russians. The nerve gas will never reach Russian soil
because detonators will be triggered once the terrorists landed
at their home base. This would prove the existence of weapons of
mass destruction in Central Asia. It will allow America to
increase its military presence in the area and guarantee the flow
of oil.

12:23 P.M.
Logan calls Cummings a traitor for jeopardizing the country and
going behind his back. He then realizes that Cummings gave the
order to have Palmer killed. "That was an unfortunate, but
necessary intervention," Cummings explains. Logan demands that
the operation be stopped, but it is too late because the man
Cummings has working inside went dark. Cummings charges that if
things don't play out, Logan will be implicated and his
Presidency will be destroyed. Logan is trapped.

12:25 P.M.
Clock ticks.

12:29 P.M.
Novick meets Jack in secrecy, but a helicopter appears overhead
and the agents order Jack to surrender. Novick swears that he
didn't tell anyone, and he yells to the Secret Service to stand
down. The agents are under order from the President to arrest
Jack. They handcuff him.

12:31 P.M.
With Jack now in custody, he was prevented from telling Novick
anything. Cummings will make it look like Jack was leaking
information of national security to Novick. Logan considers that
others at CTU are aware of what Jack knows, but Cummings covered
his bases so that the nerve gas explosion can't be traced back to
them. Logan demands assurance that the canisters will be
destroyed before reaching Russian soil. Cummings wants the
President to grant him the authority to remove CTU from the
investigation. Logan helplessly gives him the power.

12:33 P.M.
Martha tries contacting Logan, but he ignores her.

The Secret Service brings Jack and Novick to the main building of
the retreat. Agent Pierce makes eye contact with Jack, and
questions an underling why Jack was arrested. The agent says that
Cummings directed it.

12:34 P.M.
CTU is confused when it is pulled off the terrorist
investigation. The President won't take McGill's call, and both
Jack and Novick are unreachable. Buchanan senses that something
is wrong and he suggests they disregard the order. McGill
refuses, and Buchanan demeans his experience and says that is
because he doesn't know any better. McGill calmly asks Buchanan
to step outside. Buchanan apologies to McGill for being out of
line, but he still stands by his recommendation. Buchanan advises
him to make decisions faster. They need to do everything they can
to stop the terrorists. McGill agrees to disregard the White
House order.

12:35 P.M.
Evelyn packs for the First Lady. Martha wonders aloud what
happened with her relationship with Logan. She used to be his
closest confidante.

12:36 P.M.
Agent Pierce comes in the holding room to move Jack to
a detention facility. Jack tries appealing to Pierce's friendship
with Palmer. He explains that Palmer was killed because he was
about to expose Cummings of helping the terrorists attack. It was
Cummings who ordered the assassination of Palmer. Pierce says
that the First Lady also believes someone inside the
Administration was involved. Jack implores him to protect the
President because a coup d'etat is going on. Jack begs Pierce for

12:38 P.M.
Clock ticks.

12:43 P.M.
Pierce has a subordinate agent radio in that Jack has escaped.

12:44 P.M.
Cummings gets word that CTU hasn't stopped working on the
terrorist crisis. He urges the President to call McGill off.
Suddenly, Pierce enters with Jack. Jack accuses Cummings of
working against the country. Cummings tries to flee but Jack
pummels him. Logan urges Pierce to intervene, but Pierce says he
is only protecting the President. Jack lays out all of Cummings'
crimes, including leaking the nerve gas and the killing of
Palmer. "I know about that," Logan explains to Jack's horror.
Jack draws a knife to Cummings' face and threatens to cut out
each eye in order to get him to confess where the nerve gas is.
Knowing Jack's penchant for torture, Cummings gives up that the
nerve gas is hidden on a boat from Long Beach.

12:46 P.M.
Jack calls Buchanan and puts Logan on speaker phone. He lays out
the details of the shipment. Logan confirms for Buchanan that CTU
should take lead on the investigation.

Jack places his badge on the table and offers to turn himself in
to the authorities. Pierce does the same. Logan orders Pierce to
take back his shield and get Cummings out of his sight.

12:47 P.M.
Logan explains to Jack how he was coerced. Cummings had lied to
him and said it was too late. Yet the international issues from
the previous year are still pressing. "The fact that you're alive
presents problems for both of us," Logan says. Jack's only
intention was to find Palmer's killer. He wants to see the
terrorist threat through, but promises to disappear once it's
done. Logan is satisfied, and then shakes his hand, thanking him.

12:49 P.M.
Clock ticks.

12:53 P.M.
Evelyn puts Martha in a car, but a Secret Service agent stops her
before she can drive off. Logan comes to retrieve her, and tells
her that she was right about the conspiracy. He explains that
Cummings lied to him and convinced him to send her to the clinic.
She is still angry that Logan went along with it. Logan is pulled
away by an aide, and he kisses his wife softly on the cheek.

12:55 P.M.
Chloe finds information on the only ship leaving for Central
Asia. Edgar narrows down which container the nerve gas could be

12:56 P.M.
Buchanan sends Jack an image of the yellow tie man, whose real
name is Ivan Erwich. He was a chemical engineer who joined his
country's separatist movement. Buchanan wants Jack to ID him for
the strike team.

12:57 P.M.
CTU and the President watch the feed from the strike team at the
port. The gas mask-wearing agents raid the container. They find
a dead Schaeffer. The canisters are gone from their holding bins.

12:58 P.M.
Jack has Cummings brought back in to see the video. Cummings
swears that he doesn't know what happened to the canisters.
Cummings identifies Schaeffer as his inside man. "They must
know," Cummings says.

12:59 P.M.
Cummings' cell phone rings, and he sees that it's Schaeffer's
number. Jack has CTU monitor the call and he makes Cummings
answer. It's Erwich, the yellow tie man, who says that Schaeffer
confessed everything. Cummings tells Erwich that this was an
unsanctioned act and that no one else, including the President,
was involved. "Your country is about to pay a very steep price,"
Erwich warns.

Clock ticks.

1:00 P.M.
Cummings explains to Jack and Logan that a man named Nathanson
recruited him. They were acting as patriots to secure oil
interests. Chloe tracks Nathanson but his line has been
disconnected. The terrorists are now operating on their own. Jack
believes Cummings' story.

1:04 P.M.
Logan doesn't know what to do next, but Jack verifies that CTU
will take over. If Jack needs to disappear again, he doesn't want
his daughter to know that he is still alive. Logan asks Jack to
serve the office of the President even though he is not Palmer.
He wants to reinstate Jack, regardless of what political
ramifications will occur. Their urgent need is to recover the
nerve gas before millions are killed.

1:05 P.M.
One of Erwich's men cannot figure out how to arm the canisters
after Schaeffer locked them. He urges Erwich to forget about
retaliation against the Americans because their true enemy is the
Russians. Erwich warns him not to disobey orders.

1:06 P.M.
McGill's sister Jenny calls him from a payphone asking for $500.
He is annoyed, but she swears she is not using drugs anymore.
McGill won't let her come to CTU to get the money because he is
embarrassed of her. Jenny threatens to hurt herself, so McGill
agrees to meet her in a parking lot across from the office.

1:08 P.M.
CTU learns that the canisters are useless without the detonation

Erwich gets a call from a man named Jacob Rossler, who has been
asked to help him reconfigure the activation device. Rossler
needs Erwich to cut into the canisters in order to get the
identification keys so that he can set up new remote triggers.

1:09 P.M.
Buchanan lets Audrey know that President Logan has reinstated
Jack with full autonomy and access. Chloe gets a tap on Erwich's
phone and she plays back his conversation with Rossler. Edgar
traces the call to a landline in downtown Los Angeles.

1:10 P.M.
Buchanan calls Jack, who is in a helicopter, with the location of
Rossler. Rossler is a software programmer who was indicted for
high security code infiltration. Jack asks for schematics of the
building and for Curtis to meet him there with a small team.

1:11 P.M.
Chloe alerts Buchanan that the security system in Rossler's
building uses a proprietary technology that is hard to hack into.
She wants Spenser to help because he has more experience with it
than her and Edgar combined. Edgar thinks this is a bad idea
because Spenser had been spying on them. Buchanan relents on the
condition that Spenser wears a security wristband.

1:12 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey. He asks her to call his daughter Kim and bring
her to CTU. He wants to tell her that he is alive in person.

1:13 P.M.
Erwich enters an auto body shop and threatens to kill a mechanic
unless he helps them cut some metal.

Clock ticks.

1:18 P.M.
Although Martha is still agitated with her husband, she doesn't
want to fight. She thinks he will need her because things are
going to get rough for him. She slaps him, cautioning, "Don't you
ever do that to me again."

1:19 P.M.
Novick comes in, and Logan apologizes to both him and Martha. The
President wants to discuss the Cummings problem with Martha
present. Novick thinks they can cover up Cummings' involvement in
Palmer's murder to protect the credibility of the office of the
President. Martha is appalled, and she insists that the American
public doesn't like being lied to. Logan agrees and asks her to
help draw up a press statement for him.

1:21 P.M.
Spenser is brought of out holding. He tries to thank Chloe for
having him reinstated, but she says that she only needs his help
with hacking. She does not forgive him.

1:22 P.M.
Curtis and his team meet Jack's chopper on the roof of Rossler's
building. Chloe radios to Jack as Spenser monitors the men
guarding Rossler. Jack wants Spenser to shut down the security
cameras so that he can enter, but the cameras can only be
disrupted for sixty seconds because they will reboot themselves.

1:23 P.M.
With the mechanic ready, Rossler gives Erwich instructions on how
to cut the canister.

1:24 P.M.
Spenser overrides the security cameras at Rossler's building so
that Jack and Curtis can raid the premises. A guard alerts
Rossler that there might be a breach with a warning to remain in
his office.

1:25 P.M.
As the elevator reaches the penthouse, Chloe lets Jack know that
there are men with automatic weapons on the floor. Jack and
Curtis come out firing when the door opens. Curtis is hit in his
flak jacket, so Jack proceeds to Rossler's office.

Jack shoots Rossler in the leg. Rossler tosses his handgun. Jack
orders his backup teams to come in. Chloe says that there is
someone else in the penthouse, so Curtis covers Rossler.

1:27 P.M.
Jack finds a young girl with bruises hiding in the bedroom. In
her Russian accent, she says that her name is Inessa and Rossler
was keeping her captive.

Clock ticks.

1:32 P.M.
Erwich gives the mechanic directions to cut the metal but
doesn't tell him what is inside when the man questions him.
Erwich recalls how his wife is in a prison and his son is being
held in a state-run facility. "This is about justice, about
ending tyranny," Erwich says, explaining that the government is
his enemy. The mechanic begins slicing the canister.

1:34 P.M.
Jack leads Inessa out of bedroom, promising that he will help
her. He tells the medic not to give Rossler any pain medication
for his wound.

1:35 P.M.
Jack handles the interrogation while CTU listens in, but Rossler
is unyielding. Jack even has Curtis step on Rossler's wound.

1:36 P.M.
Rossler demands full immunity, his assets sent to a foreign
country and Inessa to be given to him. Jack says no, and he has
Curtis inflict pain on the man some more.

1:37 P.M.
McGill radios Jack and orders him to accept the deal. McGill
tells Buchanan to make sure that Jack follows the plan while he
steps out.

1:38 P.M.
Jack begrudgingly tells Rossler that he will be granted his
conditions. Rossler wants the agreement signed by the Attorney
General. He will only talk when he sees the document.

Clock ticks.

1:43 P.M.
Rossler tells Jack that he only first talked to Erwich a half
hour ago. He was put in touch with him by a Russian associate who
is a commander in the resistance army. Erwich will be calling him
back with the identification keys in the canisters so that he can
reprogram the trigger with an updated chip. Rossler is going to
deliver the chip to him at a location Erwich decides. Rossler
won't turn over the chip to Jack until he sees the paperwork
granting his freedom.

Jack calls Buchanan, who says that the Attorney General will be
sending the papers in a few minutes. CTU hasn't found much on
Inessa, who is fifteen and was listed as missing from Kiev. Jack
tells Rossler that he can't take Inessa. Rossler calls it a deal

1:45 P.M.
Chloe is uncomfortable as she directs Spenser to hand his work
over to Edgar. Spenser wants to keep working, but Chloe is
adamant that his reinstatement is over now that Rossler is in
custody. Spenser is escorted out by guards. Edgar tries to
console Chloe for doing the right thing. "Shut up, Edgar," she

1:46 P.M.
Martha thinks Logan should take responsibility for Cummings'
actions and offer swift punishment. Logan is happy to work with
his wife again. Novick calls and urgently asks the President to
meet him in the hallway.

1:47 P.M.
The mechanic opens the canister so that Erwich can make out the
LED numbers of the ID keys.

1:48 P.M.
As the Secret Service cuts the strap that Cummings has hanged
himself with, Logan and Martha enter, horrified.

Clock ticks.

1:52 P.M.
McGill goes outside and meets up with his sister Jenny. He hands
her the number of a doctor who can help her. Suddenly, a guy
jumps out and punches McGill, taking his wallet. Jenny apologizes
to her brother and leaves with the man.

1:54 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey to find out if she contacted Kim. Audrey
promises to try her again.

Inessa asks Jack when she can return home. He carefully explains
that he needs her to go with Rossler, but that agents will follow
her and take her away from him. Jack swears that he won't let
anything happen to her, but Inessa doesn't trust him. "You are no
different from Rossler," she says.

1:56 P.M.
After the mechanic finishes cutting open the last canister,
Erwich calmly shoots him. One of the men inputs all the codes
into a PDA. Erwich orders them to load all the canisters back
into the truck.

1:57 P.M.
Erwich calls Rossler's number from his sat phone. Jack has
Rossler answer, and Erwich sends him the codes over text message.
Rossler says he can have the chip ready in ten minutes. Erwich
will call him back with a location.

1:58 P.M.
Jack has Rossler wired, and he takes Inessa to leave.

1:59 P.M.
Inessa pulls a gun from her shirt and plugs Rossler with two
shots. Jack lunges for the gun, but Rossler is already dead. With
Erwich calling back shortly, they have no other link to the nerve

Clock ticks.

2:00 P.M.
McGill returns to the CTU office shaken. Buchanan updates him on
Rossler's death. Erwich calls Rossler's phone and Chloe records

2:01 P.M.
Using an indistinct voice, Jack answers Rossler's phone. Erwich
gives who he thinks is Rossler the location to meet one of his
men. Curtis readies a tracking device inside the chip.

2:02 P.M.
Jack calls Buchanan. Since Erwich is sending a man who does not
know Rossler, Jack can pretend to be him. Even though this is
risky, Jack knows that it's the only way to lead them to Erwich
and the nerve gas.

2:03 P.M.
Curtis shows Jack that the chip is genuine and can detonate the
trigger. The chip also has a listening device so that CTU can
hear what's happening.

2:04 P.M.
Erwich instructs one of his men to come up with a backup plan in
case the chip doesn't let them trigger the nerve gas by remote.

2:05 P.M.
Novick suggests to Logan that they attribute Cummings' suicide to
despondency instead of labeling him a traitor. Without Cummings
to answer for what he has done, the President may be liable for
his crimes. Logan notes that Martha will have a problem with this

2:07 P.M.
Evelyn asks the First Lady about Cummings' death. Martha is
preparing a statement for the President that will lay out
everything. Evelyn still questions whether Cummings really killed
himself. Martha explains that he was a traitor.

2:09 P.M.
Curtis watches as a blue van arrives to meet Jack at the
rendezvous point. Edgar runs the plates and finds that the van
has been stolen. Jack, acting as Rossler, approaches the two men
and they show him the payment for the chip.

2:11 P.M.
As Chloe instructs him over his earwig, Jack works on the
trigger. He replaces the chip, but the men want him to accompany
them to ensure that it works. CTU listens as one of the men,
Polakov, punches Jack and throws him into the van.

2:12 P.M.
Audrey insists that CTU stop this mission. Erwich knows who Jack
is from the airport, and now he is in danger. McGill thinks this
is the only solution for grabbing Erwich. Buchanan goes along
with McGill, who orders Curtis not to interfere with the men
capturing Jack.

2:13 P.M.
Clock ticks.

2:18 P.M.
Evelyn gives Martha the press release that the President has
issued. It brands Cummings as a hero. Martha is furious and goes
to Logan's office to find out what happened. Novick explains to
her that Cummings' suicide would not allow him to face justice.
Martha accuses Logan of serving his own self-interest instead of
confessing to what really happened. The President suggests that
she be the one to tell Cummings' wife the truth when the woman
comes to collect her husband's body. Martha says that she will do
the right thing, no matter how painful.

2:20 P.M.
As Curtis follows the van, Jack tries to get information from
Polakov. Jack realizes that they have one of the nerve gas
canisters inside the van. McGill won't let Curtis intercept until
they have a visual on the canister. Chloe tracks the van heading
towards a shopping mall.

2:22 P.M.
Chloe sends schematics of the mall to the tactical teams, who are
getting into position. The men unload the canister and plan to
walk through the front door. Jack refuses to go with them because
there are hundreds of video cameras there and he only agreed to
sell them the chip. Polakov forces him to follow. Audrey radios
Jack that the tactical teams will recover the canister before
they enter the mall.

2:23 P.M.
Audrey is incredulous when McGill doesn't let the teams move in
to grab the canister. He would rather accept the damage of one
canister versus allowing the other nineteen to be released.
Audrey tries appealing to Buchanan, who decides to call the

2:24 P.M.
Jack and the two men dress as air conditioning repairmen and
enter the mall.

Clock ticks.

2:29 P.M.
CTU watches as Jack and the men are picked up on the mall
surveillance cameras. They pass a children's birthday party as
they enter the security guard area.

2:30 P.M.
Polakov shoots a security guard. They pull out a blueprint and
set about slicing open the air ducts.

2:31 P.M.
Jack listens in as CTU gets the President on the line and explain
the situation. The other nineteen canisters could be deployed in
densely populated areas like sports arenas and subway systems.
The loss of life would be great. This one canister would cause
fewer casualties.

2:32 P.M.
As Polakov and his accomplice place the canister into the duct,
Logan weighs the options. McGill and Buchanan agree that the
greater good would be served by releasing the gas in the mall,
but Audrey believes they have no right to sanction the deaths of
innocent people.

2:33 P.M.
Logan does not want to decide but only he can legally make the
call. Logan gives in to their assessment about releasing the gas
in the mall in order to nab the terrorists with the other
nineteen cans.

2:35 P.M.
McGill gives Jack the go to follow the terrorists' plan. Jack and
the men put on their gas masks. Buchanan gives Jack the unlock
code, but Jack transmits the wrong code to Polakov. McGill orders
him to provide the correct code, but Jack ignores this. The
canisters do not arm, and Jack tells Polakov that there is
nothing he can do to make it work. Polakov knock him out.

