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Beneath the Simpsons

0210 "Bart Gets Hit by a Car" [#7F10] Skeletons of some creatures
and Hell beneath the Springfield General Hospital


0303 "Flaming Moe's" [#8F08] Asbestos under Lisa's room


0313 "Radio Bart" [#8F11] A triceratops skeleton, treasure chest
and flying saucer near the well Bart fell in


0318 "Separate Vocations" [#8F15] - A snake under Bart's


0322 "The Otto Show" [#8F21] A lot of gold under Lisa's room


0521 "Lady Bouvier's Lover" [#1F21] A tape recorder under
Maggie's room


0616 "Bart vs. Australia" [#2F13] Skeletons of some creatures
beneath America, Vishnu operating in the centre of the Earth,
and a wreck of Skylab beneath Australia


0619 "Lisa's Wedding" [#2F15] Worker's skeleton, treasure chest
and Martin's lair beneath Springfield Elementary School


0707 "King Size Homer" [#3F05] Skeletons of Itchi and Scratchy
under the corn field

0709 "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" [#3F08] Emergency rations
and control room beneath Springfield Air Force Base


0721 "22 Short Films About Springfield" [#3F18] A mouse skeleton
above Comic Book Guy's shop


0808 "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer" [#3F24] NSA, FBI,
ATF, CIA, KGB and MCI wires under Simpsons' master bedroom


0821 "In Marge We Trust [#4F18]" Snowball II under Simpsons'
master bedroom


1404 "Large Marge [#DABF18]" Dinosaurs hatching under Simpson's
master bedroom



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