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Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Ash mysteriously disappears after he is killed by deadites


Deadites appear on the path over the cliff if it is entered from
the picnic tables


A troop kid can end stuck if he jumps into the trees. This stops
respawning more of them. Notice the kid at the middle one of the
three trees.


Some shotgun shells and a pair of skull bats may appear under
certain conditions when fighting the Troop Leader


Another pair of skull bats may appear at the graveyard


A nether pet in the temple hall


Two brown mushrooms in the hallway next to the skeleton key door


Key mold sometimes creates near the skeleton key door after
killing the Captain


An armored skeleton on the bed inside the barracks


And an armored skeleton mixed with the door


An evil face is visible in the sky after Ash and Jenny return
from the Cathedral of the Dead



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