2:36 P.M.
Polakov calls Erwich and explains that they cannot arm the
canisters. He doesn't know whether to believe "Rossler." Erwich
says that they may have another way to detonate the canisters.
The men handcuff Jack to a table. CTU listens as Polakov
discusses that there may be a way to release the gas without
the remote trigger.

2:37 P.M.
Clock ticks.

2:41 P.M.
Jack wakes up and hears Polakov receiving instructions on how to
manually open the valve on the canister.

2:42 P.M.
Audrey argues with McGill about saving the children in the mall,
but McGill stands by the President's command.

2:43 P.M.
As Polakov nears completion of the detonation, they don their
masks. The partner goes to kill Jack, but Jack kicks the man off
his feet and takes his mask. Polakov flees, missing Jack's shots.
Erwich hears the gunfire. Jack grabs the keys from the dead guard
and releases his handcuff.

2:44 P.M.
Jack goes to the air duct and stops the canister from releasing
more gas. He alerts CTU that he prevented the flow, but that some
nerve gas has seeped into the air conditioning system. They
should evacuate the mall and find Polakov. Jack warns another
security guard about the gas. The man radios for emergency
procedures and an announcement is made over the PA.

2:45 P.M.
As the shoppers run in panic, Jack looks for Polakov. People
start dropping from inhalation of the gas. Jack finds the
ventilation control room and shuts down the panels.

2:47 P.M.
Jack sees a little girl lying restless on the ground. He puts his
mask to her face and carries her outside to Curtis. Jack calls
for a shot of atropine as the girl passes out. He injects her and
she wakes up.

2:48 P.M.
Chloe tracks the moving signal from the chip held by Polakov.
Polakov breaks into a parked car and hotwires it. He peels out of
the lot.

2:49 P.M.
Clock ticks.

2:54 P.M.
As he drives, Polakov calls Erwich and explains that "Rossler"
tried to stop them. Erwich instructs him to come back to the auto

While Chloe tracks Polakov, Jack and Curtis follow him. McGill
calls the President to tell him that Jack disobeyed the order.
Logan is furious.

2:55 P.M.
Novick gives Logan word that a small amount of casualties were
contained at the mall. CTU has a chance to find Erwich and the
other canisters. He also adds that Suzanne Cummings has arrived
at the retreat.

2:56 P.M.
Suzanne Cummings cries to Martha, blaming herself that she
wasn't with her husband when he died. Logan eavesdrops as
Suzanne asks Martha why Cummings committed suicide. "Walt
loved this country," is all Martha can answer. When she exits
the room, Martha looks at Logan, disappointed.

2:58 P.M.
Chloe tracks Polakov to an auto body shop. McGill gives the
order to set up a perimeter and begin the team's approach.
From a distance outside in a car, Erwich watches as the CTU
teams surround the auto body shop.

2:59 P.M.
Erwich calls Polakov, who is inside the shop. He tells him that
he has been followed. "You know what to do," Erwich instructs. As
Jack enters the building, Polakov shoots himself in the head.
Both Erwich and the canisters are gone.

Erwich and his remaining men drive off in a pickup truck.

Clock ticks.

3:00 P.M.
Erwich arrives at a safe house and reports to his superior,
Vladimir Bierko. Bierko kills Erwich, blaming him for trusting
Nathanson who has turned against them. Bierko wants to
concentrate on their real enemy -- the Russians.

3:02 P.M.
One of Bierko's men takes out Nathanson's men in his office.
Nathanson drives away nervously.

3:03 P.M.
From his car, Nathanson phones a government associate and warns
him that Bierko is on their trail. Nathanson hears the man being
shot. He hangs up quickly.

3:04 P.M.
McGill leaves a message on his sister Jenny's answering machine.
He is frantically looking for the CTU keycard that was in his
wallet. Jenny wants to give it back to him, but her boyfriend
Dwayne refuses.

3:05 P.M.
McGill tells the President that CTU has no leads on finding the
terrorists. Logan blames McGill for not allowing the gas to be
released in the mall like he had ordered.

3:06 P.M.
An anxious McGill comes in as Buchanan is leading a briefing.
McGill and Audrey argue about what should have been done in the
mall. McGill questions why she keeps defending Jack. He wants
Jack arrested in order to account for his actions. Buchanan calls
Curtis with the news.

3:08 P.M.
Curtis tells Jack about him being blamed by McGill. With the
trail cold, Curtis convinces Jack that they should go back to
CTU. He takes Jack's gun from him.

3:09 P.M.
Audrey pleads with Buchanan to take control from McGill and leave
Jack in the field. She is contacted by Nathanson, who warns her
not to trace the call. He asks her to transfer him to Jack on
a clean line. Nathanson knows she has a "special" relationship
with Jack, and he offers an opportunity to find the nerve gas.

3:10 P.M.
Audrey calls Jack with Nathanson. Jack feigns for Curtis that
it's merely a personal call. Nathanson admits to setting up Jack
for Palmer's murder. Yet he needs protection in return for
information about the terrorists. Nathanson wants the nerve gas
stopped. He gives Jack a location to meet him.

3:11 P.M.
Jack gets back in the car with Curtis, who asks about his
relationship with Audrey. Jack knocks Curtis out and carries him
to the curb. Jack retrieves his gun and drives off to meet

3:13 P.M.
Clock ticks.

3:17 P.M.
Curtis revives and tells McGill that Jack escaped after getting
a call from Audrey. Jack can't be traced because he shut down the
transceiver in the car. McGill orders him back to CTU.

3:19 P.M.
McGill thinks Audrey helped Jack escape custody, but she claims

3:20 P.M.
Audrey calls Chloe at her desk and tells her that Jack went dark
to follow a lead. She asks Chloe to delete the record of her call
to Jack. To do this, Chloe must erase all of Audrey's calls for
the entire day. McGill, meanwhile, has the communications
department send Audrey's phone log to his computer. He sees that
all the records quickly vanish from his screen. McGill senses
that something is wrong.

3:21 P.M.
Novick has Cummings' cell phone. An untraceable caller is
claiming to have the Sentox gas and he will only speak to Logan.
Bierko tells Logan that Erwich is dead. He intends to strike at
Russia on foreign soil by assassinating its President, Suvarov.
Bierko demands Suvarov's motorcade route as well as a profile of
his security detail. If Logan refuses to cooperate within fifteen
minutes, Bierko will release the nerve gas in more populous
American areas.

3:23 P.M.
Novick stresses that to give up Suvarov to the terrorists will
destroy America's relationship with Moscow. Logan requests
Suvarov's route from the Secret Service even though he hasn't
yet decided what to do.

3:24 P.M.
Clock ticks.

3:28 P.M.
McGill shows Buchanan that Audrey's phone log was erased. He
thinks Audrey did it on purpose, especially since she was on the
line with Jack before he escaped. Buchanan acknowledges that Jack
and Audrey were romantically involved while at Defense. McGill
suspects whether she knew that Jack had always been alive.

3:30 P.M.
Jack races to meet Nathanson. He pulls up to a phone booth, where
he answers a ringing cell phone. Nathanson is watching him from
a building above, and he directs Jack into an alley and up some
stairs. A chopper suddenly lands on the roof of the building.
Jack sees the terrorists and warns Nathanson to move out. Jack
will meet him in an adjacent building.

3:32 P.M.
Buchanan asks Audrey pointedly whether she helped Jack escape
from custody. "Not exactly," she says, explaining Nathanson's
call. McGill comes up, requesting to work with Audrey over her

3:33 P.M.
Jack makes his way to meet Nathanson on top of an empty
warehouse. Nathanson gets surrounded by terrorists, engaging in
gunfire as he flees. The gunmen follow him to the roof, but Jack
takes them out before they can kill Nathanson.

3:36 P.M.
A helicopter appears and fires at Jack and Nathanson. Jack shoots
at the chopper's engine, and it retreats. Yet Nathanson is hit.
Jack begs him for information on the canisters. Nathanson gives
Jack a chip, but he dies before imparting what it means. Jack
inserts it into his cell phone.

The terrorists let Bierko know that Nathanson was aided
by another man. Bierko orders them to find this person.

3:37 P.M.
As McGill works with Audrey at her desk, he notices that she is
ignoring her ringing phone. She answers and it is Jack. Audrey
pretends that it is a wrong number. She transfers it to Chloe.
Chloe tells Jack that McGill has become suspicious. Jack uploads
the data from the chip to her.

3:38 P.M.
Clock ticks.

3:42 P.M.
Novick brings Logan the motorcade information, warning him that
the Russians would consider turning over this data as an act of
war. Logan wonders if they can help prevent the terrorists from
succeeding on the attack. Martha enters and hears the word
"attack." Logan is forced to tell her the truth, and she is
appalled that he would condemn the Russian president to death.
She demands that he refuse to negotiate with the terrorists
because that is America's policy and the basis of the treaty he
just signed. "It's not that simple," Logan says.

3:46 P.M.
Chloe encounters a problem decrypting the file from Jack
because it has been formatted by the Defense Department.
She calls Buchanan, who pulls McGill aside to distract him.
As McGill talks to Buchanan, Chloe sends an instant message
to Audrey asking for her DoD password. After Audrey transmits
the password, she closes the message box. McGill catches this
and questions her. Audrey lies, but McGill accuses Audrey and
Buchanan of protecting Jack.

3:47 P.M.
McGill knows he can't reproach Audrey because her father
is the Secretary of Defense. Instead, he has Buchanan taken
into custody. McGill announces to the CTU staff that everyone's
station is being monitored. Audrey threatens to tell her father
that McGill is jeopardizing the mission.

3:48 P.M.
Clock ticks.

3:53 P.M.
Chloe calls Jack with what she uncovered on the chip. A company
called Terra-Dyne has acquired raw strontium isotope, which is
used to make the Sentox gas. The company is a subsidiary of
Omicron. Jack recognizes the name Omicron and asks Chloe to find
out whether someone named Christopher Henderson is a senior
executive there. She confirms this, and Jack says that he once
knew Henderson. Chloe cannot send the files to Jack because
McGill is watching her. She tells Jack that McGill took Buchanan
into custody for insubordination because he is getting pressure
from the President to find the canisters.

3:54 P.M.
Logan begs Martha to understand that this is a difficult decision
for him. She is resigned to the exigency of the situation. As
they exchange greetings with the Suvarovs, Novick gets a call
from Bierko. Novick gives him the motorcade's route.

3:57 P.M.
Bierko maps out the strike point for his men. Meanwhile, Logan
and Suvarov pose for press photos.

3:58 P.M.
Martha begs her husband to prevent the Suvarovs from leaving.
Logan gets a call from McGill, and he excuses himself. As he
leaves, Martha alerts Agent Pierce that she will be accompanying
the Suvarovs to the airport. To protect the First Lady, Pierce
must ride in the same car with them. Martha asks Pierce to tell
her husband where she is. The car pulls out of the retreat.

Clock ticks.

4:00 P.M.
Bierko watches on television as the motorcade proceeds on
schedule. His men prepare a missile to attack the Russian
president's car.

4:01 P.M.
Logan and Novick review a threat assessment that pinpoints the
likely spot of attack on the motorcade. Logan realizes that he
will have to explain to the world why the Russian president was
attacked on U.S. soil right after they signed a terrorism treaty.
He becomes flustered when he finds out that Martha got in the car
with the Suvarovs. He can't warn the Secret Service because that
will lead the terrorists to set off the nerve gas.

4:04 P.M.
Martha is distracted as she rides with the Suvarovs. The
President calls her in the car. She pretends to make idle
chatter while Logan orders her to be picked up by the Secret
Service because he cannot order the motorcade back. She refuses
to get out and hangs up on him.

4:06 P.M.
Logan is desperate to save his wife. Novick fears that Martha
will tell the Suvarovs the truth, exposing that the White House
gave them up to the terrorists. He asks the President whether
they should summon the motorcade back. Logan doesn't answer.

4:07 P.M.
Audrey whispers to Edgar to meet her in the server room and not
tell anyone where he is going. McGill sees Audrey leave and he
questions Edgar, who covers. McGill orders that everything the
staff is working on be mirrored to his system.

4:08 P.M.
Audrey and Chloe sneak into the server room. Chloe tells her
that Jack wouldn't say how he knows Henderson. Audrey calls
Jack, who is on his way to Omicron. He needs help accessing
the building, and he explains that Henderson was the agent
who recruited Jack to CTU. Things ended badly between them
when Jack was involved in an internal investigation where
Henderson was implicated and lost his job. Jack is sure that
if Omicron was involved in making Sentox gas, then Henderson
would know about it.

4:09 P.M.
Edgar enters the server room, but he is worried about getting
caught. Audrey and Chloe say that they are helping Jack find the
nerve gas behind McGill's back. They want Edgar to cover for

4:10 P.M.
Logan is upset, and wants to convince Bierko to wait until
Martha is out of the car. Logan is afraid of losing his wife.
Since CTU has no other leads on the nerve gas, their only choice
is to either save the Suvarovs and Martha or allow the nerve gas
to be released on the American public.

4:12 P.M.
Martha nervously asks Agent Pierce if there have been any
changes to the route. He says that nothing has been revised.
She tells the Suvarovs that she is only worried about traffic.

Clock ticks.

4:17 P.M.
McGill fires a techie named Carrie for doing a task not within
the scope of finding the nerve gas. He then notices that Chloe
is not at her desk.

4:18 P.M.
Audrey and Chloe get Jack access to Omicron as a scheduled
appointment. McGill finds them and Audrey lies, saying she
asked Chloe for help on a Defense assignment. McGill is
adamant that Audrey go through him for these requests. Chloe
quickly finishes with Jack and returns to her workstation.

4:19 P.M.
Jack enters Omicron, giving his thumbprint at the entry
gate. His photo shows up as the man with the appointment.
He is granted entry.

4:20 P.M.
Jack hears Henderson's voice on speaker phone from an office.
Jack asks the secretary where the restroom is, but garners her
name from the desk nameplate. He then calls Audrey from his cell
and has her distract the secretary. Audrey looks up the woman's
direct dial and pretends to be from accounting. She asks the
woman to come to her office.

4:21 P.M.
After the secretary steps out, Jack enters Henderson's office.
Henderson is waiting there with a stun gun and knocks him out.

Realizing that he knows Jack, Henderson revives him but takes
Jack's gun from him. "I never believed you were dead," he says.
Jack explains that Omicron manufactured the nerve gas that has
been stolen by the terrorists. Henderson, blanching at the
accusation, counters that the gas they developed was for the
military, who destroyed it all. Henderson is shocked to find out
it that his company's Sentox gas killed eleven people earlier in
the mall.

4:23 P.M.
Henderson swears to Jack that he wasn't involved, but Jack can't
afford to believe him just yet. Henderson hands Jack back his
gun. Jack wants to see the bunker where the nerve gas was made.
Henderson is reluctant, but agrees to take him. Henderson grabs
a metal file box on his way out.

4:24 P.M.
Clock ticks.

4:29 P.M.
Edgar sneaks to Chloe's desk and tells her that he keeps seeing
numbers in the NSA terrorist chatter. They correspond to the
highways that the Russian president is taking to the airport.
Chloe and Edgar bring this revelation to McGill, but he dismisses
the claim because it has nothing to do with the nerve gas. Chloe
asks whether they can at least notify the Secret Service or
devote some limited resources to following up. McGill angrily
refuses. Curtis suggests to McGill that they do something about
the intelligence.

4:30 P.M.
Bierko assures his men in the field that the motorcade is still
on course. He wants the nerve gas canisters to be armed in case
things don't go as planned.

4:31 P.M.
Audrey tries to convince McGill that the chatter might be
connected to the nerve gas. McGill is furious. He doesn't want
CTU to be the source of any more mistakes. Curtis and the team
overhear him threaten to have Audrey removed.

4:32 P.M.
Audrey leaves McGill's office and sends an instant message to
Chloe and Edgar, asking them to meet her in the corridor.

4:33 P.M.
Audrey tells them that she wants to notify the Secret Service,
but that they won't act upon it unless McGill verifies the
information. Chloe will hack into McGill's system, but she needs
Edgar to cover for her. Edgar is afraid that what they are doing
is illegal, but he goes along with the plan.

4:34 P.M.
Audrey pulls Curtis aside and they both agree that McGill is
a problem. She believes they need Buchanan back on the floor,
and she wants second-in-command Curtis to invoke a rule that
declares McGill mentally unfit to continue in the job. He is

4:35 P.M.
Logan is resigned to the fact that he is allowing his own wife
to be murdered. He could not risk the lives of thousands of
Americans to save the Russian president, and he cannot do the
same to save Martha. Logan asks Novick to pray with him.

4:38 P.M.
As they attempt to work, Chloe and Edgar's computers are cut
off. McGill comes in with guards to arrest them for unauthorized
access to his system. He orders Curtis to remove Audrey from CTU.
When Curtis refuses, McGill demands that he be detained as well.
Curtis threatens to draw his weapon, and McGill tells the guards
to shoot him if he does so. Curtis is forced to invoke the mental
stability clause removing McGill from command. The guards take
McGill away, and Curtis alerts Division that Buchanan will be

4:40 P.M.
Clock ticks.

4:45 P.M.
Curtis briefs Buchanan about what they have uncovered with
Jack's progress. He undoes all of McGill's recent activities.
They notify Secret Service of the threat to the motorcade.

4:46 P.M.
Buchanan calls the President with news of a possible attack on
Suvarov. Logan becomes silent. Novick tells Buchanan that the
First Lady is also in the limousine. There is nothing that Logan
can do to change the course of events now.

4:47 P.M.
As the motorcade makes its way near the terrorists post, Agent
Pierce gets word of the attack. He calls in an alert and the
motorcade is quickly turned around. The terrorists see this and
begin firing. They launch a missile at the presidential car.
Since the vehicle is armored at the highest level, Martha and the
Suvarovs are alive but trapped inside.

4:48 P.M.
The armed terrorists surround the limo but they cannot open it.
They spray it with bullets to no avail. A flamethrower has no
success penetrating it either. Agent Pierce, who was knocked
unconscious, wakes up and opens the car door. He kills the
terrorists standing outside the car with only a few shots. The
police arrive.

4:49 P.M.
Logan is relieved to find out that Martha and the Suvarovs have
survived the attack because of CTU's intervention. Yet Bierko
won't understand that the President kept his end of the bargain.
They expect him to retaliate.

4:50 P.M.
Clock ticks.

4:54 P.M.
Henderson takes Jack into the Omicron bunker where the Sentox
gas was made. He doesn't know who within his company worked on
the project. They talk about CTU as they wait for the files to
come up on the lab computer. Henderson maintains that he was
framed in the CTU whistleblower investigation that Jack was a
part of. Henderson is still bothered that Jack never believed
he was innocent. Henderson find files showing that the three
lead scientists on Sentox were killed in freak accidents.

4:57 P.M.
Henderson leaves the bunker to go to the IT department for help
sending the files to CTU. Jack tries to call CTU but the phone
doesn't work. He realizes that Henderson has locked him inside
alone. Jack looks at the metal file box that Henderson left
behind. There is a bomb inside. "How could I be so stupid?"
Jack whispers to himself.

Henderson walks out of Omicron and phones a woman. He says that,
based on what Jack revealed, CTU doesn't have enough information
to pin it on them. In one minute, Jack will be killed.

4:58 P.M.
Jack scrambles to find a way out, but he is sealed in the bunker.
He carefully puts the bomb in the corridor, closes the lab door
and moves a file cabinet in front of it.

When he has driven far enough away, Henderson detonates the bomb
with a remote. It explodes the bunker door, destroying most of
the lab. Jack climbs up from the floor panel where he was hiding
and crawls out among the rubble.

4:59 P.M.
Logan questions whether they should play up the fact that Martha
was in the Suvarovs' car to undermine any connection to his
duplicity. Bierko calls on Cummings' cell. Logan swears to him
that he didn't notify anyone, but Bierko doesn't accept this. He
bluntly states that Russia's new ally, the United States, will
pay with the lives of its citizens. Bierko labels this as their
last conversation and he hangs up.

Clock ticks.

5:00 P.M.
Buchanan is summoned to the medical area because Tony has
woken up and is asking for Michelle. The doctor fears that
Tony's condition will destabilize if told the truth about
Michelle's death.

5:01 P.M.
Buchanan tells Tony that he thinks Michelle will be fine.
Tony demands to immediately speak with Jack. He also wants
Michelle to know that he is alive.

5:02 P.M.
Amid the wreckage of the motorcade, Martha cries to Agent
Pierce that her husband knew about the attack and didn't
do anything about it. Pierce doesn't understand why the
President would give the Suvarovs' route to the terrorists.
The Marine One helicopter arrives to pick them up.

5:05 P.M.
Bierko has his technician Viktor arm the canisters. He wants
it placed in an area that will inflict the maximum casualties.

5:06 P.M.
Bierko calls one of his men, Ostroff, who is on his way to pick
up a keycard which is crucial to their plan.

Ostroff phones Jenny McGill's boyfriend Dwayne to arrange the
tradeoff for McGill's CTU keycard. Dwayne and Jenny use the
keycard to cut up lines of cocaine.

5:07 P.M.
Logan worries about what he will say to his wife. He second
guesses the decision to give in to the terrorists.

Jack calls CTU to report that Christopher Henderson was
responsible for handing over the nerve gas. Henderson covered up
his involvement by blowing up the Omicron servers and then
escaping. Chloe tells him that Henderson's computer has been
exchanging data with his home system. Buchanan wants to send
backup, but Jack thinks he needs to go to Henderson's house
alone. The former agent will recognize being ambushed by
a tactical team.

5:09 P.M.
While driving, Henderson calls his bank in Buenos Aires and asks
for access to his safety deposit box.

After examining corpses of the terrorists from the motorcade
attack, Curtis finds a schematic of a ventilation system. He
tells Buchanan that it might be the location of a possible nerve
gas target. It has a time of 18:00 on it. Curtis sends the map to
Chloe for analysis.

5:10 P.M.
When the doctor has no news on Michelle's condition, Tony
becomes suspicious. He removes his IV tubes, gets out of
bed and peels the bandage off his burned face.

5:11 P.M.
Tony sneaks into the medical office and types Michelle's name
on the system search. Buchanan comes in as he Tony learns that
Michelle is listed as deceased. He collapses in sadness.

5:12 P.M.
Clock ticks.

5:17 P.M.
The chopper carrying Martha and the Suvarovs lands at the
retreat. Logan goes to apologize to his wife, but she is angry
that he didn't stand up to the terrorists. She walks away.

5:18 P.M.
Logan pulls Suvarov aside to tell him he only just learned about
the nerve gas threat. Suvarov grants the United States access to
Russian intelligence to stop the separatists. Suvarov also says
that he noticed Martha's strange behavior when she first got into
the limo. Logan blames this on her medically-treated depression.

5:20 P.M.
McGill asks Buchanan for permission to contact his sister
regarding a personal matter. Buchanan allows him the use
of a phone.

5:21 P.M.
McGill calls Jenny, looking for his keycard back. He threatens
to call the police. Dwayne won't give the card to Jenny because
he claims to be getting $20,000 for it.

5:22 P.M.
Logan goes to see Martha, but Evelyn refuses to let him in on
order from the First Lady. Martha asks Evelyn to bring Pierce
to her.

5:23 P.M.
Edgar finds the building depicted in the blueprint that Curtis
uncovered. It is a hospital, and Buchanan notifies them to

5:24 P.M.
Inside that hospital, Bierko's henchman Viktor is dressed as an
orderly. He pushes a gurney that hides the nerve gas canister.

Clock ticks.

5:29 P.M.
Jack sneaks into the backyard of the Henderson house. He sees
Henderson's wife Miriam in the window.

5:30 P.M.
In the CTU van, Curtis calls the hospital's security officer,
Wegman. He warns the man about the urgency of the nerve gas

5:31 P.M.
Jack surprises Miriam Henderson, who thought that Jack was dead.
She says that her husband is still at work and hasn't called her.
With his gun trained, Jack demands to see Henderson's computer.
He explains what Henderson has been up to, but Miriam doesn't
believe him.

5:32 P.M.
Jack forces Miriam to the den and he puts away his gun. He sits
down to Henderson's computer as Chloe begins to help him hack
into it.

5:33 P.M.
Martha warmly takes Pierce's hand while thanking him for saving
her life. Novick sees this and dismisses Pierce. Martha tells
Novick that she doesn't want to see her husband.

5:34 P.M.
As Novick is leaving, Pierce tries to explain himself. "Whatever
did happen, make sure it doesn't happen again," Novick sneers.

5:35 P.M.
As patients are evacuated from the hospital, Curtis arrives on
the scene and meets up with Wegman, who says that a number of
ICU patients cannot be moved. Curtis dispatches his teams to
find high-risk areas in the building.

5:36 P.M.
Viktor notifies Bierko that the hospital is being evacuated and
surrounded by police. Bierko pulls up the building's schematics
and instructs Viktor to another entrance that might not be
guarded. "I need you to finish this task," Bierko implores.
"Even if it means you don't get out."

5:37 P.M.
Clock ticks.

5:41 P.M.
Audrey gets Bierko's name from Russian intelligence and tells the
President that they believe he is financing the entire terrorist
attack himself.

5:42 P.M.
Miriam thinks Jack has some sort of hatred for her innocent
husband. Chloe uncovers a list of satellite phone numbers on
Henderson's hard drive, but there is a password protecting it.
Miriam says she doesn't know the password.

5:44 P.M.
Wegman finds surveillance images of Viktor dressed as an orderly.
Curtis sends teams to that area and has CTU run a face match.

5:45 P.M.
Edgar finds Viktor's identity as a Russian criminal. Curtis gets
confirmation and sets off to find the man.

5:46 P.M.
In the subbasement, Viktor arms the canister. Curtis comes upon
him and shoots him.

5:47 P.M.
Donning a gas mask, Curtis sees the armed canister and calls for
the chemical response team.

Clock ticks.

5:52 P.M.
As the people continue to flee the hospital, Curtis waits for
help with the gas. Buchanan orders a mandatory evacuation of
the entire downtown corridor.

Chloe determines that the encryption on Henderson's computer
will take half a day to crack. She apologizes to Jack and lets
him know about the canister at the hospital.

5:53 P.M.
Henderson returns home. Jack knocks him down and handcuffs him.
Henderson feigns ignorance about the nerve gas. Miriam screams
for Jack to leave him alone. Jack opens Henderson's briefcase
which contains stacks of hundred dollar bills. Miriam is shocked,
and she questions whether her husband has been lying to her.
Henderson claims he is serving his country, and taunts Jack to
shoot him because he knows nothing.

5:56 P.M.
Instead of firing at Henderson, Jack shoots Miriam in the leg
above the kneecap so that she will still be able to walk. Miriam
cries out in pain and begs her husband to tell Jack what he wants
to know. "Forgive me, Miriam, I can't," Henderson says to both
Jack and Miriam's horror. Jack calls for an ambulance. He also
has CTU ready an interrogation room with hyoscine-pentothal
prepared for Henderson.

5:58 P.M.
Buchanan calls Curtis, who has found a timer on the canister.
Since it will detonate in a minute, the bomb squad won't have
time to stop it. Curtis picks the canister up and runs out of the
basement into the hospital wards. He speeds out the door and gets
the canister to the tac unit's truck where it is sealed into a
chemical container. They lock it in as the trigger detonates.
The nerve gas is contained and the hospital is saved.

5:59 P.M.
Ostroff kills Jenny and Dwayne. He calls Bierko to let him know
that he has the keycard. After reprogramming, they will be able
to use it to access CTU.

Clock ticks.

6:00 P.M.
Osrtoff takes the CTU keycard before leaving Jenny's apartment
where the bodies of Jenny and Dwayne lie. He reprograms the
keycard so that his photo shows up on the CTU security system
instead of McGill's image.

6:03 P.M.
Buchanan and Audrey tell the President that they have no idea
where the terrorists will strike next with the nerve gas. Their
only lead is Henderson.

6:04 P.M.
Kim Bauer arrives at CTU to meet Audrey. She is with a man named
Barry Landes. Kim doesn't know that Jack is alive.

6:05 P.M.
Audrey asks Jack whether she should tell Kim before he arrives
to soften the blow. Henderson, who is in the backseat of Jack's
car, says that Kim was depressed when Chase left her. Henderson
and his wife Miriam were there for her when Jack wasn't.

6:06 P.M.
Kim is unnerved being in CTU because this is where both of her
parents died. Audrey tells her about Jack and explains that he
kept her in the dark in order to protect her. Kim is speechless.

6:08 P.M.
Novick is surprised when Vice President Hal Gardner turns up
at the retreat because Logan asked for his help dealing with
the nerve gas. Gardner doesn't agree with CTU's existing plan
and he proposes a more sweeping one, much to the disdain of
Novick. The Vice President wants to ignore the law by not
obtaining Congressional approval for declaration of martial
law in Los Angeles. He and Novick argue over casualty estimates.
Novick tries appealing to Logan, but the President wants to
follow Gardner's plan because it would make him appear in
control of the situation.

6:11 P.M.
As they enter CTU, Henderson tells Jack that he is only trying
to protect the country. "You don't want to know what I know,"
he says evasively. Guards take him into holding.

6:12 P.M.
Ostroff is cleared for entry into CTU with his forged keycard.

Clock ticks.

6:17 P.M.
Jack quizzes Audrey about Kim's reaction to his being alive.

6:18 P.M.
Jack goes to Kim. "I don't know what you expect me to say," she
stoically greets him. Jack tries to explain why he didn't tell
her the truth and Barry interjects. Kim asks Barry to give them
some privacy. She tells Jack that she leaned on Barry when no one
else was available. Jack says that it was more painful to leave
Kim then to lose Teri. Kim doesn't know how to come to terms with
his being back. He apologizes and begs her to stay because he has
more to say to her.

6:22 P.M.
Armed with a schematic of CTU, Ostroff finds an air duct.

6:23 P.M.
Writhing in pain, Tony questions Buchanan about why Michelle
was killed. Buchanan can't tell him anything because it is
classified information and Tony no longer is an agent at CTU.
Tony feels that, with all his years of service, he deserves
to know. Buchanan admits that her death was part of a larger
terrorist plot and that Henderson was involved. Tony warns
Buchanan not to let Henderson cut a deal.

6:25 P.M.
Audrey tells Jack that Barry is a clinical psychologist and
that Kim might have been his patient. Henderson is clamped
down in the interrogation room. Jack is confident Henderson
will undergo extreme torture to keep his secrets secure.

6:26 P.M.
Jack tries to convince Henderson to tell them what they need
to know. Henderson refuses. Jack orders an Agent named Burke
to start it. Burke gives him a dose of hyoscine-pentothal,
and Henderson winces immediately.

6:27 P.M.
Clock ticks.

6:32 P.M.
Novick catches up with Martha as she is having a cigarette.
He encourages her to stand by her husband's side because he
needs her. Novick was there when Logan prayed for her safety
and anguished over the decision. Martha sees through his
manipulation and asks Novick straight out what he wants her
to do. He confesses that Gardner is advising the President to
declare martial law. Novick needs her to counter that argument
because her husband trusts her judgment. Martha says that Logan
may not be as much of a pushover as they all believe him to be.

6:35 P.M.
Ostroff hacks into the CTU mainframe and shuts down the air
ventilation system. Techie Carrie Bendis sees an error in
the environmental system and lets Edgar know. He brushes her
concern off and says he doesn't have time to deal with it.
Edgar tells her to check it out herself.

6:36 P.M.
Martha finds Logan outside, alone in his thoughts. Although
Martha is still angry with him, he is relieved when she puts
her hand on his shoulder. She tells him that she has not
stopped loving him. "You have to get back to work," she says.
"The country needs you more than I do."

6:37 P.M.
Carrie goes into the electrical room to see if anyone is doing
tests on the air system. She sees the canister and immediately
starts to warn someone with her cell. Ostroff stabs her in the
neck before she connects the call.

6:38 P.M.
Clock ticks.

6:43 P.M.
Ostroff sets the canister inside the ventilation's fan and sets
the timer to detonate in fifteen minutes.

6:44 P.M.
Chloe tells Kim that, of the four people who knew Jack was
alive, two are dead and Tony is in serious condition. The
only reason Chloe is still alive is because Jack saved her.
Chloe suggests that Kim try to cut Jack some slack.

6:45 P.M.
Buchanan gives McGill the bad news that his sister and her
boyfriend were found murdered. McGill is shocked. Buchanan
asks whether they were involved in drugs or organized crime
because the killings seemed like the work of a professional.
McGill confesses that Jenny had stolen his CTU keycard.

6:47 P.M.
Buchanan calls Chloe to see if security has been breached
with McGill's keycard. She sees that it was used by someone
less than an hour ago. Buchanan orders a lockdown of CTU.

6:48 P.M.
Even with an increase in dosage Henderson still won't talk.
His vital signs begin to crash and Agent Burke tells Jack
that he needs to stabilize him. Suddenly, the building alarm
sounds and Buchanan lets Jack know that someone stole a CTU
access card. Jack tells Burke to stabilize Henderson.

Clock ticks.

6:52 P.M.
Buchanan details Jack to a corridor to find the suspect, and
Jack heads out. Edgar locates Ostroff on surveillance cameras
and runs facial recognition. Buchanan notices that Carrie is
not at her desk.

6:54 P.M.
Edgar goes to look for Carrie. Meanwhile, Ostroff tries to make
his way out of the building, taking a guard hostage. He kills
the guard and takes his radio.

6:55 P.M.
Jack comes upon the dead guard and sees that his walkie is
gone. Jack radios that the suspect is in the stairwell, but
sends a hand signal to an overhead surveillance camera that
this is not true. Buchanan plays along. Ostroff overhears
this communication and thinks he is in the clear.

6:56 P.M.
Jack comes up behind Ostroff, who tries to shoot him. Jack
kills him first and takes the timer with a relay switch. He
also finds a PDA with a schematic of CTU's ventilation system.
Jack suspects there may be nerve gas in the building. Buchanan
immediately orders an evacuation. Edgar calls Chloe from the
electrical room and she yells for him to get out of the
building. Edgar sees Carrie's body but he doesn't notice
the canister begin to emit gas towards the fan.

6:57 P.M.
As Audrey runs out with Kim and Barry, they see workers in the
other offices collapse. Chloe tries to lock down some doors to
slow the rate that the gas will reach the rest of the building.
Chloe manages to contain certain rooms, and the group heads to
the situation room for safety. Jack orders Burke to take
Henderson to the clinic isolation room and seal it off.

6:58 P.M.
Chloe closes off all the safe rooms with biohazard strips. One
of the techies is locked out, and Jack tells her to try to find
another exit. They watch as the woman and the rest of the people
outside fall down to their deaths.

6:59 P.M.
Edgar comes running into the bullpen from the electrical room. He
sees Chloe in the situation room and calls to her. She watches
helplessly as Edgar falls to his death. Chloe's eyes tear up.

Silent clock.

7:00 P.M.
Jack, Audrey, Kim, Chloe and Barry wait in the sealed conference
room. Buchanan is protected in his office, as is Tony in medical.
They are saddened to see their dead co-workers in the other

7:01 P.M.
Buchanan calls Curtis, who is on his way back from the hospital
with the chemical response team. It may take thirty minutes to
get the team to CTU.

7:02 P.M.
Buchanan calls the conference room and lets Jack know that he
can find Henderson by pulling up a building grid. All of CTU's
gas masks and Atropine medication are in contaminated areas.

7:03 P.M.
Chloe is in a state of shock. Jack needs her to work, but Chloe
can't move. Barry, who is a clinical psychologist, thinks he can
help her. Barry pulls Chloe away from the window facing Edgar's
body and tries to steady her nerves.

7:05 P.M.
McGill, who is sealed in the holding cell, confesses to the
guard watching him that the nerve gas being released was his
fault. "I didn't want anyone to know I got beat up," he sighs.
"So we're all gonna die because you were embarrassed?" the guard
asks incredulously.

7:06 P.M.
Tony gets up from his hospital bed and sees the dead bodies
outside the medical area.

7:07 P.M.
Jack calls down to the medical unit. The doctor tells Jack
that Agent Burke got Henderson secured in time. Tony hears
that Henderson is in there with him, and he knocks the doctor
unconscious. Tony hangs up on Jack.

7:08 P.M.
Tony sees Henderson lying groggily on a bed and he grabs Burke's
gun. On the video feed, Jack sees Tony holding Burke at gunpoint.
Tony wakes Henderson and blames him for taking Michelle's life.
With tears streaming down his cheek, Tony threatens to kill him.
Jack tries to calm Tony down over the intercom. He can sympathize
because he lost Teri in the same way. They need Henderson to save
thousands of lives. Tony understands and backs off.

7:09 P.M.
Burke continues injecting Henderson with the pain-inflicting
hyoscine-pentothal. Despite this, Henderson refuses to say
anything about Bierko or his computer password.

7:10 P.M.
Logan and Vice President Gardner grill Karen Hayes over the
phone about the hit on CTU. Karen is a high-ranking official
in the Homeland Security office in Los Angeles. Karen suggests
an emergency restructuring that would put Homeland Security in
charge of finding the terrorists over CTU. Gardner gives her

7:11 P.M.
Gardner presses the President to enact martial law because it
is the effective solution, but Logan insists that his advisors
believe it will only create mayhem. Gardner notes that, with
only military personnel on the streets, the terrorists would
not be able to move freely. Logan is indecisive.

7:12 P.M.
Bierko instructs his operative to move all of the nerve gas to
the new target.

Clock ticks.

7:17 P.M.
Jack pushes Barry aside and pleads with Chloe to help decrypt
the files from Henderson's computer. She doesn't want to. "We
do not quit until it's over," Jack presses. Barry interjects
that Jack is only making it worse. He then accuses Jack of
never being there for others when they need it the most. Jack
angrily walks over to Barry and grabs him by the throat. Jack
reproaches him for taking advantage of Kim. Kim steps in and
explains that Barry helped her deal with suicidal thoughts.
Chloe breaks the tension in the room by announcing that she
will get back to work.

7:18 P.M.
Suddenly, an alarm beeps. Chloe discovers that the seals on
the protected rooms are breaking down. The nerve gas must have
been laced with a corrosive acid that is eroding the partition
seals. She thinks they have about twenty minutes before the gas
permeates the isolated zones.

7:19 P.M.
Martha overhears Novick defend himself to Gardner about usurping
his position. She is surprised that her husband is allowing
Gardner to create policy. Martha knows that Gardner wants Logan
to fumble so that he can assume the Presidency. Novick begs her
to intervene, alluding to past events where Gardner took credit
for success and left Logan out to dry on failures.

7:21 P.M.
Buchanan warns all workers in the protected areas that the nerve
gas is eating away at the seals. They need to figure out a way to
flush the gas out of the contaminated zones.

7:22 P.M.
Jack confides to Audrey that he persuaded Kim to stay at CTU
for his own benefit. It will be his fault if something happens
to her.

7:23 P.M.
Chloe thinks that she may be able to flush out the contaminated
areas with air conditioning. Yet she is being blocked by a
program set up on another computer that she cannot access from
a remote. Jack wants to go behind the cleared wall of the
conference room to get to that computer. He will have to hold
his breath when entering the ventilation room where the computer
is. Jack pulls off one of the wall panels and climbs inside.
They replace the panel once he is in.

7:24 P.M.
Clock ticks.

7:28 P.M.
Jack shimmies his way along the crawlspace and reaches a storage
area. He tapes over the door he entered through to create an
airlock to the conference room.

7:29 P.M.
Jack radios Chloe to say that he is about to head into the
ventilation room. He says he will tap his comm unit three
times when he is back inside the safe room. Jack pulls up
his jacket hood and sucks in one last big breath.

7:30 P.M.
Jack steps over the dead bodies in the hallway. He removes
another wall panel to discover iron bars blocking his entrance
to the ventilation room. Jack can see the computer running the
program that Chloe referred to. He hurries back to the storage

Back in the conference room, Chloe sees that the seal corrosion
is now rapidly increasing. Kim nervously asks if they can do
anything to help Jack. Chloe quickly shoots her down and they
argue. The three taps from Jack echoes on the radio when he
arrives in the storage room. He waits twenty seconds for the room
to clear of any residual gas. As Chloe monitors the storage
room's air, they all wonder aloud what Jack's quick return means.

7:31 P.M.
After the twenty seconds, Audrey gives Jack the signal to
breathe. He tells them that he was unable to get to the computer
because of a security grate but he did see the program running.
Chloe learns that the grate was a new addition that someone
neglected to file properly. The only way to enter the ventilation
area is through the holding room where McGill is being kept.

7:32 P.M.
Jack calls McGill and explains the situation. He is the only
one alive who can get to the computer. Unfortunately, there is
no way to airlock the holding room once he has exited it. This
means that both he and the guard will die. McGill rationalizes
to the anxious guard that they have no other choice. McGill
tells Jack that he will do it.

7:34 P.M.
Clock ticks.

7:39 P.M.
Kim apologizes to Chloe for snapping at her. She asks if Chloe
had contact with Jack while he was gone. Chloe admits that she
sent him information about Kim's life -- including her breakup
with Chase and her depression.

7:40 P.M.
Jack returns to the conference room and he has Chloe pull up the
feed to the holding room.

7:41 P.M.
McGill watches as the guard says goodbye over the phone to his
child. McGill lets Chloe know that he is ready. McGill takes
a deep breath and opens the door. He runs upstairs and turns
off the program on the computer. McGill runs back out.

7:42 P.M.
When the air conditioning finally responds, Chloe starts the
vents. Although the air won't be clear for another fifteen
minutes, this will help slow down the rotting of the seals.

McGill returns to the holding room and shuts the door behind
him. He and the guard hear Jack thank them over the intercom.

7:43 P.M.
The guard exhales and is relieved. "I'm okay," he exclaims. Two
seconds later, he convulses and keels over. McGill gasps for air
and dies too. Jack and the others watch this helplessly from the
conference room.

7:45 P.M.
Jack orders the medical room's security feed pulled up. He sees
Burke prepare another syringe as Henderson still refuses to
confess. "You're wasting your time," Tony says bluntly.

7:46 P.M.
Jack asks Chloe to keep working on hacking into Henderson's
computer because the seasoned former agent will divulge nothing.
Jack asks Kim to stay when the gas is exhumed because they still
need to talk. She says that she loves him but doesn't want to be
around him. "Every time I am, something horrible happens. People
die," she adds. Jack is heartbroken and he begs to spend a little
time with her. She refuses, and goes to Barry's waiting arms.
Audrey takes Jack's hand in comfort.

Clock ticks.

7:51 P.M.
Novick and Martha review the press statement that Gardner has
drawn up. Logan stands behind what it says. Novick leaves the
room, dejected.

7:52 P.M.
Martha tells her husband that she will support his decision but
that she won't stand by and watch Gardner promote his own agenda.
Logan breaks down to her. "I don't know how much more of this
I can take," he says, referring to Palmer's assassination, the
hostages and the nerve gas. "I almost lost you," he cries. Martha
assures him that she is still here with him.

7:53 P.M.
Bierko phones a European woman named Collette Stenger and asks
for the high-security schematics he is paying her for. She says
she is not ready and hangs up on him.

7:54 P.M.
Collette returns to bed with her lover, Theo Stoller, without
telling him what she is working on.

7:55 P.M.
Karen Hayes calls Buchanan to inform him that she is heading to
CTU with a team. System analyst Miles Papazian sits beside her
in the car. He informs his boss Karen that he has re-formatted
CTU servers to Homeland Security specs and routed their tactical
protocols through him. Karen gives him authority to replace CTU
personnel with some of his own because they won't be in any shape
to continue working. She explains that Buchanan will no longer be
in charge and that CTU ceases to be an operational entity. All
the people there will now report to the two of them.

7:56 P.M.
The sealed doors raise on the CTU contained offices as the nerve
gas is stripped out by the air conditioners. Jack says goodbye to
Kim before heading out. Jack orders Barry to take her out of Los

7:57 P.M.
Henderson's nervous system shuts down. When Jack calls the
medical room, Tony tells him that Henderson is in a coma.
"You've had your chance, he's mine now," Tony says, clutching
the gun. As he runs through the halls toward the medical unit,
Jack urges Tony not to do anything to Henderson because it won't
make him feel better about losing Michelle. Tony ignores his
plea with renewed determination.

7:58 P.M.
Tony knocks out Burke. He prepares a syringe and holds it over
Henderson, but Tony can't kill him. Suddenly, Henderson awakes
and grabs Tony's wrist. He forces Tony to stab himself in the
chest. Tony's face goes white and he falls to the floor.
Henderson gets up off the table and grabs the gun. Although he
is weakened, he runs out.

7:59 P.M.
Jack enters the clinic and finds Tony and Burke on the ground.
Gasping his last breath of life, Tony tells Jack that he
couldn't do it. Jack clutches Tony's head. Tony dies, and Jack
cries with him still in his arms.

Clock ticks.

8:00 P.M.
As the medic workers wrap up Tony's body, Audrey comes to tell
Jack that Henderson has escaped. However, Chloe was able to
decrypt a file on his computer and she found an intelligence
broker named Collette Stenger who is a known associate of Bierko.

8:01 P.M.
Jack tells Curtis that he wants to accompany the tactical team
going to look for Collette at the hotel she has checked into.

8:02 P.M.
As Logan prepares to formally declare martial law, Martha
comes in and dismisses Gardner from the room. She lets her
husband know that Novick found out that CTU has a lead on
Bierko. Logan believes CTU cannot handle anything at this
point. Martha suggests that Gardner's true intention is to
see Logan go down. The President does not respond.

8:04 P.M.
Logan goes to the press podium and announces that Los Angeles
will be under a curfew enforced by the military. Bierko watches
this on television.

8:06 P.M.
Karen Hayes and Miles Papazian enter CTU. Karen wants all able
workers of CTU to still be operating. Homeland will assume full
control after the nerve gas canisters are found.

Buchanan greets Karen, who informs him that the White House wants
an assessment of how Homeland can assist them. She orders Miles
to check out CTU's networks.

8:07 P.M.
Miles approaches Chloe and asks for Edgar's work station because
it is empty. She is disgruntled when Miles takes her keycard.
Chloe sees him place it into a box on the desk.

8:08 P.M.
As the President and Vice President watch news coverage of the
martial law movement, Martha eyes Gardner warily. She walks
outside mutters "I don't trust him" to Agent Pierce under her

8:09 P.M.
Pierce gets a call from Wayne Palmer on his cell phone. Wayne
knew that his brother trusted Aaron, and he asks if he can come
there to give him something from the former President. Pierce
agrees to find a discreet place to meet.

8:10 P.M.
When news commentators suggest that the enactment of martial law
might be an illegal action, Logan becomes angry. Gardner assures
him that he is in control of the situation.

Buchanan briefs Karen about the threat assessment on Bierko. He
is confident that CTU will soon be back at full speed.

8:11 P.M.
Stoller asks Collette about her business, but she is adamant
to not reveal anything. She kisses him goodbye and says she
will meet him at the airport.

8:12 P.M.
Collette calls Bierko and tells him that she is on her way
there with the information he asked for. Although their new
target, the Distribution Center, might prove difficult, it
will allow the Sentox gas to be released on 200,000 people.

8:13 P.M.
Clock ticks.

8:17 P.M.
Buchanan accuses Karen of preparing to shut CTU down. She
admits that CTU is being absorbed by Homeland Security, which
puts her in charge of it. Buchanan argues that his staff is not
demoralized or beaten. Since the decision has already been made,
she wants the news kept under wraps.

8:18 P.M.
Audrey asks Buchanan why Homeland is aggressively surveying the
workers. He says it is only a formality.

8:19 P.M.
Jack, Curtis and the TAC team go to Collette's hotel room,
but it's empty. Curtis heads to the roof, where he is attacked
by Stoller and loses his gun. Jack arrives and there is a
standoff. Stoller sees their CTU badges and then identifies
himself as working for the German Federal Intelligence Service.
He asks Jack to leave so that his cover isn't blown.

8:22 P.M.
Jack calls Chloe, who confirms Stoller's claim. Stoller refuses
to lead them to Collette because it would jeopardize his
undercover operation to expose the terrorist cells she is
connected to. Jack explains that hundreds of thousands of lives
are at stake, but Stoller's allegiance is to his own country.

8:23 P.M.
Although Stoller has been granted permission by the U.S.
government to conduct his investigation, Jack takes him
into custody.

8:24 P.M.
Clock ticks.

8:28 P.M.
Collette pulls up to Bierko's safe house in a red sports car.
She is frisked.

8:29 P.M.
Buchanan and Karen explain to Jack that Logan could not get
in touch with the German Chancellor to expedite the matter.
Audrey says that German intelligence won't order their agent
to cooperate. Jack thinks he can change Stoller's mind, and
he asks Curtis to leave him alone with the man.

8:30 P.M.
Jack offers Stoller something more valuable to the Germans than
Collette. He says he can provide the United States government's
roster of all known terrorist suspects around the world. The
Germans have requested this WET list many times before. Jack
doesn't work for CTU and can give it up. Stoller agrees to the
trade, and says he will be able to spot a fake list because he
knows several names on it.

8:31 P.M.
Jack calls Chloe and asks her to use the CTU backdoor to NSA's
mainframe to get him the WET list. Chloe can't because Homeland
took away her keycard, but she will figure out something.

8:32 P.M.
Chloe goes to Miles at Edgar's old desk. She pretends to stumble
and knocks over his cup of coffee onto him. Miles goes to the
restroom to clean himself off and Chloe steals her keycard out of
the box on the desk. She pops it into Edgar's computer and calls
up the NSA list. She calls Jack and uploads it to his PDA.

8:33 P.M.
Chloe quickly clears the screen and replaces the keycard back
into the box. Miles returns to his desk and sees right away that
the box is slightly askew. It's something only he would notice.
He opens it up to find Chloe's keycard on top of the pile. He
looks at Chloe suspiciously.

8:34 P.M.
Stoller confirms that the WET list is legitimate, but Jack takes
the memory card from him. He will give it back once Collette is
in custody. Stoller says he is supposed to meet Collette in the
parking lot of Van Nuys Airport. He and Jack leave the hotel.

8:35 P.M.
Collette readies her overseas bank for the money transfer
and hands Bierko a thumb drive. Yet when he tries to open
it, the file is encrypted. Collette won't budge and orders
him to transfer the funds. Bierko does and Collette tells
him the decryption key. A schematic of a gas distribution
facility becomes visible on the computer screen. Bierko has
his men torch the safe house as they move out.

8:36 P.M.
Clock ticks.

8:41 P.M.
An aide warns Gardner that Wayne Palmer has arrived at one
of the roadblocks established during martial law. Wayne is
claiming to have high-level clearance and is there on official
business. Gardner is concerned over this development.

8:42 P.M.
Wayne is cleared for passage and is let through the roadblock.

Jack sits in the back of Stoller's car in the airport parking
lot. Curtis waits in position for Jack to confirm Collette.
Stoller asks Jack if he has ever grown attached to a woman
while working undercover. Jack's silence confirms this.

8:43 P.M.
Buchanan asks Chloe to come into the situation room.
She is ambushed by Karen and Miles, who have proof of
her hacking into an NSA file and sending it to Jack.
They force Chloe to admit that she passed him the WET
list. Karen is furious. "And you expected us to give
your agents a chance?" she sneers at Buchanan.

8:44 P.M.
Jack's cell phone rings, and Stoller orders him to put it on
speaker because he doesn't trust him. It is Karen and Buchanan.
She demands that he get the WET list back from Stoller, but Jack
refuses because it will endanger the mission. Karen threatens to
retrieve it, but Jack says that she will be responsible for every
life lost in the next attack. Since this will diminish the United
States' ability to prevent terrorist attacks in the future, they
will need the President's authorization. "Get it!" Jack insists.

8:45 P.M.
Curtis radios that a woman fitting Collette's description
is circling the lot in a red sports car. Jack asks Karen to
quickly make her decision. She has no other choice but to let
him proceed. "I promise you, there will be repercussions," she
snaps. Stoller is assured that he will get the WET list.

8:46 P.M.
Collette parks near Stoller's car. Jack watches from the mirror
as Stoller approaches her. They kiss. Jack radios to Curtis that
he has a positive identification and that teams should move in.

8:47 P.M.
Jack gets out of the car and holds Collette at gunpoint. She
is shocked, and looks sadly at Stoller who has betrayed her.
With the WET list, Stoller gets in his car and drives away.
Jack frisks Collette and puts her in handcuffs. She remains
silent when he asks where Bierko is.

8:48 P.M.
As Stoller drives, he calls someone to warn them that he is about
to upload something. He places the memory card into his PDA and
presses a few buttons. Suddenly, smoke and sparks emanate from
the device. Jack calls Stoller and apologizes. He promises to
help him rebuild his investigation when this is all over. "I
had your word," Stoller says. "Now I know what it's worth."

8:49 P.M.
Clock ticks.

8:54 P.M.
In a nearby hangar where the TAC team has set up a staging area,
Curtis reports that Collette has nothing on her that reveals what
she sold to Bierko. Jack tells Collette that Stoller is German
intelligence. She is surprised and assumes he sold her out for
a price. Collette admits that she had feelings for Stoller, and
never suspected him because she believed he had feelings as well.
Jack presses her on Bierko's whereabouts. She wants to talk to
him alone.

8:55 P.M.
Collette asks Jack what his price is, but he replies that he
is not for sale. In order for her to divulge anything, Collette
demands full immunity signed by the President. Yet she doesn't
know where Bierko is because he was already leaving the safe
house to carry out the attack. Collette is unaware what kind
of schematic she sold him because her source encrypted the files
and didn't tell her what was in it. She will give up her source
in exchange for immunity.

8:56 P.M.
Jack calls CTU and lays out Collette's demands. Karen
has Miles call Novick to start the immunity paperwork.
Jack explains that he programmed the memory card with
the WET list to self-destruct. He couldn't tell them
before because he had Stoller in the car. Buchanan notes
to Karen that this is proof that CTU is doing its job and
should maintain its autonomy.

8:57 P.M.
Wayne is driving along a deserted road when a black van
speeds up behind him. Masked gunmen in the van shoot at
his wheel. Wayne spins out of control and his car flips
over a small ridge. The gunmen head towards the accident.
Wayne manages to kick open the car door and climb out. His
hand is bleeding. Wayne runs into the woods to escape.

8:58 P.M.
On the phone with her lawyers in Europe, Collette confirms that
her immunity has been granted. She tells Jack where Bierko's safe
house is and that she received her information from Audrey Raines
at the Department of Defense. Jack slams Collette against the
wall and accuses her of lying. "Apparently, she had a price,"
she says about Audrey.

Clock ticks.

9:00 P.M.
Buchanan asks Chloe to secretly look up Audrey's activities
over the past year and whether or not she had any connection
to Henderson and Cummings.

9:01 P.M.
Buchanan takes Audrey into custody. Audrey says that Collette is
lying about obtaining any information from her. When she asks for
Jack, Buchanan tells her that Jack is the one who sanctioned this

9:02 P.M.
As Jack escorts Collette through CTU security, she confirms that
she has met with Audrey and can identify her.

9:03 P.M.
The torture tools are wheeled into Audrey's holding room.
Buchanan argues with Karen and Miles about the extreme
interrogation techniques they want to use on Audrey.

9:04 P.M.
Jack enters and tells Karen that he will handle Audrey.
She accuses Jack of always putting his feelings before
work. "Is that what happened with Nina Myers?" she asks.
Jack warns Karen that Audrey's father, the Secretary of
Defense, might have a problem with his daughter being
tortured. Karen allows Jack to attempt to get Audrey to
talk, but she will intervene if nothing comes out of it.

9:06 P.M.
Outside the conference room, Buchanan confesses to Jack
that he doesn't believe Audrey is guilty. Yet she might
know something that can help their investigation.

9:07 P.M.
Los Angeles Police happen upon a brawl in an alley, but
it's a trap. Bierko and his men kill the cops and take
their uniforms and weapons. They will use the police car
to accompany the van with canisters in avoiding roadblocks.

9:08 P.M.
Chloe finds a connection between Audrey and Cummings. The two had
stayed in the same hotel room in Maryland, which was confirmed by
the manager of the hotel. Jack is shocked at this revelation.

9:09 P.M.
Clock ticks.

9:14 P.M.
A techie named Shari Rothenberg reports to Chloe as Edgar's
replacement. Shari sees Miles across the bullpen. They share
a look.

9:15 P.M.
Jack goes into the holding room and is abrupt with Audrey.
"I have nothing to do with these terrorists," she pleads.
Jack shows her photos of Henderson and Cummings. Audrey says
she only met Cummings a few times in Defense briefings. Jack
brings up the hotel in Maryland, and he forces Audrey to admit
that she slept with Cummings. She swears that she knows nothing
else. Jack grabs her by the throat, and then stops. He turns to
the security camera and yells to Karen that this is over.

9:19 P.M.
"If you ask me, she broke him. Not the other way around," Karen
tells Buchanan, as they watch the surveillance feed. Buchanan is
certain that Audrey is innocent. Karen is not convinced, and she
calls for Agent Burke to be brought in with his torture tools.

9:20 P.M.
Chloe gives Shari an assignment, and Miles accuses Shari of
not being qualified. Shari confesses to Chloe that she had
filed a sexual harassment charge against Miles when they
worked together a few years ago.

9:21 P.M.
Buchanan tells Jack that Karen wants to use torture on Audrey,
but Jack refuses to allow it. The guards try to stop him, and
Burke is forced to taser Jack. The guards take Audrey away as
Jack is put in handcuffs.

8:22 P.M.
Clock ticks.

9:27 P.M.
One of the snipers chasing Wayne Palmer calls Henderson.
Henderson orders the man to find the missing Wayne and kill him.

Agent Pierce repeatedly tries Wayne's cell phone but keeps
getting his voice mail. A fellow Secret Service agent tells
Pierce that Wayne cleared through a checkpoint half an hour
ago. Pierce wants to go look for Wayne, and asks the agent
to keep it quiet.

9:28 P.M.
Jack insists to Karen that Audrey is innocent. He thinks
Henderson gave Collette Audrey's name in order to mess with Jack.
They are wasting time when they should be interrogating Collette,
who has immunity. Jack wants to get Collette to admit that she is
withholding information, which will negate her immunity deal. He
begs Karen to let him and Chloe try to find something to impugn

9:29 P.M.
Miles tries to catch Shari breaking protocol, but Chloe steps in
and accepts responsibility for her underling's actions. Miles
accuses Shari of lying about the sexual harassment charge. Chloe
stands up to him, saying that their main focus is to find the
nerve gas. She threatens to file a complaint if he interrupts
their work again.

9:30 P.M.
Jack asks Chloe to help him save Audrey. He needs evidence that
Henderson and Collette had direct contact.

9:31 P.M.
Both Bierko's van and the cop car pull up to the Wilshire Gas
Company. The terrorists shoot the guard at the gate and start
unloading their canisters. Bierko finds the manager in charge. He
makes the man escort them to the control room as the canisters
are brought to the distribution tank.

9:33 P.M.
Bierko instructs the manager to reduce the pressure in the pipes
so that the substance they are going to add will not become
inert. The man is in fear of being killed by Bierko.

9:34 P.M.
Clock ticks.

9:39 P.M.
Pierce enters the woods. Wayne orders him to drop his gun, but
then realizes it is Pierce. The two run from the gunmen after

9:40 P.M.
Burke administers a drug into Audrey's veins, but she cries that
she doesn't know anything. Meanwhile, Chloe finds that Henderson
placed eight calls to Collette's cell. Jack tells Buchanan that
this news means Collette's immunity is voided. He wants him to
get the President to null the agreement. He also demands that no
more harm be done to Audrey.

9:41 P.M.
Jack runs into Collette's holding room. He accuses her of
withholding information about Henderson. The Federal Marshal
guarding Collette says that Jack can't question her until the
order to rescind the immunity is sent. Jack knocks the Marshal
out and trains the man's gun on Collette. Collette admits that
Henderson told her to use Audrey's name. Jack threatens to kill
her unless she tells him what was inside the schematic. Collette
says that it is a natural gas distribution center. She doesn't
know which one.

9:42 P.M.
Jack tells Buchanan the new information. This is how Bierko is
going to deliver the Sentox into people's homes. Jack gives the
Marshal's gun back to Buchanan.

9:43 P.M.
Jack bursts into the holding room and orders Burke to stop
torturing Audrey. Jack tells Audrey that Henderson set her
up to get at him. Jack apologizes and takes her in his arms.
"I knew you would come," Audrey says in tears. Jack kisses her.

9:44 P.M.
Chloe brings up all the city's gas centers. Buchanan thinks they
only have fifteen minutes before detonation, and Jack heads to
field ops to prepare to leave.

9:45 P.M.
Shari tells Buchanan that she was a Chemistry major and knows
that the pressure index of the natural gas would have to be
reduced in order to keep toxins from becoming losing their
effectiveness. Chloe pulls up PSI levels at the Los Angeles
distribution centers and finds that the Wilshire Gas Company's
has just dropped. Buchanan quickly leaves to let Jack know. Shari
notes that Buchanan's hand brushed against her shoulder and that
this is wrong. Chloe squirms quietly.

9:46 P.M.
Pierce and Wayne make their way past his flipped car.
Suddenly, a missile wheezes past them. Wayne is knocked
down. Pierce returns fire into the darkness at the gunmen.
He puts Wayne into his car and they escape.

9:47 P.M.
Clock ticks.

9:52 P.M.
Jack, Curtis and the TAC team fly in the chopper to the
Wilshire Gas Company. Chloe radios that the main control
room is where the PSI level is adjusted. Meanwhile, Bierko's
men set remotes on the canisters.

9:53 P.M.
Chloe scans heat signatures outside the site, and finds the pilot
a landing spot away from the two men patrolling the perimeter.

9:54 P.M.
Jack and the TAC team rappel down to the roof of the gas plant
from the hovering chopper.

9:55 P.M.
Jack and Curtis make their way into the building and take out two
of Bierko's men with silenced guns.

9:56 P.M.
Jack and the CTU team sneak to the control room. One of the
terrorists sees them and warns Bierko, who shoots. Amid the
gunfire, Bierko activates his remote and the canisters start to
emit gas into the tank. Jack goes after Bierko but stops when he
notices the canisters in the tank. The plant manager says that it
is too late to shut power because the gas will already spread. He
tells Jack that the pipeline that feeds into the tank is outside.
Jack notifies CTU that he intends to ignite the natural g as that
has mixed with the Sentox. He can incinerate the mixture before
it leaves the plant. Curtis and the rest of the team evacuate.

9:57 P.M.
Jack places the explosive on the pipe and sets the charger to
blast in 30 seconds. He runs out as the explosions burst the
pipe, sending flames into the air behind him.

9:58 P.M.
Jack makes it outside, but sees Bierko fleeing. He heads back in
and calls to Bierko. Bierko is slammed against the stolen cop car
when a flame erupts at his back. Jack goes to pick Bierko up, and
the man fights back. They throw punches at each other. The main
tank explodes as Jack pulls Bierko into the car. A wave of flame
blows out the car windows.

Clock ticks.

10:00 P.M.
CTU waits impatiently for news about the blast at the
Distribution Center. Jack emerges from the thick smoke,
carrying Bierko's unconscious body. He urges the medics
to send Bierko back to CTU. Curtis lets Jack know that
the nerve gas has been destroyed.

10:03 P.M.
Jack calls Buchanan on his private cell. He is convinced that
Henderson was only following orders from someone higher up. Jack
admits that he is scared. "I think this is bigger than anything
we could have imagined," he says.

10:04 P.M.
Karen tells the Vice President that she has not yet assumed
command of CTU because they are still actively looking for
Henderson. Gardner orders her to move forward with the takeover.
He makes an assurance that Henderson will be caught.

10:05 P.M.
Karen voices her concern to Miles about how Buchanan will react
in light of all CTU has just accomplished. Miles suggests that
they get Audrey to go on record citing Buchanan's mismanagement.

10:06 P.M.
Buchanan tells Audrey that Homeland is taking over CTU. Yet
he doesn't know why Gardner wants this change in control.

Henderson hides in a coal plant. He gets word from a commando
that they have lost Wayne Palmer in the woods.

10:07 P.M.
Agent Pierce arrives back at the retreat. He removes Wayne from
the back of the SUV. Wayne explains that Martha Logan's aide
Evelyn was his brother's source inside the White House. Someone
tried to prevent Wayne from seeing Evelyn. He thinks Palmer was
killed because of information Evelyn gave him.

10:09 P.M.
Evelyn says goodnight to Martha and, as she is leaving the
retreat, Wayne and Pierce stop her. She is frightened. Wayne
says that he traced emails she sent to Palmer, but he needs
to know what was inside those emails. Evelyn's eyes fill with
tears, and she insists that she knows nothing. She finally
confesses that someone has kidnapped her daughter and will
kill her unless Evelyn gives them the evidence of who is
behind the conspiracy. Wayne and Pierce convince her that
these people will kill her regardless. She will hand it
over to Wayne if he gets her daughter back.

Clock ticks.

10:16 P.M.
As a team from Homeland Security arrives, Karen announces that
CTU is being absorbed by her department.

10:17 P.M.
Miles asks to speak with Audrey privately.

10:18 P.M.
Wayne calls Jack and tells him that Evelyn has proof of the
plot against President Palmer. Yet she won't tell them what
it is until they help save her kidnapped daughter. The culprit
is going to call her with a meeting place. Jack is sure this is
Henderson's doing. Wayne gives him the location of an abandoned
barn to get together. Wayne has Evelyn leave the retreat alone
because she may be watched.

10:19 P.M.
Audrey reads the statement that Miles has drawn up. It holds
Buchanan responsible for all of the day's events. She refuses to
sign because it is a complete distortion of what happened. Miles
suggests that she and the Defense Department will shoulder some
of the blame because she was at CTU as a liaison. "This takeover
is completely unwarranted and I won't help you justify it," she

10:21 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey on her cell and explains what Wayne has
uncovered. He needs her to get satellite surveillance on the
location where Henderson wants to make the exchange with Evelyn.
Audrey tells him that Vice President Gardner has made Homeland
Security take over CTU. Jack thinks Gardner might be involved in
the conspiracy because Henderson was protecting someone higher
up. Regardless of what is going on at CTU, he desperately needs
Chloe to work on the satellite.

10:22 P.M.
Audrey approaches Miles and Karen, saying that she has
reconsidered signing their statement. She claims she wants to
shield Defense and her father from any controversy. Audrey asks
for Chloe to be assigned to her. Karen agrees to the deal, and
Audrey signs the paper.

10:23 P.M.
Henderson holds Evelyn's young daughter hostage at the coal

10:24 P.M.
Clock ticks.

10:29 P.M.
Wayne wants Pierce to remain at the retreat so that he doesn't
arouse suspicion. Suddenly, Gardner comes upon Wayne and is
surprised to see him. Pierce tells the Vice President that Wayne
was there to bring him a memento from his brother. Wayne says
that he needs to fly Palmer's body back to Washington, and
Gardner wishes him a safe trip.

10:31 P.M.
Chloe is furious about Homeland's sudden takeover. Buchanan
assures her that he is working to have it overturned. Miles
orders Chloe to stay on per Audrey's request. Miles tells
Buchanan that Audrey signed a statement laying blame on CTU
and Buchanan. Audrey confirms this, in earshot of Miles.

10:33 P.M.
As they drive to the meeting place, Evelyn tells Wayne that
the person bribing her said he would know if she told anyone
about the proof. Wayne is convinced that there is a mole inside
the retreat. Evelyn is terrified that she is responsible for
Palmer's death. Her phone rings, and Wayne quickly patches Jack
in. Henderson asks Evelyn what Wayne was doing at the retreat.
She swears that she didn't even know he was there. Henderson
puts her daughter on the phone, and Evelyn tells the girl that
she is coming to get her. Henderson gives Evelyn the address
of the coal plant.

10:35 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey with the address. Buchanan shoots a glance at
Audrey as he is leaving CTU.

10:36 P.M.
Audrey approaches Chloe, who is angry that she gave up CTU to
Karen. Audrey grabs Chloe's wrist and says that Jack needs her
help. Audrey explains that she only signed the document in order
to keep Chloe in place.

10:37 P.M.
Clock ticks.

10:41 P.M.
Jack meets Wayne and Evelyn at the barn. He promises Evelyn that
he will get her daughter back, but she still refuses to tell him
what she knows about the conspiracy.

10:43 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey's phone and speaks to Chloe. She sends the
satellite's infrared image of the meeting place to Jack's PDA.
There are at least ten men surrounding the premises.

10:44 P.M.
Jack doesn't want Wayne accompanying him to take Evelyn to the
exchange place. Wayne insists on going because his brother died
in his arms.

10:45 P.M.
Gardner tells Logan that Wayne was at the retreat to see Pierce.
Although Wayne didn't speak to the President, Logan brushes this
off because Palmer and Pierce were close. Logan thinks Wayne must
still have hard feelings over the White House's attitude towards

10:46 P.M.
Evelyn drops Jack off at the back of the coal plant. He
presses that Henderson will kill both her and her daughter,
so her compliance with their plan is her only chance of
survival. Evelyn drives to meet Henderson. Chloe radios
Jack and Wayne with a path into the plant. They draw
their weapons and enter.

10:47 P.M.
Clock ticks.

10:52 P.M.
Jack takes out one of Henderson's men.

10:53 P.M.
With too many guards surrounding them, Jack asks Wayne to
shoot a sniper so that he can make his way to the roof, and
takes out another hostile. Chloe guides Wayne to a clear shot
of his target, but he hesitates. He finally kills the man. Jack
is clear to climb up. He slices the throat of one of the men who
is radioing Henderson about Evelyn's arrival. Jack manipulates
the walkie's mouthpiece so that he is not identified while
finishing the man's transmission to Henderson.

10:56 P.M.
Evelyn pulls up to the site. Henderson calls her phone and
orders her to open all the doors and trunk of her car. Jack
watches through the scope of the sniper's rifle as Henderson
comes out with the little girl.

10:57 P.M.
Henderson lets the girl run to Evelyn and asks for the evidence.
Evelyn ducks with her daughter and Jack shoots the two guards
beside Henderson. Wayne fires at the other men surrounding them.
Henderson gets in Evelyn's car and speeds off. Jack and Wayne aim
at the car, but Henderson escapes. Jack calls to Chloe and asks
her to quickly reprogram the satellite to extend past the plant.
She loses Henderson on the satellite.

10:58 P.M.
Wayne tends to Evelyn, who's been hit with gunfire. Jack
sees that it's not a serious injury. He demands to know
who is involved. "The Vice President has nothing to do
with this!" she exclaims.

10:59 P.M.
Henderson explains to someone on the phone that he didn't expect
Jack to show up. He assures the caller that Jack and Wayne will
be killed and that he can suppress any evidence they might have.
"I won't let you down again, sir," Henderson guarantees. The
person on the other end of the line is President Logan.

Clock ticks.

11:00 P.M.
As Wayne drives, Jack treats Evelyn's wounds. She explains that
she hid a recording of a phone call in a safe deposit box. The
call was between the President and Henderson. Jack takes the key
to the box. With all the military roadblocks in place, Wayne
pulls up to a motel.

11:02 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey, who says that Chloe couldn't reposition the
satellite to track Henderson. He asks her to involve her father
as a credible source to present the evidence. Jack warns Audrey
to get out of CTU because they don't know who they can trust.

11:05 P.M.
Wayne locates the bank manager's home address. He and Jack carry
Evelyn and her daughter into a motel room. It's not safe for her
to be taken to a public hospital. Jack cleans Evelyn's wound, and
she thinks she will be able to stay on her own. Jack and Wayne

11:06 P.M.
Henderson tells Logan that he doesn't know where Evelyn hid the
recording of their conversation. Yet he is having all hospitals
monitored because she was wounded. "It all spiraled out of
control when you decided to kill David Palmer," Logan admonishes.

11:07 P.M.
Karen starts to doubt to Miles whether Homeland's takeover of CTU
was even necessary.

11:08 P.M.
President Logan calls Karen and inquires about Jack's
whereabouts. He orders a warrant for Jack in the death
of David Palmer. Logan wants it to be CTU's top priority
because he has "new evidence".

11:09 P.M.
Karen is wary of this recent directive, especially since it means
pulling resources off finding Henderson. Miles suggests they keep
an eye on Audrey because Jack will try to contact her.

11:10 P.M.
After Chloe puts Audrey's cell on a secure channel, she learns
about the evidence against Logan. Suddenly, Chloe's computer is
alerted that a warrant is issued for Jack. "It's starting,"
Audrey says ominously.

11:11 P.M.
Karen approaches Audrey, who claims to be leaving to get sleep.
Karen says that the new evidence implicating Jack is coming. She
cannot tell them who ordered the warrant, but she admits that it
is odd. Audrey lies and says she hasn't had contact with Jack in
over an hour.

11:12 P.M.
Karen wants Audrey to lead them to Jack, so she has a field agent
place a transponder on Audrey's car.

Clock ticks.

11:17 P.M.
Jack and Wayne break into the bank manager's home.

11:19 P.M.
Jack threatens to shoot the man and his wife, demanding access
to the bank. The man gets dressed to go and Jack has Wayne tie
up the wife.

11:20 P.M.
Audrey leaves the CTU parking lot and calls her father who is
aboard a jet. She tells him that Jack has been framed but she
can't say anything more. Heller has his plane rerouted to the
Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. He has the stop kept off the
plane's manifest.

11:22 P.M.
Audrey pulls into a gas station and pretends to fill up her tank.
The field agent follows. Audrey calls Chloe, who instructs her
to take a CTU walkie and scan her car. The walkie reacts with
a squeal over the transponder. Audrey removes the tracker and
puts it onto a DWP utility truck that has stopped to get gas.
She gets back in the car and drives off.

11:23 P.M.
Pierce is in the President's office when Gardner asks about the
warrant on Jack. Logan dismisses Pierce, and then admits to
Gardner that he issued it. Gardner is annoyed that he wasn't
consulted even though he is in charge of the Homeland Security
transfer. Logan refuses to tell Gardner any more about the
"evidence" that names Jack as Palmer's killer.

11:26 P.M.
Evelyn goes to her crying daughter, but falls and hits her head.
The little girl instinctively calls 911 and gives her mother's
name to the operator.

11:27 P.M.
Henderson is notified that a 911 call came in about Evelyn. He
heads to the motel.

Clock ticks.

11:32 P.M.
Logan gives a press conference to announce that the terrorist
attack has been thwarted. From inside the retreat, Martha tells
Pierce that she is impressed that her husband defeated the
crisis. Martha notices that Pierce is worried about something,
but he covers up the cause.

11:33 P.M.
Jack and Wayne go to the bank with the manager. Jack gets a call
from Pierce, who warns him that Logan issued a warrant for him.
Jack tells Pierce that the President is responsible for all that
has happened, and that the evidence incriminating him will be
passed to Secretary Heller.

11:34 P.M.
Karen finds out that her field agents lost Audrey. She has Miles
redirect the satellites away from looking for Jack. They need to
find Audrey.

11:35 P.M.
Jack forces the bank manager to lead them to the vault. The man
recognizes Wayne from the television coverage of his Palmer's
assassination. Wayne and Jack admit to what they are doing there
and the urgency of the situation.

11:38 P.M.
A paramedic revives Evelyn. Suddenly, Henderson shoots the
paramedic. He demands that Evelyn tell him where Jack is.

11:39 P.M.
Clock ticks.

11:43 P.M.
Martha lets Logan know that she is proud of him and she
apologizes for being a burden with her breakdowns. Logan's
cell phone rings and he says he needs privacy. Martha doesn't
understand what is so critical because the terrorist threat is

11:45 P.M.
Logan takes the call from Henderson while Martha is still
sitting next to him. Henderson says that they are on their
way to get Jack. Logan tells him to get it done, and Martha
questions what he is referring to. Logan lies to cover it up.

11:46 P.M.
Miles finds Audrey on the satellite, and Karen alerts her field
agents of the location.

Shari the techie asks Chloe why she has been locked out on the
satellite by a priority override. Chloe sees that the satellite
is tracking Audrey.

11:47 P.M.
Henderson's commandos arrive at the bank. Jack enters the vault
and retrieves Evelyn's tape recorder. He plays it and hears
Henderson tell Logan that he killed Palmer. The bank manager
is floored by this revelation and gives Jack his car keys.

11:49 P.M.
Jack hears something outside, and he huddles the others back into
the vault. Jack sees Henderson's armed men through his monocle.

11:50 P.M.
Jack knows that Henderson's men will kill them as soon as they
step outside. He asks the bank manager how to trip the silent
alarm which will bring out the LAPD. Jack thinks Henderson will
order his men to shoot at the cops. This diversion might allow
them to escape.

11:51 P.M.
Clock ticks.

11:55 P.M.
Chloe goes to the server room and corrupts the satellite
signal. Miles sends the feed to the field agents, but it
becomes distorted. Miles traces the error to the server.
He also notices that Chloe is away from her workstation.

11:56 P.M.
Chloe deletes access logs to hide her tracks. Miles goes to the
server room but no one is there. He exits to find Chloe coming
out of the restroom. "What were you doing?" he accuses. Chloe
jokes that she'll write a report on the details of her bathroom

11:57 P.M.
Jack urges the bank manager to remain inside, but the man wants
to stay with Jack because he will be killed for having heard that

11:58 P.M.
The police arrive at the bank and Henderson has his men fire at
them. In the midst of the gunfire, Jack emerges and shoots at the
commandos. Wayne and the bank manager follow. A marine transport
takes out the snipers. As Jack and Wayne head for a police car,
the bank manager is hit in the chest with a bullet. They get him
into the police car and Jack speeds from the melee.

11:59 P.M.
The bank manager dies in the backseat. Jack calls Audrey, who is
at the Van Nuys Airport waiting for her father to land. Jack
tells her that the evidence clearly implicates Logan. This
information sinks in. "We're talking about taking down the
President of the United States," he says.

Clock ticks.

12:00 A.M.
Logan is not pleased that Henderson hasn't killed Jack already.
Henderson thinks that CTU can lead him to Jack.

12:02 A.M.
Logan calls Karen to reinforce his order that finding Jack is
her top priority. Miles knows that they will need to use Audrey
and Chloe to get to him.

12:04 A.M.
Jack and Wayne wait on the side of the road for Buchanan. Jack
had asked him for help and explains the current situation. Jack
needs Buchanan to take Wayne somewhere safe because he's
a target. Jack leaves to meet Secretary Heller to hand over the

12:06 A.M.
Audrey calls Jack when her father's plane lands.

12:07 A.M.
Jack arrives at the airport, and Heller encourages him to turn
himself in. Jack says he is being set up.

12:08 A.M.
Jack takes Audrey and Heller inside an empty hangar and plays
them the tape recording. Logan gave the terrorists the Sentox
gas, but planned to deploy the gas before it reached Moscow. This
would provide him with an excuse to exercise the military terms
of his arms treaty with Suvarov. Jack thinks it was a play to
control the oil supply in central Asia and that David Palmer
found out about it. Heller is not surprised at Logan's actions.
Jack asks Audrey to accompany her father to present this evidence
to the Attorney General.

12:10 A.M.
Heller has his Secret Service detail arrest Jack. Heller believes
that accusing Logan will destroy the essence of the presidency
and cripple the nation. Heller plans to use the tape to convince
Logan to step down quietly. He wants Audrey to go with him, but
when she refuses, he has her kept by the agents too. Heller hands
the tape recorder to one of the agents for safe keeping. As
Heller leaves, Jack warns him that he won't be able to trust

12:11 A.M.
Clock ticks.

12:16 A.M.
Chloe is alarmed when she's not invited to a high-level meeting
in the situation room. She catches Shari, who is exiting the
meeting, and gets her to admit that Miles found Audrey. Miles
and Karen listen to this whole conversation from surveillance.

12:17 A.M.
Karen and Miles watch as Chloe goes to make a phone call. Miles
decrypts her channel and traces the call to a payphone at the Van
Nuys Airfield. Chloe does not connect with Audrey. Karen sends
her teams to the airport. Chloe accuses Shari of cooperating with
Miles to set her up. "Miles is an idiot!" Chloe exclaims. "If
anyone should know that it should be you!" The Homeland Security
guards apprehend Chloe.

12:18 A.M.
Karen calls the President to tell him what they have uncovered.
Logan orders her to pull back her agents because he is sending in
the military. Karen is confused, but agrees to his wishes. Logan
notifies Henderson about CTU's discovery.

12:19 A.M.
As they are tied up in the hangar, Jack tells Audrey that
Henderson won't allow Logan to negotiate with Heller. Heller
is only making himself a target. Karen calls Novick to ask why
the White House is stepping in when she can take care of Jack.
Novick says he will look into it.

12:20 A.M.
Novick goes in to see Vice President Gardner and asks him about
Karen's question. Gardner doesn't know, but assumes the President
made his decision for a reason.

12:22 A.M.
Still bothered by Logan's strategy, Novick places a call to the
general running military operations in Los Angeles. The general
confirms that he did not receive a call from the President to
pick up Jack.

12:23 A.M.
Novick tells Logan that he got a call from Karen about using
the military to get Jack. He asks why he did not go through
the general. Logan says he used a covert task force because
he doesn't want the Chinese to know that Jack is alive.

12:25 A.M.
Clock ticks.

12:30 A.M.
Miles tells Chloe that if they find Audrey at the location she
called then she is in trouble. As Miles leaves the holding room,
Chloe slyly grabs his keycard from his jacket pocket. He locks
her in, but Chloe uses the keycard to get out.

12:31 A.M.
Chloe grabs a laptop on the counter and makes her way down the
corridor. Shari sees her and threatens to alert Miles. Chloe is
forced to tell her that Jack's evidence implicates President
Logan. She also says that she knows Shari made up lies about
Miles sexually harassing her. Chloe threatens to recommend her
for a psych evaluation if she doesn't cooperate. Shari allows
Chloe to escape.

12:33 A.M.
Martha tries to convince her husband to get some sleep. Logan
receives an urgent call from Secretary Heller, who has come to
Los Angeles. "I think you know exactly what this is about,"
Heller alludes.

12:34 A.M.
Martha asks what Heller wanted, but Logan brushes this off to an
issue over martial law.

12:35 A.M.
Logan phones Henderson, who is about to board a chopper.
Henderson thinks Jack got to Heller first but that Jack still has
the tape. Logan wants him to call when he has the evidence.

12:36 A.M.
Clock ticks.

12:40 A.M.
Martha approaches Agent Pierce in the corridor and asks him
why Heller is there. She suspects something. Pierce says he
will meet her near the stables to tell her what he knows.

12:41 A.M.
Heller lets the President know that he heard a recording of his
conversation with Henderson. The tape is in a safe place. Heller
knows that he allowed Henderson to kill Palmer. Logan admits that
he was protecting the interests of the country regarding access
to cheaper oil. Heller wants him to leave Jack and Audrey alone.
He also demands that Logan resign in the morning with the promise
that he will keep the recording under lock and key. He wants him
to get Gardner so he can witness the letter of resignation.

12:45 A.M.
Chloe drives to Buchanan's house, and he sets her up on his
workstation. She's worried that Jack and Audrey may already be
in custody. "If CTU has Jack, it's all my fault," she sighs.

12:46 A.M.
Martha waits at the stables for Pierce and dials him on his cell.
Suddenly, she hears a phone ringing. She finds Pierce's cell on
the ground. He is nowhere to be seen.

12:47 A.M.
Restrained to a pole, Jack looks up at the ceiling and sees
a cluster of pipes. He shimmies up and presses his wrists against
the scalding pipe. Jack grits his teeth against the pain as the
heat melts his plastic restraints. He jumps down and grabs a set
of pliers to snip Audrey's off.

12:48 A.M.
When the Secret Service agent comes back to check on them, Jack
knocks the man down and takes his gun. Audrey puts the restraints
on the agent.

Clock ticks.

12:52 A.M.
Jack takes a gun away from the other Secret Service agent.
Suddenly, a helicopter roars overhead. It's Henderson's black
ops team. They shoot at Jack and the agent. Jack explains to the
agent that they have come for the tape recording. Jack gives the
agent back his gun, and they fire back at the chopper. The agent
is hit, and Jack takes the tape recorder from his jacket.
Henderson runs into the hangar.

12:54 A.M.
Henderson has his gun trained on Audrey and demands the tape
recording. Jack asks why he is protecting Logan, but Henderson
says he is only protecting the integrity of the government. He
allows Audrey to walk towards Jack. Blood drips from her hand
and Henderson says that he has cut her brachial artery. She will
bleed to death in a few minutes. Jack has no choice but to toss
the tape recorder to him. With the evidence secured, Henderson
runs out of the hangar. Jack makes a tourniquet out of a wire
to stop Audrey's arm from bleeding further.

12:57 A.M.
Heller gives Logan a resignation to sign. Gardner is summoned in.
Before Logan can explain to him what is going on, he gets a call
from Henderson who confirms that he has the tape recording. Logan
then tells Gardner that he has asked for Heller's resignation
because he has accused the President of conspiracy. When Heller
insists that Logan was complicit with the nerve gas and
sanctioned Palmer's assassination, Logan wants to know where the
evidence is. Heller is stunned as the President orders the
Secret Service to remove him from the retreat.

Clock ticks.

1:00 A.M.
Jack stabilizes Audrey's bleeding. A phone rings inside the
hangar and Jack realizes it is coming from one of the dead
agents. Heller is on the line, and he tells Jack that Logan
refused to resign after receiving a call from Henderson. They
failed to get Logan because Heller betrayed Jack.

1:02 A.M.
Jack calls Buchanan, who is with Chloe. She thinks she can use
CTU's satellite to find Henderson even though it will make her
more vulnerable to being found. Chloe barks orders to Buchanan
as he sets up his desktop computer.

1:05 A.M.
Jack loads Audrey into the police car that he stole from the bank
shoot out.

1:06 A.M.
Henderson lets Logan know that he has not killed Jack. He also
did not destroy the tape because he wants it as protection in
case something happens to him, citing Cummings' "suicide". Logan
reminds him that he was the one who deemed that death necessary.

1:07 A.M.
Chloe notifies Jack that she found Henderson on the satellite
and that he is not far from him. Jack speeds up and turns off
his headlights.

1:08 A.M.
When his car is just behind Henderson, Jack turns on the
headlights. Henderson is blinded and swerves. Jack drives him off
the road. Henderson crashes into an outdoor nursery. He gets out
and shoots, but the police car protects Jack and Audrey.

1:09 A.M.
Jack returns fire. Henderson is out of ammo and tries to run, but
Jack threatens to shoot him. Henderson says that if he dies,
Heller will be killed too. His men have been tracking Heller from
the retreat and will take him out if Henderson doesn't contact
them every fifteen minutes. A startled Audrey hears this. Jack
has Henderson handcuff himself.

1:10 A.M.
Jack asks Chloe to patch him through to Heller and trace him on
the satellite. She sends the feed to his PDA. Heller confirms for
Jack that there is a helicopter above him and that there is
a laser sight trained on him.

1:11 A.M.
Henderson knows that Jack won't let Heller die, and he demands to
be released. Heller hears Henderson over the phone and refuses to
let Jack choose him over the tape. Heller takes responsibility
because he didn't obey him earlier. "I will not allow Logan and
Henderson to use me as a pawn," Heller says. He drives his car
off a cliff and lands in a lake. As the car descends into the
water, the helicopter retreats.

1:12 A.M.
Jack sees the car plummet on his PDA. He lunges at Henderson,
blaming his thirst for power on the deaths of two real patriots
-- Palmer and Heller. "What happened to you?" Jack asks in
exasperation as he raises his gun. Henderson doesn't have the
tape recording and he won't tell him where it is. Audrey
encourages Jack to kill him. Jack punches Henderson instead.

1:13 A.M.
Clock ticks.

1:18 A.M.
Logan phones a power broker named Graham, who is surrounded by
other men at computer stations. Logan wants to "cancel the
action" against Henderson because the tape will be released if he
is killed. Graham warns the President that Martha is suspicious
and that Agent Pierce is feeding her information. Logan wants to
handle his wife on his own.

1:19 A.M.
Martha questions another agent why Pierce was transferred in the
middle of the night.

1:20 A.M.
Another Secret Service agent explains to Martha that it is
a "sensitive issue" and that her husband wants to see her. The
agent ushers her into a dimly lit room and locks her in. No one
is in there and the phones do not work. Martha panics.

1:21 A.M.
Audrey is determined to get that tape and expose Logan in
order to avenge what happened to her father. Jack thinks
Henderson might have handed the tape off to someone before
he captured him. He has Chloe check the satellite's history
and she finds that a car met Henderson. The car then returned
back to the tarmac of the Van Nuys Airport near a plane that
is preparing to take off.

1:22 A.M.
Jack asks Buchanan to have Curtis pick up Audrey and Henderson
from the nursery. Although Jack wants to wait with Audrey, she
begs him to go so that her father did not die in vain.

1:23 A.M.
Jack relents and gives Audrey a gun. Henderson is unconscious
and bound. Since Henderson's men will probably come looking for
him, Jack warns her to not take calls so that they can't trace
her. He kisses her cheek, saying that he doesn't feel right
about leaving her. She urges him to get the tape back. "I will,"
he says confidently.

1:24 A.M.
Clock ticks.

1:29 A.M.
Karen voices her concern to Miles. They haven't heard anything
even though they gave Jack's location to the President an hour
ago. She is suspicious, but Miles brushes this off. Karen and
Miles are alerted that Chloe escaped from the holding room
after having a conversation with Shari. Karen orders Miles to
find Chloe by tracing her use of CTU resources. They are sure
she will try to contact Jack.

1:30 A.M.
Shari is brought to Karen's office and she explains that Chloe
threatened to send her for a psychiatric evaluation. Shari says
that Chloe claimed Logan was framing Jack and was responsible for
Palmer's assassination. This news seems to confirm the doubts
that Karen's been feeling.

1:31 A.M.
Martha pounds on the locked door and Logan comes to see her.
He tells her that he had Pierce transferred back to Washington.
Logan admits that he never authorized the murder of Palmer, but
someone who works for him was the shooter. Martha lashes out at
him and can't believe what she's hearing. Logan implores her to
stop asking questions or talking about this to other people. If
his duplicity was exposed, it would be traumatic for the nation
and lessen their credibility worldwide. He begs her to keep it
a secret. "You've broken my heart," she says. "I look at you and
I hate you." Although she cannot forgive him, she agrees to keep
her mouth shut so that the American people won't have to suffer.

1:35 A.M.
Clock ticks.

1:40 A.M.
Graham convinces his three other conspirators to push through
any doubts they have. Logan calls Graham and tells him that he
will send Martha back to an institution if she doesn't keep
quiet. Graham articulates a veiled threat to Logan to control
the situation.

1:42 A.M.
Henderson tries to convince Audrey to call for help because
her father might have survived the crash. She is well aware
that the only reason he wants her to do that is so his people
can find them.

1:44 A.M.
Jack pulls up outside the airfield security gate and sees
a private jet in the distance with a lot of security around it.
He gets a call from Chloe, who informs him that the chopper
following Heller is now headed toward Audrey. Curtis has not
arrived there yet.

1:45 A.M.
Jack calls Audrey and urges her to get out of the nursery, but
she refuses to leave the man who caused her father to die. The
helicopter lands outside. She puts down the phone and trains the
gun on Henderson, but she can't shoot him.

1:46 A.M.
As Audrey runs deeper into the building, Henderson's men arrive
and cut him free. He orders them to kill her. Audrey is rescued
by Curtis. His tac team captures Henderson and takes down the
gunmen. Audrey calls Jack and tells him the good news. Jack
instructs Curtis to bring them back to CTU. No one else should
have access to Henderson.

1:47 A.M.
Jack calls Buchanan. Chloe has learned that the jet is a
diplomatic flight and is scheduled to leave at 2:00 a.m.
She is having trouble breaching the State Department's
firewall to check the passenger list.

1:48 A.M.
Jack sees a fuel truck driving through the airfield gate.
Unnoticed, he runs up and grabs the back ladder. He climbs
to the top and lays flat as it enters into the secured area.

1:49 A.M.
Clock ticks.

1:53 A.M.
Once on the tarmac, Jack jumps onto another truck. He gets a call
from Buchanan, who cannot delay the plane. Chloe isn't having any
luck obtaining the passenger list either.

1:55 A.M.
Miles finally locates Chloe's remote access at Buchanan's house.
He doesn't know why she would be tapping into the State
Department's database. Miles dispatches a tac team that is in the
area to get her.

1:56 A.M.
Karen calls Novick and asks why her orders have switched from
Gardner to the President. Novick admits that he doesn't know what
the secret evidence is against Jack because Logan has been
keeping his own counsel. "It's been a strange night," Novick
sighs. They both have suspicions but are afraid to express them.

1:57 A.M.
Karen looks up Buchanan's home number and calls him from her
cell. She warns him to get Chloe out because Miles has traced her
there. Karen acknowledges that she made a mistake, but things
started to make sense when Shari told her what Chloe said about
Logan's involvement.

1:58 A.M.
Although Buchanan urges her to leave, Chloe won't stop working
because Jack needs the passenger list.

1:59 A.M.
On the tarmac, Jack sees workers load baggage into the underbelly
of the plane. He sneaks into the cargo door before it shuts. The
plane revs its engines preparing for takeoff.

Clock ticks.

2:00 A.M.
Karen hears from Buchanan that Chloe is leaving and that Jack
stowed away on a diplomatic plane where a passenger has the
recording. Miles comes in as she is on the phone. Karen orders
him to handle the Buchanan house ambush in the situation room
instead of her office.

2:03 A.M.
Karen lets Buchanan know that he will be arrested as a suspect.
She wants Chloe to contact her on a dry channel. Buchanan sends
Chloe out and directs her to walk to a nearby hotel.

2:04 A.M.
The Homeland Security team knocks on Buchanan's door. He stalls
as much as possible and tells them he will only speak to Karen.
Karen orders Buchanan be brought into CTU and that they set up
a search for Chloe's car.

2:05 A.M.
Miles has reservations about Karen's decision to not
interrogate Buchanan on site. She is emphatic that she
wants to do it herself.

2:06 A.M.
Chloe enters the hotel and sets up her laptop at the lobby bar.
She calls Karen and instructs her to look up the manifest of the
flight that Jack is on. Karen puts the data on a shared file so
that Chloe can access it.

2:07 A.M.
Jack sits in the plane's cargo area. Chloe calls him and explains
that Karen is secretly helping her. Jack asks her to get the air
marshal's seat number and to cross examine the passenger list
against Henderson.

2:08 A.M.
Chloe gives Jack the air marshal's name and seat number.

2:09 A.M.
Jack opens up the cargo door leading to the floor of the plane's
galley. He climbs out unnoticed. Jack goes to the row where the
air marshal is and sits down. He knocks the air marshal out with
his elbow, then props a pillow under the man's head to give the
appearance that he is asleep. Jack takes the air marshal's gun.

2:10 A.M.
Clock ticks.

2:15 A.M.
Chloe gives Jack the identity of their suspect on the plane. Hans
Meyer is a German connected to Henderson through Omicron.

2:15 A.M.
Jack approaches Meyer, pretending to be the air marshal. He
asks him to identify his baggage because there is something
suspicious. Meyer complies and follows Jack to the galley.
Jack knocks him out and dumps him through the cargo door.
He climbs in and shuts the door.

2:16 A.M.
Martha asks the Secret Service agent outside her bedroom why she
can't have her medication. He has been instructed not to give it
to her.

2:17 A.M.
Martha summons Novick to her room and demands her pills. She
won't say why she needs them so badly, but she is visibly upset.
Novick promises to try to help her.

2:20 A.M.
Graham calls Logan, who says that Jack has not been found yet.

2:21 A.M.
Novick warns the President that Martha is agitated and wants her
medication. Logan is angry and refuses. "Is there something going
on that I should know about?" Novick asks pointedly. He says that
Martha would not tell him anything. Logan assures him that it has
nothing to do with national security and is merely a personal
matter. The couple has come to the conclusion that their marriage
is over. Novick apologizes, and Logan allows him to give Martha
her meds.

2:22 A.M.
Jack wakes Meyer up. Meyer insists that he has not seen Henderson
in months. Jack forces him to open up his luggage.

2:23 A.M.
A man named Ross approaches Chloe in the bar. When she doesn't
respond to his advances, he retreats. Chloe calls Airport Customs
and asks to speak to someone in passenger clearing.

2:24 A.M.
A flight attendant alerts the passengers to remain in their seats
because they are expecting turbulence. She notices that someone
is missing. Suddenly, the air marshal flops from his seat. An
attendant notifies Cotter, the pilot, that the air marshal has
been assaulted. Following procedure, Cotter tells his copilot to
lock the cockpit door and prepare to reverse course.

2:25 A.M.
The air marshal warns the flight attendant that the man who was
next to him has taken his gun.

Clock ticks.

2:30 A.M.
Novick brings Martha her pills. He wonders what she is hiding
because he thinks both she and the President are covering
something up. Martha claims that it is only marital problems.

2:31 A.M.
As Jack goes through his luggage, Meyer maintains that he is
innocent. Chloe thinks Jack has the wrong guy because Meyers
was in Customs for the last three hours. Jack feels the plane
turning and he realizes that they know he is on board. He tries
to open the cargo door, but he's been sealed in.

2:32 A.M.
The air marshal locks the cargo door and tells the flight
attendant to signal the pilot. She is concerned that the
passenger taken hostage could die, but the marshal is insistent.

2:33 A.M.
The cargo air starts to depressurize. If they can't get back
into the main cabin, Jack and Meyer will lose consciousness.
Jack calls Chloe, who sees the security bulletin about the
plane. She has Karen connect Jack to the pilot.

2:34 A.M.
As Chloe waits for Karen, Ross from the bar comes over to hit
on her again. She zaps him with a stun gun and Ross passes out.
Karen connects Cotter to Jack's phone. Jack explains that he is
a federal agent and needs pressure restored to cargo because it
is a matter of national security. Cotter is skeptical of Jack's
claims, and he turns to his copilot, Evans. Evans doesn't want
to take a chance and advises Cotter not to obey. Cotter refuses
Jack's request.

2:35 A.M.
Jack opens up a panel, exposing cables. He takes a belt from the
luggage and uses it to bend one of the cables. The plane lurches
and the passengers react in horror.

2:36 A.M.
Jack tells the pilot that he will responsible if anything happens
to the plane. Cotter concedes to bring pressure back into the
cargo area. He orders the flight attendant to open the cargo
hatch door. Jack comes out and has the air marshal locked into
the baggage area.

2:37 A.M.
The passengers scream when they see Jack's gun. He wants Cotter
to keep the plane in a holding pattern so that he can search it.
The pilot is bound by law to land the plane as soon as possible.

2:39 A.M.
Clock ticks.

2:43 A.M.
Logan panics when he learns that Jack hijacked a diplomatic
flight to look for the recording. He calls Graham, who instructs
him to order the plane down.

2:44 A.M.
Karen learns about Jack's plane being forced to land. She knows
that the President will take over the plane as soon as it touches
the ground and she urgently needs confirmation of that tape.
Buchanan is brought into CTU in handcuffs. Karen tells Miles she
will handle him.

2:45 A.M.
Miles calls Novick because he is concerned about how Karen is
dealing with Buchanan. Novick doesn't have time for him, and he
thinks Karen's actions are probably necessary.

2:47 A.M.
Miles notices that Karen has shut down the feed in the holding
room. She tells Buchanan that will remain skeptical until she
sees the evidence against the President. Karen briefs Buchanan
about Jack's current situation.

2:48 A.M.
Karen is interrupted by a call from Logan and Novick, who want an
update on the diplomatic flight's hijack. Logan insists that Jack
is a fugitive looking to escape. He wants him taken down, dead or
alive. Novick is shocked by this. Karen apprehensively agrees to
the order.

2:49 A.M.
Buchanan thinks that Logan wants to stop Jack from finding the
evidence. Yet Karen has no authority to prevent the plane from

Novick questions the President's decision. Logan insists that
Jack has been lying to them all day.

Clock ticks.

2:54 A.M.
At the bar, Ross wakes up and Chloe stun guns him back out. She
phones flight operations and asks why the copilot didn't board
the plane. She learns that he was replaced at the last minute
by Evans. Chloe looks up Evans's history and sees that he was
a private pilot for Omicron.

2:55 A.M.
Chloe calls Jack with the latest discovery. She patches him into
the pilot and Jack explains that Evans is connected to a known
terrorist. Cotter is shocked, but doesn't say anything out loud.
He feigns a cramp in his leg and gets up from the seat. When
Cotter makes a move to open the cockpit door, Evans knocks him
out with a flashlight.

2:57 A.M.
Jack breaks into the cockpit and slugs Evans. He trains his gun
on him and demands the recording. Evans hands it over. Jack makes
him get back in the driver's seat to land the plane. He calls
Chloe and warns her that he will soon be on the ground.

2:58 A.M.
A drugged-up Martha calls Logan from her bedroom. She knows he's
a good man, but doesn't understand why he didn't come to her for
advice. Logan counters that she has been close to a nervous
breakdown for the last three years. He hangs up on her to take
another call.

2:59 A.M.
Graham knows that Jack has the recording and is controlling
the plane. He picked up a call from Chloe to Karen. Graham
orders the President to shoot down the plane. The only other
option is for Logan to go to prison for treason and murder.

Clock ticks.

3:00 A.M.
As Evans prepares to land the plane, Jack calls Karen and tells
her he has the recording. He doesn't want anyone loyal to the
President to interfere with his taking it back to CTU. Buchanan
assures Jack that a team will be there to escort him.

3:02 A.M.
Curtis comes into the clinic to let Audrey know that Heller
survived the car crash and is being treated. She is elated
that her father is alive.

3:03 A.M.
Karen orders Curtis to pick up Jack at the Van Nuys Airport.
He must make sure that Jack and the evidence are protected
from Logan's militia.

3:04 A.M.
Graham informs Logan that his people can arrange a distress
signal from the plane to make it appear that there is
a hijacking. This will give the President legal reason to have
the plane shot down. Logan is reluctant to kill innocent people,
but he knows there is no other choice to protect himself.

3:06 A.M.
Miles is alarmed to see Buchanan and Karen walk out together
from the holding room. Karen says that new intelligence has
emerged, but she won't tell Miles what it is.

3:07 A.M.
Novick reports to the President that a hijack distress
call came from Jack's plane. There is a possibility it
will target something on the ground.

3:08 A.M.
Logan and Novick are briefed by Admiral Kirkland from the Point
Mugu Command Center. Logan feigns shock and horror that Jack
would be in control of the plane. Kirkland advises him to bring
down the plane. Novick doesn't believe that Jack would use the
plane as a weapon against civilians, but Kirkland insists there
is no time to make another decision. Logan overrules Novick and
authorizes the Admiral to have his F-18 fighter shoot down the

3:10 A.M.
Karen gets word of the alert to shoot down the plane and she
calls Jack. Jack asks Buchanan to find a stretch of freeway
to touch down.

3:12 A.M.
Clock ticks.

3:16 A.M.
Miles watches with mounting dismay as Chloe is brought into CTU.
Buchanan and Karen give her the news about Jack's plane and ask
her to find out exactly how much time he has before the F-18
reaches him.

3:17 A.M.
Jack has the flight attendant prepare the passengers for an
emergency landing. Buchanan gives him a freeway where he can
land. Evans is hesitant to land on the road, but Jack forces
him to obey.

Karen calls Curtis and redirects him to the freeway where Jack
will land.

3:18 A.M.
Admiral Kirkland patches the President through to the pilot of
the F-18.

Chloe taps into the radar feed and finds that the missile from
the jet will hit Jack before he can land. Jack orders Evans to
descend faster, even if it means the landing will be jeopardized.

3:19 A.M.
The passengers scream when the plane lunges. With the F-18 almost
within missile range, Jack makes Evans continue pushing the plane
downward. Jack sees the freeway out the cockpit window. He tells
Evans to level off, but the plane is not able to pull out of the

3:20 A.M.
Jack demands that Evan lower the landing gear, even though they
are at one thousand feet above the ground.

The F-18 pilot notifies Logan and Kirkland that the plane is
landing on the freeway. Kirkland recommends to the President
that they abort, but Logan is adamant that they shoot it down
anyway. Novick implores him to reconsider. Logan realizes that
he has been outmaneuvered and agrees to abort. Yet he demands
that Marine units apprehend Jack on the freeway.

3:21 A.M.
Although the plane is still going too fast to land, Evans
completes the descent and the plane slams down on the freeway.
It screeches to a halt just before its wings reach an overpass.

3:22 A.M.
Buchanan tells Jack that Curtis will be there to pick him up.
Jack instructs the passengers to exit at the back while he goes
to the side door and climbs down from the wing. Jack breaks into
a run on the ground.

8:23 A.M.
Clock ticks.

3:27 A.M.
Graham chides Logan for not following the plan. Logan answers
that he had no pretext to shoot the plane, and reassures Graham
that Marines will pick up Jack before he escapes.

3:28 A.M.
Jack hides below the overpass and calls Curtis, who is
approaching from the opposite side of where the Marines
are posted.

3:29 A.M.
Jack gets in Curtis's car and they hit a roadblock. Curtis
identifies himself to the Marines, and he says he is there to
apprehend Jack. The Marines have orders to detain everyone, but
Curtis claims that they are wasting time. He says they can shoot
at him even though he is a federal officer. The Marines wave the
car through.

3:30 A.M.
Curtis calls CTU and says he will head in using back streets to
avoid more roadblocks. Buchanan is sure that the Marines are
under direct orders from Logan.

3:31 A.M.
Miles calls Karen in the conference room and demands to know
what's going on because he is watching her work with two people
that were under arrest for aiding a fugitive. He threatens to
call someone else for answers. Karen agrees to talk to him. She
explains to Buchanan and Chloe that Miles has been loyal to her
and she has no choice but to trust him.

3:32 A.M.
Karen tells Miles that Jack retrieved evidence implicating
Logan. Miles is hesitant and tries to play devil's advocate.
They are interrupted by an agent informing them that Bierko
is ready to be moved. Karen urges Miles to keep this a secret.

3:34 A.M.
A bruised Bierko is brought out in shackles. They are
transferring him to a holding facility at District.

3:35 A.M.
Bierko is loaded into a transport van. He nods to the driver,
who nods back.

3:36 A.M.
Clock ticks.

3:40 A.M.
Logan is alarmed to find out that Jack was not taken into custody
by the Marines. This hits Logan like a death sentence. Novick
notices that this reaction is odd.

3:42 A.M.
Logan sees on his cell phone that Graham is calling. He doesn't
pick up.

3:43 A.M.
Curtis brings Jack to CTU. Jack hands the tape recorder to Chloe
so that she can prepare it for the Attorney General.

3:44 A.M.
Jack goes to see Audrey in the medical unit and kisses her. He
tells her that they got the evidence. "It's over," she sighs.
Jack sits with her in silence.

3:45 A.M.
Logan opens a wooden box in his office. Inside is a .45 caliber
pistol. He calls Graham and lets him know that Jack escaped.
Graham knows that the Attorney General received a call from CTU,
so the recording must be in their hands. "I still believe we were
right," Logan says. "I still believe that we acted in the best
interests of the country." Graham notes that the murder trial of
a sitting President would devastate the country. Yet there cannot
be a trial without a defendant. Logan confirms that neither
Graham nor his associates will be implicated in anything. Logan
hangs up, explaining that he has some things to take care of. He
loads the pistol.

3:47 A.M.
Clock ticks.

3:52 A.M.
Logan goes to see Martha, who is watching news broadcasts
alone. He apologizes for hurting her but she doesn't respond
with sympathy to give him the closure he's seeking. Martha says
that she had no idea he was such a good liar. "If I wasn't so
horrified by the fact that I'm married to you, I might actually
be impressed," she says coldly.

3:55 A.M.
Logan walks back to his office, defeated. He quickly knocks back
a glass of scotch for liquid courage and takes the pistol from
the box. The office phone rings, and the operator informs the
President that he has an urgent call from Miles about Jack. Logan
takes the call.

3:57 A.M.
From a darkened corner of CTU, Miles explains to Logan that Jack
delivered a recording which could compromise national security.
Miles feels compelled to intervene and wants Logan's approval.
Logan smiles like a drowning man who's just been thrown a safety
line. He gives Miles his private number and asks him to keep him
abreast of the situation. When Logan says he will not forget this
favor, Miles is pleased. Logan puts away his gun.

3:59 A.M.
Miles goes into the conference room where Chloe is working on the
tape. He leans on the table next to her and innocently asks if
she will be ready for the teleconference. Chloe cannot see that
he is holding a black device that flashes next to the tape
recorder. Satisfied with what he has done, Miles leaves.

Clock ticks.

4:00 A.M.
Chloe sets up a feed to the Attorney General and to Congress. Yet
when she tests the recording, there is nothing but white noise.
Chloe remembers that Miles came in, claiming that Karen had him
check up on her.

4:02 A.M.
Jack heads to the bullpen, and Karen calls for security to stop
him. Jack punches the guard. He then grabs Miles by the throat
and accuses him of obstructing the case. Karen orders Jack to
let him go.

4:03 A.M.
Miles says that he has been transferred and Karen asks where.
"The White House," Jack sneers. Miles' silence serves as an
admission. Karen threatens to investigate, and Miles informs
her that he now works for the President. Karen slaps him hard
on the face. He leaves CTU.

4:05 A.M.
Karen sends Chloe to try to restore the tape.

4:06 A.M.
Logan quizzes Karen about a conference call with the
Attorney General, but she claims it was a mistake.
Logan wants to suspend the arrest for Jack because
the evidence he has is "inconclusive." Jack knows
that Logan intends to make him an unobstructed target.

4:07 A.M.
CTU gets word that Bierko escaped from the transfer to District.
The one agent who survived the attack on the van heard Bierko
mention a nerve gas canister and tell his men that they "are not
finished." CTU had assumed all the canisters were destroyed in
the gas plant explosion. Karen makes finding Bierko the new

4:08 A.M.
Bierko's man shows him the one canister kept in reserve. In
his opinion, they can't do much damage with that one. "You're
so wrong," Bierko says.

4:09 A.M.
Clock ticks.

4:13 A.M.
Martha gives Pierce's cell phone to an agent on duty in hopes
that it will be returned to him in Washington where he was

4:14 A.M.
Logan comes to see Pierce in the stables at the retreat. Pierce
has been beaten and his hands are bound. Logan tells him that the
tape recording no longer exists. Logan threatens him to save his
own career in the Secret Service. Pierce calls Logan a traitor
and a disgrace to the office.

4:16 A.M.
An agent named Adams tells Logan that Pierce is loyal to Palmer.
Logan doesn't say anything, and Adams understands what to do.

4:17 A.M.
Logan calls Graham and lets him know that the recording has been
destroyed and Pierce is being taken care of. The arrangements to
take out Jack have been put into motion.

4:19 A.M.
Novick brings the President news that Bierko escaped and is
planning another attack. Logan is furious.

4:20 A.M.
Chloe cannot find any trace of Bierko on satellites or security
cameras. Karen and Buchanan suggest offering a deal to Henderson
in return for information on Bierko. Jack is adamant that they
don't because Henderson killed Palmer. Yet with no other option,
Jack relents.

4:21 A.M.
Jack goes to Henderson in the holding room and tries to appeal
to his patriotic sense. Henderson can tell Jack is not happy to
be offering full immunity. Henderson's only protection was that
tape and now it's gone. He will be killed if he is set free.
Henderson offers to help Jack catch Bierko if they allow him
to go underground with his wife.

4:25 A.M.
Clock ticks.

4:29 A.M.
Henderson gives up fourteen names that he thinks Bierko will
contact. Jack has Chloe run a search.

4:30 A.M.
Jack tells Audrey that Henderson is helping them find Bierko.
Audrey is angry that the man who tried to kill her father was
offered immunity. Jack apologizes to her.

4:31 A.M.
Chloe finds that Victor Malina, one of the people on Henderson's
list, just got a call from a payphone in Van Nuys which was then
called by a GSM satellite phone. Henderson warns them that it
will take too long to roll Malina. He suggests that he go and
talk to Malina himself. Jack knows Henderson can't be trusted,
but Karen and Buchanan decide that they have no other choice.
Karen orders Jack to accompany Henderson. Jack threatens to
kill Henderson if something goes awry.

4:33 A.M.
Martha is outside smoking a cigarette when she sees a government
sedan pull into the stables.

4:34 A.M.
Agent Adams exits the sedan with a gun. The trunk of the car
is lined in plastic. He takes the bound Pierce from the stable,
but Pierce fights back. Martha walks in and surprises Adams with
Pierce. Adams cannot shoot the First Lady, and this allows Pierce
to kick him. Adams loses his gun. Just as Adams is about to hit
Pierce with a tire iron, Martha grabs the gun and shoots Adams.
She is in shock and drops the gun.

4:35 A.M.
Clock ticks.

4:40 A.M.
Curtis drives Jack and Henderson to Victor Malina's loft.
Henderson won't wear a wire because Malina will find it.
Jack gives him only ten minutes to get information. Curtis
sets teams around the perimeter.

4:42 A.M.
Henderson goes to the building and Malina lets him into the
heavily-secured complex. Jack hoists himself up to the roof.

4:43 A.M.
At the door, Malina x-rays Henderson over the Backscatter
monitor. There is nothing on him, and he is allowed entry.

4:44 A.M.
Jack affixes a sonar device to the skylight over Malina's loft.
He hears Henderson tell Malina to secure-cache his files because
Jack and CTU are outside. Jack radios Curtis to move his teams in
because Henderson welched on his promise.

4:45 A.M.
Malina starts crashing his own system as Curtis's teams blast
through the building entry. Jack breaks in from the roof.
Henderson takes Malina's gun and ducks. Malina fires at the TAC
team, hitting Curtis in the shoulder. Jack shoots Malina and he
makes Henderson come out from hiding.

4:46 A.M.
Jack accuses Henderson of trying to play him, but Henderson says
that he was getting Malina to drop the firewall and download all
his files onto a flash drive. Jack came in too soon and now the
files are all decrypted on the mainframe. Jack doesn't know what
the truth is, but sends Chloe the files from Malina's computer.

4:47 A.M.
Clock ticks.

4:52 A.M.
Pierce tells Martha that Logan ordered Adams to kill him. Martha
says she knows about the whole plot, but she can no longer remain
silent. Pierce needs Logan to believe that he's dead, so he has
her go back inside and pretend nothing is different. Pierce asks
her to tell Novick.

4:54 A.M.
Chloe uncovers Defense documents on Malina's computer for
a Russian submarine that is in America for inspection by the
Navy. Karen explains that the Logan treaty called for the sharing
of technology. Henderson confirms that the sub named Natalia
would have multiple, non-nuclear warheads.

4:55 A.M.
Jack has Audrey contact the ranking U.S. officer on the Russian
sub. Jack takes Henderson with him in a helicopter. He needs
Henderson because he knows the weapon systems.

4:56 A.M.
Audrey connects Jack to the U.S. Navy officer aboard the
submarine Natalia. Jack orders the Lieutenant to lock down
the weapons system because the Natalia might be under siege
by terrorists who will try to apprehend its missiles.

4:57 A.M.
The Lieutenant goes through the top hatch and Bierko shoots
him. Jack hears the gunshots and has Audrey warn Defense.

4:58 A.M.
Bierko drops a Sentox canister into the hatch of the sub and
releases the gas. The crew of the submarine falls to their

4:59 A.M.
Bierko and his gas-masked men board the sub. Bierko plugs a
codet hat he got from Malina into a console. This allows him
to take control of the sub's weapons system.

Clock ticks.

5:00 A.M.
Bierko's men flush out the Sentox gas aboard the sub Natalia.
Bierko instructs them to begin the launch countdown. They are
targeting high population areas to punish the Americans for
allying with Moscow.

5:01 A.M.
Audrey contacts Admiral Kirkland at the Point Mugu Command Center
to alert him that terrorists have seized control of the Natalia
submarine. All of the Navy crew onboard dead. She asks him to
sink the Natalia with his F-18 fighter planes. Yet they won't be
there in time before the missiles launch.

5:02 A.M.
Jack, Henderson and the TAC team are at the dock of the Natalia.
Since backup won't get there in time, Jack will have to stop
Bierko himself. Henderson notices a signal tube launching off
the side, which indicates someone on board is trying to send
a distress signal.

5:03 A.M.
Henderson tells Jack that he won't go on the sub unless he gets
his own gun for protection. Distrusting Henderson, Jack is
hesitant to give him a weapon.

5:06 A.M.
Chloe scans the area around the sub for emergency frequencies and
finds one coming from a survivor. She patches Jack to Rooney,
a petty officer engineer aboard the sub. Rooney gives his
location, and Jack has him go to an entry point where they can
board. Rooney will have to kill the terrorist at that post to go

5:08 A.M.
Henderson demands a gun, and Jack gives it to him. They head
towards the sub.

5:09 A.M.
Novick briefs Logan about Bierko raiding the submarine and taking
over its missiles.

From outside the conference room, Martha watches Logan in the
midst of the crisis. She calls Pierce and warns him not to remove
the body from the retreat until she talks to Novick.

5:10 A.M.
With less than ten minutes to missile launch, Jack asks Henderson
how long it will take him to shut the system down.

5:11 A.M.
Jack instructs Rooney on how to slit the throat of the terrorist
guarding the door.

5:12 A.M.
Rooney clumsily attacks the man and kills him. He radios Jack
that their entry is clear. Jack shoots the guard on the deck,
and the TAC team runs to the top of the sub. The missile doors
open up on the top of the sub in preparation to launch.

5:13 A.M.
Jack and Henderson board the sub and meet Rooney. He shows them
where the control room is, and Jack has him access it from the
other side to create a distraction.

5:14 A.M.
Rooney knocks over a tool cart, causing a loud noise. Bierko
leaves the control room to investigate. Jack and his team go in
the control room and see one man left to arm the missiles. Jack
stabs him in the throat.

5:17 A.M.
Henderson gets to work on the controls, manually reversing the
launch codes. Jack goes after Bierko.

5:18 A.M.
Jack fires at one of Bierko's men. Chloe warns him that they have
sixty seconds until launch. Henderson works as fast as he can.

5:19 A.M.
The other terrorist knocks Jack's gun down. Jack grabs him and
uses the man's arm to fire at Bierko. Jack shoots at a pipe that
releases steam, and he presses the man's face to the burning
pipe. Jack is set free from his grip. Bierko smacks Jack in the
forehead with a metal tool. Jack leaps to a pipe above and uses
his legs to snap Bierko's neck. Henderson is able to dismantle
the missiles. Everyone at CTU sighs in relief, and Karen has
Chloe call off the F-18 planes.

5:20 A.M.
Jack returns to the control room, but Henderson is gone. He tells
CTU to take him off of radio and he runs outside on the deck to
look for Henderson. Henderson comes up behind Jack and makes him
drop his weapon. "You weren't ever really gonna let me go, were
you?" Henderson asks. He pulls the trigger and the gun clicks.
Henderson realizes he's been had, and he removes the empty clip
from his gun. Jack accuses him of killing his friends Palmer,
Tony and Michelle. Then he shoots Henderson dead. Rooney comes
out and is frightened when he sees what Jack has done.

5:21 A.M.
Clock ticks.

5:27 A.M.
Military transport vehicles arrive at the dock of the Natalia.
Jack identifies himself and asks for a vehicle. He calls CTU,
claiming to have killed Henderson in self-defense. Jack tells
them he is coming back to CTU and asks Chloe to pick up.

5:29 A.M.
Jack explains to Chloe that he is going after Logan himself and
needs her help. Chloe agrees. Jack gets into the government car
provided to him and drives off.

Logan is pleased when he finds out that Bierko and the missiles
are no longer a threat. He wants to publicly address the crisis
resolution before escorting Palmer's casket to Washington. Novick
goes to prepare the statement.

5:31 A.M.
Martha approaches Novick as he leaves the President's office. She
asks whether he has been suspicious about Logan's actions. Martha
begs him to come with her.

Logan is happy to report to Graham that Henderson was killed
aboard the sub. "Mr. Bauer will be taken care of," Logan

5:32 A.M.
Martha brings Novick to the stables to see Pierce, whom Logan had
ordered to be killed. Martha explains that Logan was involved
with everything that has happened -- from Palmer's murder to
supplying the terrorists with nerve gas to Cummings' fake
suicide. Pierce says that Jack had a recording to implicate the
President, which is why Logan wanted Jack dead. Novick begins to
realize that all of this is true, and he wants to drive Pierce
off the retreat. Pierce tells Martha that he cannot contact her
to ensure both their safeties. They say goodbye, fondly.

5:35 A.M.
Clock ticks.

5:41 A.M.
As they carry the dead body into the woods, Novick and Pierce get
a call from Jack. He intends to get Logan to confess what he has
done. Jack will need twenty minutes to get to the retreat, and he
asks Novick to find a way to stall Logan from leaving for

5:43 A.M.
Karen lets Buchanan know that she's been summoned to Washington
by the White House. Chloe asks for high clearance for a new
employee with tech specialties -- her ex-husband, Morris.

5:45 A.M.
Chloe interrupts Morris flirting with a female CTU staffer. She
needs him to do a digital audio transfer.

5:46 A.M.
Novick comes to the First Lady's room and tells her that Pierce
is safe and that Jack wants to get Logan to confess. Novick asks
Martha to detain Logan from leaving the retreat.

5:47 A.M.
Clock ticks.

5:53 A.M.
Jack pulls up to the field where Pierce is hiding. Pierce
informs him that the President is not riding on Marine One
to the airport, but is using a Navy helicopter instead. Jack
asks Pierce to help get him on that chopper.

5:54 A.M.
Logan is surprised when Martha comes to see him. She apologizes
for the way she has acted and asks him to forgive her for the
hurtful things she said. Martha tells him she still loves him.
She asks him to stay at the retreat a little while longer so
that they can have time alone. Logan is at first resistant,
but Martha kisses him and seduces him to wait.

5:58 A.M.
Jack and Pierce sneak inside the Secret Service outbuilding
on the retreat grounds. The agent on guard is checking the
helicopter because the Presidential departure is being delayed.

5:59 A.M.
Mike calls Jack and asks how far he is willing to go to get
Logan to confess. "As far as I have to," Jack says.

Clock ticks.

6:00 A.M.
Logan and Martha put their clothes back on after having sex.

6:01 A.M.
Jack takes a chopper pilot uniform from a locker in the
outbuilding. Chloe lets Jack know that she and Novick
found a way to pull the co-pilot from the flight.

6:02 A.M.
A Secret Service agent removes the real co-pilot from the
helicopter because there is something wrong with his paperwork.

6:03 A.M.
Novick prepares Jack's Marine One identification papers. Martha
lets him know that she has stalled Logan as much as possible.
Novick calls Pierce and warns him that the reassignment
documentation is being faxed to the outbuilding.

6:04 A.M.
The co-pilot enters the building to find out about his paperwork.
Jack knocks him out.

6:05 A.M.
Wearing the uniform and the pilot helmet, Jack walks out and
shows his paperwork to the agent on duty. He boards the chopper.

6:06 A.M.
The Presidential limo pulls up to the outbuilding. Novick has
Martha find an excuse not to be on board. She tells her husband
that she thinks he should step out of the helicopter alone
because it will make for a better press image. Logan agrees,
and gets on the chopper. It takes off.

6:07 A.M.
Once the helicopter is in the air, Jack warns the pilot that he
will kill him if he doesn't keep flying. Jack orders him to
dismantle the flight communication on his helmet.

6:08 A.M.
Jack goes to the back of the chopper and stun guns the two Secret
Service agents to make them pass out. He handcuffs Logan, who is
shocked to see Jack.

6:09 A.M.
Chloe radios to Jack a coordinate to land the helicopter at an
empty warehouse. Logan asks Jack what he wants, but Jack remains
silent. Logan goes on to try to explain his actions.

6:10 A.M.
Chloe calls Morris, who is heading towards where the chopper will
land. She instructs him to handoff something when he arrives.

6:11 A.M.
The pilot lands next to a warehouse and shuts down the chopper.
Jack stun guns the pilot, who passes out.

Jack forces Logan into the empty warehouse. Logan tries to bribe
him. Jack removes all the objects from Logan's pockets and cuffs
him to a pole.

6:12 A.M.
The confused Morris pulls up to the chopper and goes inside the
building. He carries a briefcase.

6:13 A.M.
Jack finds Morris and takes the briefcase and a piece of
equipment from him. Morris sees President Logan and is
stunned. Jack orders him to leave.

6:14 A.M.
Jack calls Chloe and she tells him that he has less than ten
minutes until the response team comes after the President.

Clock ticks.

6:18 A.M.
Jack sets up a camera on top of the briefcase and tells Logan
that he wants a confession. Logan insists that he will not do so.
Chloe watches this over the video feed.

6:19 A.M.
Jack starts to ask Logan questions about the Sentox gas being
given to the Russian separatists. He wants to know the truth
about the deaths of Palmer and others. Logan insists that
everything he is saying is a lie. Jack lets him know that
Cummings, Henderson and Nathanson all confirmed they were
involved in a conspiracy before they were killed. Logan
refuses to say anything, and accuses Jack of attempting
to torture him. Jack tells him that he won't torture him
but will kill him unless he confesses.

6:21 A.M.
Jack recalls how, a year and a half ago, he was told his life
was in danger and faked his own death to protect himself. Now
he is sure that Logan was the source of this danger to his life.
Palmer and the others who tried to help Jack are now dead. "I
have absolutely nothing to lose," Jack says, assuring Logan
that he has no problem shooting him. Jack is confident that
Logan will face justice.

6:22 A.M.
Jack raises his gun and starts to count to three. Logan is
afraid, pleading that his death will only make him appear to
be a martyr. Shaking, Jack gets to three but doesn't pull the
trigger. Logan is relieved that Jack could not kill him.

6:23 A.M.
Suddenly, a TAC team swarms the warehouse. Jack hears them and
lowers his gun. He gets on the floor and puts his hands behind
his head.

6:24 A.M.
The Secret Service captures Jack. Logan grabs all of the things
removed from his pocket. He tells the agents that Jack is
delusional and needs to be put in solitary confinement.

Clock ticks.

6:29 A.M.
The naval chopper lands at the airfield where Novick and Martha
are waiting. Novick tells her that Jack wasn't able to get the
confession and is now in custody. Martha panics.

6:31 A.M.
Palmer's casket is removed from a hearse with full pomp and
circumstance. It is placed near a podium. Martha breaks down,
accusing Logan of being a murderer. Logan has the Secret Service
agents take her away into a hangar. "He's not fit to be
President!" Martha cries out.

6:32 A.M.
Logan goes to the hangar. He smacks Martha and checks to see if
she's wearing a wire. Logan accuses Martha of delaying him with
sex in order to get Jack on the chopper. He asks her why she did
it. Martha explains that he had Palmer and others killed to hide
his conspiracy. "I did it for the good of the country," Logan
says repeatedly.

6:35 A.M.
Logan threatens to fill Martha with drugs and send her off to an
asylum if she tells anyone what she knows.

Clock ticks.

6:39 A.M.
Logan and Martha emerge from the hangar and walk to the podium.
He addresses the gathered military and press, boasting of his
victories against the terrorists.

6:40 A.M.
Buchanan and Karen are shocked when Chloe sets up a conference
call with the Attorney General. She explains that Jack placed
a listening device on the President. Chloe plays back the
recording of Martha and Logan talking in the hangar. The
President admits responsibility for the terrorist plot
and for killing Palmer.

6:42 A.M.
Logan eulogizes Palmer, calling him a "wonderful friend".
A federal marshal guarding the ceremony gets a call from
the Attorney General. The Marshal is confused by what is
being said to him, but he agrees to obey the order.

6:43 A.M.
As he speaks, Logan notices rumblings among the agents
surrounding the gathering. The Marshal and the Secret Service
descend upon the podium as Logan ends his speech. The Marshal
whispers something in the President's ear and Logan's face goes
white. The Marshal pulls out the fountain pen from Logan's pocket
and shows him the microchip transmitter planted inside of it.

6:46 A.M.
Logan turns to Martha and Novick, speechless. He is escorted from
the podium amid the twenty-one gun salute to Palmer and is placed
in a limo for arrest. The casket is loaded upon the plane.

6:47 A.M.
At the warehouse, Jack sees Audrey emerge from a car. He rushes
to her and kisses her. An agent interrupts Jack with a call from
Kim. Audrey says she will wait for him outside.

6:48 A.M.
Jack goes in the building and picks up the phone. There is no
one there. Suddenly, a masked man comes up from behind and gags
Jack's mouth. Jack tries to fight off the other masked men, but
the chloroform in the gag makes him pass out. The men whisk him
into a room and shut the door.

6:49 A.M.
Clock ticks.

6:53 A.M.
Karen tells Buchanan that she thinks Logan will resign and try to
cut a deal for clemency. Since the Vice President will soon be
sworn in as President, Buchanan thinks he will be fired. Karen
says she will make sure that Buchanan is still running CTU. She
apologizes for her behavior towards him earlier in the day.
Buchanan invites her out for breakfast but Karen needs to
go to Division for debriefing. She asks for a rain check.

6:55 A.M.
Buchanan commends Chloe for her work and hands her something
found in Edgar's possessions. It is a photo of her and Edgar.
Chloe tears up. Morris comes up and kindly asks her if she
wants to talk about it.

6:56 A.M.
Audrey goes into the warehouse looking for Jack. She sees the
phone off the hook and becomes worried. Audrey runs out and
alerts the agents that Jack is missing.

6:57 A.M.
A beaten and bloody Jack is dragged into a dark room. The men
remove their masks and reveal that they are Chinese. Their leader
is Cheng, the head of security from the Chinese Consulate who
threatened the American government to turn over Jack for his raid
on the consulate building eighteen months ago. "China has a long
memory," Cheng says. "Did you really think that we would forget?"
Jack can barely speak, but begs to make one phone call. Jack
wants them to kill him, but Cheng says he is too valuable to

6:59 A.M.
Cheng has Jack kidnapped aboard a Chinese shipping boat. It is
already sailing the ocean.


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